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C'mon, what Science club would be complete without a Dinosaur topic? :P 


My fascination with dinosaurs dates back to my childhood. In fact, one of my first memories is of watching The Land Before Time, and of course Jurassic Park later on (although as a kid, I freaked out the first time I heard the T-Rex roar, lol).Those two movies led to my "dinosaur" phase in my childhood, the only toys and books I wanted had to be dinosaur-related. Of course, I got out of that phase... eventually, lol. And yes, my interest in them has waned from its peak in my childhood, that doesn't mean I no longer find them fascinating. 


So with that fascination in mind, I present the Dinosaurs Topic! :D This is the place to share whatever the latest news on dinosaurs (such as the discovery of a new species), to share what your favorite species are, and whatever facts about them you want to share with us!



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