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    I love Mathematics!!! :D
    Reading: nearly anything! :D
    Music: Alternative/Rock and more besides! :D
    Others: Eh... as long as I see a shirtless guy :P

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  1. Short version:



    Long version:



    It's midnight, I'm barefoot, and I'm walking towards my bedroom.

    As I open my bedroom door, my right foot comes down on something not carpet. 

    I scream and jump to my bed. I reach for my phone, turn on its flashlight.

    I aim my phone back to where I felt the not-carpet. After a few sweeps, I see it: a large Brown Recluse!

    I scream again, jumping back to my bed. I only leave my bed when the spider makes its way from the doorway to a far corner of the room.

    I leap into action, leaving my bedroom quickly in search of the Raid insecticide. 

    I find it, and dash back to my bedroom. The spider is still in the corner, and I spray that Raid, until the Brown Recluse is dead.



    1. Drew Espinosa

      Drew Espinosa

      It's been thirty minutes, and I'm still traumatized!

    2. jamessavik


      Summer in the south == big hairy spiders.

  2. In his benevolence, @wildone has allowed me to be your lickspittle only for your birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday Val!!! Today, I'll be your lickspittle.
  4. New Zealand also has Milford Sound
  5. Oh fine, you big baby! Elite is a Netflix show, lol. Here's the trailer for the first season: Hey, Leao!
  6. She had the initiative to watch the show, y'all didn't. Therefore, she gets rewarded.
  7. @clochette Since you're watching Elite, I thought you'd enjoy this:
  8. Hey, Pagey! Fortunately for me, I live in an area that isn't humid, so the heat is bearable. Like, I remember as a kid, going to summer camp in East Texas... the humidity was torture, lol!
  9. Howdy y'all! It's definitely summer in Texas. Today, the high temperature was 100 °F, and the entire weekend looks to be as hot, or even hotter.
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