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  1. Sounds like we're both interested in writing a ghost story Can't wait to see your take There's a lot of Ghostbuster spoofs around the world, because the premise has a lot of potential beyond comedy. ------- There's some fascinating ghost stories that I wish could be translated with LGBT sensibilities Beyond just western movies, there are a plethora of East Asian Horror movies that would be really interesting if translated. Off the top of my head, I remember a Hong Kong Ghost Horror movie called Rule No. 1, which shows a pair of police officers going around trying to debunk ghost stories and when they do discover "real" ghosts or possessed humans, they must remove any trace of them. The number 1 rule is "There are no ghosts", because the world cannot handle living side-by-side with supernatural elements alongside it, so human police must eliminate any proof of their existence. The scariest scene at the end of the movie is that the police officer in charge of this is in fact possessed by the ghost of a serial killer, now under the guise of carrying out these secret orders can kill innocent people with immunity. That premise is really scary for what it implies, there are a lot of dark themes in the story about the abuse of power by a psychopath in authority, trying to create order by hiding the ugly truth, and highlights how structured systems become corrupt due to the inflexibility of their ideals. Hong Kong Horror used to take pieces of traditional supernatural beliefs in Chinese culture, British ghost stories, and social commentaries that make you question a lot of things. However, it is way too dark for me to adapt without adding some lighter elements.
  2. W_L

    Never Ending Struggle

    Thank you Gary, I've known many people with Macular Degeneration and sadly, it can't be reversed I suffer from Congenital Glaucoma, so my vision loss is manageable and somewhat more controllable to the point of holding the line, but it's a war of inches with eye diseases.
  3. Thank You Gary for reading the review, I agree Donna Leon is a superb mystery novelist and I enjoy her series immensely
  4. BOARD Bright Omega Aiden Receives Discipline ALPHA
  5. FRIDY For Real Insertion, Deeply Yield SPHIN
  6. WEAST With Easy Access, Sam Thrusts INSID
  7. https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/41733251 I was very negative on Monday, but if there’s one thing, I cannot stand is bad science fiction, fantasy, or science fantasy stories. So, I am reviewing an author, who is known by me with the vast amount of her books I’ve reviewed so far, but she rarely ever writes in the science fiction or science fantasy genre. This book is very unique to me, I have not read any other book that has reincarnation in the cosmic/divine sense and futuristic nanot
  8. SISTER Shawn IS Shaving Tom's Entire Rear SECTI
  9. Thanks to all the wonderful readers for recommendations and getting the story more readers views than I imagined, I am deeply gratified that readers enjoyed this story so much in recent weeks. For newcomers, you can catch up on the 6 chapters posted located here. For Fans, I want to run a poll with you all this month to see who is your favorite characters in this story. --------------- I also want to give an individual shout-out to all those who have given me reactions or recommendations so far as of September 22nd 2021 on this experimental story. I know most authors don't show this level of appreciations like this or write a thank you in the middle of a story, but I've never hit the top 2 spots on GA for my stories, so this blog post is for readers who supported me on this story. For positive reactions to my story and the recommendations, thank you: @chris191070 @Onim @Scotrik1 @clairvin @scrubber6620 @PaulPobeP @Jjeffalch @Supernatural_71 @BigBob47 @JeffreyL @Gary L @Badforlad @Ozymandias @The Ships Boy @Jaybee0323 @quietguy49 @Wyndham @CaJu @JimP @frosenblum @drsawzall @njfjm1 @re2 @anthyrium51 @Blueboyindy @Robertmarcus @starboardtack @donsmith @Okiegrad I know there are other authors and other stories on GA or around the web, I appreciate each of you for giving me your time as I create this story. ----------------- I don't know if you will all like how I develop my plot-lines or characters as this story progresses, but I want you all to know your care and interest in this story and its characters is reciprocated by its author.
  10. CUMMY Creative Underhand Masturbation Makes You EXPLO
  11. W_L

    Chapter 6

    Glad you notice the little hints about Gary's actions in respect to Brad. It's true, Gary isolated and sweet talked Brad into ignoring Francis. Brad out of guilt didn't know what to say or do for his friend/sometimes lover. It's a complicated relationship. Gary is selfish to the extreme, while Brad's selfishness can probably be attributed to desire, an unrequited love that he thought was being returned through the sweet talk and sex. Francis was a toy for Gary's amusement, while Brad saw him as a sexual outlet and brother in some respects.
  12. Thanks Chris, I am glad someone is enjoying these blog entries. It's almost like the old Blu-Ray/DVD commentaries on TV shows
  13. W_L

    Chapter 6

    Thanks Chris, Brad actually isn't sleep talking, it's full on hallucination. One of the side effects of Methadone withdrawal is hallucinations. Brad has a lot of demons, stuff he regrets, and stuff he still wants. Beau knows there's something between them, I wanted to show folks with the opening paragraphs he's not a blushing virgin either. His only interactions with gay sex has been one sided. Francis and Paki are good for each other, I like the idea of a late night drinking and conversation session. I've had that with friends in college and I know it's been one of the lesser portrayed aspects of College life. It's one of the reasons to live in dorms, you grab your drink of choice (Rum, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, or beer and just talk. As an adult, I drink wine and coffee liquers, but as a college guy, it wasn't my preferred drink of choice. Chip is awesome, he needs to be protected like a delicate teacup (Even if that's the character I based him off ) Warren's story is interesting and so is Min's for that matter.
  14. Well, Chapter 6 is now live. Here's some thoughts: -One thing I've considered about Beau, if he's a modern gay character, he's most likely has had experiences with other guys. Our urges drives us into things that we may very well regret, especially in an environment where we can't really be free to find good relationships or sexual outlets. Fantasy heroines and heroic lover archetypes are usually virgins, who save themselves for the "right guy", but reality is, most of us don't wait. -Paki and Francis are an interesting couple, they're still learning about each other, still developing their relationship. One of the unrealistic things about Disney's love stories is that insta-love takes no effort with side characters, but the main characters have to work twice as hard on a slow-burn romance. I think developing a romance should not be narrowly focus on two people in a vacuum, there are prior relationships and external connections at play. -It's college guys, unless you attended a strict Christian University or a military school that does random checks for contraband, I have not met one person who has not gotten hammered and had a heart to heart with someone while intoxicated in college. I wish I had Chip around back then to hand out the water and Tylenol extra strength tablets. -We learn Warren has a boyfriend named Noah and he's from Florida. Min has a someone, it's complicated. I know what I want to do with Warren, but Min's story is quite different. -The last scene with Warren, you guys can probably guess the direction of that character. The Wardrobe in Disney's Beauty and the Beast was a female character with a deep voice with a certain flair, but I didn't want to just write a standard gay or trans stereotype. He's a type of character I've never written before, so new territory for me. Paki and him are close friends, but they're mirror images of each other.
  15. W_L

    Chapter 6

    Waking up in a dark room with the sounds of a crying man near me isn’t exactly how I imagined things would be like in college. As I sit watching him convulse and sob, Brad’s pride and his arrogance is nowhere to be seen. It feels wrong somehow to see this lion of a man so vulnerable. I want to hold him, want to hug him, and hell, I would give him an inexperienced blowjob if it stops those sobs. He admitted to me last night he wants me and I know I want him. Yet, I know neither of us would be hap
  16. SAUNA Sean Applauds Unappreciated Nice Asses JACUZ
  17. Well Stephenie Meyers did use glitter to glam up Vampires and shirtless muscled bodies to make Werewolves wet-dreams, I guess I can do something with an ordinary quiet ghost. That's assuming I can find an editor
  18. I am hoping to write a short story for the Fall Anthology. Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Romance/Holidays Setting: Contemporary Urban Concept: I am going to combine a Christmas story and a Chinese Ghost Marriage ritual, with some gay romance. Age: I'm thinking 20's-30's for my characters. Length: No more than 10K words, probably a lot less, I want this to be a short story, readable in a single sitting. Deadline: Before October 31st 2021 anthology deadline Please reply to this topic or PM me, if interested
  19. Patrick Swayze's Ghost would disagree (RIP, I loved that movie and I hope he's somewhere other can appreciate his talent) Thanks for the pre-Halloween reading suggestion Ghosts do have the power to possess human bodies, so they can be physical and quite pleasant if they want to be. Of course, horror is by its nature supposed to be scary, more often than not a ghost's powers are used in the pursuit of vengeance or anger at those who wronged them in life. Still the ghost romance stories are intriguing to me, it's like loving a memory of someone, not quite there but not imaginary either.
  20. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42302727-bonds-of-brass Science Fiction is my favorite genre for a reason. It opens up a lot of worlds and possibilities for writers to explore and create amazing concepts without regards or limitations, except what you believe scientific knowledge can produce in the future, or in the past. The key is that science fiction does not rely on traditional methods to solve problems usually emphasizing the technical. Unlike Fantasy, where magical knowledge can g
  21. W_L

    Chapter 5

    Oh maybe a little from column B and C The first book is a good way to lull you into sleep Chip is that little kid brother that everyone knows talks too much, but does not want to give up for anything, because he's too precious. I am really grateful for your feedback and praise, it's worth a lot to me as a writer.
  22. I've been looking around and I've found a few books listed under LGBT and gay horror with actual gay ghosts, it doesn't seem like a very big genre with gay fiction. Ghosts are major mainstream horror concept though, they can be malevolent or benign, comedic or dramatic, and incredible sources of storytelling about human existence. It just seems weird that so few gay fiction writers ever explore this area nowadays. I can find hundreds of shifter gay fictions, vampire gay fictions, demonic gay fictions, wizard/witch/magic gay fiction, and psychic gay fiction stories, but actual pure gay ghost stories are far and few. I'm reviewing and recommending one of the best ones I found for next month in my book review series, The Ghost of Ellwood by Jaclyn Osborn, but I am curious too as to why few gay authors even on here favor writing about gay ghosts? We write about monsters, the undead, and heaven/hell, but ghosts just seem so exotic.
  23. W_L

    Chapter 5

    Thank you for reading, Gary has done more than you may think by indirect actions, too.
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