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This year, I’ve not had time to finish off a Halloween Short Story per my usual here on GA. But, since I do have ‘back-issues’ that many might not have read, I thought I’d post a list here just in case you don’t have enough horror to read for the Gay High Holiday.

I’ll start off with a Series that, so far, has two stories, but hopefully will have more as time goes by. The central character of this series is Captain Albert Cummings, a detective that finds himself involved in some very creepy situations. These two stories Adagio and Umbereth are two ghost stories in the series:

Then there are two Vignettes I have as short stories:

I also have a Vampire Origen story that starts off my own Vampire novel I’m writing called The Seducer.

That’s it for now, but I’m still pecking away at one that is the third instalment of my Adagio stories in the Albert Cummings Mysteries series.

Happy Halloweird!

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