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  1. O...M...G...!!! Has anyone else recently looked to see what the actor Jacob Tremblay looks like now? He's gone from cute, little kid to a stunningly beautiful 14 year old hottie! 😲
  2. LOL Hopefully it's milk and cookies. That would taste a lot better than what usually comes out of his sack. (Not that I would know from personal experience or anything. *cough* *grin*) Either way, I'll be eagerly awaiting Santa's gift!! Thanks for the good news, Comsie!!!
  3. Here, here! I did the same almost a month ago and there's still no update yet. Com's gonna have me crying all thru Xmas.
  4. Welcome to GA ~!!~ Hope you enjoy the site and make lots of friends here!

    To reply to comments left for you click on the persons name and leave a message in their profile =)

  5. Not to be all complainy but it's been a while since there was a new update to this story. I'm really liking the premise of this one, so pleeeeeeeease don't forget about it and leave us begging, sobbing and crying for more.
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