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  1. So nice of you to edit this chapter, thus highlighting which chapter it is. Confused? Yeah, you see, I think this is my favorite chapter of your whole series, that letter from Ricky, along with the fact that he was first, cemented his place as my favorite character in the series. So, thanks again for the wonderful series and a special thanks for editing this chapter.
  2. I had actually wondered the same. Is the CJames of GayAuthors the same person as Chris James over at iomfats http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/james/ ? Love your work and looking forward to the next chapter, whether it comes in a day, a week or month.
  3. Thanks so much for the book, also, thank you for writing the whole book first then posting at superhuman speeds, it has been enormously satisfying knowing the next chapter was always a day or two away. I realize and on some level accept your definitively statement that this is the last of book of the Castaway Hotel, I do however hope that at some point in the future, you will be drawn back to give us more , thank you for all the exceptional and excellent work. Because of the your stated END of the series, and how the discussion between Graham and Josh was going, I was thinking that all the ghosts / spirits were there to welcome Josh into the afterlife. While telling myself that NO, Bill would never have Josh pass on while so much of the family, especially Jake is away, I couldn't help but wonder if my and others insisting that we wanted more after this book would lead you to edit prior to posting and have Josh pass in his sleep. I convinced myself, before reading on that despite the importance that Josh has played in this series, the story could continue without him and that you would probably realize the same, saving Josh from his fate . Cody and Brent, if I recall correctly, they were never tenants at the same time and didn't know each other yet are hard and fast brothers in the afterlife, that was a truly heart warming touch. It was especially sad for me because I don't really recall their back stories (how they came to be tenants) but I vividly remember how they died. Well, now that the book is locked down, it is time for me to go back and start at book 1 chapter 1 again, I think I'll give it a few months first then download the lot into Stanza on my iPad. Thanks again for the amazing work, enjoy the holidays!!
  4. flashpoint2008

    Giving Thanks

    So, Elliott and Ian have finally coupled up, YEAH. Thanks for the chapter.
  5. Another jam packed chapter, thanks for the hard work. Sorry for the short review, but I've gotta go.
  6. I can just picture Joshie sitting with Wyatt on his lap telling the baby about his day, it is just such an idyllic picture. I hope your last chapter for this book ends with a cliff hanger that just begs for a continuation, something along the lines of "That evening when Little Ricky rushed in the door, he called the adults together insisting that dinner could wait. Once Jake, Danny, Brandon, Dion, Trey and I were comfortable Little Ricky started talking about a call he got in the office from Graham. Little Ricky had just gotten back to the office after placing 4 brothers aged 6 to 15 in separate emergency foster and group homes after a fire had destroyed their home, killing the parents, Graham's call was about a vision he had had..." Please forgive my wandering thoughts, I'm getting pre-nostalgic even before you finish your wonderful story.
  7. flashpoint2008


    I loved Joshie scolding Wyatt for taking so long to get home, absolutely loved it. Thanks for the chapter, you are making the run up to the finale one to remember.
  8. Glad to see that there is a trickle down from Frankies heroics. RE: My "thing" with Little Ricky, it is actually a thing with Ricky, being the firsts tenant of the hotel + his letter from Oz, make him the character that I dwell on the most (although Joshie is giving him a run for his money), for me part of the wonder of Ricky, is how he handled his first meeting with Little Ricky. Since that first meeting at the group home, Little Ricky has had a tough go of things but has worked hard to cement things with both his first family at the farm as well as the Curries as such he has become my personal surrogate for Ricky. With his chosen profession, he is both stating his appreciation for all the support he got but also his dedication to helping the next kid like him, thus, I'd like to hear more about him. I recognize that his generation isn't the focus of this story but I can't help but hope that he makes more cameos. Thanks for the chapter, it felt like you were wrapping the story up but I am pleased to note that there is at least another chapter to go.
  9. Noah is certainly a cutie. I was wondering if other family members went to the awards show, persons like little Ricky I would think could have attended, I would like to know so I can re-read and imagine the Currie mob cheering on Frankie. Thanks for the chapter.
  10. Scared of heights AND a diver, what a combo. High dive platforms from the ground, as high as they are, you can't help but think, "that's not so bad", but when you are standing on the edge, looking down you are WAY up there, higher than the roof of a 3F building. Elliot has my respect for "concentrating" his way through that. Joshie asking when his little brother is getting there is precious, that is a meeting that I am really looking forward to. Thanks as always.
  11. I like the brothers growing on each other, even Jesse seems to be getting in on the action more which is great yet a bit surprising, with the independence of a car you might think he would move away from family and towards friends but instead it seems to have gelled the brotherhood. Of course with this family and Jesses long history I shouldn't be surprised. I'm guessing that we are close to the arrival of Joshies brother, another event that I am looking forward to, how the kids, but mostly Joshie, interact and act with the new arrival is something I am looking forward to reading. As the chapter count ticks upwards, I am a bit apprehensive about the inevitable end of book 10, I hope there are many more chapters (and books) to go.
  12. I had the pleasure of reading 2 chapters at once today and since both chapters seemed to focus (the second more than the first) on the growing Noah / Elliot bond, it was a seamless read. As for the punishment, it seemed appropriate on just about every level, I liked that Danny and Brandon made it a point to take what Elliot had to say into consideration and asked Josh for advice. One thing that concerns me is that the mother of the bully seemed to think that the bully would get an additional beating from his father and that this is OK, because of this I couldn't help but think of the story Joel by Ted Louis wherein a couple of his kids got into it with a bully and were made to invite said bully over for a day as part of their punishment for fighting. Both situation and the age of the kids involved is different (as is the author ) but I recall thinking that this was a great way of dealing with bully type situations with younger kids. Because of the promised punishment of the bully, my thoughts went to how do we protect this kid from domestic abuse and on a mostly different tangent, I also thought that the bullies younger brother might become Noahs best friend, but then, I'm now just thought vomiting. I noticed that I got a smack-down for referring to Elliot as a bit of a snob regarding money, well, I stand by my statement but I will expand on my thoughts so that they might be better understood, if disagreed with. Based on the chapters to date, I have no doubt as to how generous Elliot seems to be with his money especially as it pertains to his family, however, Elliot frequently, mostly in a joking manner brings up that he has it without regard as to whether those listening to his "jokes" have money themselves. This is different from Josh narrating his financial situation as background for the story or Elliot or any other kid discussing finances with his parents, Josh or Mike. Specifically, he talked about having money, I think it was at his birthday party in front of Hayden also the casual "I'll buy my own" in regards to a car at Jesses party. Nothing egregious but still, a little bit snobby, I mentioned it in my previous review specifically because Josh in the past made it a point to talk with his kids about finances regularly (I vaguely remember him mentioning that he went over each boys trust with them on a monthly basis) and how to act and be responsible, further he stressed on multiple occasions how talking, even mentioning their fortune with others might make them feel. Now, I am perfectly content reading the story as written, I just mentioned it as an observation. Thanks for the chapters and while I enjoyed the double dose, I hope to return to reading a chapter a day tomorrow.
  13. Before I remembered that you don't really do it, I kept expecting either Jesse or his mother to pop up and give a speech about Jesses life . All things considered, it is kind of amazing that Jesse is 18, getting / got his first car and is planning on going to college as if it is the most obvious thing in the world to do. Although I am fuzzy on the details, I do recall the scared, literally speechless kid who was scared of Josh and was only comfortable with Andrew. Noah seems to be coming along, although somewhat slowly, I'll look forward to when you add a best friend for him. Elliot seems a bit of a snob about his money, this has creeped up a few times and I'm thinking that Danny and Brandon are going to need to give him a more definitive smack-down at some point. If I recall correctly, this was an issue before as well with some of the kids so I'm sure it can be dealt with but it is the type of issue that is best nipped in the bud. Thanks for the chapter.
  14. I just mounted the ISO on my hard drive and used that, but the point is, a driver to get something working shouldn't depend on that very item PRIOR to the driver load.
  15. flashpoint2008

    Our Athletes

    Seems to me like Jesse needs a car to use, maybe with the new baby coming Dion and Trey will upgrade and pass on theirs. Elliot and Noah bonding is the stuff that makes Castaway so special, I'm liking the direction. Keep up the amazing work.
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