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  1. I know, Peter, because I saw them when I spent time in England. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. The song "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen in 1976 was based on a theme from Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, Danilo, and I'll keep that in mind while I'm writing the next book.
  4. And Danny still is a big part of the story. I'm glad you enjoy this series, even though I can't figure out why Danny is your favorite name. 😜
  5. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    That's why we need to be careful, especially on Halloween night.
  6. Bill W

    Chapter 1

    Thank you, and the Trevor Project is a non-profit organization focused on preventing suicides in the LGBTQ community.
  7. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    I'm sure Brock was hoping to hit it off with any one of them, but he might have been willing to take on all three if he'd been into the same things they were. Unfortunately, this was far worse than dealing with someone with multiple personalities.
  8. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    Wayne, I hope I didn't spoil anyone's Halloween, but I'm not sure how many shifters you'll run into out their tonight.
  9. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    We all have to do what's best for us, and I'm sure Brock wishes he had just stayed home as well.
  10. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    Thanks, aditus, and just don't show your fangs when you're playing D&D. Your friends might get nervous.
  11. Bill W

    Shifting Horrors

    Someone else who remembers Snagglepuss and 'exit stage right' or left. I'm glad you enjoyed this story.
  12. Bill W

    Chapter 1

    An interesting premise for this story. It's a valuable reminder to choose your friends wisely.
  13. Bill W

    Forever Together

    Wonderful twist at the end. I wonder if someone should check up on Stephen King's employees?
  14. If only it were that easy to convert all of the homophobes. Very interesting tale.
  15. Bill W

    My Tale

    I loved the chase through the park and the dive into the taxi. It had my blood pumping through my veins. Good job!
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