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  1. bayoudreamn


    Amazing, amazing story.......I'm in shock....it's too real
  2. bayoudreamn


    Ending with the title.....well done! A very fitting end to an amazing story.......everything nice and clean. Now I guess, given CJs notice of not intending a sequel, the seeds are in place for readers to imagine their own "happily ever after"
  3. Well....six weeks from release of final chapter?? How's the epilogue edit going, are we almost there??
  4. Well, it had to happen this way. Joel has been so insistent about running overland!
  5. WooHoo!! Great Story, Sasha!! Thanks for doing the tough work, Kitt!! I love this.....keep on going!!!!!
  6. .....wonder what kinda wind up Joel or Shane could deliver for that goat laden tree?.... .....another thing that I don't remember thinking much about while reading the story the first time, but which really stood out the second time........Goat Island......LOL
  7. Greetings friends of the Circumnavigation I have begun rereading also. d I'm past chapter 100, so I'll finish tomorrow. I noted some things that were loose ends but nothing terrible. So, I was going to say something but the epilogue is done and the little things probably won't matter so much unless CJ decides to do a rewrite or something at some point......but I'm just amazed again at how well written this stoy is.....the number of twists and turns......coming and going of characters.......variations in the story that cause characters to change their thoughts, ideas, plans......this is an EPIC accomplishimet!! I also noticed so many clues I completely missed the first time. For me, rereading the 3 or 4 chapters prior to trevors reunion with his mom and all those clues about the key lime pie, etc.....that was so funny the second time because I figured it out the first time through but completely didn't get all those clues. I really appreciate the work of this beta team, and especially our beloved goat of an author CJ........all of you are wonderful, ingenious, and dear to me and I'm sure to everyone else who has read this story........have great pride in what you have done,....there are few who reach such grand heights of accmplishment.
  8. time for the talking to stop and the writing to get finished.........bring on the epilogue!!
  9. LOL.....that's about right......and ride up to Houston in the stolen truck
  10. Look at that facial expression.....that's the look he head wheb the SUV wouldn't fit in the garage
  11. "Trevor smiled softly, taking Shane's hand in his own, 'it's finally over'" What a way to end the chapter!! These words put a fitting end to the narrative, echo CJs thoughts I'm sure after years of painstaking work to complete this sensational tale, and also fit our heatfelt feelings of relief and bittersweet reflection. I'm very proud of this work.....it's a true reflection of an author deserving of high praise. I think final chapter may be best one......visually stimulating scenes from the tower scene to the backhoe.....and the command center reaction......amazing.
  12. Can you imagine, if a person in real life had a year like the one described in this story and wrote a book and got into the day cruise business. First, they' get rich of the interest by the press, and they'd get richer off the book, and then throw in the boat business which would be booked solid......HUGE moneymaker!!!
  13. Bon Voyage to our family of characters from "Circumnavigation", I will miss you.....no better tale could have been told. Congratulations to C James, this is an epic masterpiece and you are master of the pen........UNBELIEVABLE, BREATHTAKING, literary GENIUS!! To the rest of you on this forum and especially to CJ's team, THANK YOU......a long journey is made easier by the company of friends.
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