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  1. Happy Birthday Adam!  

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Adam! :wizard: 

  2. Happy Birthday, Adam! I hope you had a great day! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Adam!

  4. Starting to write again. I mean it this time!

    1. ElleRachelle


      Yea!!!!! I look forward to reading what you're writing.

    2. Valkyrie
    3. LongBeachThomas


      No, really?? That would be so awesome. You must have come up with some good ideas. You know that your stuff moves me, and I'm always hoping for more.

  5. Thanks for the birthday greetings, guys!
  6. Back to the grind. If you've never been to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I recommend it.

  7. Taking some vacation starting Wednesday. Be back August 12 or so.

    1. LongBeachThomas


      Welcome back! It's good to have you back in town, and read your comments. You usually have meaningful stuff to say.

  8. Happy Birthday, James, and thanks for your ongoing presence here!
  9. Adam Phillips


    Thanks for the kind words about Crosscurrents...but it really wasn't my intent to leave the ending of the story inconclusive. I just didn't want to beat the reader over the head with it. Go back and read it another time. :-) As far as any other writing is concerned, check out the Interview Cia did with me for this month's Signature Author focus at http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/blog/258/entry-15595-author-interview-adam-phillips/ And thanks for reading!
  10. There are books that are now among my favorites whose first two chapters I didn't like. Don't let that make the decision regarding how to write. Write the story for you, not in anticipation of what your audience might like. I guarantee that'll make your story stronger too.
  11. Freakin' With Trust. Dammit. I want the rest of that story!!! Lol
  12. Lots on on-point posts here. As a guy who took a decade to write and post a story, I feel grateful that I hung onto the readers I did. On the one hand, since (s)he's sharing free reading material, an author doesn't "owe" anybody timeliness, or even a story's completion. On the other, there is an at-least implied covenant between writer and reader. If the writer has, in effect, solicited the reading attention of a reading public by offering a story, I think there are some implicit promises made to said reading public. One of those promises is a conclusion to the story. Another is reasonable timeliness. With Crosscurrents, I would write and post. Write and post. Write and post. It wasn't a good decade for me to be trying to write regularly, though, and so it took as long as it took. These days I'll be producing a lot more, and a lot faster...but I've decided I'm not going to post a single paragraph until I've finished at least 80% of the story. Maybe 85%. My first experience with this sort of frustration as a reader came many years ago when I was reading a delightful and erotic novel at Nifty called Vermont Summer. I got to the end of the extant chapters, and then... Nothing. Ever again. That's a distinctive kind of disappointment, and the level of frustration a reader has in such a situation is directly proportional to the quality of the story. I won't do that to my readers yet another time. Thanks for staying with me as readers, all you who did.
  13. Of course 10,000 Likes. It was inevitable. What's not to like?
  14. Jeremy's a long-time nemesis/e-friend of mine, so take this reply with just a little tongue in cheek, all.-- I'm gonna have to bag on you just a little, Jeremy, as punishment for your posting of this. You know how sometimes you'd send me a review of a chapter of Crosscurrents two minutes after I'd posted it? And I'd complain, "If you're gonna speed-read my stuff, I don't want you as a reader."? Seriously, with all the work I did in each chapter and all I tried to put in each one, for you to digest it and render judgment in two minutes? And I'm supposed to take it seriously? Similarly, I gotta say, regarding that comment of mine to which you just responded, what part of "Someday I may go back and fix them, but I have other fish to fry and other stories to tell FIRST" were you not able to comprehend? The point of that section of the post was to acknowledge the validity of Tyler's criticism. That's all. The point was not to put everyone on notice that I won't be doing any more new writing while I immediately go into "perfect-it" mode on Crosscurrents. And to react to that one sentence as if that were, uh, actually what it said instead of what you made up from whole cloth in that little head of yours is to have misread and completely not-understood the post. Now that you've given it a second look, wouldn't you agree, Jeremy? Now the real lesson to be learned, the real cautionary tales--and something I might have taken more to heart in a post like yours--are that 1) Stephen King didn't improve the first book in his Dark Tower series (The Gunslinger) when he revised it. Quite the opposite; and 2) Likewise, George Lucas's new and improved take on Star Wars is arguably not an improvement, but a, uh, a de-provement. lol Those are points worth pondering. Not that I'm comparing myself those guys in their greatness. I'm comparing myself to those guys in their second-guessing-themselves-ness. Love you, buddy. ;-)
  15. Thanks, everybody, for all the enthusiastic responses to the Signature Focus on me this month! I'll have more for you to read real soon.

    1. Cia


      Makes you want to squeeze in more writing time, doesn't it? ;)

    2. Adam Phillips

      Adam Phillips

      Yeah. It really does! :-)

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