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  1. Happy Birthday Adam!

  2. Happy Birthday Adam!  

    1. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Adam! :wizard: 

  3. Happy Birthday, Adam! I hope you had a great day! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Adam!

  5. Yeah, it's my biggest enemy too. The reason I don't write as much as I do is that I won't continue to sit down and work with it if I don't feel I'm In the Zone. If it feels second-rate as it comes off my fingers, I'm outta there and off doing something else. And I know that This Is Not Good. So I'm trying to change... But I hate it when I write crap.
  6. I had writer's block once when I was writing Crosscurrents, and it wasn't because of "story" issues; I knew the plot like the back of my hand. It's that there was no blood going to the writing; it was cadaverous. A writer friend of mine said, "Put it away. Write something else. Anything else. Another story, I mean. Keep it short, start a long one; just write something else!" I did. I started Brushfire (Which, uh, I've not picked up with again until this week.). And I looked at the writing and saw that it had energy. I also saw that the writing was better than my writing on Crosscurrents. but that's another topic for another time. In any case, once I had my groove back, I returned to Crosscurrents and--no writer's block! So. Write something else. Anything else. Another story, I mean.
  7. I had an English teacher in high school who'd draw a red line at her first sight of a "very." She'd refuse to read anything below the line, and she'd give the paper an F. That cured me of "very." Rules are made to be broken, and they're subjective, and there's (surely??) a reason "very" is in the language. But I don't have any use for it, and I haven't missed it.
  8. Yep. I'm picking up my writing again after a long, long halt. And I'll never commit a write-and-post crime against my readers again. I am Perp #1 in this regard, and I'm determined to Change My Ways. It's my goal never to have readers wait more than a week or two from now on.
  9. Starting to write again. I mean it this time!

    1. ElleRachelle


      Yea!!!!! I look forward to reading what you're writing.

    2. Valkyrie
    3. LongBeachThomas


      No, really?? That would be so awesome. You must have come up with some good ideas. You know that your stuff moves me, and I'm always hoping for more.

  10. Back to the grind. If you've never been to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I recommend it.

  11. Taking some vacation starting Wednesday. Be back August 12 or so.

    1. LongBeachThomas


      Welcome back! It's good to have you back in town, and read your comments. You usually have meaningful stuff to say.

  12. Happy Birthday, James, and thanks for your ongoing presence here!
  13. There are books that are now among my favorites whose first two chapters I didn't like. Don't let that make the decision regarding how to write. Write the story for you, not in anticipation of what your audience might like. I guarantee that'll make your story stronger too.
  14. Freakin' With Trust. Dammit. I want the rest of that story!!! Lol
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