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  1. Nice story--just curious how the happy fairy tale will develop. There seems to be missing between these sentences, though: (1)"Sure," Aidan smiled brightly. He stared at Luis one more time before he finally let go of his hand and followed his father, the king. Luis didn't follow him but from that wonderful smile he could tell that he had wanted to. (2)"Err...yeah," Luis confessed. "I haven't seen him for quite some time and..."
  2. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. Hi jon-jon,

    here it's cold, a lot of snow--I live near the shore of the North Sea where there's usually no snow at all, but now, we've got ~25cm (10"). Otherwise, Xmas is over (got two penguins 8-), I won't have to work on Monday, and riding my bicycle isn't really fun currently. But my accidents all happened in summer!

  4. I'm surprised by the twists the story takes. And I like SurfGrommett's style!
  5. As I wrote at other places, I'd like to translate your story for use with the school project of the local Gay Center. I've read a lot stories from similar German sites, but not a single impressed me as one as yours.
  6. Btw, when I try to access your message, I just get an error:

    [#10226] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system.

    So, pls either post it to my profile, email me, or use skype

  7. Hi Grom,

    I know people from the Bremen Gay Center (years ago I worked there, too) and gay teachers who do a lot of work with schools to educate on GLBT issues.

    I would like to translate your story to German for them to use it with there projects. But I do not want to infringe your copyright by any means.

  8. Hey there,

    I was really touched by the pier.

  9. `Firefighting' must be a nice `hobby' 8-)

  10. That penguin is made of wood and can be visited in Emmen, Netherlands. And besides a few wooden ones they've a big area where you can walk among 200+ Humboldt penguins. Swimming with them is not allowed, though.

  11. ¡¡Penguins Forever!!

    1. Luc Rosen
    2. Wilhelm


      Hey, that's penguins, not mere ducks!

    3. ricky


      Whatever "suits" you. Ok, it was a reach.

  12. Hi Ricky,

    nice to meet you;-) And still waiting for new from T.I.C.

  13. Thank you for writing these stories. I just can't wait (almost) to find out what will happen to those characters...

  14. Sorry for the late reply, I had an accident and had to spend some time in hospital.

    Actually, this isn't a new acoount, but it seems my old one, willmu, (and the corresponding email address) have been hijacked by spammers... Sorry for that.

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