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  1. Thanks a lot @Nana Atuwa I have been thinking of that, but probably when I'm done with school. I'm a fourth year student and still have three more years to complete my program and then I'll be free to write while I practice my profession. But until then, I will be entertaining you beautiful people with these kinds of stories. So stay tuned for a brand new story coming your way this weekend 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  2. 3 days later… *** Adrianna had her hands on the driving wheel and her leg on the accelerator. Her head was moving to the rhythm of the song that was playing in the car, enjoying every moment of it. She got excited, moving her body while being careful to concentrate on driving as Charlie Puth’s ‘attention’ played. She glanced to her side and found Javier staring at her with a smile on his face. “Come on, Javier!” She laughed. “Can’t you feel the rhythm? Let’s dance to the song. Our fun hasn’t ended just yet.” They were coming from shopping and they had fun doing it. The
  3. One week later… * Giada and Jayden arrived at Alvarado Jewellers looking like the king and queen of the world. Both of them were dressed wonderfully, and sexily. Giada was wearing a red designer’s dress that had a long slit from her thigh down with red high heels. Her makeup was on point and she had her hair in curls. Jayden was wearing a black designer’s suit that fit him like a second skin with pitch-black shoes on his feet. He had his hands shoved in his pocket. “Good morning, sir? Good morning, ma’am?” The assistant greeted, rushing to them. She couldn’t mask the fear in he
  4. “Hey!” Came a sweet voice early morning making Sergio moan while pulling the covers further up. “Babe!” He chuckled, pulling the blanket off, leaving the man who was just in his boxer briefs bare. “Get up, it’s morning already.” “Just a minute, my love.” Sergio groaned, turning on the other side. “No!” Eric chuckled, patting on his husband’s butt. “You’re gonna be late.” Before Sergio could say anything, the whole room lit up as Eric had just opened the curtains. He covered his eyes, groaning like a kid. “Tell them I am not feeling well.” He sighed. “No way,” Eric
  5. Giada felt shivers ran up and down her spine as she stared at her husband’s corpse. Her heart raced at a tremendous rate, and her lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. She just remained there for what felt like hours but it was just mere minutes. She slowly started crawling, near her husband. Her trembling hand touched his chest to shake him but when she saw the blood that stained her whole hand, she quickly retreated. “No!” She cried, shaking her head while trying her best to run the blood from her hands. “Brice… I… I didn’t mean to. Please, get up! I… I am so sorry. Please, get up.”
  6. Hawaii, one of the best romantic hideaway for couples. Beautiful, quiet, and very romantic. The small, wet pebbles that lined the beach sparkled in the lingering light of the sunset. The water was almost still, small waves occasionally hitting the beach with little force. Ko Olina beach is one of the most famous and romantic beaches in Hawaii and it has every reason to be. The sea, perfectly calm, was like a peaceful lake, and its soft murmurs were scarcely audible. The beauty of the sunset only made the beach look even more beautiful. And here they were, our happy couple, a distance
  7. Eric moaned softly, stirring in the bed. He was feeling a little excited that morning and he had no idea the smile that was on his face even before he opened those eyes. He’d been having a perfect dream, really wonderful. When he however opened his eyes slowly, yawning, it was to find Sergio staring at him with a smile, a smile that melted Eric’s heart with love. The way his lips lifted upward when Eric stared at him. The way his one dimple crinkled and the warm glow his smile gave Eric was just from out of this world. Eric dropped his eyes softly, blushing. God, his smile shined lik
  8. Eric was seated in his office trying his best to concentrate on the sketches that he was doing. But he kept on messing them up. He ripped the paper and threw it on the floor where hundreds of others were. This was so not him. Whenever he tried to sketch, he always did it with such ease but this time, that wasn’t the case. ‘You rascal, how dare you touch, Eric?’ Sergio’s words rang through his head. ‘You bastard, you shouldn’t have touched my Eric!’ Adrenaline flooded Eric’s system, pumping and beating like it was trying to escape. There were times when he felt like the world was slow
  9. “Yes, I want the best for this wedding,” Kim instructed on the phone. “Everything must go well, do you understand?” ‘Yes, ma’am.’ The woman answered on the other end. “I will be there to give you a list of everything that I want to be done in the next five days.” She smiled. “You know this is my son’s wedding and it needs to be grand. I want the city to know that he’s getting married in five days. Do you understand?” Sergio was seated on the staircase, watching as his mother made arrangements for his wedding. He didn’t have the strength to argue with her so he just watched as s
  10. Kim was looking at herself in the mirror, checking if her makeup was on point. She had an important meeting online meeting with some partners abroad and she needed to look her best because her beauty is what she held in high esteem most, and of course, her kids too. Suddenly, she heard a knock and she glanced towards her door, wondering who had come to disturb her. “Come on in!” The door opened revealing a quiet-looking Trevor. He was dressed in a yellow t-shirt, brown skinny jeans and sandals on his feet. His hair was made into a gorgeous ponytail that made him look beautiful.
  11. Thanks a lot @Philippe. I really appreciate this comment.
  12. ‘That boy you had hurt, the boy you had used and dumped like a whore. That boy died five years ago.’ Sergio was walking slowly inside his house with his mind elsewhere, reliving the torturous experience he’d just had with Eric. He had expected things to be bad but it had hurt more than he’d anticipated. Eric’s words had stabbed him right in the heart. Sergio was looking like a man who had just escaped death. His eyes were red and he still had tears in them. After Eric had left, he’d remained in that room just standing there for a long time. It could have been hours or even minutes bu
  13. “Ladies and gentlemen,” The man hollered. “Let us all welcome with a big round of applause, Mr. Eric Hernandez!” Everyone started clapping loudly and happily including members of the VIP. The gate opened and a handsome, really beautiful young man emerged with a smile on his face. At the same time, red confetti started falling on the stage. Sergio was clapping happily and excitedly with the brightest smile on his face. But suddenly, the smile that was on his face slowly started fading. His claps became weak until he eventually stopped. He went frozen and couldn’t even move. He co
  14. Times may change… days may go by, even years. And some people change and others remain with memories of their past, especially the painful ones. It has been said, ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.’ But how true is this when some people get shaken forever by memories of their painful past? The knives of betrayal and drama cut deep and hurt… but they also trim away the nonsense and reveal your true friends. But the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies but people that are always close to you. But sometimes, the mistakes we commit in the past ar
  15. Eric ran as fast as he could, glancing behind him. “Hahahaha….” He laughed as he took his pace. “You’re gonna have to work harder than that to catch me, Sergio.” “We’ll see about that.” Sergio laughed as he increased the pace on his feet, running after the boy. It was afternoon and the weather was amazing. The cool breeze coming from the ocean felt gorgeous and the sound of the waves felt like music to both their ears. The sand on their feet was soft and it made both of them enjoy the place even more. Eric and Sergio had arrived at the place where Sergio had promised to bring h
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