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  1. “Ladies and gentlemen,” The man hollered. “Let us all welcome with a big round of applause, Mr. Eric Hernandez!” Everyone started clapping loudly and happily including members of the VIP. The gate opened and a handsome, really beautiful young man emerged with a smile on his face. At the same time, red confetti started falling on the stage. Sergio was clapping happily and excitedly with the brightest smile on his face. But suddenly, the smile that was on his face slowly started fading. His claps became weak until he eventually stopped. He went frozen and couldn’t even move. He co
  2. Times may change… days may go by, even years. And some people change and others remain with memories of their past, especially the painful ones. It has been said, ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.’ But how true is this when some people get shaken forever by memories of their painful past? The knives of betrayal and drama cut deep and hurt… but they also trim away the nonsense and reveal your true friends. But the saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies but people that are always close to you. But sometimes, the mistakes we commit in the past ar
  3. Eric ran as fast as he could, glancing behind him. “Hahahaha….” He laughed as he took his pace. “You’re gonna have to work harder than that to catch me, Sergio.” “We’ll see about that.” Sergio laughed as he increased the pace on his feet, running after the boy. It was afternoon and the weather was amazing. The cool breeze coming from the ocean felt gorgeous and the sound of the waves felt like music to both their ears. The sand on their feet was soft and it made both of them enjoy the place even more. Eric and Sergio had arrived at the place where Sergio had promised to bring h
  4. “Did you get ahold of him?” Henry asked as he came into the living room, stretching his arms. Steve shook his head. He seemed worried. “I tried this morning too but his phone is not going through.” “What about his mother’s line?” “It isn’t going through too.” He said softly. “Maybe she’s out of the country on a business meeting. But it’s not like Sergio to go out without telling us where he went. I am so worried. What if something bad happened to him?” “Sergio?” Henry laughed, shaking his head. “He’s probably just fucking someone while you and I are worried sick here. You know
  5. Game of Love Ch. 03 Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. *** Hello guys and welcome to the third chapter this amazing love story, “Game of Love.” I love you guys a lot and I thank you for the support and love you’ve shown me. Let’s hop on this journey together to make it interesting and fun. Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again. Raging love, feel the passion…. *** Sergio’s world was rocking even as he wrapped h
  6. "Hola!” Eric said with a smile. “What’s up?” ‘Where are you?’ Riya asked curiously on the other end. ‘We passed by your apartment and you weren’t there.’ “Oh sorry about that.” Eric apologized. “I had to go and see mommy early morning today. It’s been like ages since we last saw each other.” ‘Mommy’s boy.’ Riya teased on the other end. Eric laughed. “What do you expect? I am her only child after all. She has to give me all the attention. Wait…” He chuckled nervously. “…are you jealous?” ‘Yeah, whatever!’ Riya sighed. ‘Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that the results for e
  7. University, undoubtedly one of the most important and funniest times of a person’s life. It is here where people get the freedom they want, live anyhow they want and make certain decisions for themselves. It is here where the high and mighty and all backgrounds meet. And in the university, we find different kinds of people. There are geeks, the in-betweens, the rejects and the most popular. And of course, the latter is where we find a few but cool people that follow trends and popular amongst their peers. Some of them are loved while others are hated. But one thing that matters in the univ
  8. vanalas

    Game of Love

    Eric is a beautiful, intelligent, popular, and fierce University student who is haunted by a dark past, the sins of his father. Eric's life takes a sudden turn when fate brings Sergio into Eric's life, a handsome, intelligent, and equally popular young man that tries to win over Eric in a dangerous game of Love. What dangers Will Sergio bring and is Eric ready for this new storm? Will history repeat itself once again or will Sergio's heart be swept off by this stunningly beautiful boy?
  9. Travis came running into the abandoned building, breathing like he was in labor. He was so tired, so scared and so helpless. He was a bit sweaty and his heart was racing miles away. He had his eyes scanning all around the building which had boxes and planks lying around. He had run as fast as he could to the tenth floor according to Bruce’s instructions. Travis’ eyes widened and he gasped. “Sean, my baby.” “Daddy!” Sean cried at the top of his voice. Travis started running to his son who was tied to a huge plank. He looked helpless… his eyes were red and his face was wet with tears
  10. Antonio rushed to his family when he saw them standing quietly in the hospital near a door. Celine was holding Emilia’s hands tightly, trying to contain herself and her face was teary. Emma, Bruce, and Andrea stood still looking a bit nervous and Ethan was seated on the chair with his face between his palms. “Celine!” Celine felt a shiver when she heard Antonio’s voice. She rushed to him, threw herself on his chest, and sobbed softly. Antonio cupped her cheeks, looking into her teary face. He was really scared and restless. “What happened? Where’s Sean?” Celine pointed towards
  11. Antonio was coming down the stairs hurriedly with a stern look on his face while busy fixing his buttons on the shirt he was wearing that day. He was putting on a beautiful blue traditional attire with a long jacket-like shirt and a pair of trousers of the same color. He had sandals on his feet and he had a red band tied around his head. He wasn’t interested in the fast but his aunt had forced him just like she did in the last six years. Even as he was coming down, he could see a lot of gifts in the living room and almost the entire place was decorated with beautiful flowers and expensive
  12. “I accept!” Travis said with a stern face. “I accept this position.” As soon as Travis said those words, there were cheers in the conference room. Everyone was happy and they all stood up to go and greet their new vice president. They were happy. It had taken them over 30 minutes to convince him to accept the position and they were glad that they were successful. “Thank you so much,” Travis smiled, greeting all the people there. “Thank you so much.” Travis was happy and nervous at the same time. He couldn’t believe that he’d only been there for a month and he was now the vice presi
  13. Thanks a lot. I'm humbled and I'll deliver without disappoint
  14. Bruce furiously opened the door to Andrea’s room and he was sobbing uncontrollably like a baby. His pain had just turned into something else. He was shivering, really cold and the pain just made things worse. As soon as he entered, Andrea looked at him in shock. “Bruce!” She quickly rose from the bed where she had been busy with her phone. “Oh my God, what’s going on? Did something happen?” But Bruce just leaned on a small table and cried at the top of his voice, feeling like an idiot. “Bruce?” Andrea took a towel and covered his shoulders with it. “Sweetie, tell me what’s going on
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