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  1. Marcos had been waiting for Ramon for hours and he was getting impatient. Eduardo had told him to get inside but he couldn’t get in the house. He was feeling like he had the whole world on his shoulders. He was going round and round just waiting for Ramon to turn up so that he could give him something that he had been dying to give him since that afternoon. After what felt like forever, he saw Ramon coming towards him, smiling at him. Behind that smile was someone that he wanted to confront
  2. Ramon was standing on the balcony at Marcos' house. The wind felt amazing as it hit his face, taking his troubles away. He closed his eyes and allowed the air to do its magic on his face and felt the excitement take him by storm. It had been six months already and the turn of events were all in his favor. He didn’t experience anymore problems from Marcos’s mother or his family. Ramon had spent a lot of happy times in those six months with Olivia. He can still remember it well when he went h
  3. Marcos woke up suddenly after hearing his alarm clock ringing loudly. Honestly, he had refused to understand why he kept that freaking old thing which was nothing but an enemy of his beautiful dreams. He still refused to throw it away and even if he did, it seemed to have its way back on the table, not that it had legs or anything but he always brings it back. He hit his hand on the alarm button and it stopped disturbing him. He glanced at the clock, 8.am. Just the time he needed to go to work.
  4. Ramon pulled the cleaning cart from the last room that he had to clean that day. He felt so tired and just wanted to sit down and rest for the remaining time of the day. It had been a month since he had started dating with Marcos. Their relationship had gone to another level and they used to see each other on a daily basis. Marcos used to come often to the hotel and take him out. Everyone in the hotel knew about their relationship and most of them were really happy for him, or so he thought. Oth
  5. Ramon and his family reached home after spending an hour and a half on a bus. All the way home his father and brother had their arms around him and he couldn't help but shed a few tears. People were staring at them but he couldn't care less. He was here and he was saved from that island and couldn't have wished for anything more than to be in both of their arms. His brother had bought some slippers from a street vendor because he was barefooted. "Welcome back home," Eduardo said to him afte
  6. Ramon woke up and was lying on the shore. He didn't care but he was glad he was safe. The last thing he could remember was feeling very tired and very cold that he closed his eyes and now found himself on the shore. He opened his eyes looked around and saw that he was on some sort of island. He did not know the time but he knew that they had spent the whole night in the water and he thanked his lucky stars that he had survived. He slowly got up trying to study the island which he was on and he n
  7. Ramon reached his house and he saw his brother staring at him as if he suspected something was wrong. He tried to put up a smile but he knew that he was not going to fool his brother. This was not the time he usually came back from work. It was only 3 pm and anyone would ask him why he was back so early in his uniform and looking so devastated. "Hey!" Eduardo said to him. "What's up with you?" "What do you mean?" He stuttered. "Why are you back so early and in your uniform?" Eduar
  8. Ramon opened the door to the house shouting for his father. Ramon Castillo, an 18-year-old high school graduate who lives with his father, Ben Castillo, and his brother, Eduardo Castillo. They lived near the seashore where they had a little house. All he wished for was to get to a good university and start a new life with his family but his father was unemployed and his elder brother had a small shop that helped them. Ramon was gay though he had never been involved with anyone, kissed a classmat
  9. vanalas

    Forever Yours

    Enter a world of Marcos Martinez, a gay playboy who is swept off his feet but the young and beautiful worker in his hotel, Ramon Castillo. Marcos has it all, money, fame, power and influence and Ramon is just a poor servant boy. Marcos' goal is to wool this beautiful boy into his bed, but Ramon isn't going down without a fight. Can Marcos manage to lead this boy to his bed or will feelings get in the way?
  10. Thanks a lot @Nana Atuwa I have been thinking of that, but probably when I'm done with school. I'm a fourth year student and still have three more years to complete my program and then I'll be free to write while I practice my profession. But until then, I will be entertaining you beautiful people with these kinds of stories. So stay tuned for a brand new story coming your way this weekend 🤗🤗🤗🤗
  11. 3 days later… *** Adrianna had her hands on the driving wheel and her leg on the accelerator. Her head was moving to the rhythm of the song that was playing in the car, enjoying every moment of it. She got excited, moving her body while being careful to concentrate on driving as Charlie Puth’s ‘attention’ played. She glanced to her side and found Javier staring at her with a smile on his face. “Come on, Javier!” She laughed. “Can’t you feel the rhythm? Let’s dance to the song
  12. One week later… * Giada and Jayden arrived at Alvarado Jewellers looking like the king and queen of the world. Both of them were dressed wonderfully, and sexily. Giada was wearing a red designer’s dress that had a long slit from her thigh down with red high heels. Her makeup was on point and she had her hair in curls. Jayden was wearing a black designer’s suit that fit him like a second skin with pitch-black shoes on his feet. He had his hands shoved in his pocket. “Good morning,
  13. “Hey!” Came a sweet voice early morning making Sergio moan while pulling the covers further up. “Babe!” He chuckled, pulling the blanket off, leaving the man who was just in his boxer briefs bare. “Get up, it’s morning already.” “Just a minute, my love.” Sergio groaned, turning on the other side. “No!” Eric chuckled, patting on his husband’s butt. “You’re gonna be late.” Before Sergio could say anything, the whole room lit up as Eric had just opened the curtains. He covered h
  14. Giada felt shivers ran up and down her spine as she stared at her husband’s corpse. Her heart raced at a tremendous rate, and her lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. She just remained there for what felt like hours but it was just mere minutes. She slowly started crawling, near her husband. Her trembling hand touched his chest to shake him but when she saw the blood that stained her whole hand, she quickly retreated. “No!” She cried, shaking her head while trying her best to run the bloo
  15. Hawaii, one of the best romantic hideaway for couples. Beautiful, quiet, and very romantic. The small, wet pebbles that lined the beach sparkled in the lingering light of the sunset. The water was almost still, small waves occasionally hitting the beach with little force. Ko Olina beach is one of the most famous and romantic beaches in Hawaii and it has every reason to be. The sea, perfectly calm, was like a peaceful lake, and its soft murmurs were scarcely audible. The beauty of the sunset
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