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  1. Happy Birthday, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  2. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

  3. Happy birthday lovely! I hope you'll be posting to the next antho again ;)

  4. Lily Gilding

    Chapter 1

    There's one, but not on this site. Another is in progress, but it might not make it to this site, either. The posting system boggles me. @__@ *tech noob*Plus... progress is slow. *wince* I'm trying, but every time I'm distracted by real life the muses always run away. ;_;That's why I might just be an anthology author, here. I may or may not be able to fit Claire and Wendy into the theme, but I'm sure to give it a shot. ;3Anyway, thanks for your reviews! Yes, both of them. XD I really appreciate it. ^w^
  5. Hi! :D Loved your stories! Really good Spring antho!

  6. Claire Robins was in love with a Twihard. Or at least, a woman with the makings of one. To be fair, her lover hadn’t seen any of the movies. Wendy had wanted to wait for the first DVD to be released before watching, but life soon got in the way and the second movie came out once things settled down. Then the third came and Wendy figured it’d make for a “fun” movie night to watch all three, in a row. Claire had her reservations. She could not (and had no desire to) understand what all the hype was about. From what she could tell, it was just about a bunch of teens angsting all over each other. She had enough of that in her own teen years, and couldn’t figure out why girls between the ages of twelve and forty-five would want to experience that (in many cases, again.) She was committed once Wendy put the first DVD in the player. With a sigh of resignation she settled into the couch, nursing a beer in her right hand as she slung her left arm over the back. She moved it to Wendy’s shoulders once her blonde sat down, the other woman plastering herself to Claire’s side as a bowl of popcorn was set into her lap. With Wendy leaning against her, daintily munching popcorn from her lap, the thought that the night may not be a total loss crossed her mind. But, Claire was soon disappointed. “Holy shit, he’s wearing more makeup than you do.” While that earned her a shushing, Claire couldn’t help but gape at the screen. The guy playing the vampire was seriously caked in cosmetics. It was so obvious! And straight women these days went for that kind of thing? Gay men, probably, but the women? It just wasn’t natural. He didn’t even wear it that well! Then “Bella” started trying to get cozy with “Edward,” the male being initially repulsed. Claire could see it coming from a mile away; vampy wanted her, but didn’t want to nibble on her for fear of her safety. And then it was revealed that the man didn’t have, nor did he EVER have, a girlfriend from that school. Claire snorted. A man at seventeen to eighteen, immortal or not, was going to be a walking tank of hormones. That’s just how males were. Nearly every guy Claire had known at that age had been a pig, and made her infinitely glad to be a lesbian. A guy in real life that had Edward’s “good looks” would have been capitalizing on it, all over the place. That Edward wasn’t doing so, even if he was a vampire and was abstaining for God-only-knew-why, made him even more of a fantasy than the creature he was. But she stayed quiet for Wendy’s sake, only rolling her eyes as Bella stumbled along, blindly pining over the “intriguing” male. She duly noted that Wendy was becoming more and more riveted, however, which she knew was not a good sign for the rest of her night. She thought she was behaving rather well, until... “Oh my god, he sparkles in the sun? I think Dracula just staked himself from the shame.” Wendy shushed her again, this time adding a jab to her thigh with a manicured finger. Claire ignored it in favor of saying, “Come on! You’ve got to admit that it’s stupid to have a vampire sparkle in daylight.” Wendy told her to be quiet, and Claire complied with a huff. As much as the movie was annoying her, she did like it when she and Wendy made love. And the blonde was putting out some serious “you’re sleeping on the couch if you keep this up” vibes. “At least let me up,” Claire muttered. “I’m going to need another beer.” ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ Two bottles of wheat ale later (making for a grand total of three), they were almost done with the second movie. While sitting through the first movie, Claire thought the whole premise of a personality-deprived girl throwing herself on a supernatural man was stupid, but the alcohol had made it easier to ignore. Even the sub-standard action scenes had been tolerable. Then they broke up in the second movie. After that it was the classic flip-flopping of a girl’s fragile heart when the werewolf boy came into the picture. What fun that had been to watch. Especially when Jacob’s topless scene played. Claire had to shudder, then say, “You know, I heard he was a minor when this movie was filmed.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Wendy. Claire met her eyes evenly and said, “It means nearly all the adult women on the planet were staining their panties over someone that wasn’t even legal at the time. I don’t think he turned eighteen until after the third movie was in theaters. Kinda creepy when you think about it.” Wendy hesitated. “Well, I guess that’s true, if you put it that way, but... But that’s not the point of the movie!” “Sure, sure...” Claire set her empty beer bottle on the coffee table, reaching for a handful of popcorn as some CGI wolves (of dubious quality) bounded across the screen. She said no more, Wendy taking that as a sign to relax against her side as they watched. Claire wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, though, her mind wandering as she chewed on the salty, butter-covered goodness. Blade had been a good vampire movie. A hero that fought his own blood-sucking tendencies, younger vampires taking control over their kind by killing the elders (in sunlight, no less,) and fight scenes that were actually good. Claire didn’t normally like guys, but at least Wesley Snipes had been able to pull off his role. Not like the dude playing Edward, who pouted far too much for Claire’s comfort. And going back to Jacob, what did the kid have to do to get that kind of body? There was no way that had been done with crunches and push-ups alone. Wasn’t steroid use in minors illegal, or something? Whatever the case had been, she could feel Wendy squirming whenever he was on the screen. What that implied, Claire could only guess. But she did know she’d be reminding Wendy of who her pert little backside belonged to, before the night was over. ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ “Finally!” Much to Claire’s relief, the last movie was done. She might have needed five beers out of the six-pack she had bought for this night, but at least she got through it without getting Wendy too annoyed for sex. The blonde in question sighed. “Oh, come on, it couldn’t have been that bad. I really liked it.” “I noticed.” Claire stood and stretched as Wendy went to fetch the DVD. “Especially whenever Jacob was on-screen. What’s up with that?” Wendy’s cheeks flushed as she said, “He reminds me of you, in a way.” Claire had to blink at that. “I don’t know if that’s a compliment or an insult.” Wendy turned off the electronics as she spoke. “Well, there’s the motorcycle, of course. And you’re both loyal, kind, caring...” “I’ll concede on the bike,” Claire said, since she did own a Harley. “But where do you get the ‘loyal, kind and caring’ parts from?” Wendy looked at her like she had a second head. “You are kind and caring. At least, to me you are. And the loyalty part I thought would be obvious.” Claire snorted. “At least I GOT the woman I wanted. Can’t say the same for werewolf boy.” A wistful sigh. “No, you have a point there.” Wendy followed Claire to the kitchen, the blonde with their empty popcorn bowl and Claire with her empty bottle of beer. “Seriously, though,” said Claire, “what do you see in those movies? Bella was a hollow character, at best. Edward was a douche, in my humble opinion, and Jacob was just chasing after leftovers for nothing. I just don’t see what the big deal was.” The blonde rolled her eyes, even though she was grinning. “I should have known the romantic aspects would fly over your head.” “Uh huh. Like watching a teenage girl get dumped twice in the same movie is very romantic. Face it, babe, Romeo and Juliet had more going for them.” “But what about in Eclipse? Bella and Edward got engaged.” “At the very end, yeah. And what about that ‘I love you, Jacob, but I love Edward more,’ bullshit? You don’t romantically love two people like that. I don’t care what you say, it just doesn’t happen.” Claire was washing the bowl, planning to do the dirty dishes from dinner afterward, her beer bottle rinsed and set aside to dry. A sigh came from behind her as Wendy rested her forehead on the back of Claire’s shoulder. Arms wrapped around her waist as Wendy said, “Maybe we should just agree to disagree on the movie. I liked it, you didn’t. I kind of had a feeling that would happen, anyway.” Claire nodded, then agreed verbally when she realized Wendy couldn’t see it. “Yeah. It’s just weird to me, how women can like those movies... But I’ll just have to live with you squealing over Jacob in the next one.” “There’s two.” Claire’s hands stopped moving, her whole body going rigid. She looked down, twisting her torso to dislodge her lover and look down into her blue eyes. “What did you just say?” Wendy looked at her, unconcerned. “There’s two more movies before the series is done.” The despair Claire felt must have shown in her face, because Wendy started laughing her ass off. The taller woman could only rest her elbows on the edge of the sink, hanging her head in defeat. She told herself she wasn’t whining when she said, “You mean I have to sit through at least four more hours of that crap?” Wendy patted her shoulder consolingly as she said, “If it makes you feel any better, sweetie, I won’t rent the DVD’s. I’ll go and see them in the theater with my friends.” Claire’s dry reply of “hallelujah” earned her more giggles and a hug. “You’re silly,” Wendy said affectionately. “And you’re weird,” said Claire, equally as affectionate. With the dishes clean, she shut off the faucet and turned around, grabbing the hand towel they kept near the sink in the same motion. Facing Wendy and drying her hands, she continued. “But even if you’re a strange, little Twihard, you’re my strange, little Twihard.” The brunet leered before snaking an arm around Wendy’s middle, pulling her close. With no space between them, Claire huskily said, “I plan on reminding you of that. Right now.” Their lips hovered tantalizingly close as she lowered her voice just so. “I’m going to drive all thoughts of vampires and werewolves out of your pretty little head.” Wendy shivered, her eyes fluttered and the first moan of many to come escaped from her throat. Even as Claire claimed painted lips with her own, she suddenly had a thought. Two more movies meant two more excuses to sex-up her girlfriend for the rest of the night. Maybe Twilight wouldn’t be the bane of her existence, after all. Story Discussion
  7. Lily Gilding


    Wings of Ink By Lily Gilding Claire walked into the tattoo parlor, the place empty and quiet as her girlfriend trailed behind her. Wendy had never been to such a place before, not even to the one where Claire worked, so her curiosity kept her near the door as she tried to take it all in. Claire, in the meantime, walked up to the back of the small shop, calling for the proprietor as she stood next to the chair. “Jack? You here, man?” There was a clatter from beyond the black curtain separating the rest of the shop from the “employees only” section, Jack sticking his bald head past the fabric to greet her. “Hey, Claire. Gimme a minute, alright? I’ve still got to clean up, then we can start.” As Claire nodded, he tilted his head to her right, looking past Claire’s arm at Wendy as the blonde moved to stare at a picture of Jack’s handiwork on the wall. At Jack’s questioning look, Claire said, “That’s Wendy.” That’s all she said, and that was all Jack needed for a knowing smirk to quirk his lips. Claire flipped him off, earning herself a chuckle as Jack went back to whatever he was doing. Turning around, Claire found her girlfriend still staring at the wall, it plastered with photos of finished tattoos. Big ones, covering any body part that could be decently exposed. Jack had done many, many smaller ones, but those photos were in albums sitting on the waiting area’s coffee table. Wendy, however, was captivated by the largest picture. As Claire walked up, Wendy was tilting her head in that cute way that said she was thinking about something. She followed the blonde’s gaze to stare at the back of a man’s well-developed shoulders and the tribal swirls that covered them as he flexed his arms. Wendy tilted her head in the other direction as Claire hugged her from behind, the taller woman burying her nose into wavy hair as she spoke. “What are you thinking so hard about?” Wendy leaned back, relaxing in Claire’s arms as she said, “About why people do it, getting tattoos.” She shrugged uncomfortably. “I mean, I know there are lots of personal things about it, but it hurts, right? And why do something you can’t get off your skin? I know about laser tattoo removal, but that's supposed to hurt even more. I've seen pictures online, too, and the discoloration while healing is so...” As Wendy trailed off, Claire resisted the urge to sigh. Wendy had always had an aversion to pain and scars. She could remember a time, back when they were teenagers, when Wendy had found a pimple and promptly freaked out. One of the things she recalled the blonde ranting about was the possibility of scarring. And while Wendy’s flawless complexion proved that she had worried over nothing, Claire could see why something that was (basically) a colored scar would give Wendy the willies. “Leaving surgery out of the equation, the permanence is part of the meaning, as much as the pain is,” is what Claire said. “It’s like life. You experience the ups and downs, you feel pain and it goes away. But the memories stay with you. Some people just want to put their memories on their skin, making them easier to remember. At least, that’s how I see it.” Wendy turned in her arms, big green eyes looking into Claire's as she said, “Even the bad ones?” Claire paused at that, thinking of her own tattoo. Covering everything her right wrist and up to her shoulder, it was full of the pain she had felt throughout her life. Her broken relationship with her parents, the loss of her brother that Wendy never got to meet, and even the things she hoped Wendy never found out about. But, about halfway up her forearm, a little golden bird began to fly in and out of the imagery. Never staying in one place too long and never content with any one perch it was beautiful, but fleeting. That bird was Wendy, or at least Claire’s artistic view of her before they started dating, back when they had been only friends. “Love at first sight” had defined Wendy. She was constantly chasing boys (and girls, once they started college) always thinking that they would be “the one.” And things would seem that way, for a little while, until Wendy’s heart got broken. It used to piss Claire off. She was there, always there, right in front of Wendy and madly in love with the little dork, but Wendy never seemed to notice. And every time she wanted to confess her feelings, well after the heartache had subsided, the blonde would set her sights on someone new and blow Claire’s plans out of the water. It had been all she could do to be there for Wendy, riding the highs and lows alongside her and lending the blonde her shoulder to cry on, even as her own heart felt like it was shattering. By embedding Wendy onto her skin, Claire had haunted herself with the specter of love. It was always within reach but never attainable, flying away on golden wings of whimsy. At least, that had been the case, until now. Hence the pending addition to her growing sleeve. Claire blinked, seeing Wendy tilting her head again. Claire couldn’t help the small smile that crossed her lips, something warm settling into her chest as she thought, ‘She’s finally mine.’ After placing a light kiss on painted lips Claire murmured, “Only sometimes.” As Jack returned and called Claire to the chair, she wondered if Wendy would get it, once she saw the new tattoo. The gold bird that once flew so far and wide would finally find a place to rest, nestled against the side of a darkly colored bird. ******************************************************************************** © 2010 Lily Gilding Proofread by Young Sage Story Discussion
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  10. Discordant Harmony By Lily Gilding Wendy had never fallen in love so slowly. To her, love was something you knew, right off the bat. It hit you with all the subtlety of a city bus, and left you with just as many impressions. Now that she was older, she realized that point of view may have been why she was left in the wake of one heartbreaker after another. But, after she had sworn to never love romantically again, it happened. Claire had been her friend since junior high school. She was always the practical one and Wendy knew her friend found her views about falling in love to be, in a word, annoying. Claire was cautious whereas her reckless friend was about ready to dive in. Claire was pessimistic whereas her oblivious cohort saw nothing but good things for the future. Claire planned nearly every move when Wendy wanted nothing more than to leave everything to fate. They should have mixed like oil and water from day one, but they managed to find an odd sort of harmony with one another. Claire knew just what to say when Wendy was getting overly emotional, whether to calm her down, cheer her up or just keep her grounded. Wendy sometimes cheered Claire up, although those instances were much more rare than hers. Claire had always looked out for her, even when Wendy had told her to “butt out,” and had always been there to help pick up the pieces. Sure, she’d go and try to beat up the bitch or bastard that had broken her heart in the first place, but otherwise Claire was a nice person. At least, in Wendy’s eyes. Then again, the patience that rivaled a saint’s and the gentleness Wendy saw all the time was something only she saw. To everyone else, Claire was stubborn and rudely silent unless she saw a reason to talk. Her tongue could be sharp when she did talk, and it used to get her into trouble when she talked back to the teachers and whoever else pissed her off. Claire's own parents hadn’t known what to do with her. (As far as Wendy knew, Claire hadn’t spoken to them since she moved out.) She dressed darkly, too, all year-round. She wasn’t quite Goth, oh no. She was happy with one piercing in each ear and hated makeup too much to go that far. Still, nobody would confuse her for the kind of happy-go-lucky, fashion-conscious girl that Wendy was. Claire gave the impression of someone you shouldn’t mess with, or provoke with a simple “hello,” and the tattoos on her arm (her “sleeve,” as Claire called it) enhanced this perception. Sadly, most of the time she really wasn’t the type to give you the time of day. It took a long time for Wendy to realize it, but Claire had been making exceptions for her for a very long time. And once she knew that, Wendy knew there was no way she’d see Claire the same way ever again. The muttered words of comfort, all the times she had endured a hug and even gave a few, and the way Claire had always been there were cast in a brand-new light. But, if Claire really cared about her that way, it gave Wendy pause. It brought up questions of how she felt about her friend, ones she had difficulty answering. She had always loved Claire, but was she in love with her? Was she willing to turn the warmth of friendship into an inferno of desire on an assumption? Moreover, would Claire even accept her love, knowing her history with the feeling? These questions and more haunted Wendy for nearly a year before something happened to tip the scales in love’s favor. Wendy’s other friends had noticed her contemplative funk, and were determined to bring her out of it. They took her to a popular bar, a place well known for its hot men and great lesbian pickings, which was bound to have plenty of Wendy’s type milling around. What she didn’t know was that Claire had been invited, and was waiting at the bar at her friend’s request. When Wendy arrived, she was urged to make her way through the crowd and go get drinks for everyone. About halfway there her eyes gravitated to one end of the bar, only to land on a familiar face as it glowered at someone that was getting too close for its owner’s comfort. Her heart nearly stopped beating. Someone was trying to take her Claire away. Some thieving jackal was going to take her grumpy, reticent, caring saint of a woman! Wendy moved without thinking, feeling almost like a visitor in her own body as she made her way to Claire’s side. “Hi, honey!” she shouted, wanting to be heard over the loud music. Claire looked in her direction, mild shock then relief showing for the briefest of moments before it was covered with seductive smile. Wendy got close enough to wrap her arms around Claire’s neck, cooing as she felt the embrace being returned. “I’m so sorry I’m late, sweetie. Traffic was terrible.” She pouted as she turned to the intruder, giving her a baleful glare as she said, “Who’s this?” Claire chuckled softly before she said, “No one important.” Wendy then felt a hand under her chin, turning her head to find Claire closer than she had ever been before. Wendy didn’t even have time to gasp before lips fell over hers. She moaned. Wendy didn’t know when Claire had become such a great kisser, but she was. Her legs were turning to jelly and she didn’t even care. She tightened her hold on Claire, trying to give as good as she got as the kiss went on. And on, and on. Until Wendy thought she was going to pass out. But Claire ended it just in time, holding her up as they both caught their breath. They continued to hold one another, foreheads touching as their eyes locked. Wendy saw something then, an emotion in Claire’s eyes that had been carefully hidden until that very second. That settled it. It would be next-to-impossible to go back to being “just friends” after this. Her uncertainty lingered, but that amazing kiss and Claire’s embrace felt more "right" than anything she'd ever known before. After checking to make sure the interloper was long-gone, Wendy took the initiative. “I think we need to talk.” ******************************************************************************** © 2010 Lily Gilding (b.bampton@att.net) Proofread/edited by Young Sage Story Discussion
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