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  1. DutchJoey


    A heavy chapter. You describe it like you have experienced it yourselve?
  2. DutchJoey

    New Boy (Part II)

    Glad you are back with this story. Don't let us wait to long with this cliff hanger .
  3. DutchJoey

    Ch 15: Vengeance

    That looks like a very sudden ending of this story! And also a very strange behaviour of the hero towards his friends. But I am sure you will solve all this for us. By the way: any news of Charlie?
  4. DutchJoey

    Chapter 1

    I like this beginning with the special name Ng and a bit of the fameus British humour. Keep going.
  5. DutchJoey


    A marvelous story, I need more of these.
  6. DutchJoey

    Chapter 25

    I only recently started to read this story and have read it now in about a week. A completely different surrounding from most other stories with the horses. I really iked it and will be waiting for the sequel.
  7. DutchJoey

    Ch 01: The Mages of Malden

    Welcome back, Hamen. It has been a long time after Charlie (how is he?). As expected a good start of this story, already looking forward to the next episodes.
  8. DutchJoey


    Hamen, you should know that I still look every week for a new story by your hand, be it about Charlie or Adamagika. From your other comments I get the idea that you are working on something but when are you ready to publish?????
  9. DutchJoey

    Henry II Academy

    This chapter sounds very much like a very old English public school; I expect they stll use the cane ;-) Looking forward for the next chapter.
  10. DutchJoey

    Five on the Bed

    I've read now all the chapters in a short time and find it fascinating how weird and normal Elijah can be or maybe seem to be. Looking forward for all the next chapters.
  11. DutchJoey


    This was a really emotional chapter, well written. I expect a lot more of these emotional things to happen. Looking forward for the next chapter.
  12. DutchJoey

    The Welsh Type

    going for circumcision, not with dad but with your mother......
  13. DutchJoey


    A good start of this story and what a cliff hanger. Waiting for the next part.
  14. DutchJoey

    Chapter One (Story Prologue)

    Glad Luke is back in town(?). This was the kind of story I was looking forward to and missed it when it was discontinued. I can't remember anything so seriously wrong that could people give reason to complain about so let us just enjoy the humour that this story has.
  15. DutchJoey


    They kissed and it was a real kiss, just what I wanted for Derek and Charlie And Charlie was in the lead, marvelous. This is a perfect ending for this story Thank you Hamen for this story with all its sad and happy and humorous parts. Now it will be waiting for your next story, maybe Adamagika II?

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