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  1. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 3

    Irish Summer By Andrew Todd Chapter 3 Cam held his breath as he watched Rory help Finn mount the black colt for the first time. With Rory busy helping his Uncle the past few days, Cam had spent most of his time watching Finn work with Prince and learning about the farm and horses. He was impressed with the youngster’s patience and control with the young horse. He didn’t know who was more excited for this moment, him, or Finn. Finn had been pestering Rory relentlessly as Rory wanted to be there for Finn’s first ride on the colt. Having witnessed the bond between bo
  2. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 3

    Me, Too By Andrew Todd Chapter Three Now Jesse raced across the helipad with Ace following closely. After talking to the state police, they had one of the hands from Jesse and Dylan’s farm pick up the rig with the horses and Jesse arranged for a helicopter to get them from northern Florida to the hospital in Wellington. Jesse and Ace stepped out of the elevators and looked around the hospital floor. A man in a lab coat approached them. “Mr. Osterman?” He asked looking at Ace. “I’m Jesse Osterman.” Jesse said urgently. “Where are they? How are
  3. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 2

    Some chapters will be filling in gaps in the past to give a fuller story about how Dylan and Jesse got where they are now...and yes, I like my cliffhangers. 😉
  4. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 2

    Me, Too By Andrew Todd Chapter Two Then A few weeks before Spring Break of his Junior year at Lancaster Academy, Jesse was sitting in his & Dylan’s room finishing some homework when his phone rang. “Hello?” “Hey, Jesse.” “Hey, Trevor.” Even after almost a year, Jesse couldn’t bring himself to address his newfound father as ‘Dad’ or ‘Father’. He had come to terms with the reasons for his growing up not knowing Trevor and loved his new family, but Trevor still felt more like a family friend than a parent. “What’s up? How’re Cole and Julia?”
  5. Someone e-mailed to ask me what my inspiration was for 'Irish Summer'...





  6. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 2

    Irish Summer By Andrew Todd Chapter 2 Cam felt the heat rising in his cheeks. Rory’s voice shook him out of his trance. “Cameron can ye shut the door, it’s a wee bit chilly.” He chuckled. “Oh, God, I’m s-s-sorry…” He stammered as he backed out of the bathroom and shut the door. He quickly ran across to the kitchen washed his hands and ran back to his bedroom. He practically dove under the comforter when he reached the room and prayed that he would quickly fall asleep. A few minutes passed when he heard a light tap on the door. He tried to ignore
  7. Andrew Todd

    Me, Too

    A new story following the lives of Dylan and Jesse from my 'Riding Lessons' series
  8. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 1

    Me, Too By Andrew Todd Chapter One Now Jesse walked through the quiet barn enjoying a few minutes of peace before the chaos of the day’s events began. He inhaled deeply, taking in the comforting smells of the barn. After traveling the last few years, the familiar scents of the horses and barns always helped him find his center. Early morning in the barn was his favorite time. When he was home at his farm, he would make the rounds and greet each of the horses. It always reminded him how fortunate he was to be able to make a life doing what he loved and being
  9. A young American finds family and love on the Emerald Isle.
  10. Andrew Todd

    Chapter 1

    Authors note: My first work in a few years, spurred on by ‘social distancing’ and boredom. Curious to see what you think. As usual, if you have any issues with same sex relationships, this is not the story for you. Irish Summer By Andrew Todd Chapter 1 Cam sat on the bank of the river, wiggling his toes in the lush green grass. The Irish countryside was even more gorgeous then he had ever expected. When his father announced that he had been offered a chance to be a guest lecturer at a small college in Dublin, Cam was excited by the opportunity to
  11. After several years away from Word, isolation has loosened up the writer's block and I'm looking for a new editor and maybe a beta or two to take a look at a couple chapters I've written. The new story is a continuation of my 'Riding Lessons' story.
  12. Happy B-day, Andrew! I hope you had a great day! :)



  13. Image result for Happy Birthday horse and guy gifAndrew! And many more!

  14. Happy Birthday Andrew -- I love your storys! 

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