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  1. mgl

    Chapter 21

    Arrrgh! Need next chapter please!!! 😝
  2. mgl

    Chapter 18

    Best chapter thus far!!! Moarrrrr!!!!
  3. Aww truly lovely story. Loved every chapter of it! Is it too much to ask for more?
  4. mgl

    Chapter 32

    Fantastic chapter. Long but well worth the wait! Thank you!!!
  5. mgl

    Captain's Table

    .......... that was the best chapter. EVER. Unexpected, but Wow!
  6. mgl

    Cabin Class

    That's so sweet! 😂 Love the story thus far. And the accuracy in it all... makes it all the more authentic!
  7. mgl

    Shades of Grey

    Love the little details in this chapter. I can practically visualise and smell the place/foods. And you've got the descriptions down right. 👍
  8. mgl


    Looking forward to Book 2!
  9. mgl

    Chapter 31

    Great long chapter! Worth the wait!
  10. mgl

    Chapter 29

    Great chapter, almost worth the wait yay!
  11. mgl

    Chapter 28

    Looks like no more chapters....?
  12. I can't find BEKelley's stories or the author.....
  13. this is the best chapter so far, I love it!!!
  14. mgl


    Thank you for closing this lovely story.
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