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  1. mgl

    Chapter 20

    Wow. Just wow.👍
  2. mgl


    Love this chapter! Oh City of Quebec was still there last year when I passed through the area. Near the Hard Rock Hotel, if I remember it right. That's what I also love about your stories, the realism in them, the actual places. Okinawa, Singapore, Hong Kong, in Kennedy/Kieran's story, the Scottish countryside in 12 Gays, all make one feel being there. Moreso if one has been to those places and/or know those places. So thank you, @lomax61 for your stories, love them and love ya!
  3. mgl

    Chapter 18

    Well worth the wait, this action-packed chapter! Devan finally showing his battle form is really a nice touch. What will Marion do next? Hmmm Next up - Ysabel vs Yago (I hope) please? Pretty pretty please!
  4. mgl


    Have always loved your stories, and the characters in them. Keep them coming!
  5. mgl


    Yay! With cameos by Ed, Kieran and Kennedy too. So waiting for more, please!
  6. mgl

    Chapter 17

    Yay another chapter! the mark of Zorro! Hahaha!
  7. mgl

    Chapter 15

    Not so sure about that. Those tribes may well lean more to Yago Clarion.....
  8. mgl

    Chapter 15

    Yes yes, its all heating up!
  9. mgl

    Chapter 14

    Yay! Byebye Jezebel! Next round - Ysabel vs Yago please? Thank for this chapter XOXO
  10. mgl

    Chapter 8

    Yeah. Hope they get even with Jezebel.
  11. mgl

    Chapter 7

    Nice! Explains Ysabel's behaviour! Looking forward to your next chapter man!
  12. mgl

    Chapter 2

    Yeesssh! Thank you for a new chapter, love it!
  13. mgl

    Rudy & Trevor

    Love that you'll be weaving everyone into this story! 💗
  14. mgl

    Chapter 21

    Arrrgh! Need next chapter please!!! 😝
  15. mgl

    Chapter 18

    Best chapter thus far!!! Moarrrrr!!!!
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