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  1. I hope I'm not the only one that has been compulsively pushing the refresh button for With Trust? How many times have you done it this week? I'm sure the number of times I've done it, is shameful! lol
  2. So this has nothing to do with chapter 20, but I feel it must be said. Does anyone besides me want to turn Joe's face into an "Assface?" I dislike him a hell of a lot more than Jame, and that was before I found out about Jame's home life.
  3. mutt


    OMG!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP! So I randomly check to see if there's ever an update and lo and behold today I see it! Thanks for letting us know you're alive! You're blog will be enough to satisfy me for as long as it takes you to get you're life together. *crosses fingers that it wont take toooooo long*
  4. Okay I've been reading Dom's work since TOU was on Nifty and I occasionally read the forums , but this is the first time I've posted anything! So I read the first few chapters of The other side of me and the first chapter of into the fish bowl, but then life got hectic and I never got around to reading them. Do you all think I should wait till after Dom's hiatus to read them or take advantage of the break and get caught up on my reading. I really liked WT and I don't wanna be left anxiously awaiting another chapter of Into the Fish Bowl. So to read or not to read that is my question!
  5. mutt


    okay i screamed (and got funny stares) when I saw you updated. I figured rather than going bonkers and looking for a WT update I'd just check your blog first. Lol a week later I looked every few days, but I had a good feeling about checking it now and you have updated!! Thanks this totally shitty day great!!
  6. dom, As always the Chapter was great! Lol. I did doughnuts in my schools parking lot when i didnt see the black ice. (Thank God no one was there!) hehe give her the keys back, after all i'm sure she wont do it again.
  7. mutt

    screw the stars

    Dom, DD was great again and i cant wait for the next chapter. I dont take mental health days i take mental health weeks!!! The time before this one I dodnt go to school from like Halloween till like November 9. (Had a couple days off in there tho!!) This time i'm only taking 2 days !
  8. mutt

    Fantasy smutt chapters

    Dom, I pretty sure I'd read it and it wouldnt ruin the story. My house is like 68 degrees so i envy you and your 80 degree home. Do hope you stay warm tho. Lookin forward to DD11!!!!!
  9. mutt

    the anti-romantic

    And what happens if Dom finds a BF who wants more of his time? "Dom sweety, stop writing and come spend more time with me! Do these jeans make me look fat? Let's go to Home Depot and look at those floor tiles. There's a sale at Macy's on pillows. You spend more time with that computer than you spend with me!" OMG the thought is horrifying. No Dom you must stay single. Looking forward to 11.
  10. mutt

    TOU 24 and beyond

    I need to say thanks. I kinda tune my mom out when she bitches at me, and my dad's never home. (Not trying to give a sob story.) You all made me see that I was lucky, but I think it was the picture that did it. So umm thanks for the idea. I asked my uncle and after I learn how to clean, I will be cleaning a fire house everyday for five hours. I will also be spending time w/ burn victims. ( The judge informed me of that an hour ago.) I also have to give fire safety tips. Yea so thanks for making me see how dumb and lucky I was.
  11. mutt

    TOU 24 and beyond

    Ahh whats with me and fire, This mishap involved to amulances and a fire truck!! We decided to put the pumkin on the table. ( The table that was new and custom made!!) Why were we doing this? My friend wanted to put it into his fire safety movie. Ok So we were squirting lighter fluid on it, and I guess some got on the umbrella. Well We had like 10 huge pumkins this time and we put ligheter fluid inside. Well apparently my friend got some fire works (illegal in Illinois) and stuffed a pumkin full of them. (I actually didnt know he did that till we threw the match in and everything blew up.) Apparently my dad keeps gasoline in the lighter fluid bottles cuz the other ones blew up and our deck and garage were on fire. Well I got my dad's cars out the garage, but two need a new paint job. Oh and I was the only one who got burned. Not that bad, but one of my eyebrows isnt fully there. Does anybody know any good community service ideas because i have 1500 hours to do. Apparently I recklessly endangered myself, my friends and my dogs. I guess I wont be a pyrotechnic after all. I cant set fire to anything for a year. NO MATCHES OR FLAMES. haha. I'm grounded till Christmas. Oh and all my present money is being spent on a new patio set, a $10,000 fine, a counter, adeck, a garage and paint. No more friends over either. They took my car to lol. Moral of the story: Dont play with fire when your making a fire safety movie.
  12. mutt

    TOU 24 and beyond

    Dom, That chapter was awesome. It makes being grounded worth it. (kinda had a round 2 of pumkin fire). Did you know that patio umbrellas really do go up in flames quickly? Anyway yea I can't wait 4 the last chapter. You never fail 2 dissappoint me!!
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