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  1. A Belated Welcome to The GA Family ~!!~ To reply to messages left for you here, click on the person's name and leave reply at their profile.

  2. TCW


    This is a great thriller read and has been lots of fun for summer reading... The chapter 60 problem seems to have resolved it's self. I just checked on the same browser I was using and now it is fine so it must have been a glitch the night I was reading. I simply copied and pasted it into word so I could continue on..
  3. Welcome to GA hun. If there is anything I can do to help just shout

  4. TCW


    Oh no, I started a story that wasn't complete I swore I would never do that again. I have just "caught up" with what you have written so far on Circumnavigation and thank you. I have not been in the boating world for a few years and have enjoyed the trip down memory lane of those wonderful adventures. Now I am simple frustrated because I did not notice that it was a work in progress before I started down this adventure. I hope you have a auto-responder for those of us that want the rest of the story. Just a note that chapter 60 does not load correctly and it makes it very hard to read, that is on Explorer, I did not try it on another browser. I have really enjoyed your characters and their banter. Some of the particulars' of the story I automatically rejected out of hand while reading, and chalked it up to the fiction writing community as a whole. Your details of regions, history's and boating technical descriptions have been great. I see the advantages of publishing one chapter at a time and I also now see the disadvantages. A book that would be put together and then edited would lend it's self to better editing and less duplication in the story line while this type of publishing gives you a lot of latitude for good story writing. Thanks again for your story and I await the continuation of all the characters. Tim
  5. Welcome to GA!

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