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    Chapter 21

    Muriel is a pig. Her blind faith in Blake (despite all contrary evidence) is pathetic, and her decision to continue Spencer's employment solely to prevent legal repercussions is disgusting. She has never played fair with Spencer, but at least, we now know the reason for her irrational behavior. 🤬 If Marshall ever decides to give up his career in journalism, he can run a phone sex hotline. (Gotta get myself a pink and black polkadot bowtie!) 😂 So the big question is whether Marshall returns to his seat before the explosion. (I am trusting that his love for Spencer, and the resultant
  2. travlbug

    Chapter 20

    While I usually don't like coincidences in a story, Blake and Joey's presence (at the same time and at the same bar) works well in this instance. Blake reveals that he's a self-serving ass (old news, Blake) and suggests that he would have deserted Ambika in 3 years for "a good-looking face, an equal. Everything that happens up until that moment is just time passing." (I'm so, so glad that Ambika dumps him before the marriage.) Joey asserts that Marshall has a price on his head, though the absurdity of this statement is indicated by the fact that (a) the mobster interview was years ago, with M
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 19

    Muriel doesn't even knock before entering the room where she sees Marshall and Spencer together. (How rude!) She really is a prima donna. Further, seeing Spencer fills her eyes with "annoyance," and I have to wonder why her anal sphincter always clenches whenever he's around. (Oh, that's right, she's a b***h!) I love that Marshall has no qualms about telling the crew (and showing Muriel) that Spencer is his boyfriend--another indication of how important Spencer has become to him. Poor Ambika. Compassionate, yes; bright, no. (Is she actually considering trusting Blake and givin
  4. travlbug

    Chapter 18

    Yes, Marshall, as you are now dessert, we will trade the marmalade for chocolate sauce! (The whip cream can stay.) 😂
  5. travlbug

    Chapter 18

    I love that Spencer pours his mulled wine into the sink: Perfection is not required for a loving relationship to develop (and at least Marshall is trying, which is really what counts). That Marshall is willing to accompany Spencer home for Christmas signals that he is ready publicly to take the next step in their relationship. Further, his decision to stay more local in the coming year suggests forethought--an arrangement specifically meant to allow their relationship the time to grow. (I don't think the new schedule is coincidental in any way. Rather, Marshall is certain enough of Spencer to
  6. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    Yes, Spencer, drinking three cups of coffee before an interview is the perfect way to prevent anxiety. 😂 Way to go, Spence! Your interview with Ed was absolutely terrific. That said, your exit interview with Muriel will be much more fun. (Please take pictures. [I can't wait to see the look on her face. 😉])
  7. travlbug

    Chapter 16

    Darcy, of course you have a driver for your Mercedes. (I'll stick to my palanquin, thank you. 😂) Marshall, crushing chocolate croissants is a crime against humanity. However, crushing Spencer is perfectly appropriate! Joe, we're changing your name from Donkey to Ass. You're so mature that Marshall has to bring you to mummy and daddy to force an intervention. Sheesh! Yes, Marshall, stocking someone's favorite ice cream is a sign of true love. 🥰 Spencer, after a heavenly bout of love-making, Ed Coleman is always the right choice for pillow talk! Brian, thank you for a
  8. travlbug

    Chapter 15

    Spencer is aware that the news photo shows Nile and him kissing, but depending on how their heads are turned, no one else may be the wiser. (I really hope that the picture does not come back to haunt him--not when his luck finally seems to be turning. 🥺) Clearly, Ambika's youngest brother had very low standards. Blake, your cover is blown! (Yes, I went there.) 😂😂😂 It's always good news when someone named after a cake gives you a call! I'm betting that Marshall has nothing to do with Ed Coleman's interest--that Spencer has earned this chance through his own hard work. Harrah for Spen
  9. travlbug

    Chapter 14

    Love the playlist. Please add Ricky Nelson's Poor Little Fool (though I'm not sure if I'm referring to Spence or Ambika! ). A party where the guests are given predetermined departure times? Really? (Actually, I love the idea of guests having an expiration date, but I will never admit to it! ) Niles is very practical: He uses the kiss meter up front to determine potential lovers from friends (and if the kiss disturbs Blake, then so much the better). At least, Niles is willing to accept criticism and decides to see if his relationship with Tommy is salvageable. (While Spencer's situat
  10. travlbug

    Chapter 13

    At this time, we have no clue as to how Marshall and "Donkey" are interacting. For all we know, Marshall may have read him the riot act on getting him home, telling him never to bother him again. We can't read anything into Marshall's failure to call Spencer back, as he may be unable to do so (as during the last assignment where he was incommunicado). The jury is still out on the status of Marshall and Spence's relationship, but it's way too soon for Spencer to lose hope. Muriel is a pig. A one percent raise is a slap in the face and is worse than no raise at all. With Blake's confirmati
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 12

    There's nothing to stop Spencer from nipping Joe's plan in the bud by making Marshall aware of the supervillain smile, but will he do it? As Marshall has already been burned by Joe once, he may be more amenable to hearing Spencer's suspicions. I'm also suspicious of Arnab: How did Joe know to turn up at the restaurant on just the right evening? Also, unless Arnab has been living under a rock, he has to be aware of what Joe did to Marshall, yet he still gives Joe direct access to him. (OK, Arnab, so how much was the bribe?) Even if Arnab were truly ignorant--a man who refu
  12. travlbug

    Chapter 12

    My big fear is that Joe is setting Marshall up for a second time, as he failed to destroy him with his first attempt.
  13. travlbug

    Chapter 12

    I love Marshall's club. That said, I side with Marx (Groucho, that is): "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." 😂😂😂 Of course Marshall loves his glamorous, if dangerous, job. I love mine too! (Being retired ain't easy, but someone's gotta do it! ) Brian, we're missing just one tiny detail: Did Muriel give Spencer the raise or is she once again just stringing him along? (Cat's cradle, anyone?) Also, Brian, I have to hand it to you: Only you could turn a smile into a cliff hanger!
  14. travlbug

    Chapter 11

    No argument from me that Muriel needs Spencer. That said, she picks on him mercilessly, heaping put-downs on his head every time they interact: She clearly undervalues him, so she may not realize, or accept, that she needs him--she may cut off her nose to spite her face--and her ego may lead her to fire him if he won't kowtow to her demands. (All he is requesting is simple pay parity, and he shouldn't even have to be asking--let alone offering her an interview with Marshall--to have her play fair, but the Marshall bribe may help. )
  15. travlbug

    Chapter 11

    Malapropisms--I haven't heard the term in years! (Now I have to reread Sheridan!) "Prostrate" is one of my pet peeves, and "enjoying universal suffering" is hilarious. "Sit down, Spencer. You're making the room look untidy." Really? (Muriel is truly a woman you love to hate!) While Spencer states his case well, Muriel doesn't give an inch, other than to agree to redistribute the menial jobs which weren't Spencer's to begin with. She has promised him nothing but more work and expects him to accept her terms (essentially the status quo) within 24 hours. Ordinarily, if Spencer were to r
  16. travlbug

    Chapter 10

    No better ice cream than coffee 😁, though I have a friend who smooshes port into vanilla and swears by the result! I love the elements of farce in this chapter, with the calm of Spence and Marshall giving way to progressive craziness as we add Bev and then Darcy into the mix. 😂 I love that Bev has Spence's back and tries to soften the bad news with champagne, and I love that Darcy has Marshall's back to the point where she "takes no prisoners!" To be honest (unlike Clarissa), I hope that Spencer does quit: He is not valued, and his immediate boss has no problem lying--smearing his re
  17. travlbug

    Chapter 9

    Hmmm. Miss Manners doesn't really cover the etiquette of waking up with a rock hard stiffie poking into your backside, but Spence can write the chapter for her! 😂 Clearly, strategy goes better with coffee and muffins! However, Marshall is being too nice in just wanting the tabloid to apologize, as the evil article has "sue the bastard" written all over it. I love the turnabout, with Marshall suggesting that he interview Muriel, which would stroke Muriel's ego and give her an article but also keep Marshall in the public eye. (I don't trust Muriel to give Spence a bonus, let alone any
  18. "I wish I was a space man. The fastest guy alive. I'd fly you round the universe, In Fireball XL-5. Way out in space together, Conquerors of the sky, My heart would be a fireball, A fireball, Every time I gazed into your starry eyes." Thank you, Gerry Anderson: I kept hearing the Fireball XL-5 theme song in my brain as I read this story. (But Steve Zodiac never got so much action! )
  19. travlbug

    Chapter 8

    Spencer is a decent human being and good friend. He won't take advantage of Marshall in any sense of the word. And as for Marshall, he has the Tiger seal of approval (my litter box is your litter box! 😻). A strategy session will need to take place in the morning, but at least this time, suicide appears off the table. (A little support can make all the difference.)
  20. Eerie story that would have been perfect for a Twilight Zone or Night Gallery episode! Using an abused child to garner sympathy, our ingenious author then adds horror to the mix by adding disproportionate punishments--disappearance and death--through magpies (which are thought in folklore to have devil's blood on their tongues). Then, finally, the devil is mentioned, but is the child's special friend merely a magpie or the devil himself? A chilling tale.
  21. travlbug

    Chapter 7

    When the article named a naked Joe as "Donkey" in a "gay sex scandal," I admit that my first thought was also a bit naughty. 😏😂 Poor Marshall! The damage has been done, so now it's time for a shoulder to cry on. However, it's also time for damage control, and Spencer just happens to know a magazine magnate who would love sharing Marshall's side of the story!
  22. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    Tate and Lyle fair trade sugar can be obtained for only $25 per 15 one-kilo bags on eBay. 😁 (I prefer C&H, the "pure cane sugar from Hawaii," which now comes from Brazil and Vietnam. [It's funny, because C&H actually stands for the California and Hawaiian Sugar Company.]) Garrett and Peony seem well suited to each other - an excellent situation, considering that the stork has a visit planned. Of course, Garrett hasn't even considered marriage or living arrangements, so my guess is that Peony will turn out to be the brains behind the couple. (In fact, her refusal to drink while pr
  23. travlbug

    Chapter 3

    I love the juxtaposition between Kotik's recruitment and Shahnaz': Kotik feels a loss of freedom--enslavement--whereas Shahnaz experiences liberation. At least, the Duke comes across as benevolent, and we are treated to at least one view of the "enslavement" as a positive, life-changing event. I love the additional backstory, reinforcing the view of Kotik's personality as endearing but slightly naive. And, yes, we also get that he's cute! 😂 I love Kotik's description of the bath as a "room of unspeakable evil." The play-by-play of Kotik's cleansing is hilarious, and the irony of t
  24. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Since Baldric is a powerful magecrafter, does he also have to wear a collar? If not, why not? How does the collar force obedience, or is it more like a tracking system in case a slave tries to escape? Since Baldric prefers nudity, does that mean he'll force Kotik to be naked as well? (Kotik is embarrassed to be scratched behind the ear, as the action reduces him from a boy to a pet. To be kept naked on top of his reduction to a collared slave/pet would likely drive him to attempt an escape.) Amazing how quickly the warlocks mount a military action to seize Kotik after his collar
  25. travlbug

    Chapter 1

    Did Sargis, with his large build, rippling muscles, and Maid back ups, really need to leash Kotic after collaring him? Apparently, Kotic's compliance did not even buy him a small mercy. Enslaved, forced to be a magecrafter, intended as chattel for someone else's birthday--Kotic shows amazing restraint for a 13 year old boy, and I hope it's more a sign of inner strength than a sign that he's simply giving up.
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