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  1. Today is another lazy day. I have no ambition to do anything, even though stuff needs to get done. No. Motivation. Whatsoever.
  2. Stop picking your nose! 😋 But really....feel better Wayne. Fluids and rest.... I'm sure you know the drill. 😘
  3. Not what I expected, but I do like it. Not as purpley as I thought. Makes me a little less hesitant to try the sapphire hue next. What the hell...it's only hair!
  4. Trying a new hair color tonight. "Rich Caviar". This one's a little scary....way different from my norm. Dark with an almost amethyst hue. Fingers crossed!
  5. We need to go to the store to get the stuff Walmart supposedly didn't have in stock when I did my order Thursday. Funny how it's always there when we go in person 🙄. Have a good day!
  6. Our continuing mission..... to try new recipes and boldly cook like no one has cooked before...
  7. kbois


    Oooooooohhhhh!!! Saturday is tomorrow. (Actually 10 minutes from now in my time zone 🤣)
  8. Yeah...another one I think I need to try. The video cracked me up. It's a riot that a "1 minute brownie" recipe takes over 4 minutes to explain 😆! Plus his voice.....Ve make de brownie now comrade, nyet?
  9. kbois


    My, my, packed a lot a lot into this chapter, didn't you? Sneaky Mr. Gray, sneaky. 😉 Lee's wall is definitely cracking. The rest of the boys are just plain horny....🤭 Figures you'd leave us hanging off the cliff....(you're such a brat!) Nice chapter Wayne.
  10. I kept coming back to this today and I couldn't figure out why until I mulled it over for a while. I've come to the conclusion that I sort of disagree, although I can see how it can apply. I believe that how we treat other people is a direct reflection of the values that we learn throughout our lives and how we choose to apply those values. I can be having a totally bad day and feel like shit about myself and have someone at work bitch at me about something that does not matter to me yet I will still treat them with respect because that is what I was taught. It's usually the
  11. I know I said yesterday that my thumb wouldn't fall off if I didn't wear my brace, but.....damn does it hurt today! That'll teach me to wait 🤦‍♀️
  12. That's half the battle! Now that the teeth are done I need to find a new primary care doctor. I know I'm a mess and will probably put it off even though I shouldn't. I may love going to the dentist but I absolutely hate going to the regular doctor....talk about ugh!
  13. Only if the headshrinker is a twin brother of my dentist 🤣🤣
  14. I absolutely love my dentist's office. The staff is so great. My son's hygienist was out and we both had appointments at 4. My hygienist offered to stay late so we wouldn't have to reschedule his appt. ❤ My teeth are squeaky clean and I got to see the hot dentist. ☺Yup...definitely a good day!
  15. Perspective. I had to change mine really quick this morning which is not easy when you aren't a morning person to begin with. My day started going downhill right out of the gate. I shut my alarm off instead of hitting snooze and overslept. At some point during blow drying my hair it decided to pull a 'Girls Gone Wild' and did everything I didn't want it to do. I overcooked my eggs. My thumb braces didn't dry thoroughly overnight so I can't wear them today....things weren't looking good. Then my brain literally told me to cut the shit out. I fixed the hair the best I could, a
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