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  1. Good contractors are nearly impossible to find in Florida. We get good ones and then corporate still makes us bid it out at the end of every contract...*sigh*
  2. I hate having to do year-end self evaluations. We have to complete ours early this year because the upper level manager who processes all of them is having surgery in November and will be out 6 weeks or so. As a community manager I have to have my maintenance guys complete them too. One of the questions is: "Why is this company a better place by having you here?" One of my guy's answer: "I work." I damn near fell out of my chair. 🤣. Funniest part is... he's right. He's the hardest working guy I've got. Enjoy your Friday Eve y'all!
  3. Thanks for the reminder Rick! I try to catch the launches from Cape Canaveral. In clear weather we get a good view. When my son was in little league the umpires had to call a time out one night because the space shuttle was taking off and nobody was paying attention to the game...lol Hope everyone has a good day.
  4. kbois

    Chapter 23

    I love how Will has Brad down to a science. Brad should know better than to give his own mini-me shit.😆 Will has paid attention and learned his people skills from JP and Stef. He's already a force to be reckoned with in a lot of situations. Another great chapter Mark!
  5. Happy Belated Birthday rick!🎂🎈🎉 So glad to hear you're feeling better.
  6. After two weeks and two days.... we finally have air conditioning. Just in time for the humidity to roll back in and temps will hit the 90s. Now I have about three hours of free time between now and Thursday to clean the house before my brother comes for a quick visit to see mom. He won't stay with my other brother. So it's Casa de K for three nights. I don't mind.... he's the one normal sibling I have left. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!
  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed it (twice!) I'm trying to find time to go back and edit all the little grammatical mistakes I missed the first time around.
  8. While I don't mind being summoned for jury duty, it's always a relief when you call the night before you're supposed to report and hear that if your number is between 269 and 400.... you are excused. I'm #344. Feel sorry for #268 though.
  9. I try not to focus too much on the politics of the world. You're right.... it is tiring. History teaches us lessons, but do we really learn from them? I'm not too hopeful for the world my kids (and any future grandkids) will have to live in.
  10. It depends. Parents tend to make a big deal over birthdays when their kids are young. Some adults go all out for their birthday, others don't. I think most people tend to celebrate less as they get older unless it's a milestone like 50. Most people I know will acknowledge a birthday in some way... text, social media post or even..*gasp*.. a phone call!
  11. Happy birthday @Wayne Gray!! Another year older.... another year wiser??🤔 Enjoy your day!
  12. I started Noom in April and 40 of those 50 lbs are the result. It has been a great catalyst and absolutely instrumental in the changes I've made. The program targets not only what food and how much you should be eating, but it addresses the 'why' of bad eating habits and how to change them. It focuses on the psychological reasons for being overweight and gives great tools for changing behavior and coping mechanisms for setbacks and challenges. Like I said before, I still have a looooonnnnggggg way to go, but at the very beginning Noom said to set a goal and a reward for that goal. So 60lbs from now I'll be posting a picture of the tattoo I'm getting. I've never gotten one because I wanted it to mean something. My vision will be a daily reminder to never go back to old habits. Fingers crossed, it should be doable by next spring.
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