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  1. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Who doesn't like a little tension!?! Thanks for the compliment!
  2. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Lex's tattoo is definitely going to be a turning point for him. I just hope I do the description justice. My favorite penny candy was the Squirrel Nuts when I was a kid. Still manage to find them every once in a while!
  3. kbois

    Chapter 11

    That's too true. I've battled chronic tendonitis in my left thumb for nearly a year. (some days typing is such a joy..Not!) I can't imagine what Lex has had to deal with.
  4. kbois

    Chapter 6

    Thanks, it's been fixed. My brain knows how to use words properly but occasionally my fingers like to type whatever they want. Anyhoo....thanks for the catch! 😁
  5. kbois

    Chapter 8

    This is the type of feedback that truly humbles me. I'm happy beyond to happy to know that I've accomplished what I set out to do with this chapter. Thank you so much!
  6. kbois

    Chapter 11

    I'm so glad you;re caught up. I wanted to wait until you had gotten this far before responding. I really appreciate your feedback. the big reveal should be up in the next couple of days. I try not to wait too long to post when there's a lot happening from one chapter to the next. But a little anticipation is a good thing!
  7. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Y'all are cracking me up with your comments today!
  8. kbois

    Chapter 11

    I think Lex has probably resorted to sleeping on his side!!!
  9. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Well the title of the story is A Tattoo for Lex! But imagine how many more readers I may have had right off the bat if I had called it A Hot Night in Bed for Lex!!!
  10. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Don't forget, Lex has a very high tolerance for pain after what he went through. His back always bothers him, he's just used to it. And who knows what else Lex can ride besides the Chief??? 🤔☺️
  11. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Auras can be a fickle thing. Definitely not an exact science and I just wanted to everyone to see that. I'm sure Lex is like most dudes his age....can sleep almost in any position!
  12. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Welllllll....about that.....I can hold my own drawing stick figures and the like I'm nowhere near the artist Ian is. Hopefully my description will do it justice. You'll just have to wait a couple of days, but I'll be happy to hear what you think!
  13. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Good things come to those who wait!
  14. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Same thing applies as what I told avidreadr: It's gonna be hot! 🔥
  15. kbois

    Chapter 11

    You might want to wear oven mitts to hold onto your electronic device! Just sayin!

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