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  1. kbois

    Chapter 13

    Yeah...I can always do pizza! Lol
  2. kbois

    Chapter 13

    I can only offer my opinion that I think the next chapter may be one of my better efforts. You'll have to let me know! 🔥🔥
  3. kbois

    Chapter 13

    Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Nash reached behind him to grab his phone and shut of the annoying alarm. He quickly brought his arm back around to hold Jarren in place as he started to stir. He was well aware of the heat between them and wanted Jarren to sweat it out. His dick had been poking at Jarren all last night and Nash swore his balls were permanently blue, however, he was enjoying this. He knew Jarren was curious about the D/s world and Nash knew that there wasn’t anything he was doing that would scare the inexperienced man away. He was actually enjoying seeing his lover squirm. Nash had to admit to himself that he found himself excited and aroused in ways that Kyle could never bring about. At the rate they were going this evening had a higher than normal probability of an emergency room visit. He saw those commercials that warned that erections lasting more than a few hours could be dangerous. He honestly felt that he had been sporting wood for close to 24 hours at this point. He was pretty sure Jarren was in the same boat. Nash loosened his grip as Jarren elbowed him so he could roll over. There was a slick sheen of sweat that had gathered between them. Nash had always thrown off more heat than most people. His doctor said it was perfectly normal, some people were just warmer than others. He felt Jarren kick off the sheet as he rolled and turned to face Nash. As soon as those lips were in range Nash latched onto them, not caring about morning breath. He inhaled the masculine scent that wafted off of Jarren, intensified by the heat that had built up between them all night. Once again both cocks sprang to life and when Jarren tried to hump up against him Nash pulled away and huffed. “None of that. Come on, we need to get through the shower and have some breakfast. I told Maddie we’d be there by six-thirty so we only have an hour. It takes twenty minutes to get there.” Nash said. “Ugh, you’re killing me here.” Jarren lamented. Still, he rolled out of bed and followed Nash to the bathroom. They took care of their bladders while the water in the shower warmed up. Nash pulled Jarren under the spray and proceeded to wash the expanse of hard muscle and smooth skin, tracing the ridges and valleys with a light, sensual touch. He could feel Jarren’s breathing quicken and he had to concentrate to keep himself under control. Once again Jarren’s hands were knocked away when they tried to reciprocate. Nash lathered himself and quickly rinsed off, suddenly not trusting himself. Somehow they managed to towel off and head back to the bedroom, somewhat cooled off. Jarren had been worked up for so long that his brain automatically seized onto the opportunity that presented itself when Nash dropped his towel and bent over to grab jeans from the bottom drawer of his dresser. Seeing that bare ass, he couldn’t help it when his evil streak overcame him. Almost without realizing what he was doing he had whipped his towel off, twirled it around itself and then “CRACK”! Jarren snapped the end of the wet towel perfectly against Nash’s left ass cheek making him jump. Immediately a spot of pink bloomed on the white skin visible under the light covering of black hairs. Jarren's first thought was ‘Holy fuck, that’s sexy.’ His second thought came a second later as Nash turned around quickly with a look of surprise and caught his gaze, ‘Oh shit, I’m dead’. Nash grabbed the end of the towel that now hung from Jarren’s hand and pulled him close. Putting his mouth right against Jarren’s ear he whispered “You will pay for that later.” Jarren’s cock lurched and a single drop of fluid appeared at the tip. Nash reached down and swiped it off the head and proceeded to smear the drop across Jarren’s lips instructing “Don’t you dare lick that off.” Jarren did as he was told and resisted the temptation to lick his lips. Glancing at his phone, Nash let go and got dressed and instructed Jarren to do the same. Pressed for time Nash decided that some egg sandwiches and coffee from the closest drive-thru would have to do. He nudged Jarren out the door and locked it behind them. He swung through MacDonald’s and ordered four sausage, egg and cheese McGriddles, some hash browns and two large coffees. While waiting for the car in front of them to get their food, Nash leaned over and licked Jarren’s lips, tasting the essence that still lingered. Jarren made a high pitched sound that Nash had never heard before. But damned if he didn’t want to hear it again. They were brought back to reality by the movement of the car in front of them. Nash pulled away and pulled the truck forward to pay for and get their food. He handed the bags to Jarren and set the coffees in the holders. As they drove toward the farm Jarren unwrapped each sandwich and held it front of Nash for him to take a bite while managing to eat his own. He did the same for the hash browns and Nash made sure to let his tongue graze Jarren’s fingers with each bite. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for the food to be wolfed down. Nash knew he would need the rest of the time to settle his body down. No one had ever made him react like this. He focused on the road in front of him and let thoughts of flabby old ladies in bathing suits at the beach roll through his mind. Luckily it worked and by the time they reached the farm he had himself under control. He wondered if Jarren had managed to do the same. He forced himself not to look as they exited the truck and walked toward the barn. Nash led Jarren through the familiar barn and stopped to give a quick scratch to the horses that stuck their heads out. He watched as Jarren did the same. Jeff was in the tack room at the far end of the barn and greeted Nash warmly. Nash introduced Jarren and felt a slight tug of possessiveness when Jeff grabbed Jarren’s hand in a friendly handshake. He instructed Jarren to grab a saddle that was draped across a railing and he grabbed a couple of halters and leads. Maddie was out in the closest ring, combing one of the ponies. Nash hung the two halters on the railing and had Jarren put the saddle across the top rail. He smiled at Maddie who came over and gave him a quick hug. “So you must be Jarren.” she said as she introduced herself. Jarren returned the greeting with a grin and a nod. “So has Nash here explained our modus operandi to you?” she asked. Jarren replied “Yeah, he explained everything. I’d love to help out however I can. Nash told me that you can’t let anyone work directly with the kids until you do a background check. I like that you take their safety seriously. I’d have no problem with you running one on me. But in the meantime I can help with the grooming and tacking care of the tack if you’d like.” “That would be great.” Maddie answered. "We should have a full group today and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Nash can show you where everything is. Jester should be here soon and the first group of kids usually gets here about seven-thirty. Thanks for helping out. I’ll get your information at the end of the sessions so I can run the check if you decide to make this a regular thing.” Jarren thanked her and spent the next hour helping Nash brush and saddle the six horses and two ponies they would be using. Jester made his appearance and Jarren liked the affable young man. He definitely had a mischievous streak. Nash threatened to throttle him if he kept stealing the curry comb he was trying to use. Jester just laughed. Nash also introduced him to Leslie and Tyler, two more of the regular volunteers. Maddie told Jarren that she, Nash, Jester, Leslie and Tyler would lead the kids around the large outdoor ring. The five of them would be able to make sure each child got to ride for roughly 25-30 minutes. They were familiar with the issues that each child was dealing with. The first little girl that Nash had strapped into the specially designed saddle was Olivia. She had Muscular Dystrophy and the riding helped her maintain some muscle tone. Jarren’s heart squeezed tight as he watched Nash interact with the lively little girl. The first group of kids were a fun bunch. It was evident by the way the volunteers and kids joked and teased each other that they had done this many times before. Jarren could hear one little boy about eight telling Leslie about his latest doctor’s visit and how happy he was that doctor said he didn’t have to go back for six months. Some of these kids spent an inordinate amount of time with their doctors and to get a reprieve of six months could be like winning the lottery. The morning passed quickly as the kids came and went. Nash told Jarren a little about each child whenever he had a spare minute. Jarren kept busy with grooming and changing out tack as needed. The last session at eleven was just getting underway when a van pulled up. Jarren went over to see if they needed any help. The van was equipped for wheelchairs and as the side door opened he saw a boy of about twelve waiting. Both of his legs from just above the knee were missing. Jarren watched as his wheelchair was positioned on the lift and he made his way to the ground. The boy was smiling the whole time as he watched the happenings going on in the ring. When his chair was on the ground he finally noticed Jarren who was standing out of the way. The little boy cocked his head to the side and said, “Who’re you?” Jarren smiled at his curiosity and replied “I’m Nash’s friend. I’m helping out today.” The child narrowed his eyes slightly and asked “Did you pass the background check yet?” Jarren grinned at his straightforwardness. Just then the man who had unloaded the child came around the back of the van. He looked at them and said “Don’t harass the new volunteer Liam. You don’t want to scare him away.” Liam turned and stuck out his tongue at the man. Jarren laughed. “I’m Jarren, it’s nice to meet you Liam.” Liam merely nodded and then started wheeling himself toward the corral where Nash was helping get another child into a saddle. The other man turned to Jarren and said "I’m John Hendrick. I run the group home where Liam lives. Ignore his brashness. He’s a good kid, just doesn’t know how to filter himself sometimes.” “Why is he in a group home?” Jarren blurted out. He caught himself and, blushing, said “I’m sorry. It’s probably none of my business.” John shook his head and replied “It’s not a secret. Liam lost both his legs in a car accident last year. The accident killed his mom and as far as we know there was no dad in the picture. No other family either. The accident also damaged his inner ears on both sides. Liam has trouble balancing. His doctor suggested riding therapy in addition to everything else they've been trying. He can’t be fitted for prosthetics until he can balance properly. He’s in a group home because unfortunately there aren’t enough foster homes for kids with special needs.” Jarren sighed and said, “That’s too bad. I can’t imagine growing up without parents.” “It happens way too often. It’s just the way it is sometimes.” John responded. They were interrupted by Nash as he called out to Jarren “Hey Jare, can you bring Peanut here back to the barn and cool him down. He needs to go into his stall so Maddie can check him before he goes out to pasture for the afternoon. She said he was limping earlier this week, but I haven’t noticed anything today. He probably just stepped on something and bruised his hoof. There should be a blanket in the tack room.” Jarren nodded at John, who smiled back before heading over to the side of the corral to watch the kids. He took the bridle lead and led the fat little tan colored pony down across the yard to the barn. He took good care of the small horse and after he was groomed and covered with a blanket, Jarren led him to a stall with the placard “Peanut Butter” above it. He chuckled when he saw the placard ‘Jelly’ over the next stall. He had a feeling either the kids or Jester was behind that one. The last session seemed to fly by and before he quite realized it Jarren was leading the last horse to the adjoining pasture to graze for the afternoon. He saw Nash talking with Maddie near the barn and sauntered over to join them. “So what do you think of our little operation here, Jarren?” Maddie asked him. Do you think you’d like to continue? “”I’d love it, if you’ll have me.” Jarren answered. “Great! Just come on in my office for a minute so I can get your info for the background check.” Jarren and Nash followed he into the house and Maddie had Jarren fill out a short form and took a copy of his driver’s license. “Hopefully this won’t take too long. Massachusetts can sometimes take a week to come back through the system. I’ll call you as soon as I get the clearance. I’ll also need proof of a flu shot.” Maddie let him know. Jarren nodded and told her it wouldn’t be a problem. Once they were done with Maddie, Nash led Jarrren to a different barn from the one they used that morning. He stopped in front of stall that had a beautiful chestnut gelding. The nameplate over the stall door said ‘Ron’. Jarren noticed that the next stall down held a black gelding with a white blaze. The nameplate read ‘Harry’. The final piece was the third stall down with a pretty palomino mare named, what else, ‘Hermione’. Jarren shot Nash a quizzical look. Nash chuckled and answered “Maddie got all three from a rescue organization about a year after the last movie came out and one of her boarders suggested the names. She liked it, so it stuck. Ron and Harry are pretty spirited and are too hard to handle for the therapy program. You said you used to ride so I figured you didn’t want a beginner horse. Either of these two should be a good match for you.” “Well, I’m not going to be chosen for the Olympic team, but I can hold my seat at all the paces. Trotting is hell on the balls though, so let’s keep that to a minimum.” Jarren chuckled. Nash shot him a heated glance and replied “Don’t worry, there is no way I’m going to let you damage those balls. They’re mine, and I take care of what’s mine.” The gruff edge had returned to his voice and Nash could see Jarren’s breath hitch. They led the two horses to the end of the barn and clipped the leads to the hitch and got down to the business of getting the saddles and bridles on. Nash gave both reins to Jarren after they had led them out to the yard and turned back into the barn. He was back in a minute with a saddlebag that he clipped to Harry’s saddle. Taking the reins from Jarren, Nash stuck his left foot in the stirrup and hoisted himself up into the saddle. Jarren just stared as he watched the man settle his ass on the saddle. Nash turned Harry and saw that Jarren was just staring so he snapped his fingers, saying “Oi, Jarren, get your ass in the saddle and let’s go. Time’s a-wastin!” Jarren gave himself a shake a willed his cock to behave as he gave a heave and landed in the saddle. He quickly settled and gave Ron a nudge with his heels. They walked the horses out of the yard to the trailhead. The trail was just wide enough for them to ride side by side. Once they were about a half mile down the trail Nash took the lead and gave Harry a gentle kick to get him into an easy lope. Jarren had to really concentrate to keep his mind on the ride and not the sight of Nash’s tight ass bouncing up and down in front of him. The trail eventually opened up to a large field and Nash sent Harry into an easy gallop, hooves quickly eating up the distance across the wide expanse with Jarren and Ron following. He pulled his horse back and settled back to an easy walk as they got to the far side of the field where the grass tapered off and led to a small stream. Nash pulled up and dismounted with Jarren following his lead. Nash looped the reins of both horses loosely over a low hanging branch and loosened the girth on both saddles while the horses took a break. He grabbed the saddlebag he had brought and led Jarren to an outcropping of large rocks bordering the stream. They settled themselves down and Nash pulled out two bottles of water and a bag of animal crackers along with a plastic container of spreadable port wine and cheddar cheese. Jarren just gaped at him with his mouth hanging before inquiring “Animal crackers and cheese spread?” Nash chuckled and answered “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Laura turned me on to this when Juju started getting picky about what she ate. She loved this and believe it or not the sweet/salty combination works well. Try it.” Nash held out the bag of crackers and had taken the lid and the plastic covering off the cheese. Jarren took a zebra and dragged it through the cheese that was soft now, having been out of the refrigerator for a little while. He gave it a skeptical look before popping the whole thing into his mouth. The flavors burst over his tongue and his eyes widened in surprise. Damn, Nash was right, this was good. Hell it was better than good. Somehow the sweet animal cracker perfectly complemented the sharp, tangy, salty cheese. Huh, how about that? Nash chuckled as he dragged an elephant through the cheese and chomped down, grinning as he swallowed. He washed it down with a sip of water and then pulled the food out of Jarren’s reach when he reached for the bag again. Nash fixed a cracker and held it up to Jarren’s lips. Nash let his thumb drag across Jarren’s lower lip as he pushed the treat between those plump lips. Jarren hummed his approval and flicked his tongue out to catch a bit a cheese that smeared there. They bantered back and forth for a while, enjoying their snack. Nash had also packed a couple of apples and the crunchy sweetness hit the spot. There was a constant sexual undercurrent that both men were trying to ignore, but found it difficult. Nash wanted nothing more than to strip Jarren down and fuck him straight through the center of the earth clear through to China. The build up over the past few days had been driving him crazy. Jarren wasn’t in much better shape. The busy morning had provided a welcome distraction, but he had been instantly fired up again as soon as eyes had landed on Nash’s ass in the saddle. Once again his jeans had pulled tight across his groin no matter how hard he tried to get the images of what he wanted Nash to do to him out of his head. It was mid-afternoon when they packed up their trash and remounted the horses. Nash led them back by way of either a large pond or small lake, depending on how one looked at it. They followed the trail three-quarters of the way around the water to where it veered off in the direction of the farm. Nash looked back at Jarren with a grin then took off at a gallop. Jarren kicked Ron’s flank and followed along. The remaining distance flew past quickly as the horses pounded down the trail. Slowing down, Nash led them the last mile at a walk so the horses could cool down. Back at the barn they tied the horses, removed their saddles and gave them both a good rub down. Jeff came in and told them to leave the tack and he would take care of it as he had some other stuff to clean as well. Nash thanked him and it didn’t take long to get the two horses taken care of and turned out for the rest of the afternoon. They waved at Maddie as they got into the truck and as soon as the doors were closed, Nash reached over and pulled Jarren to him and mashed their lips together in a heated kiss. “You drive me crazy. I told myself I wouldn’t kiss you until we got home, but damn, you make it impossible. You have no idea how fucking sexy you are.” Nash breathed into Jarren’s ear, sending shivers down the length of his spine. Nash pulled back and grabbed his phone. There was no way he was going to make it through dinner at a restaurant. He pulled up his contact list and the next thing that Jarren heard was him ordering an extra large meat lover’s pizza. ‘How appropriate’ he thought. Nash ended the call and put the truck in gear. Twenty minutes later he pulled into the pizza place and left the truck running and dashed inside to pick up the pie. He handed the large box to Jarren and less than five minutes later they were pulling into Nash’s driveway. “Pizza and beer, shower, then you’re mine.” were the words that Jarren heard as Nash put his key in the front door. All Jarren could do was grin stupidly. Finally. His cock was now a happy camper. Stiff, but happy. “Don’t eat too much now. We can finish the food later.” Nash told him. Jarren grabbed some plates and napkins while Nash pulled two cold beers out and twisted the caps off. Blue Moon Belgian White was the current choice. Jarren liked the crisp orange, citrusy flavor. They each took two slices and Nash closed the lid and left the box on top of the stove. Being rather hungry they both scarfed down their slices and washed them down with the beer pretty quickly. Nash took the empty plates and put them in the trash while Jarren set the beer bottles in the sink to be rinsed out later. Nash led the way to the bathroom and once inside turned on the water. He turned to Jarren and said “Jarren, you know that at any time if you say stop, I’ll stop. This is all about you and me learning what you like and what you don’t. If you’re uncomfortable or don’t like something, let me know. We only go as far as you want, OK? Jarren smiled at Nash and gave him a soft kiss and replied “OK, but I’ve already decided that I’ve spent way too long denying who I really am. I want you to show me what it really means to be gay. I want you to fuck me into next week.” Nash grabbed Jarren’s shirt and practically tore it over his head. The top button of his jeans went flying on the floor and in a flash Jarren was naked and he watched as Nash’s clothes hit the floor in record time. Nash shoved Jarren under the barely warm water and pressed his body up against the shower wall with his own. He needed release and he needed it fast. Nash slid each of his hard, throbbing seven inches along Jarren’s and humped the hell out him. The water provided just enough slickness so that the two shafts slid easily against one another. Jarren pumped his own hips, frotting up against Nash frantically. Their mouths fused together in a tangle of teeth and tongues. Jarren loved the feel of Nash’s hard muscles pressed up against him and let out a deep moan. Nash pulled his lips away and in a guttural voice snarled “This is gonna be fast and it’s only going to take the edge off. This will be the one time today when you get to come on your own. The rest of the night is all mine, understand?” Jarren’s need to come was sharp and his brain wouldn’t allow anything other than a short nod of assent. Nash’s lips melded to his once again and the constant friction of their hard dicks sliding together had him at the edge in a matter of seconds. His cock had been anticipating an orgasm for way too long and it wasn’t going to wait. Nash bucked up hard against him and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Ropes of creamy, white cum shot out and slicked the tight space between their bellies. Jarren let loose with a rumbling moan and that sound sent Nash off mere seconds after Jarren. He shuddered intensely as his own creamy seed joined the load that had just been shot. Jarren rested his head on Nash’s shoulder, thankful that the other man still had enough strength to hold them both up. His legs were shaky and his breath was coming out in short pants. Nash inhaled deeply and let out a long, shaky breath. They rested for a couple of minutes, Jarren held up against the shower wall by Nash’s body. Gradually their breathing returned to normal and they felt like their muscles would function properly. Nash pulled away and turned to grab his shampoo. Squirting a little on his palm, he then rubbed his hands together and proceeded to lather the suds through Jarren’s thick, blond locks. Jarren let out another groan when Nash’s fingers started to massage his scalp. Nash pushed Jarren under the hot spray and rinsed his hair. Jarren started to reach for the soap and Nash stopped him. “Rule number one, you don’t do anything unless I tell you to, got it?” Nash said with a sly look. “What’s rule number two?” Jarren asked. “You don’t do anything unless I tell you to.” Nash repeated with a grin. Jarren shook his head with a little laugh and let himself relax. Nash grabbed the soap and proceeded to lather up every inch of skin. Jarren revelled in the feel of the hard, calloused hands running over his flesh. Nash rubbed the soap over Jarren’s chest and flat stomach, he washed the soft hair under his arms, then held Jarren in place when he tried to pull away as his hands hit a ticklish spot along his ribs. Nash turned Jarren around and let his soapy hands roam across the expanse of hard muscles across his back. He slowly circled down until he reached Jarren’s ass. Jarern felt those firm hands grip his ass cheeks tightly, kneading and squeezing. His cock, which had only partial softened, perked back up again. Nash dipped both his thumbs into the crease of Jarren’s ass and massaged the hard muscles. His own cock lurched as Jarren let out another of his sexy moans. Nash reached for the soap again and made sure his hands were nice and sudsy. He slid the slick fingers along the crease and slowly grazed them over the smooth skin, bypassing the tight pucker until he could cup Jarren’s balls. Nash cupped him gently and rolled the two sacs between his fingers. Then he drew his hand back, letting his pointer finger trace a line from the base of the balls, down across Jarren’s taint, until he stopped with just the tip of his finger pressing gently against the hole. Nash was loving the insistent whimpers that Jarren probably didn’t even realize he was issuing. Nash held onto Jarren’s chest with his other hand and slowly pushed the tip of his soapy index finger into the tightness of Jarren’s asshole. Slowly, he slid the finger in, not stopping until he couldn’t go any further. Jarren’s muscles clenched tightly around him. Nash kept his finger still and let Jarren get used to the feel. Once Jarren relaxed he let his finger slip out slowly. Oh hell yes, he was going to enjoy the next few hours. He had so much to show him, and he couldn’t wait to see what kinds of sounds Jarren could make. Jarren felt empty without Nash’s finger in him. His skin was thrumming, every nerve ending on high alert. This was only the beginning. They had the whole night ahead of them. He could only hope that he would make it through alive. The anticipation alone was nearly killing him. Nash told him not to move so Jarren could only listen and use his imagination as he pictured Nash washing his own body. Nash reached over and shut off the water. He handed Jarren a towel and said “Are you ready?” Jarren took a deep breath and replied “As ready as I’ll ever be.”
  4. kbois

    Chapter 12

    My husband worked as a counselor in an adult group home for those with traumatic brain injuries. It sucks that someone's entire life can be altered in the blink of an eye. I'm glad your son has a support system. It makes a huge difference. The seniors down here are something else. I wish I could get away with half the shit they do! Now if it will only STOP EFFING RAINING!!
  5. kbois

    Chapter 4

    Versatility can be a a good thing! Cell phones...not so much. I'm much too dependent on mine. Dead cow marinated and slapped on a grill is a very good thing. Dead cow from Mickey D's... not so much. 😁. Dead mouse under the fish tank.... not something I ever want to happen again. Jarren has no shame. He's just completely clueless. Give Cupid a high five.. he won't give up! Thank you for your condolences. Brian was a good kid.
  6. kbois

    Chapter 3

    Oh travlbug it's soooooo good to hear from you again! I was starting to think you didn't like the story and had abandoned me... but alas life probably got in the way as it so often does! So let's take this one thing at a time! First... you know the description 'bark out a laugh'. Well I bark/laughed at the Nash at Nite observation! Thank god I was alone! Danny... well he's already said that him and Jarren weren't boyfriend compatible. They are now firmly friend zoned. I hate wet towels laying around. Write what you know, they say! Our boy definitely has it bad! He just doesn't realize hhhhooooowwwww bad! But it's bad enough that a parade of Hilo Hatties won't be able to keep him in check! Cupid is smart. Jarren, not so much! 🤣😆😋 but I have a feeling he's capable of learning!
  7. kbois

    Chapter 2

    I do tend to ramble a bit with descriptions! I'll try to be a little more inclusive with descriptions of their environment. I'm better when the setting is somewhere I'm familiar with. I've only been to Atlanta a few times! 50 degrees Fahrenheit is about 10 degrees Celsius if that helps. To someone like me who grew up in New England it's considered balmy. There's a reason for the salad which comes up in a few chapters. As a heads up... you can easily tell when I wrote any part of a chapter while hungry. There's always food involved! Also... the dog is an accurate description of my first dog... Miss that Lucky Girl!
  8. kbois

    Chapter 12

    Thanks for that encouragement, sometimes I think that I'm being too wordy! It's been way too many years since I've taken any sort of writing/ English class, but I guess something must have stuck in my brain! I agree with you about the kids. I've never worked with kids that had disabilities but I have worked with plenty of seniors. Really not much difference between a group of 80 year olds and a group of kindergartners regardless of ability! I work in a 55 and over community and I swear it's worse than high school!
  9. kbois

    Chapter 1

    Welcome aboard! I really hope you enjoy the story. I did say that it's not necessary to read the first story but that it is helpful. The characters from that story that will show up have some pretty interesting quirks that explained much better in 'Tattoo'. You'll have plenty of time to read that one. I just posted ch. 12 and am currently working on ch 29 with no firm ending in sight yet. Jarren can be stubborn when it comes to letting me know what's going to happen. I agree that Jarren in a little Nissan makes a funny image! Keep on reading, things just get better and better! Enjoy!
  10. kbois

    Chapter 12

    No opportunity should ever be wasted.(pun intended) 😉 I really appreciate your feedback because honestly when I'm writing I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing most of the time! I agree that a lot of sex scenes are written in a boring way. I stopped reading hetero romance because honestly it's pretty mundane and I already know how the girl bits work...I get nothing out of reading about it! I'll give you a spoiler.... chapter 14 should be a lot fun, but you might need a hanky! 🤣😊
  11. kbois

    Chapter 12

    Everyone is back to normal, thanks! I am however one bird less in the nest. My eldest child is heading back to school today. Band camp starts monday and classes the following week. I think I should've told him to buy a boat instead of a car. It will NOT stop raining in Florida. I'm going to need snorkel gear to take my dogs out soon!
  12. kbois

    Chapter 12

    Thanks! Yes the guys are in the honeymoon phase and with Danny leaving it's going to force them to figure out where things are going a lot sooner. There's no way you can spend that much time together and not learn about one another. Let's hope they like what they learn!
  13. kbois

    Chapter 12

    Early Tuesday morning Jarren was surprised to see Danny up and in the kitchen. He gave the other man a questioning look as he grabbed a cup and poured some coffee. Danny answered the look by saying “Yeah, I know how early it is. I wanted to catch you before you left. I didn’t want to interrupt your time with your brother, but I thought you should know that while you were gone my company asked me to interview for a position in their Operations Department. It’s a big step up and a big raise too. My boss is pretty sure that they are going to send me an official offer later today.” “Danny, that sounds great! Congratulations!” Jarren told him.. “Well you may not think it’s so great when I tell you that the position is located at one of their three offices in Europe. The offer is going to include a really generous housing package. They own their own apartment buildings in each city and I’d have my own place or they can give me a stipend, but if I did that I would in all likelihood need to get a roommate, or two. I won’t know which location they’ll send me to until sometime next month. They have openings in all three cities. If I take the job, then I won’t be renewing my lease here when it’s up next month. I wanted to give you a heads up and if you want to pick up the lease then I can talk with the building manager. They usually have a waitlist, but he can make exceptions.” Danny told him. “Wow Danny! What an amazing opportunity. Let me think on the offer about the lease. Can I let you know by the end of the week?” Jarren asked. “Sure, take your time. I know you’re still trying to figure out what your next step is.” was Danny’s reply. “So what cities are in the running?” Jarren asked. Danny had a little smirk on his face when he answered “Well, Amsterdam for one. That would probably be my first choice. There’s also Zurich and Prague. Either of those would be OK, but I think I’d like the atmosphere better in Amsterdam. I have friends who have been and they say it’s a great place for young, gay dudes like me. Zurich is supposed to be really gay friendly too and I’ve heard Prague has a decent like minded community as well. I guess any of the three would be great. I’m just really excited for a new opportunity. I never imagined I would get a chance to live in Europe. It’s pretty much a dream come true!” Jarren gave his roommate a big hug. “Danny, I really am happy for you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a hot European sugar daddy with a big dick to keep you satisfied.” Jarren said with a laugh. Danny shot him the bird and in his most bitchy diva voice declared “Honey, I NEVER have a problem finding a big dick wherever I go. It’s finding one to keep that’s a problem!” Then with a laugh he told Jarren, “Now go! I’m sure Nash is anxious to see you.” Jarren shot him a grin and grabbed his stuff and headed out the door. He arrived at the work trailer before Nash and rapped on the door before entering. Andre greeted him warmly as he entered. “Come on over Jarren. It’s good to have you back. I’m sorry about what happened to your dad and I’m happy to hear he’s doing so well.” Andre told him. “Thanks. It was hard seeing Dad laid up, but he’s tough, and luckily Mom’s tougher. It wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up hog-tying him while he heals. He one of those people who always needs to be doing something.” Jarren said. They both looked up as they heard a quick rap on the door and Jarren couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face as Nash entered. He suspected Andre didn’t miss the answering grin Nash gave him. “Nash, come on over. I’ve got a new job for you two if you want it. I have a contract to fully renovate an old plantation house. It needs to be completely gutted first. The new owners want to convert the house into a bed and breakfast and build an adjacent building to cater to weddings and other functions. It’s just outside of Macon so I’ll put you both up at a hotel during the week. I’d like for you both to head up the project. Jarren, I know that you have experience with this through your dad’s business, and Nash I already know that you’d be up to the task.” Andre told them. “How long is the project expected to run?” asked Jarren. “I’ve told the new owners that barring any issues with materials or anything weather related we should be able to complete the house itself in roughly three months, give or take. The banquet facilities might take a little longer because you know how some of these counties are with permit approvals on new construction.” was the answer that Andre gave them. Jarren looked at Nash and then at Andre and said “Can we have a day to think it over? I know that I need to figure a couple of things out.” Jarren was thinking about Danny’s pending move and he needed to figure out if he should pick up the lease on Danny’s apartment or not. It seemed like a waste to lease an apartment he would only use on the weekends. He’d need to sit down and run some figures before deciding anything. “Certainly. While you guys think it over and talk it out I’ll be nice and give you an easy day today. There’s a crew over at Emory University working on laying new sidewalk down. Why don’t you guys head over and give them a hand. I’m sure they’d appreciate the extra help.” said Andre. Nash looked at Jarren and gave him a nod. They would need to discuss the job offer in the truck. They said good-bye to Andre and left the trailer. Once they were in the work truck Nash leaned over and gave Jarren a sweet good morning kiss. Settling back into place he started the truck and they were on their way. Nash glimpsed over at Jarren and said “OK, tell me what’s on your mind. You look like you’re trying to figure out how to bring about world peace.” Jarren chuckled and replied “Nothing that globally important, but Danny told me this morning that in all likelihood he will be moving to Europe by the end of next month. His company has offered him one of those opportunities that come along once in a lifetime and is too good to pass up. He should know for sure sometime today. So that leaves me with a dilemma. I can take over the apartment, but I’m pretty sure it will be a waste of money paying for something I’ll only need two or maybe three nights a week at the most. So that means I would need to find a room for rent or a decent hotel for the weekends that fits my budget. I still have my mortgage payments up in Mass to make every month, although I can probably rent out the house for enough to cover the payments, but there’s still upkeep and taxes to budget for. I guess I just need to sit down and run the numbers and see what will make the most sense.” This whole time Nash had sat there with a shit eating grin on his face while watching the road. Nash looked directly at Jarren for a second and told him “You silly man. You know you can stay with me on the weekends. By the look on your face, you never even thought of that option did you?” Jarren blushed when he realized that the answer had been staring at him all along. “B-b-but then wouldn’t we be living together?” he stammered. See the consternation that had come across Jarren’s face, Nash quickly reassured him “How about we call it being roommates? Like what you and Danny have now, only with extra benefits. Really, really good benefits.” he said with a leer. “Tell you what, let’s ask Andre to pony up for a two bedroom unit at one of those apartment-like hotels. You know, Hampton Inn or Homewood Suites? With a kitchenette so we don’t have to eat out every night. Something like that would give us each our own space if we needed it during the week. It’s a business expense for Andre and it may even be less expensive. Andre doesn’t use lower end hotels like Red Roof or Motel 6. I really think that a two room suite will be less expensive than two rooms at a Marriott or Hyatt. I’ll ask him if you want.” Jarren thought about it and what Nash was saying made perfect sense. He let go of his reservations and smiled at Nash. “Sounds good to me. But I’m paying you rent. That’s non-negotiable.” Nash nodded and replied “What are you paying Danny now, if you don’t mind me asking?” Jarren answered “$150.00 a week plus half the utilities which amounted to a whopping $75.00 last month.” Nash decided to seize the moment and hash out the negotiations. He offered “OK, so you pay $600.00 a month plus half utilities for a full time place to stay. That’s roughly, ummm, $20.00 a day for rent. How about you pay me $60.00 per weekend plus a third of the utilities. That would be $240.00 a month for rent, part-time on weekends. My utilities should be minimal if we’re only going to be there on the weekends. We can split the grocery bill too if you want.” Jarren didn’t say anything for a moment as he mulled over Nash’s offer. He snuck a glance and told Nash “Let’s round it to $250.00 and I’ll pay half the utilities. Neither one of us will be there more than the other and it’s only fair.” Nash gave in and told Jarren “Let Danny know that he can head to Europe with a clear conscience. I’m happy with the arrangements, how about you?” “You don’t think it’s too soon to be cohabitating?” Jarren asked, remembering their conversation where Nash felt like he had moved to quickly with his ex. Nash pulled into the parking lot closest to the work area and turning off the truck he undid his seat belt and before sliding out gave Jarren a heated look and merely said “No.” Jarren followed him and they were soon put to work mixing and laying sections of cement sidewalk. It wasn’t super hard work for either of them, but it did keep them moving constantly. The rest of the week passed quickly as well. Danny had been offered the position and accepted it with excitement. He was thrilled when Jarren had told him about the renovation job and that he had arranged to stay with Nash on the weekends. Nash decided to pick up Jarren in the mornings and drop him back at Danny’s after work. They stole some heated kisses here and there but they were too busy or too tired for much of anything else. Jarren was looking forward to the weekend and he was sure that Nash was too. Friday morning Andre informed them that he had arranged a two bedroom unit at a Homewood Suites just north of Macon from Monday to Friday for the next six weeks, and then would negotiate an extension. It would be about a twenty minute commute to the plantation house. Overall it was pretty convenient and Andre said it was reasonably priced too, being shoulder season. Friday afternoon finally arrived and they reached a good stopping point around five o’clock. Once everything was put away Jarren turned to Nash and reminded him “Date night this weekend. Do you want to go out tonight or tomorrow?” Nash made Jarren’s pulse race when he suggested “Why don’t we stop at your place and you can grab an overnight bag and stay with me for the weekend. Sunday we can come back and you can pack what you need for the week. That way we can leave early on Monday and beat the traffic going through the city. Next weekend we can get the rest of your stuff so Danny can get packed up and ready to go. By the way, can you ride a horse?” Jarren’s brain was stuck on ‘overnight bag’ and he said “Huh? What horse?” Nash laughed at his expression and explained “I volunteer on Saturday mornings at a farm that provides kids with mobility issues riding therapy. If you want, you can join me tomorrow. You won’t be able to volunteer until Maddie clears you. She does background checks on all her volunteers. But afterward we can take a trail ride if you’d like.” Jarren shot him a huge grin and replied “I’d love it. I haven’t ridden in a few years. Friends of ours had a small farm and we used to ride all the time growing up. Truthfully I’ve missed it.” “Sweet! Let’s order take out tonight and tomorrow we can have our date. There’s a steak place that just opened up not far from me that I’d love to try. Maybe instead of a movie we can make our own entertainment.” Nash’s eyes darkened as he pushed Jarren up against the truck with his hands on either side of him and stood close enough to touch, but not close enough for there to be any pressure. His body was just barely brushing Jarren’s and his voice lowered as he growled close to Jarren’s ear “I’ve missed you Jarren Dalton, and I want a whole night with nothing better to do than to explore every single inch of your body. Not tonight though, maybe a little teasing and playing, but I want you vibrating all day tomorrow in anticipation. I want the thrill of knowing that you’re horny and I’m the only one who can take care of it for you. You’ll be in charge, but I’ll call the shots. However far you decide to do go will be up to you, but know this, I’ll be the one to take you there. I can’t wait to hear what sounds I can pull from you.” Nash brought his lips to Jarren’s and just barely brushed them softly, his tongue flicking out for a nanosecond, teasing Jarren with its brevity. Jarren’s cock had sprung to life, now making its presence known quite uncomfortably, pressing against his jeans. Fucking Hell, Nash could be such a cock tease! Jarren adjusted himself, and knowing that Nash was watching he gave his hard shaft a long, firm stroke through the denim material and let out a soft groan. He could tease just as much as Nash, even though it may end up killing him. He wondered if anyone had ever died from extreme horniness? If not, he figured he might be the first and if he did Cassie would have a field day with writing his obituary. Nash turned away and went around the front of the truck. He hoisted himself up on the runner and looked over the roof and said “Get in the truck, Jarren,” and winked at him. Jarren opened the passenger door and couldn’t help but feeling like he had just strapped into the front seat of the wildest roller coaster in the park. He could have sworn he heard Cassie’s sarcastic voice say ‘buckle up Buttercup’ in the back of his mind. He closed the door and snapped his seat belt into place and settled back for the ride back to his apartment to get his stuff. Danny wasn’t there when they got there so Jarren didn’t dawdle and packed some clothes and toiletries in a spare gym bag. He left a note for Danny and locked up before leaving. Once they were back in the truck, Jarren called and ordered food from a Greek place along the way. Their lemon chicken soup was to die for. After stopping to pick up the food they made it back to Nash’s little bungalow a little after seven o’clock. Together they unloaded the food cartons and sat down at the table to eat. In addition to the soup, Jarren had ordered a kabob assortment, and a combo platter that included moussaka, pastichio, spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves. The aroma that hit them when the food containers were opened was absolutely heavenly. Jarren could still feel the sexual undercurrent that continued to emanate from Nash. He subtly added to it with his own sly looks and flicks of his tongue under the pretense of licking non-existent crumbs from his lips. It didn’t take very long for Jarren to realize that his jeans were rather uncomfortable. He needed to divert the current flow of energy so he said “Tell me more about your volunteer work. How’d you get into it?” Nash shot him a look that said he knew that Jarren was trying to sidetrack him before answering “I met Maddie and Jeff at a support group for parents that have lost children that I used to attend when I first moved here. I think I told you they lost both their son and daughter to Tay-Sachs disease. It’s a hereditary disease so they decided not to risk having anymore kids but they felt they needed to do something. They were just getting the riding program up and running and I offered to help out. I’m usually there most Saturdays. The kids are great. Most of them have issues with motor skills and a few were injured in accidents and some of them are battling cancer. Maddie runs the program and Jeff mostly takes care of the rest of the farm. They offer lessons for able bodied people as well as boarding services. They normally have 40-50 horses on the property at any given time, between what they own and the ones that are boarded. Jeff grew up on the farm and took it over when his parents retired.” Nash looked over at Jarren who had been listening attentively and smiled before continuing “Most of the kids are regulars. There are a few that you end up getting attached to. There’s a boy named Liam who’s been with us for about a month now who is an absolute hoot. Olivia is another one who stands out. She has Muscular Dystrophy yet I have never seen her without a bright smile on her face. It’s so satisfying to see them making progress, or even just coming back week to week. It’s absolutely heartbreaking when they take a turn for the worse and it’s even more gut wrenching when they die.” Jarren interjected “How do you deal with that? They’re just kids.” Nash merely said “When you’ve lost your own child, the loss of someone else’s cuts deep, but you’ve already experienced the pain and you know that the wound will eventually heal. Thankfully we don’t lose any of the kids very often. The majority of the kids are dealing with congenital or chronic issues that aren’t immediately life threatening. It’s the kids who are dealing with cancer or other degenerative diseases that are the biggest risk. Many of those kids are only with us a short time, and mostly they are referred to us by the Make A Wish Foundation. Maddie has fostered a good relationship with their organization as well as some of the local groups. In the end it’s worth it to see the looks of happiness and joy on their faces. I just feel like it’s something that I have to do. For JuJu.” Jarren smiled at Nash and told him “Julia would be so proud of you. I know I am. You make things better for those kids and you make things better for me too. Thank you.” “Well, you make me want to make you feel better. I know several things that I could do to make that happen.” Nash’s eyes narrowed as he got up from the table and cleared his place as well as Jarren’s. Once his back was turned he added “But not tonight. I need you ready and on edge when I finally get to you tomorrow.” Jarren’s mouth went dry and his cock sprang to attention. He didn’t think he would survive until tomorrow night. He only hoped that Nash’s physical discomfort was equal to his. It didn’t take long to clean up from their meal and when they were done Nash took Jarren’s hand and led him to the couch. Nash settled in and then pulled Jarren down in front of him so that he was reclined with his head and upper body leaning against his hard chest muscles. He flipped through the channels and settled on The Game Show Network. Family Feud with Steve Harvey hosting was running a marathon and the game show took just enough focus to be entertaining while at the same time allowed Nash to distract Jarren with surreptitious teasing. Nash wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted Jarren shaking with anticipation. Jarren found it hard to concentrate with Nash’s hard shaft up against the middle of his back as he lay against the firm chest. Occasionally Nash would let his hand slide up or down Jarren’s chest, allowing his fingers to lightly brush up against confused nipples that were alternately ignored and then teased into tight peaks. There was no rhyme or reason to when Nash would decide to feel up Jarren, but Jarren knew that every flick, every caress and every single touch was done just to drive him to the edge. It was working and he knew that Nash knew it too. Nash had taken off his shoes and socks when they had gotten home and he kept flexing his toes, deliberately drawing Jarren’s gaze away from the TV and down to his feet. Jarren had never really given feet a second thought when it came to foreplay, but damned if Nash didn’t have the sexiest pair that Jarren had ever seen. Nash teased Jarren further by settling his chin in the soft crook of his neck and allowing his breath to hotly flow across his skin that had become hypersensitive with need. Jarren made no objections whatsoever. Jarren at one point needed to readjust himself but when he reached down Nash grabbed his wrist, saying “Uh unh. Don’t. Touch.” After a second or two hesitation he growled possessively “Mine.” Jarren almost came in his pants. Knowing that they had an early start in the morning, when ten o’clock rolled around Nash shut off the TV and nudged Jarren and they got up from the couch. The front of both men’s jeans showed an obvious distention. Silently Nash led Jarren to his bathroom. Without a single word he stripped Jarren of his clothes, one item at a time. He ran his eyes up and down the hard planes and let Jarren see his gaze linger on the erection that was oh so evident. Nash shucked off his own garments until not one stitch was left. He then turned Jarren around until so Jarren’s back was flush against his front. Nash pushed until they were standing at the sink in front of the mirror. Jarren stayed still, bathed in the heat that came from Nash in steady waves. Nash handed him a toothbrush and then grabbed his own. They watched each other in the mirror, blue eyes locked onto each other. Brushing teeth was one more thing that Jarren discovered could be extremely erotic. The whole time Nash had his hard cock nestled along the crack of Jarren’s ass, just resting there. Jarren was aware of each and every twitch. Nash let them separate long enough to pee, although it was rather difficult. When finished, Nash took Jarren by the hand and led him to the bed. Jarren climbed in and Nash settled behind him. Once again Jarren’s hand drifted downward and once again Nash claimed his wrists with a warning growl. Nash wrapped his arms around Jarren, effectively enveloping him in musky heat. All Jarren could do at that point was let out a soft whimper. He knew there would be no release tonight. Nash chuckled softly and ordered “Go to sleep Jarren.” As if that was going to happen any time soon, Jarren thought to himself, but couldn’t help smiling. He closed his eyes and let Nash’s heat engulf him. Surprisingly he drifted off.
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    Chapter 11

    Thanks! Just don't get too comfy. It might be all sunshiny bright right now, but trust me... rain clouds are on the horizon! 🤐
  15. kbois

    Chapter 11

    Sunday morning found Jarren and Nash tangled in each other’s arms and legs. Jarren woke feeling really hot. Nash was putting out more heat than an electric blanket. He kicked off the covers, needing the cooler air against his skin. He slowly untangled himself and maneuvered onto his side, leaving a little room between them so he could cool down. Seriously, Nash was like a heater. Jarren knew that he would have to make sure less blankets covered them next time they shared a bed. Hmmm. Next time. He smiled at that thought. Jarren took a moment to study Nash’s features as he slept. He thought that the scar slicing through his eyebrow was sexy. It added to the ruggedness of his face. Nash looked peaceful as he slumbered on. Jarren thought he could lay there and watch him all day. His bladder, however, had other plans. Jarren disentangled his feet from the sheet and blankets he had kicked off and slid out of bed. He grabbed his boxers and jeans and carried them to the bathroom with him. He took care of emptying his bladder that was ready to burst and pulled on the clothes after he dried his hands. Barefoot, he padded into the kitchen and searched for the makings for coffee. He could use a jolt of caffeine right about then. Jarren spied his phone on the floor where it must have fallen the night before and when he picked it up he saw a couple of texts from Robbie. The first was from last night and merely said ‘Gnite Bro’. The second had been sent ten minutes ago wanting to know if he and Nash wanted to meet him and Danny for breakfast. Jarren shot a quick reply letting Robbie know that he would check with Nash and let him know. He went and poured two cups of coffee and carried them back to the bedroom. Nash had just started stirring so Jarren set the coffees down and jumped on the bed, bouncing next to Nash. Nash’s eyes popped open as Jarren laughed. Jarren leaned down and planted a kiss on the full lips that beckoned him. Nash pulled him down and kissed him back. When they pulled apart Jarren said “Good morning. Want to meet my brother and Danny for breakfast?” Nash’s stomach rumbled and he said “I guess that’s your answer. I always wake up hungry. But today I’m not sure if it’s food I want.” He went to pull Jarren in for another kiss and then his belly growled again. They both chuckled as the decision was made for them and Nash’s stomach won. Jarren gave him a quick kiss and told him “Time for that later. I’m hungry too. I brought you coffee to get you started. Now get that fine ass of yours out of bed and I’ll let Robbie know we’ll meet them and find out where and what time.” Jarren grabbed his mug of coffee and slugged some back as he called his brother while keeping his eyes attached to Nash’s naked ass as it sauntered toward the bathroom. . When Robbie picked up Jarren said “Hey little bro, where and when do you want to meet?” On the other end he heard Robbie ask Danny what the name of the place was that he wanted to go to. Robbie then relayed “Danny says to meet us at Cutter’s Cafe. He says it’s not far from where the hotel work site is. Let’s make it forty-five minutes. I need to take a quick shower.” Jarren agreed and ended the call. He looked over at Nash and said “Somewhere called Cutter’s Cafe, Danny says it’s near the hotel work site.” Nash swallowed the mouthful of coffee he had taken in and replied "Yeah, I know where that is. We have time to finish our coffee and get dressed. It should take us about fifteen minutes to get there." They finished their coffee and Jarren ended up borrowing a t-shirt and sweatshirt from Nash as he hadn’t brought a change of clothes with him. They cleaned up their mess and headed out. Jarren offered to drive and Nash took him up on the offer. Danny and Robbie were already at the restaurant. It was a moderately sized diner and Danny swore by the coffee. Jarren slid in next to Robbie as he and Danny had already claimed seats opposite each other in the booth they had been seated at. Nash sat down opposite of Jarren and immediately stretch his leg out so that it rested in between Jarren’s. Jarren looked at him and narrowed his eyes slightly and gave him just a hint of a smile to acknowledge the welcome intrusion of his personal space. He reciprocated by pushing against Nash’s inner thigh with his knee. Robbie had given Jarren one of those raise eyebrow looks as he sat down and Jarren ignored him. He wasn’t about to reveal any part of his sex life to his little brother. The waitress came over and poured fresh coffee for him and Nash and topped off the other two cups as well. She said she would give them a few minutes to look over the menu and she’d be back to take their order. Jarren looked over the menu and quickly decided what he wanted. When their waitress returned Danny and Robbie both ordered a stack of pancakes and a side of bacon. Nash went with a ham and veggie omelet and hash browns. Jarren had decided on the eggs Benedict with home fries and fresh fruit. As soon as the waitress was gone Robbie looked at his brother with a smart ass grin on his face and asked “So did you have a good time last night?” Jarren shot him his own smart ass grin and replied “It was probably more fun than what you were doing.” Danny snorted and Nash laughed. Danny was smiling when he asked “So are you two a thing now?” Jarren looked at Nash and Nash was the one who said “We’ve decided to take things one day at a time and see where this goes, so if that counts as being together, then yeah, we’re together now.” Jarren nodded his agreement. Robbie looked happy. He had been worried about his older brother just as much as the rest of the family had been and so far he thought that Nash seemed like a good guy. The topic of conversation changed and the four guys bantered back and forth. Robbie and Jarren had both enjoyed the Georgia Aquarium the day before and they were debating what do that afternoon. It was still cold outside and the forecast was saying there was better than a fifty percent chance of rain. They finally decide to visit the World of Coca Cola. It wasn’t that expensive and it was off season so they were hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded. They were relatively quiet when the waitress brought out their food and Jarren wasn’t surprised when Robbie was the one to grab the check. He knew that their Dad had given him money and told him to pay for a meal or two. Nash tried to protest but Jarren just shook his head and in the end Nash relented. After a brief discussion they decided to take MARTA into the city. Jarren’s truck only had three seatbelts and there was no way they would be able to fold two, over six foot guys, into any of the seats in Danny’s little Nissan. Robbie was only 5’9” and even he found the space a little tight. Danny led the way and before too long they were on the train heading into the heart of Atlanta. The World of Coke was an interesting attraction and they managed to kill a few hours. Jarren was pleasantly surprised when he discovered red cream soda at the tasting center. He hadn’t had that since he was a kid. When he was young his dad always got gas at a locally owned garage. The service station had been around since the 50’s and the original owner’s son had run the place. He had an old fashioned soda machine that dispensed bottles rather than cans and Jarren’s favorite had been the Fanta Red Cream. The owner decided to retire when Jarren was ten or eleven and the service station had been bought by Cumberland Farms and converted into a convenience store. The store, colloquially known as Cumby’s, was still there, but they no longer had red cream soda. When they were done with World of Coke they walked over to Centennial Park and wandered around. The weather had improved slightly and the rain held off. It was still rather chilly, but Jarren would rather deal with chilly than frigid. They finally had enough of sightseeing by the time mid afternoon rolled around. Danny announced that he was getting hungry and that he had a huge crock pot of beef stew simmering back at the apartment. Three other stomachs agreed with his and the four guys headed back to the MARTA station where they had left their vehicles. They split up again at the station and this time Robbie decided to ride in the truck with Nash and Jarren. Jarren told Danny they would stop and pick up some beer as Danny had mentioned they didn’t have much on hand. It was a quick stop at the store for a case a Yuengling and a six pack of a local stout for Danny. They made it back to the apartment roughly fifteen minutes after Danny and were greeted as they walk in the door by the tempting smell of beef and vegetables. Danny had just put some Pillsbury crescent rolls in the oven and it wasn’t long before the yeasty smell of baking dough joined the beef stew aroma. Jarren and Nash set the table while Danny took a frozen apple pie out to go in the oven when the biscuits were done. Robbie opened a beer for each of the guys and looked smugly at Jarren as he twisted the cap off of one for himself. Jarren didn’t say anything. He didn’t see the harm in letting the kid have a few beers in an environment where someone was watching out for him. Besides, he was certain it wasn’t the kid’s first beer. He remembered being seventeen and imbibing in more than his fair share of illicit alcohol. The rolls didn’t take long and Danny placed them on a plate next to the crock pot full of beef stew. They each grabbed a bowl and helped themselves. Danny had done a great job with the stew and they all ended up partaking of a second bowl. Clean up meant that each man rinsed his own bowl and put it in the dishwasher along with his utensils. Beer bottles were rinsed out before going in the bin for recycling. There was enough stew leftover for two lunches so Jarren doled out the leftovers into two plastic containers and put them in the refrigerator. A quick scrub of the pot and the kitchen was done. Football season was over so they decided on a movie. Danny had Avengers Infinity War downloaded and Robbie wanted to see it again in anticipation of the final movie that was due out in May. Robbie was a die hard Marvel fan and had seen every Marvel movie several times. He was pretty much an expert on the MCU. Jarren and Nash settled on the couch and Nash threw his arm around Jarren’s shoulders and pulled him close. Jarren let his fingers entwine with Nash’s as he leaned against the firm muscles. Danny flopped onto the overstuffed chair with his legs draped over the arm as he settled in sideways. Robbie flipped the footrest up on the recliner and they all settled back to watch the flick. Danny got up when the timer for the apple pie went off and by the time the movie was over the pie was cooled off enough for consumption. Four guys, one of them being a growing teenager, demolished the entire thing. After the pie was gone Nash looked at Jarren and said “I should get home, tomorrow’s your last day with your brother and you should spend it with just him. We’ll have plenty of time later.” Jarren was more than a little disappointed, but Nash was right. He might not see Robbie again for a few months so he should spend as much time with him as he could. He grabbed his wallet, phone and keys and Nash said goodbye to Robbie and Danny. They were quiet on the ride back to Nash’s house and Jarren really didn’t want the night to end. Nash felt the same way. Jarren parked his truck in Nash’s driveway, but made no move to get out. He knew if he did he would end up not being able to leave. Nash undid his seat belt and leaned over. He hooked his hand around the back of Jarren’s neck and pulled him close and melded their lips together. All day long there had been soft touches, hand holding and leaning against each other, but now Jarren just drank in the amazing feel and taste of the man who getting deeper and deeper under his skin with every passing day. Their tongues danced together and Jarren could taste the unique flavor that was Nash as well as a hint of sweetness leftover from the pie. He didn’t think there could be a better flavor in the world than Nash. He heard Nash let loose a soft moan and Jarren was the first to pull away. They both knew they were close to that point where the kiss would turn from a ‘good night’ kiss to a ‘come inside and have your way with me’ kiss. Jarren didn’t want to rush things and neither did Nash. They said they would take things one day at a time and they knew that today was not the day to taking things any further. Nash let go of Jarren and smiled at him. “Call me tomorrow. ‘K?” Jarren nodded and smiled back at him. He decided that they needed to plan a proper date and he said so to Nash. “Hey, why don’t we plan on going out to dinner and maybe a movie next weekend, you know, like a real date?” “I like that plan. I’ll talk to you later Jare. Have fun with your brother tomorrow. He’s a good kid. I’ll see you Tuesday morning at work.” Nash said before closing the door to the truck. Jarren stared at his fine ass as it walked away from him and sighed when Nash and his awesome ass disappeared into the house. He backed out of the driveway and headed back to the apartment. Robbie and Danny were ensconced in a battle of Grand Theft Auto and Jarren declined their invitation to join them. His cock had been aching and he knew he needed to do something about it. A long hot shower would hopefully do the trick. Jarren grabbed a clean pair of cotton sleep pants that he had gotten for Christmas from his Mom. They had Sesame Street characters all over them. He swore that his Mom had a warped sense of humor. Either that or she still saw him as a six year old. Some days he wondered. The pants were a heavier cotton and good for cold nights. He knew that without Nash curled up next to him the pants would have to do to keep him toasty warm. Danny like to drop the temperature in the apartment at night and when they weren’t there to cut down on the electric bill. Jarren was onboard with it as it was what he did at his own house. It was easier to bundle up and throw an extra blanket or two on the bed when it was cold. There was only so much that you could remove when it was hot. Jarren stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. He brushed his teeth before stepping under the hot spray. His cock had been plumped up all day and was now standing at full attention as Jarren thought about the hot guy who was now his boyfriend. He rather liked that idea. He grabbed his washcloth and the body wash and lathered up his torso. His thoughts naturally wandered back to Nash, where they had been all day. He thought back to Nash explaining how he enjoyed being tied up. Jarren took his hard cock and started to stroke it using long, slow pulls. He imagined Nash tying his hands to the headboard and his cock twitched in response. He pictured his legs hanging off the end of the bed, spread wide and Nash standing between them slowly squeezing and stroking his own hard prick. Jarren picked up the pace and he imagined Nash doing the same. His rod was like steel and he knew he couldn’t hold back. Jarren tensed as his balls drew up tight and as soon as the image of Nash in his head started to shoot his load, Jarren’s own cock let loose with its own load of hot cum. Several shots jetted out and Jarren just let his body ride out the spasms and he watched as the water washed the evidence down the drain. He let the warm water flow over him as he recovered from the intensity of his orgasm. Damn, if just the thought of Nash tying him up had him cumming like that, he could only imagine how it would feel when he actually went through with it. Jarren had to give himself a mental shake before finishing up with his shower and shutting the water off. He dried off and pulled the Sesame Street pants up over his hips and pulled a plain white t-shirt over his head. He wasn’t all that tired and it wasn’t all that late. Jarren grabbed his phone and scrolled through a few apps and shot off a quick text to Mazen letting him know that Robbie was having a good time. Mazen’s phone returned the text with a picture of Cheech Marin surrounded by a cloud of smoke. Jarren knew that Cassie had gotten to Mazen’s phone before him yet again. She had communication by meme down to a science. He chuckled and sent her a middle finger emoji. He played a few games and scrolled through some news feeds for a couple of hours. He had just decided to go brush his teeth and hit the hay when his phone chirped with an incoming text. It was from Nash and said ‘still thinking of u. Gnite Jare. Sweet dreams.’ Jarren smiled and sent back ‘nvr stopped thinking of u. Sweet dreams 2u2’. Jarren put down his phone and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and pee. He checked on Danny and Robbie still ensconced in their video game. Jarren chose to ignore the additional empty beer bottles on the floor next to his brother. “Hey, don’t stay up all night. I’d like to spend some time with you before I have to put you on the plane tomorrow.” Jarren told his little brother. Both Robbie and Danny nodded. Jarren knew that Danny would wrap it up soon. Even though tomorrow was a holiday, Danny would have to at least check emails and voicemails. He had told Jarren that not all travel agencies closed for President’s Day and he would be working at least a half day. Jarren softly padded back down the hall to his room. Robbie would crash on the couch again. At seventeen his back could take it. He checked his phone again but there were no additional texts from Nash. Jarren slid beneath the covers and pushed his pillows into a more comfortable position under his head. He let his mind drift and before he knew it the sun was streaming through the slats of the blinds covering the window. Jarren looked at his phone and it saw that it was only seven a.m. He rolled over and let himself fall into that half sleeping stupor that he had perfected. It wasn’t until the need to pee overcame the need for just a few more minutes of sleep and he threw back the covers and headed to the bathroom. Morning wood led the way as usual and he had to shove thoughts of Nash to the back of his mind before standing in front of the toilet. When he was done he washed his hands and stopped by his room to shove his feet into a pair of thick socks. The floor was too cold for bare feet. Robbie was snoring lightly on the couch, one foot hanging over the side, uncovered. Jarren pulled the blanket over his bare toes and Robbie responded with a snort. Once in the kitchen he filled the coffee maker with water, found some hazelnut grinds and scooped them into the filter basket. He found some Hawaiian bread in the cupboard and sliced a thick piece for the toaster oven to work its magic on. He decided that scrambled eggs with cheese would work. There was a full egg carton and Jarren made quick work of cracking all the eggs into a bowl. His toast was ready and he slathered it with whipped butter and munched away while tending to the eggs. Danny strolled into the kitchen and put a couple of pieces of wheat bread into the toaster for himself. Robbie came sauntering in a few minutes later, the smell of food had woken him up. The three of them ate in relative silence as they enjoyed the simple meal. Jarren filled his coffee mug again and helped himself to some more eggs. When Robbie was done he cleared his plate and said “So, Bro, what’s the plan for today? If you’re taking suggestions how ‘bout we go rock wall climbing? Danny told me about the gym he and his friends go to and we can get a day pass to use the facilities. What do you think?” Jarren liked his little brother’s enthusiasm and quickly agreed. The gym was about a half hour from them so he figure by the time they cleaned up and got dressed they could be there by ten. They could spend a few hours climbing, stop for lunch on the way back and Robbie would have plenty of time to shower and pack up his stuff. The two brothers were both surprised to see not just rock climbing walls at the gym, but also a Ninja training area as well as a scaled back course. The good natured rivalry was on. Robbie was more agile than Jarren, but Jarren had more upper body strength. Overall they were pretty well matched, but Jarren couldn’t help but gloat when he beat Robbie on the course in the best two out of three runs. They had fun climbing the different walls and before they knew it the morning had flown by. Robbie only whined a little when Jarren told him it was time to go. They decided to change the plan and go home and shower first before having lunch. Jarren wanted a sit down meal with his brother but in their current state he was afraid their stench would get them thrown out of most restaurants. They had both worked up quite a sweat and Jarren was starting to feel both sticky and stinky. They ended up at a sports bar not too far from the airport and enjoyed a late lunch. Before leaving the restaurant Robbie checked the status of his flight and saw that it was still on time. He was already checked in and had his boarding pass on his phone so Jarren wasn’t worried when they arrived at the airport an hour and a half before Robbie’s boarding time. It would take him at least a half hour to get through security. Atlanta Hartsfield was a zoo, but Robbie was a pretty well seasoned traveller and knew how to get around airports. He wasn’t checking any bags and that made it easier. At the airport departure drop off Robbie hugged his brother tightly and thanked him for letting him come down. Jarren returned the hug and couldn’t help but to feel sad as he watched his brother grab his small bag and head into the terminal. He was barely back in his truck when the airport police were shooing him along. He slowly eased out into the heavy traffic and headed home. Tomorrow was a work day. Tomorrow he would see Nash again. Jarren smiled.
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