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  1. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Great idea!
  2. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Thanks.... he's a lot of work!
  3. kbois

    Chapter 18

    I was in a hurry. Had a dinner date with my son and hit traffic going to the gym. Was trying to respond while I waited for the hot water in the shower to warm up. But you are a lovable geek!
  4. I'm currently waiting to be seated. Have a dinner date with my younger son. Latest drama at work: Had a call from a sheriff's deputy wanting information about a dispute between a buyer and seller of one of the homes in my park. The seller signed a contract with a closing date of Jan 20. A couple of days before the closing she tells her realtor she can't be out by then. Realtor says too bad, you signed a contract and the seller is ready to take possession. Seller blows up my phone for three days panicking because she has to be out of her apartment by the 20th. She has all her stuff in storage and her current place is two hours away. She just started a job here and now has to commute 2 hours in each direction because the seller won't move out. There's nothing I can do, I wasn't involved in the sale. The realtor keeps blowing up my phone because the seller and buyer are both pissed at him. Played phone tag with the deputy, there’s not much I can tell him, not my circus! I'm pretty sure the buyer has pulled out of the deal. What a mess! @Wayne Gray, can I have a muffin?
  5. For the love of all things white, cold and fluffy, have fun and please don't break anything. You've got a story to finish and one to finish editing!πŸ˜‰
  6. kbois

    Chapter 18

    You're such a lovable geek.
  7. kbois

    Chapter 18

    You're such a lovable geek.
  8. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Dammit, something else to think about!
  9. kbois

    Chapter 18

    No chilling on the beaches around here anytime soon. Temps in the 30s Sunday morning!
  10. kbois

    Chapter 18

  11. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Should I be worried?
  12. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Damn right! 😘
  13. kbois

    Chapter 18

    Great observations. It remains to be seen how things will go down. Should be interesting. So many variables! So many potential cliffies! I'm practically salivating...🀣
  14. kbois

    Chapter 18

    I can't say it enough.... I grew up with 5 older brothers. I have 2 boys of my own. Bathroom humor is all I know 😊 If my younger son was a wolf shifter, he'd be Brad. Drama from day 1. πŸ™„ @Danilo Syrtis Another who agrees with meπŸ˜‹
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