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  1. kbois

    Coming to Grips

    It makes no sense. He stared, unseeing, at his computer screen. There's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with you. This is what Grant just needs to focus on. He needs to believe in his own words. He knows it in his heart [and other appendages 😆], now he just has to know it in his head [the big one on his shoulders] I think he got hooked on the journal when he realized T was a guy. I have a feeling that if the journal was written by a female he would have put it aside and forgotten about it. But instead his true self jumped up and said "Ooohh, two guys? I gotta read this!" It became complicated when Troy became real. As for the Quad Squad, yes they have Troy's best interest at heart, but they are going to have to respect boundaries and somehow I think there's a bratty author lurking, ready to push those boundaries.🤣🤭 Why is Sunday so far away?
  2. kbois


    YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! And in case you still don't get it........YES! They still have a lot of stuff to figure out. I'm hoping Grant comes clean regarding the journal. It's the perfect time... he's only read the beginning and the end. If he really wants to get to know Troy then he needs to skip the middle and do it the right way. I'm so happy that Grant finally realized the truth about himself. Most often admitting something to ourselves is the hardest thing we can do. Wonderful chapter, thank you! Once more....YES!
  3. kbois

    Silent Requite

    Hey...me again, yes I caved. Now I have to wait just like all the rest of your groupies. 🤪 I agree with KayDeeMac, you do have a great group of readers! I loved this chapter. It's the kind of Thanksgiving I'd love to have. I grew up in a big family and I'm over huge Thanksgivings. I'd much prefer a small get together with a few good friends. Can't wait for Grant to wake up and realize who he's up snuggling up to. My vote says he pulls Troy closer, gives in to the inevitable and admits the truth. However, knowing your evil streak, I'm sure you're going to string us along for a while longer. 🤭 Is it Sunday yet? Hell, I need wine!🍷🍷🍷 Well maybe now that I have some extra time I can find the motivation to work on one of the two stories I've neglected the past few weeks. Hmmm....now there's an idea! Good work Mr. Gray, good work!
  4. kbois


    Well another lunch time chapter, and because you challenged my resolve last night I'm sure I'll give in to temptation and read the next chapter when I get home. Evil Author! Definitely a lot happening here. I've been the mom in line at the grocery store[but with only 2 kids] and it's stressful when you're in line hoping that your mental calculations are correct and you have enough money to cover your purchase. Grant's gesture was sweet and even if he gets a mental high from it, so what, his heart is in the right place. Gotta go back to work so I get home and see what's going to go down at Thanksgiving dinner. [Then cry cuz I'll have to wait like everyone else!]
  5. kbois

    Comfortable Lies

    I think I enjoyed reading all the comments on this chapter as much as the chapter itself. I agree with everyone that Grant's meddling worked out THIS time. This little episode is going to be like a little speed bump compare to the 'Duke's of Hazzard' going airborne over the creek reaction when Troy finds out about the journal! As for the end of the chapter..... they just need to stop beating around the bush... 🤣🤣🤭🤭 Ok.. so only a couple of more chapters to go before I'm caught up and the honeymoon is over!. You have no idea how difficult it was to not gorge on the rest of the chapters, especially knowing that another chapter has been posted. 😮😉
  6. kbois

    Good Intentions

    Ok... I'm completely sucked into this story. I HAD to read this chapter on my lunch break instead of waiting until I got home! Grant most certainly has this whole rationalization thing down pat. However, I'm not really sure he's crossed a line, especially one that is so fine and tends to zigzag. Human nature, especially a caregiving one like Grant's tends to act from their hearts and the brain has no clue. It will be VERY interesting to see what Troy's reaction will be when he finds out he's basically been manipulated. Nice job!
  7. kbois


    I loved the interaction between the guys in this chapter. It seems that Troy is realizing that help doesn't have to be paired with pity. Grant is realizing that he just might have to take a good long look in the mirror himself. Changes are happening for both and so far the changes are positive. Looking forward to more of Grant's backstory!
  8. kbois

    A Wall Falls

    You commented earlier : "The house and all the contents are totally and legally Grant’s. Likewise, even accepting that the journal is a more personal thing, it was thrown in the fire, trashed; perhaps in despair and depression but none the less tossed from Troy’s life; the journal does legally belong to Grant while the memories are Troy’s." Not only are the memories Troy's, but the journal holds his heart. If posession is nine-tenths of the law, does that mean Grant posesses a part of Troy's heart, even if he doesn't realize it? I'm pretty sure that Grant is addicted to Troy's story and the journal has a lot more insight about who Troy really is. Now we have to wait and see how long it takes Troy to realize that he's beginning to heal. Letting Grant help is a turning point me thinks! Great chapter!
  9. kbois


    Wow. Troy is rapidly approaching a major crossroad in his life. I'm thinking that being pretty much forced to work on his old house is going to be a catalyst to make him realize that he needs to push his pride aside and accept some help. Being at the house and seeing the juxtaposition of where he was and where he is now is going to be a driving force in how he decides to move forward. Another great chapter......👍
  10. kbois


    Ok, I'm still sticking to my resolve to just read one chapter a day until I'm caught up. Since I can't indulge in binge reading I binged on an extra slice of pizza tonight. Your fault Mr. Gray....I caved. 🤭🤣 This was a really well done chapter. Troy is most certainly at the end of his rope. So many people have been in a similar situation. When my kids were little we had one of our cars repossessed. We spent seven years juggling 2 adults working full time at different jobs in different towns with 2 kids in school, running all over town to get everyone where they needed to be with only one car that eventually died. Luckily we had a little help to get another used car. I don't miss those days! Your characters are developing beautifully and I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
  11. kbois

    Echos of the Past

    I'm killing myself here by limiting myself to one chapter a day until I catch up. I really, really just want to binge through the chapters! My heart goes out to Troy. I've never had it quite as bad as he does, but in my younger years I've had to make the choice between gas for the car or diapers for the baby. Living paycheck to paycheck is an all too common reality for way too many people and your portrayal of how Troy is dealing with it is so empathetic. Great job!
  12. kbois

    From the Ashes

    I just finished reading both of the Camp Refuge stories and loved them. This story has already drawn me in. Looking forward to seeing how things are going to intersect for Grant and Troy. Great start!
  13. kbois

    Chapter 22

    She is definitely a handful, but she's got a heart if gold!
  14. kbois

    Chapter 30

    Well...I made it to the end and I can honestly say that this was the first story that I have felt compelled to write a review. Well done!
  15. kbois

    The Order

    First of all, this is a wonderful epic tale. It goes beyond the classic Good vs. Evil. Secondly. Yes, it's very long. There are themes that are repetitive but the repetitiveness works because of the length of the story. Thirdly. The characters are complex, both in their relationships to each other and the emotions they invoke. Last of all, the story runs the gamut of emotions. There are plenty of moments of love, laughter, anger, frustration....you name it, it's there. The only difficulty for me was the length of the chapters, rather than the length of the story itself. My real world rarely gave me enough time to read a chapter in its entirety in one sitting. Other than that I really enjoyed it.
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