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  1. travlbug


    Lord Charlie and great great grandad Harold: Was the cottage bequeathed as a lover's gift? Uh oh! Why do I have the feeling that Adrian will lose his brakes before he reaches the Manor Inn?
  2. travlbug


    If Lenny were a kiss salesman, Adrian would have bought him out and ordered more from the catalog. 😂 Ah, Aunt Millicent is the one to have laid the linoleum (it covers the blood stains!). So Howie vanishes at age 19, and Luke dies at age 20, and nothing happens to the girls at all. While it may be far fetched, it wouldn't surprise me if Millie (with or without Mathew's help) killed Howie, with Luke silenced a year later when he finds out what happened. And why would Millie kill Howie? If Millie thought that he were leading Luke astray, she may have thought herself justified. (Of course, I may have had too much sushi tonight, and the wasabi may be starting to get to me! [So tasty!] 🤗) But don't forget the footsteps! Are they large, small, a man's shoe print, a women's shoe print? Do the prints even go near the wardrobe? So where did Freya go right after leaving Lenny, Adrian, and Pippa? Well, what do you know: The calendar I just made up says tomorrow is Tuesday! 😉 Looking forward to the next installment!
  3. travlbug

    Masters of Earth 1

    Interesting that even the Elvish royalty needs to play politics to keep their power base secure. Interesting that Chris uses soul magic to power his earth magic. Considering the age of the earth, using an older magic actually makes sense. Interesting that Etalos has not so subtly indicated that he would be open to Chris's advances. (He really has to find a boyfriend! 😂) Interesting that Havar hasn't given up trying to influence Chris: He's an irritant, but my fear is that he is more dangerous than he appears. Interesting that King Ethnar wants to tutor Chris personally in the ways of Earth magic. (Perhaps he wants to impart a trick or two that's not usually taught.) Of course, pix of the elder King and powerful Prince sparring together would be excellent PR! (Just saying.) I love Leo's birthday celebrations! (So cute.) Chris's gift shows the love he has for his best friend, as he secretly imbues the sweater with spells for health and strength. (These attributes provide Chris the security of knowing his friend is better protected, so the sweater is not only a great gift for Leo but also gifts Chris with some peace of mind. 😊)
  4. travlbug

    New Day

    Hiding the antique cabinet behind plywood is not enough for the person who hid it: He also made sure to lock it up tight. Of course, if Luke sequestered such a large piece of furniture, he likely had help, so someone else must have been involved, and someone else shares the secret. Also, the fact that the dresser is locked, with no key in sight, suggests that Luke retained the key and expected to access the contents in the future--a finding which militates against suicide. Of course, if Luke were trying to save the dresser from theft by his aunt, he could have removed it from the premises, but he might not have been able to do so in secret, making it preferable to hide the piece. Either way, if Luke were trying to protect the piece, then he knew of his mother's thievery, although such insight would not seem enough to cost him his life. We need to know the contents of the dresser to speculate further. (After all, if Luke simply wanted to preserve the dresser, then it didn't need to be locked. Also, Leonard's presumption that the dresser was hidden by Luke has not been proven, so we need to keep an open mind, and Freya's help may prove invaluable.) Aunt Millie's decision to contest the will sounds like desperation. Nevertheless, Leonard better open the dresser before legal action prevents him from doing so. Most importantly, Adrian and Lenny confirm that their budding relationship is exactly that and not a one-night stand. (A little more kissing, Adrian, but feel free to bite!)
  5. travlbug


    "Can I assume you know what to do next?” [Leonard] quipped. Someone's asking for it (and he's going to get it)! 😂 So now that Adrian has found buried treasure (I didn't say that), and Leonard, his diamond in the rough, a happy ending is being dangled in front of us. But we still need to know what's behind the plywood! (Brian, did you think you could distract us with sex? What are we talking about again? )
  6. travlbug


    Character becomes manifest by how we react to the hard times in our lives, and Adrian has come through like tempered steel. This chapter melted my heart, and I'm so very glad to see that Lenny is ready to "take a chance" (he and Adrian both deserve it!). ❤ As for what's behind the plywood by the fireplace, we'll get there--eventually! 😂
  7. travlbug


    Mother Day continues to push the limits, so Adrian may want to think twice before offering to perform errands for her! 🥴 Pippa's discussion of Luke is not consistent with suicide, but if he were murdered, then why? Did his research on the house turn up something worth murdering for? (Did he hide his research in the walls?) Is Michael's disappearance several years later connected? Leonard is 10 years younger than Luke, so they are definitely not twins separated at birth, but George may have partially been motivated to give Colin the cottage because of Leonard's striking resemblance to Luke. So Freya is the next link in the chain of evidence. (Of course, if she really knew something of significance, wouldn't she have already told someone....)
  8. travlbug


    So glad that Lenny and Adrian have cleared the air over their schoolboy differences and that Lenny has come out. However, Adrian still harbors secrets regarding his early adulthood, which have stunted him till now. Perhaps he'll tell Lenny when he realizes that they are no longer a bar to his future happiness. Making plans for a house renovation is the fun part for most, but I have the feeling that Lenny and Adrian's relationship will truly blossom in association with the actual work. 😊 Yes, Lenny, please change the locks. It might also be prudent to create a booby trap to show if someone enters the cottage in your absence. Baby boomers forever! ABBA, merely adequate. (Before retirement, I had Beatles posters hanging in my office at work! )
  9. travlbug


    Leonard's realization that the cottage has no furniture is important, as only Millicent (and family) could be responsible for its removal. On that basis, she is already seen to be a thief (though if she thought she were inheriting the cottage, she may have looked at it as "advanced payment"). In 2020, Leonard is 47, and when Luke dies at 20, he is 10: With this timeline, Luke commits suicide around 37 years prior, or 1983. As the upstairs bathroom is done up in '70s to '80s hideousness, we don't know if the bathroom remodel comes before or after the suicide. If after, then the situation is suspicious, as Millicent's family stopped visiting the cottage, so there would be no reason for the work. Further, why would anyone remodel a bathroom but leave the pipes outside the walls (unless something else is taking up space inside the walls)? The bathroom scene just leaves me with a sensation of "wrongness," though I admit that the pink color might have something to do with it. 😂 Adrian turns out to be a brilliant consultant (showing that he has put care into learning his craft) and proves instrumental in Leonard's decision to keep the cottage. (So, Leonard, with all the examples of Adrian's sterling character/personality, when are you going to make your move? )
  10. travlbug


    Once again, Adrian shows himself of good character by outing himself to Leonard (just to make sure that Leonard would be comfortable sharing a room). He truly wishes to help people and cares about their feelings. Further, while he may look like a running back, Adrian demonstrates his erudition in discussing Luke's last words: He may not have learned the poem in school, but he has it memorized. If Millicent wants Bryn Bach because of Luke's death, then why han't she visited it since his suicide? We still need more information about her motivation. By the way, Michael, Luke, Matthew, and Mary are all biblical names, but Millicent--the most religious member of the family--has a name with no biblical reference. A significant point? I agree that the gang of four needs to be questioned: The farmhouse may have brought Leonard and Adrian to the area, but finding out about Luke may be much more important.
  11. travlbug


    Mother Day is simply ridiculous: She refuses to learn how to drive and then berates her son (in front of company) for failing to provide chauffeur service where she can easily take a bus or taxi. Did the father accept this type of bullying, or is it reserved for Leonard alone? I'm glad that Leonard refuses to accommodate her, as she needs to start fending for herself. Does Leonard really need Adrian along as a construction consultant, especially when the inspection is meant to be minimal? I tend to doubt it, considering his line of work, but I'm glad that he's not going to be alone at an isolated farm house under the circumstances. With mother nature having done her bit to throw our lads together, perhaps they will now be able to clear the air about their schoolboy misunderstanding.
  12. travlbug


    Millicent, to state the obvious, is not a nice person. She would not show up for a reading of the will without a reasonable expectation of inheriting Bryn Bach. So how could she be so incredibly wrong? Did Colin double cross her regarding a long-term understanding? Did she simply misunderstand her brother's intent? Bryn Bach means "small hill," and the first thought that comes to mind (at least in a mystery) is an ancient burial chamber. I also love the idea, espoused by @Clancy59, that the property may be derelict but worthy of restoration (possibly even with historical significance!). Of course, it may simply be where the Millicent gang buries their dead bodies. 😏 Leonard is smart to want to see Bryn Bach for himself, but it might not be smart to go there alone....
  13. travlbug


    Once again, Adrian demonstrates his good character by helping Leonard with the accursed Astra. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions have earned him lunch, and perhaps a second chance, with "Lenny." Uh oh, Adrian's father was a minister who gave "guidance, support, advice, and often for forgiveness...freely and generously to his congregation. But not to his family." Why do I suddenly feel that Adrian's "dark place" has to do with his homosexuality and his father's response to it?
  14. travlbug


    Well, Adrian tried.... That said, even if Leonard wanted to pour out his anger, the funeral is not the place to do it, so they will need to discuss their differences (if at all) another time. Of note, while Adrian is a construction worker, he is not a construction company, and he would never be requested to renovate an entire manor on his own. Of course, there's nothing to stop Heritage from hiring Adrian onto their crew to assist in the renovations, now that Drummond is out of the picture. (If so, his hiring would not go through Leonard, so that Leonard's grudge would not result in him being blacklisted.) Aunt Millicent is an irritant, showing up in Leonard's life just in time for the reading of his father's will. Of course, if his father had already repudiated her, then why would she expect an inheritance? (The plot thickens.) And about Lucas' suicide--was it? Further, did Michael publicly leave Millicent, or did he simply vanish? (Bwahaha!) As for Leonard's mom, she "giggles" like a "schoolgirl" in the aftermath of the funeral, though with red cheeks suggesting that she is in her cups--a suspicious frame of mind for a dour, bereaved widow or expected behavior from someone drowning her sorrows? The questions are beginning to mount....
  15. travlbug


    "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation": Adrian certainly seems to fit the bill nicely. He also carries the memories of a particularly messy and "dark place" from earlier in his life, but we don't know enough about this experience to know how it has molded him. (Something to do with the destruction of his career in sports?) However, we do know that he is sensitive enough to avert his eyes when Leonard sees him, and he is kind-hearted enough to share food and lodging with an old, annoying trick. He is trying to get by in life and has convinced himself that he doesn't need anyone special to help him do it. His life has become static--so static that Bernard can predict his take-out order with complete accuracy. The chapter ends on a note of regret: Will Leonard's presence make any difference? 😏
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