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  1. travlbug

    Chapter 79

    Don't tell anyone, but I expect him to make a full recovery too--but only after Mann tortures us for another week! (He's probably trying to figure out a way of turning us all into Demishous through the internet! 😁)
  2. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    Sequel! ❤🥰😀
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 79

    Bryce (rhymes with lice and is as difficult to get rid of) reminds me of the Alien in the flick of the same name, showing up after she should have been long gone. Luckily, Torrins was paranoid enough to keep a gun in the nightstand (presumably for use after a bad date), so Arad was able to ventilate the Bryce monster (YOU ***** [rhymes with witch]!!!). Unluckily, he was poisoned, and the med unit cannot assist him, so Roku will have to bond with Pakko, and Yosei will get a raise. And as for Arad--it's been nice to know you! 😢
  4. travlbug

    Settling In

    Too foxy! 😂
  5. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    Agreed, but Elisa may be able to zero in on the anomaly as if it were a homing device. My biggest concern is not in finding the general vicinity of the anomaly but in gaining access to the exact site. (Because Memphis is the Capital, there are many sensitive sites where Manu and Phil will not be allowed--e.g., the Pharaoh's sleeping chamber [though he might enjoy a threesome 😂] or the inner sanctum of the various temples devoted to Ptah, etc. If our adventurers are lucky, the anomaly may be hidden in the Necropolis, so that all they need to do is rob a tomb! [Theme music from Indiana Jones, please! 😂])
  6. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    Secrets revealed! Ameniu can speak, and Manu is a Kinsey 6! (So Naha's animosity towards Phil becomes more understandable.) A journey to the Capital! What will they find? With due respect to Erich von Daniken, my bet is on a temporal anomaly--maybe Elisa itself, hidden in a place like the Hut-ka-Ptah temple! (You never know. 😁) Of course, I could be wrong.... 😂
  7. travlbug

    Settling In

    When the body can't be found, all bets are off!
  8. travlbug

    Settling In

    George and the boys grow closer--to the point where the boys accept corporal punishment from George and, in turn, are entrusted with one of George's most intimate secrets. (A pity that DNA testing was not so advanced in 1965, or George may have had Chris tested. Regardless, seeing Philip's picture was certainly an Oliver Twist moment.) Billy has gone from a foul-mouthed prostitute to a schoolboy gentleman and sportsman, though we don't know if he's given up prostitution entirely. I love that Chris is also attending night school, as both boys seek to better themselves (again, with George's help). I love how the boys' own relationship has flourished. I don't know that the sex is about romantic love as much as it represents trust and comfort, but the elements are present for romantic love as well; and I'm glad to see that George doesn't care a fig how the boys express their love for one another (just don't tell Annie!).
  9. travlbug

    Getting There

    I found this chapter painful to read but couldn't help myself. George, Chris, and Billy have become an oddball little family, and I want to find out more about what happens to them. I do hope that Billy gives up the prostitution before he contracts a bad illness or is subject to violence. In a way, I'm surprised that Chris or George hasn't already raised the issue.
  10. travlbug

    Chapter 7

    Rushi creates spices for the Imperial table--the perfect position from which to poison the Emperor's food. That said, she would probably be the first accused of such an act if the Emperor were actually poisoned: She wouldn't be that stupid...right? Kastan and Andiya? Kiyan will discuss the possible pairing with his sister before "approaching" Kastan: It sounds as if Kiyan may give Kastan the choice, but the prologue has Kastan accusing Andiya of flouting an imperial edict. We are clearly still missing some pieces of the puzzle. (Of course, Kiyan would still get what he wants if Kastan marries Jihan, but he doesn't know of their relationship. Sounds a bit like the confusion in a Shakespearean play!) "Kastan studied the roads the messengers had used while following the eagles Jihan used." Kastan derives the probable location of the Kamran estate himself by consulting a map and the converging paths of the eagles: Jihan is not betrayed. 😊
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    Kastan turns out to be Jihan's one weakness, but is leaving him going to take care of the problem or make matters worse? Frankly, Jihon would be best served by integrating Kastan into the solution--and doing it on his own terms--rather than having an angry Imperial family member hunting him down.
  12. Gustav's attempt to sew mistrust has fallen flat. Just how much faith can we place in Gustav, knowing how he dealt with Chris? Love Chris's surprise visits to Elfdom! I wonder if we'll see a McDonald's franchise on the way to the palace! 😂 "Need a few days of break to recharge for some more writing." Chris has your energy signature and will find you if you try to hide! 😂😂😂
  13. travlbug

    Happy Hour

    I think that Don Martinelli may be a reformed gangster but that he wanted to evict the Russians personally for the fun of it (nostalgia is a wonderful thing!). He was probably hoping for some action!
  14. travlbug

    Happy Hour

    So Dante is given a thriving bowling alley while Tony is given a disgusting rat hole. Sounds fair. 😂 Yakuza members may have to give up a pinkie, but Konstantin's yubitsume may involve his head (the brain is already missing, so no big deal! 😂). I love the old Lincoln town cars. Monstrosities, maybe, but they were comfy monstrosities! 😁
  15. Chris, you're making assumptions. You say you love your boyfriend, so give him the benefit of the doubt until and unless he gives you a real reason for tears. (Do you think he'd be calling you over and over if he didn't care?)
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