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  1. travlbug

    Chapter 6

    I hope that Kieran's increasing use of "magic" does not result in backlash from the elves: He was meant to blend in with humans--to be human--and he has instead been linked to the "Great Ones" in view of his extraordinary abilities; and those abilities seem to be growing. I wonder if the elves will try to straitjacket Kieran's abilities in addition to their attempts to destroy his gayness. (Can they erase memories? They can at least suppress them, as Kieran and Mr B. cannot remember their past lives, but it would be tragic for the entire party to lose their memories, or for Woorawa to be re-blinded, to preserve the elves' secrets.) Alternatively, I wonder if Kieran will become so powerful that he can escape control of the elves entirely--perhaps retrieving his memories along the way--in which case he and his human allies might even challenge the elves at some point. So many possibilities!!! More, please. 😍
  2. travlbug

    Chapter 2: Bahamas

    I tried opening an online bookstore, but my day job (much less fun than the books) got busy enough that I was ultimately forced to close it. I'll try again when I retire, but for the time being, I'll indulge in Josh envy. 😊 Christopher may usually play church music, but he obviously knows enough popular pieces to draw an audience. He also seems like a patient teacher. And another date looming at the piano bar! 😍
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 1: Miami

    I couldn't survive without wheels on my luggage, but an old-fashioned portmanteau does give a taste of Christopher's character. The piano bar sounds like a great place for Josh and Chistopher to "sound" each other out. 😊
  4. travlbug

    The Tin Man Who Didn’t Want A Heart

    Yes, Alex, you have issues. Unfortunately, you also have Aron. While your observation that Carter should look for other, presumably unmarried, men would seem to have validity, you forget that this is a holy war (including sort-of angels) to free Aron from you, not simply a husband grab on Carter's part. (Speaking of which, where has Aron's personal guardian angel been hiding? 🤗) Carter, you already have conversations with your brain. Are you sure you that you also need a serious talk with your leg? (Talk to your brain about it!) Wow, Carter, you called Aron a “hot gay guy,“ and Aron said that “your ass is way too yummy for a straight dude.” How you respond will set the tone for your relationship with Aron for the rest of your life! What do you mean, “Yummy how?” And now you want a family with Aron? Hate to say it, but you got the dog even before the husband! Until Aron is free, you can't make your move; and Aron won't believe you if you reveal Alex’ infidelity, while Alex will never tell. It would take a third party--possibly a spurned lover--to open Aron's eyes. Oh, hi, Simon! Fancy Carter running into you this morning. Now, where are those guardian angels when you need them?
  5. travlbug

    The Guide

    At least Rulf still cares enough about Esthor to make sure he's safe. If Esthor wants the King's dagger, he will have to seek out Olivia, but then again, how could he possibly know? If he refuses to meet with Olivia until after he regains his eyesight, then he has created a "catch-22" situation and may never find the dagger! (So, Esthor, if you want to avoid some wild goose chases, now would be a great time to become altruistic and agree to help her out!)
  6. travlbug

    Clash of Wolves

    I hope that Rulf comes round, though it will take his heart some time to catch up with his head. 😪
  7. travlbug

    Chapter 13

    Great to hear that Nathan has fully recovered! As for Mac putting him in a hospital gown, it was all in the line of duty. 😉 (She could have asked one of the boys for help.... 😁) So, Kelly is a saboteur! Is she the only one? What are her motives? Is she getting active orders even now from outside the fortress (despite Alex' view to the contrary), or has she been acting on orders received before the mountain retreat was sealed? While I understand Noah's view that she should be left free but under observation, I side with Nathan: Lock her up after a thorough strip search (including a fine-tooth-comb search of her possessions) and look for some sodium pentothal amongst the medical supplies. Remember that she is a traitor in a war against humanity, and her ultimate punishment could even be the death penalty. Hopefully, now that Tobi has been exonerated, Alex can rebuild his friendships with both Tobi and Mac.
  8. travlbug

    Part 2

    An audiophilic love story with betting: Not a typical romance, but I love it! (I side with Seth, but my brother-in-law considers me a philistine. )
  9. travlbug

    What the hell is that?

    Alex and Jase are lucky to have such a good friendship, whether or not it leads to something more. Further, Alex is lucky to have a mom who is gay friendly, and she is nice enough to have offered Jase a safety net. Amos' sibling would probably be in his 90s by now, if still living, and would have made peace with his brother's death a long time ago. The items were buried as a gesture of love, but they are by no means sacred and can now be used to help other boys achieve their dreams--a much better use than moldering in the ground.
  10. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    Rory is making headway with Ilaria: By telling him to clean the car vents, she has given her approval for him to pursue his friendship with Milan. (I suspect that he will have the cleanest vents on the continent!) However, she has also suggested that the Takeda family is likely to move away in three years, which is an alarming, but not an immediate, threat. Ah, the mysteries begin to mount! Who is the mysterious blood donor? Whose voice does Rory almost identify talking to Kiyo over the phone? Who is Nisin, and what is his relationship with Kiyo (could he be the strange wolf alluded to a chapter or two back)? We need more answers! Uh oh, the council is convening, so Rory has run out of time. Further, are those 15 wolves on the security team hiding in the woods to guarantee his attendance? (Seems like an awful lot of wolves to deliver an invitation.) Is June tendering a summons or executing an arrest?
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    My only point here is that grabbing Amara's wrist (and pushing up his sleeve) represents, at least to me, an invasion of Amara's personal space, even though it was noted that Drew "would have been aware that in this situation Amara wasn't up to having someone invade his personal space, even if it was Drew." I have no hesitation in accepting your explanation as to why the sleeve had been pushed back only partially. I surrender! 🤗
  12. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    "There was a long, tense silence, during which Amara trembled and Drew ground his teeth. Eventually, he leaned back, releasing Amara’s wrist." That said, I defer to the author's interpretation.
  13. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    Amara is not the one who pushed up the long sleeve: "Drew slid back the sleeve of the kimono" and exposed Amara's bruising the previous night. It is difficult for me to believe that Drew, a trained observer, would fail to note all the bruising present or that he would perform only a partial examination, hence his surprise the next morning when he saw "a lot more bruising" than what he had observed initially. Amara did not reveal the bruising to Drew; rather, he signaled that there was a problem with his arm by rubbing it, bringing the situation to Drew's attention and resulting in Drew's decision to examine Amara's arm (and as I mentioned above, I can't believe that Drew was anything less than thorough. Further, there is no statement in the text that the long sleeve was only partially drawn up at the time of that examination). So, did Amara manipulate Drew into performing the exam by rubbing his arm, or was the gesture truly inadvertant?
  14. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    Is Amara playing Drew? While in the kitchen, Drew notes something odd about Amara: "Oh, the bruises. I'm surprised, Amara. There are a lot more than you showed me last night." Did Amara embellish the bruising? Did he completely fake the bruising? As Ben himself queries, "Have you seen me lay one finger on the boy?" When Drew accuses Ben of "threatening behavior, assault, physical abuse of a minor...," Ben denies it, saying "Never happened, mate." While Ben is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, clearly in need of being fired, did Amara stage events to force his dismissal? If so, he merits an Oscar for his performance, and I can't make up my mind whether Amara is a traumatized victim or a consummate manipulator--or maybe both.
  15. travlbug

    Chapter 14

    External sensors, communications array, engines, and navigational sensors are all offline. Yes, Arad is now captain, and he may even have a treasure on board, but he is also "lost, adrift through space in an unknown quadrant. The sole occupant on a ship going nowhere with no way to contact another living soul." Arad may think it's "awesome" now, but his present situation is akin to finding a buried treasure after the cave-in: Unless someone from the outside can rescue him, he will soon realize that he is well and truly trapped.

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