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  1. The subject of this chapter is acceptance--by his sister (Naomi), by the Studz Barecats (a fun vignette), and by his "honorary" brother (Robert). An uplifting read!
  2. I am in a 26 (almost 27) year old monogamous relationship, and we are officially trying the knot in November! ๐Ÿฅฐ While I understand intellectually that folk like Gio exist, I cannot fathom such behavior on an emotional level. At least, Zach is clear as to what he wants (and needs) and still has plenty of time to find it. Good luck to Gio in finding a lover who agrees up front to an open relationship, as the key is honesty and trust--not going behind his lover"s back, as he did with Zach.
  3. travlbug

    The Dream Team

    Wow! Samson's mea culpa is complete and heartfelt: I'm glad that he finally rids himself of his ridiculous antipathy and makes a friend of Tyler in the bargain. His apology gesture--to share the stage with Tyler--is truly inspired. I've frequented the local orchestra (classical music forever!), but as much as I also love rock music, I've never attended a rock concert (they look crazy-intimidating on the telly!). The closest I've gotten was watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan (dating myself much?! ๐Ÿ˜‚). My parents hated rock, and they refused to take me (the one and only time I asked to see a rock concert live) when the Beatles performed at the Hollywood Bowl. (Sigh.) One more chapter to go? Awesome! We're that much closer to the sequel!
  4. travlbug

    Breaking Free

    So Ash sticks it to Cliff twice: He allows Cliff to pay five hundred thousand in blackmail and then leaks the pictures himself! (Sorry, Cliff, that's gotta hurt.) Interesting that Cliff ultimately feels that Ash is worth paying the blackmail, and his decision to fire Ash seems (in the final analysis) more predicated on his belief that Ash is playing him rather than on Ash's exposure as a gay man. Samson, as much as I like you, you're acting like a pig: Make nice to Taylor, and don't let your guilt prevent you from being the nice guy you really are.
  5. travlbug


    Cliff must have an account with his local cell phone dealer, as his phones don't seem to last too long! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Kudos to Ash and Marcus for repairing their relationship. (The make-up sex would have taken an extra chapter! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) Technical point: Ash is contractually obligated not to come out on his own. However, if he is outed by a slimeball photographer, that portion of the contract should be unenforceable. Cliff, in trying to strong-arm Ash into paying the paparazzi, becomes an accessory to blackmail. Samson is the perfect support person for Ash in this instance. Despite his poor behaviour towards Tyler, Samson provides no-strings assistance when Ash really needs it. (People--and their motivation--can be complex. I wonder if Samson would have been kinder to Tyler had the latter been gay.)
  6. travlbug

    The Kiss

    Melanie Roy is a nasty piece of work, and Samson's belief that he has "won" is premature. (She may not be a big sports fan, but I bet she's an expert at curveballs! โšพ๏ธ) Ash, you're so romantic (Marcus is a lucky man!). Cliff is going to have apoplexy; and when he fires you (because he's an idiot), you'll be free to sign with Samson's label, which is clearly gay friendly. That said, if 2Good required you to pretend to be straight, I wonder if the offer to sing with it will now be withdrawn. ๐Ÿค”
  7. travlbug


    I'm curious to see if Samson's social media blitz will garner support by other singers and if classic media (newspapers, television, and talk radio) will discuss the story, as it now becomes actual news. Perhaps other singers (Ash?) may pull out of Argentfest altogether. With Goliath trying to crush David, I hope that Samson achieves more than his biblical namesake.... (Of course, Melanie gives the jawbone of an ass new meaning. ๐Ÿ˜‚) Tyler, you have finally seen the light, and David (the chauffeur) should get a medal for coming forward. Florence has already earned the eighth circle and is working towards the ninth: Don't be surprised when she spreads the word that you're a terror to work with, though anyone who knows her is not likely to believe it. You shouldn't have any trouble in finding a new agent who has your back!
  8. travlbug

    One Last Dance

    Vincent's story, while sad, makes a wonderful parable for Ash, who still has the power to write his own story. I have to wonder if Nile's car crash was an accident or something more. ๐Ÿ’”
  9. travlbug


    โ€œAnd always have people that support you and that you can trust close by. You donโ€™t have to and you shouldnโ€™t ever deal with anything on your own.โ€ Hear that, Tyler? (This is your Subconscious speaking...dump Florence....) I'm a bit bewildered as to why Samson is refraining from a media blitz, social and otherwise, against Queen Melanie the Bee. He hasn't even discussed the situation with his label or his lawyers. Remember, Samson, a smart bloke recently said, "You donโ€™t have to and you shouldnโ€™t ever deal with anything on your own,โ€ and at least in this instance, your closed circle of Anna and Hank is not enough. Touring alone is not the answer, as Melanie will never forget--or forgive. You have to take decisive action, and burying yourself in a tour is just running away.
  10. travlbug

    A Bold Move

    Samson doesn't just say no to Melanie's business proposition: He insults her personally by calling her old and a botox user. (Way to go, Samson! ) While I don't condone name calling (ordinarily), she has threatened to destroy Samson's career for his refusal to accept her damaging terms, so a few choice words are in order. I'm surprised that he didn't discuss the situation with Ash when he had the chance (maybe later), and his ability to retaliate against Melanie remains to be seen. (As an ancient person, I have no idea how powerful social media can be, but would people really boycott their favorite radio stations--and all music by doing so--if asked? [If alternative stations are available, I can see this approach working.]) Of course, by trying to railroad Samson, Melanie is trying to railroad his label, and I wonder if the record industry as a whole has a strategy to address rogue radio companies which attempt blackmail on this scale. Once again, Sanders has cut off his nose to spite his face, removing the budget from one of his best "properties" for spite and virtually assuring that Ash will wiggle out of his clutches as soon as possible. (Cliff, you're an idiot.) And on to the tours....
  11. travlbug


    Samson, please tell Melanie where to shove it. (She cares for her show, not your career, and four months of performing "stale" material may lose you too much of your core audience.) If you agree to perform without cutting the set list, she may still agree (it's called negotiation), so don't give away the store just because she asks for it! Stacy, you are a superstitious fool, and the perfume endorsement is off the table (serves you right!). Tyler, your heart is clearly in the right place: Has Emma made you think of a new use for your newfound fame and fortune?
  12. Making predictions is fun, but I have no vested interest in any of them coming true! ๐Ÿ˜
  13. โ€œItโ€™s not about sales! Itโ€™s about me...." After Sander's death from an apoplexy-induced heart attack, Pinnacle Records began to thrive, and alcohol bottles (and phones) around the world felt safer! ๐Ÿ˜‚ After leaving the Pinnacle label, Ash scored an amazing success by rejoining 2Good for it's subsequent platinum recording, and the band itself received greater acclaim in the American market! Of course, Samson and Ash fell head over heels in love, and Ash joined Samson's label, which was apoplexy free! When Ash finally came out, Kelly Marvel breathed a sigh of relief and agreed to sing at their wedding, which was televised the day before they released their first joint album! Tyler finally dumped Florence, who was immediately accepted by Pinnacle for their junior executive program. However, she was fired when she couldn't induce apoplexy on demand, though her eye-rolling talent and snarling ability snagged her a low-level government position. Stacy was discovered as Tyler's secret girlfriend and--surprise--record sales actually increased because they made such a cute couple. Stacy's picture was hidden in all future album covers (because of her status as the "secret girlfriend"), and the fans delighted in trying to find the hidden picture! Stacy herself received an endorsement contract from a famous perfume label. As for Tyler, he spent many years as a top-rated singer before the next generation decided to put him to pasture. However, considering the other singers in the same pasture, he was content. And they all lived happily ever after (except for Florence, but that's as it should be!). Unfortunately, my crystal ball was sort of cloudy, so I can't guarantee the accuracy of my predictions.
  14. travlbug

    Songs of Magic

    The Demonic veil/bubble is a great military achievement: The good guys can't penetrate it to know what it contains; and while allowing Humans in, it doesn't let them out. Further, it grows, absorbing everything in its path (think Blob, with Chris instead of Steve McQueen!). I love the concept! I'm also enthralled by the idea of a Demonic general so powerful that one body is insufficient to hold her might for a prolonged period! Wow! The Unreadable Book is revealed to house the Songs of Death: They make short work of Azarahel, but only after an epic battle, where Chris's innate strength has been exhausted. But whose voice and conciousness take over from Chris to enact the verses? How can Chris continue to absorb the Demon generals (Demonic energy) and remain himself--or will he?
  15. travlbug


    Samson, you're really a pill. Careers have to start somewhere: Are you this nasty to everyone just starting out or only to people whom you grievously wrong? Stacy, while I certainly understand your present ill temper, lashing out at the person who cares for you (just because he's an easy target) is not the best strategy. Sleep on it. Tyler, you earned this moment, so enjoy it! Ash, I love that you are so comfortable in your own skin that you can be nice to others without an ulterior motive. Hyun may never come round, but that doesn't mean that you stop being nice to him. And by the way, a word of advice: Just because you have a solo career doesn't mean that you can't sing with anyone else you want to! (If you can sing a duet with Kelly Marvel, you can make a record with 2Good--that is, if Sanders will let you!)
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