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  1. Why buy a house rather than stay in the lodge? πŸ€” The guilds that the players are creating appear diverse. As Theo says to Stephan, "What do you want your guild to do? Do you want to form a guild with your friends like the Indecisive Ones? Or a guild of people that you just met like The Blue Hand? And what do you want from this guild? Ultimately, Stephan says that he wants to create a "vanity" guild, with the ultimate goal being to buy better furniture for his house! (Why not? πŸ€—) With so many differently-constructed groups, it will be interesting to see who succeeds--and why. I love that people are networking, with specific people having specific goals. (Jerome, for example, wishes to transition from pker to protector, and Armon wants to use a wolf). Thus, we have unique people creating guilds and unique guilds waiting to engage the game content. Can't wait to see the action!
  2. travlbug

    Chapter 11

    My theory is that the U.S. became a superpower because we drink two-thirds of the world's coffee! πŸ˜‚ One of the nice things about the Church of the Morning Caffeine is that you can purchase an alter (e.g., a Keurig or Mr. Coffee) almost anywhere! "As Lyssa turned to stomp back into the house David’s brain was forever seared with the image of his daughter’s butt storming off in a thong bikini bottom, not to mention the top had barely covered her, and she wasn’t even a big girl in that department." Wet willie on the one hand, and femme fatale on the other! (They grow up too fast anyway, but not that fast!) A lovely day of pool and poker! Owen is obviously ready for Las Vegas! (Good to see that everyone enjoyed each other's company!) Lyssa would like Southern California--lots of horse trails where I live. My uncle had a horse which he kept stabled in the Griffith Park area, and he rode quite frequently. While I enjoyed horseback riding at camp as a boy and a teen (yay, Cottontail Ranch and River Way Ranch!), it's just one of those things that has slipped away from me as an adult. (One of many. Sigh.) David obviously revels in his role as a Dad, and it's very clear that he's good at it! πŸ˜ƒ
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 17

    Drew's concern that he may be developing an anger management problem is to his credit, but he's not yelling at people who leave the cap off the toothpaste or have the television too loud: Rather, he has demonstrated emotion in situations where most would feel similarly. We'll just have to wait and see if the anger becomes more generalized, but I doubt that it will. After an incredibly written scene of frottage, the boys cuddle and read IT: Does it get any better? (Yes, Drew, it does!!!) Dagwood sandwiches! πŸ˜† I haven't seen a Blondie movie or a read the comic strip in years! (You can sometimes hear the old radio show on Sirius channel 148, and it features the same actors who starred in the movies!) Teo, I'm submitting your name to teach gay Sex Ed at the local high school. (Have you patented your survival kit? 😁) "So you take this dildo and this lube and you educate yourself": An excellent curriculum. (And what do you do for extra credit? 🀣) At least, the Petrakis adults are doing one thing right: They're providing Drew with a room of his own! I love the fact that the garage has a "sneak" door on the side, and of course, it's Teo who realizes it first!
  4. travlbug

    Chapter 16

    If Drew truly had an anger management issue, it would have been manifest way before now. I think that Drew's reaction to Joe is more due to possessiveness and protectiveness than anger, per se. (While he acts with violence, he plans the confrontation, so it is not completely spontaneous.) Further, while he argues with Mr. P. regarding his privacy, Mr. P. is the one who grows hot under the collar, not Drew. (Drew manifests anger later--e.g., in how he collects his clothes--but this appears to be in reaction to Mr. Petrakis' views/statements as espoused during the argument.) In fact, Drew really only manifests obvious anger again at the grandfather's attempt to "kidnap" Cole, and this anger is clearly justified. Now we know where Laurie's hate comes from. Ugh. And hurray for Keith! Once again, he shows his true worth!
  5. travlbug

    Chapter 5

    So the "murder" of Peris is tabled in the fine tradition of "don't make waves." That said, I doubt that the situation will stay "buried." 😁 Don't worry, Phillip, it's only blood! I presume that, by the time the father presents, he already has gangrene. Alternatively, he may have had a severe cellulitis that was creeping up the leg, with no way of stopping the infection excepting for amputation (thank goodness for antibiotics!). Either way, amputation would have been an appropriate treatment. Additionally, I love Alexios' interchange with Clodia and Thalis: While considering that the true diagnosis is a lack of exercise, and addressing it by recommending walking, Alexios tells Clodia that she has an "imbalance of bodily fluids" because it would make more sense to her (and be more acceptable than the diagnosis of "lazy slob" πŸ˜‚). Likewise, the dill oil is a placebo, but it makes Clodia feel that she's gotten her money's worth. (Part of a physician's role is in leaving the patient feeling better for their visit [otherwise known as a good bedside manner], and Alexios leaves the customer satisfied while giving some sound advice. While modern physicians would not espouse the quackery, they would understand what Alexios is doing completely!) I have more respect for Alexios now, and I suddenly think that the brothers may indeed be successful in their new Roman practice!
  6. travlbug

    Chapter 10

    "David was still ramped up and even though he was pushing forty he still managed to get excited again." And at such an advanced age. (I'm shocked!) πŸ˜‚ While TC was practicing shibari on David, all I could think of was David tied up like a present with a bow. (And who gets to open his present?) Renee and Mike are a lovely couple, and I'm happy to see them enjoy David's company--and vice versa. (I hate the trope where divorced people are always at each other's throats, so thank you.) The kids are also nice, and it'll be great to see Lyssa, Owen, David, and TC interact with a family dynamic.
  7. Interesting game theory--fun to read about, but I have no questions (being spoon fed is just fine). Yay for Pig Latin! (Otherwise, I'd be monolingual. πŸ˜‚) Love the depiction of Sanctuary--and it's customizable! Fascinating discussion of what may happen on returning from their avatars to their real bodies--especially as regards the younger kids, and depending on how long they've spent in the game. Of course, it's too soon to PANIC! Communal living? Why not? (Teleportation circles would really give the feel of a four room apartment.) And little by little, the A team is turning itself into an amily-fay! 😊
  8. travlbug

    The Summit

    The alliance has been officially signed, but what now? There is no demon army to fight, and the demons are fighting like terrorists (achieving a specific goal and then vanishing). How can you destroy an enemy that can pop up anywhere at any time? The answer is intelligence, but then, the question arises as to how you obtain it.... "Victor and I stood looking through the large window, as we silently enjoyed the sunset bathing the skyline in various shades of red." I guess a bloody sky might be a good omen to a vampire, but as a Human, I'm not so sure...
  9. travlbug

    Chapter 14

    The "dick" conversation is rather silly in and of itself. However, its importance lies in showing how open the friends and siblings are in talking about virtually anything; and their willingness to discuss sex and boundaries is actually healthy. (I love the juxtaposition of Alessia and Teo's invading Drew's physical privacy just before dissecting his mental privacy!)
  10. travlbug

    Chapter 13

    "The living room had...art on the walls that featured partially disrobed men...." (l never believe in half measures. πŸ˜‚) I love Dabeagle's portrayal of Keith: While showing his character flaws (e.g, using offence as a defense), he creates a sympathetic individual who has been molded by hurt and who sees the world through the lens of his own (painful) experiences. Yet, he's trying the best he can, and he acknowledges to Drew that he would never force Morgan to choose between his children and him. (I love that Drew realizes the imposition that children represent in Keith's life but that Keith is still willing to accept the kids for Morgan's sake.) That Morgan can see past the bluster and insecurity to the goodness at Keith's core is a measure of Morgan's own goodness as well. 😊
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 9

    Hi, Bard, I did not mean to be mysterious in any way. While Elliot was a sub, he chose a tattoo (presuming it to be an Asian Dragon) indicating power/strength, nobility, wisdom, balance, and (as a corollary to balance) half of the yin/yang. Thus, despite being a sub, he did not see himself as weak. Rather, as a sub, he felt empowered--noble--and a balance (the "yin") to his Dom's "yang." Being a sub, far from making him feel diminished, gave his spirit its unique strength, and the Dragon tattoo was his way of announcing it the world. 😊
  12. travlbug

    Chapter 12

    I love the structure/construction of this chapter: First, we start off finding Drew at his boyfriend's house: They are enjoying each other's company, and the emphasis is on comfort. Second, the scene shifts to the Patrakis' home, where practical matters are discussed, including Drew's home life, need for adult supervision (whether he wants it or not), and his relationship with both Mr. and Mrs. Petrakis. Third, we switch to Drew's house (not home), where Brax helps to stop Drew from brooding and adds some clarity/truth to his relationship with Cole. (Note how Drew gains insight from Brax--someone from outside his family--and not from his relations/location.) Finally, we end up at Cole's father's home, though the location no longer matters because Cole is there: "I ended up carrying him on my back, and we were laughing and I was off balance – and it was glorious. Fun, stupid and nonsensical, but glorious." After talking to Brax, Drew is sure in his relationship with Cole. 😊
  13. travlbug

    As They Should Be

    Sad that some people need to have an object lesson to understand the truth, but the General is one of those people. He is lucky that N'than hates violence and understands mercy. (As with @droughtquake, I though that the Shark King would take a toe or two for his trouble, as the General would still be left functional, but the scarring will be an excellent reminder--and better than the General deserves.) Smeeth is willing to go after what's important in his life, though Qa still saves the day. (That said, the fact that Smeeth tries his best makes all the difference.) The end is lovely, where N'than chooses Smeeth and "our simple life" for his future. πŸ₯° My thanks for a heartwarming story!
  14. travlbug

    Chapter 9

    Oops, almost forgot: I love the mention of Elliot's dragon tattoo, and I love what the choice of a dragon says about Elliot. 😊
  15. travlbug

    Chapter 9

    A 5.2? You're right in thinking that most Californians would find this pretty tame. The location of the epicenter would also make a difference in how the earthquake was perceived (was it out in the ocean, a mile underground, several cities distant, or in your face?!). Most earthquakes at this level would probably last around 20-40 seconds, but aftershocks would be a possibility. The minimal damage observed in the story is realistic. This chapter is primarily spent in TC's head, and his grief is healing. As his desire for exclusivity with David does not make sense (in the context that they are just "friends" and that their present level of commitment was never meant to last), I wonder if TC's subconscious is trying to tell him something. πŸ€—
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