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  1. travlbug

    Chapter 9

    "Stan saved me when he decided to shove peas in his nose, so I excused myself and bailed." The point is not stuffing one's nose with peas but shooting them out again, preferably under high pressure! 😂 (Show 'em, Stan!) Benji is extremely sensitive and easy to hurt. That said, Ryan is able to make him understand that he meant no harm by his delay in texting. Further, he makes Benji aware of Gwen's poison and makes his own position clear: "...I draw the line when she either makes you feel bad or tries to get between us. You okay with that?" Benji agrees, and I can't wait to see how Ryan h
  2. The ballad is quite cheeky! 😂 A behind the scenes look at the seat of power! 😂😂😂 The assassin gives Kai the chance to look heroic: "Now taste my steel...or something." (I love Kai's way with words! ) And Conrad, getting skewered just to steal Kai's thunder! Really! Sebastian's faith in The Phone is not misplaced. All hail, the powerful Phone! (I love squirrel videos. 😊) "Who’s the seme? Who’s the uke?" See? Even Tani know that this is a Boy's Love story!
  3. travlbug

    Chapter 5

    "In two years, my father had become far more comfortable with the whole ‘gay’ thing, and now I was actually wishing for the homophobia to come back. It was a lot easier to deal with than the way he’d tease me every time he spotted a gay man checking me out, or just in passing." Dad has developed "gaydar!" He exemplifies that homophobia--a learned trait--can be "unlearned" or at least mitigated. "...What other reason was there for going to Disneyland besides going on the rides?" I used to have a season's pass, and one of my favorite activities was plunking myself on a bench in Jackson squ
  4. travlbug

    Chapter 4

    The talk between father and son goes better than expected…. Ah, the old "reading Russian as opposed to the translation" trick: Yes, Dad, Davey has had his Do-Over memories all along. They're just a bit more fuzzy than they used to be. Dad insists that Davey reveal his (the father's) history through the timelines; and to do him justice, he never calls Davey a liar. He accepts the information in the spirit it's given, and my only surprise is that he makes it to the end of their conversation before belting back a scotch! Further, he listens to Davey--really listens--in their discu
  5. travlbug

    Chapter 3

    🎶 Hot tubs and feelings and time to trade rings, These are a few of my favorite things 🎵 I love Brian's approach to making Davey his boyfriend: First, he talks to his friends, his parents and even Uncle Rich. As for Davey--he's the last one to know! The boys have created a wonderful group friendship for themselves (and Brandon, Sean, and Trevor seem to be fooling around a bit on their own). If this chapter were to have a theme, it would certainly be the interpersonal relationships being established which will serve them life long. Dad may have seen the hug between Davey and
  6. travlbug

    Chapter 2

    Not surprisingly, Davey's father remains uncomfortable with homosexuality: The difference, particularly strong in the last two timelines, is that he can be respectful and interact meaningfully with the gay community despite his personal views. He's actually doing a good job. Unfortunately, David's work has resulted in the crazies threatening harm, and the upgraded security has become necessary. (I love that the Secret Service reassures Jenny that she won't be reported to her parents if she doesn't do her homework! ) All friends have to be vetted, and I wonder if something funny will actu
  7. travlbug

    Chapter 1

    Ah, the story is now being told from Brian's POV, and his first few thoughts in 7th grade English suggest that he is not quite a paragon: First, he can barely refrain from snorting at a "frumpy" girl who causes his "geek meter" to ping. (Sadly, even Davey has to stifle a laugh, not to mention Trevor and Brandon, making one wonder if being a jock automatically causes brain damage.) Second, in his identification of Davey as "the new kid, the guy whose buddy had gotten in my way…," he demonstrates his internal refusal to take responsibility for shoving Sean (no matter that he apologized). Third,
  8. A dark story with a happy ending, focusing both on world events and on the personal--on family, enduring friendships, and love. You'll see a bevy of historical politicians as they have never been seen before, and I loved watching Davey, our hero, interact with many famous politicos in his attempts to correct the timeline. With its unique method of time travel, its high-stakes plot (with the fate of the world literally at risk), and its engaging (but not necessarily nice) characters, Do Over Redux is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it.
  9. travlbug

    Chapter 39

    "Yep, it was a big day, this first day of the Seventh Grade, and things couldn’t possibly be better." After meeting Brian again, Davey develops a big smile on his face and a new spring in his step. (In fact, he can't contain himself and "practically [skips] the last few hundred feet to school.") Until then, he seemed to have forgotten his Do Over memories--or had he? 😉
  10. Sebastian thinks of Kai's body as "part of the curse." I can just image Kai returning to his body and finding it buff, preppy, and covered in tattoos! Sebastian doesn't have romantic lovers: He has "bed warmers." I wonder if he'll fall for Milo and what he'll do if he has to leave Earth without him. 🤔 Kissing 101: Does Sebastian assign extra credit? (Actually, Sebastian mostly uses the Socratic method, allowing Milo to explore and find the answers for himself!) Ah, the Great and Powerful Phone is given credit for a tutorial on kissing. (I just looked it up. Well, whadda you
  11. travlbug

    Chapter 38

    "...The part of me that had lived through those years whispered that Dad had taken up running to spend more time with me whenever he was home." Sounds like Davey's personality/ memory integration is not perfect, though serviceable. “The men listed in that letter are a danger to our country’s safety, and the entire world’s. They must die…. If I wasn’t already losing these memories, I’d suggest my name be on the list….It’d be safer for everyone involved. The truth is, right now I couldn’t make another time machine that worked. In a few days, or a few weeks, even the memories I have now wil
  12. travlbug

    Chapter 37

    Interesting: The battle for Davey's mind makes it sound like the Do Over memories, which came back in '76, did not "take" the way they should have and are now resurging, after being buried for four years. Further, rather than overwriting Davey's memories (already done in '76), the memories laid down between '76 and the present are blending with the Do Over memories, as opposed to being lost. Davey becomes a gestalt of both memory sets! (Supposedly. he reads a letter which triggers the Do Over memories, but how could he have been certain that they would have been triggered?) Davey finally
  13. travlbug

    Chapter 8

    "Julia and I had enjoyed the sex life we'd managed…." Managed? Sorry, Ryan, but this statement is a call for help! Good thing you've already found the cure! "I made sure my dick led the way back to his bedroom." Works better than a compass! (Who's going to tell the Boy Scouts? 😂) Benji employs an irrefutable defense for Gwen's bitchiness: "Well, it's a thing we do. She can be a hag, but she's my hag, if that makes any sense to you." So what can you say to that? 🤗 At least, Benji has a plan to go back to college: He does what he needs to do (actually, a very attractive trait).
  14. travlbug

    Chapter 5

    Not necessarily, though she does note that it would be a cool status issue to have a gay brother. She also tells Ryan she would be Ok with his being gay. However, rather than reveal the truth (when directly queried) and ask her not to share it, he refuses to come clean. Sure, it's his secret to share or not, but when the truth finally does come out, she will certainly feel that he didn't trust her to know it. (Maybe she'll understand that he wasn't "ready" to share, depending on her maturity level, or maybe that "lack of trust" will drive a wedge between the brother and sister, whereas the s
  15. travlbug

    Chapter 36

    Aw, 8 year olds playing in Little League: Davey and the crew are probably adorable at this time, even if Davey's somewhat older mind is having thoughts he shouldn't be having! One of the advantages to being short is having a smaller/tighter strike zone. Yay for Sean! Ok, Davey has now, at the age of 8, made his first contact with Reagan (we knew he was precocious! ). As a side note, my Aunt was a docent at the Reagan library for years, and it was a standing joke that she was the token Democrat! "...I realized this was part of what [the Brians] were trying to tell me. It wasn’t
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