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  1. lomax61


    Brathay felt as though his skin had begun to catch fire. A fury so intense erupted from within that he started to lose control again. He felt the blood draining from his face and a tremor beginning beneath the surface of his skin, centring in and around his chest. For a long moment, he did not breathe, not until his lungs began to ache. And then the combined voices of his father and Brokerman sounded loud and resolute in his mind. Breathe, Brathay, breathe. Do not give yourself away. P
  2. lomax61


    Hello @raven1, welcome to the world of Mulia. You've joined us at exactly the right time, as I am a few chapters from putting this tale to bed.
  3. I just finished the book. A very thoughtful, emotionally exhausting, but ultimately wonderful story. And I agree with @Mrsgnomie that your review was spot on.
  4. lomax61


    Brathay woke with a pounding headache and only slowly became aware of the familiar icy coldness enveloping his skin and a putrid stench he would rather have forgotten. At first, he believed he had lost his sight—the darkness all-consuming—until his eyes picked out a faint orange glow of torchlight from outside reflected on the damp wall of his cell. He touched the painful spot at the back of his skull and felt caked blood. This time, at least, someone had furnished him with a blanket that p
  5. lomax61


    Hi @Darryl62 and other readers of the story. My sincere apologies for not posting the next chapter yet, which was turning into a magnum opus until my beta reader friend suggested making it a two-parter. It's also one of those chapters I have been going back to again and again, and tweaking to make sure it has the right impact. I am very happy with the end result and hope you will be too. Anyway, rest assured, it's now with my editor and beta reader, and will be with you as soon as humanly possible. Charlie Brian
  6. lomax61


    Brathay and Marietta emerged from the Great Hall with the last of the crowd. Someone was ringing the hour bell repeatedly and urgently while soldiers and house staff ran frantically around amid the chaos trying to get a fire under control. Whatever had been launched at the keep had either been aflame or had started a fire upon impact. The wooden outer structure of part of the kitchens burned hungrily, flames licking the upper floor. Two bodies had been laid outside in the courtyard safely away f
  7. lomax61


    "What do you mean Mollik is not here?" asked Haycock, after proceedings had just begun and the name check of his witnesses had been met with a simple reply from the audience. "Where is he? The man is a key witness. Your lordship, he was stationed near the door of accused's chamber—one of the guards on beacon watch—on the night the chamberlain went missing and will confirm that the apprentice never returned to his quarters that night." "I also need to question Mollik," said Marietta, as conf
  8. Downloaded based on your review. Already love the writing style. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. lomax61


    Even though Brathay turned away, the silhouette of Leonmarkh did not move. But he obeyed instantly and had pulled his hand away. For a long moment, he stood there, breathing and unspeaking, appearing to observe and appraise. "I told you I did not think you should go," Brathay whispered eventually. After a deep sigh, Leonmarkh knelt down in front of Brathay and, following another pause, rested a warm hand on each of Brathay's knees. Despite the calming gesture, Brathay refused to look h
  10. lomax61


    I promise to have a new chapter to read on or before Christmas Day.
  11. lomax61


    Prisoner When they reached the gatehouse, Zhorman stepped in front to engage a band of soldiers standing around talking together just inside the courtyard. Shouting a command, he pointed up to the beacon at the far end as he approached them. The ploy proved effective, diverting the soldiers' attention and allowing Khraxwall to move them unnoticed towards the northwestern tower. On his first few days there, Brathay learned how the keep towers in the north were built into the rock promon
  12. lomax61


    Quick recap from the chapter, in case you missed this: To make the most of his time, he would spend the day reading through the black-bound notebook Leon had left with him to see if anything signified. After he had washed his face in bracing cold water, he popped the book into his inside pocket and stepped out into the early morning.
  13. By the time Brathay reached the kitchens, Mrs Sturridge and Marietta had everything under control. Instead of serving lumps of meat straight from the fire, Marietta had suggested making wild boar and mushroom pies using her own recipe for the pastry crust. Already the kitchen smelled wonderful, the marinated meat searing on the open fire before being cut into chunks and added to bowls of pie sauce. Two of Mrs Sturridge’s staff chatted happily together, each with flour-speckled cheeks, rolling ou
  14. lomax61


    Brathay stared down at the flagstones in his room, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Haycock, he could handle, but the discovery of the dragonfly brooch irked him. How had the item come to be in his bed? Or did Haycock have the thing palmed in his hand all the time? No, Brathay had watched him pull back the bedcovers with both hands, and even a seasoned trickster could not have managed such a calculating sleight of hand at such close proximity. The obvious reason had to be that the
  15. I am in total agreement with your review, score and all. I read this after a string of not-so-good MM stories and wondered if my opinion was skewed. But everything you mention resonates with my evaluation. Graham is damaged goods, and Rikker is such a wonderful human being. At first he seems too good to be true, until you meet his family. Great writing, fab dialogue and basically great storytelling—from someone who honestly couldn’t care less about hockey!
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