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  1. Great post. I value the feedback I receive from readers on GA. Quite often the freely given comments (@Myrplease don’t force comments) and guesses from readers at how the plot will develop, helps me to keep a story fresh. Honestly, without feedback, and especially without comments however short and succinct, I would stop posting stories here. What other benefit is there for a writer? But giving feedback effectively is an art. As an writer, I am putting my heart on the line every time I post or publish a story. If I am being given feedback on GA, particularly constructive feedback,
  2. Just finished mine. Needs redrafting in places, approved by my editor, then I'll submit.
  3. Wow, thank you, Renee. I am honoured. This short story had been sitting around for years, so I was grateful to have the reason to dust it off, and delighted that it sat in a group of such excellent stories by GA authors. The anthology feature is a great way for writers to put up their stories. If you have something you want to showcase, then this is the perfect platform.
  4. lomax61

    Chapter 25

    Sunday morning, Spencer stood outside the Bermondsey apartment in a plain white towelling robe over his tee and pyjama bottoms. Overlooking the Thames, someone had adorned the apartment’s concrete terrace with lush evergreen plants and bushes in China blue and white pots, and terracotta plant holders, not unlike Muriel Moresby’s penthouse apartment. Spencer cradled a mug of steaming coffee against his chest, watching a barge inch down the Thames. Tiger sat stock still beside him, watching vigilantly as birds chirped excitedly in the naked branches of a tree across the way. Behind him, a door s
  5. lomax61

    Chapter 24

    Having lived together since Marshall’s return, creating their own support bubble, Spencer’s mother made a few phone calls and confirmed that Spencer and the friend he now lived with—together with Tiger who was now installed in South Kensington—could join them for Christmas. Once again, Spencer was grateful that his mother had been an NHS nurse, someone who knew the right people to contact to clarify the complex and ever-changing rules. On Christmas Eve, they drove to Bournemouth, relieved to be out of the confines of the London flat, speeding south down the almost empty motorway. Marshall
  6. lomax61

    Chapter 21

    I have posted a message at the end of each chapter asking readers respectfully that “If you find any edits or typos or other errors, please PM me (using the envelope option at the top of the screen) on Lomax61, rather than posting a comment on the chapter.”
  7. lomax61

    Chapter 23

    Spencer sat stiffly next to the entrance on the very last polished bench of the Chapel of Rest. Coming from where, he could not tell, but a distinctive almost cloying scent of lilies filled the air, outmatching the various expensively perfumed bodies seated around him. Numb inside, he stared unseeing at the backs of vaguely famous people either perched in front or moving slowly down the aisle towards the front. Life would go on. Christmas with his family would still go ahead. Once again, he would turn up alone. Garret would be on crutches, and the women would be fussing over him, to make
  8. lomax61

    Chapter 22

    Spencer lost count of how many times he had paced the length of his flat. Even Tiger, who followed him up and down weaving between his legs, seemed to sense his distress. Before putting his key in the lock, he had tried to phone Marshall’s mobile number, but not unexpectedly, the call had gone straight to messaging. Darcy had been right. As soon as he switched on the television, every news channel replayed the breaking news footage of the incident. One minute, the president stood making a speech behind a transparent screen of what appeared to be glass or perspex—probably a teleprompter—th
  9. lomax61

    Chapter 21

    I’m here. Next chapter up is a little sensitive with everything else going on in the world and with me wanting to make sure I am accurate with UK policies on current situation, so I held off to make sure there were no ugly surprises. I am also trying to get all remaining chapters finished in draft so there’s no delay when it comes to posting and finishing the story.
  10. lomax61

    Chapter 21

    On Thursday morning, Spencer sat at his desk, staring at his email, picking at small jobs to keep himself occupied and psyching himself up for his meeting with Muriel. He knew he ought to be feeling something akin to relief, but anxiousness weighed on the pit of his stomach like too much pizza. The night before, he signed and posted the employment contract back to The Herald recruitment team. That very morning, he had brought a copy of the agreement into work with him, along with the covering offer letter. As soon as he had logged on, he had written, printed, and signed a resignation lett
  11. lomax61

    Chapter 20

    Okay @Cachondeo, I’m going for an intervention here guessing my characters hit a nerve. At some point Joey’s self interest and narcissism is going to destroy him, especially with his declining career. Blake is counting out his days until his time in the spotlight comes along. If you’re nothing special or publicly in his eyes, then you’re not even in the running. Neither are considering anyone but themselves. That’s why I threw Joey and Blake together at the end. How would (not could) that relationship ever work out? Answers on a postcard!!
  12. lomax61

    Chapter 20

    Wednesday afternoon, Bev perched her bottom on the side of Spencer's desk, an enigmatic Mona Lisa smile on her face. As usual, she dressed to perfection in a warm burgundy and beige pants suit. She had good reason to be happy, and Spencer could never resist her good vibrations. Still riding the virtual Blackmore client event's success, nothing could shake her upbeat mood, one that seemed as infectious as the virus ravaging the country. Friday's edited forty-five-minute online interview, which focused mainly on more entertaining aspects of the couple, with a clear emphasis on the magazine'
  13. lomax61

    Famous Last

    More chapters on Famous Last coming soon. But in the meantime, a quick message to everyone who read and reviewed Gay Vacation Companion Required here on GA, to say a huge thank you. Since being published by Pride Publishing in November 2020, I've received over 180 largely favourable reviews on Amazon and, as of today (10 January 2021) have achieved a ranking in three Amazon best seller categories. Thankfully with this novel, the publisher requested very few changes to the original manuscript (except to truncate the title, which I think works much better) and the resulting novel is n
  14. lomax61

    Chapter 19

    Lying awake next to a soundly sleeping Marshall, Spencer realised the painful truth. He was in deep trouble. Not only had he fallen totally in love with this man, but he had done so weeks ago. Everything added up. Because since then, he had felt different, lighter, more optimistic about his future. Too many good things had happened to him, so surely somewhere in the heavens, cosmic forces had come together to pave the way. And the all-encompassing wave of affection that had overcome him the evening before, walking into the kitchen and seeing a relaxed Marshall jigging his hips to a Christmas s
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