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  1. First: Omedetto (Congratulations! First in your marriage with your partner... wishing you all the happiness and all the best; 2nd for one of your novels being published) I've first read your stories in the other site and followed here in GA... I just hope that there will stories abou the other characters in Degan Incident like Perry... and hoping that it will be published in paperbacks... Good luck and more power to your future novels...
  2. Hoping for the update and hoping that one day you'll able to publish the stories and I can't wait for that day... By the way I just want to ask some questions... First how many years does a Degan live, is it the same with the humans and will this also apply to devin since bastian have already marked him??? I also hoped that there'll be a story about peri... Thanks for the story and Gambatte Kudasai!!!~ (good luck)...

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