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  1. Hi Benji, I Just have to tell you about an email I received from a friend of mine. He had some real nice stuff to say about you. Also, about me. Well both us as a team. I told him about Circumnavigation way back when I started to read it. We have been friends for years. I know he reads the Forum. Anyway we touch base from time to time. In his email he said CJ should have had us as part of his team. Then he explained. He believes the Who-done-it mystery we described in July would have stumped a hell of a lot more than CJs did.. I can’t quote exactly what his opinion was about CJs
  2. Hi Benji, I said it before, and I will say it again. You are an optimist. There should be no more quiet chapters IMHO. At this point in time there is no telling what may or may not appear in however many more chapters remain. Do you really think that CJ would pass up the opportunity to insert more than one cliffhanger per chapter if he could? Presently there are two potential sources. One here in the US the other down under. Thank you for the kind words about my Investigators Log. I am feeing pretty good right now. I set out to accomplish something a couple of days ago. I found out yester
  3. CJ, I start this, my final posting on this inane discussion, with some observations. There is no doubt in my mind you are an author who can weave together fact and fantasy to produce an interesting narrative. You did an incredible amount of research to insure the events you describe are historically and geographically correct. Your description of the route taken by Trevor from the time he departed Florida until he departed the Seychelles was in my opinion factual. My gut feeling was you had been where you said he was. Either that, or you had available, assistance from people who had actua
  4. How to conduct an investigation. In simplified format. The storyline establishes the fact that IRS was investigating Dirk and Rachel. Bridget who supplied that agency with specific information regarding probable tax evasion instigated the investigation. Upon receiving information from an informant the first step would be to determine if the people actually existed and was there any reason to believe the reported crime. Once that was established, the investigator would do some background inquires. This should involve observations of the subjects along with learning where they worked
  5. CJ You will note I have uploaded a photocopy of a Log I maintain. I started this to assist me keep track of events in Circumnavigation. I will be more than glad to upload the MS Excel file if someone will explain to me how to do it. Maybe some kind reader will explain how to post a picture using the new setup. Your rather lengthy discourse contains comments where you state you are unable to determine dates. Maybe you would like to use this log to refresh your recollection. That way you can edit your posting. The major hole in your defense is something I believe you have overlook
  6. Benji, One thing I really like about you is the fact you are the eternal "Optimist." Do you really think that CJ would pass up the opportunity to insert a Monster Size Cliffhanger Circumnavigation is the best collection of Cliffhangers I have ever met. As an adventure story it is excellent. I am sure CJ will improve his ability to write a more difficult mystery if he works at it. After reading his previous stories, I guess I expected a real brain twister. That must be the reason I was so far away from the correct solution. I can understand his request for you to do the review, but for the
  7. Hi Benji, I believe it is the inalienable right for the author of a novel to alter the facts, to conform to the plots storyline. So long as the writer does not attempt to convince me that these modifications are factual, then I believe the author has met his goal. I will then enjoy reading the fruits of his imagination. However, if the novelist expects me to believe an individual could run at the speed of sixty miles per hour, without the physical modifications as introduced in the television show, “The Six Million Dollar Man,” I object to this. Beginning with the Prologue, Circumnav
  8. Hi Zombie, I would like to explain how I consider this. If I am reading a fictional story and one of the characters commits a crime, I do not have a problem with that. It is part of the plot. However, if someone in the storyline or somebody posts here in the Forum, that the illegal act IS NOT a violation of law, that I object to. Many years ago I had a neighbor who was, IMO, a typical bleeding heart liberal. Juvenile Delinquents who broke the law were Misunderstood and needed help and therapy. One Monday morning I stopped for my morning coffee. There was my liberal neighbo
  9. Hi Low Flyer, You may if you wish, go back and take a look at Chapter 31,when the charter was discussed between Joel and Trevor. the following quote is from that chapter: My understanding of this event which took place in Chapter 31 is, Trevor was aware if he agreed to take the charter he would be in violation of the laws of Greece. If you wish to Interpret it differently, that is your prerogative. I do not think he was concerned with failing to pay any tax due. One thing for sure, it looks like running illegal charters may be an inherited trait.
  10. Benji, You have every right to have an opinion. I do not agree with yours. Marty
  11. Benji, Lisa attempted to have a public officer release to her property, that was in the care and control of said said public servant, Simply put: Lisa attempted to get Sergeant Gonzalez to allow her to remove items from the Chandlery without the consent of Dirk. Now the second one is a little tricky, but it is on the books. Lisa, under Federal Law is a minor. It is unlawful to transport a minor across state lines for immoral purposes. Her father has discovered evidence in her bedroom there is a sexual relationship between her and Joel. The father is involved in the conspiracy als
  12. I would like to state for the record, When I challenged CJ on this I was incorrect.. I did say that. However that is my personal opinion, not the law unfortunately. After all, the primary difference between Trevor and his parents regarding evading income taxes, is the amount of money involved.
  13. I'll argue over Frank Tittle being liberal (or any other political persuasion - we just don't have any info on that). He's a criminal lawyer, and his job is to say what is needed to help his clients. whether its true or not. What he says has no bearing whatsoever on his own beliefs. Any political reference never crossed my mind. And okay, okay, Shane did indeed try to superglue Ned's toolbox shut. Concealing tip money? Remember, he split that 50-50 with Julie, so he's only concealing his half. We don't know what she did with hers. And he did far better than usual on the first c
  14. CJ, You sound like Frank Tittle. A blankety blank Ultra Liberal Defense Attorney. According to him in Chapters 98 and 99 Dirk and Rachel are the victims of bad laws. Dirk is sounding off in the same choir. Half a world away Rachel is singing from the same book. Agreed, the two of them might not have known about the Merchant Marine Act when they started with the Ares. But they sure as hell knew about it when they expanded their operation by buying the Atlantis for cash. Shane is a thief. How short your memory is CJ. I have a clear recollection of Shane admitting to trespassing and van
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