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    Chapter 25

    “It is official, stand down from Defense Condition Two and set Condition Three.” General Barstow said four hours after my first conversation with the President. The tension of the last few hours relaxed slightly in the Operations Center. “We should still maintain Threatcon Charlie for base security.” Colonel Marken suggested and General Barstow nodded slowly. The Marine officer turned and went over to talk to his Major, leaving me at the table alone with Colonel Kowalski and the General. “It looks like Mr. Shevardnadze gets to live another day.” Colonel Kowalski stated sourly, matchi
  2. dkstories

    Chapter 24

    Mondays suck. I don’t care what time line it was, where you are, or any of that crap; Mondays just suck – plain and simple. For some reason I’d been thinking I’d come to school this morning and Brian would be there with the others. I’d even dressed up this morning. Now, here I was mucking out a stall in my best cowboy boots (another gift this last Christmas from the twins since I’d outgrown that first pair), wearing a brand new pair of jeans (stonewashed jeans were now becoming popular but I hated them and wore a pair of Wranglers), and a brand new dress-shirt I’d never worn before.
  3. dkstories

    Chapter 23

    Saturday had gone much better than expected, despite a massive hangover early in the morning. Kevin had woken up first, mostly because he’d had the least to drink the night before. He managed to get both Sean and I up, in the showers, and eating a breakfast of muffins that helped settle our very unsettled stomachs. Sean and I stared at each other across the table until we both nodded in silent agreement that the things we’d said last night were past now. He’d gotten some stuff off his chest, and I’d apologized for something I’d done, or not done, two lifetimes ago. Mike Andrews had shown
  4. dkstories

    Chapter 22

    Brian was gone. With his parents and the rest of the families, he’d gone back to Modesto to wrap up their lives there before they moved out here. They weren’t being given much time, because they’d be back here when school began on Monday. With them had gone a dozen personnel from the base to act both as security and to help with the move. Their furniture would arrive later, but all of them would be driving back here over the weekend with their clothes, necessities and other lightweight items that could fit in their vehicles. The Air Force would move their furniture and other possessions o
  5. dkstories

    Chapter 21

    “I don’t understand.” Brandon said softly from further down the table. It had been several minutes of silence since Brian had gotten up to stare out the window. His dad was talking to him now in a hushed tone, but Brian was having a hard time listening from the tense stance he had taken. Brandon’s words drew my attention back to my old brown-haired friend. He was frowning as he looked at Brian. “Who was his Uncle Rich?” “We…we suggested to Brian that he not share anything about Uncle Rich with his friends.” Mom B. said with a slight blush to her cheeks. Her words cut through me and explai
  6. dkstories

    Chapter 20

    “On to the most important question: Does Sean know enough to build another time machine?” President Reagan’s voice was tired as he asked this. It was nearly eight in the morning back in Washington, and I imagined he’d gotten about as much sleep as I had in the last day. Sean still hadn’t returned to consciousness, but the news about him was not something I could sit on. I had a duty to report it as soon as possible, and this information was so ‘hot’ that I would only report it directly to the President. “Not on his own, sir.” I answered in relative honesty. I was in the General’s office,
  7. dkstories

    Chapter 19

    “Why would an adult, in his sixties, want to hang around children all the time?” Mr. Mulkey questioned nearly an hour later. He had suspicion in his eyes as he glared at me. I’d managed to share with them a very abbreviated version of my last lifetime; leaving out certain details that were either classified or that I did not feel it wise to share, like my relationship with Brian. Ridgeway had appeared about fifteen minutes ago, with several Air Force stewards who served coffee, juice, and some snacks that everyone ate handily. Outside the sun was setting and I’d just realized that I’d gone wit
  8. dkstories

    Chapter 18

    Sandcastle It was the scariest term for me personally, and one that would forever change my life here in Nevada. As we drove at top speed out of town and down the highway towards the Air Force base, I had to put aside any thoughts or concerns about how this would impact the school. No matter what was said there, everyone would know that something major had happened, and that I was involved. It would only be a matter of time before angry parents demanded answers. That was a problem for the future, though, and as we made a sharp turn onto the base’s access road, I put aside those thoug
  9. dkstories

    Chapter 17

    “I told you it was going to come back and bite you on the butt.” Mom said to me as she came into the dining room of our house. It was a windy March day outside, and the sun was just now setting to the west, framing the Diamond Peak with beautiful red and gold tinges of light reflecting off of the snow-capped peak. The field outside our back patio was green with alfalfa about two inches high. It would be several more weeks before it was ready for harvesting. Meanwhile, I had some English homework to finish up, which I was doing at the dining room table. Dad was in town still, talking with
  10. dkstories

    Chapter 16

    “How was the funeral?” President Reagan asked me as we sat on our horses, looking over the mountain vista. The fact that we were here, just like in the last time line after a funeral, was a subtle irony of both the similarities and differences in time lines. We were dressed in jeans, western-style shirts and cowboy boots. He was wearing one of his cowboy hats while I was bareheaded. In the distance, the sun was setting on a February day that had been rough for me. “It was a funeral.” I answered with a shrug of my shoulders. I’d been to so many of them in sixty years of life that they no l
  11. dkstories

    Chapter 15

    "So I told my son that if it was good enough for Davey to go along it's good enough for me to go as well!" Grandma Jones was saying with a self-righteous nod. Her hair was freshly done, as were her nails, and I regretted that there wasn't more room in the Eagle. I was stuck between her and Uncle Billy while Uncle Phil and Dad sat in the front seats. Grandma had not stopped her constant chatter since we left Modesto and now, as we were pulling into San Francisco she was still going on and on. "Of course we should be visiting these poor, sick people. Just so long as they don't try to make me sic
  12. dkstories

    Chapter 14

    Three hours later, I was returning to Nanny's house with Dad. We were driving back from the Modesto Police Station, and I was feeling emotionally drained. The actual process of what had happened after Dad had talked with Chris, and then with Aunt Fran when she showed up an hour later had been difficult enough. Then they had called the police and had been told to come down to the police station to give a statement. Poor Chris had been an emotional wreck after talking with Dad, and then his mother. Aunt Fran had been practically frantic and had even asked if anyone had a gun so she could ki
  13. dkstories

    Chapter 13

    Christmas was supposed to be a happy time, but for me it had almost always been a time of painful memories. In the last lifetime, Mom and Jenny had both died in a car accident on Christmas Day, but that was only the icing on the cake for my dislike of Christmas. This year was my first Christmas in this, my third lifetime, and so far I didn't like it much either. Most of why I didn't like the upcoming Christmas holiday had to do with several recent events, and with my memories of things to come just around the corner. The establishment of the AIDS Quarantine program was now almost two week
  14. dkstories

    Chapter 12

    I sat there, staring at my three friends for what seemed like forever. My stomach, which hadn't recovered from the conversation with the President, sank even further into my shoes. How much did they hear? What exactly did they hear? I tried to play the conversation back in my mind, figure out what I'd said aloud, but my mind was spinning too fast for that. Wait, David had thought it was a joke this morning. Maybe he'd think it was a joke now if I played this right. That thought brought a smile to my face, and I widened it in preparation for a 'gotcha' comment. "Don't." David's voice
  15. dkstories

    Chapter 11

    "Ibn dad la drk?" Sam whispered to me at the table, causing me to choke as the Dr. Pepper I was drinking went down the wrong pipe. He broke up laughing, as did David while the others at the tables around us just gave us dirty looks. In the month since Thanksgiving, most of our schoolmates had gotten use to us laughing at something no one else understood. The fact that we were in a Burger King in Fallon only meant that we were sharing a table with Derek, who was giving us a dirty look. "I know that was something about me." Derek muttered as he put the Whopper he was eating down. He was fro
  16. dkstories

    Chapter 10

    "That pie was excellent, Susan." Nanny said with a satisfied pat of her stomach as she put her fork down on the table. Mom's parents had come all the way from California to visit us for Thanksgiving, forgoing their normal huge family dinner back in Modesto to spend it with us. "Thanks, mom." My mother said with a wide smile. Her brown hair looked especially nice since she'd had it done in town a few days ago, and she was smiling broadly at the praise from her mother. "That storm looks like a doozy." Papa said as he took the last bite of his apple pie. We were all sitting at the dinin
  17. dkstories

    Chapter 9

    Third period had gone relatively easy after the morning with the Principal. Derek reminded me of why exactly I'd liked him so much in the first lifetime with his antics whenever Mr. Taysom, the World History teacher, turned his back to us. Between the facial expressions, and the cartoon drawings he made in his notebook, I was hard-pressed to not bust out laughing. Besides being the class-clown, Derek was also the brightest of my classmates, and I knew he'd be getting an 'A' in this course even though he barely listened to the lecture on what we'd be doing throughout the year. Fourth perio
  18. dkstories

    Chapter 8

    Life in rural Nevada had an almost idyllic quality to it that rivaled my fond memories of being at sea. There was always a lot of work to be done, but the rural settings, fields of green alfalfa interspersed with wide ranges of sage brush, and majestic mountains in the background lent a feeling of peace akin to that of the deep blue ocean. Not a day went by that I did not miss Brian, and my other friends from my past lifetime, but the ache was dulled by new friends - and lots of work. While Dad had left Washington in time for Sunday services at church in Nevada, I'd been required to stay
  19. dkstories

    Chapter 7

    "I want to go up there and beat the crap out of him." Dad murmured as he nodded his head in the direction of the forward cabin of the Air Force VC-20. It was a big plane, and we were in the large rear compartment that was arranged more like a conference room than a typical airliner. In the forward compartment, Dr. Grimes was handcuffed to a comfortable armchair with four armed sailors guarding him. "Leave him be, Dad." I said with an exasperated sigh. This wasn't the first time Dad had suggested doing that, but I hoped it would be the last. I was still tired, and I'd found out why this mo
  20. dkstories

    Chapter 6

    The sun had just set when the two guards came back to my cell to escort me back to the central building. A very irate Dr. Grimes had informed me that my father was demanding to speak to me immediately. It seemed that Dad had remembered how I'd told him I'd always tell him myself if I was going to be late in getting home, and Dad had threatened to call the Sheriff if he wasn't allowed to speak to me on the phone. That had entailed a two-hour stand-off between Dr. Grimes and me. I was escorted back to my 'cell' never having spoken to my father. Sometime during the night, two guards rushing
  21. dkstories

    Chapter 5

    "This place is like totally boring." Jenny moaned petulantly, crossing her arms and staring out from the back patio at the adjacent alfalfa field. Her blond hair flowed back in one ponytail today, halfway down her back and her entire body was rigid. "What the heck am I supposed to do all day? Stare at that stupid watering thingie?" "Well, we're going to town tomorrow with Mom." I pointed out to her and she gave me another dirty look. She was still wearing her Sunday dress. She'd arrived last night, late, with Mom. As I'd privately guessed, Mom couldn't pass up the opportunity to play a fe
  22. dkstories

    Chapter 4

    The next morning we were up shortly after sunrise. It felt strange waking up in the new house, once more without Brian at my side, and it suddenly hit me that the chances of having him at my side again were less because of the move. Dad's cheerfulness was in stark contrast to mine as I set about making some breakfast. Luckily for us, the Deacons had given us some food for breakfast so we had food to cook that morning. After breakfast, Dad had me unpacking the kitchen boxes while he hopped in his truck and drove off to meet some of the parishioners first thing. It was a behavior pattern of
  23. dkstories

    Chapter 3

    The government works in interesting ways, and while I did go home to Modesto to finish my sixth grade year, the government decided it did not want me to live life with the Rush family this time around. They wanted better control of me than they could manage with me in Modesto, and so they took their own steps. Part of their decision was my own doing, but in July of 1981, we were packing our house up for a big move. I had cried myself to sleep for a week when I heard the news. Since returning home I'd been under strict orders to not reach out to anyone from my past life, and to keep as low
  24. dkstories

    Chapter 2

    "This is my second Do Over, gentlemen, so please excuse me if I sound a little bored about some things." I said to the six gentlemen arrayed around the table. We were at a CIA safe house in rural Virginia, actually sitting in the house's dining room around a regular table. Four of them were in uniform: three two-star generals and a two-star Admiral representing each branch of the military. Another man wearing a suit was an Assistant Secretary of Defense while the last man was William Blakely, a senior CIA manager. We'd arrived here yesterday after a military flight across country. Dad had
  25. dkstories

    Chapter 1

    "Davey, wake up." The voice floated on the outer edge of awareness, but I did my best to ignore it completely. It was hopeless, I knew. I'd have to open my eyes and face reality again, but I didn't want to do that. "Davey, I'm not going to say it again, get your butt out of bed!" The deep voice was filled with a dangerous tone now, but I still wanted to pretend it didn't exist. By the end of the year two-thousand and four, I was physically thirty-six years old. Thanks to my participation in a mad scientist's time-travel experiment, I was mentally sixty years old. The first time I'd r
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