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  1. dkstories

    Chapter 6

    Since when does your sister fly a plane? Sean wrote in the notebook we were using in the back seat of the twin-engine turboprop. Sean sat in the middle of the back seat, and Mom was asleep on his left side. My sister was in the right-side co-pilot’s seat, and had actually done most of the flying since we’d left Los Angeles airspace. She got interested in planes after visiting the Smithsonian during the President’s inauguration in 1981. I wrote back and he snorted, earning a look from my father in the small rear-view mirror. It makes me nervous. He wrote next and I smiled at the t
  2. dkstories

    Chapter 5

    “Thanks for doing this, Dad.” I said, giving my father a hug that he returned easily. We broke apart and I was struck again by how much I’d grown. No matter how many times this happened, I was always surprised when I realized that I was now taller than my father. He looked up at me and shook his head a bit. “I still can’t believe how tall you’ve gotten.” He said, reflecting my own thoughts. “I’d think you’d almost be too old for Disneyland.” “You’re never too old for the Happiest Place on Earth.” I countered as we stood in the town square area just inside the entrance to one of S
  3. dkstories

    Chapter 4

    “I’m going to pick Jenny up and we’ll probably go check out that new store on McHenry Avenue.” Mom said as she met Dad in the hallway just outside of his office. I was following behind my father, with my legs shaking nervously and my stomach doing slow rolls. Had he seen me saying goodbye to Brian? Had I just slammed into a brick wall before we’d been together for even one day? What was he going to say… “That’s fine.” Dad said as he bent to give my mother a kiss. “Davey and I are going to go over some stuff and then I think Pete was going to pick him up. He said something about want
  4. dkstories

    Chapter 3

    The cloud of steam rising from the bubbling hot tub was a good thing. A very good thing, really, with Brian’s foot resting on top of mine underneath the water. All five of us were in the brand new hot tub my parents had bought last month. It was one of those large ones that stood up above the ground with a dark walnut paneled base. There were six seats in the hot tub. The empty seat was between Sean and I, and then Brandon sat next to Sean, with Trevor next to Brandon and then Brian in the seat between Trevor and I. It was cold outside, and the hot water was producing so much steam that we
  5. dkstories

    Chapter 2

    “How was the first day of school?” Dad asked me as soon as the car pulled away from Brian’s house. I’d barely had time to put my backpack on the floorboard and fasten my seatbelt before we were moving. The government sedan was a nice one, and quite roomy in the back seat, although it was not a limo. Dad was sitting on the right side while I was behind the driver and there was a divider between the front and back seats. In the divider, I knew, would be one of those new mobile phones some of the more expensive cars could be equipped with. “It was good.” I said with a smile. “I see
  6. Davey Jones took a deal with a mad scientist and it didn't go as he expected. Ever since he's been going back in time to try to fix the mistakes. This is Book 3 of a 4 Book Series.
  7. dkstories

    Chapter 39

    “Davey?” Dad’s voice was filled with concern and reached through the blackness that seemed to be all that I could see. Oh, my eyes were closed. Things were slightly blurry as I opened my eyes, and the sudden heat of a blush filled my cheeks as a wave of embarrassment came over me. Oh no, I’d broken my word and caused a scene during Dad’s meeting with the President! “Dad, I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed quickly, trying to sit up from the couch I was laying on. Uncle Ronnie’s blurry face came into view and I reached around, searching for my glasses but couldn’t find them for
  8. dkstories

    Chapter 38

    “Do you think we’ll see them on TV?” Jenny asked as we sat down on the plush couch in front of the cabinet that held the television. We were both dressed for bed, with me in red cotton pajama bottoms and a dark green knit shirt. She was wearing her lace pink nightgown, and had taken her hair out of the pigtails she’d worn earlier today. She let out a yawn while waiting for me to answer her question. “We can try.” I said after a minute of thought and began pushing on the huge remote in my hands. The thing was heavy, and couldn’t do half of what a remote ten years from now could do, but
  9. dkstories

    Chapter 37

    The ceiling above me glowed softly with spackled stars, moons and planets as I lay in my bed. Outside the two large windows, it was still dark and the starscape that Dad had spackled on my ceiling two years ago was both comforting and disconcerting as a war raged in my mind. Two distinct personalities struggled against each other, seeking an all or nothing answer to the problem they faced. We occupied the same body, and both wanted control now. The letter one had written to the other was still sitting on the desk against the far wall, amidst the calligraphy magazines, and samples of pa
  10. dkstories

    Chapter 36

    “Now batting for the Angels is number 36, Brian Breckenridge!” The announcer’s voice was irritating enough as it was, and as I stood on the mound, waiting for eight-year-old Brian to step into the batter’s box, I had to fight the urge to puke my guts out. When he finally stood at the ready in the batter’s box, and Sean began signaling me the next pitch, the urge to puke was almost too strong to resist. It was a hot day, just like one would expect from mid-August in the Central Valley, with temperatures approaching the 100 degree mark just before noon. I’d already been pitching for three
  11. dkstories

    Chapter 35

    “Lord, help us to grow once again as a family, together under your protection and…” Dad’s voice droned on and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes behind my closed eyelids. We were standing in the driveway of the house on Scenic Drive, with this being our first ‘official’ look at the house as a family. I was on Dad’s left, holding his hand on one side with Jenny on the other side of me, and Mom across from me. We were all holding hands and bowed while Dad rambled on in what had to be a five-minute prayer. Papa had taken Mom to see the house a few days after he and I had toured it with M
  12. dkstories

    Chapter 34

    Mrs. Mandragorn was one hell of a sneaky bitch. “Now David, I hope you understand that this really would be for your own good.” Principal Bernstein said to me for what had to be the third time in the last five minutes. He was holding a test Mrs. Mandragorn had tricked me into taking, saying it was something the school was supposed to require before a student had entered the second grade. Since I had started the year out in Florida, where such a test wasn’t required, I had to take it now. For the last week I’d been doing all of my homework, which was mistake number one because before I’d
  13. dkstories

    Chapter 33

    “That’s right, reel him in slowly.” Papa’s voice held atinge of excitement as he watched me fight to bring in the fish. I was in the front of his ten-foot aluminum fishing boat and he was in the back. It was quiet on this lake, and we were the only ones out here, had been the only one in sight ever since we’d arrive shortly after dawn, nearly an hour ago. To my great surprise, we’d both managed to catch fish, with this one being my second. If I managed to reel it in, I’d equal the two he’d already caught. “Got him!” Papa’s voice was raised with excitement as the fish broke the surface
  14. dkstories

    Chapter 1

    “Welcome to Seventh Grade English.” The short, pretty woman with black hair said after the bell had rung and we’d all taken seats. To be honest, I was kind of nervous at the start of the class. English wasn’t my best subject, but it was something we had to take, and I’d managed to get into one of the better classes, according to my aunt. Aunt Wilma was the Deputy Principal of the school, and said this teacher was one of the best teachers in the school, so that at least was a good thing. “I’m Mrs. Klopf, and I’ll be your teacher for the year. I’m going to call out roll and when you hear yo
  15. dkstories

    Chapter 32

    A horrible screeching sound, reminiscent of fingernails across a chalkboard sent shivers down my spine and I struggled out of the deep sleep, or unconsciousness or whatever it was that I’d been in when the sound filled my ears. Shivers ran down my spine and my entire body shuddered as the sound filled the air again, and I lifted my head off my arms and opened my eyes, trying to find the source. Nightmares did walk the earth. “David Jones.” Mrs. Mandragorn’s shrill voice, almost as bad as her fingernails across the chalkboard, made me want to puke right then and there. I hadn’t had
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