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  1. Is it okay to say 'I hate you'? But in a very loving way? Good April Fool's joke. I had forgotten that it was today.
  2. I've read from the beginning. I guess I just haven't been thinking about Claire and Jack since the story is usually focused elsewhere. On another note, Gathan/Will/Stef? It's basically like hooking up with someone, then sleeping with his grandfather. I mean really...that won't bother Will for more than a day?
  3. I'm confused about who John and Zach are. I'm drawing a complete blank. Is there a family tree floating around somewhere (as complex as that would be)?
  4. I think we get spoiled by authors like Mark Arbour. There are other authors who don't update for months (going on years now) so when they eventually do I end up re-reading/re-discovering their stories. So when a story seems abandoned I just enjoy it for what it is, keep an eye out, and hope it gets concluded at some point.
  5. I actually heard about Dragonriders of Pern from a Tamora Pierce website. Two days later while looking through the forum (after reading Goon) I learned that Dan had written a story about Pern. It's funny how that happens. Anyway, I'm hooked now. I'm listing to Dragonquest and plan to get the rest of the books. But I'm really interested in a continuation of Dan's fanfiction. If there's anything I love it's a serial. So, Dan? Any other Pern stories in the future?
  6. Happy Birthday! :o)

    1. Daddydavek


      It's 2014 and Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday ~!~

  8. You know how animals urinate/spray on objects to mark their territory? If another animal comes around and smells that scent they'll back off. Maybe it's like that. Not territorial but as a personal marker. Like: "Okay, that's not mine. Ew...back away. Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" Obviously not really important now, but I could see where it might have (purely hypothetical) been important in humankind's early years.
  9. I know she's a minor and all but I want to know what the girl has to say about it. Was she really that disturbed? The only way Brokeback Mountain distressed me was how sad it was...but really, she had to get treatment?
  10. This article made me so angry: Lawsuit Over Brokeback Mountain in Class The whole idea of the lawsuit is just ridiculous. "Psychological distress?" What? I agree that an R-rated film shouldn't have been shown to a bunch of 8th graders. The substitute teacher should be dealt with by the school board. But to sue? I only had the patience to read through a page or two of the comments but...I think they annoyed me more than the article did.
  11. Jim Carrey was my first celebrity crush. Fifth grade and I saw Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for the first time...sigh...that butt scene...Oh, yeah! What in the world was I thinking??
  12. I am procrastinating on a speech I have to write about literacy. I have to present the speech this Wednesday and I only just started writing it... So, at the moment, I'm going to read some stories. That's totally connected to literacy, right? Procrastination always needs some kind of justification.
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