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  1. Canvassing for any political candidate or political position needs to be in The Pit or personal blogs, regardless of where in the political spectrum that candidate/position is located. We have to do this, because otherwise we'll be playing favourites and, as moderators we need to be as apolitical as possible when adjudicating in this area. In The Pit or on a personal blog, however, go for it!
  2. Anything that involves or encourages political debate is politics. For example, it was okay to mention and celebrate when same-sex marriage became legal. Commenting on the views of those who opposed same-sex marriage was not, because that was (and still is) a political topic. Anything that is advocating for a law change or debating an existing (contentious) law is political. As a general rule, any discussion of 'rights' is political. There is, however, a spectrum, based on how contentious that right is. Gun rights in the USA is a highly political topic. Race issues are also very political. The right to privacy is much less political, though it can still be contentious and hence could be banned here, depending on the context. After all, it was the Supreme Court of the USA that used the right to privacy for the Lawrence v. Texas decision that banned laws that made private homosexual behavior illegal, and that ultimately led to the Windsor decision making same-sex marriage legal. Given the nature of this site, it's okay to celebrate rights for sexual minorities, as long as those celebrations don't move into discussion/debating opposing views. It's fine to mourn the loss of lives (though I would prefer it if that was never necessary), but pointing fingers and assigning blame can be political. When in doubt, feel free to contact one of the moderator team and we'll give you our opinion on what you want to post. We don't mind. Just remember we're all volunteers and so we can't always respond quickly.
  3. Hope you and your loved ones are faring well with the bush fires. 

    Happy new year, and thanks again for the great stories, you've posted, that I have had the chance to re-read and enjoy this past week.

    1. Graeme


      Thank you! The fires are near us, but so far we haven't needed to evacuate. We're keeping an eye on them, though.

  4. Graeme

    Chapter 13

    True, but you have no idea how angry I became when I read that weasel was planning on killing one of the kids
  5. Graeme

    Chapter 12

    I'm so glad things went well in San Francisco. The medical scare wasn't nice, but at least it looks like it'll have a happy conclusion.
  6. Graeme

    Chapter 9

    Life goes on. I'm still worried about Matt and if he'll do something stupid and self-sacrificing, but so far he's following instructions.
  7. Graeme

    Chapter 8

    I didn't like what I read about the weasel's intentions. Killing as many as he can is not what I wanted to read.
  8. Graeme

    Chapter 7

    The situation with the weasel is approaching critical. Unfortunately, in situations like this, the chance of someone getting hurt is high. I hate the phrase 'collateral damage' because it hides the human suffering that it's describing. I just hope the kids are left out of it.
  9. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    One of the impressive things about this story is that even though so many things happen to the guys, most of it is a logical consequence of things that have happened before. This wasn't a random attack; it was a result of Matt being upset about Sean's death and the reward he posted as a result. The attack follows logically from Matt being the person he is.
  10. Graeme

    Chapter 7

    I agree...
  11. Graeme

    Chapter 6

    I love the courthouse scenes in this and the earlier chapters. I don't know how realistic they are, but they come over as believable, and that's the important thing.
  12. Graeme

    Chapter 4

    The Governor was reacting, rather than acting. That's why he's made mistakes. He never took the time to think about what he was doing...something I'm sure Matt is very pleased about.
  13. Graeme

    Chapter 3

    It's interesting and telling that Sean could see such a big change in Mike now that Matt is back in his life. Oh, and, yes, the kids are cute
  14. Graeme

    Chapter 12

    A possibly closested gay boy and an openly gay guy whose known not to be able to keep it in his pants. Sounds like a match made in heaven...
  15. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    In case you weren't aware, the section I've bolded is my situation. I'm gay, but I'm also married to a wonderful woman who is the mother of my two sons. It's now over 15 years since I came out to her and we've been married for almost 30 years...
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