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  1. I'm currently 57, and I'm not letting you get past that, at least not this time. Back to the start, everyone!
  2. Graeme

    Chapter 18

    Friends can still put their foot in their mouth at times, even if their hearts are in the right place
  3. Graeme

    Chapter 17

    It's still a possibility I know from personal experience how much of a habit it is to look in one direction and automatically start to step on the road if you don't see anything...only to have jump back when a vehicle shoots past from the other direction.
  4. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    There's also the possibility that she's okay with becoming pregnant. There's nothing that clearly states that she didn't want the baby. It sounds like the boyfriend didn't get a say in the matter, though, since she was trying to separate herself from him despite being pregnant.
  5. There's a lot of variation in how Australians speak, so as long as you get the cultural basics right, you'll be okay. For example, Australians don't have cell phones, we have mobile phones. It's that sort of thing you have to get right. Otherwise, we get so much American and British TV, most things that would be common to either country would be fine. Speech-wise, a lot of Australians will leave off the "the" when talking about places like schools or hospitals. "He's at school. She's in hospital." Some plurals/singulars are reversed compared to American speech patterns: Math/Maths, sport/
  6. Graeme

    Chapter 16

    It's never too late to comment I hope you continue to enjoy the series!
  7. My favourite acronym is TLA which stands for Three Letter Acronym. The reason it's my favourite is because TLA is a TLA... Another interesting acronym from the computer industry is GNU, which stands for GNU is Not Unix (a recursive definition).
  8. Graeme

    To Catch A Leopard

    Alex may not be a popular character at first glance, but given what you know of Tony, the fact that Tony is still friends with him says something. Is it that Tony is just a pushover, or is there more to Alex than is apparent? I'll leave it you to decide
  9. Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating @Wayne Gray in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. Wayne joined GA in February 2019, bringing with him a wonderful collection of stories. Not only did he post those previously written stories, but he's continued to add new stories and poetry while he's been a member. Check out Ash and Ember for a story about someone down on their luck, but too proud to accept charity, or Camp Refuge about the creation of a camping ground that's full of wonderful people. Browse through Wayne's collection and I'm sure you'll find somethin
  10. Graeme

    Chapter 19

    I don't think you're wrong... We're all vulnerable to others' opinions, especially when we're teenagers.
  11. Used appropriate, trigger warnings have a minimal impact on the reader experience and can help those who are negatively impacted by some types of events. We can't (and shouldn't) cater for everything, but the list Cia gave above covers the main topics. In my opinion, content warnings are slightly different to trigger warnings. I put trigger warnings in my stories for the rare situations where I feel I could trigger a PTSD reaction. I don't use content warnings except at the high level, because, to be honest, if someone doesn't like something, they can just stop reading. It's the ones who
  12. Wishing your dad all the best, @wildone. This is a tough time for a lot of people
  13. Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating @lilansui in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. lilansui has been a member at GA for almost eight years, and in that time has posted over 1,370,000 words across thirty-one stories. Many of her stories feature complex plots in exotic locations that just draw you in. Browse through them and I'm sure you'll find something you like, and probably lots you'll love! You can find all of lilansui's stories at her author page, so settle back and have fun reading the stories of our newest Promising Author! Congratulations,
  14. It's not Codey's World. Codey died from the long term effects of a car accident he was in when he was younger, not cancer.
  15. Graeme

    Politics and GA

    Canvassing for any political candidate or political position needs to be in The Pit or personal blogs, regardless of where in the political spectrum that candidate/position is located. We have to do this, because otherwise we'll be playing favourites and, as moderators we need to be as apolitical as possible when adjudicating in this area. In The Pit or on a personal blog, however, go for it!
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