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  1. My favourite acronym is TLA which stands for Three Letter Acronym. The reason it's my favourite is because TLA is a TLA... Another interesting acronym from the computer industry is GNU, which stands for GNU is Not Unix (a recursive definition).
  2. Graeme

    To Catch A Leopard

    Alex may not be a popular character at first glance, but given what you know of Tony, the fact that Tony is still friends with him says something. Is it that Tony is just a pushover, or is there more to Alex than is apparent? I'll leave it you to decide
  3. Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating @Wayne Gray in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. Wayne joined GA in February 2019, bringing with him a wonderful collection of stories. Not only did he post those previously written stories, but he's continued to add new stories and poetry while he's been a member. Check out Ash and Ember for a story about someone down on their luck, but too proud to accept charity, or Camp Refuge about the creation of a camping ground that's full of wonderful people. Browse through Wayne's collection and I'm sure you'll find something you love! You can find all of Wayne's stories and poems at his author page, so settle back and have fun reading the fruits of our newest Promising Author! Congratulations, Wayne!
  4. Graeme

    Chapter 19

    I don't think you're wrong... We're all vulnerable to others' opinions, especially when we're teenagers.
  5. Used appropriate, trigger warnings have a minimal impact on the reader experience and can help those who are negatively impacted by some types of events. We can't (and shouldn't) cater for everything, but the list Cia gave above covers the main topics. In my opinion, content warnings are slightly different to trigger warnings. I put trigger warnings in my stories for the rare situations where I feel I could trigger a PTSD reaction. I don't use content warnings except at the high level, because, to be honest, if someone doesn't like something, they can just stop reading. It's the ones who have an involuntary reaction to reading certain events that I worry about, not someone who is fussy about what they read. To cater for those, I use tags and the story description. That should be enough for them to decide if they want to start reading my story or not. Used in moderation, warnings can be helpful, but anything taken too far can be counterproductive. My favourite example is water. It's fine in small and even medium doses, but too much can kill -- it's called drowning.
  6. Wishing your dad all the best, @wildone. This is a tough time for a lot of people
  7. Please join myself and the Author Promotion Team in congratulating @lilansui in becoming GA's newest Promising Author. lilansui has been a member at GA for almost eight years, and in that time has posted over 1,370,000 words across thirty-one stories. Many of her stories feature complex plots in exotic locations that just draw you in. Browse through them and I'm sure you'll find something you like, and probably lots you'll love! You can find all of lilansui's stories at her author page, so settle back and have fun reading the stories of our newest Promising Author! Congratulations, lilansui!
  8. It's not Codey's World. Codey died from the long term effects of a car accident he was in when he was younger, not cancer.
  9. Canvassing for any political candidate or political position needs to be in The Pit or personal blogs, regardless of where in the political spectrum that candidate/position is located. We have to do this, because otherwise we'll be playing favourites and, as moderators we need to be as apolitical as possible when adjudicating in this area. In The Pit or on a personal blog, however, go for it!
  10. Anything that involves or encourages political debate is politics. For example, it was okay to mention and celebrate when same-sex marriage became legal. Commenting on the views of those who opposed same-sex marriage was not, because that was (and still is) a political topic. Anything that is advocating for a law change or debating an existing (contentious) law is political. As a general rule, any discussion of 'rights' is political. There is, however, a spectrum, based on how contentious that right is. Gun rights in the USA is a highly political topic. Race issues are also very political. The right to privacy is much less political, though it can still be contentious and hence could be banned here, depending on the context. After all, it was the Supreme Court of the USA that used the right to privacy for the Lawrence v. Texas decision that banned laws that made private homosexual behavior illegal, and that ultimately led to the Windsor decision making same-sex marriage legal. Given the nature of this site, it's okay to celebrate rights for sexual minorities, as long as those celebrations don't move into discussion/debating opposing views. It's fine to mourn the loss of lives (though I would prefer it if that was never necessary), but pointing fingers and assigning blame can be political. When in doubt, feel free to contact one of the moderator team and we'll give you our opinion on what you want to post. We don't mind. Just remember we're all volunteers and so we can't always respond quickly.
  11. Hope you and your loved ones are faring well with the bush fires. 

    Happy new year, and thanks again for the great stories, you've posted, that I have had the chance to re-read and enjoy this past week.

    1. Graeme


      Thank you! The fires are near us, but so far we haven't needed to evacuate. We're keeping an eye on them, though.

  12. Graeme

    Chapter 13

    True, but you have no idea how angry I became when I read that weasel was planning on killing one of the kids
  13. Graeme

    Chapter 12

    I'm so glad things went well in San Francisco. The medical scare wasn't nice, but at least it looks like it'll have a happy conclusion.
  14. Graeme

    Chapter 9

    Life goes on. I'm still worried about Matt and if he'll do something stupid and self-sacrificing, but so far he's following instructions.
  15. Graeme

    Chapter 8

    I didn't like what I read about the weasel's intentions. Killing as many as he can is not what I wanted to read.
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