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  1. Graeme

    A Mourning Storm

    This is the story about an emotional journey. Richie has just lost his mother to cancer, only to find that the sperm-donor who left him, his little brother and sister, and his mother, has returned. Richie is so angry, he can only think of his father as a pronoun, not a name, not even "father" or "dad". Richie's journey through the anguish of his loss, the hatred directed at his father, and the rebellion against a world that appears to have turned against him, is not an easy one. His mourning for his mother really is a storm of emotions, not all of them healthy, but eventually the storm abates. What it leaves behind is what the reader needs to discover
  2. Graeme

    Chapter 19

    Thanks, @Ronyx I have really enjoyed reading this story again. Richie still has mental and emotional scars from what's happened, but he's largely healed. For me, one of the best parts of this story is watching that healing process. The transformation from the angry, desolate young man in the first chapter, to the sometimes sad but overall hopeful young man in the last chapter is what this story is about. . We go through that transformation with him, especially through the lows after the funeral and with Wade's death. It was painful, but the ending was wonderful.
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    1. Graeme


      Thank you! That looks absolutely delicious...

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Graeme!   I realize that while it's still May 15th here, that it's already tomorrow in your location.  

    1. Graeme


      Thank you! I had a great day :)

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      Happy Birthday, Graeme! :D 

  5. Graeme

    Chapter 18

    I found it amusing that the reason for the trip to the park was because Richie didn't want a party, and especially didn't want a small party because it would mean he would have to have dinner with his father. What happens? A major undertaking to the amusement park (including his father and with Earl tagging along), and a small family party on the Friday night that also involves his father... Richie really needs to learn how to say no, or more accurately: NO! 🤣
  6. Graeme

    Chapter 17

    Coming in late, unfortunately, but I wanted to note that when Richie was asked to dress up so they could go out to dinner, he didn't resist. If he had still been angry, I would've expected jeans and a T-shirt, but he did what he was asked and put on a suit. I have to wonder how much of that is due to the on-going healing process, and how much was driven by the support his father showed at the school earlier that day... It's probably a bit of both, with the school meeting pushing Richie over the edge into being cooperative.
  7. Graeme

    Chapter 16

    One of the things I noticed early in the chapter is that Richie's narration has slowly shifted from using "he" and "him" to "my father". His father is becoming less and less a pronoun and more a parent. Compare that to the opening chapter where the only terms used were "he" and "him", with a lot of implicit bitterness as flavouring. Now, the flavouring is bland, and we get the occasional "father" thrown in. We'll see how that development progresses at the start of the next chapter. Does Richie shake off his father's hands on his shoulders, or does he accept the contact? Under the circumstances, he may accept the contact, but regardless of the reason, doing so will be another step in Richie's healing process. Another point that I saw was the reaction by the students to Mrs. Livingstone's comment. At lunch, Gabe is naturally angry at her, but the other guys at the table nodded to Richie when he joined them. That's a soft, implicit sign of support. Another soft sign of support is the lack of direct comment by other students as Richie walked through the school afterwards. The lack of anyone repeating Mrs. Livingstone's comment shows that the other students also recognise the gravity of the situation and are, at worst, staying overtly neutral. Whether that lasts remains to be seen.
  8. Graeme

    Chapter 15

    A feelgood chapter after a lot of chapters filled with pain and angst I'm glad that Freddy and Richie are getting closer. I'm even more impressed that Richie recognises and tells Freddy, that he's not ready for a relationship. Richie is healing, and while there's still a good chance of a setback, overall his mental state is improving steadily. From what Freddy has said, Richie may need to adjust his thinking about his father. Of course, there's a difference between someone else's kid being gay and your own kid being gay, but there's a chance that Richie's father isn't upset at Richie being gay. It's other things that have had the two of them at each other's throats in previous chapters. Richie's mother is the obvious one, and that still hasn't been resolved. We'll see in the next chapter if Richie's anger at his father's betrayal of his mother has subsided, or if it's still at category 5...
  9. Graeme

    Chapter 14

    It's interesting that even though Ron didn't write anything explicit, Richie's sadness at being abandoned by Gabe and Freddy again came through clearly. After they left him physically at the park, they again left him spiritually when the two of them started to chat with the girls about their shared experiences at the park. Experiences that Richie wasn't involved in. At least the two guys realised what they'd done, and Gabe had enough awareness to send Freddy out to see Richie instead of going himself. He had clearly picked up that it was Richie who had challenged Freddy to stay the night with them. I'm glad that Gabe recognised that moment, because he's been pretty dense about recognising other things to do with Richie... What Freddy told Richie about his life now and in the recent past was a revelation. It's always interesting to get a different perspective on a situation, because none of us are capable of seeing the complete picture when we're in the picture ourselves. Freddy's observations on Richie's father were particularly interesting, as was the fact that Freddy had been fighting with his mother on the same topic. I think Richie has placed Freddy firmly into the "not my enemy" category, and I can only see that as a good thing. Richie still has a long way to go to heal, but he's made good progress in this chapter, and that's all due to Freddy.
  10. Graeme

    Chapter 5

    I found it interesting that Jack accepts that he's gay, he just doesn't want to accept the possible consequences of that acknowledgement. Now, I'm sure many people will say that if his friends leave him when he comes out, they're not real friends in the first place, but for a teenager, social isolation is a real fear. I know, I went through the same fear as a teenager. So, Jack is thinking carefully about what to do. He's worried, legitimately, but he hasn't caved in. He's ashamed of his action at school, but that's because he didn't stand up for Tracy. He didn't go the other way and join in on the abuse, and at the end he stood up against three of his friends. Passive support for Tracy is all he appears capable of doing at the moment, but he's doing that and I'm proud of him. Not everyone has the strength to provide active support, even if that's what many people will want.
  11. Graeme

    Chapter 13

    This chapter has Gabe at his most annoying. He's the one who convinced RIchie to go with them, and then he ends up abandoning Richie at the park by taking Freddy away with him. Yes, it meant that Richie could spend time with Andrew, but it also made Richie responsible for both small boys. That doesn't allow Richie to spend quality time with his brother. So, rightly, some of Richie's anger is redirected at Gabe. I'm sure Gabe is puzzled by why Richie gave him the cold shoulder at the end; Gabe doesn't strike me as the type with a lot of intuition.
  12. Graeme

    Chapter 12

    I have a different perspective... Andrew saved Richie's life once by showing up when Richie was preparing to kill himself. Now, Andrew is doing it again by saving Richie from pushing everyone away. Richie admitted it himself -- he's isolating himself from everyone apart from Gabe, and even there it isn't like it used to be. Andrew, simply by being Richie's baby brother, is making Richie come out of his shell and helping him interact with others. Richie's not going to get off the hamster wheel of emotions by himself. Andrew's there to show him a way off that wheel....
  13. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    Oh, Richie's father has more than a few flaws. As a father, he's pretty much a failure from what we've seen so far. But he's still Richie's father and Richie can still remember some good times they've had together. I'm still not impressed by his father, but I can see enough hints that he's not a total bastard. His major problem, as @droughtquake indicated before, is that he's impulsive and doesn't appear to think before acting. Not a good thing in a policeman, let alone a parent...
  14. Graeme

    Chapter 11

    Ignore Richie's father and a discussion on his motives for a moment, the theme I picked up throughout this chapter was Richie's healing. He's finally getting past his anger and a bit of his grief. He's letting Gabe back into his life, and he's even half-admitted to himself that he still has some love for his dad. They're all positive steps. As for his father, I didn't realise it at the time, but in retrospect that phone call Richie didn't take was probably to invite him to go with them to the cemetery. The money that Gabe brought over wasn't a great idea -- as others have said, it looks too much like his father is trying to buy Richie's affection -- but even Richie is confused about the way his father paid for Wade's funeral. On that topic, Richie's thoughts about that funeral have help bring into relief his feelings about his father. He's a bit upset that his father didn't offer him any comfort, but if his father had tried at the time, would he have accepted it? I sincerely doubt he would've. His father appears to recognise that Richie needs some space, and that space is doing some good by allowing other things to weaken the dominance Richie's anger had on his mind. Overall, I found this a very positive chapter.
  15. Graeme

    Chapter 10

    I don't think there's much more that I can add to what's already been said. I'm so glad that Andrew appeared when he did, and that Richie came to realise what his death would've done to his brother and sister. Another emotion-filled chapter where we really feel Richie's despair. As others have said, I hope his uncle's talk has helped him so he can start to move ahead. One small point that no one else has mentioned: it was Freddy who set up Richie's new room for him. To make it look so much like his old room, Freddy must've memorised what was there before he moved in. That's an attention to detail that's not common. It's also interesting that few, if any, of the things that had previously been in Richie's room had been thrown away. They had to have been put into storage somewhere; even his posters.
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