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  1. This is my 1st​ contribution I at the point were Trev's mom and Step dad and Family are coming it to Cairn. I forgot to look at the chapter it is around 140 or so. I also don't remember what my ID Godfather067 or 065 or what it is the number is related to my age which is now in the 70th year or 69+. When you have a birthday you have completed that many years. So your 1st​ birthday you have completed 1 year the next day you are working on the 2nd birthday. It is like county the centuries the 2001 was the 1st year of the new century and new millennium the previous your 12-31-2000 was the last day of the last century. Most people get the wrong. I am sure that all of readers of gayauthors know the difference I just wanted to let you know I know. ​ I had a few complains much earlier in the story to be honest (not one of my better qualities), but I have since forgotten them. I do want the author to know I have been enjoying his writing and the storyline. I really want to something bad happen the Bridget and cartel along with the Governments for their asshole self-righteousness. I really want to find a way to stick it to the Government in some real and permanent way. I just do not have a sufficiently sneaky and evil way unlike the government. That being said I do like that every time Trevor and company have been attacked Trevor has managed to screw up and with the evil doer and come out on top. I am glad that he and his family have so far survived. I don’t think it is likely that is what would happen in an actual dust up with the cartel or other criminal because the law would never allow any civilian to take appropriate and brutal amount of vengeance someone like Bridget really deserves. The same goes with the drug cartel. If you have not noticed I am not a critic, I tend to like even the worst story or movie if there is even a small saving grace or enough eye candy, I would vote for some pictures of Trevor and Shane in their wet Speedos. I am too old and fat to expect those kids or any other boys of their age to be attracted to me, but I am still young enough to fantasize. Still all in all I like your tale. I have been reading it for a few weeks and have stayed up all night reading when I should have been sleeping in preparing for the next day. I am retired so it isn’t as though I can’t do that occasionally, but night after night is not a good thing. I have found the story quite riveting. Thank you Godfather067
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