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  1. philszzy

    An Apple a Day

    It was cute to see how excited billy was over his iPhone and party and friends.
  2. Very nicely written chapter. I thought for a while Sasha and Billy would connect but it is clear Billy is not interested in Sasha. I got a little confused with the supernatural ideas relating to his cat. I am not sure if the cat is alive or just the spirit of the cat is with him now? Keep up the good work. I look forward to see the next chapter and how Billy develops a relationship with one of the boys that he may fall in love with
  3. This was a great chapter. One of the best. It was a good length. I’m happy to hear that Sasha is not as bad as he appeared to be. He is very generous of him to give Billy his cell phone. It’s nice to see Billy is making friends in the lunchroom and that he’s developing friends that look out after him. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
  4. Cute chapter. It looks like things are about to heat up one way or another. I’m anxious to see how sascha fits n with the group.
  5. philszzy

    Save Them

    I think this chapter is very very good. I am totally entranced in seeing what’s going to happen. I think the character development and reactions are extremely well done. I find the description of the bullying and what he’s going through and how his mind is processing everything very interesting. The nightmare he has which terrified him was well written. The way the girls are now treating him at lunch was very touching and made me happy to see that it helped Billy feel good.. I like that you are writing so frequently but the chapter is extremely long. I think I would like to see more chapters m
  6. philszzy

    Unholy Trinity

    I thought you did a great job on this chapter. But I saw some thing and realized Billy is you. That’s the way you think about yourself. You feel inferior when other people look at you and don’t realize how nice you are. you want to remain hidden. you think you’re not good enough to be seen as you really are. .
  7. I really enjoyed reading the first chapter. It was extremely well written and very interesting. When I first started reading it I thought it had too much background detail. but it was all very good and necessary to build the foundation of the story. I like your description of Billy. He seems like a beautiful boy inside and out. It was excellent and I am looking forward to the rest. I am just about ready to read chapter 2.
  8. You have me hooked on this story comsie, even thought i didn't want to read it. I succumbed and decided to take a chance. It is really cute and i love how Ricky and Jamie are becoming friends quickly and how nice Ricky is to Jamie. I look forward to continue reading future chapters, but hope it has an ending. I am still waiting for chapter 450 of Billy Chase. I know you have a lot to handle but I am dying to find out what happens at the big party.😁
  9. I am really enjoying this story. Your descriptions of the scenes and the boys reactions to what is happening around them are vivid. Your Brooklyn accents are perfect and i can actually hear it in my mind. I am anxiously waiting for the next chapter.I want to see the reactions of Johnny to Salem's wildness.
  10. I want to thank you for writing this story because it is the type that I usually like to read. I can see that it will be a romantic involvement with the two characters that you have very well developed. Your descriptions of each of the boys give a very vivid image of their features and also of their personalities and thoughts. Your descriptions of what they are saying and how they are reacting were beautifully presented. I am sure that phrasing, spelling and punctuation‘s can always be improved through other peoples eyes. however I had no problem understanding everything that you sai
  11. philszzy

    Chapter 5

    Wow Comsie!!. I love a lot of your stories. This was one that tore at my heart and had me crying, like many of your stories. I loved how you showed Cory's realization of what was important to him and that he made the effort to make Ben know how much he really cared. I like stories with a satisfying ending. And this one surpassed my expectations. I am glad that you know me well enough to steer me towards this one.
  12. philszzy

    Entry 24

    I liked reading this story and seeing it from Brandon's POV. He is my favorite character in the Billy Chase series. He is developed very nicely in your writing and he is more down to earth than I felt in the Billy Chase series. I look forward to more chapters in the near future to see how you integrate the relationship between Billy and Brandon. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for writing this story.
  13. philszzy

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed reading this first chapter of "Fanfic" , which is great. The only problem i had was that the gray insert of Andrew's typed story did not fit the screen the same as the main body of your story. I had to scroll back and forth on each line which I found annoying. I don't know if that is just me or how everyone finds it.
  14. philszzy

    Entry 8

    I have been enjoying each of the chapters of "Brandon Smiling". Billy Chase was the first story I read by Comsicality. I think you are doing a great job of bringing the characters of Billy Chase into your story. Brandon was always my favorite character because i have already fallen in love with him reading Billy Chase. Your story is showing their relationship from Brandon's pov. It is providing me more details of Brandon's personality. I look forward to reading the rest of the chapters and giving you my feelings. Philszzy
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