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  1. Mahouser


    A poignant, gritty adventure detailing the harrowing escape of a pair of teens from their war torn home, seeking safety and freedom from bombs and rubble, and from predators preying on innocence. Along the way a colorful cast of characters contributes love, hope, and assistance at timely moments as heroes and heroines appear and disappear. Decisions made have consequences, sometimes dire, as the odyssey unfolds across several countries. Often uncomfortable, more often inspiring, this well written tale twists and turns amidst ever stronger bonds of friendship and love. Well done Mr. King. Thank you for your efforts to see this one through.
  2. Mahouser

    GFD: Piece Of The Action

    Thank you for this delightful romp back in time to 1920’s Chicago underground, artfully spun, as usual. Please continue.....
  3. Mahouser

    You Shall Go to the Ball

    Glad you are back! Just re-read from the start, had missed your story for the past several years, enjoyed the recent chapters. Thank you!!

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