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  1. Middle of the night phone calls suck!!!

    1. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      especially when they're not phone sex...

    2. Fae Briona

      Fae Briona

      unexpected mid-night calls are never a good thing

  2. LMAO Yep. I've been distracted by life and by trying to write about an Air Force cadet taking a parachute course. I keep trying to make the experience a little different from a previous skydiving adventure I wrote. Starting tomorrow, I'm concentrating on the Antho.
  3. Carlos Hazday

    Idee Fixe

    Finally got to read this chapter and I'm glad I was late. Readers' comments were as enjoyable as the story. SPOILER I kept wanting Rita to go away but no matter how much I bitched, Parker wouldn't listen. We're stuck with her for a bit longer.
  4. We know he fooled around with Colt when he was a teen, but I'm not sure if he's still interested in men. This was all about Colt.
  5. So sue me, I like chapter titles full of innuendos. LOL
  6. Carlos Hazday

    Grand Opening

    I'm not one to write very long stories. My approach is to find natural breaks on which to separate the story. With the CJ series it was his first year in DC, high school, and college. And even within those segments, I broke it down further. Here, the stories are a little less involved since I'm trying to portray one specific event.
  7. Carlos Hazday

    Nailing Studs

    Thanks, bud. Sean will show up again in the third installment of the series.
  8. Carlos Hazday

    Nailing Studs

    Sean was in part inspired by Shirley MacLaine in Irma La Douce. I'm pretty sure yo know what I'm talking about since we're close in age.
  9. A day late is better than never. I did finish a bottle last night while switching back and forth between the Hurricanes and the HEAT. :P


  10. Carlos Hazday

    Grand Opening

    @frosenblum GA readers seem to be biased against short stories. Even when I issue warnings, people complain stories are too short. I guess I can take it as a compliment. However, some stories are meant to be short. Since WOOF was meant to describe a new start for Colt, personal and professional, making it longer would be padding once both goals were achieved. And I hate padding to make stories longer. @Mann Ramblings always stresses simplify. Why use 10 words when you can say the same thing in 5? I barely wrote this week so I better get back to a certain cadet. Once the current chapter's done, I'll shift over to the dolphins.
  11. Carlos Hazday

    Nailing Studs

    I originally meant mass but I sort of liked max when I figured out a typo had escaped. Sean's quite popular around here. Surprising since he's not my only ginger.!
  12. RIP RBG

    1. Fae Briona

      Fae Briona

      Fight for replacement will get very ugly, very quickly.

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