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  1. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    I'm still rooting for the sinking island in the middle of the Pacific! It was a stretch and I had to explain and justify the heck out of it, but I'm glad I made CJ, Owen, Brett, and Cesar so close in age. 20 years total with about 5 between each one. I get to have young guys act like grown ups at times and kids at others. With a certain marine being the troublemaker.
  2. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    Thanks, Dave. I still haven't decided if Northman's a destitute old-money scion or a wannabe. Not that it matters now since the book's all written. You do like the travelogues so you'll be happy to know this isn't the last one in the book. BTW... how did you like the word count? LOL
  3. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    Yep. It's why I won't name a bad guy after him.
  4. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    Yeah, no, my biggest issue's going to be the bad smell in the house when I turn on the heat for the first time since I moved here. May do it tonight while it's mild and open doors and windows.
  5. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XV

    Interestingly enough, after someone pointed it out, I went searching and confirmed she does not like being referred to as First Lady. Something about her not being any better that the common people. She's not that popular, so it may be an act. But I tried to reflect that attitude.
  6. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    But that would mean leaving behind the new, shiny toys! You're evil!
  7. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    Okay, I had not read your comment when I asked if Austin would be a happy camper after sex. LMFAO Oh, and stop bragging! I watch a lot of TV (mostly shit like Discovery and National Geographic when it's not sports) and read the Smithsonian and Nature magazines religiously. Both TV and articles have inspired little details in my stories. So much so I sometimes go searching for them after deciding on a location.
  8. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    I may have read something a long time ago about Agent Peggy Carter (Captain America's love interest in the Marvel comic books and movies) being inspired by Julia McWilliams. That's her maiden name. So she was a spy first and then a chef. George Bush led the CIA before being elected President. I think I see a trend.
  9. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    I've written a lot of travelogues in the series and will keep doing it. Readers seem to enjoy them, and I believe my settings are as much a character as any individual. Unfortunately, after the next chapter, I'm sending them to Vail for Christmas. They'll be up to their butts in snow. But we'll return to sunny Mexico and I have more warm-weather fun planned. One of my brothers lives in Winnetka. I'll have to check in to see if he left his mother-in-law outside overnight. He was all happy about a multi-generational household when she moved in after her divorce. Over Christmas he admitted it wasn't everything he thought it would be. LOL
  10. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    @Reader1810 Austin gets a little nookie and he's all happy. @WolfM Does that sound right? I just wrote about someone enjoying watching CJ and Liebe (when she's much older) butting heads. Must be the same as me enjoying it when CJ and his dads get into it. All genetics.
  11. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    She was involved in creating a shark repellent for sailors and airmen since so many were being attacked when they ended up in the water. The 'recipe' she developed was used until the 1970s and the main ingredient was rotten shark flesh she sliced and diced. Maybe that's when she started drinking? Didn't she take swigs from the bottle between meat tenderizer strikes?
  12. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    @scrubber6620 Tiger balm smells like Ben Gay or Icy hot. I carry a miniature jar of it in my motorcycle first aid kit. Since CJ hits the mats with the marines after working hours, Northman would not have smelled it. And yes, he definitely gets hit. This is full contact. The issue that could arise is diplomacy is more of an art than a science. Someone at CJ's level might only be judged on factual items, but he surpassed that stage almost as soon as he started working. Subjective items, such as the ability to think clearly and communicate would be part of a political officer's evaluation. I think it funny Northman would want to evaluate him on that type of item while also trying to keep CJ chained to his 'visa clerk' position. Did the chapter mention Jimmy wanted to harden all their electronic devices? Let's see if they take them to the theater for the ballet and to the embassy for the reception. We'll find out next Friday.
  13. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    So, a little story I've been working on this past week is set in your neck of the woods. In Atlanta. There's one character I almost named Severus, but since Mr. Snake Snape redeemed himself at the end of the books, I went with something else still within the HP world. You know how much I like to 'borrow' from real life and other works.
  14. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy readers speculation?
  15. Carlos Hazday

    CDMX • XVI

    @Clancy59 Forecast calls for temps in the 30s Sunday morning. That would be our coldest in a decade! Unfortunately, snow's only made it this far south once in recorded history. You keep safe, ma'am. While CJ has kept his cool so far, and acted professionally as you suggest, I wonder how long he can keep it up. If he won't do it, someone else needs to step in and tell Northman it's career suicide to pester future President DILF.
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