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  1. Have you been peeking at my chapter descriptions again?
  2. His work as a former president, particularly with Habitat for Humanity, has proven his heart is bigger than most. Even if he used it to lust.
  3. Fucker wouldn't say. Some bullshit about a gentleman not kissing and telling.
  4. Standing around for hours on end, particularly if it's really cold, is not fun. By never being a Biden supporter I hope you mean voter. If we can only support the work of someone we vote for, we're destined to perpetuate the cycle of acrimony and blame that has paralyzed our country in recent times.
  5. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 33

    I'm innocent!
  6. Let's see if this clears it up Aba temporarily moves to Georgetown to await Ritch Ritch arrives in DC - Owen and CJ stop by for lunch CJ and Owen fly to Australia - Ritch drives Aba to Everhope Christmas in DC for Ritch, Australia for CJ & Owen (I should have provided a link to Ripper Christmas) Family foundation meeting once CJ and Owen return from Australia New Year's Eve at Everhope Because I've written about the family celebrating Christmas before, I did not want to repeat myself. I sent almost everyone out of town and dispensed with the actual holiday with one line
  7. I recall returning home from college for the first time and spending more time with friends than family. I tried to balance it for Ritch, but decided to parade a bunch of Squad members to create group dynamics with him. He always had a good line here and there but now he's on a more equal footing with them.
  8. LOL I just added a line about the coup to the next chapter. I didn't want to pass the opportunity to mention it, since it will influence some events/conversations in the future. Later on, I'll bring up the fact the rioter who was shot was a former airman, and a retired Lt Col was inside the capitol with zip ties. Most current events I can deal with on a delayed basis in future stories, but this one seemed important enough to mention.
  9. I had a long, friendly chat with a 74 y0 Trump supporter the other day. She called the man a baffoon with despicable morals, but claimed she would vote for him again. Color me confused.
  10. Drives me nuts! All the conservatives who clamor for less government seem to be the first ones to pass laws reflecting their morals and intruding in our lives. Stay the hell away. CJ battling certain laws and regulations would be part of his agenda when he gets elected to office. First one he'll tackle will be motorcycle helmet laws. We'll wait for drinking restrictions until he's President. I have a feeling places like Las Vegas and New Orleans would roll back the legal age quickly.
  11. From my point of view, police uniforms are not an issue, institutionalized racism in certain departments is. I'm not sure if the military and police attract individuals with innate aggression or if training brings it out, but it's something I've noticed and struggled with how to deal with in this story. I make one feeble attempt, but decided to concentrate on Ritch's more balanced personality. Following the birds of a feather flock together approach, I surround him with like-minded individuals.
  12. Thanks, Parker. Would all kids Ritch's age have the support system he does. The vagaries of birth, in his case indirectly, can have a huge effect on how people behave. And it's not the money but the morals and values.
  13. Kids these days have no idea how much fear and terrorism affect our lives. In another response, I referred to attending previous presidential inauguration. In those days, instead of our capital being turned into a fortress and our capitol being the site of sedition, I walked through both unencumbered and without fear. I recently watched a documentary on the search for James Earl Ray after he murdered Martin Luther King, Jr. He drove to Canada before flying to London where he was arrested with a gun in his possession. Could you imagine that happening today?
  14. @tabaqui I'm impressed! I screwed up Singer, the average should have been 1000 lol Thiago may end up with the highest average. As I envision it right now, it'll be only six chapters so I may have to cram a lot in each one.
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