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  1. Carlos Hazday

    Christmas Day

    I'm not sure when Pam will show up again, but I hope she's in better shape by then. Otherwise I pity her. CJ and Owen won't put up with her crap.
  2. Oh, thank goodness. I've been worried about that timing thing. Hail to the Chief is the end of the story chronologically. I have 20 years of events to write about, though. To one degree or another, Hail gave us a glimpse at where the Squad ended up, so all these spinoffs are designed to give us an idea of how we get there. Individual stories allow me to delve a little deeper into each of the guys. But I'll interweave updates for most of them in related stories. I also plan on featuring the same event seen from different points of view. In Ranger, we saw the Oscars through Brad's eyes, but I plan on revisiting the event from CJ and Owen's side in the future.
  3. My first niece will graduate from law school next year. I remember holding her like an hour or two after she was born. I can relate.
  4. I perused a few chapters of Summer and Autumn recently when I received notifications showing a couple of people binge reading the stories. I was somewhat surprised at how prominent the older crew was. The progression from there to later books when it was the 'kids' getting into situations and solving problems on their own was so smooth I think I missed it. LOL Anyway, while one Squad member makes a couple of appearances and another has a small cameo, this is about the dads. Now, if I could just get in bed between them...
  5. LOL Go check your mailbox, I just sent you a PM. It's surprising how some characters appear to take over. CJ was so easy to write and still is. I knew I had to start with him as a teen but when I figured out he would be the star, I couldn't wait to get him as an adult. I'm looking forward to writing his next book. A couple of short stories and another novella and I'll be ready for him.
  6. Thanks, B! The last one was a bit more somber than my usual fare, so this one is all fun. Well, mostly.
  7. Thanks, Jay. So, yeah, I'm sure Chipper freaked out when he realized it was Greg Nalbo's house they were talking about. I love how fiction can make a small world even smaller. Brett must have really enjoyed himself knowing Chipper would figure it out when he told him where he'd grown up. That man is devious!
  8. The dads may get frisky again in future chapters. I'm pretty much over writing explicit sex scenes. I think the fading to black works well in most instances. And Brett's salty comments while nibbling on leftovers added a little hint of what goes on at their house. I think the last two naked romps I wrote about in detail were in Singer when I wanted to show Chipper with two guys one day and with a girl a few weeks later. Talk about the ultimate horndog!
  9. Let me stress the part about it being a work of fiction. LOL The 2020 pandemic will NOT be a part of the series. I posted about CJ's college graduation and Liebe's birth a long time ago and those events took place in 2020. There was no way I could include COVID19 without disturbing the continuity. However, should I be around to write long enough, I may include a similar virus in the future. For my take on a world-wide pandemic, check out Allah's Revenge. Not my most polished work, but it does deal with people dying due to a virus.
  10. When in June? My youngest nephew turns 12 on Saturday. Just because it's your month, I'll continue posting chapters all through June. Acceptable?
  11. We heard Liebe utter a profanity in Ranger. I think she was around 16 months at the time. Let's hope her fathers do a better job policing their language in the future. Did you notice the piano mention? I'll describe it in more detail in a future story when I sketch out how that room is set up and what it's used for. Your mention of ensemble cast made me go count the number of named characters. Fourteen, I think. Hopefully, that wasn't too many. I can't help myself, Parker. I've grown to enjoy writing crazy, dialogue-filled group scenes. Oh, 15 if we count Wingnut.
  12. Sometimes I wonder if readers connect all the dots. I know you do. This chapter was originally meant to be a prologue, but since GA requires chapter 1 be posted when the story is, I figured nearly 10k words in one day would be too much. I did try to establish the characters and relationships for any readers not familiar with the CJ series. I managed to reference events in Singer, Ripper Christmas, and Ranger, hopefully without confusing the uninitiated.
  13. Yeah, but... Now that he's a father and a working stiff, he decides to throw a 'lame' NYE party and stay at home? What happened to being on national TV rubbing elbows with celebrities.
  14. It's good to be back even if I was only gone for a couple of weeks LOL Interesting time indeed. The men play golf, lay out by the pool, and drink. That should be enough excitement, right?
  15. @Cris L I got it, I got it. Are you repeating yourself so I'll be suitably scared? LOL
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