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  1. Yep, I featured it in one of the early books as a place he wanted to support. It was cool when pictures of President Obama visiting made the rounds. For two boys readers didn't trust to addition to the DO NOT KILL list, talk about a shift. 😁
  2. @BlueWindBoy Let's see. This takes place in spring 2024. I think Chipper's in New York looking to buy a place. He's been looking in Hudson Yards and at a couple of supertalls, but I haven't told him where he needs to go yet. CJ stayed at La Casita after his appearance at the AFA, maybe he drowned Bryce and Zion? When I write about that trip to L.A, I'll elaborate. Never read those books or watched the show, so no. LOL Probably his next one. If he was slated to film in late 2021, Gambit would have probably been released in 2023. Damn you for forcing me to timeline things I wasn't planning on. Did you see this? Dog Tag Bakery
  3. Those weekly prompts helped turn me into a writer. For a while, I couldn't wait for Fridays so I could flex my developing writing muscles. As I gained confidence and found myself with more ideas than time my prompt responses fizzled. But I'll forever be grateful for them helping me get started. Thank you, Wayne.
  4. @BlueWindBoy LMAO - I just had Cesar call CJ a mensch. Must be a family thing. Romantic? We don't need romantic... all we want's to get laid! You forget President Bartlet's a fictional character--- ooops, never mind. That little exchange had more to do with CJ evolving than with Ritch. It's enough for someone reading this story by itself, but it plays into the entire series' character development.
  5. Sailors have one in every harbor, pilots have one in every airport, and Chipper has one in every concert venue! By this point leaking a Chipper sex tape would only increase his popularity. Let's hope he's not doing it with a skanky fan. LMFAO - I think by now you've figured out my stories won't really get you off unless your imagination takes over. Redbreast might be Brad's preferred, but by now we know Ozzie's a rum drinker. LOL Don't you love how white boys insist on using urban language. And for the record, usage in this case was used as a shortcut and not to imply the neighborhood's racial composition. African American Vernacular English has infiltrated our language to the point even white conservative idiots say woke. The look and sound ridiculous when they do. Everhope was the test subject for Fadi's software. I'm certain since it was installed there've been upgrades. I once bought my grandmother a fancy umbrella at Neiman's as a present. Years later, when she died, I don't think she'd ever used it fearing it would get water marks. ROTFLMAO Unless Turkey gets its shit together, their NATO membership might be revoked.
  6. @BlueWindBoy I'd say it's a sign Ritch is laser focused on being a pilot when he easily discards multiple viable opportunities. The Wing might be gentle, but I'm sure some homophobic prick will push the boundary. I'll leave it to everyone's imagination, but I'd prefer not to mess with a boxer. The Wing gets private time with Chipper. The higher ups have to content themselves with polite language and limited alcohol consumption. Yeah, you did better than most other readers, but I dropped plenty of hints too. There's something else you guessed about in another chapter that matches what I wrote in an upcoming chapter. The Miami thing was a private family matter, decking the biker led to an article.
  7. LMAO Yep, that's me. A twisted mind. For some reason I thought you'd started with Cadet then went back to the first CJ story. Can we say awkward?
  8. @BlueWindBoy But, but... I don't swallow so that means I'm not gay. After graduation, I joined Ernst & Whinney as a staff accountant. At some point I was assigned to work on a consulting job for a hospital and the partner in charge of consulting invited me to transfer at the end of it. Within a year, the partner in charge of taxes asked me the same thing. I based Ritch being courted by different areas based on my experience. Pretty sure they've merged and changed names but the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network I think still provides representation. I swear I'd fixed Johnny/Johnnie before. I did it again. (Sorry, Britney) And what's wrong with Fryes? For a first pair and occasional use I think they work. Once he decides he wants to adopt a Western persona, he can spend some money on fancy ones. Warm, really warm. What's Chipper's birthday? Lola's in the gun safe at Everhope. CJ didn't even consider carrying it to Mexico! My bet's 20, but I don't plan to write that far into the future. Oh, wait. I did write a couple of lines on my outline about a Rose Garden wedding for Liebe. LOL OFF TOPIC If I remember correctly, you started reading Cadet, stopped, and dove into the entire universe. What made you go back in the first place? The last couple of days I've had notifications showing someone started reading Summer. It's always a thrill to see readers react to half a dozen chapters in a day, tells me I wrote something interesting they enjoyed. I'll assume you have since you made it back to your starting point.
  9. @BlueWindBoy This story spans Ritch's time at the Academy: 2020 - 2024. Pretty sure I've mentioned before the timing forced me to make decisions about important events in other characters' lives influencing Ritch. The birth of Roo, Jeffer, Raish, and Zack being one of them. Because everything from this point forward happens post CJ and Owen returning to DC, details will have to wait until the book after CDMX. Overlapping timelines do give me the opportunity to expand on events already covered in one book in future ones. A few of Ethan's legal interventions will be recounted from his side when he gets a spinoff. Right now, I'm rewriting Christmas 2021 in Vail from CJ's POV. Moi? Double entendres? Jamais? I think I previously mentioned I didn't want to write a whole chapter about Joel's dating since this isn't his story. I skipped over him asking someone out. I didn't want to shortchange him by devoting a little paragraph to it. My goal was to show Ritch sowing his oats before going home to Lucy. Let's see if his experiences make him a better boyfriend. Amidst all the banter and jokes, this chapter was designed to be a demarcation line. Colonel Peterson get the title to match his leadership abilities. It'll be an interesting senior year. Trust me on that.
  10. @BlueWindBoy Vurdem may end up being considered a hero in Turkey. If he does, let's hope he and Ritch never end up being part of joint exercises. Wait, was that a cognitive test or and IQ one. I'm confused. MCMAP might be a good starting point. I recently had a crash course (verbal) on it since it plays a role in the Mexico book. Ritch's the kind of cadet the AF claims it wants. Unfortunately, not that many like him around. At least in my story his performance is rewarded. Where the hell were you when I was researching and writing? My restaurant choices might have been different. I started with the idea of either a wing or a vertical stabilizer as the tat's centerpiece. Since at this point they're all part of the Cadet Wing... Simon's like their mascot right now: younger and smaller. I may bring him back at some point. Maybe broken noses qualify if a Taliban loser inflicts it?
  11. @BlueWindBoy It's Ritch now. LOL Ooops, I forgot about the Ritchie Rich jokes. But he's young enough I can work one in sooner or later. Might be Rich Ritch. Ice cram truck? Wouldn't a taco one fit better? You mean there are still Republican politicians in the closet? The black friends line I derived from I can't be anti-Semitic, I have Jewish friends. That one I heard a long time ago and stuck with me. Sort of like people chanting Jews will not replace us and Trump claiming he loves them even though his daughter's a Jew. I'm pretty sure everyone at the Academy's required to call anyone with a higher rank sir. My original intent was to call the book Mexico City, I may have even referred to it that way in a comment or two. When I started researching, I found out about the name change. I guess before the change Mexico City, like DC, was a bastard child. Pete could run again. I really hope my prediction of CJ being the first out gay president is wrong. Cal will show up again, but it'll be a couple of years before I bring him back. Liebe was traumatized and the only person she would allow near her was Harley. The uncle who advocated for a taco truck in every corner.
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