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  1. #MusicMonday



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    2. Mikiesboy


      i'm glad for you ...


      yeah its just a bit chilly here too ...  my layers have layers and a blanket!

    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      LMAO - around 5 C here so instead of being naked I'm wearing socks and sweats. I haven't braved the outdoors yet.

    4. Mikiesboy


      -7F here or -22C   lovely patterns of frost on the windows and the snow squeaks when you walk on it.   i usually run around nekkid, but Michael gave up trying to find me under all my clothes..LOL

  2. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    @Nahrung Every single character in the first three chapters is a recurring one. Take a look at the prologue if you need to refresh your memory. Bentley was introduced in the current chapter as was Jeff Bezos; both will return. I also had 'guest appearances by Parker and Dayne's characters, but those were minor so not sure if that's what confused you. The large ensemble cast's been a staple of the series. The Elite and Squad members--the main cast--has remained constant for the past few books. There'll be one more character added to the Squad, but it won't happen for a while. So, no flood of new characters. As for events, there's definitely new ones, and that will continue. This is a coming of age story, and I refuse to have a static character. CJ will continue to experience new things, and in the process continue growing.
  3. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    Hey, Tony! I've always wanted to have a positive story even when at times there's been some sadness. Part of life. Swamp Monster? LOL
  4. Carlos Hazday


    @Myr Thanks, boss. I'm happy with it, but not so much with how the gun issue ended up being the focus. I overplayed it since what I wanted to highlight was the kid fighting back against the establishment. I can't help writing controversial, political stuff.
  5. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    @c081huang CJ and Owen are dog people, so you can keep the pussy lover. LOL As for CJ being mature, you could always call him Papi CJ...
  6. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    I'm still hoping to one day collaborate with a couple of other authors, bringing together our characters into a jointly written story. Dark tried to get a few of us together one time but the effort fizzled out. Everybody keeps talking about how much happened in this chapter but I only count 5 little segments... LOL I guess the grumbling about too much is better than too little.
  7. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    Really? They're your favorites? I'd suggest hiding; CJ and Owen won't be happy to hear that!
  8. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    Twins? Papa CJ? Oh, hell. Wasn't he just learning how to drive the Jeep? As for Corey, you better be ready to fight Efrain and/or CJ. My guy does like them muscular and blond...
  9. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    Lots of travel coming up. Instead of going to class and studying. LOL The perception that they're growing up is accurate. Marriage, a house, rumors of a baby... The CIA, State Department, and Bezos are options he needs to evaluate. The character was designed to be 'above average' and I want to continue in that vein.
  10. Carlos Hazday


    Wanna bet? I already have a character who lives in London. CJ and Owen stopped there for a couple of days on the way to Amsterdam to see him. And I do have notes for a meeting with Prince Harry... I can make it happen. LOL Oh, and yes, I realized the connection of your comment with the one in the CJ thread.
  11. Carlos Hazday


    I'm avoiding reading all the comments since I've yet to start this book. Today's CJ chapter included guest appearances by Dayne Mora and Parker Owen's characters. Do I need to work Eric into a future scenario? CJ knows plenty of journalists, he can organize a panel discussion on privacy issues.
  12. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    @Wesley8890 I talked to Dayne about crossing our stories over a long time ago. It didn't work out, and then she decided to take a break. I wanted to do a football trip (there's actually another one later on) and I wanted to talk about mass shootings. The ACC was kind enough to give me a Miami game at Virginia Tech. A scene with CJ and Chipper watching the UM-Notre Dame game mentioned in this chapter at a bar in NYC ended up on the cutting floor, so I used it as the basis for the trip. Got to mix in CJ and Trip's book and in the process explore a little of the financial side of the thing and how CJ deals with fan mail. If you like this, you'll enjoy the next 3 chapters.
  13. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    Thanks for lending them to me, bud. I hope I've done them justice. Interesting you want to read about the mundane parts of a college student's life. LOL I've actually avoided that part on purpose; I didn't think people would want to read about it. In my notes, there were some details about classes, which I decided not to expand. A required Theology course had CJ debating a Jesuit priest. Government courses led to political discussion, and in his International Relations courses, there would have been stuff about CJ's travels and varied friends influencing his opinions. I guess I'm covering mostly weekends and time with family instead of the Monday-Friday grind. Since this book's 100% written, too late. However, I can always do flashbacks at some point.
  14. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    We'll chat.
  15. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    I'm not sure about this. Is it really faster paced? So far in this book, we've covered 5 months (July to November) in 4 chapters. Not that far off from Walls which was a month per chapter. Fine, that's 25% faster LOL. However, the next 2 chapters will cover only 3 days! One thing that's changed is I'm able to say more with fewer words. That's thanks to Mann. I've stripped back the writing to reduce the excess stuff. I already didn't do a lot of angs and self-doubts which I find slow the action, now I've removed excess descriptions while still trying to provide the proper atmosphere. Hopefully, that's working.

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