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  1. Tentatively late July. My friends have a summer house in the Hamptons and although the husband will travel back to the city now and then, the wife plans to be out there for 4 months.
  2. Thank you, Parker. Just so you know, the sight sticks with adults too. It's amazing how they all rush out making the sand look alive.
  3. Thanks Jeff. I'm not sure what timing is in places like Australia and Hawaii, but in South Florida summertime is nesting season. I live 10 minutes from the beach and sometimes next month strrt lights near the water will be dimmed. Check out the Sea Turtle Conservancy's website for more info. https://www.conserveturtles.org/
  4. Carlos Hazday


    Between Senior and the closet, Rick's been suffocating. He took care of himself physically but the mental turmoil must have been murder. Funny how caring for someone else led him out from under both. Ca t wait until he has a new van, though. His current one's not fit to be driven by a famous concert pianists partner. Or is Plummer Rick going to give up glamorous Eagle Lake and become a traveling groupie? 😁
  5. When I'm in NYC this summer, I'm going to approach a friend about illustrations. You just never know.
  6. So, my Earth Day born niece graduates from law school and her younger sisters gets her bachelor degree a week earlier. One of the jobs that one's applied for and is interviewing with is a start up talent agency in Atlanta. The woman running it has represented rappers and musicians for a while. Maybe my niece can line up an agent for me.
  7. Gracias, Jose! It's quite a change to write 'cute' when most of my characters are foul mouthed and/or sex fiends.
  8. @Reader1810 I spent lots of time in the Keys eating conch chowder, conch fritters, and sweet bread while growing up. Writing this brought back fond memories
  9. Liebe, Elizabeth Liston Abello, was born April 22, 2020. Some of the CJ series' cast, got the same birthdays as my relative's. CJ shares with one of my brother and his twins will be born on my other brother's b'day. And as you can see in the dedication, My niece, Alex, was born on Earth Day. She turns 25 today and graduates from law school in a couple of weeks.
  10. By the end of today, she'll be covered in chocolate cake.
  11. “Wake up, baby. We have a surprise for you.” Pete gently shook his daughter’s shoulder. Liebe slowly came alert. She brushed blonde bangs off her face, stretched, and stared at her father. “Morning, Papi. What kind of surprise?” “Do you remember our friend, Jo? The lady who runs the Sea Turtle Center? She texted us this morning. A lot of turtles are coming on the beach to lay eggs. Wanna go see ’em?” “Yesss!” Liebe was instantly alert. The mention of nesting sea turtles sufficiently appealing to have her get out of bed early on a Saturday morning. The girl lived in the Flor
  12. Owen Liston, an environmental attorney, has been making up stories for his young daughter since she was born. He recently allowed me to record a few and publish them for everyone’s enjoyment. Here is one of them. Read it for yourself or share it with the youngsters in your life Liebe, a young girl living in the Florida Keys with her two fathers, is invited to watch sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs. When one appears to be in trouble because of plastic waste, their friend Jo comes to the rescue. A few weeks later, Liebe’s delighted as countless hatchlings race across the sand to t
  13. Carlos Hazday


    @BlueWindBoy LMAO - My editor complained he paid more for his wine boxes. At one point I hoped to write something together involving the Hills and my guys, but Marcus dropped the third book in the series. I think he didn't like some of the suggestions his editor made. I wonder if they throw any sort of party at Copley Hall these days.
  14. Carlos Hazday

    Embers 10

    I wonder if the Kardashians realize how often they're the butt end of jokes. Probably doesn't matter to them as they out their money. Austin being a jarhead may just provide an in for Brandon. I was impressed you thought about tats disappearing when shifting. It's those little details that round out a story even if most readers won't even notice. Good job, son.
  15. Carlos Hazday


    @BlueWindBoy Let's see how much clarity I can provide without blinding you with spoilers. A couple of your comments refer to things partially planted to justify future events. I prefer not to pull rabbits out of hats too often. Yeah, those guys (particularly CJ, may not always express themselves in a totally correct way, but any sort of discrimination or abuse will irk them. I mean, CJ wrote a damn book about bullying! And that leads me to CJ already being a published author, so Owen could be suggesting non-fiction need not be CJ's only writing. In reality, I was poking fun at m
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