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  1. Carlos Hazday


    I agree! The way my brother and his wife raised their daughters has influenced how I had Cesar and Brett deal with CJ. Instead of sticking their head in the sand, they dealt with issues facing the girls in a realistic way. My brother punted on drugs; he asked me to talk my nieces on his behalf. It was most definitely not a 'You shall not' conversation, but an honest assessment of risks vs rewards.
  2. Carlos Hazday


    Not me! I seldom have opinions on controversial subjects.
  3. Carlos Hazday


    I write popular fiction which hopefully entertains and helps readers forget about daily troubles for a little bit. Humor's always been part of my stories. Life's too short not to laugh as often as possible.
  4. Carlos Hazday


    Sometimes, discretion is the best approach and ignorance is bliss. I'm sure the dads will eventually find out, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. The dads would probably trust Lucy and Ritchie's decision. Hell, when my oldest niece reached puberty, my sister-in-law told her if she got pregnant while still in school, she would drive the kid to the abortion clinic herself. That type of attitude influenced the events in the book.
  5. Carlos Hazday


    Join the club!
  6. Carlos Hazday


    And nobody's willing to give us a break!
  7. Carlos Hazday


    My first visit to Washington DC was in 1975, the latest was in 2018. Through countless trips, I've seen physical changes and a marked increase in security personnel. The world adapts and moves forward but each terrorist attack robs us; not all changes are for the best.
  8. Carlos Hazday


    I've done some traveling on my motorcycle over the past decade; many of the descriptions of places CJ visits are based on my experiences. Some are the result of research. The variety of landscapes in the US is amazing and few of us appreciate what our country offers. From South Carolina swamps to the New Mexico desert, to large urban centers, there's a multitude of sights to enjoy.
  9. It's good to see you here on a Sunday morning, Renee. Welcome back and feel better.
  10. Carlos Hazday


    Although exaggerated for dramatic purposes, the woman's attitude is not unique. Please note she's probably not a rider herself but one of the many skanks who hand out at motorcycle gatherings trying to hook up with bikers.
  11. Carlos Hazday


    Welcome to the club LOL One reader told me about bragging to someone that she knew people heavily involved with the Human Rights Campaign; she was referring to CJ and his fathers.
  12. Unsure if you're still reading but in last week's chapter I introduced a new character. A biker who does NOT own a Harley LOL

  13. Considering the proliferation of reputation points due to 'chat' threads, this is something I'd love to see.
  14. Carlos Hazday


    I've done it again, haven't I? Mention motorcycle helmets, guns, the death penalty, and now abortion and the comments go through the roof!
  15. Carlos Hazday


    @dughlas I agree. Roberts is a little more realistic than Scalia was or Thomas is. Sooner or later, more liberal judges may be appointed. If the conservatives start overturning decisions, we could end up in a tit-for-tat and us Americans would be the ones suffering. CJ may hate me for this but a STRICT interpretation of the 2nd Amendment could decide militia does not refer to individuals.
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