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  1. Music often helps me connect with characters and places I'm writing about. Guess where the story I'm currently writing takes place.



    1. spikey582


      Definitely Colorado...

    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Spikey, Rocky Mountains high and all that jazz (pop). :)


    3. dughlas


      Friends of Chipper?

  2. Five more days! I can't wait until it starts posting. Hurry up, Sunday!
  3. Thanks, Jeff! My goal was to lure a couple of new readers while bringing clarity to a fuzzy spot in CJ's series. Hopefully, new readers will like get a taste for my style without having to tackle a long series as their introduction to my work.
  4. Some people have a sense of entitlement that makes them believe they can do as they please. Someone standing up to them often surprises those bullies.
  5. Thanks for sticking with me and reading, bud!
  6. Yep. Short stories are supposed to be short.
  7. That would make a great thread. What GA authors/members have you met? I missed my chance at dinner with @Valkyrie because I had tickets to Springsteen on Broadway. Sorry again, Val, but The Boss will always win. Even over my family.
  8. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 16

    Tell me about it...
  9. PRIME opened back in 2012, within a year it was a popular NYC bar with both gays and the other type of people. In a previous story, I described Champagne Jello shots. Someone made them for a NYE midnight toast. Prior to writing, I sampled. Vodka gives them the good kick. For this one, I combined a traditional Champagne cocktail with the Jello shot recipe. The whole idea is to get people fucked up enough they'll have a good time and come back for more.
  10. You forgot about the wire shelving... Those will not be the bar nuts served at PRIME!
  11. I kept reaching down to ensure mine were safe while I wrote the scene. It was either a hammer or a screwdriver.
  12. I attribute to the weather. Brazilians have always struck me as sensual and sexual people. The macho attitude's still there but feels more relaxed.
  13. You scared of the moderators? I was for a long time LOL
  14. Carlos Hazday

    Happy Hour

    There'll be a companion piece to this story recounting the creation of WOOF, the gym my characters frequent a couple of blocks away from PRIME. The Russians will pop up in that one.
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