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  1. Carlos Hazday


    I'm glad watching all those shows before writing this chapter paid off. I like the way she handles heavy topics in a light-hearted way.
  2. Carlos Hazday

    GMA IV

    I try to inject humor into the story often. I find people who are serious all the time boring. Gina's a good friend and about to graduate from college. Not sure she can have a baby before she returns to Alaska. Not only Americans! I escaped that fate even though I was the first born. My middle brother's named after my dad, and the youngest one after both grandfathers. CJ and Chipper are both juniors.
  3. Carlos Hazday


    It's quasi-legal in DC now, so I'm sure they can find it whenever the mood strikes. I think those two are more the alcohol type these days.
  4. Carlos Hazday


    I guess it's about time we found out what Liz said. Let me see how soon I can make it fit in.
  5. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 16

    Poor, Karen. She's being used and could get hurt. But her date confirms my previous comment about degrees of separation in a small town. About 90% of Hailey's population is somehow part of the mistery, right? I'm not so sure Harris is as smart as I originally thought. Stefano remains a few steps ahead of him, and the FBI agent may not be taking the appearance of the Giovannis seriously enough. The comment about getting employee names from tax returns is tricky. It could work with payroll tax returns but not income taxes. My pussy aversion has been solidified. Damn ungrateful animals! Toss the bitch out.
  6. Carlos Hazday


    Updates on who gets the tats will be dribbled out at opportune times. We won't reveal a tattoo before its time. Just CJ's job. Aincepot's still not legal under Federal law, I'm assuming all restrictions are still in effect. The idea to have CJ give it up came from when my brother gave up drugs while talking to the CIA. They wanted two clean years prior to employment. Research told me the State Departments drug tests some employees, so I threw it all together. Same with Ritchie and being at the Air Force Academy. Cesar and Brett lose both their suppliers!
  7. Carlos Hazday

    CJ By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    Pretty sure I have a couple of pictures I took last year before it was finished. I'll look for them and share them. I love how vertical parks are a thing in a vertical city. The High Line is right next to The Vessel.
  8. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 15

    Properly made, they're heaven. I made them once. Since then, I simply order them at old diners and southern restaurants.
  9. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 15

    Don't be dragging me into your confusion. Careful with Travis, he carries a gun. And Robin's connected. They might not like you tossing their names around. They're probably more inclined to violence than I am. It sucks to be you right now.
  10. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 15

    Nothing to fear. Corbin has Harris, Paul, Chad, Luca, Zampa, and their organizations to keep him safe. Although I don't know how much Zampa's chicks can do. Was this the first time we hear Robin and Travis are married? Damn the two degrees of separation in a small town.
  11. Carlos Hazday

    CJ By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    These are the times it sucks not to be CJ, or Cesar, or Brett, or Ozzie, or... you get the idea.
  12. Carlos Hazday

    CJ By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    LOL I did look at prices for a couple of listings in the Hadid building: around 5 million. I can't afford it, but I can create a character who can. LOL I have a short list of NYC buildings I want to use in stories: The TWA Hotel @ JFK, the Chrysler Building if it does become a hotel, The Dakota (I could see Chipper buying there since he grew up on the West Side), The new Nomad building announced by the Rockefeller Group looks gorgeous in the drawings. Streamline Art Deco. And there's a smaller one around Hudson Yards about to ope which is also Art Deco inspired. I watch a clip of how they made the green terracotta blocks for the facade. That always happens and the critics will eventually be silenced. Happened to the Guggenheim and it's been going on with the Occulus. Of course I had to post a pic on IG from when I visited and I've noticed anyone I follow and visits NYC does too.
  13. Carlos Hazday

    CJ By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    Hudson Yards is the largest development ever in NY. Maybe the country's? I have my eye on an apartment in one of two buildings there. One of them designed by the late, great Zaha Hadid. I just don't know what story and what character yet.
  14. Is it disrespectful Wales is beating the crap out of Ireland on St. P's weekend? :D

    1. Reader1810


      Nope, but it’s gotta be embarrassing for the Irish...

    2. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      They scored at the last minute so at least they weren't blanked. Prince William seemed to be enjoying himself in the stands. Wales will one day be his, after all. :P

  15. Carlos Hazday

    CJ By Carlos Hazday - Series Discussion

    Don't know about them, but it was already on my bucket list. After watching the news last night, it moved near the top. Road trip? If we bring wine, @Defiance19 will probably climb it with us.

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