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  1. What? You scared a moderator will jump all over you if you use the title of Thiago's story first chapter? At least you recognized the Boystown house as one of the ones I referenced. There's also Rico and Lynne's suburban home in Chicago.
  2. That's one. I think so far I've mentioned 12 different houses/apartments. Not all have names. 😁
  3. I write about a couple of real estate transactions involving family in CDMX and Flying Circus. Of course, I tried to figure out if CJ or Ritch would give them names. Who knows what each of the houses the family owns is called?
  4. @chris191070 LMAO If I don't start posting on Jan 1, there are plenty of holidays before on which I could make a splash. We'll see. Since my regular editor's unavailable, I'm leaning towards going without one, so there may be lots of typos and punctuation errors in what I post.
  5. You might be interested in knowing I finished writing the main part of the story yesterday. I have an epilogue left to deal with. About two thirds of the chapters have already been beta read and self edited. There's this one chapter that takes place at the end of October/beginning of November 2021 in Mexico City. I'd like to preview a snippet from that one on the actual day the events I wrote about supposedly happen. Let's see where I am by then. The pandemic has made many of us reevaluate how we do certain things, changes have at times been momentous (lots more people realizing it's better to work to live than to live to work.) Other changes are plain silly. My penchant for sharing a new story on the first day of the year is something I'm reconsidering. Maybe it's time to let that little tradition slip. One aspect of my stories will not change; my cast of characters is multi-national and diverse as ever. Heck, I even have someone admit they hail from Missouri!
  6. I would add Man vs Nature Characters on a boat/ship watch dark clouds form and the wind increase. Whether it's a hurricane approaching or not, dread of what may happen should be palpable. We don't always need human antagonists. Neither as individuals or as a society.
  7. I sure as hell can't keep him out of my head. No matter what I may be reading, watching, or doing, I'm always on the lookout for interesting situations in which to place CJ. Or one of his acolytes. Most Squad members have cameos in the story, and those who've had their own stories posted, get a bit more attention.
  8. For a variety of reasons, I've unfortunately done it myself. I find myself browsing through the site without signing in on a regular basis.
  9. I think the new character introduced here, Calum, may be a tad more likeable than the one in the previous excerpt, Stephen Northman. I felt the need for another Aussie.
  10. Although reaction to previous teasers has been limited, I'm hoping a large number of readers have seen them and simply failed to react. I'm really trying to ensure y'all don't forget about CJ and Owen. Here's a little bit from chapter 3 of CDMX.
  11. Carlos Hazday


    Hey Alexander, here's hoping you manage to reach the end or get closer this time e around. 😁 Glad you're enjoying my work.
  12. Carlos Hazday

    The Winner

    Thank you, Bre. The ending was definitely controversial, but I tried to set it up by having Chipper explain why he thought not winning might be a good idea. Interestingly, today my goal is to write a Chipper concert taking place in Mexico City. I'll continue charting his progress in other stories even if he doesn't get a second solo story.
  13. Carlos Hazday


    More due luck and inexperience than anything planned, CJ sounds and acts like a teen more often than not in the early books. As he ages, I modify his views a bit, even more after he graduates from college, but the basic values I infused him remain constant throughout his life. I'm toying with a short story set when Liebe's 7, and bullying plays a part.
  14. Thanks for the feedback and I'm delighted you enjoyed the stories. A new story chronicling CJ, Owen, and Liebe's time in Mexico City is coming soon. I'm writing chapter 35 this week and there are 2 or 3 more after this one. As of right now, it's the second longest one I've written word count wise, so readers will have plenty to sink their teeth into.
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