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  1. Carlos Hazday

    American Land

    @Bushba Thank you! I don't know If or when those two items may come in handy, but I'll keep them in mind. In my defense, the 11/10 birthday I may not have featured Since I highlighted 11/11 a couple of times instead. But now I'll try to work it in just for you. I'm certain I'll have another Marine as a character again.
  2. Is there a tourism industry in Greenland? Not sure why, but I'm intrigued enough I want to visit.

  3. I have an old friend named Liebe. Well, her name's Elizabeth, and the nickname was given to her because it's what Queen Elizabeth II was supposedly called. My goal was to honor my friend and give the girl a distinctive moniker. I knew CJ and Owen would have a daughter early in my plotting and planned accordingly. I named Owen's sister Elizabeth so they could name their daughter the same. Georgetown University requires at least a year of a foreign language, so I had CJ pick German even though he could have tested out of the requirement because of his fluency in Spanish. He would know what Liebe means. I speak four but aside from English, they're all Romance languages. Zero knowledge of German here!
  4. In a way, it is a CJ & Owen story. Go take a look at the Story Note. I'll wait to hear your reaction.
  5. Thanks, Dugh. Youngsters won't get the Coppertone reference but those of us of a certain age should remember those ads. I have ideas for a couple more, let's see when I can fit them into the writing schedule. Even though they're short, trying to keep the language at the appropriate age level is a pain!
  6. Carlos Hazday


    Thanks, Tor. Glad you enjoyed it!
  7. I have an announcement. The Chipper spinoff's written and will begin posting two weeks from tomorrow. Tank, I have some ideas but nothing etched in stone. The one character I have the best solo-story outline for is Brad. Maybe sometime next year. Tank would come later.
  8. If I revealed the event the commentators refer to, I'd ruin the book! Think of it as one of the Harry Potter books/movies, we know something's coming, but we have to wait until it's released. I'll throw some crumbs your way. In late 2020, the FBI assign Lincoln to the US Embassy in Mexico City. In summer 2021, the State Department posts CJ to the same place. I have an outline for the book covering the time period, but nothing's been written. Politics plays a role in future installments and I don't want to get to far ahead of real time. The results of the 2020 presidential election may affect what I write. I'm assuming Trump the Idiot will be reelected, but if my prayers are answered and he gets tossed...
  9. @dlg0724 I wrote this section in case something happened to me LOL CJ becoming the first gay president was always the intent, so I skipped a few years ahead to give readers a satisfactory conclusion. Filling in the blanks is in the plans although not in the immediate future. I mean, I had to outline the intervening years to know who had kids, their names, and some of what they did. We know CJ was Washington's mayor at one point and that would be a book by itself. In the meantime, CJ, Owen, and Liebe have a cameo in the prologue to the book I'll post in September, and they'll return in December with a Christmas special LOL Sounds like a TV show. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope to hear from you again!
  10. I recently read/heard something about chickens crossing roads. The comment's author yearned for a world where the chicken's motives for crossing the street would not be questioned or denigrated.
  11. Def, you're in trouble. You opened Pandora's box writing such a compelling introduction. Did I say introduction? Oops, this may be all you planned on but you may face a revolt if there's no follow up. Well written, good pacing, and interest characters. I won't beg, but if you decide to write more, I'll read. Good job.
  12. Carlos Hazday


    Thank goodness my memory still works. Somewhat. After spending the morning with my dad, I was worried I was joining him. Today he asked me what was it the nurse had injected him with. Insulin like every other morning, of course. I remember reading but not finishing the story. Not sure why; my memory's NOT that good. This Is a big commitment and lately I have trouble with reading time. Kinda hypocritical when so many readers followed my series for five years. I do remember the military aspects and intense action; won't mention what else I remember to avoid spoiling it for potential readers. I only found a handful of typos/errors so you're ahead of the curve there. Welcome to Gay Authors and best of luck. Carlos
  13. Carlos Hazday


    This sounds familiar. Have you posted this story on another site before?
  14. Carlos Hazday

    Chapter 52

    Lions, and tigers, and bear... Okay, missing the lion but there's always a chance. Does the process of conversion somehow activate higher function genes? It seems every Demi's into homosex. Or does Arad only attract gay ones? Didn't the bull at the bar give him the eye too?
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