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  1. Randomness

    Somebody's Home

    Thank you. *bows*
  2. Randomness

    Road's End

    I agree, it was rough to do. 😞
  3. Randomness

    No Man's Land

    "...snuggling under familiar, warm, covers" makes me all happy and blush-y. Thank you, I appreciate that more than you know. Hopefully, the next chapter(s) gives a better feel of what I was aiming for in the relationship. This is a prime example of why it does take me so freaking long to write. I plant seeds for so long hoping that I am being subtle and I still think that I am bashing people over the head with what is going on. LOL To answer in another way, I tend to work in arcs and each spends sooooo much time in my head that by the time I get to the laptop, I have to exhaust it onto t
  4. The skiff landed easily on the barren beach. From the ship this looked like a small desolate shore, once on it, the enormity of the nothingness increased. It had been hard row into shore. Longer than what would have been normal. Indeed, the Inferno was farther away from beach than what would be considered normal. At least this was not in the middle of the night like when we had sent the men out into the bay by Rag Post. We pulled our boat up away from the waves. Tall grasses, almost all shades of ochers, with hints of green hidden within, waved behind the ivory sands and opposite the
  5. This was a very angst-y part to put in. I was/am not sure if it should be, but it seemed like it needed to be. Hoping not drive anyone away. I do value your thoughts Revinn Trevin! :-) Thank you. Hugs.
  6. The days ‘aboarred’ were quite unremarkable. We sat or paced or played dice or did whatever we could to pass the hours. Revinn was doing his best to fight his sea-sickness, but still looked pale most of the time. He took the teasing in good humor. Scarlet overcast skies at dawn and gray overcast skies during the day provided nothing to look at. These long, confined trips were always restful but boring. We heard the scream all the way from our cramped little storage room. Leaf and I raced down the passage. The child of the young family we boarded with stood outside LLoque
  7. Thank you for re-reading and sticking with it. I keep asking myself why do people put up me me? But I truly appreciate they do! Because I write so sporadically, I worry about continuity, hopefully I have managed to keep Talon intact for you. ;-) Thank you again. More to come!
  8. "I didn’t know enough French yet to read Cyrano, but that didn’t stop me. That’s when I learned you can read a language you don’t know if you love it enough." - Ursula Le Guin
  9. We stood on the dock in clusters waiting to give the King a formal greeting. He had arrived, but we had not seen him yet as he was getting cleaned up privately, in town, after his ride. Our small groups were designed for proper representation. Phaetheon, Galehault, and a few other men talked together as did Blade and his group of brothers. Revinn and dignitaries from town seemed pleased not to have been overlooked in favor of the King’s presence. Lanterns lit the entire end of the dock and the canvas draped ship. The smell of food wafted to us from th
  10. Agreed, it is not always about the physical, it is different things to different people. I still continue to struggle with the line... for me it is not merely about tense, but about possibilities. Which implies what or more? Heads: he 'gave you immortality' Tails: he 'gives you immortality' Thank you again for continuing to follow and commenting. Your thoughts are truly appreciated. Hugs.
  11. Oh for Artifex sake… “I can’t believe it!” Revinn boomed. I stared at the dead Midnight Stag at my feet. Revinn called out once more to the others and they began to appear out of the trees one or two at a time. “Never! Never happened!” Revinn shouted. “No one, no one in history has ever gotten two!” The others cheered and congratulated us with laughter and claps on the back. “Not me,” Revinn laughed loudly and shook his head. “Talon. It was Talon. Again! I
  12. Thank you for sticking with the erratic postings. I do appreciate your interest and support. I do have more coming, hopefully very soon. As for platonic love, I do not wish to give anything away, but I truly do not have the patience for it to go on too much longer. I will have to question you sometime about if I am playing my hand too soon however. Please always feel free to keep sharing your thoughts. Thank you and Hugs!
  13. "Long Road to.."


    Great story;; hope continued.  



    1. Randomness


      Thank you Watcher!  Admittedly, the going is slow on my end.  Always seems like life gets in the way, right?  :-)  I can promise more is coming.  No spoilers but the next four chapters are being revised.  Sloppy business.  Four others are being fleshed out.  I expect another few to go out over the next few weeks provided everything stays calm.  (Knock on wood.)  Thank you for keeping me thinking ahead.  Hugs.

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