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  1. theschnauzers

    Chapter 8

    Worthington, now that he knows government mages attacked twice, is going to be far more careful and he now knows what to look for. He’s got to solve the Colin puzzle, though.
  2. Beloved isn’t a sequel, but certain characters from Working It Out did make a cameo.
  3. This trilogy is outstanding. It,s been a decade since Don finished the trilogy, and his successor story, Beloved, is just as outstanding as wll.
  4. These days, you'd have to ask Myr, and obviously he's busy with the forum software upgrade right now. Hopefully someone will get an answer for you. (I'd like to know that myself actually.)
  5. As did Working It Out, this story also deals with some religious contexts made all the more interesting by the rapidity of real world events that out paced Beloved, which was first posted about the time Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was elected as Pope, and about the time Proposition 8 was adopted by referendum. Now, of course, Francis is now Pope, and Same sex marriage was held constitutional last summer in the Obergefell decision, and Don has subtly handled the real world changes without having to revise or rewrite the story. It does show what a masterful storyteller Don is, and I always look f
  6. It's also possible the differences are due to the shift in the timelines. I believe there's one count where there are at least seven or eight timelines between the novels of the entire saga, if not more.
  7. Cvrboy has just sent out the following as part of his site update notification: This is very sad to hear because Jack's stories were always worth reading.
  8. It's been a couple of years, and it's been quite a while since Jack posted anything in the forums, so I thought I would ask if anything is coming down the pike? I've always look forward to your stories and I'm hoping there will be something new from Jack to read before too much longer.
  9. As far as I know, the story has reached chapter 30 of the second book, Life Goes On, but no new chapters have been posted this year. Eggman has a second story going on as well using some of the characters in an alternate reality, that have posted this year, so he's still breathing. As far as I know you can join his Yahoo Group that he uses for sending out alerts for new chapters when they are posted, and that is one way of knowing when that happens. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theglassonionnews
  10. Don releases chapters first to Nifty, and then gets them to G.A. after that. The best way to know when a new chapter has been released is to sign up for Don's Yahoo Group. WorkingItOut, which he uses as a mailing list to announce new chapters.
  11. Come on now, you know perfectly well that if AP says "10" or "15" now, it'll end up being 20 or 25 when it's finally written. I can recall a time years ago when AP said Crosscurrents was going to be no more than 25 chapters.
  12. I hope y'all are seeking criminal prosecution of whoever was responsible. It's most unfortunate that it happened, but frequesnt backups are always a good thing.
  13. Oddly enough, I sort of fell back into that universe without needing to go back to the earlier stories in the series, or at least not yet. Wonderful to see some familar faces right off.
  14. There's one film none of y'all have mentioned, and its aired periodically on one of the Starz channels (in fact it aired this evening) -- The War Boys (2009) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1070887/ (that's the IMDb page on the film).
  15. I believe the site software was being updated yesterday, and the site was offline during that process. (I saw the message when I tried to check GA forums last night._
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