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  1. nakamook

    Chapter 4

    I wiped my face with the inside of my shirt as I moved down the hall. I felt good, at least for the first few steps. Then the full weight of my proclamation hit my body. I felt myself going down, right there in the hall. I traced my hand down the wall as my knees buckled beneath me. What was this, this sick ripping feeling passing through my stomach and bleeding into my soul, this sudden void inside my head, the way my lungs wouldn’t take air? I gasped, crouched there in the hall, somehow lower than the floor. Lower than the seabed. If this was control, I thought, I didn’t want it
  2. nakamook

    Chapter 3

    I rushed into the mess, knowing it would be empty but hoping Cookie would still be there. “No food until,” he stopped and stared at me, naked from the waist down. “You should not be out like that.” “Dressing would have taken too much time.” I didn’t have time. I didn’t have anything, not self respect, not a soul, not anything. Endorphins were crashing down, leaving nothing to cover up the hole the Captain had ripped in my stomach earlier. I needed to do something, anything, to get myself back to normal, to return my body to the state it should be in. I should be strong. I s
  3. nakamook

    Chapter 2

    I was out of practice at waking up in beds that were not mine. My years in the mines had taught me the importance of constant vigilance. I’d barely been able to sleep anyway, without the rocking of a ship, the gentle singing of the sea. How can you trust the land? It’s likely to drop out from under your feet at any moment. I’d never felt safe on solid ground; in prison mines, even less. Deep repose, the kind that steals your bearing from you and lets you rest your soul as well as body, was foreign to me. So when I woke, dazed and rested and not recognizing where I was, and fo
  4. nakamook

    Chapter 1

    The ship getting taken by pirates was kind of fucking up my plan.I'd had a plan. Not a good one, but one that had been working for me. Hit a guard over the head. Check. Make my escape. Check. Pick the locks on the shackles they had on me, ditch the metal constraints in the river, and get down to town. Check, check and check. Get on a ship, use a fake name. Get hired as a sailor; I'm a big guy and they can always use more men. Get a job. Get a wage. Get out of the city. All of that, all a big check. Now the plan had been for me to get off the ship at the next port. To take the money and run, st
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