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  1. Looking for beta readers for a new series I am looking to write. Please contact me if you are intrested in MM coming of age series.
  2. Good Evening Sir's. I hope all is well this evening. 

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    2. LeoLayne69


      Hello Tim, I'm Leo. My Sir told me about this Chat room so I was given permision to enter it as well.

    3. Mikiesboy


      oh .. i see, okay let me give you the link


    4. Mikiesboy


      here you are:  

      just click on where it says, mikiesboy's drop in centre

  3. LeoLayne69

    Chapter 19

    I so enjoyed this story. Every chapter left me yearning for more. I would love to learn of the years that past between James death and Jamie's training during those years. Also the relationship between Adam, Sam and Matthew. But it is wonderfully written and beautifully done.
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