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    Interests have totally changed since leaving the farm. Now I'm living the lifestyle of a Top, Something I have dreamed of for years.<br />

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    This might sound crazy and I was snooping around. But our dear friend Mark has passed away on December 2020 due to an accident. He will be dearly missed. 

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!

  3. Marky! Mark! Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D:D:D

    1. Mark92


      K.C!!!!!!! :wub:


  4. Hey Asam x how you doing, great to see you
  5. Right! I'm all ready to start the next chapter, let the fun begin 

  6. Reacquainting myself with the characters of The Legacy, James really is a bad man. Incredibly funny but still a bad, bad man.

    1. LeoLayne69


      Can't wait for the next installment Sir.

    2. jamessavik


      >> James really is a bad man.

      I try.

    3. Mark92


      You do it so well James :worship:

  7. Good to meet you too tim, I will be back on later to see if anyone is about
  8. Thanks for the Christmas card Cassie, it snook up on me and I didn't get anything out.
  9. Good research can make a story win or fail. Especially in a historical setting where timelines are vital. You can't have Darwin, before he was born, the same thing goes for something as simple as an elastic band. Sometimes, the research is as intriguing and fascinating as writing the story.
  10. WOW, it's been a while and a hell of an adventure. And here comes the BUT..... I find myself trapped again, from a desolate, miserable time on the farm, to living the high life as a lifestyle Dom, with all the trappings that go along with that. Large house, 35 staff to run it, 2 contracted subs, and a partridge in a pear tree you might say. The BUT is the responsibility of looking after said house, staff etc. The day this change came about was the same day, me and Stuby split. It was me being a twat that did it. After six years of being together every day, I had a meltdown and it ended in that. I then tried once more with my ever present suicide thoughts. Failed again... I was rescued by an old friend and took to his place. This was the fore mentioned Big house. So, enter Master Damon Shax, a name he invented himself and changed through deed poll to suit his lifestyle.He gave me a whole wing of his house, to have as a permanent home. Four stories high including two large, dry and powered cellars, which over a year later have become my bespoke dungeons. I changed from rough, loose fitting farm wear and wellies into leather, black leather, and the whole Dom accessories, that made me look the part I played. It was the one dream I have always had. With the sale of the farm, I also could now afford it. Damon is an ex marine, and a high up one at that. He moved from North Carolina to England almost 10 years ago. A lot of his staff followed him. They are all bound to him in someway. He's also a counsellor for people with PTSD and has rescued kids thrown out or ran away, or abused. There are four of them here. Returning to normality at their own pace, with jobs they can take pride in. A year living here then followed, learning how the house is run, the tricks of the trade and building myself a new lifestyle. I train submissive's to be safely submissive, and wanna-be Doms in how to be the perfect dominant, with an added sideline of being a sensualist. I've doggedly researched everything BDSM since I was 13. It is always progressing, and with new techniques and equipment it will continue to do so. Everything is running along smoothly, and an ageing Master meets a young gold digging twink. Damon fell head over heels, taking this sub on a world tour, huge yachts, private planes, spend, spend spend. This was over several months. It all ended when the twink found something more shiny, leaving Damon in a broken mess. He went back to Carolina for a while, and came back saying, he was returning to the marines in a senior role and wouldn't be coming back. Signing everything over to me, (he always said he would) but the shock and how his faithful staff took the news, was one heap of responsibility on me. Now everything is running smoothly again. Yes! you might say. I say no. Just before Christmas I received a request from a reader, to know more and befriend me. And that he did. He's an awesome man, terrific dad, and firefighter. This wonderful man helped me to see, that all I had done, was go from one trap to another. That brings another life change, to travel and have the adventures I've never had. Short hauls first, I've never been on a plane. The end goal is backpacking. That's after I've travelled. My new life adventure begins............................................
  11. It's been a while since I wrote anything here, and I can't for the life of me remember how to add next chapter, or even how to post a story. Help please Mark
  12. Loads of plot bunnies for continuing The Legacy :boy: I'm Back!

  13. Hey you, I got one thing to say to you, LETTUCE :wub: LOL

  14. Mark92

    The Midnight Hour

    I loved doing it thanks Lettuce
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