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  1. Chris1380

    Chapter 5

    This is a great story with great characters. I can't wait for the next chapter!
  2. Wonderful. Thank you for this great story.
  3. Chris1380


    Wonderful chapter...acceptance by both of them of each other and their flaws.
  4. Great chapter...seems like perhaps enough has finally come out for both Shane and Donovan to begin making progress.
  5. Chris1380

    Brightest Dawn

    I thought this throughout The Chosen: Chad is a dick. It was a great series
  6. Chris1380

    Just Friends?

    Oh no, I meant for Donovan and Shane's relationship to work.
  7. Chris1380

    Just Friends?

    Still have some strikes left...
  8. Chris1380

    Just Friends?

    There are 9 innings in a game...
  9. Chris1380

    Just Friends?

    Great chapter. We see some compassion from Donovan, yet he remains so defensive. Shane laid it all on the line and like Shane said, it wasn't enough. I don't know how much damage Donovan has done here if he were to follow through on his wanting Shane. Donovan needs to let Shane in and trust him and much like Shane needs to put Donovan first instead of apologizing for mistakes after the fact, Donovan needs to do exactly the same thing. One difference is that Shane has been willing to admit his mistakes to Donovan, but Donovan is only seeming to start to admit his mistakes to himself, never mind Shane. Its good to hear more of Donovan and to see progress on his part. Incidentally, if Shane wanted to win Donovan, when he gets to dress him, he should tell Donovan to go as he would normally go. That would probably ease many of Donovan's fears that he can't trust Shane when Shane said "You are exactly what I didn't know I was looking for."
  10. Chris1380

    Just Friends?

    Spot on and Shane really needs to have a serious out and out with Drew and Aaron.
  11. Great chapter...we can see several of Shane's issues and that he seems to be seeing them too. I think he still needs to really question what he accepts from others...his father, Aaron, Drew, Davis, and Donovan and also needs to move from recognizing mistakes to putting Donovan first so he doesn't make them in the first place. It's obvious he cares greatly for Donovan (I would say on a deeper level than Donovan cares for him, but clearly both have caught feelings), but until he is more deliberate and proactive no relationship will work. A good sign is the last part...Donovan is worth fighting for and changing for.
  12. I was surprised, but think this is a great chapter. It is focused on Donovan, so I won't address Shane here. It is clear that Donovan has issues that impact his personal relationships and also has many positive qualities. I think this is the beginning of revealing those and their impact on his decision-making. He needs to confront these and deal with them if he is ever to have an equal, satisfying personal relationship.
  13. Chris1380


    The wait is killing me lol
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