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  1. So, when is the bonus bonus chapter? Is Bruce fixed? Could he and Rosie have a litter? Because that would be cute.
  2. One of Kbois best stories to date and that’s saying a lot, I really love her stories. But this one has everything, love, hot guys, cute dogs, drama, suspense, good pacing, and great detail.
  3. Such a great story. I’m sad to see it end. I hope Kim gets all the help and support she needs. i will miss the doggies.
  4. Thanks everyone. It’s a privilege, really. And stilL pretty weird!
  5. This was a challenge story and had to be under 1000k words. I’m definitely toying with a longer version.
  6. Shock and sadness. I haven't been mega involved in the blogs and forums and even I could see what a big presence Wayne had in this community. He will be greatly missed.
  7. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    You just had to challange her. I blame you.
  8. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    To hear how she was a favorite. I’d have puked. They’re so cavalier about it all. They clearly don’t feel bad at all about what they did. Prison is too light a sentence
  9. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    I admit, my mind didn’t go here. How terrifying! My heart breaks for those girls. I hate how men like this make it so far in life. They need to be taken down. Jett better step up.
  10. I’ve read several by this author and have enjoyed them all. I have many done this one but will put it on my list. Have you read his shifter series Wolfsong?
  11. Bummer, at first I was like “this sounds interesting. I’m the end, it sounds like a book I probably wouldn’t’ve finished. stories like this really need to be fleshed out or they end up empty. So much potential
  12. I live in my own world. I speak my own language like Klingon, Sindarin, etc. I cannot/should not interact interact with other people. I shop at Tar-zhay 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. How do you pronounce it? I also think I’ve been saying it wrong
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