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  1. I needed this! Thank you, this was a great read and really has me thinking…not just about the first paragraph but transitions and new chapters.
  2. I enjoyed the series and I even enjoyed the first book but it was very long. So long it probably won’t be a repeat read for me. There was a lot of repeating thing, which normally drives me nuts, in this case, I understood it because OX is a little slow to some degree. I think that’s also why the book was so long, or that’s how I interpreted it. overall, I agree with your review. I really did enjoy the book but I had to overlook a lot of the things you mentioned to get there. I like Joe and Ox enough to do it.
  3. I admit that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Can’t tell you why, I’ve just never been into it. I never watch movies or read stories. I may give this a try, though.
  4. Downloading now. I also read Roommate a few months back and it was ok, but not among my favorite.
  5. I read it and enjoyed it, but my expectation was pretty on par for what it was, so there wasn’t much disappointment. It was an easy read. They had some fun banter.
  6. Very interesting. Thanks for doing this. I find it very helpful.
  7. Those two aren’t my favorite. I got through the first two of Cronin Keys but never finished the series. Throwing Hearts was left unread at 27%. Did you read Blood & Milk? It took me a hot minute to start it but I really enjoyed it in the end. the books she does well, she does really well.
  8. I’ve been on a road trip with my family so I’m just popping on. Thanks for the kind words. This story is is bitter sweet for me. It’s my first story and a big milestone, it’s also riddled with learning curves. Such is life. I wouldn’t change it for anything.
  9. I had someone who edited the story for me, a super nice guy who I appreciate, but he went above and beyond. He ended up changing quite a bit. It was my first story I didn’t know better, I also didn’t know how to communicate that I didn’t like what he was doing. I didn’t want to come off as ungrateful for what he was doing. I think he made it harder to read the story in a lot of ways, to be honest. I’ve tried to go back and make changes but it’s been a slow process. Hard because i can see all my flaws and it’s hard to stomach lol
  10. The first story I ever wrote, which is posted on this site, was written on my phone. What a growing experience. It’s a labor of love for sure! Hopefully we get to read some of your work soon!
  11. Well, I'm doing a quick once through, so maybe y'all could give me a couple of days to delete all the explanation marks? So for I found/replaced 375 and I'm only 3 chapters in. It's embarrassing, really.
  12. This has been in my library for a month. I maybe got half way? I wanted to like it but I had a hard time getting hooked. Bummer.
  13. I have been busy but love the reviews. I want to participate but I haven’t read many is these and there’s no time to catch up before you’re posting the next one.
  14. So, when is the bonus bonus chapter? Is Bruce fixed? Could he and Rosie have a litter? Because that would be cute.
  15. One of Kbois best stories to date and that’s saying a lot, I really love her stories. But this one has everything, love, hot guys, cute dogs, drama, suspense, good pacing, and great detail.
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