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  1. Hey all: I know it's been a while. The chapter was a struggle but I've overcome the literary obstacles and it's almost done! I think you'll enjoy it but it's still going to be a hot minute. Currently my family and I have been displaced. You might have seen on the news that quite a bit of the west coast is on fire. That includes my neighborhood. At this point, I have no idea if my home stands or not. Our whole lives are up in the air right now, just trying to take it day by day. Power has been in and out the whole time. Seems like nothing is reliable. I thought I would take a second to pop in here and update you all. I could used all the prayer, thoughts, good vibes, whatever it is, send it my way! I'll greedily take it all.
  2. Will be taking you up on that!
  3. It will be fine, just knocked off the rocker for a minute lol. Glad to see things calming down lol
  4. Oh boy. Figured I’d drop in real quick and let you guys know why I have updated. Without going into great personal detail I’ll give some key words to describe the last 2 weeks — car theft, stolen laptop, disgruntled employee, restraining order. But I get my replacement laptop tomorrow and I’ll be back in action. Crazy time, people. Crazy times!
  5. I don't think Nash is self-centered. I agree with @spikey582 that he's known for putting others first. Him doing things by himself (trips & marathons) is more a byproduct of Lee working and/or not being interested in doing things that aren't a ten to him. I think Nash absolutely had time for Lee, I just don't think Lee was great at utilizing his time if it was on Nash's terms and not Lee's. Nash had a lot of his own crap to work out, so I don't think his "i" feelings were misplaced but I do think he (they) would've benefited from Nash taking a step back and thinking a bit more about Penn...but he didn't and now we're where we're at.
  6. This made me LOL. Because of all the typos, this is the most telling. But then again, if it works either way, is it really an error?
  7. No, he’s not. He wants to be, desperately, but the fire he holds for Nash won’t go away So easily. He’s just mad and upset. And I think bitter because it sucks to feel like you’re the only one affected. Now he’s trying to be so strong, like “Nash who? That guy? Oh, totally over him just like he’s over me. No big deal. Bye Felicia” A little time together and he’ll straighten right out
  8. Same parents, just the fall of genetics
  9. Sorry, long night. I get it now lol
  10. Where is this? I just did a search so I can change it but I’m coming up dry.
  11. I think they just need a little time together for them to mend what’s cracked. I don’t have a date for posting the next chapter but I’m super hopeful it’s not over a week. When this chapter changed, it changed the preceding chapters as well. So I have to go back through. On the plus side, I’m already done with 1/3 of the next chapter because I wrote it to be included in this chapter before realizing it needed to be split (hence why this chapter is under 7k words)
  12. Buz, I waited and waited and you never commented. That's why it took so long for me to post, I was nursing a broken heart. Now the world knows the truth. But where's the fun if Nash didn't go golfing, go on vacation, and otherwise inserting himself where he wants to be? PS, I wouldn't do those things either, but that's why Nash gets to lol
  13. A lot of Penn's sadness is self-inflicted by choices he made throughout his adult life. And I think Losing Nash is incredibly sad, even a bit devastating, for him. I don't think that being over him diminishes the pain he still has. So yeah, it is sad. And I think that's okay.
  14. Yes, I've never denied this. I barely consider myself an author and editing is far from my strong point. I haven't had anyone that was able to be consistent, so I just deal with it.
  15. There is! Originally, there was one more chapter after this but that changed. I want to finish well and not rushed.
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