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  1. We won’t be doing anything crazy, just teaching the kids basics. I’m actually anxious about not writing all weekend!
  2. Heading to the mountain for the weekend. Taking the kids skiing for the first time. A little cosmic tubing. Should be fun!
  3. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    See @kbois, @chris191070 is nervous for Elijah, too. Just saying.
  4. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    I’m still nervous for Elijah.
  5. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 18

    I can vividly see/hear the dramatic cries of the young pups. When I was a kinder, the doctors office had open clinic for vaccinations. When it was my turn, I screamed so load and so long that when we went back to the lobby, every kid was staring wide eyed. Turns out everyone heard it. I oops. i don’t think things went easy after that…
  6. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 17

    Things are moving. Interesting plan with Wayne, Sandi, and Elijah… nothing could go wrong with trying to mask two wolves and a shape shifter... I have visions of Harry Potter when the potion starts wearing off. Yikes.
  7. I'm also going for research purposes: Will this trip be better now that my kids are 11 and 14 vs. when we went back in 2016 and they were 5 and 8? I'm pretty sure I know the answer...
  8. Hey now! Just because you live there doesn't mean everyone hates Disney World. We're going there next January! Granted, we probably are not visiting It's A Small World...but still
  9. I mean, not really lol. Between NCIS - Miami and Dexter and the iguanas and pythons, I think I'll stay here on the Oregon coast. It's pretty peaceful. Cost of living is a bit high but I'll take it. I just want to add that I think Iguanas are so cool, but they're not a pest here. You know what they say; one man's iguana is another man's mortal enemy.
  10. I think the caps really add to the excitement of the iguanas.
  11. Mrsgnomie

    One: Encounters

    Lot to unpack. Definitely curious to see what happens between these characters. I have a feeling it's going to be a rollercoaster. Opals are hands down the best apples, ever. Fight me.
  12. We have a cleaner that comes once a week to help keep our head above water but she doesn't do the bedrooms lol
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