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  1. I love roller-coaster, but I did go horseback riding once. I was eight. The saddle wasn't fastened all the way and my foot got caught in the stirrup. My eight year old memory remembers riding completely sideways on the horse for 10 miles, though it was probably only a minute or so. Maybe seconds. Regardless, I thought I was going to die. Contrary to the popular saying, I did not get right back on the horse. Or any of the times I road in a car in Paris.
  2. Potato ninja. I feel like I should've seen that. It's so obvious. Rules are always enacted after something has gone wrong. Better late than never. But 4mil??? Hot damn! It's insane they didn't see 4 million missing
  3. I couldn’t describe a football game in detail if my life depended on it lol. Only life on the sidelines! Which is also a promise that, even though Jay is a fort ball story, his story doesn’t revolve around the game itself.
  4. As I replied to drsawzall a moment ago, we hear more from Loe and Jay before the story ends. Seamus is amazing. One of a kind. It's his best asset and a point of contention.
  5. We will hear more from them before the story is over, but they will also have a story of their own. Stay tuned.
  6. Thank you. They are good together and will only get better. Their story will be fun!
  7. Jase did tell him to get Loe to make a drink for him... but, yeah, I can't imagine Jase will be stoked that Matt gets to go to the football game AND meet livingtheloelife
  8. My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed it, truly. It makes me happy. Write a review on the story, I like that, too!
  9. Matt moved through the lobby of Seamus’s building with a little extra pep. The remix of early 2000 pop songs was a definite plus. Imagine Vanessa Carlton at a poetry reading where everyone’s on ecstasy. The lobby clerk laughed as Matt shuffled his way across. What could he say? It had been a good week. Scratch that, a good month. He didn’t care how geeky it made him look; he was having so much fun learning the ropes from Roberta. Matt was incredibly nervous the first day. The fear of sounding dumb had stopped him from giving input. Roberta noticed almost immediately and put a st
  10. Mrsgnomie

    Party Balloon

    I too shy away from stories in progress because it breaks my heart when they don't get finished. If it's worth anything, I don't start posting until I'm done with the story. This will be posted to completion as long as I'm breathing and have internet access.
  11. Aren’t you and @Geemeedee sooooo smart! 😋
  12. Matt was definitely wingmaning for Kase a few chapters back when he wanted to hook up with Laura. He then went to a gay club for Matt and ended up being straight bait. Him and Hilary will definitely end up happy (not with eachother, though. ewww. Gross)
  13. The Mike thing won’t happen overnight. It will take a hot minute to resolve, which is frustrating
  14. Why is everyone hating on my drink?! lol Yeah, I don’t think Aidan will get over it anytime soon.......
  15. Well, good news, there’s 21 or 22 chapters in total! (It’s done, so I can’t write faster). But if I post sooner then the story will end sooner!!! Booo.
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