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  1. Aw thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It felt like utter rubbish as I wrote it but I look fondly back on it now!
  2. But the snakes are alive from nothing! Do they know that their entire purpose in life is just to give the royal sorcerers the heebie jeebies?? Poor things! I've enjoyed all of ObicanDecko's stories, but Fairyfly is possibly my favourite of them. It was innovative, fun and highly enjoyable, imo a reflection of the author himself! I can't recommend it enough! Read it, adore it and leave some love for the talented author the spin-off/sequel story is every bit as fantastic and expands on an already terrific universe. Thanks for everything, friend! ❤️
  3. And FINALLY we are introduced to the best character in the story, Kit! ... and also his big brother, Tyler. Tyler's sincerity & love for his family is so heartwarming and sweet. I enjoyed reading about it a lot. Awww Tyler's performance anxiety when he was a baby hurts. He's a whole pecious. Those salamander names are LIT 😏 "Lovecraftfan4ever" On the other hand, Anchboi and AdmiralSteel can take a long stroll off a short pier, thanks. It's lovely to see that Stanson has love and support from elsewhere in his family if his parents have dropped the ball. I'd like to talk about Marcus, but I don't use profanity in the comments section, so we'll just skip over that <redacted> piece of <redacted.> Here's hoping Ash doesn't get a mouthful of venom from kissing a snake. 👀
  4. Truth or fire sounds like literally the most terrifying party game I've ever heard of. 0 It's a real shame that Ash is doing his darnedest to be genuine & real with his music but his label just isn't having it you conveyed his disappointment perfectly. Cliff Sanders sounds cool enough in the introduction - savvy & eccentric - but the disappointment is echoed when you realise he's a tool. Stanson continues to be a sassy sweetheart who forever makes me grin, but I hope he snatches the weave from the JUDAS!! 😠 But watch him make the most of it! For he is our Stanson!! "Keen as a bean." - pfft, who actually says that?? 🙄
  5. AusGlitterati

    Off the Rails

    Fem queen Stanson and his relationship with Anna always makes me smile! Out and about, doing whatever the hell he likes. On the other hand, Ash is a lot more reserved and subtle, but no less fun to read about. A shame his career dictates the way he lives, and Marcus definitely isn't helping things with that relentless jealousy. Your writing is intoxicating, as always! You set a scene to perfection and your characters spring to life off the webpage. I always get lost in what's going on Great introduction to a terrific story! ❤️
  6. Hehehe she did! Made a fool of herself & left empty handed I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for being so supportive! x Thank you so much the studio played them, but with the money in their pockets, I don't think anyone minds... except maybe Casey 😏 Hehehe it's likely! She was pretty frustrating to write, so I don't have any sympathy for her. She's very lucky she didn't walk in front of a bus on her way out! 🙃 Thank you so much for reading, commenting & helping me out! ❤️ I appreciate it a lot! Good! Thank you for reading both versions! ❤️ hahaha he DID! But I wouldn't have a clue how to begin approaching them 😂 Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time read & comment!
  7. The Strongest Link True to her word, Ronda let the emotional teenager have a few moments alone before he returned to the green room, and it made a world of difference. It must have been all the pressure, stress and tension that came from being on the set. With some peace and quiet away from the Hostess and the others, Lance was able to find himself again. It was easy to get lost out there, trying to decipher friend from foe and answering the broadest range of questions at a rapid-fire
  8. AusGlitterati

    Round Seven

    HONEY I laughed out loud embarrassingly loud when I saw this! I wish I used that haha thank yooou! I can't have things nice & uncomplicated. Are they dumb or is the storywriting just poor? Find out when we return to The Weakest Link: Teenage Triumphs Edition! Heh yeah, so rarely do the strongest people actually make it to the final two Lance never stays down for long! And Casey? Maybe she'll get hit by a truck on the way home Thank you for the comments everyone! ❤️ Much appreciated. The final chapter will be up tomorrow morning (for me!)
  9. AusGlitterati

    Round Six

    He's doing very well! I suppose you'll have to find out! It does! The game is cruel and unfair. I know if I were in her position I would have dropped a few F & C bombs that would have to be edited out. 😅 Let's find out together! ❤️ Thanks everybody!
  10. Round Seven Mum and Dad had been so well behaved tonight. Lance was prone to embarrassment at their complete lack of shame, but they'd promised they wouldn't humiliate their son, and they had stuck to their word. No shouting, no swearing and no talking smack to the other contestants and their families. They'd sat there patiently and given their son nothing but support and praise from afar, and as he turned around and grinned at them, they gave him an animated wave. He turned back, and
  11. Round Six Lance could definitely have used an extended intermission, yet between every round, he barely had enough time to regain his focus. Crew members spent a mere couple of minutes resetting cameras and taking away voting boards. He looked back at the faces almost hidden in the darkness and excitedly waved, getting attention from not just his own parents, but surrounding people as well. They grinned and waved back, people he'd never met in his life, and it made him feel fuzzy insid
  12. AusGlitterati

    Round Five

    He is definitely doing better than he gave himself credit for! Does Grace recognise that? 😶 Thanks for commenting!
  13. AusGlitterati

    Round Five

    Yes! But did she vote him off because they were never plotting together or to cover herself when she was called out on it? The things Lance doesn't know will shock you! It's getting to the late, crucial stages of the game and it never hurts to have support from another player! Thanks guys! ❤️ Not long to go now!
  14. Round Five "Round five! Of a possible twenty thousand pounds, our teenage triumphs have managed to bank only ten thousand, nine hundred and fifty pounds." That's more than half! If they continued at that pace, averaging half of the total, that would mean Lance could potentially walk out of the studio with twenty-five thousand pounds. The possibilities flashed through his mind. It would certainly be the kick-starter he needed to take his career to the next level. He wouldn't ha
  15. AusGlitterati

    Round Four

    🤔 Good question! Well she wasn't exactly under threat of elimination in this particular round, but she is certainly living on borrowed time! Do you think she and Jamie are voting tactically? Yes! Only three votes to go now! Fine, I'll just change the winner 😡 Thanks everybody!
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