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  1. Awesome chapter. I also had a lump in my throat at various points in the story. You capture the essence of Eddie and Matty in every scene. It's a sad day to lose your father. Now Matty will have to live his life not knowing what could have been. But, he is lucky that he is a part of a loving family with an adopted father that loves him dearly. As for Nathan, I was hoping that his interest in Eddie's and Matty's relationship would lead to him joining them in the bedroom at the hotel. Regardless which way Nathan swings, he's at that age to experiment and find out. Think about expanding your story line to focus on Nathan and his desire to be a part of the love that Eddie and Matty share together. The way you write about love and sex, I'm sure we would embrace Nathan's love for Matty and Eddie to include a physical relationship as well. Looking forward to the next chapter. Superb story.
  2. Just read the first chapter and I love it. I'm so captivated by this story. Of course, I am hoping for a romantic relationship between these two best buds. I love stories that are more about dealing with gay feelings than just the sex, but sex is the natural progression and is essential in making a gay story worthwhile. So, the first chapter is worth an "A" in my book. Thanks
  3. Simon M

    Chapter 23

    Thanks Ronyx for writing a story that had so many meanings on so many levels. "Tree," was a compelling story to read; one of the best. It was original, adventurous and at times stimulating, which is why we read gay stories. I was always on the lookout for the next chapter and couldn't wait to read them. At times I thought Woody was a bit younger than his age. It seemed to me that his actions and thinking was coming more from a 14 or 15 yr old boy which made it more believable. We definitely would have loved for the story to continue it's aftermath rather than an epilogue, but you wrapped things up rather nicely. Woody warmed our hearts and made the story a success. Thanks again for giving me many hours of pleasure. Love your writing and story telling. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.
  4. Simon M

    Chapter 8

    I really love your story. Always looking for the next chapter. I'm hooked on which boy will hook up with Woody; Jeff, Lucas, Ross or Indyboi91. He's sixteen and you've captured his sexual awakening that draws me into the story. I would expect him to think with his hormones and maybe take some chances. Love the conflict he has to deal with regarding his family, especially his brother. Exposing his inner thoughts with regards to his sexual desires makes this story more compelling; it makes it real. So many authors shy away from being a bit graphic. Looking forward to reading more.
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