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  1. The breakup of Charlie and Jacob is explained in two previous books in the Barnstable series. The first is Charlie's story Charlie Danner Finds His Way. It's explained again (with some added detail) in the fourth book, The Prodigy. I'd prefer not to explain it here so as to not spoil the other books in the series for those who haven't yet read them. If you haven't read the other books, that would explain why this book was difficult to follow in the beginning. By the way, people have seemed to enjoy the other books quite a bit--I'd recommend them! Any of you other readers, do you have any thoughts?
  2. No! I've just decided that the twins are straight. I wouldn't even know how to begin to write that kind of story! Besides, if they were gay, that would just lead to WAY too many predictable situations. I would lose all credibility that I might have! 😁
  3. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER EIGHT: Weekend in Barnstable “Yes, Noah. I will give you anything you want—for the rest of my life.” That was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep. The last thing I thought was how much I wanted Sky to fuck me. I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee—I had to pee real bad! I crawled out of bed, trying not to wake Sky up, but I couldn’t do it. He woke up anyway. “What are you doing?” “I have to pee. I’ll be right back.” “Okay.” When I got to the bathroom, I peed and went to wash my hands. I looked at the boy in the mirror that people called beautiful. I didn’t see a beautiful boy like the others do, but I did see a boy who looked different. I saw a boy who wasn’t really a little boy anymore. I saw a boy who works with animals at the aquarium. I saw a boy who has a beautiful boyfriend waiting in bed for him to return. I saw a boy who can talk to his grownups about anything, and they don’t think he’s being silly. But the thing I saw most of all was a boy who was in love with someone who loved him back the same way. That made me happiest of all. I went back to the bedroom, took off my shorts, and got into bed with Sky. He was lying on his side. I scooted up against him, so he was wrapped around me. When he wrapped his arm around me, I sighed real big. It felt so good. “Sky?” “Noah?” “Will you do it now? Will you fuck me now?” “Are you sure? Can you be real quiet?” “Yes, please. Can you get me ready?” “I can. That will make me happy. I love you, Noah.” I was already excited and breathing hard—and Sky hadn’t started to do anything yet! “Oooooooh!” Sky started. He was kissing my neck and my ear. Who knew kissing my ear would make me feel this good? “Lay on your tummy, Noah. That way, the pillow will be right there to help you be quiet.” “Okay. Yes, please. Oooooooooh!” Sky was kissing my back, right down the middle. When he got to my butt, I felt his hands pull it open, and he just kept kissing me down to my hole. I opened my legs for him, and Sky buried his face deeper and deeper. I screamed into my pillow when his tongue started to move in and out of my hole. I could feel my penis leak liquid on the sheets under me. “Fingers! Use your fingers, please.” I felt something cold being poured onto my hole. I think it was the lube stuff. I knew it was the lube stuff when Sky put a finger in my hole. It felt so good—especially when he would press that spot inside me that made my cock pour a lot of liquid. I felt some more lube stuff. Then I felt two fingers inside me. I just kept going, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” into my pillow. It felt so good! Sky’s hands were on my hips now. He pulled me up to my knees, and then I felt some more liquid. He pushed in another finger. I could feel my butt stretching out, but it didn’t hurt. It just felt good—real good! While Sky moved his fingers in and out, he started to play with my balls. Oh, wow! That made my cock shoot sperms all over the bed and me. “Keep going, Sky! I want your cock in me, please!” “Can you get on your back? I want to see you when I do this.” “Yes, please.” I turned over, and even though I felt my sperms on my back, I didn’t care. I looked at Sky and watched him pour the lube stuff on his cock. He looked down at me and smiled with his sparkly green eyes. I was so excited! Sky carefully put my legs on his shoulders. He took his cock in his hands and rubbed inside my butt. “Oooooh, it feels good, Sky!” “Are you ready, Noah?” I whispered, “Yes, please. Yess!” I felt the top of Sky’s cock at my hole, and then he started to push it in. Before I knew what was happening, the top of his cock popped inside my hole—and it hurt! “Oh! Ooooh! Stop, please. Hurts!” “I’m sorry, Noah! I’ll take it out!” “No, please. Just leave it there for a minute so I can get used to it.” Sky left it there and started to rub his hands all over my body. That felt real good, and I started to relax. “Okay, Sky. I think I’m ready now. Go slow, please.” Sky smiled at me, and he started to push into me. I felt like I was getting fuller and fuller. I couldn’t help it, but whenever Sky moved in, my butt kept trying to push him out—but that would make him go in deeper! Then it happened. Sky’s big cock found that spot. All of a sudden everything felt soooo good! “Ooooooooh, yes! You found my spot, Sky! Feels so—it’s so good!” Sky gave one more push and was all the way inside me. He’s so big in there! But he was all the way in me! My boyfriend was inside me! He was fucking me! The next thing Sky did was lean down so he could kiss me. While he kissed me, he started to move in and out. I knew he liked it because I did—but couldn’t believe how good I felt with Sky’s cock moving in and out of my hole. It made my whole body shake, and I couldn’t stop saying, “Oh! Oh! Yes, please, I love you, Sky!” I was still whispering, though I wrapped my arms and legs around Sky, and I could feel his muscles moving against my body! He kept kissing me while he was fucking me. My cock was between our bodies, and Sky’s tummy muscles kept rubbing it—and Sky’s penis kept rubbing my spot. That only meant one thing, and in a few minutes, I was moaning into Sky’s mouth while I started to cum between our bodies. Sky liked it when I was shooting my sperms because he started to breathe even harder. I felt his big cock get even bigger when Sky pushed all the way in and moaned into my mouth. He was shooting sperms into my hole, and I could feel it pulse inside me. When he stopped shooting, Sky kissed me again, this time real deep with lots of moaning. “Thank you for letting me do that, Noah. That made me feel like I was part of you. It was—it was—beautiful.” “I’ve never felt anything as wonderful as having you inside my body. And when you wrapped me in your arms, and I wrapped myself around you, it was like we were just one body. I hope you do that to me a lot.” “Only if you do that to me a lot. Wait a minute.” Sky got up and got the washcloth and towel out of the hamper. The cloth was still wet enough to clean our bodies. He dried us off, which was good because I could hardly move. When Sky got back into bed, he laid on his back and wrapped his arms around me. My head was on his chest, and I sighed—and smiled. Sky made me feel safe, and the sound of his heart was relaxing. “I love you so much, my beautiful boyfriend.” I don’t know if I answered him or not, because I was already falling asleep. The next morning at breakfast, nobody gave us funny looks or mentioned that they heard Sky and me. I guess we were quiet enough. I couldn’t stop smiling though—I’ve never been so happy in my life. Whenever I looked at Sky, I saw him smiling, too. After we finished breakfast, Nana said she would clean the dishes. Daddy and David asked if we wanted to walk on the beach before we went home. We ran up to the bedroom and changed for the beach—and kissed a little before we went back downstairs. This time we all walked together with Sky and me in the middle. Daddy was next to me, and David was next to Sky. I liked that all of us were holding hands. Daddy asked us if we enjoyed our night. “Yes, Daddy. It was nice.” “I always have a nice night when I can sleep with Noah.” David said the reason he and Daddy wanted to walk with us was so we could ask any questions we wanted to—if we had any. “Daddy, did you hear what we were doing last night?” “We heard a little bit of noise, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m sure Nana didn’t hear anything, because she sleeps with earplugs.” “She started doing that because your Daddy and I would make too much noise when we were your age.” That surprised Sky. “You mean you and Mr. Charlie would fuck when you were in high school?” “I don’t like to use that particular word, but Noah’s daddy and I would make love to each other every chance we had. That’s one of the main reasons we couldn’t stop the two of you from making love. It would have been hypocritical of us.” “What’s hypocritical mean?” “Noah, hypocritical would be if David and I said you and Sky weren’t allowed to sleep together and do things with your bodies when we did it ourselves.” “That’s why your daddy and I wanted to make sure that you both understand that you always respect each other—that you should always think about the other boy before you think about yourself.” “That’s the easiest part, Mr. David. All I ever want to do is make Noah as happy as I can make him. I get more happy when I find something new that makes Noah happy.” “That’s really nice, Sky—and that exactly how I feel about Noah’s daddy. I want to spend the rest of my life finding new ways to make him happy.” “Noah, it sounds like you have found the perfect boy—just like I found the perfect man.” “I love Sky, Daddy.” “I love Noah.” We turned around to go back to the house. On the way back, we talked about school, our internships, and then I asked Daddy something I’ve been thinking about for a while. “Daddy? David? Can we change my bedroom?” David asked me what I meant. “I like the Toy Story room a lot, but I’m growing up now. I’m not a little boy anymore. I think I want just a regular room.” “Are you sure about that, son? You should know that once we change it, we won’t be able to change it back.” “Yes, please. But can I still keep some of the toys?” “You can keep anything you want, Noah. All your daddy and I want is for you to be happy.” “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier than I am right now, David.” When we got back into the city, we dropped Sky off at his apartment building. It turns out he lives only ten or eleven blocks from us. That’s another thing that makes me happy. When we got home, Daddy said he would order Chinese food for dinner. Everybody liked that idea! I asked for Orange Chicken—my favorite Chinese food. Oh! And Chinese Noodles! David said that was called Lo Mein. I can remember that! After dinner, Daddy, David, and I sat down in the living room. David hooked his computer up to the big TV, and we looked at different pictures of bedrooms. There were a lot of neat things I liked in a bunch of different pictures. Whenever I said I liked something, Daddy would write it down. We decided to keep all of my old furniture, so we would just change what my bedroom looked like. The hardest part was deciding what color to paint the walls. We decided on a grey room, but the wall my bed would be on would be black. Daddy said I should have a little bit of color, and he asked me what my favorite color was. All I could think of was Sky’s sparkly green eyes, so I guess that is my favorite color now. I told Daddy that I wanted green. David smiled like he knew what I was talking about. I couldn’t help but smile when I got to school. Sky was already there, and he smiled back at me when Daddy and I walked into the room. Daddy and Sky’s mom were on the other side of the room and were talking about something. We couldn’t hear them, so Sky and I talked about how much fun we had at the ocean house. I especially liked the fucking—I mean the making love part. When I said that to Sky, he smiled in leaned in so he could whisper to me that he had to masturbate two times when he went to bed last night because he couldn’t stop thinking about it—and me! Our spotlight was about Chris Fischer. He is a chef and is married to a comedienne named Amy Schumer. They have a show on TV, and it’s about him teaching her how to cook. Mrs. Clancey said it’s real funny, too. The rest of the day was a normal day, which is a pretty nice day with Sky. David came to pick me up and walk me home. The only thing that made me sad is that I couldn’t kiss my boyfriend. But, when we got home, and I went down to say hello to Daddy, my day got real good! “Noah, did you have a nice day at school today?” “Yes, please.” “Who was your spotlight person today? His name is Chris—something. He’s a famous chef and has a TV show where he’s teaching his wife how to cook. She’s famous, too. Her name is Amy.” “His name is Chris Fischer, and his wife is Amy Schumer. David and I watch their show.” “Oh. Okay.” “I spoke with Sky’s mother this morning about how we can work out the sleepover situation with the two of you. Sky took a day off from his internship so he could go to Westhampton with us, but he can’t do that very often. “We won’t come back from Westhampton until Sunday, so that means if you have a sleepover, it would be on a school night. At first, she didn’t like that idea. But when I assured her that neither of you would miss your homework time and that I would take the two of you to school in the morning, she warmed up to the idea. “So—starting this Thursday, Sky will come to our house after school, and I’ll take the two of you to school Friday morning. Then after school on Fridays, we’ll either take you to Westhampton or the airport so you can go and visit your Papa. Do you like that idea?” “Yes, please. That will make me happy—Sky, too.” “And then, the next week, you will go to Sky’s house for your sleepover.” “Okay.” “Awesome. Now, go up and get your homework done before dinner. I love you, Noah.” “I love you, Daddy. Thank you for talking to Sky’s mom.” I went upstairs and did my homework on the computer. Then I had to read the next section of Romeo and Juliet. The story was making me sad because Juliet’s family and Romeo’s family didn’t like each other, and it was causing problems for the people who were in love. It made me happy that my family and Sky’s family liked each other. For dinner, Mr. Vincente made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad. It was real good, too! He put whole eggs inside his meatloaf. The best part was that Mr. Vincente sat with us for dinner. Daddy said they wanted him to feel more a part of our family. I told Mr. Vincente that we had the best family in the world, so he needs to be happy. “Noah, I can’t think of any family in the world I would like to be a part of. And you are a big reason this family is so remarkable—just so you know.” That made me smile, and then Nana reached over and hugged me. After reading that part of Romeo and Juliet, I felt like I was a real lucky boy. Thursday came, and I was excited that it was sleepover night! Daddy and David both came to pick us up and walk with us. They put on their disguises, and we headed to the townhouse. Daddy walked in front of Sky and me with David behind us. The disguises worked again. Nobody stopped us, but I saw a few people give Daddy and David some funny looks. Maybe they thought they knew who they were, but didn’t say anything. As soon as we got home, Daddy sent us up to do our homework. He had to go to his workroom, and David had to practice a song he was going to play on The Tonight Show. I’ve never seen that TV show because it comes on too late. Maybe Daddy will let me watch the night David is on. When we finished our homework, it was time for dinner. We went down to the dining room, and everything looked different. The table was covered with newspapers, and there were forks and nutcrackers at each place. In the middle of the table was a giant silver pot. Mr. Vincente stood up at the pot with a big wire scooper thing. He told me this was a seafood boil. He put the scooper thing in the pot and let the water drain. Then he dumped the whole scoop in front of Sky and me. There was shrimp, some crabs, some lobster claws, sausage, and corn-on-the-cob. It was a feast! Sky and I only had one crab and one piece of corn, so Mr. Vincente scooped out another crab and corn and put it in our pile. Daddy and David shared a pile of food, and so did Nana and Mr. Vincente. It was the most fun dinner I could ever remember. It was a messy dinner, too—that was part of what made it so much fun! We just kept eating and eating until there was no more food. It was all so good, and it was fun eating with Sky like that. It was also fun when it came to cleaning up after dinner. Mr. Vincente had all of us roll up the newspaper, and he just threw the big ball of paper and seafood shells in a giant garbage bag. All he had to clean was the big pot. Sky and I went downstairs after dinner and watched Onward again. It still made both of us cry a little at the end, but that was part of what made the movie so good. After the movie, we went upstairs. We took a shower and went to bed so we could make love. We both fucked each other and ended up getting sweaty—so we took another shower before we went to sleep. We finally went to sleep at midnight. We were in my new favorite sleep position. Sky said it was called spooning—he was the big spoon, and I was the little spoon. It made me happy. The next day was the day I was going to go to Barnstable on the big plane. I was excited to see Papa and Timmy again—even though I was a little nervous to tell Timmy we couldn’t be boyfriends anymore. I still loved Timmy—that would never stop happening. I just didn’t love him the same way I loved Sky. Nana came into the school to pick me up on Friday. I said goodbye to Sky, and we walked out. David was in front of the school in his SUV. We got in and started to drive to the airport. David dropped us off in front of the airport and helped us get our suitcases out of the back. He hugged Nana and me, and I put on my headphones before we went inside. We went through a special security that didn’t have a lot of people, which I liked. They made me take off my headphones and put them in the bin so they could look at them with the x-ray. I was happy to put them back on when they came through the other side. We walked a long, long way to get to the place our plane was, but we didn’t have to wait too long to get on. The nice lady let Nana and me get on the plane first. We didn’t even have to walk through the airplane because Nana and I sat in the front row. The plane went up in the sky and started to come right back down. It’s funny that it takes longer to drive to the ocean house than it does to fly to Boston. When we got off the plane, Nana went to a place to pick up a car, and we got our suitcases. A man took us to Nana’s car, and we drove to Barnstable. I got excited when I saw our old house. Nana said she would help me get settled in, but she was going to stay with her friend Nancy, who is also David’s mother. We parked in front of the house, and I saw Papa’s car in the front. Papa came outside before we even got out of the car. He had a big smile on his face. He opened my door for me, and as soon as I got out of the car, he gave me a big hug. That was nice. He doesn’t usually hug me like that anymore. “Oh, Noah! It’s so good to see you! I’ve missed you so much!” “Hi, Papa. I’ve missed you too.” “Have you gotten taller?” “No, Papa. But I’m growing up.” “That’s what I hear. Your Daddy had so many good things to say about you. He’s very proud of you, Noah. So am I.” “Okay.” “Let’s go in the house. Beverly? Can I get you a cup of coffee?” “That would be lovely.” We walked inside, and Mrs. Henderson came out of the kitchen with a big smile on her face. “Noah! Beverly! You’re here!” She gave Nana and me a hug and told me she made my favorite chicken casserole for dinner. That made me happy, too. I looked around the house, and it didn’t look any different from before. There were some of Papa’s things in different places, but all the furniture was the same as before. Papa said Grandpa would be there soon—and so would Timmy. His mother called just before we got there and said she was on her way. Papa handed a cup of coffee to Nana, and Mrs. Henderson went back to getting dinner ready. It already smelled real good! The doorbell rang a few minutes later. Timmy! “I’ll get it!” I got up and ran to the door. When I opened, Timmy and his mother were standing there. Timmy had a big smile on his face. I missed seeing his smile. Timmy and I hugged, and it felt good to feel my best friend in my arms. It didn’t feel like it feels when Sky hugs me. That made me think that I probably made the right choice. Timmy hugged his mother, and she got in her car. Timmy came into the house with me, and we walked back to the kitchen. Mrs. Henderson put some plates of sliced apples with caramel sauce in front of my seat, and put another one down in front of Timmy. It made me happy because it was just like it always was. Nana finished her coffee and said she needed to go to Nancy’s house. She kissed me on top of my head and said she would pick me up Sunday morning. She kissed Timmy on top of his head, too. Nana told him she was happy to see him, then left the house. Just as we were finishing our apples, Grandpa came into the house. I didn’t know Grandpa very much, but that was because I only saw him when he would visit Papa’s house when I was staying there. Grandpa was really nice, though. He always brought me a Three Musketeers candy bar—which is my favorite. “Who’s that?” “That’s my Grandpa, Timmy. He’s Papa’s daddy.” “Oh. Okay. My grandpa died last year.” “I remember. That made you sad.” “Yes. But I’m okay now.” “Okay.” When Grandpa came into the kitchen, he reached into his pocket and gave me a Three Musketeers. “How’s my grandson? Oh my! I don’t know if this is my grandson—this is a grownup young man! I don’t know if he would like a candy bar!” “Yes, please, Grandpa. You’re being silly!” “You’re right. I am being silly—and this must be Timmy. I’m Noah’s grandfather. Would you like a candy bar, too?” “I’m Timmy, and I like candy bars.” “Boys, save those for after dinner. You don’t want to ruin your appetite for Mrs. Henderson’s dinner.” “Okay.” Timmy and I answered Papa at the same time. Grandpa told Papa that Marilyn would be here in about fifteen minutes. He said she was just about finished with her mani-pedi when he left the office. “Who’s Marilyn?” “Marilyn is Grandpa’s girlfriend. They are going to get married in the Fall.” “Oh, okay. What’s a mani-pedi?” “That’s when someone gets their fingernails and toenails fixed up and painted to look pretty.” “Okay.” I didn’t know this Marilyn, but I wanted to see her pretty nails. Now that I say that, it sounds a little weird. Oh well. Papa asked if Timmy and I wanted to go to the library with him for his storytime. He said he was going to read my favorite book. “Oh, The Places You’ll Go?” “That’s right! I picked it since you were coming back this weekend.” I looked at Timmy, and he nodded. It’s his favorite book, too. “Okay, we’ll go, but we might stand with the grownups since we aren’t little kids anymore.” “You can stand wherever you like. I’m looking forward to reading it. But—just between us—the little kids might think I’m reading to them, but I’ll really be reading to my favorite son in the whole, wide world.” “Now you’re being silly, Papa. I’m your only son in the whole, wide world!” “You got me, Noah. Could you be getting smarter, too?” “Yes, please. It just happened.” Just then, the door opened, and a pretty lady came in. She walked to the coffee machine and made herself a cup. “Hello, Noah. My name is Marilyn. I’m your grandpa’s friend.” “Hello. Can I see your fingernails, please?” “Of course you can.” She smiled at me and held out her hand. “They are pretty.” “Why thank you!” She acted a little nervous around me, but then I usually act nervous around some new people. She still had a nice smile, and it made me happy that she was Grandpa’s girlfriend. Papa said Timmy and I should wash up for dinner, so we went into the bathroom and washed our hands. When we finished, we hugged again. “I’m glad you came home this weekend. I’ve been excited to see you for a long time.” “Me too, Timmy. I can’t wait to go up to the apartment with you tonight!” “Yeah. Me, too.” Dinner was real good. We had Mrs. Henderson’s chicken casserole, Brussels sprouts, and salad. She made a cherry pie for dessert, and it was real good. During dinner, I told everybody about my new school and my internship at the aquarium. Everybody laughed when I told them about the dolphin spraying me with water. They loved hearing about Oscar, too. Marilyn thought I was very brave to go in the water with the sharks, but I don’t think she believed me when I told her they were my friends. Papa thought it was amazing when I told everybody about how I helped the Tiger get better, and Marilyn asked me why the sharks didn’t eat the other fish in the tank. I told her all about the big feed and how we used food to keep the turtles and the small fish away from the sharks. I also said the sharks only eat at feeding time, and that happens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays—the day I’m there. Papa said he was surprised that I talked so much. “I have a lot to say now. I’m growing up, Papa.” I don’t know why he got tears in his eyes. I guess this family cries a lot, too. Papa asked if I wanted to watch Toy Story after dinner. I told him I have a new favorite movie now, and it was Onward. “That must be why your Daddy said I needed to add Disney+ to my television. Can we watch it with you? “Yes, please. But you should bring tissue with you. Everybody cries the first time they see it.” We all went into the family room, and Papa put the Disney+ on the television. The movie started, and everybody watched it with Timmy and me. It made Timmy real sad. He said he wished he could find a magic stick and bring back his daddy—even if all he could get were his legs. After the movie, we went up to the apartment. Everything was just like it was when I moved to New York. That made me happy. As soon as we closed the door, I hugged Timmy. I told him I was sorry the movie made him sad. “It’s okay. It just made me think of my daddy. I wished I knew him more before he died, but I was just a little boy then. I’m better now. I really liked the movie. It’s probably going to my favorite one, too.” I hugged Timmy again and asked him to sit on the sofa with me. When we sat down, it was time to talk to him about Sky. “I’m real glad we’re by ourselves now. I need to talk to you about something.” “I need to talk to you, too. But I’m scared. I’m scared it will make you sad—or not want to be my best friend anymore.” “Me too, Timmy. That’s what I’m afraid of, too.” “Really? Who should go first?” “You can.” “Okay.” Timmy took a deep breath and started to talk. “Noah, no matter what—you will always be my best friend. I want you to know that I want to always be your best friend, too.” “I want that, too.” “Okay. That makes me happy. You see, we can’t be boyfriends anymore. I met someone at school. I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Cassie. I met her at the theatre.” “You have a girlfriend? I have a boyfriend.” “Wait. Were you going to tell me we couldn’t be boyfriends, too?” “Yes. And I was scared.” “Don’t be scared, Noah. I still love you—just not as my boyfriend.” “I love you, too—just not as my boyfriend!” Timmy and I hugged, and then I wanted to know about his girlfriend. “How did you find a new girlfriend?” “Ms. Myerson called my mom and told her she wanted me to be in the summer musical. They’re doing The Sound of Music. I’m going to be one of the kids—Kurt. Cassie is playing the baroness. She thought I was cute and came up to me on my first day. We had a lot of fun. She’s kind of crazy.” “You’re going to be in a musical? I hope it’s when I’m down here. I want to see you!” “My mom checked her calendar, and she said it would be the weekend you come to see your Papa. So you can come to the show.” “That’s good. Did you tell Cassie about me?” “Yes. I told her. She thought it was cool that I had done things with you, too. She said that would make me a better lover for her. We haven’t done sex stuff yet, but we kiss a lot.” “How did you know you wanted her to be your girlfriend?” “It was weird. When you and I hug, it makes me so happy. It still does, Noah. But the first time I hugged Cassie, it made me feel happier than I’ve ever felt. But it was a different kind of happy. It was like the happy feeling filled my entire body—from my toes all the way to my head—and it made my penis hard real fast. But the thing that was the most different was that I felt the same way whenever I just saw her. And the thing that made me really love her, when I told her I was autistic, she didn’t care. She liked me exactly the way I am. I couldn’t help it. I just started to love her more and more every day. Is that weird?” “That’s not weird.” “Is your new friend Sky your new boyfriend?” “Yes, he is. I love him, too-more and more every day.” “Do you and Sky do sex stuff?” “Yes. Sky came to David’s ocean house with me last weekend, and we did everything two boys can do together. I loved the things you and I did together. That made me so happy, Timmy. But when I was doing it with Sky, it was so different. Every time we do something, it makes me love him so much, I think I’m going to explode!” “I hope I can meet him someday. I like that he makes my best friend so happy. That makes me happy.” “I hope I can meet Cassie, too.” “You might meet her tomorrow. She takes her little sister to the library for your Papa’s storytime.” “Oh, okay.” “I’m getting sleepy. Can we go to sleep now?” “Yes, please.” Timmy and I got off the couch and started to take off our clothes. He left his underwear on, but I took mine off. He looked at me—and then at my cock. “It’s okay, Timmy. I don’t sleep with anything on now. You can if you want to, but I won’t.” “Okay.” Timmy took off his underwear, and we crawled into bed. We laid in the bed next to each other. Timmy turned his head to me and asked, “Are we still allowed to hold each other? I mean, as best friends—not boyfriends.” “Yes, please.” Timmy rolled onto his side, and I wrapped my arms around him. I was the big spoon. I woke up at 8:00 the next morning. I was on my back, and Timmy had his head on my chest. I had to wake him up so I could go to the bathroom to pee. “Go back to sleep. I have to pee.” “Okay. When I finished peeing, I decided to go ahead and take my shower. I kind of wanted to shower with Timmy, but I knew that wasn’t a good idea. It would probably make me want to do sex things with him. That would make me feel bad about Sky.” When I was in the shower, I started to think about Sky. Even though I was happy to see Timmy and Papa, I missed my boyfriend. I wish he was in the shower with me. Just thinking about that made my cock hard. I started to rub it and leaned against the shower wall, pretending Sky was in the shower with me. It didn’t take me long to cum and shoot my sperms on the shower floor. That felt real good, too. After I dried off, I ran my hairdryer and brushed my teeth. I went out into the apartment and started to get dressed. Timmy woke back up. “Good morning, Timmy.” “Good morning. Thank you for holding me last night. I slept real good.” “Me too. You can take your shower now.” “Okay. I thought we were going to take a shower together.” “I did too, but then I would want to do sex things with you. We shouldn’t do that now.” “Okay. I understand.” Timmy got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. His cock was hard, too. It was pretty and made me smile when I remembered how I used to put it in my mouth. I wasn’t sad, though. I finished getting dressed and made the bed the way Nana likes me to do. When Timmy finished his shower, he brushed his teeth and used the hairdryer. I liked looking at his butt. Even though I wasn’t going to play with it anymore, I still thought it was pretty. That made me smile, too. I never used to think butts would be pretty. When Timmy finished getting dressed, we went down to the house for breakfast. When we walked into the back door, I heard Marilyn talking. We stopped and listened. “It’s just not right. Those two boys sleeping together and doing God knows what. How can you allow that in your own home?” “Marilyn. Noah and Timmy have lived together for over a year. They are closer than brothers. They are good for each other. If you are going to be a part of this family, then you get to accept all the dynamics of this family.” “But what will people say?” “People don’t say anything. In all honesty, you are the first and only person to say something. Maybe people are talking about you and my father shacking up in this house. Dad—you need to say something here. I do not need to defend the way Charlie and I have agreed to allow our son to thrive.” “Marilyn, Jacob is right. This isn’t your business.” “Isn’t my business? Don’t you even imagine what’s going on in that apartment? Don’t you even care?” I was getting upset, and Timmy held my hand. He told me we didn’t have to listen to the grownups argue and said we could sit on the back porch for a while. We walked back out to the porch and sat on the bench. I was confused. I thought Marilyn was a nice lady. I started to cry, and Timmy put his arms around me. A few minutes later, Papa came out to the porch and sat down next to me. “Oh! There you are. I was going to go up to the apartment and—Oh no, I’m so sorry, Noah. Did you hear Marilyn and me argue?” I nodded my head, and Papa put his arms around me. He was holding me close and told me I didn’t need to cry anymore. Grandpa and Marilyn went to her house for breakfast. He asked me if I would like waffles and syrup for breakfast. I nodded my head again. We went into the kitchen, and Papa poured us a glass of cold orange juice while he made a cup of coffee for himself. “Papa?” “Yes, Noah?” “When we get back from the library, can I use the computer so I can do my homework?” “You sure can. Do you use a computer a lot now?” “Yes, my new school makes us do our homework on the computer so we can learn how to use one. I have a big computer at home that Daddy and David taught me how to use.” “That’s wonderful, son.” “Yes.” Breakfast was good. Papa’s waffles are some of my favorite things, and they helped me feel better. He made sausages, too. When we finished eating, I got up and took everybody’s dishes to the sink. I rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher. “Who are you, and what did you do to my beautiful son?” That made me giggle. “I’m Noah, Papa—and I am your son. You’re being silly again.” Papa made me happy again. I like it when he’s silly. It’s been a long time since he’s been silly with me. We got into Papa’s car and drove to the library. I was happy to be back, but I told Papa that Timmy and I were going to stand with the grownups since I was growing up now. When we walked in, Timmy saw Cassie and smiled. “That’s her, Noah. That’s Cassie.” She came over to us, and Timmy hugged her. It made me happy to see him so happy. Cassie was very nice and said she was happy to meet me. She said she heard a lot about me from Timmy. She asked if she could stand with us and I said that would be nice. Papa got up on the platform and held up the book he was going to read. The kids were excited that it was a Dr. Seuss story. I was, too! “Boys and girls, I used to read this book to my son when he was a little boy. He’s a young man now, and he came with me to hear me read Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” Papa read the book just like he did when I was little. It still made me smile. I liked watching the kids listen to Papa read. They watched him just like I used to. After Papa finished the story, two cute boys walked up to us. They looked exactly alike. “Are you Timmy and Noah?” “Yes.” “Do you remember us? Jonathan and Joshua Peterson. We’re the twins that used to sit with you guys and Mr. Charlie.” “Yes. I remember now.” “We brought our little sister to the storytime today.” “We really didn’t want to, but now I’m glad we did. Where is Charlie now?” “He’s my daddy now. We live in New York. I came to Barnstable to see my Papa.” “Cool. We love New York. Jonathan wants to go to college there.” “It’s real different from Barnstable, but I like it more and more.” A little girl ran up to Jonathan—or maybe Joshua—and jumped into his arms. “We can go home now, Jon-Jon! That was a good story, wasn’t it?” I guess it was Jonathan. Joshua turned to us before he walked out. “It was great seeing you guys again. Have a good one!” He walked out with his brother and sister. Cassie said she needed to get her brat home and kissed Timmy on the cheek. “I’ll see you at rehearsal. It was nice to finally meet you, Noah.” Cassie took her little sister’s hand a took her out the door. She didn’t look like a brat. Strange. That afternoon, Timmy’s mom came to take him to rehearsal, and Papa let me use his laptop to do my homework. He asked if he could watch me some of my homework. I told him it was okay. After a few minutes, Papa must have figured I knew how to work a computer because he went into the kitchen. It didn’t take me very long to finish my Algebra. It took me a little longer to do my Geography. The last thing I needed to do was read the rest of Romeo and Juliet. It is such a sad story. It made me sad that the people who loved each other had to die. I’m glad it’s not that way for Sky and me. We had Mrs. Henderson’s stuffed pork chops for dinner. Grandpa wasn’t there. I asked Papa where Grandpa was, and he told me that Grandpa was going to be with Marilyn. They were still talking about the argument. Timmy was really tired after his rehearsal, so we went to the apartment after dinner. We sat on the sofa and watched the Spiderman: Far From Home movie. We went to bed right after and fell asleep fast. I held Timmy again, but when we woke up Sunday morning, he was holding me. That made me happy. Nana came to pick me up while we were finishing our breakfast. She had a cup of coffee with Papa. When we finished, Papa brought me a box with his laptop in it. “Noah, I want you to have my old laptop. That way, you can do your homework anywhere you want to. I just got a new one, and this laptop is perfect for you.” “Thank you, Papa! This is the best!” “Cool!” That’s all Timmy had to say. Nana said I should go to the apartment and get my suitcase. Timmy went with me. When we got to the apartment and closed the door, Timmy hugged me. “I’m so happy you’re still my best friend, Noah. I was really scared I was going to lose you.” “You will always be my best friend, Timmy. I was scared, too.” “I’m not scared anymore, Noah.” “I’m not scared either. I love you, Timmy.” “I love you, too.” We hugged again, went down to the house, and a few minutes later, Nana and I were going back to Boston to ride the plane back to New York—and Sky.
  4. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER SEVEN: The Choice When Daddy took me into class on Monday, Sky wasn’t there yet. Mrs. Clancey came to us and said she had just read Mike’s report on my internship. She was real happy but didn’t understand how I could talk to the animals. “It just happens, Mrs. Clancy. They don’t really talk. I just hear what they tell me in my brain. And then I say what I want them to hear—but I don’t talk, either.” “That’s remarkable—just—remarkable. Mr. Danner, have you considered having some experts look into this?” “No, we really haven’t. It’s all pretty new for us, too. But I don’t think we want to put Noah through all of the extra attention—especially with moving to a new city, making new friends, a new family dynamic—it can be overwhelming for David and me. I can only imagine how stressful it can be for my son.” I didn’t understand what they were talking about, but that was okay. Sky and his mom came into the room. He smiled so big, and his sparkly eyes got wrinkly. He is still the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen! Sky came over to the table and sat with me. “Hi, Noah.” “Hi, Sky! I’m happy you’re here now.” “Yes. I’m happy, too. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I got home yesterday. It was like you were still with me—but in my brain.” “I felt that, too—but about you. You make me real happy, Sky. And right now, it’s kinda hard to breathe, and I feel my heart going real fast.” “Yes, me too. I told my mom about it, and she said that’s how she felt when she met my dad. She said that’s how she knew she was in love with my dad.” Why did my mouth get dry, and my heart get even faster? It didn’t hurt, though. I was getting happier and happier. “Sky?” “Uh-huh?” “Does that mean you love me?” “Yes. I hope you love me too, so we can be boyfriends.” “Yes, please. I love you, Sky.” Sky smiled and told me I made him real happy. That made me happy, too. Daddy and Sky’s mom came over to us and said goodbye. “Daddy, Sky loves me, he’s my boyfriend now.” “Oh? And do you love Sky?” “Yes, please. I’m his boyfriend, too.” Daddy looked at Sky’s mom and asked her what she thought about this. “Since Noah has become a part of Sky’s life, I have seen more growth and enthusiasm in one week than I have seen in the last three years. If this is what the boys choose, then I’m behind them 100%.” “Noah, we’ll talk some more about this when we get home, okay? But I’m delighted to see that you are this happy!” Daddy kissed me on top of my head and turned around to leave. Sky’s mom told us that it was okay for us to hold hands like we have been doing, but we weren’t allowed to kiss at school. That was against the rules.” We told her we wouldn’t kiss, but I think that’s a silly rule. Grownups must have made that one up. The last thing Sky told me before the class started was that he couldn’t wait to hear about my internship. I told him Mrs. Clancey already knew about it, so she might not want to hear about it again. I was wrong. She told the others that I had a special connection with animals and that I had a very exciting day at my internship. I told them about the penguins and the dolphins. Everybody laughed when I told them how the dolphin sprayed me with water. I told everybody about feeding the sea lions and how Oscar came up to me. I told them about going in the water with the sharks and how the Great White said to me that the Tiger didn’t feel right. I told them she was okay now because the shark doctor fixed her. “And then my daddies took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Sky came too. He’s my boyfriend now.” “Very good, Noah. We are all so proud of you and the wonderful things you did on the first day of your internship. And now, it’s time for our Morning Spotlight. Today we’re going to learn about a movie actress named Daryl Hannah.” Mrs. Clancey told us that when Daryl Hannah was a child, they found out she was on the spectrum. The doctors wanted to put her in a hospital, but her mommy refused to let them do that. Mrs. Clancey said that Daryl was a very shy and quiet little girl, and didn’t have very many friends. Daryl Hannah found that when she acted and was in plays, she didn’t feel any different from the other kids because she could pretend she was someone else. She was mostly known for her movie Splash, where she played a mermaid girl who loved a human boy. She still makes movies, but doesn’t do as many as she used to. She got married to a famous singer two years ago. His name is Neil Young. Mrs. Clancey showed us a picture of Daryl Hannah. She’s real pretty—but Sky is prettier. When Daddy and I got home from school, he asked me to go down to his workroom with him. He needed to do some sewing while we talked. “How was your day at school, Noah?” “It was good. It’s always good when I’m with Sky.” “And Sky is your boyfriend now?” “Yes, please. Sky makes me real happy. But, when he gets close to me, my heart gets fast, and my tummy gets butterflies.” “Oh! That’s what David does to me. But, I want you to be careful, Noah. I want you to know that you should never do anything if you feel like you may not want to do it.” “Okay.” “Have you and Sky been intimate?” “Tell me what that is again?” “Intimate is when you kiss someone you like a lot—or love. It can also mean when you do things with each other’s penises or other parts of your body that you usually cover with your clothes.” “Okay. We did intimate. Skay made me very happy—I made him happy, too.” “Okay. You’re seventeen now. In New York, seventeen is the age of consent, which means you won’t get in trouble for being intimate.” “Okay. I don’t want to get in trouble, Daddy!” “You’re not in trouble, Noah. Being intimate with someone you love is a beautiful and natural thing.” “Yes. It was nice and beautiful. Sky made me cum three times Saturday night. I liked it a lot.” “O-Okay. Noah, you shouldn’t talk about what you and Sky do with other people. It needs to be something special just between the two of you. However, if you do something that hurts you—or him—and you need to talk to someone about it, you can always talk to me about that, do you understand?” “I understand, Daddy. And if I get confused or hurt, I can talk to you about it. Can I talk to David about it if I can’t find you?” “Of course, Noah. David would like that very much.” “Okay.” “Now, what about Timmy? How do you feel about him?” “I love Timmy, too. He’s my boyfriend in Barnstable.” “Oh. Do you think having Sky as your boyfriend is fair to Timmy? Or having Timmy as your boyfriend is fair to Sky?” “I don’t understand.” Daddy thought for a minute. Then he said, “How would you feel if you found out that Timmy had a boyfriend while you were in New York, but never told you about it when you were with him in Barnstable.” “It would make me sad because we tell each other everything. It would make me sad that Timmy had a secret and didn’t tell me about it.” “Okay. Now, how would you feel if Sky had a boyfriend while you were in Barnstable with Timmy?” “It would make me feel hurt and sad.” “Of course it would. Now, why do you like that Sky loves you? How does that make you feel?” “It makes me happy. Sky makes me feel special—not special because I have autism—special because he does things for me that he doesn’t do for anybody else.” “Would you feel special and happy if you learned that Sky had a boyfriend when you were away?” “No. Does he? Does Sky have another boyfriend?” I didn’t like hearing these things about Sky! “No, my beautiful boy. But did you see how sad it made you when you thought he might?’ “Yes, please.” “All I am saying is that when you love someone, and they become your boyfriend, he should be your only boyfriend. That way, you can give all the special things you have to the one person you love more than anything in the world.” “But what about David and Papa? You loved two people, Daddy.” “That’s true. I loved David—and then he left. Then I found your Papa—and I loved him. Then David came back, and I love him now. But—even though I loved your Papa and married him, deep deep in my heart, I never stopped loving David. That was one of the reasons things didn’t work out with your Papa and me. And you remember how that made a lot of people very sad—including you.” “You mean—when Papa went away, it wasn’t because of me?” “Oh, no! Your Papa has never stopped loving you. He just stopped loving me.” “Oh. Okay. I thought it was because of me.” “No, you are a wonderful and beautiful son to both your Papa and me—and you always will be, no matter what.” “Okay, Daddy. I don’t want to make anybody sad like that. I think I have to pick just one boyfriend, right?” “I think that’s the best thing, Noah. Do you need to talk about that with me?” “No, I would pick Sky. Sky makes me feel better than I have ever felt before. Timmy makes me happy, too—but it’s not the same as Sky. Can I call Timmy and tell him he can’t be my boyfriend anymore?” “I think you should tell him when you go to visit your Papa. Timmy will be there, and that would be the best time. This kind of thing is always better done face-to-face.” “Okay. You are a smart daddy.” “And you are a very smart young man. Now, why don’t you go up and do your homework so you can stay smart?” “Okay.” “Do you need me to help you with the computer?” “No, I know how to do it now. I learned how to do that in computer class today.” “Excellent. Now I need to finish this dress so Mr. Christian can come to see it tomorrow. If you need help, just let me know.” “Okay.” I went upstairs and did my homework. Mr. Vinente was making something for dinner that smelled real good. I’m glad he cooks us dinner now. At dinner, I asked Daddy if Sky could sleepover again after my internship so we could go back to the Central Park with David. He said he would speak with Sky’s mom in the morning. When we got to school in the morning, Sky and his mom were already there. I sat down at the table with Sky, and he hugged me. He said that wasn’t against the rules, and since everybody knew we were boyfriends, it was okay. I heard Sky’s mom tell Daddy that she didn’t think it was a good idea for us to have sleepovers anymore, but Sky’s daddy said that if they took that away from us, it might cause more problems. She asked Daddy if he was worried about us spending the night together. “I’ve had some wonderful conversations with my son about intimacy and respect for each other. He also knows that if any type of situation comes up that he’s uncomfortable with, he can come to speak with David or me right away. I would rather they explore their relationship under my roof than—God knows where. At least I know they are safe and protected by adults who love them.” “You sound just like my husband! I don’t object in the slightest that the boys have become so close. It’s just hard sometimes to see my baby boy grow up so fast.” “Mom, I told you I’m not a baby anymore.” Sky’s mom smiled and walked over to him. “I know that. But, in my heart, you will always be my baby boy—even when you get old.” “As old as Noah’s daddy?” “Hey! I’m not that old!” “Okay.” Daddy wasn’t mad, though. He was smiling and shaking his head. Sky leaned in to me and whispered, “Grownups don’t like to be told they are old. They get funny about that!” I giggled when Daddy told us that Sky could come with us to the beach house this weekend. “Can Sky come with me to the aquarium?” “No, you need to concentrate on your work with the animals. While you are at the aquarium, Sky can do his homework and watch a movie. But we’ll bring him with us when we pick you up, okay?” “Yes, please.” When Friday came, I was so excited! We were going to the ocean house for my internship, and Sky was coming with us! That morning, Sky brought a big backpack that had his clothes and toothbrush inside. Daddy took it with him when he went back home. After school, Daddy and David both came to pick us up. Sky thought they looked funny in their sunglasses and baseball hats. I told him it was so people didn’t bother us on the sidewalk. Daddy started to hold my hand when we got outside the school. “No, Daddy. Sky can hold my hand.” Daddy smiled at me and said that would be okay. He said we should walk behind him. David walked behind us. When we got home, we went to the bathroom and walked to the parking garage where David’s SUV was parked. Daddy sat in the front seat, Nana sat in the second seat, and Sky and I sat in the back seat. I liked it when Sky would hold my hand. I really like it when Sky told me that he loved me! I told him I loved him, too. Then I rested my head on Sky’s shoulder, and we started to drive through the city. Once we got out of the city, it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. I don’t know if it was because I usually fall asleep on long car trips, but I think feeling Sky’s thumb making little circles on my hand sure made me fall asleep faster. When we got to the ocean house, Sky was very excited to see the beach. He asked Daddy if he and I could walk on the beach before dinner. Nana wasn’t sure if we should walk by ourselves, but David asked if we would mind walking with Daddy and him. Sky said yes, and Nana said she would grill the hamburgers and hot dogs so they would be ready when we got back. Yay! Hot dogs! Sky and I went up to my bedroom to put away his backpack and change for our walk. We decided to wear our swim shorts and flip-flops. Sky put on a blue tank-top, and I put on the white shirt I wore on the beach for Miss Annie’s pictures. I left it open, too. Sky liked that! Daddy and David walked behind Sky and Me. It was nice to hold hands with Sky. It was different here from what it was at school. At school, Sky would hold my hand to help me. Here, he held my hand because I am his boyfriend. As soon as I thought about that, it reminded me of something Daddy said when we talked. I asked, “Sky? Will you get another boyfriend for when I get on the big plane and go to Barnstable?” Sky stopped walking and turned to me. “No. I don’t want another boyfriend. I only want you to be my boyfriend, and when you go away for a weekend—I want to wait for you to come back. Is Timmy going to be your boyfriend when you go to Barnstable?” “Timmy was my boyfriend before I moved to New York. I was going to call him and tell him I have a new boyfriend, but Daddy said I should tell him when I see him.” “Why?” Daddy must have heard what we were talking about, because he answered Sky. “When I was the same age as you boys, I had my first boyfriend. I liked him a lot, too. But he was a football player and didn’t want anyone else to know that we were boyfriends. Finally, he decided we couldn’t be boyfriends anymore, but he never told me. He sent his friend to tell me. That hurt my feelings quite a bit. What hurt most of all was that he didn’t tell me face-to-face.” “When your Daddy and I had to end our relationship so I could go to study music in Russia, we talked about it together—we made the decision together. We were still very sad, but it was a lot easier to deal with because we talked honestly with each other.” “So, I’ll be your only boyfriend?” “Yes, Sky. You are my only boyfriend. I love you.” Sky looked at Daddy and asked him, “Can I kiss Noah on the beach since we aren’t at school?” Daddy smiled and said, “Why don’t we just have a nice hug for now? You can have your special kiss later on tonight—okay?” “Okay.” Sky hugged me and said I was his beautiful boyfriend. That made my heart go faster again—and my penis got a little bigger. We turned around and started walking back to the ocean house. The closer we got, the more I could smell hamburgers and hotdogs. I was getting hungry! Sky’s tummy rumbled, so I knew he was hungry, too! We walked up to the deck, and Nana had everything ready for us. Sky and I each got two hot dogs, some baked beans, and tater tots. It was one of my favorite suppers! After supper, Sky and I did our homework. When we finished that, we watched Onward and decided it was for sure our favorite movie! We said goodnight to the grownups and went upstairs. After we brushed our teeth, we decided to take a shower, but since the bathroom was also Nana’s bathroom, Sky said we should take separate showers. That made me a little bit sad, but he was right. I took my shower first, and Sky took his second. When Skay came into the bedroom, he shut the door and let his towel drop to the floor. I love seeing my boyfriend naked! It made the butterflies come back to my tummy, and it made my cock get big. Since I was already in my bed, I pulled the covers off of me so Sky could see me naked. He smiled and just said, “Beautiful.” We kissed a lot while we held on to each other. I put Sky’s big cock in my mouth and made him shoot his cum. He still tasted real good! Sky did the same to me and swallowed all of my sperms. He said it was the best dessert ever! That made me giggle. The next thing I knew, we were both falling asleep with Sky laying his head on my chest. I held on to him, and the last thing I remembered thinking was that I had my boyfriend in my bed with me. I think I was smiling when I fell asleep because all I had were happy dreams. I woke up at 7:30, so I could get ready for the aquarium. When I crawled out of bed, Sky was grouchy. I told him he could go back to sleep—and he did. I put on my cargo shorts and my aquarium shirt. When I had my shoes and socks on, I went downstairs as quiet as I could, so I wouldn’t wake Sky up. Yay for breakfast casserole! I think this is going to be our breakfast whenever we come to the ocean house. I asked David if that what he was going to do. He asked me if that was something I would like. “Yes, please.” When I went upstairs to brush my teeth, Sky was coming out of the bathroom. “Good morning.” “Good morning, Sky. I’m going to go to the aquarium now. There’s the best breakfast in the world downstairs.” “When will you be back?” “This afternoon.” “Okay.” He hugged me, and I hugged him back. I finished brushing my teeth and went downstairs so David could take me to the aquarium. Mike was happy to see me when I got to the aquarium. The first thing he told me was that the Tiger was all better now and was swimming and eating like nothing was ever wrong. He also said to me that we would go in the water to visit the sharks before I went to feed the penguins with Vanessa and Jaxon. He said we would feed the penguins, dolphins, and sea lions just like we did last Saturday. Then we would have our lunch. After lunch, we would go and get ready to feed the sharks. He said that it took a lot of people and almost three hours to do. When we finished with that, it would be time for me to go home. I was excited to see the Tiger so I could tell her I was glad she was feeling better. Mike and I suited up and went in the water. Just like before, the sharks all came to the cage. The Great White called me their friend and told me they were happy to see me. Then, the Tiger told me she was feeling better and was glad that I told the doctor she was sick. She said I was a hero! I didn’t know sharks could have heroes, did you? After we visited the sharks, Mike took me to the fish room, and I helped Vanessa and Jaxon get the food ready for the penguins. Duke and his friends were in front of the group this time. Vanessa let me feed them from my hands while Jaxon tossed the fish to the other penguins in another part of the habitat. Duke said they were all happy to see me again, and he came up to me for another hug. I didn’t squeeze too hard, though. I remembered Vanessa said I shouldn’t. We went back in the fish room and filled the buckets for the dolphins and sea lions. The dolphins were fun, and I got to pet some of them. None of them sprayed me this time, but they still told me they were happy I was feeding them. When we got to the sea lion theatre, Oscar came out to us as soon as he heard the gate. Jaxon told me he has been waiting for them every day since he met me. When he saw me, he raised his head and barked real loud! He came up to me, put his head on my chest, and I hugged him. Jaxon said, “Oscar has aa new boyfriend.” I told Oscar that I loved him, but I couldn’t be his boyfriend because I already had one. I told him I would bring Sky to meet him someday, and he just grunted. It was funny and made me laugh. I told Oscar he needed to eat before the other sea lions took all the fish. He wanted another hug and then moved away so I could toss some fish to him. He was hungry, too! We went back to the fish room and put the carts away. Vanessa told Mike and me to have lunch, and then we could come back to help get ready to feed the shark tank. I had the same thing for lunch as before, but I paid for my own this time. I asked Mike how they kept the sharks from eating the other fish. He told me that they feed the sharks three days a week. The only time the other fish are in danger is during feeding time. He said that I would see how they keep that from happening during feeding time. “Okay.” When we finished eating, we went back to the fish room. There were a lot of people there. Two people were cutting up food for the turtles. Two more were putting food in buckets for the small fish, and Vanessa and Jaxon were doing the food for the sharks. The sharks’ fishes were frozen, and they were using a big saw to cut off the heads and the tails. Vanessa said there wasn’t any nutrition in those parts, so they just remove them. They gave me a container that had some real big pills. Jaxon said those were special vitamins and nutrients just for the sharks. My job was to push one pill into the middle of each fish they handed me. I had to put my fish in a special bucket so they could make sure each shark got one. The rest of the sharks’ fish didn’t have a pill in it. Vanessa and Jaxon took me out on a big bridge that went across the top of the big tank. The first thing that happened was they turned off the air jets that made bubbles at the top of the tank. Jaxon said that it was like a dinner bell for the fish, and most of them would go to different parts of the tank. They knew where their food would be. The next thing that happened was that the turtles were moved to a small tank off to the side of the big one. Vanessa told me that was so they would be out of the way of the feeding sharks. When the turtles got out of the way, one of the people started pouring fish into a tube. Vanessa said they would put water in the tube, and that would make the fish come out at the bottom of the tank. The fish that liked to be in the bottom all went over there to eat and were out of the way of the sharks. Another person was tossing food into the top of the tank for the smaller fish that didn’t like to go to the bottom. “Okay, Noah. We’re ready to feed the sharks. Follow Jaxon and me!” We walked to the other end of the bridge. Jaxon and Vanessa each picked up a long pole and stuck a fish on the end. When a shark would take the fish, they would push down, and the shark would take it away. She said that made it feel like a live fish to the shark. After all the sharks had a fish, they asked me to start handing them the vitamin fish. They fed all the sharks again, and when they all got one of my fishes, they fed another big fish to the Great White and the Tiger. Once all the food was gone, we waited on the bridge for a little while for the sharks to slow down and rest. They turned on the air jets, and the smaller fish came back into the main part of the tank with the turtles. I couldn’t wait to tell everybody how we feed the sharks! I learned a lot today. When we got back to the fish room, I washed my hands to get rid of the fishy smell. Mike asked me what I thought of the big feed. He said that’s what they call the shark feeding. “It was good. I learned a lot.” Mike took me down to the office, and David was there with Sky! “And who is this young man.” “Mike, this is Noah’s friend, Skylar. He prefers to be called Sky.” “Very nice to meet you, Sky. Do you go to school with Noah?” “Yes.” “Maybe next time we can have you watch Noah feed the animals. Would you like that, Noah?” “Yes, please.” We got into the car, but on the way home, David stopped at a store. When he came back, David handed a bag to Sky. “Now, we decided to get this for you on one condition. Just like we talked about this afternoon—if you decide together to do anything and one of you asks the other to stop, you must stop. Do you understand?” “Yes, David.” “What are you talking about, David?” “Noah, your Daddy and I had the same talk with Sky this afternoon that he had with you in his workroom.” “Oh. Okay.” We didn’t say very much the rest of the way to the ocean house, but Sky was holding my hand in his lap, and his cock was hard. He leaned over to me and whispered, “I love you, Noah.” I still didn’t know exactly what David was talking about—or what was in the bag, but I was so happy that I felt like my chest was going to explode! When we got back to the house, it smelled so good! Nana made her lasagna. She told me I smelled like fish, and I should take a shower before dinner. She said Sky could help her with the garlic bread while I got clean. I took my shower and washed twice to make sure the fishy smell went away. When I finished my shower, I dried my hair. I put on my jeans and the shirt I had on when we went on our walk yesterday. Sky said he liked that shirt, and I wanted to make him happy. Dinner was real good. Sky told Nana that she cooked food a lot better than his mom did, and Nana thanked him but made him promise not to say anything to his mom. That could hurt her feelings. He smiled and promised he wouldn’t tell his mom anything. After dinner was over, we all had some chocolate ice cream. It was good, but Mr. Vincente’s chocolate gelato was better. I didn’t say anything to Nana, so I wouldn’t hurt her feelings. When we finished our ice cream, Daddy told Nana to fill her wine glass and go out to the deck. He said the rest of us would clean everything. Sky and I rinsed the dishes and glasses so we could put them in the dishwasher. Daddy and David washed the pots and pans and cleaned the counters. They poured a glass of wine for themselves and some bubbly apple juice for Sky and me. We were sitting in the lounger chairs, and David asked me to tell about my day. It was fun telling everybody about the Oscar and how the sharks thanked me for helping the Tiger. “And then Mike said Sky could come with us next time and follow me around the park. That made me happy!” “I don’t want to go in the water with the sharks, Noah. Sharks scare me.” “Okay, Sky. But the sharks are nice. They’re my friends.” “Okay. I’ll just watch you go in the water.” “Okay. Daddy? Can Sky and I walk down to the water?” “Yes, but stay in front of the house. No walking up and down the beach, okay?” “Okay.” I stood up and held my hand out to Sky. He stood up, and we walked down to the water. We stopped at the wet sand and looked out over the ocean. We could see the lights from a ship a long, long way out. Sky wrapped his arm around my waist, and I did the same to him. “What was in the bag David gave you in the car?” “David bought some lube for us to use.” “He did? That was nice.” “Noah?” “Yes, Sky?” “I want you to fuck me tonight.” “That’s a bad word. We’re not supposed to say that.” “Do you know what fuck means?” “Ummmm, I don’t think so.” “Fucking is when one of us puts our cock inside the other boyfriend’s butt.” “Oh, I didn’t know that. I guess we could say that word to each other if we’re going to do it to each other.” “Okay. Will you fuck me tonight?” “Yes, please. Will you kiss me?” “Yes!” Sky turned and took me in his arms so he could kiss me. I’m so happy that he is my boyfriend! I’m even happier that I’m his boyfriend! Sky smiled at me and said, “Let’s go back to the house and get ready for bed.” I took Sky’s hand, and we made our way back to the house. “Daddy, it’s so pretty out there at night. You can see so many stars, too!” “Really? Maybe I can convince David to show me some stars after you boys go to bed.” David smiled funny at Daddy and said he would love to do that. Nana made a funny face and said it was time to go to bed, that she was tired. That left Sky and me alone on the deck. I told him we should let Nana get to bed, and then we could go up. I also told him we would have to be quiet tonight. It’s different than when we are in my room in the city. There, we have a whole floor by ourselves. We laid together on the big lounger that Daddy and David were in before they went to the water. Sky wrapped me in his arms and pressed close to my body. He kissed me real good, too. He kissed me so good he made everything happen to me—my heart got fast, my skin got warm, my tummy had butterflies, and my cock was pushing real hard against my jeans. “Sky?” I was almost out of breath. “I think we can go to the bedroom now.” “Okay.” Sky held my hand this time. We went inside and upstairs and were careful not to make too much noise. When we closed the door, Sky started to unbutton my shirt. “I love this shirt, Noah. It makes you so beautiful, but I think if I take it off, you’ll be even more beautiful.” “Oooooh.” That’s all I could say. We probably would have been naked a lot faster, but every time Sky took a piece of my clothes off, Sky just kissed me all over the skin that he found. I liked it, though. I liked it a lot. I was finally naked, and Sky let me take his clothes off. I took my time and kissed his skin, but I was still faster than he was. Once Sky was naked, he held my hand and took me to the bed. He laid me on my back and kissed me everywhere he could. I had to put a hand over my mouth when he sucked on my nipples. My cock was already making the clear liquid. Sky slid down and licked all the liquid off of my tummy. “I like the way you taste, Noah. It’s really good.” I wanted to thank Sky for being so nice, but I had to put my hand over my mouth again. He had already put my whole cock in his mouth. When he started to rub my balls, I started to go crazy. But Sky moaned when my cock was all the way in his mouth, and I couldn’t stand it—I went completely crazy shot my cum so hard and fast into his mouth. I had to grab a pillow and cover my face to I wouldn’t wake up Nana! When my breathing came back to normal, Sky kissed me and ran his fingers through my hair. “I’m sorry, Sky. I wanted to last longer.” “You will last longer now—when you are inside me.” “What?” “I’ll be right back.” Sky got out of bed and got the bag that David gave him when we were in the car. He opened the box and pulled out a bottle of the Platinum lube stuff. He brought the bottle back to bed with him. “I’m a little nervous, but I want you to fuck me more than anything in the world. Do you want to do that?” “Yes, please.” “Good.” “Do you know what to do?” “Yes. I watched some more videos this week. All you have to do is lay on the bed. I’ll take care of everything.” “Okay.” Sky laid down on top of me and started to kiss me again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, and I could feel his big cock between us. It was warm and slippery with his liquid. I was still on my back, and Sky turned around to put my cock in his mouth. I was looking at his butt and knew what I wanted to do next! I pulled my head up and put my hands on both sides and pushed them apart. I leaned in and ran my tongue across his hole. He moaned around my cock, and it started to get full again. I thought he would like it. I liked it, too. The muscles of his butt are real strong—like all of his muscles. I kept moving my tongue around his hole, and the more I did it, the more he liked it. I pushed a little bit, and my tongue went inside. Sky really liked that, and he pulled his mouth off of my cock. He was on his knees and leaning into my face. He reached behind and pushed my head even deeper into his butt. I think I liked it as much as he did. My cock was big again. Sky leaned down and got the bottle of the lube stuff and said he wanted to see my fingers. He poured some on them and asked me to put them in his butt. I slid my slippery fingers into Sky’s butt and pushed one into his hole. “Oh! That feels so good, Noah. So Good!” Sky liked to talk, but he was whispering. He got a little louder when I pushed two fingers in. I told him to cover his mouth before I pushed three fingers in. He yelled into one hand while the other one moved on his cock. He aimed the spray onto my cock. It felt real warm. Sky scooped what was on my tummy and rubbed it on my cock. “I’m ready now, Noah. Are you ready?” “Ooohh! Yes, please.” Sky turned around and smiled at me. He was facing me and reached down to my slippery cock. He shifted around a little bit, and I felt the top of my cock on his hole. Sky pressed down, and my cock slipped inside his hole. It felt so good—and warm! I think Sky liked the way it felt because his eyes got real big, and his mouth opened wide when he took a deep breath. He moved down real slow. Sometimes he would stop and breathe real hard. Then he would move down further. The next thing I knew, I was all the way inside Sky! “You’re inside me, Noah. It feels so good! Does it feel good for you, too?” “Yes, Sky! Oh! It’s the best feeling ever! Oooooooohhhh! Wow!” Sky had started to move up and down on my cock. His muscles would squeeze when he was moving up. It was good! He leaned back on his hands a little bit and whispered to me, “That’s it! That’s my spot! Noah! Yes! Oh!” When he moved up and stopped, I got a little confused—until he told me what he wanted me to do. “You, Noah!” Sky was still whispering, “You—move in and out while I stay here!” I started to move my hips up and down. He asked me to start moving faster, so I did. Sky’s big cock was bouncing all over, and it was dropping his clear liquid all over my tummy. Both of us were breathing pretty hard, but we were still being quiet. Then everything happened while I was moving in and out of Sky’s butt, and he leaned back a little more. That was when Sky’s cock started shooting cum all over me. He even sprayed some on my face! The best feeling was how Sky’s muscles squeezed my cock while he was shooting his cum! It felt so good, that I started to spray my cum inside his butt. I had to put the pillow over my face. I had never felt this good before. After I finished shooting my sperms, Sky lowered his butt to the bottom of my cock and leaned over. He kissed my face and cleaned his cum off. Then he kissed me, and I wrapped around him. My cock slipped out of Sky’s butt, so he laid down on top of me. We were a little bit sweaty, but I didn’t care. We rolled to our sides, and Sky ran his fingers through my hair. “I was pretty sure that fucking would feel good, but I didn’t know it would feel that good.” “It was good for me, too. Are you okay? Did it hurt?” “It hurt just a little at first, but then I just felt full. But I was full of my boyfriend, and I liked it even more. When I leaned back, all it felt was good.” We kissed a little more, and then Sky asked me if we should take a shower. I told him we shouldn’t because it would wake Nana up. Instead, I got out of bed and put on my shorts. I went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth. I cleaned Sky and then myself. I got a towel out of the clothes hamper and dried us off. I took off my shorts, crawled back into bed and pulled up the blankets. Sky wanted to sleep on my chest again. Before we got too sleepy, he asked me, “Do you think because we are boyfriends now is why fucking felt better than anything else? “I think that might be why. I love you, Sky. I mean—I love Daddy and Papa—and Nana—and David—and Timmy. But what I’m feeling right now is different—and in a lot of ways, it’s a way better feeling.” “I love my mom and dad, too. But this is something new—something better.” “Will you fuck me next time?” “Yes, Noah. I will give you anything you want—for the rest of my life.” I don’t remember being so happy when I fell asleep. I like that.
  5. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER SIX: What Makes Noah Happy We were in the big car again and were going back home. When Daddy and David came to pick me up, they asked Mike how my first day went. All Mike said was they should let me tell them on the way back home. I was a little nervous and a little excited, too. I had a lot to tell about my day at the aquarium, but I don't usually talk more than a few sentences at a time. Maybe I would have more time to think about what I want to say if Daddy waits to ask me—shoot! “Noah? Can you tell us about your day? Did you enjoy your first day with the animals?” All I could do was smile when I thought about it. “I made a new friend. His name is Oscar.” Nana clapped her hands and said, “Oh, Noah! That is so exciting! Is he a nice boy?” “No. He’s not a boy. Oscar is a giant sea lion. He came up to me and put his giant head on my chest so I could hug him. Then he told me I was a beautiful boy and that he loved me.” “That’s awesome, buddy! Did you see any of your friends from your last visit?” “Yes, I helped Vanessa and Jaxon feed the penguins, and Duke came up to see me. He thanked me for the new ice and snow. And then we filled the buckets with fish for the dolphins—oh, the fish smells terrible—for the dolphins and sea lions. “We went to feed the dolphins. I got to pet some of them. One of the dolphins sprayed me with water so I would feel welcome. It was funny!” Everybody laughed, and so did I when I remembered it. David said, “I wish someone had taken a picture of that!” “I don’t need a picture. I’ll always remember it in my brain!” Nana wanted to know where we went after the dolphin sprayed me. “That’s when we went to the sea lions. They eat almost the same thing as the dolphins, but their fishes are bigger. After we fed the sea lions—that’s when Oscar came up to me. And then we went to the sharks. “I went in the water with Mike, and I didn’t even get scared of the helmet. When we got in the water, the sharks came up to us. The Great White was happy to see me, but the Tiger wasn’t feeling good. She told me she had a pain. I told Mike what she told me, and he called the shark doctor. “The shark doctor looked at her and found where her pain was and took it out. Mike said I saved her life, but all I did was tell the doctor something was wrong. But Mike said I was a hero! Just like Ian—I am a hero!” Daddy looked confused. ‘Ian?” “In Onward. Ian is the boy who makes everything happen. He’s a hero. I never thought I would be a hero.” Daddy took me in his arms, and tears started to get in his eyes. “Noah. My beautiful Noah. You have been a hero—my hero—from the day you came into my life.” “But I didn’t save your life, Daddy.” “Oh, Noah. You saved my life many, many times. You showed me how powerful unconditional love could be. When Papa moved out, you would hold me in your arms and tell me you loved me. Every time you did that, you made me feel so happy. You bring joy to my life every single day, Noah. No matter how I’m feeling, you give me joy. I wouldn’t have found David again if you hadn’t told me that you wanted me to do just that. Noah—everything good in my life is because of you. You’re my hero. You’re my beautiful boy.” Daddy started crying a little harder, so I wrapped my arms around him and told him not to be sad. “I’m not sad, beautiful boy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.” I saw David and Nana crying, too. There sure is a lot of crying in this family! A little while later, David was on his phone. It sounded like he was trying to make plans for us to have dinner. When he finished he call, he pressed a button and talked to the driving man. “Kirk, there’s been a slight change of plans. We have a celebration to enjoy, and we’ll be going to Craft. That’s at—43 East 19th St.” “Shall I wait for you there, Mr. Chase.” “Yes. If you are able.” “Certainly, Mr. Chase.” “Okay. We’re going to have a celebration dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the entire city. We’ll have a private dining room, along with our very own private chef!” “What are we celebrating, David?” “We are celebrating our new hero! Do you know how many people love you, Noah? Do you know how many people love you for being their hero?” “No.” “There’s your Daddy, your Nana, Me, Timmy, your Papa, Mike—and even the Tiger, even though she’s not a person. And I’ll bet you will be Sky’s hero a lot sooner than you think.” “Yeah—maybe. Could Sky have dinner with us? And then maybe sleepover with me before we see the Wicked play?” Daddy said he would call Sky’s mom. When he finished talking, he told me Sky would meet us for dinner and then come home with us. Daddy’s my hero, too! It was quiet the rest of the way to the city, but everyone kept coming over to me to wrap their arms around me. I guess this is what being a hero is like. It’s okay, even if it seems a little silly. We got to the restaurant, and we didn’t even have to be around other people. David said he picked this restaurant for two reasons—because it’s his favorite restaurant and he knew it was perfect for me. He was right. Does this make David my hero, too?” Right after we sat down, Sky came in with his mom. He smiled at me, and his eyes sparkled. I wonder if everyone can see the sparkle. I don’t know, but it sure made me smile back! Sky told everybody about his internship at the theatre. David really liked his stories a lot. He wanted to know about my day at the aquarium. I started to tell him, but Daddy thought I should wait until I told everyone in Mrs. Clancey’s class. “It’s okay, Noah. I’ll wait.” Sky smiled and sparkled at me. He makes me feel so good. We had a salad with spicy lettuce. Nana said it was called arugula. It was good. We all had lobster, too. David had to show me how to use the nutcracker to break the red shell. Sky already knew how to do it. We used a funny little fork to pull the meat out. But before you put it in your mouth, you have to dip it in melted butter. It was real good, though. We also had Brussels sprouts and then we had strawberry shortcake and ice cream for dessert. It was one of the best dinners ever. When Sky pressed his leg on mine, that made it even better. Sky really liked the big car. He said he had never been in one before. He said it made him feel like a famous person. “My daddies are famous persons. That’s why we get to ride in the big car sometimes.” David looked at me with a big smile. “Noah? Did you just call me one of your daddies?” “I did. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It just came out because I didn’t think.” “Noah, I will be whatever you want me to be. I can be your buddy or your friend. Or, if you want, I will be one of your daddies. It’s all up to you. Okay?” “Yes, please. You can be my other daddy if you want to be.” “That would make me the happiest man in the entire world, Noah.” “Okay.” Daddy took David in his arms, and Nana couldn’t stop smiling. Sky put his arm around me and said, “You make everybody happy, Noah. That’s why you are beautiful. You make me happy, too.” Nana smiled at Sky. “Sky, that’s a very wise thing to say—and it shows that you already know more about Noah than most people. You are a very sweet young man.” “Yes. Thank you, Mrs. Danner.” When we got to the house, the grownups got our things out of the back of the big car. We went inside, and Daddy said I could give Sky a tour of the house. Daddy said to take our suitcases and go to my room first. Sky and I took the elevator up to my room, and we went inside. “This is a nice room, Noah. It’s bigger than mine.” “I have another room, too. Can I show you?” “Yes. I would like to see.” I took Sky to my room with my toys and computer. He told me I had a lot of toys. “Those are my toys from before I started to grow up. I just use the computer now. Let’s go up to the terrace.” “Okay.” We took the elevator up, and Sky thought it was cool we had an elevator. We walked out onto the terrace, and Sky’s eyes got real wide. “You have a hot tub!” “It’s David’s. I’ve never been in it.” “Would David let you use it?” “Probably. I’ve never asked him if I could. Let’s go over there. It’s a neat view.” We walked over to the edge of the terrace and looked at the river and all the buildings. “It’s beautiful, Noah. Just like you.” Sky turned to me and asked if he could hug me. I told him I would like that, and he wrapped his muscley arms around me. He pulled me in close, and I could feel his cock get bigger and bigger. That made mine get bigger, too. And then—he kissed me. It was just like my dream! It was getting hard to breath, so I pulled away. Sky thought I was upset, and he started to apologize to me. “I’m sorry, Noah. I should have asked you first. I just—it just—I don’t know—I couldn’t help it.” “It’s okay, Sky. Don’t be sad. I liked it.” “You did?” “Yes, please. Let me show you the rest of the house, okay? “Okay.” I showed Sky every floor of the house. When I showed him Daddy’s workroom, he liked the giant picture that Miss Annie made of me at David’s ocean house. When we finished the tour, I asked Sky if he would like to see my new favorite movie. He did, and I asked David if he could set it up for me. Sky loved the movie. Nana made us popcorn and hot cocoa. I liked the movie even better, with Sky sitting close to me. At the end of the movie, he got tears in his eyes and put his head on my shoulder. “Did you like Onward?” “Yes, I did. It might be my new favorite movie.” “It’s my new favorite movie, too. Are you getting sleepy?” “Yes, a little bit.” “Let’s take the bowl and cups upstairs, and then we can go to bed.” “Okay.” When we got up to my room, we found someone had pulled the bed out from under my bed. There were two beds now. I guess Daddy wanted us to sleep in different beds. We brushed our teeth and went back into the bedroom. I started to take off my clothes, and Sky asked me what I wore to sleep in. “Nothing.” “Me too—nothing.” We finished taking our clothes off, and I couldn’t stop looking at Sky. “I like your muscles. You are pretty.” “You are even more beautiful than I imagined you were.” “You imagined me naked?” “Yes. A lot.” Oh! Sky’s cock started to get bigger and bigger. I smiled and turned around to crawl into my bed. Sky got into his bed, and I turned off the lamp. After a few minutes, I heard Sky. “Noah?” “Sky?” “I don’t like being in this bed. Can I sleep with you?” “I would like that.” “Okay.” I lifted my blanket, and Sky crawled in with me. I wrapped my arms around him, and he put his hand on my cheek. “Can I kiss you, Sky?” “Yes.” I touched Sky’s lips with mine, and his arms went around me. Oh! It felt so nice with Sky’s naked body next to me. We just kept kissing—and kissing—and kissing some more. Sometimes we were on our sides and facing each other. Sometimes Sky was on his back and wrapped around me. Sometimes I wrapped around Sky when I was on my back. The last time I was on my back, Sky moved off my lips and started kissing me on the side of my neck. That felt so good! Next, he kissed and sucked on my nipple. I knew I liked the way that felt, but when he bit it, I almost screamed—not from it hurting—it was the best feeling in the world. My whole body almost lifted off the bed! Sky started to kiss down my tummy and was rubbing his hands on my chest. He scooted further down my bed and looked up at me. Wow! His eyes sparkled more than ever when he smiled at me! He looked at my cock and took a deep breath. Then he looked at me and asked, “Can I use my mouth, Noah?” I couldn’t even talk! I just nodded my head and smiled. I thought he was going to put my cock in his mouth. He surprised me when he started to lick my balls and even more when he sucked one into his mouth. I didn’t know you could do that! It felt so good that my cock started leaking clear stuff on my tummy. “I like your cock, Noah. It’s beautiful.” The next thing I knew, Sky put his lips over the top of my cock and lowered his head. Only—he kept lowering his head until the whole thing was in his mouth! It made me whimper like a little kid, but I didn’t care—the most beautiful boy I have ever seen thought my cock was beautiful and had the whole thing in his mouth. When he started to move his head up and down, Sky pressed his tongue against the bottom of my cock. It felt so tight in his mouth, and I knew I was going to make cum real soon. I think the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen was Sky’s green eyes looking up at me while he had my cock in his mouth. I could see in his eyes that my cock made him happy. He was making me happy, and soon I whispered to Sky that I was going to cum. He kept moving his head, and I shot my sperms in his mouth. Sky didn’t stop moving his head after I sprayed the cum like I thought he would. He kept moving his head, and then he moved a finger down to my hole. He didn’t push it in, but he kept rubbing it. My cock was still hard, and after a few minutes, I started to shoot sperm into his mouth again! Wow! This time Sky stopped moving his head. He pulled off my cock and scooted up the bed to wrap me in his arms. I could hardly move, though! He kissed me again, and I could taste my sperms on his mouth. It tasted a lot better from his mouth than it did from my finger! “Noah, I’ve wanted to do that with you since the day I took you on the tour of the school.” “It was so good, Sky. Have you done that before?” “Never.” “Okay. But you did it so good. How did you know what to do?” “I’ve been watching boys have sex on videos for a long time now. I learned a lot. Did you like it?” “It was nice. I want to do that for you, but I can’t move. You made me tired.” “That’s okay. I’ll bring it to you.” Sky got up and put his knees on my sides, and his cock was in front of my mouth. I scooted so I was sitting up a little. I rubbed my hands on the muscles on Sky’s tummy. They were real nice and made me feel funny inside. Next, I wrapped my fingers around Sky’s cock. It’s sooo big! I licked the top of it and tasted the clear liquid on it. It tasted good. Sky made a moaning sound, so I guess he liked what I was doing. I wanted to make Sky happy, too. I had to open my mouth real big to get Sky’s cock in my mouth. I wanted to put the whole thing in like he did with me, but it made me cough. He pulled out of my mouth and leaned down to kiss me. “You don’t have to put the whole thing in your mouth. Anything you do will be the best thing in the world.” I opened my mouth again and put as much in my mouth as I could. I wrapped my hands around the rest of Sky’s cock and started moving back and forth. “Oooooh, Noah! That’s sooooo good. I’m not going to last very long!” I could taste the liquid coming out of Sky’s cock as he moved in and out of my mouth. I think he liked it because he was whispering my name and going, “Oh! Oh! Noah! Oooh!” while he was in my mouth. He whispered that he was going to cum when his whole body started to shake, and he put his hands on the wall above my head. He started spraying his cum in my mouth. There was so much! I kept tasting and swallowing, but I got it all. It tasted so good, even better than Timmy’s—and way better than mine! When he stopped squirting in my mouth, he pulled his cock out and scooted down on the bed. I scooted down with him. We were both pretty sweaty, so I asked Sky if he wanted to take a shower. He said yes and got out of the bed. I followed him into my bathroom and turned the water on. “Can I take a shower with you?” “Together?” “Yes. It would be nice.” “Okay. I’ve never taken a shower with someone before.” When the water got warm, I stepped in the shower and pulled Sky in with me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with the water pouring down over us. When I pulled away from the kiss, I got the liquid soap and poured it on his muscles. One of my new favorite things is rubbing my soapy hands all over Sky’s body—especially because it makes him moan and his cock gets big and hard. I moved behind him and washed his muscley back. He moaned even more when my soapy hand went down his butt, and I started rubbing his hole. When I pushed my finger in, he started to rub his cock and sprayed again in the shower. When he finished spraying, he turned around and wrapped me in his arms. He kissed me again then told me he had never been this happy in his whole life. That made me so happy, I started to cry a little. “Don’t be sad, Noah. You are too beautiful to be sad.” “I’m not sad. I’m so happy it made me cry a little.” Sky kissed me again, doing the same things to me that I did to him. He even made me cum again. I have never cum three times in one night! I’m glad he was holding on to me because my legs started to shake when I sprayed my cum. We finished our shower and dried off. We crawled back into bed, but Sky crawled into the trundle bed. I asked him to sleep with me in my bed, and he did. I put my head on his muscley chest. I could hear his heart sound, and it got slower and slower. I woke up a little after 7:00 and felt Sky running his fingers through my hair. It made me sigh and moan. “Good morning, beautiful boy. Did you sleep good on my chest?” “Yes, I slept real good. I liked hearing your heart sound. It made me calm. Did you sleep good?” “Yes. I woke up a couple of times, wondering what was on my chest. Then I saw it was you. That made me smile, and I could go right back to sleep.” We kissed a little bit and got out of bed. We made the bed like Nana always liked, and pushed the trundle back under my bed. We put on shorts and t-shirts and went down to the kitchen. Nana was sitting at the table on the deck, drinking coffee and reading her iPad. “Good morning, boys! Did you sleep well?” “Yes.” We both answered her at the same time. “Would you like something to drink before I made breakfast?” I asked for orange juice, and Sky asked for coffee if we had French vanilla creamer. “We do have French vanilla creamer. That’s what Noah’s daddy likes in his coffee.” “Oh! Just like me!” “You boys have a seat, and I’ll get your drinks. Skylar, how much creamer do you like?” “A lot. I like my coffee sweet.” “Nana? I still want orange juice, but can I try some coffee like Sky has his?” “Of course, darling boy. You sure are growing up, aren’t you?” “Yes, please.” Nana went into the kitchen and came back with our drinks. Noah tasted his coffee and told Nana it was delicious. I tried coffee for the first time. It was okay. I didn’t not like it, but I like orange juice better. I drank both, though. I didn’t want to hurt Nana’s feelings. There was noise in the kitchen, and I saw Daddy and David. They were making breakfast. A little while later, they brought out plates with cheesey scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and little sausages. It was so yummy! When we finished eating, Sky and I took all the dishes inside, rinsed them off, and put them in the dishwasher. When we finished the dishes, David came in and said Daddy had some work to do downstairs. He asked if we might like to go to Central Park. I asked Sky what he wanted to do, and he said he loved going to the park! David said we should put on swimming suits in case we wanted to get wet. Sky didn’t have one with him, and mine would be too small. But David said he would let Sky wear one of his suits. We put on our suits, and wore our flip flops. Before we left the bedroom, Sky kissed me again. That made me happy again. David pulled his hair into a ponytail, put on his sunglasses and baseball cap, and we walked to the park. It was only a few blocks away, so we got there pretty quick. David took us to a playground that was neat. There were these giant rocks that we could climb on. It had bridges and slides and fountains that sprayed water up in the air. We would climb all over the rocks and then play in the fountains. It was so much fun! I was happy David had his camera with him. He took a lot of pictures of Sky and me playing together. I was so happy! I think I’m real happy whenever I’m with Sky. When we got back home, David told us to shower and get dressed for the show. When we got up to my bedroom, we took off our clothes. Sky looked at me a smiled—and his eyes sparkled. “You are so beautiful, Noah. And you’ve made me the happiest boy in New York.” “Sky—I’ve been thinking the exact same thing all day. You make me so happy—happier than I think I’ve ever been. Let’s shower now—but we have to be quick, so we can get to the theatre on time.” We took a quick shower together. We cleaned each other but didn’t cum—even though both of us had big and hard cocks. Can you say a cock is beautiful? I think Sky’s is! David called for another big car to take us to the theatre. When we got there, people stood around to watch us get out. That was strange, but they got excited when they recognized Daddy and David. Lots of people took our picture. We went into the theatre and found our seats. Sky was excited to sit in the audience for the first time. We were near the very middle of the theatre. Sky told me that the show could get a little loud sometimes. I told him I would be okay as long as someone would hold my hand. He said he could. I looked at Daddy, who was on the other side of me and he smiled. He said he could hold my other hand if it got real loud. “Yes, please.” The show started, and it was a little loud, but I was okay because Sky was holding my hand. When the pretty lady came in from the sky, there were a lot of bubbles around her. Sky leaned in and said she was his friend Katie. Halfway through the show, the green witch sang a real big song and raised up high on the stage. Before she finished, Sky said I should cover my ears. I was glad I did because the people cheered and yelled real loud! There was a break in the show. Daddy and David went to get drinks and came back right when the show started again. The show was real good. There was always so much to see. When it was over, David said we were invited to go backstage and visit some of the actors. Sky was excited to show me to his friends. When we left the theatre, Sky took us down to a door. He knocked, and someone opened it and said hi to Sky. She knew who David was and took us back. It was so neat to see the different things we saw in the play. The lady said Katie was in her dressing room, and we could go up to see her. We went up a whole bunch of stairs and walked down a hallway. We stopped at a door and Sky knocked. “Come in!” We walked into the room, and the pretty lady who was Glinda stood up and hugged Sky. “Katie, this is my friend Noah. This is his daddy Charlie and his other daddy David. And this is his Nana.” “Oh, David Chase! It is a thrill to meet you! And Charlie, I’ve been hooked on Project Runway since the first time you were on—and robbed!” “Thank you, it all worked itself out the second time around!” “And congratulations on your win!” She looked at me and smiled. “And Noah, you really are a beautiful boy—just like Skylar told me! May I hug you?” “No, please. That’s hard for me.” Nana told her I wasn’t always comfortable around new people, and she smiled at me. “You sing so pretty. I liked it when you sang in the bubbles.” “Why, thank you, Noah! You are such a dear boy. I bet you make your Nana and daddies very proud. I know Skylar is very proud to know you!” That made me smile to know Sky talked about me to his friends. Daddy said we needed to let Katie finish her business because she had another show in a couple of hours. David called Sky’s mom and told her we would meet her at the stage door since that was where she usually picked Sky up after his internship. Katie said goodbye to us, and we went down even more stairs. We walked out of the theatre and went with Sky to the stage door. Daddy had Sky’s bag and gave it to him. A lot of people wanted Daddy and David to write on their books and took pictures. Sky’s mom pulled her car up to the door, and Sky hugged me goodbye. It was an exciting weekend. I started my internship. I helped save the Tiger’s life, and I had a sleepover with the most beautiful boy in the world—Sky. All of that made me happy.
  6. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER FIVE: Duke, Oscar, and the Tiger After school on Friday, David came to pick me up. He said he wanted to talk to Sky’s mom. She came into Mrs. Clancey’s room right after he did. David told her that he had tickets for the Sunday matinee performance of Wicked, and he was hoping Sky could join us so he could see the show from a seat. I didn’t hear what else they were talking about because Sky and I were playing Soda Crush on our phones. David finished talking to Sky’s mom and came over to us. “Who is he?” “That’s David.” “Ooooh. Your Daddy’s boyfriend.” “Yes. David plays the piano and is famous.” “Hi, buddy. This must be your friend Sky.” “Yes, please.” “You’re pretty, too.” “Well, thank you, Sky. You’re a very handsome young man.” “Yes.” “Okay, buddy. We need to get home so we can go to the house in Westhampton. Tomorrow morning you get to start your internship at the aquarium.” “Okay.” I turned to Sky and said, “I’ll see you next week, Sky.” “Actually, you’ll see Sky on Sunday. We’re going to have Sky sit with us when we see Wicked.” “Okay. I’ll see you Sunday, Sky.” “Okay, bye.” I got my backpack and put on my headphones. David put on his sunglasses and baseball cap. We walked out of the school, and David took my hand so we could walk home. When we got to the house, Daddy was with Nana and Mr. Vincente. They were putting things in the back of David’s big car. I like the big car because we all sit in the back and a man drives it for us. David took me in the house so I could use the bathroom before we left. I used the bathroom, and David took me out to the big car. The driver man opened the door for us. Daddy and Nana were already inside, and they were holding glasses of wine. When David and I sat down, he opened the refrigerator and got two boxes of apple juice. It was just like the first time I rode in the big car with David! That made me happy. “I like the big car, David.” “Well, I thought we could use it the first time we make the trip out to the Westhampton house. We’ll use my car most of the time.” “Okay.” When I finished my apple juice, I got my iPad out of my backpack. I started to play Soda Crush. I got pretty sleepy after a while, and the next thing I knew, the big car was stopping. We were already at the ocean house! We took everything out of the back of the car. I was confused about why my big suitcase was packed and full of clothes. Nana said we were going to leave these clothes here since I would be coming to Westhampton every weekend. That way, I don’t have to pack a suitcase every time. “Okay.” We walked into the house, and there was a man I didn’t know there. David said his name was Elliot. He took care of the house for David when he wasn’t there. David told us that Elliot also bought all the groceries we would need, especially since we were going to have breakfast casserole in the morning. Elliot said goodbye and told us to have a good weekend. Daddy helped me put my clothes away. When we finished, we went downstairs. David was cooking something on the grill, and Nana was cooking salad in the kitchen. I smelled bake potatoes in the oven. I was getting hungry. I went to the deck to see David. “Hey, buddy!” “Hi, buddy David. What are you cooking?” “I’m cooking steaks.” “Yummy. I like your steaks.” “Are you excited to go to the aquarium tomorrow?” “Yes, please. I hope I can visit the sharks again. I like them.” “Will you come and help me with the dishes? We’re going to eat out here on the deck.” “Yes, please.” We went into the kitchen, and David gave me four plates and four bowls. He brought out the baked potatoes, the silverware, and the knives to cut the steak. Nana brought out the salad she cooked, and Daddy brought out wine for the grownups and a glass of apple juice for me. It didn’t take very long for us to get the table ready. Dinner was yummy, but I couldn’t eat my whole steak. Daddy and David finished it for me. When we finished eating, Nana went in the kitchen and brought back a banana pie. It was even yummier than the steak! Everybody took their dishes inside, and I helped Daddy load the dishwasher. When we were done with the dishes, David asked Daddy if he wanted to go walk on the beach. Daddy got a weird smile on his face and nodded yes. I bet they are going to kiss and stuff. Nana and I sat in the living room. She asked me if I wanted to watch anything on television before I went to bed. I told her I needed to do my homework. Before they went to the beach, Daddy set up his laptop so I could do my homework. We were studying Romeo and Juliet in English class. I liked that class because Mr. Greene would let us read the different parts out loud in the class. This afternoon, I got to be Romeo. Sky was Benvolio, who was Romeo’s best friend. Our homework was to tell about someone in our life who we were very close to, but some people might think we shouldn’t be close to. I decided to write about the boy I’ve been closest to for my whole life: I met Timmy Evans on the first day of Kindergarten at Barnstable Elementary School. Timmy and I were different from the other kids, and we were put in a special class. We did everything together. We would play on the beach and go swimming. We would go to the library and listen to Papa read stories. We would go to the theatre group and learn how to sing and dance. Every Friday, I would have a sleepover at Timmy’s house, so Daddy and Papa could have their grownup date night. We would stay up late and talk and giggle together until Timmy’s mom would tell us to be quiet and go to sleep. When Daddy and Papa got married, they asked Timmy and me to be a part of it. That was the first time I understood how two people could love each other. That’s when I knew I loved Timmy. We had a lifetime of adventures together. When I turned sixteen, Daddy and Papa gave me my own apartment that was on top of the garage. Not long after that, Daddy and Papa stopped loving each other, and Papa moved into a different house. It made Daddy real sad, but it made me sad, too. Sometimes I would cry, and Timmy would hold me in his arms. That always made me feel better. Later on, Timmy moved in the apartment with me. He would be with me when I was there. He would be with his mommy when I would go to Papa’s house. I was always happy when I would go home to be with Timmy. One day, Timmy asked me why people kiss. I told him they kissed because they love each other. Timmy said to me that he loved me. I told Timmy I loved him, too. We kissed for the first time. It was the best feeling in the world. A lot of people don’t think two boys should love each other. I think they are wrong. You can’t help who you love. People should love whoever they love. Daddy says, “Love is Love.” My Daddy is a very smart person. by Noah Danner I showed my story to Nana. She said it was beautiful. She asked me if I missed Timmy. I told her I did but having a new friend made it feel better. She said I should go out on the deck and call Timmy. That made me smile. I got my phone and took it outside. “Hi, Timmy! It’s Noah.” “I know. Your name was on my phone.” “Oh, yeah. I told Nana I missed you, and she said I could call you.” “I miss you, too. Do you like living in New York?” “It’s nice. We are at David’s ocean house so I can go to my internship at the aquarium.” “What’s internship?” “It’s like a job. I get to be with the penguins and the sharks and all the other animals.” “Cool.” “Do you miss me, Timmy?” “I do. I cried a lot the night after you went away. Mommy made me feel better when she told me you will be back in a few weeks.” “I’m sorry you cried. I cried, too.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay.” “Do you like your new school?” “Yes, it’s very different from our school. We go to different rooms for different subjects—and everyone in my class is the same age.” “That is different. Have you made new friends?” “Yes, I have a new friend named Sky. He’s real pretty and has sparkly green eyes.” “Is he your boyfriend in New York?” “No, we don’t know each other good enough to be boyfriends.” “Am I still your boyfriend in Barnstable?” “Yes. You will always be my Barnstable boyfriend.” “Thank you. You will always be my Barnstable boyfriend, too. I love you, Noah.” “I love you, too. Can I call you later tonight when we’re in bed?” “Why?” “I learned how to make a call where you can see the other person. I want to see you, and we can rub our penises together.” “Oooh! That sounds good. You can call me.” “Okay. I have to finish the rest of my homework before I go to bed. I’ll call you then.” “Okay. Bye, Noah.” “Bye, Timmy.” I had some Algebra homework, but I was able to finish it pretty fast. It was 10:00, and Nana was on the deck with Daddy and David. I went out there to tell them I was done with my homework and was going to bed. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, went into my bedroom. After I closed the door, I took off all my clothes and got excited. My peni—um, cock—was already hard. I pulled the blankets back and crawled onto the bed. I laid on my tummy and made the Facetime call to Timmy. He picked up the phone and was on my screen! “Hi, Noah. You look real pretty.” “You do too, Timmy.” Timmy shifted his phone, so I could see his hard penis. “I’ve been like this since you told me you were going to call me again.” “Mine’s hard, too—see?” I shifted my phone, so Timmy could see mine.” Timmy started to rub his, so I did the same thing with mine. It felt so good. Timmy said he couldn’t wait for me to put my penis in his butt again. “But you have to put yours in my butt first. I want to feel it move in and out. And I want you to cum inside my butt, Timmy.” “Come?” “That’s what it’s called when you shoot your sperms.” “Okay. I think I’m going to do that—cum—pretty soon. Watching you rub your penis makes me want to cum.” “I want to cum when you do, Timmy. We have to be quiet, though. Everybody is still awake.” “Yes.” “Oh! Oh! I’m going to cum, Timmy.” “Me too, Noah! Oh! Oh!” Timmy and I sprayed at the same time. It was almost like we were in the same place. Timmy scooped some of his sperms with his finger and tasted it. “I like to pretend I’m tasting you, Noah. That makes me happy.” “I can do that, too.” I scooped some of my sperms up and put it in my mouth. It tasted a little bit like Timmy’s, but I like the taste of him better.” “That was fun, Noah.” “Yes. I liked it.” “When will you come back?” “Daddy said in two weeks. I get to ride the big plane.” “Oh, fun! I’ve never been on a big plane.” “Okay. When I shoot cum, it makes me sleepy.” “Me too, Noah.” “I’m going to sleep now.” “Goodbye, Noah.” “Goodbye, Timmy.” I ended my call and smiled. I got some tissue and wiped my tummy dry, so I could pull up my covers and go to sleep. Buzz was still sitting in the chair, but I decided it would be okay if he just watched me sleep. I smiled when I thought about Timmy. Then I thought about Sky. I smiled some more. The next thing I knew, I heard knocking on my door. David said it was almost time for breakfast, and I should take my shower. I got out of bed. My cock was hard. It’s starting to be like that every time I wake up in the morning. That’s weird. We all ate breakfast casserole, and I went to get dressed for the aquarium. Daddy said I should wear my jeans and a polo shirt. I didn’t need to take my backpack, but I put my wallet in my back pocket and my phone in a side pocket. Nana stayed home so she could sit on the beach. David called a car to take us to the aquarium. When we got there, Mike was waiting for us with a big smile on his face. “Noah! It’s so good to see you again!” “Hi, Mike. I’m glad you’re here, too.” Mike shook hands with Daddy and David, and then he took us inside. He said we had to fill out some paperwork. Daddy filled it out while Mike told me what I was going to do. “Noah, the first thing we’re going to do is get you a uniform so you’ll look like everyone who works here.” “Okay.” “After we get you changed, I get to take you to the penguin habitat. You can help us feed the penguins. Then we’ll feed the dolphins and sea lions.” “Okay. Can we go in the water and see the sharks again?” “Would you like that. Your Daddy and David won’t be with us. Can you do that with me?” “Yes, will you hold my hand if I get scared of the helmet?” “You go it, buddy? Anything you need.” Daddy finished writing on the papers, and he took me to the back with Mike. He gave me a pair of cargo shorts and two polo shirts. Daddy helped me change and took my other clothes with him. “Noah, we’re going to leave you here with Mike. We’ll pick you up at 4:00 and then we’ll drive back to the city.” “Okay. Bye, Daddy.” Daddy kissed me on top of my head, and David wrapped me in his arms. “I’m very proud of you, Noah. Will you say hello to the sharks for me?” “Yes, please.” David hugged me tight and kissed me on my cheek. Daddy and David always make me happy. “Okay, Noah. The first thing we’re going to do is visit with your penguin friends.” Mike took me to a door that didn’t have any markings. We were in a long hallway. “I know this is a new place for you. Would you like me to hold your hand?” I kind of wanted him to, but then I’m feeling like a grownup now, so I told Mike that I was okay for now. I can do this! We made it to a door with a sign that said “Penguin Habitat.” This is where the penguins live! That made me smile. There were two people inside. They were putting fish in buckets. “Good morning, Mike!” the man said. Then the girl asked if I was Noah. “Vanessa. Jaxon. This young man is our new intern, Noah. Noah, this is Vanessa and Jaxon.” “Welcome, Noah. Jaxon and I have heard so much about you and your visit with the penguins. We added a lot of snow and ice for them, and they are so happy now. They play almost all the time.” That made me smile. “That’s nice. What are you doing?” “Vanessa and I are getting lunch together for the penguins. We have herring in this chest, squid in this one, and this chest has krill—which is something like shrimp.” Vanessa motioned for me to go over to her. Mike said it was okay, so I walked over there. “Would you like to go out with Jaxon and me and help us feed the birds?” “Yes, please.” “We’ll need to get you some gloves, so you don’t smell like penguin food for the rest of the day! Mike, can you grab a pair of yellow gloves from the wall behind you?” “Mike got the gloves for me, but didn’t get any for himself.” “Aren’t you going to feed the penguins with us?” “Not this time, I’ll stay right here and watch you on the TV over there. Okay?” “Okay, but it might be fun.” “Noah, it will be fun.” I put on the gloves, and Vanessa handed me her bucket. She joined Jaxon, and they led me to a white door. They opened it, and we were in a little fenced-off area surrounded by bushes. “Alright, Noah! Let’s go see your friends!” Jaxon pushed a gate open and walked out into the snow. I followed him, and Vanessa was behind me. It was so cool! The penguins started to squawk when they saw their food. Vanessa showed me how I was supposed to toss the food out. She said to toss the first couple of times to the back of the group. That way, the penguins won’t run us over. This was so much fun! Before my bucket was empty, about five birds were pushing others out of the way so they could get to the front of the group. When they got closer, I could hear them get excited. They told me they were my friends from my last visit. Vanessa whispered to me, “I think those fellows are your buddies.” I nodded my head and told her they said they were. I asked her if I could kneel and feed them from my hand. She smiled at me and nodded. Then she asked Jaxon to divert the other birds away from me so I could visit my friends. I knelt down to my knees—boy! That snow is cold!—and took a herring out and held it out. One of the penguins took it from me and swallowed it. Then I took two handfuls out of the bucket and held it out to the others. They were picking fish out of my hands and swallowing their food. I did that a couple more times, and Vanessa picked up the bucket. I guess they had eaten enough. I thought they would go back to play when they finished eating, but the biggest penguin walked up to me and leaned against my leg. He told me he was happy to see me again and was happy I could feed them. He said they were happy with the new ice and snow. The other penguins in the group made happy noises. He nudged me again. I looked at Vanessa, and she smiled. “I think he wants a hug from his friend. You can, just not too tight.” I put my arm around big penguin and whispered to him that I will see him a lot now. He pressed against me and told me all the birds will be happy to see me again. I let go of him, and he turned around to slide down the ice slope. He was happy and showing me how much fun the new snow and ice was. We finished feeding, and Jaxon led us back to the door and into the workroom. Mike had a big smile on his face. “How much fun was that, Noah?” “That was real fun. My friends came up to me, and I fed them with my hands. And then the big penguin wanted me to hug him!” “The big penguin’s name is Duke. He’s the leader of all the penguins. If Duke likes you, then all of the penguins will like you.” This was so exciting. And I just started my day! “What are we doing next?” Jaxon told me that we were going to put food buckets together for dolphins and the sea lions. “Okay.” He put three buckets on the cart and said one bucket was for smelt fish, another for squid, and another for shrimp. Since I had my gloves on, I filled the shrimp bucket. Vanessa pulled out a cart with three more buckets. She said these were for the sea lions. The got mackerel fish, herring, and squid. Once the buckets were full, Vanessa opened the door to the hallway. She told me I should push the sea lion cart and follow her. We went down the long hallway, and I started to smell the fish. “The fish are smelly.” “Yes, they can be. But that’s something you’ll get used to.” It didn’t matter, though. I was helping feed the animals at the aquarium! I looked at Mike and grinned. “Are you having a good time, Noah?” “Yes, please.” We walked through the door at the end of the long hall, and we were outside. I was glad about that. The fish didn’t smell so bad anymore. The dolphin tank was a big, round pool that came up to my tummy. Jaxon said we toss the food to the dolphins one fish at a time. Almost every time, a dolphin will catch the fish in his mouth. We needed to make sure all the dolphins got food, so we needed to toss the fish to a different dolphin each time. We started to toss our fish to the different dolphins, and they got real excited. This was so much fun! When we finished feeding the dolphins, Jaxon blew a whistle. It was a real high noise that I didn’t like very much. But the dolphins knew what it meant. They started to swim around again. Vanessa asked if I would like to pet one of the dolphins. I smiled and nodded my head. She told me to lean over the water and clap twice—and real loud. The next thing that happened was that two of the dolphins came up to me and stopped swimming. Vanessa said to hand my gloves to her so I could pet the dolphins. I did and leaned over the water. I reached down and rubbed the side of the dolphin closest to me. It felt like rubber—and real smooth. Jaxon said the dolphins’ skin was smooth so they could swim better and faster. That usually helped them when they were being chased in the ocean by a whale that might want to eat them for dinner. “I’m glad they can swim fast and get away then.” One of the dolphins stuck its head out of the water and smiled while it made these squeaky noises. Vanessa said she was happy to see me. I told her I knew that because that’s what she told me. The dolphin who talked to me swam around and bumped the other one out of the way. She wanted me to touch her. I rubbed her side. All of a sudden, she blew water out of her blowhole, and got me all wet! Then she swam away and stuck her head out of the water and made that sound again. It sounded like she was laughing. Jaxon said that that dolphin liked to play tricks on the people who took care of her. I told him she said that she sprayed me to make me feel welcome. Vanessa said she had done that to both of them, too. Michael asked if it was time to visit the sea lions. Vaness agreed and led us to the sea lion theatre. It wasn’t time for a show, so we went around to the back. We went through a gate that was in front of the stage. As soon as we were in, Jaxon blew his whistle, and sea lions came running out from every door on the stage. Vanessa told me that we toss the fish all around the stage to spread the sea lions out. We didn’t want them to fight with each other. The sea lions were having so much fun with the fish. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m the luckiest boy in the world! I get to come here and help feed the animals every week! When we were finishing with the sea lions, the biggest one of all started to come up to me. He was so big it was kind of hard for him to get to me, but Jaxon said I should just stand there so Oscar could say hi. As he was getting closer, he asked me to stay and not go away. I smiled and told him I would stay. Then he told me I could walk to him. I told Jaxon that Oscar wanted me to walk to him. Jaxon said I should, but not too fast—he said I should walk to him at the same speed he was walking to me. I got real close to Oscar, and he leaned his head against my chest. It was so nice! I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. He told me he wanted me to be his friend. I told him I would really like to be his friend. Oscar looked up at me and made me smile. He told me it was a pretty boy! I told him he was a pretty sea lion. He moved his head up and down and said I was silly. He told me he was old and hadn’t been pretty for a long, long time. I told Oscar that I still thought he was pretty and promised to see him next week when I came back. He put his head back and made a noise. It sounded like a dog’s bark, but I knew what he meant. He said he loved me! I walked back to Mike and the others with a big smile on my face. Vanessa asked if she could hug me. I told her yes because I like hugs from nice people. Vanessa is nice. Vanessa held me in her arms. Wait! Was she crying? “Noah Danner, you are the most remarkable young person I have ever seen. Mike told us about your special connection with the animals, but I had no idea how special it is. This has been the most wonderful morning I have ever had at the aquarium!” “Thank you. I think this has been the best day of my whole life. Can we go to the sharks now?” Vanessa let go of me, and Jaxon was staring at me and shaking his head. Uh oh. “Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?” “I’m blown away, Noah. You not only connect with the animals so well—you even got through to Vanessa!” Everybody started laughing, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. Mike asked me if I wanted to help feed the sharks or go in the water with them before feeding time. “Water, please?” “Jaxon, Vanessa—if you could wait until we are out of the water to come into the tank room, that would be helpful. If you can, you have to watch Noah’s connection to the sharks.” “I can’t wait to see this!” Vanessa was smiling and took my cart. She followed Jaxon inside the building, and Mike took me to the room to change into our shark suits. I was having such a good day, and I wasn’t even afraid of the helmet. As soon as we had our suits on, Mike started to talk to me and said I could step into the cage. As soon as the cage started to go into the water, I could see the sharks swimming to me. I asked Mike if I could pet the sharks, and he said I shouldn’t. Sometimes the sharks don’t like to be touched. We were under the water, and the Great White welcomed me back. He said he was happy to see me again. I told him I was most excited to see him and his friends. I found the Tiger, but she was near the back of the crowd. I said hello to her, but she didn’t answer me back. The Great White told me she was not feeling well. I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had pain and didn’t feel right. I told her I would tell Mike and he would help her. That made her happy, and she said she was glad I was back in the water. When the cage went back up, we got out and took off our helmets. I told Mike what the sharks said to me about the Tiger not feeling good. Before we walked out of the changing room, Mike picked up the phone. “Hi, Dr. Martin. I just got out of the shark tank with our new intern Noah. We need to speak with you. Do you have time to join us for lunch?—Great. We’re heading there right now.” Mike said he wanted to buy my lunch since I had done such a good job on my first morning. That made me feel good that Mike was happy with me. We got to the café, and I ordered a chicken sandwich and French fries. Mike also got me a chocolate milkshake! When we got our food, we went to a table and sat with a pretty lady in a white jacket. Mike introduced me to her. She was Dr. Martin. Mike told her about my visit last spring and how the sharks talked to me. She didn’t look like she believed him, but she let him keep talking. Then Mike asked me to tell Dr. Martin about my visit today. “We got in the water, and all the sharks came swimming to the cage.” “Did that frighten you, Noah?” “No. The sharks are nice.” “Did the sharks talk to you when you got in the tank?” “The only sharks that talk to me are the Great White and the Tiger. The great White told me he was happy to see me again. But the Tiger didn’t talk to me this time. That made me worried, so I asked the Great White what was wrong with the Tiger. He told me she wasn’t feeling well. “Then I asked the Tiger what was wrong. She told me she had a pain in her side and it didn’t feel right. I told her I would tell Mike and he would get her some help. Can you help her?” “That’s very interesting. We haven’t noticed anything unusual with the Tiger. We’ll certainly have a look at her and see what we can find. Thank you for letting Mike know there might be something wrong.” “No, it’s not might—something is wrong. They told me.” “Well, if you gentlemen will excuse me, I’ll get everyone together for a shark exam.” Dr. Martin left, and Mike smiled at me. “I don’t think she believed me.” “Don’t worry, Noah. She believed you enough that she’s going to check the Tiger out. If she finds something wrong, she’ll fix it—and she’ll believe every word you say forever!” The rest of the day, Mike and I walked around the park. We went up to the booth and watched the Sea Lion show. It was funny! Oscar made me laugh the whole time. We went back to Mike’s office, and there was a message from Dr. Martin. “Good afternoon, Mike. First, I want to apologize for my skepticism concerning your young intern. We performed a thorough exam and an MRI on the Tiger. He was right. We found a small growth that was creating pressure on her uterus. We were able to remove the entire growth. I’m happy to say it doesn’t look to be malignant, and she should have a full recovery in a few days. Will you thank Noah for me. He probably saved her life. Had we waited until we noticed something wrong, we might very well have lost her. Goodbye. Please bring him by to see me next time he’s here.” “Did you hear what Dr. Martin said, Noah?” “Yes, the Tiger was sick, and she fixed her. She’s going to be okay.” “You saved the Tiger’s life, Noah. You’re a hero!” Oh! Just like Ian in Onward—I’m a hero! That feels nice.
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  8. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER FOUR: Onward David and I cooked sandwiches for lunch. David had to show me again how to do it, but I remembered pretty quick once we got started. While we were eating, David got a phone call from that Ben guy. I remembered Ben from the picture day at David’s ocean house. David was excited. Two people were coming over to the house to talk to Nana and Daddy about cooking for us. One was a woman, and one was a man. Would we call him Mr. Henderson? After we finished our sandwiches and cheesey mac, Nana said she would clean the kitchen since David and I cooked the sandwiches. I asked David if I could go to the living room and watch a movie. He told me that he wanted to watch a new movie called Onward. He said it was by the same people who made Toy Story. I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more I thought, the more I decided I should try new movies since I was growing up so fast. David took me down to the living room and put Disney+ on the big TV. We found the movie, and David started it. I liked Ian right away. He was fun. David asked me if I recognized Ian’s voice. It sounded familiar, but I didn’t know who it was. It surprised me when he said it was the same actor who played Spiderman! That was cool. The movie was about two boys who found a wizard stick so they could bring their Daddy back. Barley, the big brother, was funny. I liked it when they started to bring their Daddy back to life, and they got stuck when they had his legs. It was funny watching them try to run from the bad guys with just their Daddy’s legs! It was a little sad at the end because it reminded me of when Mama died. I wished I had a wizard stick so I could bring her back—even if I could only get her legs. When the movie was over, David was crying, too. I hugged him and told him we don’t have to watch the movie again if it made him sad. He said it was one of his new favorite movies, and he would love to watch it with me again. I liked the movie, too. I want to watch it again. We went upstairs to get a drink and saw Daddy and Nana talking to a man with black hair and a lot of muscles. Daddy stood up and smiled. “Vincente, this is our son, Noah, and my soon-to-be husband, David.” “Mr. Chase! It is a thrill to meet you. I have been following both of you since the first episode of Project Runway.” “It’s nice to meet you, Vincente. Noah? Can you say hello to Mr.—I’m sorry, your last name?” “Marino. Vincente Rafael Marino.” “Noah, can you say hello to Mr. Marino?” “Hello.” “You are a very handsome young man, Noah. Your Daddy and Nana have told me so many wonderful things about you!” “Thank you. You are pretty, too.” “Oh! Really? Is that a good thing?” “Yes, I like pretty people. You have muscles like David. I want muscles.” “Ah, well—if your Daddy decides to let me cook for you, maybe I can show you some exercises to get your muscles nice and strong.” “Yes, please.” “We just came up for a drink of water. I’ll take Noah back to the living room so he can watch Ellen, and I’ll be right back up.” I got my water and David set up the giant TV so I could watch Ellen. When it was over, I went upstairs, and David was cooking dinner. It smelled real good. He said we were having spaghetti and meatballs. Nana asked me if I wanted to make the garlic bread or the salad. I picked the garlic bread. She made the salad. Daddy told me that Mr. Vincente was going to be here in two days and will start cooking for us. I asked David if he would teach him how to make Mrs. Henderson’s breakfast casserole. “You don’t want me to make it anymore? I like making it for you—especially since it makes you happy!” “Okay. You make it.” David showed me how to cut the big loaf of bread. That was the first time I got to use a big knife! It was an adventure. I like having adventures with David! After the bread was cut, I spread the butter on every slice, and David had me hold the buttery slices open while he sprinkled garlic on them. We sat down at the dining room table to eat our spaghetti. It was real good, too. “Daddy?” “Yes, son?” “Do you think Mr. Vincente will let me help him cook?” “He just might, Noah. We’ll ask him when he gets here on Wednesday.” “Yes, please.” Nana asked me if I was excited to start at my new school tomorrow. “Yes, please. I have a new friend.” “Well, I think he’s a very lucky boy to have you as a friend.” “Yes, he is.” We finished eating our spaghetti, and Daddy said he would clean the kitchen. David asked me to go to the living room again. He wanted to do something for me. We went down to the living room, and he took me over to the big piano. David sat down and patted his hand on the bench. “Would you like to sit with me, Noah?” “Yes, please.” David started playing “You’ve Got a Friend In Me!” He sang it while he played the piano. When he finished the song, he asked me if I would sing it with him. I sang the song with him, and it made him smile. I like making David smile. He’s my buddy. Pretty soon, he’s going to be one of my daddies. Daddy came down to the living room. I asked if we could watch Onward again. “Hey buddy, is that going to be another favorite movie for you?” “Yes. I like it.” Daddy said he was going to make some popcorn, and Nana said she would make some hot cocoa. Then we could all watch the movie together. That will be fun. I liked the movie even more this time. I really like Ian. He’s just a boy, but he ends up being a big hero at the end of the movie. I hope I can be a hero someday. That would make me happy. I was pretty sleepy when the movie was finished. I said goodnight to Daddy, Nana, and David and went up to my bedroom. I took off my clothes and got into my bed. I started to reach for Buzz, then I decided that since I’m growing up, maybe I didn’t need to hold Buzz—but I laid him next to me just in case I got scared or something. Right before I woke up, I was having a dream—and it was about Sky! We were walking around my new school, and Sky was showing me all the neat places. Daddy and Mrs. Rousch weren’t with us—they must have been in the office. Sky asked me if he could hug me, and I told him he could. He held me real close, and I could feel his muscles. Then I felt his penis get big when he held me close to him. When Sky asked if he could kiss me, I smiled at him, and my penis got big. After we kissed, I looked at his green eyes. They were sparkling. I woke up when Daddy knocked on my door. “Time to wake up, Noah! Good morning!” “Good morning, Daddy.” “Take your shower and come down for breakfast, okay?” “Okay.” Oh! My penis was big this morning-just like I had dreamed about. I pulled my blankets off, and it was bouncing up and down. I’m glad I was naked, so I could start rubbing it. I raised my knees up and took my other hand so I could tickle my hole. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm and spray my sperms. This time, when I was spraying my sperms, I closed my eyes and pretended to see Sky naked and spraying sperms. It was exciting! I got out of bed and took my shower. After my shower, I got dressed. I picked my cargo shorts and a light blue shirt. I buttoned the shirt and decided to not tuck it in—just like Sky had his shirt yesterday. I put on my socks and sneakers before I went downstairs for breakfast. Daddy was making his French toast for breakfast. Yummy! He poured me a big glass of orange juice and put a plate of toast in front of me. When Daddy finished making his toast, he sat down with me. “Where’s David and Nana?” “They’re still asleep. It’s pretty early in the morning. Let’s finish eating breakfast so you can brush your teeth and get your backpack. Do you still have it packed?” “Yes, Daddy. I’ll bring it.” “Okay, buddy. We’ll leave the house at 7:30. That’s in fifteen minutes. Don’t forget your headphones.” After I brushed my teeth, I got my backpack and headphones and took the elevator down to the main floor. Daddy was waiting for me, but he looked funny! He pulled his hair back into a ponytail, put on sunglasses, and had a baseball hat on his head. “Daddy! You look funny!” “Do I?” “Yes!” “I did this, so maybe people won’t know who I am and try to stop us when we’re going to your school.” “Because you’re a celebrity now?” “Right. Are you ready to go?” “Yes, please.” I put on my headphones, Daddy took my hand, and we started walking to my new school. There was still a lot of people on the sidewalk, but not as many as yesterday. We walked in the door, and this time Daddy pressed some numbers on the box. I heard it buzz, and we walked in. Daddy took his sunglasses off and looked at a piece of paper. “Okay! We need to go to Mrs. Clancey’s room. That’s where I’ll take you every morning for homeroom. Are you ready?” “Yes, please.” I took off my headphones but put them right back on. It was too noisy for me. We found Mrs. Clancey’s room and Daddy took me in. A lady was sitting at a desk. That must be Mrs. Clancey. I took my headphones off, and she smiled at Daddy and me. “You must be Noah!” “Yes, please.” “Hello, Mrs. Clancey. I’m Charlie Danner—Noah’s father.” “Welcome to Aaron School. We’re so happy to have you here, Noah—and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Danner.” “Hello, Noah!” I turned around and saw Sky and his green, sparkly eyes. We both smiled, and Daddy went up to the lady who was with Sky. “Hi, I’m Charlie Danner, Noah’s father. Noah has been pretty excited about his first new friend in New York.” “Hi, Charlie. I’m Sarah Davis, Skylar’s mom. Sky has hardly stopped talking about your son since he got home from school yesterday. I’m so glad we found you here. My husband and I would love to have your family over for dinner some night since it looks like our boys have bonded quite well.” “That would be wonderful.” Daddy gave Sky’s mom a little card, and her eyes got as big as her smile. “I knew you were him! I have loved you on Project Runway—and congratulations! What are you up to now?” “I’m actually creating a couture line for Christian. He took me on as soon as the show finished taping.” “Oh! That’s wonderful! I’m a complete sucker for some lovely couture. I would love to have one of your pieces sometime in the very near future!” “Well, maybe we can work something out.” Sky took my hand and led me to a seat next to where he was sitting. We just smiled at each other the whole way. “Noah?” “Daddy?” “I’m going to leave now. I’ll see you after school. Are you gonna be okay?” “Yes, please.” “Oh! I left your lunch at home. Here’s some money for your lunch. Do you remember how to use the money to pay for your lunch?” “Yes, Daddy. I’m grown now.” “Okay, son. Just checking!” Daddy kissed me on top of my head. “Skylar, it’s nice to see you again. Have a wonderful day, boys!” “Okay.” I looked at Sky and smiled at him. “I had a dream about you this morning before I woke up.” “I had dreams about you, Noah. They were nice.” Wow! Sky had dreams about me! My face started to feel warm. Sky smiled at me and said, “You don’t have to blush, Noah.” “What’s blush?” “It’s when your cheeks get red.” “My face feels warm. Is that because my cheeks are red?” “Yes.” “Oh. I’m sorry.” “Don’t be sorry, Noah. You’re a beautiful boy.” “That’s what Daddy and David call me.” “Your daddy is a smart man.” “Yes, he is. But Sky—you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.” “You think I’m beautiful? Oh!” Sky smiled, and his cheeks got red. I wonder if that made his face feel warm. “I’m glad you’re my new friend, Sky.” “Yes. I’m glad, too.” “Alright, everyone, it’s Tuesday. That means we are on our “B” schedule for the day. Before we get started, I’d like to introduce our newest student—Noah Danner. Everyone, please say hello to Noah.” Everyone waved and said hello to me. I mean, everyone except Sky. He leaned to me and said, “Hello, beautiful friend.” That made me smile—and my face got warm again! Mrs. Clancey told us that we heard about Marcie’s internship day at the New York Public Library on Monday. Today we were going to hear about Sky’s internship day. “Sky, where is your internship?” “I’m an intern at the Gershwin Theatre for the musical Wicked.” “How wonderful! What do you do for your internship?” “When I get to the theatre, I have to sign in on the call board. The first thing I do is go to the wig department and deliver the wigs to the different dressing rooms. It’s a lot to do because almost everyone in the show has a wig. Some of the actors have three or four wigs!” “Was it difficult for you to know where each wig needed to be taken?” “No. I had someone help me for the first few times, but after a while, I knew where everyone’s dressing room was.” “Do you get to know some of the actors in the show?” “Yes. I like spending time with Katie, the girl who plays Glinda. She has a cousin who is like us. She lets me sit with her before the show when she’s warming up. Last week she asked me if I could sing. I told her I could, and she let me sing the warmups with her. It was fun.” “When do you do your internship, Skylar?” “I go to the theatre for the Saturday matinee. Then I stay and deliver the wigs for the second show. Then I go home, but sometimes I get to stand at the back of the theatre and watch the show. I really like those days.” “That’s wonderful, Skylar. Do you want to work in the theatre when you finish school?” “Yes. I like to act and sing.” “Very nice. Tomorrow morning we’ll hear about Jonathan’s internship. He gets to spend a day at a law office. Now everyone can thank Skylar for sharing his internship day with us.” Skylar smiled, and his face got warm again. He looked at me and said, “Next week we’ll get to hear about the aquarium. That will be good.” “Now class, before we go to your first class, we’re going to do our spotlight. Can anyone share with Noah what our spotlight is about?” Everyone, except me, raised their hand. “Sarah?” “The spotlight is when you tell us about a famous person who is just like us.” “That’s right. Excellent, Sarah. Now can anyone tell me why we have the spotlight? Jonathan?” “Because it shows us that we aren’t disabled. We just have different abilities.” “Exactly. Thank you, Jonathan. Now today we’re going to spotlight and wonderful singer named Susan Boyle. Does anyone know who she is?” I never heard of Susan Boyle. Since no one raised their hand, I guess no one else knew who she was—or is. Mrs. Clancey turned on a video from a TV show called Britain’s Got Talent. It looks a lot like America’s Got Talent, but I guess it’s from a place called Britain. (You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/jca_p_3FcWA When the lady walked out on the stage, it made me sad. People were laughing at her. It was like how some people look at me sometimes. But then, she started to sing. It made me happy because people stopped laughing. They were surprised. When the video was over, I was real happy. Mrs. Clancey told us that people all over the world watched Susan Boyle sing that song. She showed us that the video had over 30 million views. I think that’s a lot of views. I didn’t know who Susan Boyle was before, but now I know from watching her sing that I might be able to make my dreams come true. I don’t know what my dreams are yet, but maybe Aaron School will help me figure that out. Mrs. Clancey told us we should put our headphones on and go to our next class. “Sky, can you help Noah get to your Algebra class?” “Yes, Mrs. Clancey.” We stood up, and Sky took my hand just like daddy does when we go places. It felt nice. After Algebra, we went to English. Next was lunch. Sky said he brought his lunch, but he would go through the line with me. I told him he could eat his lunch, and I’ll find him later, but he said he wanted to be with me. Sky held my hand when we were in line. I wish he would have kissed me like he did in my dream. In the afternoon, we had Geography, Study Hall, and the last class of the day, choir! The choir was learning “Waving Through A Window” from Dear Evan Hansen. Sky told me he loved that song because it was like they wrote it about people like us. I never thought of it that way before. I just liked the song. (You can hear it here and see the lyrics: https://youtu.be/VkknWLP0Xlo) After choir, we all went back to Mrs. Clancey’s room, where we waited to be picked up and go home. I said goodbye to Sky when Daddy got there. I put on my headphones, Daddy put on his cap and sunglasses, and we went home. Nobody stopped us this time. When we got home, Nana had some watermelon for me. When I sat at the counter, she asked me if I learned anything at school. She always asks me that, but this time I had an answer. “I learned about a woman named Susan Boyle. She’s just like all of us, but she got to sing on television, and people stopped laughing at her. Mrs. Clancey taught us about her in the morning spotlight.” “The morning spotlight?” “Yes, Nana. She teaches us about famous people who are just like us. She said we learn about other people so we can see we aren’t disabled people—we are people with different abilities.” “Oh, Noah! That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard you say!” Daddy sat down with me and ate some watermelon. “What else did you learn?” “My new friend Sky has his internship at the theatre where they do a musical called Wicked. I want to go see it sometime. Can we do that sometime?” “I’ll talk to David and see if he can get us some orchestra seats.” “Can we take Sky? When he sees the show, he has to stand in the back. He might be happy to see it sitting in a chair.” “You and Sky seem to be becoming very good friends already.” “He called me a beautiful boy. That made me happy.” “Hey! I call you my beautiful boy. Does that make you happy?” “Daddy, you always make me happy. You’re silly!” “Noah, do you have any homework? You should try to finish it before David gets home. We’re going to have dinner then.” “Yes, I have homework. But I need to use my new computer. Daddy, can you help me with the computer?” “Of course, son. Let’s go upstairs and get started.” “Yes, please.” Daddy helped me get online, and I was able to do my homework. Daddy said my new school gave most of our homework on the computer because it was important for us to learn how to use them. Everybody needs to use computers now. The next morning, Daddy took me to school. When we got to Mrs. Clancey’s room, Sky was already there. Daddy and Sky’s mom talked a little bit and I went to sit next to my friend. “Noah, do you have a phone?” “Yes.” “Can I see it before Mrs. Clancey starts?” “Okay.” I got my phone out of my backpack and showed it to Sky.” “Can you unlock it?” I unlocked my phone. Sky took it and put his number in my contacts. “Call me.” “Okay.” I called his phone, and Sky smiled. “Now I have your number. Can I call you tonight?” “Yes, please. I would like that.” Mrs. Clancey started the class, and Jonathan told us about the law office. I don’t think I would like to be in an office. It sounds boring. Our spotlight was about Albert Einstein. Mrs. Clancey said doctors never told him he was like us, but many, many experts believe he had Asperger's—even though we don’t call it that anymore. We just say he would be on the spectrum. She said he was probably the smartest man in the entire history of the world. I get it. He had special abilities! When Daddy and I got home from school, Mr. Vincente was there and cooking dinner. He was here! “Ahh, Noah’s home!” “Hello, Mr. Vincente. I’m home.” “Would you like a snack?” “Yes, please.” “Do you like ice cream?” “Yes, please.” “Then, you will probably like gelato.” “Gelato?” “It’s Italian ice cream. Would you like chocolate?” “Yes, please.” Gelato tastes just like ice cream, but it’s smoother. I liked it. I went upstairs to do my homework. I tried to get the computer to work, but I was having trouble. I went downstairs to find Daddy, but he was down in his workroom. I took the elevator down and told him I couldn’t get my computer to work. Daddy came upstairs with me and helped me. I think I know how to do it now. I finished my homework, and I could smell dinner. It smelled good, but it didn't smell like anything I’ve ever tasted before. Mr. Vincente made something called Tuscan Pork Tenderloin. It was real good. David said he was going to make Mrs. Henderson’s breakfast casserole for tomorrow morning. Daddy asked if I wanted to watch Toy Story tonight. I told him I wanted to watch Onward. He and Nana looked at each other funny, and then we went down to the living room to watch my new favorite movie. When the movie ended, Nana and Daddy were crying. I was snuggled with David, and he was sniffling. I went up to my room and got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth, put my phone on my nightstand, took off my clothes, and crawled into bed. I was thinking about Sky when my phone buzzed. I looked at it, and he was calling me. I accepted the call, and he was on the screen. “Hi, Noah.” “Hi, Sky.” “Did I wake you up?” “No. I just got into bed. Why do I see you?” “It’s called Facetime. I can see you, too. I’m happy you go to my school, Noah. I’ve never a friend like you before.” “You’re beautiful on the phone, too.” “So are you, Noah.” “Thank you. Can I ask you a question?” “Yes.” “Have you ever seen Wicked from one of the seats?” “No, they only let me stand in the back.” “Would you like to see it from a seat?” “Yes. That would be nice.” “Daddy is going to ask David to get us tickets, and I asked Daddy to get one for you. Would you come to see Wicked with me and Daddy and David?” “Who is David?” “David is Daddy’s boyfriend. He’s going to be my other Daddy when they get married.” “Your Daddy has a boyfriend? I like that. I like boys, too.” “I like boys, too. I like Timmy—and I like you, too.” “Who is Timmy? Is he your boyfriend?” “Yes. But Timmy lives in Barnstable.” “Where is Barnstable?” “It is on the little ocean in Massachusetts.” “Oh. Okay.” “Do you have a boyfriend, Sky?” “Not yet, but I want one.” “Okay.” “I want you to be my boyfriend.” “You do?” “Yes. I like you, Noah.” “I like you, too.” “Then we can be boyfriends?” “I don’t know. I would like that, but Daddy says before you can be boyfriends, you should be best friends first.” “How do we become best friends?” “I don’t know. Maybe we just keep learning things about each other and see what happens?” “Ask questions?” “Yes, maybe?” “And then we can learn new things about each other.” “Yes, please.” Sky looked so pretty on the phone. I was surprised when he started to pull his blanket down. I could see his chest and tummy. He had a lot of muscles. He was beautiful. “Oh! You are beautiful, Sky! I like your muscles.” “I don’t like to wear clothes when I sleep.” “I don’t wear clothes when I sleep, too.” “Really? Can you show me?” “Yes, please.” I moved my blanket down to my waist, just like Sky had done. “Noah?” “Yes?” “You are the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen.” “Really? I think you are.” “You make me hard, Noah.” “Hard? What’s hard?” “My cock is hard.” “Your what?” “My dick. My Penis. This.” Sky pulled his blanket down, and I could see his penis. It was big—I mean—hard. It was pretty, too.” “Pretty.” “Does it make your cock hard?” “Yes, it does.” “Can I see?” “Okay.” I pulled my blanket down so Sky could see my hard penis—I mean, cock.” “Oh, Noah!” Sky started to rub his pe—cock. “You’re so beautiful.” I started to rub my cock. I have never seen anything as wonderful as watching Sky rub his cock. I loved how his muscles moved when he was doing it. I loved how his green eyes sparkled even more in the dim light of his bedroom. “Noah?” “Sky” “I’m going to cum now.” “Cum? What’s cum?” That’s when he orgasmed and sprayed his sperms all over his muscles. I guess that’s what cum means. Whatever it means, my whole body got stiff, and I started spraying my sperms. When we stopped breathing so hard, Sky smiled at me on the phone. “I hope I can do that with you in person someday.” “That would be good.” “Yes.” “I should go to sleep now.” “Me too.” “Goodnight, beautiful Noah.” “Goodnight, beautiful Sky.” The call ended, and Sky disappeared from my phone. Sky. Beautiful Sky.
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    Meeting Sky

    I love it when you love my characters. Sometimes I think I may or may not be creating some of them with your attachable heart in mind! <3
  10. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER THREE: Meeting Sky Since we didn’t have Mrs. Henderson in New York, Daddy ordered Chinese food for dinner. We all got to order our favorite—mine is Orange Chicken! Yummy! David said he would go to the restaurant and pick up our food. Nana made some iced tea, and I helped Daddy set the table. As soon as we had the table set, David came into the house carrying two bags of food. While we were eating, David told Nana that he wanted to hire someone to help around the house to fix food and keep the place clean. Since there would be times when Daddy or David would be away for work, he didn’t want Nana to have to take care of the house by herself. Daddy said he didn’t want to hire someone without us there because he felt it would be best to have a live-in. “What’s a live-in, Daddy?” “Well, David and I thought that it would be a good idea for the person we hire to live in one of the extra bedrooms. That way, she—or he—will be here to help us with all of our meals.” “Oh. Okay.” David started to speak next. “Another thing we have to consider is that the two of us have a certain degree of celebrity. We can’t just post an ad and see who shows up. Ben, my manager, said he and his staff would do the search and initial screenings. That way, he would only send the top candidates to see us. Does that work for you, Beverly?” “I think that’s a wonderful approach.” “Daddy?” “Yes, Noah?” “What’s a celebrity?” “A celebrity is someone famous, and people want to get to know. Some are more famous than others, but celebrities need to be careful, so their friends and family are kept safe. Does that make sense?” “Well, I know David is a celebrity because there is a lot of stuff on Google about him. But I didn’t know you were one.” David smiled at me, saying, “Noah, your Daddy is a brand-new celebrity. People have learned about him from Project Runway, and since he won, he’s been getting a lot of fans—all over the world.” “Oh, okay.” We finished eating our dinner, and Nana said I should go to my room and unpack my suitcases. Daddy said he would help me as soon as they got the dishwasher started. “Can I take the elevator?” “Of course you can, sweet boy. I’ll be up to help you shortly.” Nana and I got into the elevator. She pressed number 7, and I pressed number 6. I got off the elevator first and went into my room. I knew there was one thing I had to do before Daddy got there—I had to unpack the lube stuff and put it in my nightstand drawer. Daddy knocked on my door, and I told him he could come in. I didn’t understand why he knocked. When I asked him about it, he said I was a growing young man, and young men deserve their privacy. I like this new rule. This means I can rub my penis without Anybody walking in on me! Daddy and I unpacked my suitcases and hung my shirts and pants in the closet. We put my underwear, socks, t-shirts, jeans, and shorts in the different dresser drawers. It didn’t take very long with both of us doing it together. “Would you like to come up to the terrace with me?” “Yes, Daddy. I like the terrace!” He smiled at me, and it looked like his eyes sparkled. “I’m so glad you’re here, Noah. I love you sooooo much!” He took me in his arms, hugged me, and kissed me on top of my head. It felt so good to be in Daddy’s arms! I’m glad I’m here, too. We took the elevator up to the terrace, and Daddy got two boxes of apple juice out of the refrigerator. We walked over to one of the big chairs. Daddy sat down and asked me to sit with him. He pulled me in, so his arm was around me, and my head was resting on his shoulder. “Are you happy to be in New York now?” “Yes, Daddy. I like it here.” “That’s good. I think you’ll like your new school too. I went there this morning and met Mrs. Rousch. You’re going to meet her tomorrow. You’ll like her, too.” “Okay.” ‘You sound a little nervous. Am I right?” “Yes, I think I am. I won’t know anyone at the new school. I won’t have Timmy there. Timmy and I have been in the same class forever.” “Do you miss Timmy?” “Yes, Daddy. I miss him a lot. I hope he misses me.” I don’t know why, but my voice started to get shaky, and tears started to fall out of my eyes. “It’s okay, Noah. I know it hurts your heart right now. But I promise it will get better. You love Timmy, don’t you.” How did he know? But he was right. I love Timmy, and I miss him. “Yes, Daddy. I love Timmy, and I miss him a lot.” “Just remember, you get to see him in a few weeks. I talked with your Papa, and he said Timmy could stay with you in the apartment when you go to Barnstable for your visits. Would you like that?” “Yes, please.” “Noah? I want you to know—no matter what you say, you are not in trouble. But—did you and Timmy become intimate?” “What’s that mean, Daddy?” “Did you and Timmy do things together like kiss or touch each other in your private places?” I nodded my head, and more tears fell down my face. “So, I want you to hear this, Noah. It’s very important. You should only be intimate with other people—boys or girls—that you are very close to, people that you love. There might be times when you want to do those things with someone you might think is pretty, but if you don’t love them, it won’t mean anything to you—and you could get your feelings hurt.” I nodded my head. Daddy was pretty smart. But I was getting confused. “Daddy?” “Yes?” “I’m confused.” “What is it?” “Well, I love you, and Nana—and David. But I don’t want to do—intimint things with you.” “Of course you don’t, son. You see—there are as many kinds of love as there are people in your life. You’ll love a lot of people in your lifetime, Noah. And you’ll love each one in a different way. But, every now and then, you’ll find that you love someone in a very, very special way. You’ll love them in a way that you need to get as close as you possibly can. Is that what happened with you and Timmy?” I nodded my head again. “I love him. I miss him so much my heart hurts. Is that how you felt when David went to Russia?” “You know, I didn’t even think of it that way. I’m sure that’s exactly how it feels. And you see? Everything worked out just the way we all wanted it to work out.” “Yes, it did. I hope it works out good for Timmy and me.” “It will work out just the way it’s supposed to work out. I love you so much, Noah. And I love the amazing young man you are becoming.” “I love you, Daddy. And thank you for not treating me like a little kid. I like talking to you like this.” “My little boy is growing up. Does that make you happy?” “Yes, please.” “Why don’t we go downstairs and see if there’s some chocolate ice cream in the freezer?” “Okay.” We went down to the kitchen, and Daddy found ice cream in the freezer! He told me David and Nana were probably down in the living room, and I should go get them so we could all enjoy some ice cream together. I went down to the living room, and they were there watching television. I told them Daddy was making ice cream for us, and they should come up and have some. We went out to the deck from the kitchen and ate ice cream. It was the best ice cream I’ve ever had! I told Daddy it was the best and David smiled. “This is my favorite ice cream in the whole world, Noah. One of the first things I did when your Daddy moved here was take him to Morgenstern’s. They’re the people who make this ice cream.” “It’s so goooood!” I was starting to get sleepy. It had been a long day. I asked Daddy if I could go to bed, and he said I could. I stood up and gave everyone a hug goodnight. That surprised them because everybody always hugs me first. Well, I’m growing up now. And I kind of like surprising people I love. I crawled into my new bed. It was comfortable, but I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Timmy. I saw him kissing me, putting my penis in his mouth. I saw the look on his face when I pushed my penis inside his butt. I felt my penis get bigger the more I thought about Tommy. I reached over to the nightstand and got the bottle of lube stuff. I poured some into my hand and started rubbing my penis. I closed my eyes and thought about Timmy—naked Timmy. He is really pretty. I squeezed my hand extra hard and thought about being inside Timmy. It didn’t take long for my sperms to start shooting out. I said Timmy’s name out loud. And then I started to cry. I must have cried myself to sleep because when I woke up, it was morning and I was still lying in bed just like I was when I finished shooting my sperms. I got out of bed, put the lube stuff away, and went into my bathroom to take a shower. After my shower, I put on my sleep pants and a t-shirt, so I could go downstairs and have breakfast. Yay! David made Mrs. Henderson’s breakfast casserole—my favorite! We ate out on the deck again. Mornings in New York are nice—but they sure can be noisy. There were a lot of cars driving around. Daddy said we needed to leave in about thirty minutes to go to my new school. I asked him what I should wear. He said I could wear my jeans and a polo shirt. That was good. I like those clothes. I went up to my room and changed my clothes. I put my phone in my pocket and my wallet in my back pocket. I went downstairs, and Daddy was at the table reading his iPad and drinking some more coffee. “I’m ready, Daddy.” “Excellent! You look very handsome, Noah.” “Yes.” “You might want to bring your headphones with you. It can get pretty noisy on the street.” “Okay, I’ll go get them in my room.” I have a pair of headphones for really noisy places. They don’t play any music, but they block out all that extra sound. They’re a good thing to have with me. I put my headphones on before Daddy and I stepped out the front door. The school was five blocks from our house. Daddy took my hand and held it tight. He didn’t want me to let go and get lost. I’m glad Daddy was with me because I didn’t know where we were going. We got to the school, and there was a big sign over the door that said Aaron School. We walked in the front door, and there was another door. Daddy pressed a button on the wall and said it was Charlie and Noah Danner. Somebody said they were expecting us, and there was a buzz. Daddy opened the second door, so we could go in. I could tell it was quiet inside, so I took off my headphones and let them rest on my shoulders. Daddy took my hand and took me through one of the first doors we came to. A pretty lady was smiling at us as she came nearer. “Mr. Danner—so nice to see you again. And you must be Noah.” She held out her hand to me. Daddy said I could shake her hand because it would be polite. I shook her hand one time and told her I was Noah. “Excellent. My name is Mrs. Rousch. Would you like to come into my office?” Daddy was still holding my hand. I’m glad. I feel braver when he holds my hand. We went into Mrs. Rousch’s office. She sat behind her desk, and Daddy and I sat in the chairs in front of her. “Noah—I’m so very happy that you will be joining us at Aaron School. It might seem a little different from your old school. There will be fewer people in your classes, and you’ll move to different rooms for different subjects during your day here. Can you tell me what some of your favorite subjects are?” “I like math. I like singing. But my favorite subject is anything with animals.” “That’s wonderful! Your father told me that you had a wonderful time at the aquarium last Spring. Can you tell me about that?” “Yes. There were a lot of animals. The penguins were funny, and they told me they liked it there—but they wanted more ice and snow to play in. My favorites were the sharks. We went in the water with them, and they came up to me. They told me not to be afraid. There were a lot of sharks, but I only talked to the great white and tiger. The tiger is a girl shark.” “That’s fascinating. I spoke with Mike this morning, and he told me the same thing. Did you know the aquarium added more ice and snow to the penguin habitat, and they play even more now?” “That’s nice.” “Noah, can you tell me what grade you are in?” “I just finished the eleventh grade. I’m going to be in the twelfth grade next.” “That’s right. You’re a very smart young man. We will be putting you in the twelfth grade when you start here.” “Thank you.” “You’re most welcome, Noah. Now, do you know what an internship is?” “No. I don’t.” “An internship is similar to a job. You spend a day once a week—usually Saturday—working at a place that we think is a good fit for you. I spoke with Mike this morning, and he would like to speak with you. Would you like that?” “Yes, please.” I looked at Daddy, and he was smiling real big. Mrs. Rousch dialed her phone, and she asked for Mike. Then she told the phone she was going to put the call on speaker. “Hello? Is this Noah?” “Yes. Is this Mike?” “It sure is! How are you, buddy?” “Am I your buddy, too?” “You are if you would like that!” “Yes, please.” “Excellent! So, I heard you moved to New York, and you’re at your new school.” “Yes.” “That’s wonderful, Noah. Did Mrs. Rousch tell you the internship?” “She told me what it was, yes.” “Would you like to come to the aquarium on Saturdays and do an internship with us? I know the animals would love to see you again.” “I would like that.” “That makes me happy, Noah! I’ll talk with Mrs. Rousch later, and we’ll work everything out.” “Okay.” “You have a wonderful day, Noah. Thank you!” “You’re welcome.” “Bye, Noah.” “Bye, Mike.” “Daddy? Do I get to go to the aquarium on Saturday?” “It looks like you do, Noah.” “Mr. Danner, my only concern is getting Noah there and his having a place to stay.” “That’s not a problem. We have a home in Westhampton and between David, my mother, and me—at least one of us will be more than happy to drive him out to the island on Friday evening. We’ll come back on Sunday. It won’t interfere with school at all.” “Perfect. I’ll make it happen.” “There is one thing, though. Noah will be spending one weekend a month and one month over the Summer with his other father. We have a joint custody arrangement.” “I’m sure we can work around that with no problem. Since we are going to be enrolling Noah in our year-round program, we can arrange for his six-week break to happen during the summer months.” “That’s perfect. Thank you, Mrs. Rousch.” “Now—Noah, would you like to see the school?” “Yes, please.” “We have a student—also a senior—who loves showing people around. Like Noah, he’s also very high on the spectrum. I think they might get along quite well.” I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but she picked up her phone again and started to talk. “Good morning, Mr. Lanier. Is Skylar Davis available to show a new student around campus? Great! You can send him to my office.” Mrs. Rousch hung up her phone and looked at Daddy. “If Noah is okay with it, we’ll let the boys be on their own. Of course, we’ll be close behind them—and I’ll give you a much more detailed tour as we follow the boys.” Daddy took my hand and asked me if I would be okay to let Skylar show me around the school. He said he and Mrs. Rousch would be right behind us if I needed anything. “Maybe. Can I meet him first?” “Of course you can, Noah. Your father would like to meet Skylar as well.” There was a knock at the door, and Mrs. Rousch told whoever it was to come in. “Hello, Mrs. Rousch.” “Good morning, Skylar. Are you having a good day so far?” “Yes, I am. Mr. Lanier said you wanted me to show a new student around?” “Yes. Skylar Davis, this is Noah Danner. He will be starting classes with us tomorrow morning. Noah, this is Syler Davis.” I looked up and saw the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. I don’t know why Daddy and David call me beautiful—not when there is someone like this! Skyler was a little taller than me. He had wavy, dark-blond hair. He smiled when he saw me. But what I couldn’t stop looking at were his beautiful green eyes. The sparkled when he held out his hand. He wanted to shake my hand. “Daddy, he wants to shake my hand.” “It’s okay. You can shake his hand.” I stood up and walked over to Skylar. I took his hand, and he said, “Hi. I’m Skylar, but you can call me Sky.” “Hi, Sky. I’m Noah, but you can call me Noah.” “You’re very pretty, Noah.” “So are you, Sky. You’re beautiful.” We walked out into the hallway. Daddy asked me if I wanted him to walk with us or behind us. I told him I wanted him to walk behind us. That made Sky smile. Good! I made him happy! The first place Sky showed me was the cafeteria. He told me they made food there if we wanted it, but most people brought their own food. Then he took me to the auditorium. Sky said he does plays there, and the choir sings concerts there. “I did plays back in Barnstable. I was in Annie, and I sang “Tomorrow.” “Maybe we can sing and act together. I would like that.” “I would like that too. I like to sing and act.” We kept walking down the hall, and Sky would point to a door and tell me what they were teaching in there. “This is my favorite place in the school. It’s the library. I like it because it’s quiet in there.” “I like the libraries, too. Maybe we can sit together in the library sometime?” “Yes, I would like that.” “I would like that, too.” “Are you going to have an internship, Noah?” “Yes. I’m going to go to the aquarium and be with the penguins and sharks.” “Ooooh, sharks are scary!” “No. These sharks are nice. They want to be my friends. ” “I want to be your friend, Noah.” “Okay.” Sky stopped moving and turned to me. “Can I hug you?” “Yes, please.” Sky wrapped his strong arms around me and hugged me. He smelled so good. I didn’t want to let go, but I started to feel funny. I pulled away. “Thank you, Noah. I’m happy you’re my friend now.” “I happy, too. You’re very nice, Sky. Is there anything else to see?” “Skylar, I think it’s time for you to go back to Mr. Lanier’s class. I’ll take Noah and his father back to the office.” “Goodbye, Noah. I hope I see you tomorrow.” “Me too, Sky. Goodbye.” I waved at him, and he smiled. I made him happy again! Mrs. Rousch took Daddy and me back to her office. When we sat back down, she asked me if I liked the tour. “Yes, please. It was nice. Sky was nice, too.” “Would you like to be in classes with Sky?” “Yes, please.” She typed on her computer and then told Daddy that there were only six students in Sky’s class, and she would easily be able to fit me in. Daddy was happy—that made me happy. She typed some more on her computer, and a piece of paper came out of a printer. She handed it to Daddy. “This is Noah’s daily schedule. Homeroom is at 8:15. We would like our students to arrive by 8:00. Is that possible?” “Yes. We live just five blocks away. I’ll be walking Noah to school every morning. There are three adults in our home who would be picking him up in the afternoon.” “Excellent. This is our pick-up form. Could you fill out the information on the other two adults? We’ll need to photocopy their IDs when they come for the first time.” Daddy started writing on the piece of paper, and Mrs. Rousch asked me if I had any questions. “Will I get to sing and act with Sky?” “Yes, Noah. You will have all the same classes as Sky. Once a week, you’ll have an acting class and a music class. Our students have a performance once or twice a year. I’m sure you’ll be able to participate in that.” “Okay.” Daddy stood up and asked me if I was ready to go home. “Yes, please.” We said goodbye to Mrs. Rousch and left the school. I put my headphones on, and Daddy took my hand. There are so many people walking on the sidewalks in New York! I’m glad Daddy told me to bring my headphones. I was wasn’t nervous at all. While we were walking, we got stopped three times. People we didn’t even know wanted to take pictures on their phones with Daddy. He was real nice about that, but I could tell he wanted to get home. I did too. When we got home, Daddy hugged me and told me he was proud of me. “Okay.” “You made a new friend today. Skylar seems very nice, too.” “His name is Sky. And he is nice—and beautiful.” “Oh, really? What is one thing that makes him beautiful?” I had to think about this. Daddy wanted just one thing—and there are so many things! But my answer was pretty easy. “His eyes, Daddy—they’re so green, and they sparkle.” The elevator door opened, and David walked into the entryway. “Hi, babe. Hi, Noah! Did you like your new school.” “Yes, I did.” “David, our boy is growing up.” “Oh? What happened?” “Noah? Do you want to tell David about your morning?” “Yes, please. I made a new friend. His name is Sky. He showed me around the school.” “Is there something else you would like to tell David about Sky?” “Yes. He’s beautiful. Sky has green eyes that sparkle.” David held his arms out to me. I walked over to him, and he hugged me. “I’m so proud of you, Noah. You really are growing up!” “David, there’s one more thing. Noah is going to have an internship at the aquarium. We’ll need to be spending our weekends in Westhampton.” David hugged me again and said he was so happy for me. I was happy, too! I have a new school, a new friend, and I get to go to the aquarium every Saturday. I looked up at David and asked, “Can we cook sandwiches and cheesey mac for lunch?” “Yes, should I order something and have it delivered?” “No. Can we cook it together like we did at the ocean house?” “We sure can. Would you like ham, turkey, or roast beef?” “Yes, please.” “Okay, buddy. I need to run down to the market and get everything we need. I’ll be back soon, okay?” David took his keys, kissed me on top of my head, and kissed Daddy on his mouth. I wonder if Sky wants to kiss me on the mouth?
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  12. THE PREACHER’S KID II: COLLEGE AND BEYOND by Geoff Chassen Chapter 19—So Much is New—and Perfect So, Alex is in town. Mom took her to the doctor today, and when they got home, Mom sent an invite for another Zoom family meeting. I have to admit if there’s one good thing to come out of this whole pandemic thing, it would be how everyone has learned to make all this technology work to keep families together. At 4:00 we were all on the computer. Mom started things off. “Hello, boys, Hi Clay. Well—we’re back, and Alex has been put into Haley’s old room.” Dad asked how she was doing, and Mom told us she was scared, overwhelmed, and ashamed. “Matthew, she thinks you hate her now. I just thought you should be aware.” “I don’t hate Alex. I don’t hate anyone. I can hate what she did, but I won’t hate her.” “That’s almost exactly what I told her.” “Mom?” “Yes, dear?” “What did the doctor say?” “Well, I’m glad everyone is sitting. We certainly received some surprising news.” “Is everything alright? Is the baby okay?” “Yes, Matthew. The babies are just fine.” “Good. I’m glad to hear—wait a minute. You said ‘babies,’ didn’t you?” “Wait—what?” Dad, like me, didn’t catch what Mom had slipped into the conversation.” “That’s right, boys. It’s twins.” There was silence for what seemed an eternity. Matty broke the silence with, “Twins? Are they sure?” “Yes, dear. I saw it for myself on the ultrasound. There were two very distinct heartbeats.” “Well, at least we know now instead of later. Matty and I just get to buy two of everything now. I know, I know—it’s more than just buying stuff. There’s a lot both of us need to learn. I’m going to look up some classes that we might be able to take.” “I think that’s an excellent start, Eddie. Clay? Do you have any thoughts?” “Heh, I’m still stuck on the twins thing. But seriously, sometimes God blesses us with more than we expect. It seems we’ve been doubly blessed.” “Well, as shocking as this news is, it doesn’t change anything. We will do whatever it takes to make sure these babies are born healthy.” “Now, there’s some other information I feel I should share.” “More news, dear?” “No, not news so much. On the way home from the doctor, I asked Alex what her parents thought about her coming to Charlotte to deliver the babies. Her eyes teared up a bit, and she didn’t say anything for several minutes. When she finally started to talk, I have to say my heart broke for the child. “Her parents did not want her to come to Charlotte. Her mother was still insisting that she terminate the pregnancy. Her father got more than a little upset when he found out that his grandchild was going to be raised by two men. Alex told them that this was the solution that would make everyone happy. She felt that she would be making her mother happy by giving up the baby—or babies—and not having them as a part of her life. Her father would be satisfied because she was going to have the babies. “Alex said that in the long run, she was happy. She has decided that she will take the surrogacy money, move to New York, and begin taking classes there.” “Hey—she’s smart. All through school, she was the one who came up with the solutions to everybody’s problems. I say, good for her—she’s making plans.” “Matthew, of course, I haven’t spoken with the attornies about this new turn of events, but do you think you might want to increase her compensation since she will be delivering two babies? There’s also a good chance that this pregnancy will be a bit more difficult than it would have been with a single baby.” “You guys know me too well. I’ve been thinking about that since Mom gave us the news. I don’t know—raise it to 150 grand?” I thought that sounded more than fair and told everyone. Mom and Dad agreed that the new amount seemed to be good, and Dad said he would let the attornies know. We ended the Zoom call, and Matty looked at me with fear in his eyes. I smiled at him and took his hands in mine. “Twins, Matty—we’re going to have twins!” “Doesn’t that terrify you?” “Not any more than one baby. And if we weren't going to have Mom helping us, I’d be terrified right along with you. But we’re not just going to have Mom helping us. You know Connor and Donald will help, too.” “Yeah, I know you’re right. This just came out of left field. Totally wasn’t expecting to hear we were gonna have twins!” I asked Matty if he had spoken with his football coach yet. He said he hadn’t yet because he wanted to know as much information as possible before he called. He promised to do that in the morning. We cooked up some hamburgers on the grill and watched some Netflix before going to bed. Matty made love to me, and we fell asleep with smiles on our faces. The next morning, I was reading a book on my Kindle, and Matty made his call to his coach. MATTY “Good morning, Coach. It’s Matty Jacobs.” “Matthew! How are you holding up with the quarantine business?” ‘We’re doing well, sir. You?” “We just take everything day by day and make the best out of what we have.” “Sounds like a plan, sir.” “So, to what do I owe the honor of you calling me this morning?” “Well, sir. I don’t really care to go into much detail, but there has been an unexpected turn of events.” “Go on, son.” “Well, I’ll just say it right out—I’m expecting twins at the end of the year. I’m gonna be a dad—twice.” “Oh! I’d be lying if I wasn’t surprised to be hearing this from you, Matty. What are you going to be doing about this?” “First, Eddie and I are getting married toward the end of July. We have no idea how that’s going to look with everything going on, but it’s going to happen. The babies’ mother is staying with Eddie’s family here in Charlotte. She’s getting the best medical care I can get for her, and as soon as we can get home, we’re going to start making changes at the house to get ready for the babies.” “It sounds like you might have some difficulty making it back to Boone for whatever kind of season we end up having.” “Yes, sir. You already know my commitment to my family. It’s even more so since the family now involves children that are mine. I have to think about my future—and the future of my family. I’m going to transfer to school here in Charlotte and give up football. I love the game, I loved playing under you, but I love my family more. I’m sorry.” “You have nothing to be sorry about, Matty. We’re going to miss you terribly, but I couldn’t even begin to tell you the next season is going to look like. There are so many things up in the air right now. I admire your commitment to your family, to Eddie, and your children. If there’s anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call me. You’re one of the good ones, Matty Jacobs. And those twins are going to be so damned lucky to have you as their father.” “Dammit, Coach! You’re gonna make me cry now.” “It’s okay, son. I’m brimming over with tears myself. You make me proud. You always have. I’m going to let you go now. I expect an invite to this wedding of yours—if that’s going to be a possibility!” “Yes, sir. And thank you for being so awesome. I’ll never forget you, sir.” I ended the call and joined Eddie on the sofa. “He was so cool with everything! He even wants to come to our wedding if it’s possible.” “We’re doing the right thing, Matty. Everything just seems to be working out.” “Yeah, thanks for being there with me. You make it all perfect, Eddie Hamilton.” EDDIE We were finally able to go back to the house the first week in July. That gave us just three weeks to plan our wedding while getting the nursery ready for the babies. We still didn’t know the genders, but that would happen at Alex’s next ultrasound. It was nice seeing Connor and Donald again. They were both surprised and super excited about the babies. Donald thought we were going to make them move out of the house, but Matty and I decided that if they were willing to help out, they could definitely stay. Connor was most excited about the idea of being “Uncle Connor.” He also told us that he would teach sign language to the kids. It turns out kids can learn to communicate with sign language before they learn to speak. We both loved that idea. Mom came over to the house the first afternoon we were back. I felt like a little kid again when I hugged her. It felt so damned good to be in my mama’s arms again! I would never admit it, but I might have cried a little bit when she told me how much she loved me. We talked about where we were going to put the nursery. Matty and I had the master bedroom on the first floor. Connor and Donal had Matty’s old bedroom at the back of the house. That left the two bedrooms upstairs. I told Mom we would probably put the cribs in the master bedroom with us at first. She said there was no need to do that, what with all the high-tech cameras and monitors that were available. We decided on the bedroom that was directly above our room. When the kids got older, there were two bedrooms available should they want their own rooms. Mom asked if we wanted to come over for dinner. It would be the first dinner with the entire family in almost three months. As much as we wanted to make Mom happy, there was one problem—Alex. I wasn’t sure I wanted to have my first family dinner with a girl I completely didn’t trust. Matty told Mom how he felt about it, and I wasn’t surprised that he felt the same way. Mom was disappointed, but she said she understood. She hugged us and went back to the house. Matty took me in his arms and said, “Dammit. It kills me to disappoint Mom like that. Especially with everything she’s doing.” “Yeah, but I think she understands.” “I’m sure she does, but you saw how disappointed she looked.” “Yeah, should we?” “Look, I don’t know that we’re going to be able to avoid Alex until the babies are born. We can easily limit our contact. We might as well get over ourselves and make Mom happy.” “Okay. I’ll text her.” I sent a text to Mom and told her would come to dinner. I also apologized for disappointing her. She was thrilled and told us dinner would be ready at 6:00. She also said Connor and Donald were more than welcome and thought that it would be easier for us to deal with Alex. At six, the four of us went over to the house and walked in the back door. There were a ton of hugs all around. I was surprised when I saw Nathan. He had grown a few inches, and the last bits of baby fat had completely disappeared. He was growing into a damned good-looking boy! His voice was even a bit lower than before. The only thing weird was that there was no Alex. I asked Mom where she was and was told that she wasn’t comfortable being at the first family dinner and decided to eat upstairs in her room. Funny—no complaints were heard, and Alex wasn’t talked about the rest of the night. A few days later, Matty and I were working on our vows when we got a text from Mom. We’re having boys—twin boys! Mom made a joke about being overwhelmed with maleness in her life. Matty told her that someday down the road, we would try to have a girl for her. She stopped that thought right away and told us to just worry about our boys. Thank you, Mom! We went back to our vows. A little later, Dad called and said that we wouldn’t be able to have more than twenty people at the wedding. Matty and I had already talked about it and decided there was no way we could deal with the pressure of figuring out who not to invite to the wedding. We told Dad that we just wanted our family there. We would stream the service so all of our friends could be there—albeit virtually. It was July 12th—we had two weeks before the wedding. Nate said he would set up the streaming for us since we had so much to do. I asked Nate to be my best man. I almost cried when Matty asked Donald. Imagine—the dude who tried to kill me back in high school was going to be standing with us at our wedding! It’s funny how the world can change and end up perfect, huh? A week later, Nate told us to make a list of our friends who were on Facebook so he could invite them to the Facebook Livestream of our wedding. He then asked for a separate list of people we wanted to be there who were not on Facebook so he could send them a link. Thank God for Nate! He took care of everything for us. We had invited nearly 200 people to our virtual wedding. I hope at least some of them show up! “Hey baby, you need a break from this wedding stuff?” “Matty! It’s like you can read my mind!” “How about a little road trip. I found this place called Cozy Kids up in Concord. They have some cool baby furniture.” “That sounds nice! I mean, the room is painted and totally empty. Let’s fill it up!” “Cool! Should we ask Mom to join us?” “Yeah, that might be a good idea. She’d never let us live it down if we picked something that could be dangerous.” I texted Mom and asked her if she was bored. She lol’d me back and asked what was up. When I told her what we were going to do, she got real excited and said she would be right over. I told her to bring a mask. The store was open, but they required masks and social distancing. I guess it’s a new world, huh? It took a little over half-an-hour to make it to Concord. The store looked like they had a good selection. We were greeted by Lily, who offered to show us whatever we needed. Mom kinda took charge, which was a good thing since we had no idea what we were doing! “It’s nice to meet you, Lily. My boys are expecting twins in December and need to furnish their nursery.” “Oh! That’s wonderful! Congratulations! Do you have anything in particular on your list?” “One of the things I noticed on the website was called a convertible crib. Can you tell me what that means?” Good question, Matty! “Oh, yes! Our convertible cribs can transform into a toddler bed when the baby outgrows the crib and then into a full-sized bed when they’re ready.” “I like that idea. Can we start with those?” Wow! Who knew baby furniture could be beautiful? All three of us fell in love with a natural wood crib. The fact that it had matching dressers and nightstands kinda sealed the deal for us. Mom said we needed a changing table, and we found one that matched the set pretty close. Lily said they could deliver everything in two days. When she asked if we would like for them to assemble the furniture, all three of us said yes at the same time. That made Lily chuckle, and Mom explained that we were getting married next week. “That’s wonderful! Congratulations again!” “Thanks,” both of us replied. “Boys, before we go, I would like to contribute a few things to the nursery.” “Mom, you don’t have to do that.” “Are you kidding? These boys are my first grandchildren! I want to do this more than anything!” Mom picked out a couple of cute lamps, a clothes hamper, and a couple of these starry night pictures to hang over the cribs. Everything was perfect, and I was starting to get emotional. “Matty, can we leave? I’m about to lose my shit here.” Matty smiled at me, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t have tears in his eyes as well. We followed Lily to her desk and paid for everything. We packed Mom’s stuff into the back of the SUV, and we were on our way back to Charlotte. Two days later, we had a beautiful nursery set up for the boys. The only thing left to do was set up the monitors and cameras. Nate insisted on helping with that, and we decided we could easily do that after the wedding. And then it was finally our wedding day! The wedding was slated to begin at 1:00. Matty and I rented white tuxes. The jackets were kind of a modern version of tails, but Mom corrected me and said they were called morning coats, and they’ve been around for generations. We all got to the church at 12:30, and Dad’s sound guy had everything set up. He hooked Dad, Matty, Mom, and me with mics and tested them. Everything was good. We sat around and waited to begin. I was surprised at how chill everyone was. “Three minutes, guys! You should get in your places.” Matty squeezed my hand. He leaned into me, and our foreheads touched. “Are you ready, babe?” “Soooo ready! I love you!” “Love you more!” “Impossible!” We walked up to the front of the church and took our places. Nate stood next to me, Donald next to Matty, and Dad faced us in the center. “Thirty seconds!” We still wanted some music to start things off, but we didn’t want to make people listen to a song. Nate put together a photo montage of Matty and me growing up, and we set it to Rufus Wainright’s “Across the Universe.” Mom found a ton of pics for the montage. It was a trip reliving all those special times. The funny thing is that you could see how much we loved each other—even as kids. When the video ended, Dad started things off. “As you can see, Matty and Eddie literally grew up together. They were inseparable. They shared their successes, their love of sports, their love of theatre, and as you could see from the photos, they always shared a special love for each other. “That love only grew as they grew themselves. It was no surprise when the boys came into my office to tell me that they were indeed in love with each other and fully intended to share their lives. Today is the day they proclaim their devotion to the world and become united in the name of God. “We would all like to welcome the friends and family who have joined us with the live stream of this beautiful event. While we all wish everyone could be with us in person, we understand that these are different times, and for the first time in my life, I can say thank God for Facebook! “Our covenantal life with God is expressed in relationships of commitment and faithfulness, including those of same-sex couples. It is this church’s joy to celebrate this relationship as a sign of God’s love, to pray for God’s grace to support this couple in their life together, and to join with them in our shared witness to the gospel in the world. “The decision to enter into marriage is a vocation marked by these characteristics: fidelity, monogamy, mutual affection and respect, careful, honest communication, and the holy love which enables those in such relationships to see in each other the image of God. “Eddie and Matty, thank you for inviting us to witness your commitment to each other in holy union. You honor us with your trust and friendship. May your love grow sure and strong and steadfast in the days and years of your shared life together. As you enter this profound relationship, be aware that you risk great happiness as well as sorrow. Remember, a relationship is a crucible for becoming your real selves. But remember, you do not possess one another, and each of you will need solitude as well as togetherness. “Albert Camus has said: “Don’t walk before me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” “Matthew David Jacobs, do you take this man to be your husband? Do you promise to care for him, honor him, respect him, share with him the good times, stand beside him in the challenging times, and share your life with him for as long as you both live?” “I do, with all my heart.” “Clayton Edward Hamilton the Third, do you take this man to be your husband? Do you promise to care for him, honor him, respect him, share with him the good times, stand beside him in the challenging times, and share your life with him for as long as you both live?” “I do, with all my heart.” “Gentlemen, please face each other and join hands.” “Matthew?” “Whoever would have thought that this day would ever come? Whoever would have thought that those two boys who grew up together would be able to find in each other the kind of love most people can only dream of. Whoever would have thought that we would marry and raise children together? Well, to be perfectly honest, I thought of this very day and everything it means for most of my life. Eddie Hamilton, you are the love of my life—you always have been. You have made me a better man just by being in my life. We’ve been through a lot in our years together, but I can tell you that even the most challenging times were easier to get through because you were there with me. And I know that our kids are going to be the luckiest kids on the planet because they will also have you in their lives. I love you with all my heart, Eddie Hamilton. I always have—and I always will.” Dammit! I swore I wasn’t going to cry! I looked at Dad, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t have a tear falling down his face. Okay, Eddie—get your shit together! It’s your turn! “Eddie?” “I will never forget the day you told me you were in love with me, and always had been. I knew right then and there that you were the bravest boy I have ever known. You opened your heart to me while having no idea how I would react. But then again, as I think about it, how could you not know? I shared everything with you—my deepest, darkest secrets—my craziest hopes and my wildest dreams. I have loved Matty Jacobs my entire life. The day you told me how you felt was the second happiest day of my life. The happiest? Today. This is the day I dreamt about when I was in middle school. This is the day I’ve looked forward to since you proposed to me. This is the day I will cherish for the rest of my life. This is the day I can’t wait to tell our children about. Every day, I love you more than the day before. With you, I have found there is no limit to the amount of love I can feel. My love for you will continue to grow each and every day of my life. I looked into Matty’s eyes. He had tears right along with everyone else. We both leaned forward and touched our foreheads and squeezed our hands. The peaceful feeling I had was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. Dad gave us our moment before he continued. The next thing was Mom’s turn. She wanted to do a reading. “The Art of Marriage, by Wilferd Arlen Petersen. "A good marriage must be created. In the art of marriage the little things are the big things –- It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say ‘I love you’ at least once each day. It is never going to sleep angry. It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives. It is standing together facing the world. It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways. It is having the capacity to forgive and forget. It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow. It is finding room for the things of the spirit. It is a common search for the good and the beautiful. It is not only marrying the right partner –- It is being the right partner." Wow. That was beautiful! Next, we did the ring thing, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to stop my grinning. Matty had his dad’s wedding ring cut down to fit my finger. I had a ring made for Matty that was close to the same ring he had given me. “Matty and Eddie—and all of you gathered here today, may the love in your hearts give you joy. May the greatness of life bring you peace. And may your days be good and your lives be long upon the earth. So be it. Matthew. Eddie. You may now seal your holy union with a kiss.” And then I kissed my husband! And boy, did he kiss me! We stopped kissing when Dad started to laugh. “To everyone in this place, and to everyone joining us virtually, I am thrilled to present Eddie and Matty Hamilton!” Matty insisted that he take our family name. He said that his life truly began when he became a part of our family. The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” started playing as Mom, Dad, Nate, my husband (yay!), and I stood facing the camera. We all waved, and Matty thanked everyone for watching. And then it was over. I was married to the boy I loved more than anything in the world. My family was thrilled. But what blew me away was when the sound guy told us that over 300 people watched the ceremony. We had a huge family hug, and then Dad invited us to dinner at our favorite restaurant. We went to The Fig Tree—that was the restaurant Matty took me to last summer the night after our first camp session. Dad called the owners and arranged for a private dinner since they hadn’t yet opened to the public. Dinner was magnificent. Donald and Connor even had a great time after they got over themselves. Donald wanted to go home and not intrude on our family time. Connor kept saying it was too much. Silly boys! Neither of us wanted to go anywhere for a honeymoon. Hell, as far as I was concerned, the past three years with Matty was a honeymoon! We did drive out to the lake house for a couple of days and made love pretty much the entire time we weren’t eating or sleeping! Although it was nearly five months later, December 13th came around faster than I ever thought it would. At 4:23 in the morning, Clayton Edward Hamilton IV entered the world. At 4:35, Brandon Gregory Hamilton joined his twin brother. Mom and Dad were as surprised as I was that I wanted to name our first twin to carry on the family tradition. Matty picked Brandon’s name because he thought it sounded good with Clayton. He had thought about using his dad’s name for Brandon’s middle name but decided he wouldn’t burden his son with the name George. So he used his dad’s middle name—Gregory. Alex? As far as we knew, she moved to New York and began to live her dream. We never heard from her again. Despite the circumstances surrounding the birth of our boys, I will always be grateful to her for helping us start our family. The first few months were crazy. The boys were eating machines! Connor, Donald, Matty, and I alternated nights for their feedings. That helped us all stay focused on our school work, and none of our grades suffered—even though it sometimes felt like all we did was warm up formula and change diapers Every morning, Mom would come over and watch the boys. After a few months, we began to take the boys over to her house, and she would watch them while she did her stuff. By the time Clayton and Brandon were three, Matty had taken on the theatre teacher position at our old high school. He even became the quarterback coach for the football team. He was in heaven! I entered Seminary and began my final journey toward becoming a minister. My ordination came when the twins were five. Haley and her husband were there with their daughter, Elizabeth. The boys adored their new cousin and promised her they would take care of her. The only disappointment was that Nate wasn’t there. He and G graduated high school and decided to take a gap year trip to Europe. Those boys were stupid crazy in love with each other—kinda like Matty and I were at their age. Oh yeah, we still are stupid crazy in love with each other! Connor and Donald moved on and moved out after they graduated. While they ended their relationship most amicably, it still hurt Conner. Fortunately, he met a wonderful man at the School for the Deaf. It looks like I’m going to be performing a wedding ceremony soon! Donald moved back to Utah and joined the staff of the ranch, where he was sent after the trial. We’re still in touch, and he’s happy as a clam. When the guys moved out of the house, Matty and I asked the boys if they would like their own room. They wouldn’t hear of it! Brandon told us that he and his brother had that bond that only identical twins could have, but they still wanted to move into the larger bedroom. That left two empty bedrooms upstairs. What were we to do? Well, the good Lord took charge and brought Amanda Jane Hamilton into our lives. We were able to take her in after her mother passed away unexpectedly. She was two years old when we adopted her. Brandon and Clayton adore her, and she returns the adoration in buckets. Sometimes I still marvel at how my life turned out. Here I was, Eddie Hamilton—the high school baseball star—married to the most amazing man on the planet. We had three children and careers we were passionate about. And we were a family—a family filled with love and respect. We were a family that I cherished more than anything in the world.
  13. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER TWO: Say Goodbye and Start a New Adventure “That’s a big house, Noah. Pretty, too.” “Yes, it is. This is the best room, Timmy.” When Nana and I were at Daddy and David’s house, I used my new camera and took pictures of every room. I saved the best floor for last—my floor! I showed Timmy the picture of my room with the blue walls and the Toy Story posters, the Toy Story bed, and the toy story toys. “David made you a Toy Story room! He’s nice, isn’t he?” “Yes, David is my buddy. Pretty soon, he’s going to be my other daddy.” “You’ll have three daddies?” “Yes. But there’s one more room David made for me.” I showed Timmy the picture of my playroom. That room made me very excited. There were shelves of books, games, toys, and a real computer! Daddy said I could use my computer with my new school. “Timmy, will you come to visit me in New York?” “If Mommy will take me, I’ll come to visit. But you will come back here to see your Papa, won’t you?” “Yes. Daddy said I’ll come here one weekend a month, and then during Summer vacation, I’ll be here for a whole month.” “Okay. Can we kiss now?” “Yes, please.” Timmy rolled over on top of me, and we started kissing. Even though I’m excited to move to David’s new house, I will miss kissing Timmy all the time. I hope I can make some new friends at my new school. Timmy and I kissed for a while, and then we moved around so we could put our mouths on each other’s penises. We had our orgasms at the same time and swallowed each other’s sperms. It wasn’t long before we held each other and fell asleep. It’s funny, but when I’m with Timmy, I don’t have to have Buzz with me. I hope he doesn’t mind. When we woke up in the morning, we were running late. We only had thirty minutes before breakfast would be ready, but we both needed to take a shower first. Timmy had an idea, though. “We could take our shower at the same time.” “Yes, we could try that.” We got the water hot, and both stepped in the shower. I poured some liquid soap in my hands, and then I handed it to Timmy. He turned around and asked if I could wash his back. I did. “Would you like me to wash your back, Noah?” “Yes, please.” I turned around, and Timmy started to rub his hands all over my back. “That feels good, Timmy.” “I liked it, too.” Timmy surprised me when his hand went down into my butt. It surprised me more when his finger rubbed my hole. It felt so good, and my penis got big real fast! “Oh!” “I’m sorry, Noah. I didn’t mean to scare you!” “You didn’t scare me. That felt good. That felt even better than when I clean myself there.” “Really? Do you want me to do that again?” “Yes, please.” Timmy’s hand was still slippery with soap, and he moved it back down to my butt. “Oh! Timmy!” I was surprised by how good that feels! I leaned back against Timmy’s chest, and he put his other arm around my chest. Timmy kept rubbing his finger around my hole, and that made my penis even harder! It started bouncing around. “Do you want me to rub your penis, too?” “Yes, please!” I could barely talk! Timmy was playing with my hole and rubbing my penis at the same time. I got the biggest surprise of all when his finger slipped inside! Wow! My whole body started to shake, and I yelled out, “Oooohhhh! Timmmmmy!” He quickly pulled his finger out and told me he was sorry. ‘Put it back in, please!” “Okay.” He put his finger back inside me, and without even thinking, I started to move back and forth. Timmy’s finger kept going deeper, and it kept feeling better. That’s when it happened. Timmy’s finger touched something inside me that made me yell out, and my penis exploded harder than it ever had before. I’m glad Timmy was holding onto me. I probably would have fallen down in the shower. When I finally stopped shooting my sperms, Timmy took his finger out. I turned around and put my head on his chest. “Wow, Noah. You really liked that?” “Yes, Timmy. I never felt like that before. Can I do that to you sometime?” “Yes, please.” “But we have to get to breakfast, or Nana will be worried. I’ll do that to you tonight, okay?” “Okay.” “Can I kiss you?” “Yes, please.” I kissed Timmy and thanked him for making me feel so good. “I like making you feel good, Noah. I like it when you make me feel good, too.” “I’ll make you feel real good tonight, okay?” “Okay.” Timmy and I finished cleaning up and went down to the house for breakfast. Mrs. Henderson was there making some dinners for us. Nana was making waffles. “Good morning, boys! Did you sleep well?” “Yes, Nana.” “Yes, Mrs. Danner.” Nana put blueberries on my waffle—my favorite. She put strawberries on Timmy’s—his favorite. “This is good, Nana!” “I wanted to make a special breakfast because I have some special news.” “Okay.” “Well, when we move to New York, your Papa and PawPaw are going to move into this house. That way, when you come back to visit with your Papa, you will come back here! You’ll still have your Toy Story room and your apartment! Isn’t that wonderful?” “Yes, Nana. I like that.” “Can I come back here when you come down to visit?” “Yes, Timmy. I’m coming back to visit with Papa and you.” “Okay.” For the next week, Nana helped me put my clothes in boxes and suitcases. She said we were going to ship the boxes and take the suitcases with us. That confused me. Why would we put my clothes on a ship? Were they going to take my clothes to David’s house on the ocean? Nana explained that there were people who were going to take the boxes to New York for us. She said that it would make things easier for us. It was. It was my last night in Barnstable. Daddy and David called me on the phone, but this time I could see them. They were real happy to see me and said they couldn’t wait for me to get there. I was excited, too. I was excited to be with Timmy tonight. While I was watching Toy Story in the family room, I also had my iPad with me. I went to Google, and I looked up diffent things about boys making each other feel good. Then I looked up “boys doing sex.” I found a lot of videos of boys doing sex stuff with each other. They all did the same things Timmy and I like doing, but they did some other things I wanted to try. The main things were putting their tongues on the other boy’s hole. It sounded like that felt real good, too. The thing that made me excited the most was when I watched one boy put his big penis inside the other boy’s hole. It looked like they both liked it a lot! I think Timmy will. Last night he wanted me to put two fingers in his hole. So far, that’s the thing he’s liked best of all! I wasn’t sure how I would get my big penis inside Timmy’s hole, so I went back to Google. I found a lot of information. The main thing I needed was this stuff called lube. The story said it would make my penis slippery and make it easier to get inside Timmy. Where would I find something like that? I knew I couldn’t ask Nana or Mrs. Henderson. That’s when I got an idea. I’m pretty sure Daddy liked to put his penis inside holes. I wondered if he had some lube stuff in his bedroom. He hasn’t been there since he went to New York, so I went upstairs. When I walked into Daddy’s bedroom, it made me feel happy. It made me remember the times when I would lay in bed with him, and he would read me stories. Or when Daddy was sad when Papa went away, and I would lay in the bed with him and hold him while he cried. Wait! I need to find some lube stuff before Nana wonders where I am! Where would he keep it? I decided to check the drawer in Daddy’s nightstand. I pulled it open and was surprised! There was a giant toy penis in there! I pulled it out and was surprised at how big it was! It was almost twice as big as Timmy’s big penis—and his is big! What would Daddy do with something like this? I guess he would hold it when he sleeps like I do with Buzz. I started to put the giant penis back in the drawer when I saw a bottle with the name Platinum on it. Is that the lube stuff? I opened the bottle and poured a little bit of liquid on my finger. It was soooo slippery! That has to be the lube stuff! I put the giant penis back and put the bottle in my pocket. I went back downstairs, and Nana was still on the phone. I stood there for a minute, and she finally asked me if I needed anything. I told her I was going up to my apartment, and she asked me to turn off the movie first. I did and went up to my apartment. As soon as I got inside, I put the bottle of lube stuff on my bed and took off my clothes. I kind of like being naked now! It makes me happy! I laid down on the bed. My penis was already big! I didn’t even touch it yet! I opened the bottle and poured some of the lube stuff in my hand. I rubbed it all over my penis, and wow! It was so slippery, but it felt better than anything I’ve ever felt! I switched hands and took my slippery fingers down to my hole. Two of my fingers slipped right in. I wanted to find that spot Timmy finds every time, and there it is! Wow! My whole body got real warm, and I started moving my fingers in and out of my hole while I rubbed my penis. I started to have the orgasm, and I sprayed my sperms all over my face and in my mouth. I was breathing so hard! It was like when I swim for a long time. I was out of breath—and covered in my sperms. I got out of bed and took a quick shower. Do you know how hard it is to get sperms out of your hair? I did it, though. I dried off after my shower and went back into the apartment. After I fixed the bed, I put the lube stuff in my drawer. I couldn’t wait for Timmy and me to go to bed! I was going to give him the best goodbye present ever! That night, Mrs. Henderson stayed and had dinner with us. We had stuffed pork chops, Brussels sprouts, and fried apples. It was real good food. Nana and Mrs. Henderson cried a lot. They said it was because they were happy and sad at the same time. They were sad because they were going to miss each other a lot. But they were happy because Papa and PawPaw wanted Mrs. Henderson to stay and help them when they moved in. That made her happy. I just wanted to get Timmy back into the apartment, so I could give him my goodbye present. We finally made it to the apartment. When Timmy closed the door, I wrapped my arms around him, and we kissed. “I have a surprise for you, Timmy!” “I like surprises.” “I know. We need to get ready for bed, first.” Timmy started to take off his clothes, and I did the same thing. He started to go to the bed, but I told him I wanted to take a shower with him first. “Okay.” We went into the shower and cleaned each other. Our penises got big pretty fast, but I told Timmy that we would play with them when we got to bed. After we were clean, we finished our shower and dried off. We pulled the blankets back and laid on top of the bed. We started kissing and touching each other. I told Timmy to lay back on the bed, and that I learned some things on Google that I was pretty sure he would like. “Okay.” I remember the video and one of the things the boy did. He kissed the other boy’s nipple. He also licked and sucked on it. Timmy liked it! It made him make moaning noises and call out my name. I didn’t answer him because I knew he was feeling good. Sometimes I call out Timmy’s name when he makes me feel good. The next thing I did was slide down the bed. I asked Timmy to pull his legs up to his chest and hold them there. When he did that, his hole was right in front of my face. It was pink and wrinkly. I touched it with my finger and it moved. “Are you ready, Timmy?” “Yes, please.” I stuck my tongue out and licked his hole. I was real glad it didn’t taste like poop! I just tasted like Timmy. I like that taste. Timmy liked my tongue touching his hole. I like making him feel good, too. Pretty soon, I started using my whole tongue, and it was making Timmy moan more than he ever has before. I knew what was next, but Timmy didn’t! When I started to push my tongue in, Timmy was surprised! “That feels so good, Noah! Keep doing that, please!” I kept pushing my tongue in and out of Timmy’s hole when all of a sudden, it started to squeeze around my tongue. Timmy yelled out that he was shooting his sperms. When he stopped, I looked up at Timmy and smiled. “Did you like that, Timmy?” “Yes, Noah. I liked that a lot. Do you want me to do that to you?” “Not yet, I’m not finished.” “There’s more?” “Yes, Timmy.” I got off the bed and went to the nightstand, where I took out the bottle of Platinum lube stuff. “What’s that?” “It’s called lube stuff.” “What’s it for?” “It makes my big penis real slippery.” “Why do you want your penis real slippery?” “So I can put it in your hole. Would you like me to do that?” “I liked it when you put two fingers in there. I wanted more than that yesterday, so I’m pretty sure I would like your penis in there.” I got back down in front of Timmy and stood on my knees. I poured some lube stuff in my hand and began to rub in on my penis. Timmy just watched me. “You look real pretty, Noah. I like watching you put lube stuff on your penis.” “Are you ready?” “Think so. What am I supposed to do?” “When I watched the video, the boy had a pillow under his butt. I think we should do that first.” “Okay.” Timmy grabbed a pillow and put it under his butt. “Now, you need to spread your legs apart.” “Okay.” “Can I put my penis inside you now?” “Yes, please.” “There are two things the internet said. The first was that I am supposed to push in a little bit at a time and do it slow. The other thing is that when I push in, you push out.” “Okay.” I put the tip of my penis on Timmy’s hole and pushed in slow. Timmy’s eyes got wide, and he made a face when he pushed out. “Oh! Hold it there a minute, please?” I did what Timmy said, and I couldn’t believe how warm it was inside his hole. After a little while, he said he was ready for more. I started to push in again. I couldn’t believe how tight and warm Timmy felt around my penis! I could feel him push out as I pushed in. I knew my penis rubbed against his special spot when Timmy’s eyes got real big, and he moaned real loud. “Oooooh! Noah! That feels so good! Go all the way in, please!” I did just what Timmy wanted and pushed in as far as I could. He reached his arms up, and I lowered myself so he could wrap his arms around me. I lowered my lips to Timmy’s, and we started to kiss. Without even thinking about it, I started to move my hips and began moving in and out of Timmy’s butt. Timmy was moaning and moving his hands all over my back. He put his legs up and around me, and I found that I could push in even deeper. Wow! It felt so good being inside Timmy! “Do you like my penis inside you, Timmy?” “Yes! You can go faster now, please. Go faster, please!” I started moving faster, and before long, I was pushing in and out as fast as I could. We were both getting sweaty, and that made our bodies slide against each other. There were so many good feelings happening. It always feels good when Timmy and I are kissing. I also like the way his fingers felt on my back. It felt real good the way our bodies would rub against each other. I really liked feeling Timmy’s great big penis between us. But the best feeling of all was the way Timmy’s butt wrapped around my penis. It was so warm and tight. It felt a hundred times better than anything we have ever done together! Timmy and I were both moaning and breathing hard. Timmy then shouted, “Noaaaah! I’m—I’m—I’m gonna shoot my sperms again!” Timmy held onto me tighter and tighter, squeezing me with his arms and legs. I could feel his penis shooting the hot liquid between us, but the best feeling was how his butt squeezed around my penis! That made my penis shoot sperms inside his butt. I don’t think I’ve ever sprayed sperms so hard and so long in my whole life! This was definitely the best feeling in the world! When we finished shooting our sperms, I collapsed on top of Timmy. We kissed some more, and I asked, “Did you like my surprise, Timmy?” “Yes, it was the best surprise ever! Can I do that to you?” “Yes, please! But not right now. I think I need to rest a little.” “Me too.” We didn’t talk anymore. We both fell asleep for a little while. Timmy woke me up with a kiss. “Should we take another shower? We’re kinda messy.” “Okay.” My penis had slipped out of Timmy’s butt, so I was able to get out of bed pretty easy. I held my hand out to Timmy and helped him get out of bed. We took another shower and cleaned up. We crawled back into bed and held each other. “I’m going to miss you, Noah. I’m really going to miss the things we do in bed together.” “Yes, but I’ll be back next month, and you can stay with me. We’ll still do fun things in bed.” “Okay.” We didn’t get to play anymore. We both fell asleep while we were holding each other. We woke up and got dressed for breakfast. While we were eating, Timmy’s mommy came to pick him up for school. We said goodbye, and he hugged me. Nana and Timmy’s mommy looked surprised when we hugged. We had never done that before in front of anybody. While we were hugging, Timmy whispered in my ear, “I love you, Noah.” I told him I loved him, too. And then they were gone. I started to sniffle a little, and Nana put her arms around me. “It will be okay, little one. You’ll see Timmy every time you come back here to visit your Papa.” “Yes, I know. Can we go to Daddy and David’s house now?” “Let’s clean the dishes and get our suitcases. The movers will be here tomorrow and get the things that we will want in New York. Are you excited? We’re going to see Daddy and David this afternoon!” “Yes, I miss them. I’ll be happy when I see them.” “Me too, Noah. Can you go to your apartment and bring your suitcases to the car?” “Yes.” I went to my apartment and had to make two trips so I could get my suitcases down the stairs. I took them to Nana’s car, and she put them in the back. Mrs. Henderson came out of the house and walked to me. “Noah, I’m going to miss you and your beautiful smile. You are a wonderful boy. Can I give you a hug?” “Yes, please.” Mrs. Henderson gave me a hug and a kiss on top of my head, and then she and Nana hugged each other. They both cried a little bit and said goodbye. Mrs. Henderson stayed on the porch and waved goodbye while Nana drove away. I plugged my headphones into my iPad and plugged my iPad into the power in the car. I started to watch Toy Story while Nana drove to New York. It was a long drive to New York. Well, it took longer in the car than it did on the airplane. When we got to a place called New Rochelle, Nana said we would be there in about an hour. She asked me if I was hungry. I was. We stopped at Wendy’s, and I had some chicken nuggets and French fries. Nana had a salad with chicken on it. When we finished eating, we got back in Nana’s car. She looked at me and smiled. “Let’s go see Daddy!” “Yes, please. And David!” “Yes! Are you getting excited?” “Yes, please. The closer we got to the city, the taller the buildings got. I could see the tallest buildings in the distance. That was New York City, and Daddy and David were there!” A little while later, Nana told her phone to call Charlie—that’s Daddy’s name. She said when Daddy picked up the phone, I could tell him we would be there in twenty minutes or so. “Hello?” “Daddy?” “Is that my beautiful boy?” “Yes, it is. But I’m not a boy anymore—remember?” “That’s right. Let me try again. Is that my beautiful man?” “Daddy! You already know it’s me!” “Oh, you got me there, Noah. Are you getting close?” “Yes, Nana said I could tell you we would be there in twenty minutes or so.” I hear David’s voice in the background, “Is that my buddy Noah?” “Hi, buddy David. Nana is driving and said we will be there in twenty minutes or so.” “I can’t wait to see you and hold you in my arms, son. I’ve missed you so much!” “Me too, Daddy—and David.” “Darling, the traffic is getting heavier now. I’m going to hang up. We’ll see you both soon.” “Love you, Mama!” “I love you, too—both of you—so much!” Nana was right! It was about twenty minutes later when we pulled up in front of Daddy’s house. Daddy and David came running down the front stairs and told Mama to grab our suitcases. He would take the car to the parking garage and show her where it was later on. It was hard for me to get out of the car because cars were moving beside it. I started to get worried, but David walked out to the street and stopped the cars from moving so I could get out. I got out, and David told me to get on to the sidewalk so he could hug me. I did that and waited for him. David closed my door and helped Nana with the suitcases. They got everything to the sidewalk, and Nana hugged David. I stood there and waited for my hug. When David hugged me, he said, “Hi, buddy! Welcome to your new home!” “It’s a pretty home—big, too!” “I missed you so much, Noah! I’m glad our family is back together!” “Me too. Where did Daddy go?” “He went to park Nana’s car. It’s in another building down the street. He’ll be here very, very soon. Would you like to get something to drink while we wait for him?” “Okay.” We walked in the door, and there was a sign across the entry that said Welcome Home Nana and Noah! That made me smile—Nana did, too. “Apple juice, buddy?” “Yes, please.” David took my hand and walked with me to the kitchen. “Beverly? Pinot Grigio?” “You know me well, David!” David poured two glasses of wine. He said one was for Nana, and one was for Daddy. “What are you going to drink?” David pulled two boxes of apple juice out of the refrigerator and said, “I like drinking apple juice with my buddy!” That made me smile. I really like David. Just then, Daddy walked in the door and ran back to the kitchen. He kissed Nana and said, “Welcome home, Mama. I’m so happy you’re here!” Daddy held his arms out to me and took me in his arms. “You are my handsome young man, Noah. I’m so glad you’re here now!” “Me too, Daddy.” David handed me my apple juice when Daddy let go of me. “A toast?” Daddy smiled and said, “To our family—back together once again—and ready to begin a new adventure in New York City!” Everybody said, “Cheers!” and took a drink. I was excited, but at the same time, a little scared. I didn’t know anybody here. Timmy wasn’t here—and tomorrow I was going to go and visit my new school. I hope I can make a new friend like Timmy. I miss Timmy already.
  14. And there will many so many answers in the wrap up of this book! :-D
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