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  1. FlyOnTheWall

    Talking it Out

    I hope you realize that with my stories, things are never quite what they seem. Trust me, there's a BIG surprise with dear old mother coming up later in the story!
  2. GOODNIGHT & GODSPEED CHAPTER 2 – Epic Life: Talking it Out GREYSON I was lying in my bed, trying to get to sleep, but my phone kept buzzing. It was Lucas. Sometimes he would leave a message. Sometimes he would leave me a voicemail. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hear what Lucas had to say. I was an ass. SEVENTEEN YEARS EARLIER Raphael was my best friend. We practically grew up together, and since we were both five, we were pretty much inseparable. It was Rafe’s sixteenth birthday. With my new driver’s license, I drove us out to our cabin in New Jersey. I still couldn’t believe Mom let me drive alone! The weekend trip, all the food, and the bag of pot was my present for Rafe. I like those kinds of presents—especially since I get to enjoy them, too! When we got to the cabin, we opened everything up, let the place air out, and fired up the grill. We had steaks for Rafe’s birthday dinner. I pulled out my notebook that had all the instructions Mom had written out so I could make Rafe the perfect dinner. Before we started cooking, Rafe rolled a couple of joints, and we sat out back and enjoyed the hell out of them. We were most definitely feeling no pain. The steaks and baked potatoes were perfect. Mom had also packed a birthday cake in the cooler. It was the best cake she had ever made! When I said that to Rafe, he giggled and said it was because I was stoned. He was probably right. We watched a movie that he had brought with him. It was called Boys Briefs. Rafe said it was a bunch of short films about boys who were the same age as us. What he didn’t tell me was that the stories were all about boys and their first loves…and they were all other boys. I was confused. I knew I wasn’t supposed to like those kinds of stories, but hell—I was stoned and didn’t have the strength to object. Besides, it was Rafe’s birthday, and he was allowed to pick the movie. I wondered if he was trying to tell me something. After the movie ended, Rafe asked me if I liked it. I told him there were a couple of stories that I enjoyed. He just stared at me for a while. Then, he took a deep breath. “Grey, I chose this movie because I wanted to let you know—I’m just like them. I’m gay, Grey. Please don’t hate me.” Rafe started to get a teary-eyed. I wrapped him in my arms and told him to stop being stupid. “I kinda figured that was what you were trying to tell me, Rafe. You didn’t see me get up or look uncomfortable, did you?” “No.” “That’s because I’m your best friend. You’re mine. You’re the most important person in my life, Rafe. I love you because of who you are—not because of what you are.” “I was so scared, G.!” Rafe wrapped his arms around me and cried some more. I told him not to be sad, and he said it was because he was so relieved. “I love you too, Grey.” Rafe pulled his head off of my shoulder and looked at me—right into my eyes. “I really do love you.” He leaned forward and kissed me. Hell, it was only the third kiss I’ve ever had in my life. It was really nice. I started to kiss Rafe back. He was moaning, and that was getting me excited. He reached down between us and put his hand on my cock—my cock that was getting hard pretty fast. No—can’t do it! I pulled away from Rafe and ended the kiss—and everything else. “I’m sorry Rafe. I can’t. I’m not gay!” “But you were hard, G. You said you loved me.” “No. I can’t. I’m not gay.” I got up, ran to the bedroom, and closed the door behind me. Rafe didn’t talk to me for the rest of the weekend, and we ended up leaving early to head back home. I lost my best friend that night. I ruined everything because I was a chicken-shit friend. I lost my best friend. In my mind’s eye, all I can see is the look on Rafe’s face. It was this strange mixture of hurt, shock, anger, confusion—and for the rest of my life, I will never forget that look. Then it hit me—it’s the same mixture of looks that I had just seen on Lucas’ face. For the second time in my life, I put that look on another person’s face—another person I cared deeply for. I picked up my phone and didn’t even bother looking at the eight texts—or listening to the three voice mails. “Grey.” “Hi, Lucas. I hope I didn’t wake you.” “No, I couldn’t really sleep.” “Me either. Umm—look—would you be okay to talk a bit? I think that’s the only way either of us will be able to sleep tonight.” “Good idea. How do you want to do this? Phone? Meet somewhere? I’m good with whatever you want.” “Thanks. Why don’t you come to my room?” “On my way.” LUCAS “I can’t. I’m. Not. Gay.” The look in his eyes was nothing but pure terror. I was shocked, hurt, and a little pissed. Greyson Myers was giving me those “I’m into you” signals all day. There was the way our arms would brush against each other while we walked on the beach—and he never backed away. But it was the way I would catch him looking at me. It was so much more than a casual glance. I could feel his eyes bore into me. No one—not even Erik—had ever looked at me with such intensity or—I don’t know—curiosity, maybe? By the time we were eating dinner, I knew I was into Grey more than anyone in years. It was a good, if not perfect, fit. I had never shared my story of Erik’s passing with anyone—well, not the entire story. I have never told anyone about the actual reasons he had for doing that to himself. But with Grey, I just knew I had to tell him everything—truthfully. When he held me in his arms while I cried my ass off, it felt good. Grey had given me the permission I could never give myself—the permission to let things go. But then, I had to go and fuck things up by kissing him. He kissed me back. His tongue danced with mine. Then he moaned—and freaked out. Before I could say anything, he was practically out my door. I tried to text and apologize, but I got no answer. I sent Grey a few voicemails, and nothing came back. The best man I’ve met in years wanted nothing to do with me. And now—I’m heading to his suite. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I have to believe in the Epic Life process. As hard as it is, I have to believe that all of this is exactly what Greyson and I need. 728. Here goes nothing. I knock on the door, and almost immediately it opens. Damn! Grey looks completely stressed. “Hey, come in.” I walk in the door, and Grey leads me into the living area. There’s a teapot on the coffee table with two glasses. “I made some lavender tea. It’s supposed to help you relax.” “So, the smart thing isn’t just an act, huh?” I was happy to see the corners of Grey’s mouth do a slight upturn. I’d take anything on the positive side right now. We sat down, and Grey poured the tea. “Do you take anything in yours?” “No. I like my tea all by itself.” “Cool. Me too.” We each took a sip, set our cups down on the table, and at the same time said, “I’m sorry, Lucas/I need to apologize, Grey.” We both smiled, and I told Grey to go ahead. He told me about his best friend and how they went away to celebrate his sixteenth birthday. His friend came out to him as part of a very emotional conversation. Grey told me that his friend confessed that he was in love with him. They kissed, and things ended in much the same way as our evening ended. Grey took my hand in his and leaned toward me. “I lost my best friend because I couldn’t handle the fact that someone was in love with me who I couldn’t love back in the way he wanted. When I got back to my room, I thought a lot about that night. When I remembered the look on Rafe’s face when I told him I couldn’t do it, it was practically identical to the look on your face. “In just one day, I found this amazing man who found his way into my life. In just one day, you became the only other man that I have been comfortable enough to let in. We haven’t known each other for even 24 hours, but I know that what we have started is far too important to lose. I want you in my life, Lucas. No—I need you in my life. I’m sorry—so fucking sorry—that I allowed my own insecurities nearly destroy what we have started.” We just sat there and looked at each other and smiled—eventually. “Thank you, Grey. I appreciate your telling me that. But, I need to apologize to you as well. So—do you remember me telling you that since Erik, my only relationships have been the quick one-night stands I would get from Grindr. I’m really not a slut—at least I don’t like to think of it that way. “You see, I’ve not been able to allow any man to get anywhere close to me—emotionally—since Erik died. It just hurt too much to go to that place. But even those weren’t typical hookups. I would seldom allow the other guy to do anything to me. I was in charge. I did the sucking. I did the fucking. When I was done, I would thank him for a good time and push him out of my bed. Oh—and there was hardly ever a kiss—not even a chaste one.” “How did that make you feel after your guy walked out the door?” “Dead inside, to be honest. No matter what I would say or do, I had zero influence on what Erik ended up doing. No matter how much I would show him I loved him, it wasn’t enough. He went and killed himself despite me or my feelings. Those Grindr hookups were a way for me to take control. It’s ironic when you think about it. I went from having no control in my relationship with Erik to having total control in my hookups. The irony is that I didn’t feel any better about things after the hookups.” “Am I hearing this right? Do you want to control me and whatever this relationship we have developing.” “No! Not at all. For the first time since I first met Erik, I found someone I wanted actually to share my life with. And I fucked it up. I completely misread what I thought were signals from you—that you were interested in something—I don’t know—more?” “Now that you mention it, I probably was sending you signals that could have been taken in a completely different way. Okay, Lucas—your eyes—you do realize that you have these hypnotic eyes, don’t you? I couldn’t look away from them—no matter how hard I tried. It was like you were pulling me in with your eyes. I was trapped. Does that make sense?” “Of course it does, Grey. You see—you have the same thing—eyes that pull someone in so deeply that they can read your soul—that they can see your heart. Of course, I thought it meant that you wanted me—and the little touches all day only confirmed that—in my mind. The more time I spent with you, the more attracted to you I became. For the first time in years, I found a hot guy with an amazing brain—and I wanted to figure out how to build a relationship for the ages. And for all that, I am sorry. I hope we can move past this, Grey. You are the most important person that’s come into my life for a long, long time.” “Really? You were that attracted to me? You? Have you looked in a mirror lately? You are easily the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. Your mind—your outlook on life—those things only make you even more attractive. I’ve never looked at a man this way. It scares the shit out of me, Lucas. I—I—I can’t be gay—even if I wanted to be.” “You know, you can’t decide if you are gay or not. It is what it is—you are, or you aren’t. It’s like this—I didn’t choose to have this wavy-as-hell blond hair. It’s what I ended up with. I didn’t choose to be attracted to guys. It just happened. I’m gay—whether I want to be or not.” “Are you happy that you’re gay?” “I’m happy with who I am, yes. And today—for a short time—I was so fucking happy I was gay because I finally found this amazing man that I wanted in my life.” “I’m sorry. I wish I could be what you want me to be—and for you, I really wish I could be. But—I just can’t. I can’t be gay. It would kill my mother.” “And that’s why you are here. Didn’t you say that you wanted to start living for yourself and not others?” “Yes, but my mother has been through so much, I would never do anything to add to the shit she has to deal with.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I guess it started with Dad dying when I was just twelve. He left my mother with two boys—a twelve and seventeen-year-old. If that wasn’t hard enough on her, Sammy—my brother—made Mom’s life a pure hell. He was always getting into trouble. He’s a total smart-ass and does shit without thinking how his actions might affect the people around him. He’s been married and divorced twice already. He has a daughter that he pays child support for, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. That kills my mother—she wants to spend time with her granddaughter. “But for my Mom, the worst part is her awareness of people talking about her behind her back. It makes her feel useless and embarrassed. I think the absolute worst thing a Jewish mother has to endure is knowing that she’s the subject of the temple gossip.” “And so you deny yourself the things that might make you happy in order to keep your mother happy with you?” “Pretty much. After Dad died, I was the only one she could be proud of. I was the only one she didn’t have to worry about. If I can give my mom even the slightest amount of happiness, then I’m happy to do that. And I know it’s fucked up. I know I need to change that about myself. But I’ve done it for most of my life. The divorce was the first time I let Mom down. It’s been harder on her than on me, actually.” “Grey. This breaks my heart.” “I know—it’s terrible.” “No. I don’t think we're quite on the same page. I would like to try something with you that I learned when I did the Epic Invitation weekend a few months ago.” “Epic Invitation?” “It’s a weekend-long version of this program—kind of an introduction.” “Okay. Why do you want to do this now?” “They did it with me. It can get pretty intense. I don’t want you to have to go through that in front of the whole crowd.” “Okay—I guess.” “Can you trust me? I should tell you that I might get rather personal. But I will also tell you that no matter what I say, it will be much gentler coming from me than from Francesca. She can be brutal.” “Really? She seems so kind.” “She is—Francesca Gideon is exactly what she needs to be to get what she needs to get done. And you will love her when this thing is over.” “Did it help you when you went through it?” “Yeah. It helped me realize that I needed to get to a place in my head where I can let go.” “Okay. I trust you. I would rather do this with you than with Francesca.” We both gulped down the rest of our tea. I turned on the sofa and faced Grey. I took his hands and told him to take a deep breath. He did, and I began. “Grey, you’ve shared a lot with me today. That means so much to me. I don’t know if I can truly put it into words.” Grey smiled and nodded—although he looked terrified at the same time. “Relax. I promise you that anything you say to me will stay with me and no one else will know what you say. Okay with that?” “Yes. And thank you.” Grey took another deep breath, and I gently squeezed his hands. “Okay. I want to talk about your friend Rafe. You said he showed you a film that was a collection of gay love stories. How did you feel about that?” “It was okay with me. It was his birthday. I told him we could watch whatever he wanted to watch.” “I get that, but what I’m asking is what was going through your mind when you realized that the boys on the screen were attracted to each other? What did you think when you saw them kiss?” “I had never seen anything like that before. I mean, I was a pretty naïve kid. At first, I was pretty shocked. I didn’t even realize two boys could do that sort of thing together.” “Did it bother you? How did you feel about watching two boys kiss?” “I don’t remember it bothering me. I remember thinking it was interesting—fascinating, even.” “Did it excite you?” “What do you mean?” “Did it turn you on?” Grey chuckled and said, “Of course it did. I was sixteen years old and a total virgin. Trust me, at that stage of my life, watching two of anything getting it on would have turned me on.” “When Rafe told you he was gay, what was the first thing you thought? Do you remember?” “Yeah, I remember thinking it didn’t matter. Rafe was my best friend, and nothing would ever change that.” “But something did change that.” “Yes. Rafe kissed me.” “A kiss on the cheek, perhaps?” “No—it was a full-on, deep kiss—full of tongues and moans.” “So, you were participating in the kiss?” “Well, yeah. I was stoned—relaxed—in the moment. It was my first kiss, too.” “What ended the kiss?” “He put his hand over my cock.” “How did that feel?” “It felt good—and that scared the shit out of me. I knew it was wrong. I knew I wasn’t supposed to like that.” “Okay, I get that. Tell me about the first time you and Elizabeth kissed.” Grey went into some deep thought and then huffed. “There’s not much to tell. It wasn’t anyone’s first kiss.” “Who initiated the kiss?” “Oh. That would be Elizabeth.” “And?” “And?” “How was it. Do you remember your feelings about that kiss?” “No. I honestly don’t. I mean, I remember it happening. I remember Elizabeth’s fingers in my hair. Weird, huh?” “No, it’s not weird, Greyson. It is what it is. If you find it weird, then it can be weird. If you find it perfectly normal, then it’s perfectly normal. What I feel about your first kiss with your ex-wife is of no real significance. How would you describe your physical relationship with Elizabeth.” “At first, we had sex quite often. I got into it. I was relieved that it worked well.” “You weren’t expecting it to?” “It’s not that I had any expectations. I just wanted everything to feel good—and to go well—I wanted to make Elizabeth feel good.” “And then?” “After a few months, it just was happening less and less. We were both really busy with our careers, and both of us would blame it on our crazy schedules. I started to feel bad about things when we began to pretty much ignore each other when we were actually together.” “I’m sorry to hear that. Do you think there was a reason that the two of you lost touch with the friendship you had?” “Yes. There—there was a reason.” Grey reached for his teacup, only to find it empty. “Can you say what it was?” “I—I’ve never told a single person what the real reason was. It’s—I don’t know—embarrassing, maybe?” “No need for embarrassment. Like I told you—there’s no judgment whatsoever here.” “There was someone else.” “For you? For Elizabeth?” “Elizabeth. A hot new photographer her agency had started to use. She told me that he made her feel things like she had never felt before—both emotionally and physically.” “How did hearing that make you feel?” “Inadequate. Useless. Like a total loser.” “That’s understandable. How do you feel about it now?” “Like I failed. But I’m okay. I’m here to move on, right? Figure things out, right?” “Right. Okay, Grey. We’re going to talk about the last twenty-four hours. Look at me, please?” Grey slowly raised his head and looked at me. When I could feel those beautiful eyes lock into mine, I continued, “Please, please know that there is absolutely no judgment on the things we are about to say to each other.” “Of course. I may not understand it, but for some reason, I have complete trust in you, Lucas.” “That makes me really happy, Grey. Thank you. Now, this time, when you answer a question, you can ask me something back. This will be more about two-way communication. Okay?” “Yes, definitely.” Grey was still locked into my eyes—as I was his. “Umm—Lucas? Umm—can I hug you before we start this part? I don’t know why, but I just feel the need to hug you.” I held out my arms, and Grey wrapped his around me. I couldn’t believe this beautiful man—an international celebrity—was hugging me. Actually—he was holding on for dear life. Grey began to tremble in my arms. I wrapped one arm tighter around his waist and moved my other hand up to his head. I pressed his head against mine and whispered in his year, “Relax Grey, there is nothing to be afraid of here. I have your back.” “Thanks, Lucas,” Grey’s voice was shaky, but he kept talking. “I’m just a little—no, more than a bit afraid of—of—what I’m probably going to be saying now.” “And that would be?” “Let’s just wait and see how this conversation goes, okay?” “Of course, Grey. Take a deep breath. Let the tension out.” He did what I had asked him to do. But rather than pull away, he settled his head against mine. “Okay. I’m ready.” His head didn’t move. “Grey? Do you want to move your head?” “No. This is better for me. You make me feel better—more relaxed.” “Okay. Can you tell me how you felt this morning when you and I saw each other for the first time?” “I don’t have any words for how I felt. It was—I don’t know—like nothing I’ve ever felt before. All I knew was that I couldn’t pull away from your eyes. It’s your eyes. They’re amazing—magnetic, even. How did you feel?” “It’s funny you said there are no words. I speak three different languages, and still can’t come up for a word to describe how I felt when you let me look into your soul. But, I guess I would say that there was a calm that I haven’t felt in years—and feeling that calmness got me excited. It seemed like you were a little excited, too. Were you?” I felt Grey’s head nod. “Yeah. It was nice, too—well, until I started thinking about it. I can’t even remember the last time I got hard like that—without being touched. And then it kind of freaked me out that I was getting spontaneous wood over another man. It didn’t matter that he is easily the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.” “Did that ever happen with Elizabeth?” “No, it’s never happened with anyone. That’s why I’m so fucking confused.” “Okay. So I have a question for you. What to the letters in LGBTQ stand for?” “Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer.” “Good. But for a lot of people, the ‘Q’ also stands for ‘questioning.’ I think that might be where you are. You don’t have to place a label on what you’re feeling, but you certainly can question those feelings as you figure out what they mean to you.” “Yes. I think that’s what I’ve been looking for. The journalist in me wants to classify what all of this is. Maybe if I can identify what’s going on, I can relax a little more.” “Exactly. You don’t have to be gay—or bi—or queer. But you can explore without feeling the pressure to classify your feelings or yourself in any particular way.” Grey looked into my eyes again. Only this time, I could see the relief overcome his body. “Thank you, Lucas. You’ve helped me make sense of all this commotion going on in my head. I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough.” “You don’t have to thank me, Grey. Just seeing you relax and accept yourself is all the thanks I need.” Grey placed his hands on either side of my face. The corners of his mouth turned up ever-so-slightly before he leaned toward me. He gently pushed his lips against mine and began one of the sweetest and most gentle kisses I’ve ever experienced. I held back my urges and let Grey control what was happening. It wasn’t long before I felt his tongue pushing into my mouth. GREYSON Yes, I initiated the kiss. I didn’t think about it. I just went with what my heart told me to do. That in itself was a major breakthrough for me—following my instincts before I let my brain talk me out of or into the stupid shit I’ve done my whole life. But that kiss. It definitely didn’t feel stupid. If felt—amazing, perhaps? I know I’ve never felt someone’s soul in a kiss. I know I’ve never felt so connected to someone else with just a kiss. When Lucas broke away from the kiss, he gave me the sweetest smile as he ran his fingers through my hair. “You okay?” “Yeah. I don’t want to do anything else, though. I mean—if that kiss was any indication, I’ll most likely want to do a lot more stuff—but not yet. Is that okay?” “Grey, you can do whatever you feel like doing—whenever you feel like doing it. I will never pressure you into something you’re not ready for.” “Thank you, Lucas. Can I ask one more favor? This might be a strange one, though.” “Anything.” “Would you consider staying with me tonight? Nothing physical. I just feel like I won’t get any sleep at all if I’m alone with my thoughts. My thought processes can sometimes fuck me over big-time.” “Of course, I’ll stay with you. And, so that you know, I think I would be in the same predicament tonight.” And that’s how I woke up for the second day of Epic Life—with the most beautiful man I’ve ever met wrapped around me. I don’t know why, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t just have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in at least seven or eight years. I sighed, smiled, and pushed back into the arms of Lucas Bachman. Surprisingly, I didn’t freak out when I felt his hard cock pressed into my back. Oh, and I may or may not have accidentally rubbed up against it a couple of times, causing Lucas to hold me tighter. In just twenty-four hours, a lot of things have changed in my life—and I get to just be in the moment and see how it all feels. That should scare the fuck out of me. But somehow, with Lucas, it seems to be okay. We’ll see.
  3. I did get the first chapter posted!
  4. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER TWENTY: An Amazing Young Man Spring break was almost here, and that meant two things. I was going to spend my week at the ocean house with Billy. He was going to do some stuff to help David, and I was going to be back at the aquarium! The other thing was David’s benefit concert for Bridges to Adelphi. I don’t think anyone was more excited that our friend Felix. He had been playing the piano for the Chorale while we rehearsed A Jubilant Song, and David asked him to turn pages for him during the concert. I didn’t realize that was such a big thing, but Felix was more excited about turning David’s pages than anything else I’ve seen him get excited about. David started the concert with something called Rhapsody in Blue. He told the audience that while it is usually played with an orchestra, George Gershwin also wrote a version for solo piano. David’s second piece was called Morceaux de Fantaisie, Op.3. He told the audience it was by his favorite composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff. The third piece he played was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and when he finished playing that number, the Chorale walked out onstage and performed with David. It was really cool to be singing on the same stage that David was playing on! When we finished the song, the audience stood up and cheered. That was really exciting! David held his hand out to the Chorale, and the cheers got even louder. David smiled at me and nodded his head. That made me happy. The audience wanted David to play another song, The Chorale went backstage, and David sat at the piano again. He started playing Chopsticks—just like he did on Ellen! I was confused because his friend that played with him wasn’t there. Billy and I got excited when David pointed to Felix and had him come out to the piano! Felix played along with David, just like his friend did on Ellen. He even knocked him down to the floor! When it was over, David hugged Felix and bowed with him. When they walked backstage, Felix was bouncing up and down on his feet. He had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! After the concert, Dad and David took Felix, Billy, and me out for a late dinner at Sweeney’s. There was applause when we walked into the restaurant, and David nodded his head to the people. Felix talked to a man behind the front desk, and he took us to a private room for our dinner. The Chorale’s Spring tour was even more exciting. We did a real good job on all of our concerts, but the best was Carnegie Hall. Billy’s dad and brother sat in the front row with Dad, Nana, and Mr. Vincente. David did the same program he did at Adelphi. Everyone enjoyed the piece we sang, and the audience went crazy when David and Felix did their Chopsticks number for the encore. Spring break was the best time ever! One night Billy and snuck out of the house and went down to the beach. It was so dark and quiet when we took our clothes off. I’d never been naked outside before, but being naked and kissing Billy while his gigantic cock got hard between us made me want just one thing. Billy was expecting me to want him to fuck me. He brought the lube. He said he wanted to fuck me in the ocean. That’s when I learned the best thing about silicone lube! Billy was behind me as we stood in water up to our chests. He had slicked up his cock and my ass before we got into the water. I spread my legs apart, and Billy knelt down just enough for his cock to find the entrance to my hole. I’ve decided that the best feeling in the whole world is Billy’s big cock moving inside me. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper—until it feels like it’s going to reach all the way to my throat! The first time his cock hits my spot, I wanted to scream out—it felt that good! Billy put his hand over my mouth and told me I had to be quiet, though. When he started moving in and out of my butt, he kept his mouth close to my ear. He started talking like a bad boy—which is one of my favorite things he does. “You like my fat cock inside your tight ass, baby?” “I love how your amazing ass squeezes my cock, Noah. You’re driving me fucking crazy!” “Take it, baby! Take my big dick all the way!” “I love fucking the hottest boy on Long Island! I’m gonna make you mine, Noah!” When he says stuff like ‘he’s gonna make me his,’ Billy makes me love him more and more. He likes it when I tell him that, too. After a few more minutes, Billy tells me he’s getting close—that he’s “gonna breed that hot, fucking ass!” He reaches around and grabs my hard cock and has me shooting my sperms into the ocean after just a couple of strokes. “I love you, Billy! God, I love you!” That’s when I feel that big cock pulse and expand while Billy fills me up with a lot of his cum. Do you know how hard it is to stand up in the ocean when your cock is spraying cum into the water, and your boyfriend is filling your ass with his sperm? I’m glad Billy was holding on, or I would have just fallen into the water! It was really nice seeing my friends at the aquarium again! The Great White and the Tiger were happy to see me—so were the dolphins and penguins. But Oscar was the happiest. He moved over to see me faster than I’d ever seen him move before. Of course, I was happy to see him, too! If I were a sea lion, Oscar would definitely be my boyfriend! Mike told me that they were going to be getting another shark in a few weeks. It was going to be a Hammerhead! He was pretty young—like a shark teenager—but it was still going to take a little while for the other sharks to get used to him. It was really cool when Mike asked if I would be able to let them know about the new shark. That was neat—it was the first time since the Tiger got sick that I was going to use my ability to help the sharks! I went into the tank with Mike, and the sharks came to see me. I told them I had some exciting news for them. When I told them that they were going to get a new shark, most of the other sharks seemed pretty excited. The Tiger was concerned that I might not have as much time to be with her. When I explained that I had other friends in the park—and that Oscar the sea lion wanted me to be his boyfriend, she thought that was silly and realized that I would never stop being her friend. The Great White got really quiet after I shared the news with the tank. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that he needed to make sure that this new shark knew who was the leader of the tank. He didn’t want any trouble. I told him that he was more than the leader of the tank—in my mind, he was the leader of the whole park. I explained that the hammerhead was very young—like a human teenager—and then he seemed to be upset again—in a different way, though. He wasn’t thrilled that the new shark was a hammerhead. He said he remembered them to be rude and they only cared about themselves. I explained that maybe it was because it was a little harder for them to eat their food than it was for the other sharks. I thought that maybe a hammerhead needs a little more space than the others in order to get the food into their mouths. When the Great White started to agree with me, I mentioned that maybe he would like to really show the rest of the sharks what a good leader he was by being nice to the hammerhead and helping him feel welcome when he got there. He told me I was probably right, and that he would think about it—then he swam off. I guess he was done talking to me! The rest of Spring semester went well. My grades were good, and that made Dad and David happy. Every time I got a good grade on an exam, Nana would have Mr. Vincente make me something, and they would drive it up to Billy and me. That’s another thing—Billy thinks that Nana and Mr. Vincente are getting closer and closer. I told him I thought that was silly. Mr. Vincente is at least twenty years younger than her! Billy asked if I ever thought about how old he was when we were making love—or kissing—or just talking. He made a good point. But—Mr. Vincente and Nana? I didn’t really like the picture I got in my mind—not one bit! What made me really think he might be right was when he mentioned that whenever we went on a trip, Nana stayed in New York—with Mr. Vincente. It’s not like she had a job that she needed to stay home for, and there wasn’t any other reason that she needed to stay behind. Oh, my God! Could Mr. Vincenty really be fucking my Nana? I didn’t even know old people could even have sex! Billy kept laughing, and then he said, “You’re damned right old people can have sex—and when we’re old, you better believe that I’m still gonna stuff my big ol’ cock into your wrinkly old ass every chance I get!” That made both of us laugh—and then I stuffed my cock into his young and smooth ass! When Summer came around, I moved into the ocean house with David. I worked Monday through Friday and helped Jaxon feed the animals. When I would get home on Friday afternoon, Dad and Billy would be waiting at the house. Nana would almost always stay back in the city with Mr. Vincente. Hmmm. Maybe Billy is right about them, after all. When I started working at the aquarium again, I was surprised to see that the Great White was being very good with the new Hammerhead. In fact, he was treating his new tank mate like a parent would treat a son. It was kind of fun to watch them get along—even though they would bicker at times. The best news in the tank was that the Tiger was pregnant! I asked Mike how that could be since she had surgery on one of her ovaries. He told me that the doctors used artificial insemination and were able to steer clear of that ovary, even though there had been no major damage to it. She told me she was excited that she was going to be a mother. She just hoped she knew what to do. I told her I thought she would do great. I didn’t know that really—I just wanted her to stop worrying. One night during the summer, Billy and I snuck out of the house and made love on the beach. We only did that once—and I never want to do that again! No matter how careful we were, I had sand in places I never imagined sand would be! I was not happy—but I still love Billy more than ever! Sophomore and Junior years of college were pretty much the same as my Freshman year—even though my classes got harder, and I had a lot of homework. I was supposed to be a Bridges mentor my Junior year, but there weren’t as many boys. That meant I didn’t have to have a live-in mentee. Adelphi had some student apartments on campus, and Billy and I applied to move into one. Since I didn’t have a student to mentor, the university accepted our application! It was a townhouse with a living room, dining area, kitchen, and a half-bathroom downstairs. Upstairs were two bedrooms. We decided to use one for our study area, and the other bedroom, as Billy would say, was our room for fucking, loving, and when we were done with that--sleeping. Dad and Nana helped me set up the apartment while David and Billy went to get furniture. It was so exciting to have our own place! Billy said it was just practice for when we got married. Now, Billy has made me happy so many times since we’ve been boyfriends, but for some reason—when he said “when we got married,” it made me so happy that I almost started to cry. That night—after Billy made love to me in our new bed—he was lying on top of me. His cock was still inside me, and he kissed me. He looked down into my eyes and smiled. “You know, I meant it when I talked about when we get married. Noah Danner, you are the most amazing boy I’ve ever known. I’m a better person just by having you in my life—and I want to spend the rest of it with you. I love you.” “B-B-Billy? Are you asking me to marry you?” “Well—I guess I am. I never thought I would ask you with my cock still buried inside you, but yeah—will you marry me, Noah Danner?” “Well, I think it’s a perfect time since you just made love to me. But yes, I would like to marry you. Do you want to marry me, too?” “Yeah, Noah. I want that more than anything!” “Okay. But we should wait until we finish college. I don’t think our Dads would like it if we got married before we were ready.” “Or before they were ready!” We both laughed a little, and then Billy kissed me. While he was kissing me, I could feel his cock getting hard again while it was still inside me. “Fuck me again, Billy! Please fuck me again.” “I’d rather make love to you again.” “Okay.” And he did. Senior year was even more exciting. I told Dad that I didn’t want to be a part of the Bridges program in my senior year. Don’t get me wrong—that program helped me with college more than anything else. I really wanted my last year of college to be as close to what my life will be like when I’m out in the real world. We kept our apartment from Junior year, and we started to make our plans for after graduation. When I finished my last summer at the aquarium, Mike asked me to go and see him in his office. Mike had just been named the director of the aquarium, and he asked me if I wanted to come back after I finished school. He wanted me to join the aquarium staff full-time. I told him I would be excited to feed the animals all the time. Mike smiled at me and said he had a different idea. With my degree in marine biology, he felt that all my hard work in college could be put to use in a better way. Mike said he wanted me to be the Education Director for the aquarium. I would be in charge of tours and seminars. The best part was that I would be able to see my friends even more than before! I had a job! No—I’ll have a career! Even though I was excited about my future at the aquarium, Billy was even more excited. Billy and David got closer and closer the longer we were together. Billy was surprised at how crazy David’s schedule was, and couldn’t believe how messed up his calendar was. Billy sat with David a couple of afternoons over the summer and showed him how to organize his schedule better. By the time they had finished, David had realized that with the system Billy had come up with, he could let his management team manage his career and leave the rest of his life to a personal assistant—who ended up being Billy! The big day finally arrived, and our families were on campus for graduation! Dad was sitting with me in the living room. He had tears in his eyes—and a smile on his face. “You are my amazing boy, Noah Danner. I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years since that cold January afternoon when I had you in my arms, telling you not to be afraid, letting you know that I was there for you. “If you had told me back then that I would be here to watch you graduate from college and listen to you give the valedictorian speech for the College of Science—well, I would never have thought it was possible. But now, when I look back and see all the amazing things you’ve surprised us with over the years—well, I get it now. There’s nothing in this world that you can’t do. You have made me, David, your Papa, and your Nana so incredibly proud.” “Thanks, Dad. But you know it’s only because you, Papa, Nana, and David have let me be myself. You let me grow up in my own way—in my own time—you should know how important that has been for me. I don’t know if you understand how important it was that you let me make choices. You let me make my mistakes and helped me learn and grow from them. You helped make my good choices special. I might be different than most other kids, but I’m pretty sure I’m the one who had the best chances to grow up and move forward.” Dad leaned in and wrapped me in his arms. Yes, he was crying. He still told me he was proud of me. “You’ll always be my beautiful boy, Noah. Always.” “And you’ll always be my—uhm—Dad?” It was strange sitting on the stage with the University president and the Dean of the College of Science. When the president introduced me, I stood and pulled my cards out of my pocket. I didn’t really need them. I had my speech memorized. I talked about how the school had prepared everyone to make their way into the world. I talked about how it was up to us to make a difference. Some of us would have the chance to change a bigger part of the world than others, but if we each did everything we could to make a change in the world around us, then we would be making our school both proud and respected. It was time to wrap up my speech: “All of us will have some very special memories of our time at Adelphi. So many of my early memories are from the Bridges program. The staff, mentors, and my fellow students of the Bridges program quite literally made a rewarding university experience possible for someone like me. “Someone like me. Four years ago, when I would think those words, I would think of a scared boy who was challenged by being on the Autism spectrum. I believed I needed a special program because I was burdened with a disability. But then I learned something. A disability is actually a different ability. I learned that there wasn’t a thing that I couldn’t do—if I would only allow myself the chance to do it. “I was even more inspired as I saw my fellow students in the College of Science realize that I was no more different from them as they were different from each other. It was awesome when someone would ask me for help on a subject they were a little weak in. It was even more awesome to feel comfortable enough to ask any of my fellow students for help whenever I would need it. “To wrap things up, I would like to share some advice that I got from a friend at my summer work. He taught me the value of love. He taught me that no matter the situation you may find in front of you—if you approach it from a place of love, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to handle just about anything. He told me, ‘All you need is love.’ “I told him that the Beatles said the same thing. Of course, he had no idea who the Beatles were. You see, my friend Oscar is an enormous, kind, funny, and loving.. sea lion. I hope that every one of my fellow graduates is fortunate enough to find their own Oscar. Thank you.” Dad and David took all of us—including Billy’s family and Felix—to Sweeney’s for one last celebration dinner. It’s so obvious that Felix has a big crush on David. Billy teases him about it all the time, too. After dinner, Dad and David stood up at the table and toasted Billy and me. Then they told us that for a graduation gift, they were giving us the ocean house! They redecorated the master bedroom to look like my room at the townhouse—and the one I had been using at the ocean. They also said Elliot would be our new Mrs. Henderson. He would be there every day to make sure we had good food, and he would also make sure the house was cleaned. Billy was worried about living in Westhampton while being David’s assistant. David said they could meet every morning via the internet and Zoom. When there were times they needed to meet in person, David would either drive to the ocean house, or Billy could drive into the city. “Um, that makes a lot of sense, but I don’t know how to drive—or have a car.” Billy’s dad handed an envelope to him. Wow! Billy’s graduation gift from his dad was a brand new Toyota Prius! There was also a gift certificate to the Hampton Bays Driving School. Nana then handed me an envelope. Oh, wow again! She gave me a Prius and a driving school certificate. “Thank you, Nana! But do you all think they’ll let me drive?” “Yes, you have come so far along on the spectrum there should be no problem. I think the only place you would want to drive is to work—and that’s when Billy can’t take you. You should be able to do that without a problem.” The next day, everyone helped Billy and me move into the ocean house. We were so happy to have a home—our own home! Me, Billy, and the dog—life was perfect! Even better, we would go out to the beach a lot at night. We hardly ever made love on the sand, but the ocean sure does have a lot of our cum floating around in it! About a week after starting my new job, I had a visitor—a sweet young man—also on the spectrum—who wanted to be an intern and part-time employee while he was in high school. I knew this boy, too! I’d met Jonah Prescott several times when he would come and visit his brother, Mike—the new director of the aquarium. Jonah told me he wanted to be just like me—he said I was his hero. “Thank you, Jonah. That’s very nice of you to say. But, the world already has a Noah Danner. It also has a Jonah Prescott—who is a pretty wonderful young man. So, together we can set goals for you—and I’ll do whatever I can to help you achieve them. But before we finish here, would you like to go into the shark tank with me?” “Yes, I would enjoy that.” I called Mike and asked if he would like to join his brother and me in the shark tank. He met us there. We all got into our suits. I was proud of Jonah when it came to the helmet. Mike helped him, and he was able to put it on despite his fears. The next thing we knew, we were in the tank. The Great White, Tiger, and Hammerhead were the first to come to the cage. They were happy to see me again (I had already been there earlier in the day), and I introduced them to Jonah. I noticed that he connected immediately with the Hammerhead. I told the other sharks that Jonah was going to be coming to the aquarium and would be doing what I used to do and help with the feedings. They were all happy with the news. The Great White told me that they liked having people help them that they could talk with. I told him how much I liked having animals that I could talk with. It works both ways. I took Jonah back to the office with Mike and told them that I wanted to bring Jonah on board. Jonah’s smile was so big his eyes sparkled. Mike helped him fill out the paperwork, and I took Jonah back to get him his uniform and badge. When Jonah left, I thought back to Aaron School and those daily spotlights of all those famous people on the spectrum who led incredible lives. Those were the people I looked up to. I refused to listen to all the people who believed I couldn’t do things because I was “different.” I won’t ever be famous like those people—and I’ll never be talked about in those spotlight lessons. But I know I’m living my own incredible life. I have a job that I love. I have an amazing man that I love—and loves me right back. I have a home, an amazing family, and next week—a driver’s license. You know? If I can make a difference in Jonah Prescott’s life—if I can help him find his amazing life—then every challenge I’ve been through in my life will be worth it. Jonah Prescott will become an amazing boy!
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  9. We performed that piece my freshman year... conducted by the composer. Yes, so much of my stories are based on my life... just not "good stuff!"
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  11. GOODNIGHT & GODSPEED CHAPTER 1 – Epic Life: Day 1 Those eyes. Those fucking eyes. I can’t stop looking at them. I’m glad we can’t talk right now, I have no idea what I would say. I’m not supposed to think you’re beautiful. I need to think about naked old ladies with saggy boobs. That’s it—long, droopy boobs. I broke away from his stare and started moving around the room some more. I would smile and nod at the others as we came face-to-face. Fuck! I keep running into him. It’s weird as shit – the way we just look into each other’s eyes and smile. “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Francesca Gideon, and I’m your moderator for the next two weeks. I hope you got to know some of your fellow participants in our first exercise. “I noticed that quite a few of you seemed to have found a special connection with one or two people. If you haven’t, that’s perfectly fine. However, for those of you who think you have made that special connection with someone, go to that person now. If you haven’t found anyone yet, please move to the left side of the room.” Well fuck, my left or her left? By the time I realized that people were moving to our left side of the room, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and turned around, pretty sure I knew who that hand belonged to. “I’m Lucas. I know you felt the connection, too. Yes?” How the hell can someone’s eyes smile? I was speechless. Literally. Speechless. I kept looking into his eyes – Lucas’ eyes. At least I smiled and nodded. Fuck, I can’t be rude. “Greyson—but call me Grey. And, umm – yes.” “I know who you are. At least the public version of you.” “I’m sorry. I don’t think that’s the real me. But then, I guess that’s why we’re here.” “Is that why you’re here?” “Not really. I’ve been going through a lot of personal shit, and it feels like my life is in this way-too-deep rut. Why are you here?” “No ruts. My life is pretty good. I just want to see how much better I can be – I want to see how I can make a difference.” Lucas has a slight accent. It’s hard to place, though. “Where are you from? I’m trying to place your accent.” “Spiez – in Switzerland. I grew up speaking German, French, and English. In Spiez, most people speak German. I suppose that’s what you are hearing.” “Alright, ladies and gentlemen. If you have found a partner, please step off to the right side of the room. The rest of you step to the center, please.” Francesca paired off the rest of the group rather quickly – it’s like she’s done this many times. Once everyone paired off with another participant, Francesca stood on the small stage and spoke again. “Welcome to Epic Life. Everyone here has now been paired off with someone who I promise will become one of the most important aspects of your journey. It’s now time for our second exercise of the day. You have ninety minutes. You and your partner are welcome to go anywhere on the resort property. The only requirement is that you learn about each other. Share and learn.” One of the guys across the room raised his hand and asked if he could please visit the bar with his partner. Francesca said we could go anywhere on the property and that we were expected back in 90 minutes. Interestingly, she didn’t answer his question. “Where would you like to go, Grey?” “I’d love to go to the bar, but I don’t think I need to be doing any day-drinking right now.” “Walk on the beach?” “Sounds like a plan!” Lucas and I made our way out of the meeting space and down to the beach. It was beautiful. The resort sat on a crystal clear lagoon, and the beach seemed to go for miles and miles. We took a right and started walking. I don’t know why I didn’t know where to start. So that’s what I said. “I don’t know how or where to start.” “I understand. Why don’t you ask me a question?” “Okay. What do you do in Switzerland?” “I’m from a wealthy family – old money that’s been in our family for generations. My father took some of his money and built a resort – great skiing in the winter. What do I do? I do what’s expected of me. My father wants me to take over the resort when he retires. I don’t know if that’s what I want to do with my life. I just know there’s something out there – and I’ll know what it is when I find it. “And you, Grey – I understand that you’ve just been through a difficult divorce. How are you holding up?” “I’m okay. Elizabeth is my best friend – she has been for years. Our careers both took off, and we grew apart. We’ve not spoken since the divorce became final. I miss her, but I don’t miss the awkwardness we had when we would be together at the end of the things. Are you married?” “No. I’ve never had any desire to get that involved with someone else. I like the freedom I have. I don’t want to lose it. I’ve had boyfriends, but I tend to end things once a guy starts feeling too close.” “So you’re gay. That’s cool.” “I like being gay. My father isn’t crazy about it, but he accepts it. My mother would have been cool with it, but she passed away when I was eleven. How did your family take your divorce?” “My father died when I was thirteen. I have an older brother who lives his life on the wild side. He drives my mom crazy. I just try my best to be a good son, so she doesn’t have to worry about me. She’s a typical Jewish mother – always questioning my decisions, always concerned that I’m making her proud. But – more than anything – she’s always worrying about what everyone thinks. I think the thing she hates the most about the divorce is all the whispers in the background when she walks into Temple.” After walking for quite a while, we found a small park with benches, but more importantly, a coffee truck. “Shall we?” “An excellent idea, Grey.” We each ordered a cup of coffee and found a bench to sit on. We looked out over the ocean and silently drank our delicious caffeine. Five Weeks Ago: “Is their someone else, Greyson? Are either one of you cheating on the other?” “No, Mother. We’ve just grown apart. We fell out of love with each other.” “That’s not a reason to end a marriage. Your father and I fell in and out of love so many times it was ridiculous. But we never considered ending our marriage. It’s not what you do. People expect you to ride out the lows and hold on for the highs. Have you even considered what people will say?” “Mother, it doesn’t matter what people will say. They will read all about it in the gossip rags and entertainment magazines – and each of them will try and figure out the reasons for the divorce. Not one of them will get it right.” “And everyone I know will read those stories. And everyone will whisper behind my back when I go anywhere.” “Mother. How many times have I told you that my brother and I can’t live our lives in a way that will keep your busybody friends quiet!” “Greyson! You don’t have to raise your voice to me. And besides – those ladies are not…” “Are not what? Busybodies? Friends?” “Grey? Are you okay? You seem lost in thought.” “Oh. Yeah. Just thinking about my mother – and how difficult it can be to live up to her expectations.” “I would think that with all of your successes, she would be incredibly proud of her son.” “Oh, she loves being the mother of a celebrity news anchor. At the same time, she never lets me forget that I have a responsibility to live my life in such a way that I don’t embarrass myself – or her.” “It sounds like she should come to Epic Life and learn how to live her life for herself – not for her friends.” “She would never do something like this. She would rather die than have anyone else – especially strangers – learn her secrets.” Lucas looked at his watch and said we should head back. He heard if you were late, you were not let into the session until after the next break. So we headed back to the resort. We talked more about our lives, discovering that we shared a lot of the same opinions and beliefs. I discovered that I was more comfortable with this awesome man from Switzerland. Something in my gut told me that Lucas Bachman was going to be an important part of my life for quite some time. Strange – that made me happy – and terrified me at the same time. We walked back into the meeting space, and Francesca made it a point to greet each of us by name. Impressive. She has barely spent twenty minutes with each of us, and she already knew us by name. I hope she shares her secret with us. “Welcome back. I trust that you and your partner learned about each other during the last 90 minutes. Before we break for lunch, I would like each of you to share with us what you have learned about your partner. While personal details are welcome, what I’m really interested in are the things you have learned about each other that are a result of the cumulative details.” For the next fifteen minutes, we listened to various people talk about their partners and stupid shit like their hobbies and gardens, grandchildren and spouses – I don’t know, it all just seemed so trivial. Well, things seemed that way until Lucas was called on to talk about me. He looked at me as if he were asking permission. I looked at Lucas and smiled, letting him know he could say what he wanted. I hope that wasn’t a big fucking mistake. “Hi. I’m Lucas, and most of you probably know my partner is Greyson. And yes, I’m pretty sure most of you think you know Grey because you let him into your living room five nights a week. I mean, c’mon, I thought I knew him. “I think the thing I learned that surprised me the most was that none of us know Grey. Sure – we see him on our televisions and computers five or six times a week, but that’s not the man I began to see this morning. Grey is just like all of us – only his private shit tends to get chewed and spit out in the gossip rags. Grey’s a good man. From what I’ve learned about him – the next two weeks are going to be great for him – you know, help him learn how to make choices in his life that are for him – and not for the people he’s always trying to please.” What the fuck? I can’t believe Lucas said all that to everyone! What. The. Fuck! Why was he looking at me with those fucking gorgeous eyes? What? Oh. It’s my turn. “Hi. I’m Greyson. You can call me Grey. This is a little awkward – and I’m sure it’s not going to be the only awkward time I get to deal with during this thing we’re doing. What have I learned about Lucas? Wow. The man is a lot more insightful than I imagined. I guess I have to be a little more careful with the information I share.” “That’s not exactly what I’m looking for. Tell us, what do you think your partner could gain from participating in this program?” “Okay. Lucas has what I perceive as a pretty remarkable life. It boggles my mind to imagine the type of person he might become when he finishes Epic Life.” I looked at Lucas, and he was smiling at me – with those eyes. What the fuck is it with those eyes? I’ve never been into eyes before – especially a guy’s. Well, he is a pretty remarkable man – maybe part of that is because of those eyes. We spent the rest of the morning listening to the other people talk about their partners. I kept looking for someone else to get into their partner’s shit like Lucas had done with me. Nope. Didn’t happen. When lunchtime rolled around, we were instructed to have lunch at the resort. We were also expected to have lunch with our partner and continue learning about each other. Great. I just need to share a little less with Lucas. That’s it. We decided to have lunch at the pool bar. One thing we both agreed on was we should take advantage of every chance to get some fresh air since we were going to be spending the bulk of our days indoors. I had the Adult Grilled Cheese. I don’t know why I ordered it – the name had me intrigued. It sounded like something naughty. Lucas thought that was hilarious. He ordered the Fish Tacos for his lunch. While we were waiting for our food to arrive, I asked Lucas what made him think that I needed to learn how to make choices for myself. I was trying not to look pissed off, but I don’t think I was doing a very good job. “Please don’t be angry with me, Grey. You mentioned that all you wanted was to make your wife – well, ex-wife now – happy. You talk about how you have to make sure you don’t fuck up around the paparazzi, so you keep your image intact. It kind of broke my heart when I realized that you were always doing things and making choices based on the expectations of the other people in your life. Not once did you mention one thing that you chose to do for yourself.” “Wow. I’ve never looked at things from that point of view. You’re right. I’ve been living my life for everyone around me. And now that I think about it, I don’t know if I can think of something I would even choose for myself. That’s probably why I’ve been feeling like I’m in this rut. I’ve completely lost myself.” “Wow. Grey, this is amazing. We’ve been here for a half-day, and you’ve already had a breakthrough. I’d say it was a pretty significant breakthrough, too.” “I don’t think it’s much of a breakthrough if I have no fucking idea what to do with this new information.” “Maybe that’s why you’re here? Maybe Epic Life is going to help you find those things you want back into your life? You know – all those things you’ve let fall to the wayside.” “We’ll see. I was a little pissed off at you for saying that, but now that you’ve explained it, I see where you’re coming from. It’s cool, Lucas – very cool.” Lunch arrived, and we ate pretty much in silence. And I’ll be damned if that Adult Grilled Cheese wasn’t the best damned grilled cheese I’ve ever had. It was made with sourdough bread, four kinds of cheese, bacon and tomato jam. I could tell from the sounds Lucas was making, his fish tacos were pretty amazing as well. After lunch, we went back to the conference space and found the chairs arranged in circles of four groups of seven. We were told to sit anywhere we wanted, and once everyone settled, four people joined Francesca on the stage. “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you all had a wonderful lunch and got to know each other a bit more. I would like to introduce you to Hope, Jack, Ron, and Olivia. These astonishing people will be your coaches throughout the two weeks you are here. Each one will join one of the groups you have found yourselves in. All four are graduates of the Epic Life programs and will guide you and your fellow team members through the program.” The four coaches walked down to the main floor, and each sat in the empty chair. Jack joined our group. “Hi folks, I’m Jack Weston. I’m here to help you have the most amazing two weeks of your entire life. I’m here to guide you, encourage you, listen to you, and pretty much help each of you find the Epic Life you so richly deserve. Now, let’s go around the circle and introduce ourselves to the others – just your first names for now.” There was Isaac and Kevin. They were a mess if I’m going to be honest here. They both looked absolutely terrified. Bella and Naomi looked like they were more excited to be in Hawaii for two weeks than they were to see what kind of changes might come to their lives. After Lucas and I introduced ourselves, Jack asked if we chose each other as partners, or if Francesca had put them together. Isaac and Kevin found each other. Bella and Naomi were assigned. We spent the next 90 minutes in our circle, talking and asking questions. Jack was an expert in leading the conversation in a way that we all felt comfortable sharing things that we normally would keep to ourselves. When I shared some of the details about my marriage and divorce, Jack stopped the discussion and leaned into the circle. “Now, before we continue, I want to address the elephant in the room. We have a celebrity in our group. But – and this is vitally important for all of you to understand – he’s here for the same reasons you are. Everyone in this group will be sharing things that will be personal and are not to be shared outside of this group. “Before we continue,” Jack handed a sheet of paper to each person in the circle, “we require that each person signs this non-disclosure form. Everyone participating in Epic Life is required to sign this document.” Everyone took the time to read the document and signed it. It’s funny, the sense of relief I felt when I realized that I was going to be able to participate without worrying about the gossip rags getting hold of my shit. Lucas asked Jack if everyone who participated in Epic Life had to sign a non-disclosure form. I was surprised when Jack said everyone was required to sign one – including himself. He signed a form, took the others from our group, and took them to the table where Francesca was sitting. The rest of the afternoon was spent with a great lesson on the boxes we all live in. The one thing I thought was so cool was that we need to learn to stop “thinking outside the box” and learn how to make our box bigger, so all those unique things we usually didn’t do (or think of) became part of our norm. The afternoon ended with the entire group standing in a circle and sharing one emotion they were experiencing. We finished and were told to spend the evening with our partner. Damn. I’m glad I like Lucas – and that he apparently likes me. That would certainly make for some awkward times, right? Lucas invited me to his suite for dinner. We decided to order in and relax. We ordered some fantastic steaks, along with a baked sweet potato and crispy Brussels sprouts seasoned with macadamia nuts and horseradish. Of course, we ordered a couple of bottles of Pinot Noir to go with dinner, and by the time we finished eating, we were both relaxed and feeling little, if no pain. We made our way out to the terrace and watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The sound of the ocean and the general nature that surrounded the resort was even more relaxing than the wine. We were sitting side-by-side in the wide double chaise. Out of the blue, I asked Lucas, “Do you have a boyfriend? Someone special in your life?” “Oh no – I’ve not had a boyfriend since Er..” And that was it. That was all he said. Lucas took a rather large drink from his wine glass and stared out at the ocean. Was that a tear falling down his face? “Lucas, you can tell me about it. It seems like this is something you are holding on to. You’ve certainly been there for me all day. Let me be here for you.” Lucas took a deep breath – still looking out to the water. “Erik. His name was Erik. He was the most amazing boy I had ever met in my life. He said I was the most amazing boy he had ever met. We were seventeen. Neither of us had ever even considered the possibility that either of us was gay. “Our friendship grew – what’s the word – exponentially, that’s it. Our friendship grew exponentially, and we ended up telling each other our feelings while we were on a trip to Paris.” Lucas was utterly lost in his thoughts as he continued speaking in a quiet, monotone voice. “We had just arrived back at the hotel from dinner when Erik took me in his arms and told me that he couldn’t help it, he had fallen in love with me. Of course, the same thing had happened with me. We kissed and were both surprised by the intensity of that kiss. “We had no idea what we were doing, but we spent the rest of that weekend in bed – exploring each other’s bodies and discovering all the fantastic things we could do to bring pleasure to the boy we were in love with. “A couple of months later, we told our families about our relationship. I was terrified, but everyone was relieved that we had finally told them. Apparently, we weren’t very good at hiding our feelings for each other.” Lukas finally smiled as he thought about his amazing boy. “We were inseparable. Erik and I did everything together. For his 18th birthday, I took him to the Val Gardena ski resort in Italy. He was so excited – I was too. We were both expert skiers, and Val Gardena has some of the most challenging slopes in Europe. The first two days were the happiest two days of my life. We skied all day, made love all night – it was heaven. “It was the third day – the worst day of my entire life. We were skiing down the most challenging slope on the mountain. I was skiing in front. Erik was behind me. I was halfway down when I realized Erik wasn’t behind me. I stopped. I tried calling him. There was no answer. I decided to wait for him. “Only he never came. About twenty minutes later, I heard the helicopter getting closer. After another twenty minutes, I saw the copter flying back down the mountain. All I could do was get down to the bottom of the slope as quickly as I could.” “Lucas, I’m so sorry. You don’t have to…” “No, I need to share this with you.” Lucas was still looking out to the ocean as tears were falling from his eyes. My heart was breaking for him. I took his hand and held it while I rubbed it to – I don’t know – make him feel better? “Erik had fallen on a patch of ice and wasn’t able to stop before he crashed into a tree. It didn’t kill him, but it left him paralyzed from the chest down. It changed his life forever, and he couldn’t understand that the one thing that never changed was my love for him. “Erik insisted that I let him go so that I could move on with my life. He never understood that he was my life. We started fighting more and more, but I never stopped loving him. If anything, my love for Erik grew stronger each day. “It was January 8th. We had just had the most significant argument we’d ever had. He yelled at me to leave. I did – it was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. That evening, I got a phone call from Erik’s sister. Somehow, he got a gun. He shot himself. “There was a letter. Erik apologized for hurting me. He also said if I couldn’t leave him, then he had to leave me the only way he knew how. That was a little more than ten years ago.” I wrapped my arms around Lucas and let him cry on my shoulder. “I’m so, so, so sorry. Lucas – I had no idea there has been so much sadness in your life.” “It’s okay. I mean, I’ve not had another boyfriend since, but I do tend to burn my way through Grindr whenever I’m in a new city. It’s not love, but it sure feels good when I get my rocks off.” “And you’re here because?” “I need to figure out how I can let Erik go, but still keep him in my heart. I need to move on with my life.” “If anyone can do that, I know it’s you. You can do this, Lucas.” There were those eyes again. How the fuck could they be so clear – and blue – just seconds after crying? How could those eyes… I was in the middle of a thought when the next thing I knew, Lucas’ lips were pressed against mine. All I remember thinking at first was how soft they were while being so firm and masculine at the same time. When he opened my mouth with his tongue, I remember wondering how a tongue could be both gentle and forceful at the same time. Wait a minute. Was my cock getting hard? Was I kissing a man? I pulled away from the kiss and looked into Lucas’ eyes. I shook my head as I caught my breath. “No – I can’t – I’m not gay!” I got up from the chaise and ran through the suite to the door. In seconds, I was down the hall and in the elevator. In minutes, I was crawling into my bed in my darkened suite. For the next hour, I could only ignore the persistent buzzing on my phone. I’m. Not. Gay.
  12. Greyson Myers anchors the the number-one newscast on cable. To the world, he and his wife Elizabeth were America's couple. At least until their divorce. Grey was not himself after divorce. With the encouragement of the network, his manager sends him to Hawaii for a two-week seminar called Epic Life. Greyson Myers has no idea what roads he will travel on his way to that epic life. Greyson Myers has no idea who the stunning man was who caught his eye at the very first session. Greyson Myers has no idea why it was a man that caught his eye.
  13. GOODNIGHT & GODSPEED Prologue “And finally, I’ll be taking a few weeks off for some personal time—which many of you may be aware of. I want you all to know that I’m good. The hard decisions were mutual. Elizabeth and I will always be close, and we both have every intention of remaining so. “That’s the news for tonight. For the National News Network, I’m Greyson Myers. Goodnight and Godspeed.” The stage manager counted down while I pretended to shuffle papers in front of me. “Clear!” “Thanks, Jules. I guess I’ll be seeing you in a few weeks.” “Yeah, Grey—because I’m not going anywhere, and you better get your ass back here in two weeks—not three—two.” “It’s going to be three weeks. I’m flying to Maui tomorrow morning for a two-week retreat. I’ll need some time once I return before I get in front of the cameras again.” “It’s going to be Hell around here with Jackson filling in. He’s so fucking full of himself.” “Jules, Jules, Jules—If he bothers you, speak to the Lannie. That’s what producers are for.” “I just hate that you’re leaving. I mean, I totally get it. I know it’s been pure Hell for you lately.” Pure Hell. That’s putting it mildly. The only thing worse than a celebrity marriage is a celebrity divorce. And of course, the paparazzi only makes it worse. You see, I’m in a rut—a massive rut. It’s been four weeks since Elizabeth and I got our divorce. Since then, my routine has been—well—routine. I’m in my office by noon. At 1:00, I meet with my producers and get the run sheet for the stories planned for the broadcast. Of course, if something happens during the afternoon, we get to scramble and go with a “breaking news” broadcast. With the “Orange One” sitting in Washington, that’s always a possibility. The afternoon is spent on the phone with different field reporters so we can settle on the setups for their stories. I answer emails—ignoring those that dwell on my personal “drama.” At 5:00, I’m in the makeup chair. At 5:45, I go back to my office and dress for the broadcast. At 5:55, I’m in the studio with the teleprompters cued up and ready to go. At 6:00, I begin The Nightly Report on NNN. It’s the same thing five days a week. I used to go out to our house in the hills of New Jersey on weekends, but that’s where Elizabeth is now. She got the Jersey house, and I got the Brooklyn loft. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’ve been in this rut for just a few weeks. It’s been more like a few years. Elizabeth and I began drifting apart after just a couple of years of marriage. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. When one person is the face of the number one cable newscast and the other is one of the top models in the world, the schedules can wreak havoc on a marriage. Tomorrow, it all changes. Well, that’s what Beverly tells me. Beverly Harris, my manager, basically ordered me to attend this seminar in Hawaii called Epic Life. She said the network called her and said something had to be done about my on-air mood. I didn’t think there was a problem, but when she showed me some video clips, I understood that I needed to make some changes and get my head out of my mopey ass. Beverly is also Elizabeth’s manager. That’s how we met—Elizabeth and I. We were at an enormous party that Elizabeth was throwing at Tavern on the Green. We both hated those parties and found each other hiding out in the background. We talked for hours and ignored the rest of the crowd, much to the chagrin of our manager. Elizabeth and I became instant best friends. Over the next two years, our careers—and relationship—blossomed. We were always together. Sometimes we might even get photographed together when the paparazzi had nothing else going on. As Elizabeth and I became better known to the general public, the rumors began to get crazier with each photo. It was Beverly who insisted that we get married. She explained how it would help our careers, and good or bad, we agreed with our manager. We ended up getting married. Almost immediately, we became the power couple—America’s Couple—as the rags labeled us. Our careers took off. Beverly got the cover of the most-read (looked at) swimsuit issue. NNN and Fox News were courting me. Beverly was masterful in getting the networks’ fight over me to gain some national interest. In the long run, things couldn’t have worked out better for each of us—things just couldn’t work out for us as a couple. We’re both determined to remain friends. It’s just all kinds of awkward for now. And now, I’ve been on this plane for nearly eleven hours. We’ve started our approach to the Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. I slept most of the trip over and was able to get in a shower before we made the approach. I was ready to face whatever what lied ahead. As soon as I got out of the airport, I was whisked to the Montage Kapalua Bay resort—the site of the Epic Life seminar. Nice digs! I may or may not find my so-called epic life at this place, but I most definitely found myself in an epic suite! I had a virtual apartment—living room, bedroom, kitchen, ocean-view terrace—it was heaven on earth. I unpacked and found a packet on the kitchen counter. I opened it and began reading: Welcome to Hawaii—and the journey to finding your Epic Life. We will begin our first session tomorrow morning at 8:00. We respectfully ask that until that time, you put yourself in a place of quiet reflection. Your meals will be delivered to your suite. Please use the room service menu for all of your meals until we meet. We also ask that you refrain from any alcoholic beverages or any sleep aids. We want your mind to be free and open when we get together. You and your fellow attendees have traveled from points all over the world. Please take the evening and sleep as much as you can. Tomorrow will be rather long and, at times, intense. Please look over the brochure before you turn in for the evening. We promise you will have time for the beach and spa amenities once we begin our journey. Please refrain from enjoying these tonight. We’ll see you at 8:00 tomorrow morning—on the Sunset Patio. I looked at my phone and saw it was 1:00 in the afternoon. I was starving, so I ordered a nice steak dinner with all of the fixings—and iced tea—although I really wanted a beer! After ordering dinner, I placed a call to Beverly and told her I had arrived. She told me that we wouldn’t be talking until after the seminar. I was surprised, but also a bit relieved. Beverly can be a handful. I ate and slept quite well that evening. Before I knew it, I was walking through the doors of the Sunset Patio with twenty-three other people. As I walked in, a very professional-looking woman greeted me and said I should walk around the room and meet the others. That sounded simple enough until she added that we were not allowed to say anything. So there I was, wandering around the Sunset Patio, smiling and nodding at the others minding my own business, but giggling when someone recognized me. Then it happened. He walked up to me and smiled. It was a smile of recognition—there was a different kind of connection. We just stood and faced each other, drinking in the other’s—something—with nothing but our eyes. I have never seen a man this stunning in my life—not even at one of Elizabeth’s model parties. Whoever this was—he was about my height, with eyes as blue as the Hawaiian sky. Those eyes—what the Hell? I’m not into guys—not even the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. No—I don’t mean beautiful. That would mean—oh, fuck—he’s gorgeous.
  14. Oh! It's not the end of the series. Just this particular story. The next book in the series is Hunter's story.
  15. THE BARNSTABLE CHRONICLES: Beautiful Boy CHAPTER NINETEEN: Freshman Year, Christmas Break Thanksgiving morning, I woke up with Billy’s mouth on my cock. I think that’s probably my favorite way to wake up in the morning. I’m never sure how long Billy has my cock in his mouth, but when I wake up this way, I’m usually pretty close to blowing my nut (that’s what Billy calls it) into his throat. After that happens, Billy moves his mouth down to my hole and gets me ready for his big cock. I’m getting more and more used to the size, but I’m never going to get used to how good my boyfriend makes me feel when he’s so deep inside me! I always end up blowing my nut again when Billy makes love to me—and I couldn’t be more thankful for my amazing boyfriend. I should think of those things if it’s Thanksgiving. That afternoon, Billy’s dad and brother showed up at the house. Mr. Vincente had plates of cheese and crackers so we could make it through the afternoon without getting too hungry. Mr. Miller kept thanking Dad and David for having his family over for Thanksgiving. He said it was the first time in years that he didn’t have to cook for a holiday. Billy’s older brother Grant was very different from Billy. He was a Senior business major at Ithica College. Mr. Miller said Grant was going to take over the business end of the restaurant and take that pressure off. Billy said it was going to be the perfect arrangement. His dad always hated the business side of the restaurant, but he loved cooking and developing the menus. Speaking of menus, Mr. Vincente made his best meal ever! He cooked the turkey out in the backyard. He had this thing full of hot oil, and he lowered the turkey into it and fried it. It was the best turkey I’ve ever tasted. It was real moist and tender and had the best flavor! The stuffing was full of the vegetables I helped cut up the day before. It was really good too, so that made me happy. Mr. Vincente also made asparagus that was crusted with parmigiana cheese, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had! He added something called pancetta, which he said was an Italian-style bacon, and he used four different kinds of cheese in it! I don’t know if I can ever enjoy the cheesey mac out of the box again—but I’ll try hard! After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room, watching a rebroadcast of the Macy’s Parade. The grownups all fell asleep while we were watching. Billy had his arm around my shoulder while I was leaning into him. Grant came to the sofa and sat next to Billy. “You know, when you told me you were gay and that you were with that asshat Devin, I was worried about you and the choices you were making. But now that I see you with Noah, I’ve never seen you so happy. I’ve never seen the boy you were with so happy. I’ll admit, both Dad and I were a little worried when you told us Noah was on the spectrum, but the more I get to know him, the more I realize that you couldn’t have found a better dude to spend your life with. I’m so fucking happy for you—for both of you.” “Thanks, Grant. I’ve always kinda been waiting to hear something like that from you. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it.” “Well, you know as well as I that you’ll never hear anything like that from Dad, but you should know that he’s just happy to see you like this—and just so you know, he thinks the world of Noah and his family.” Even though he was sitting in the chair next to the sofa—with his eyes closed—Mr. Miller said, “I heard every word you said, Grant. But you were wrong about one thing.” “Dad! It’s okay. You don’t have to say anything.” “Billy, I do have to say one thing. Was I disappointed you didn’t want to be in the family business? Yeah—maybe more than a little. Was I blown away when I heard you sing for the first time? Hell, yes! Was I concerned when you told me that your boyfriend was the student you were going to be mentoring? Yeah—until I met this remarkable young man. “Noah—I have never seen my son happier. I have never seen his face light up as I do when he talks about you. When Billy told me about you, I didn’t know what to expect—but I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with you. You bring this beautiful sense of calm—and peace—not just to Billy, but to everyone around you. Okay, that was more than one thing. I’m going to close my eyes now and enjoy my turkey coma.” Once the grownups woke up, Mr. Vincente brought down some pumpkin pie, coffee, and juice. It was so good, too! After dessert, Mr. Miller and Grant went back home. Billy and I wanted to go up to the terrace and sit in the hot tub, even though it was pretty cold outside. The hot water felt real good, but Billy’s kisses felt even better! It didn’t take long for both of us to get hard and horny. Billy asked if I would take him into the shower and be naughty with him. I’m not very good at being naughty with words, but I was naughty while I fucked him hard and fast in the shower. Billy said all kinds of naughty things while I was moving in and out of his hole. It always gets me excited when he talks like that. I was rubbing Billy’s cock while I was fucking him when he sprayed his cum all over the shower wall, and that made me spray mine inside him. On Saturday, Billy and David spent some time working on the recital while I helped Nana and Mr. Vincente make dinner from the leftovers from Thanksgiving. We made a turkey and pasta casserole. David had me shape the leftover dressing into patties, and he showed me how to fry them on the stove so they were crispy on the outside and real soft on the inside. Billy made love to me Saturday night and held me in his arms all night while we slept. I didn’t know it was possible, but it’s like every time Billy makes love to me, I love him more and more than I ever have before. David took all of us, including Mr. Vincente, out to brunch on Sunday. We went to a place called The Penrose. It was a big restaurant, and there were a lot of people, but the nice thing was that they divided up the restaurant into smaller rooms, so there weren’t a lot of people around us—especially since we had a bigger table. While we were finishing our brunch, Billy asked me if I would like to go to Rockefeller Center and ice skate. We had been to Rockefeller Center when David was on The Tonight Show, but I’ve never been there to ice skate. Dad asked Billy how we would get there, and he said we could take the subway. Uh-oh. I’ve never been on the subway. Dad always said it might be too much for me. That was why he always walked me to Aaron School, even though the subway would have been a lot faster. Only this time, Dad said he thought it would be okay since it was Sunday. It wouldn’t be as crowded, and if I had my headphones, it would be okay. I was just a little nervous, but as soon as Billy took my hand, I was fine. When the train got to the station, we got on one of the last cars since it had the fewest number of people waiting. The only thing I didn’t like about the subway was how bad it smelled underground where we were waiting. Billy said the smell was piss, and it was ten times worse in the Summer. That’s gross, but it wasn’t so bad when we got on the train, though. I liked how fast the train got us to Rockefeller Center. Nana would call the train ride an adventure when the truth was that it was the fastest and easiest way to get around the city. Billy told me that I wouldn’t like it during the week when everybody was trying to get to and from work. He said most people had to stand and everybody was real close to each other. I’m pretty sure I would hate that. The ice skating was a lot of fun. Billy was really good at it, so he taught me how to move around on the ice. I fell on my butt a whole lot of times, but it was still fun! When we finished, we went to a little restaurant across the street. We had hot chocolate and hamburgers. It was nice to eat warm food after being out in the cold. The subway ride back home was even better. There weren’t as many people, but I still wore my headphones because there was still a lot of noise. When we got back to the house, we packed our things so Dad could drive us back to school. Thanksgiving weekend was a good break from school, but now we had to get ready for our finals. Billy and I studied really hard every night. But my favorite time in the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break was the time we had Chorale. Ms. Faust finally told us about the recital and the tour. I was glad Billy and I didn’t have to keep everything a secret anymore. The only that was strange was when Ms. Faust told the group that David was one of my dads, and everybody wanted to ask me questions about that. Billy told everyone that they shouldn’t bother me with questions because I was still the same person I was before they found out about my family. David’s concert was going to be on the last Wednesday before Spring break. He asked that the chorale sing on the last number of the program. Ms. Faust was really excited because David picked a piece called A Jubilant Song. She said it was her favorite contemporary choral piece and that she got to sing it in college—with the composer conducting their choir! The composer wasn’t alive anymore, so she was going to conduct it. (You can listen to A Jubilant Song here.) I think we were most excited about the tour. Our first stop was the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. She said that David was going to join us for that concert so we could do the same piece there. We were also going to sing at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. After Baltimore, we were going to sing in a choral festival at Princeton University. The last stop on our tour was going to be Carnegie Hall! David was already scheduled to do a solo concert, and he added us to the end of his program! Billy started to cry when Ms. Faust told us about Carnegie Hall. I asked him why he was so sad, and Billy said he was happier than he ever thought he could be. Billy said that when he told his dad that he wanted to study music, the one thing he remembered his dad saying was that he would know that Billy made the right choice when he could sit in the audience at Carnegie Hall and see his youngest son perform. Okay—that was cool. A Jubilant Song turns out to be one of the hardest songs I’ve ever sung. Billy’s friend Felix was the pianist for the Chorale, and he said it was probably the hardest song he’s ever played for a choir. He was kind of freaking out about it, but Billy said that David had mentioned that he would be able to work with the Chorale pianist so they could each play it the same way. Weird. Felix was nodding, smiling, and crying all at the same time. Finals were tough, but I think I did well. College is definitely more intense than high school. I’m glad I have a mentor to help me get through all the complicated things. I’m even more glad that my mentor is my boyfriend. He helps me in a lot of ways. I was excited when finals were done and Christmas break began. Well, mostly excited. Billy and I were going to be apart for a whole week. But the part that excited me was that we were going to get on a plane and fly to Los Angeles! Ellen asked David to play some Christmas music for the last of her giveaway days. When David said he wanted to bring his family with him, she said okay. Nana said she wanted to stay in New York so she could help Mr. Vincente get ready for Christmas Day. We went to a different part of the airport the next morning. The big car pulled right up to the plane! It wasn’t as big as the plane I would fly to Barnstable on, but it was just for us! The night before we left, I Facetimed Sky and told him I was going to be in California for a few days. He looked real pretty. He had a suntan now, and his hair was longer. It wasn’t as long as Billy’s, but it still looked nice. He said he couldn’t wait to see me, and that he wanted me to meed Lex—his boyfriend. Lex? The only person I could think of with that name was Lex Luther from the Superman movies. I hope Sky’s boyfriend isn’t mean like that! The plane was really cool. It even had a bedroom in the back. Dad and David went back there as soon as we were in the air. I’m pretty sure they were having sex. They’re always having sex. It was nice that the plane had movies and internet. I talked to Billy with Facetime. He wanted me to get sexy with him, but I couldn’t. There was a girl helping with the flight, and she was sitting in front of the plane. Billy got naked anyway, but I had to make him stop because it was getting me too excited. I promised him we could play on Facetime when we got to the hotel. I have to tell you about the hotel! It was called The Garland, and it was set up a lot like the cruise ship we went on. Dad and David’s room had a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. I had a bedroom and living room, and it was connected to the other suite with one of those funny double door things. We got to the hotel at 1:00 in the afternoon, and I called Sky right away. He asked if Lex and he could come to the hotel and see me. I asked Dad, and he said it was okay. David had a rehearsal at Warner Brothers for Ellen, and he was going to go with him. I told Sky, and he said they would take me out and show me Los Angeles. About an hour later, there was a knock on my door. It was Sky! He had a big smile on his face, and we hugged when he came into the room. He introduced Lex to me—he hugged me, too. Lex wasn’t mean at all. He was real nice—and real pretty. He wasn’t as tall as Sky, but he had a lot of muscles. He said he was an art major at CalArts. Sky told me that he was also his boyfriend. I thought it was neat that both of us now had typical boyfriends. Dad and David came into the room to say hello to Sky. They were happy that he was so happy in California. After David and Dad left for the studio, the three of us went downstairs and got Lex’s car. The first place they took me was to In and Out for lunch. The hamburgers were real good, too. They drove me around and showed me some houses where famous people lived. We also went to Venice Beach. The ocean sure was a lot different than the ocean on Long Island! The waves were real big. Lex said that’s where he and Sky surf. They asked if I wanted to learn how to surf. I thought that would be a lot of fun, so they said they would pick me up early in the morning. They liked to surf early before the big crowds got there. I was surprised when they told me that they would pick me up at the hotel at 6:30 in the morning. I had to check with Dad to make sure it was okay, but I was looking forward to learning how to surf. He said I could go to the beach in the morning, but I had to be back by lunchtime so we could all go to the studio for the taping. I asked David if I could bring Sky and Lex with me, but he said that there weren’t any extra seats because of the 12 Days of Giveaways. He said that Dad and I would have to watch the show from backstage. The next morning, I had a cup of café mocha down in the lobby while I was waiting for Sky and Lex to come and pick me up. I was just wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops since Sky said I could wear one of his wetsuits. When we got to the ocean, I asked Sky where we were supposed to change. “We change right here.” “What?” Sky handed me a wetsuit, and while we were standing behind the car, they just got naked and put on the wetsuit. My eyes got big when I saw Lex. He was real pretty, and his muscles made a lot of lines and ridges on his body. Sky looked real good, too. I could tell he had been working out at the gym. Oh well—I took off my clothes and started to put on the wetsuit. “Wow, Noah. You look real good. You’ve been working out at the gym?” “Yes, you look good too, Sky.” “You’re both fucking hot!” We finished putting on our wetsuits, and Lex pulled three surfboards off the top of his car. We carried them to the beach. We put the boards on the sand, and Lex showed me how to lay on top of it and then hop up. Then we took it into the calm part of the water and tried it again. I fell in the water a lot but got used to it after a while. The next thing we did was swim out. Lex said the first couple of times I caught a wave, I should just kneel on the board and ride it in. That was a lot of fun! When it was time to try it standing up, I fell into the water the first couple of times. Whenever I fell in, Lex was always there and helping me back on the board. He sure was strong. I finally made it all the way in while I was standing on the board. It was exciting, and I got hugs from Sky and Lex. When we got back to the car, we stripped off our wetsuits and dried off. Lex looked at me and smiled. “Noah, you were awesome out there. I’m not surprised, though. I’ve heard some pretty amazing things about you from Sky—and I was—no—we were wondering if you would like to spend the evening with us at my place.” “Spend the evening?” “You know—have some fun in bed. I see how you’re looking at my body—and I know you can see how fucking hot I think you are.” “I—I don’t think I can do that. I have a boyfriend back in New York. We promised that we would only be with each other. I can’t break my promise to Billy. Please don’t be mad. Sky?” “We’re not mad at you, Noah. I think Billy’s a very lucky boy to have you as a boyfriend.” “Sorry dude. I didn’t want to freak you out, but hey—you never get what you want if you don’t ask for it. You fucking rock that body you have, Noah. This Billy dude is fucking lucky to have you.” “I’m pretty lucky to have Billy, too. But Sky—I’m glad you have Lex. He’s lucky, too.” “Yeah. Hey! We have time for some quick breakfast before we have to get Noah back to the hotel.” “Why don’t we eat at the hotel? We should be able to make it back in time for the buffet.” We made it back with plenty of time to eat. I had to take a quick shower before we went to the studio, so I said goodbye to Sky and Lex. It’s funny how happy I was to see Sky again, but all of those feelings I had for Sky in high school weren’t there anymore. I took a quick shower and got dressed to go to the studio. I wore my jeans and my favorite flowy white shirt. That shirt used to be flowy, but now that I’m getting muscles, it’s a little tight. Billy says it’s my sexy shirt. That makes me smile. They picked us up in a big car, and we went right to the studio. A lady met us and took us inside to David’s dressing room. David got dressed in his black leather pants, v-neck t-shirt, and wore the jacket that Dad made for him on Project Runway. Dad and I watched David play from the side of the stage. He played regular Christmas songs but made them sound like classical composers wrote them. It was real cool when the audience went crazy. Luckily I had my headphones ready to go. After David played, they went to a commercial break. Dad and I went back to the dressing room so we could watch Ellen talk to David. They talked about how David was a challenge on Project Runway, and Ellen made fun of him for not picking Dad’s design. David made sure to let Ellen know that he was still wearing Dad’s jacket. It was funny when Ellen picked up some blue cards and started to look through them. “I’m sorry, David. I just needed to check where I was going to go next, since I told you I wouldn’t be reminding everyone about you being a former Sexiest Man Alive. David’s face turned red when they put a giant picture of him in his Speedo. She reminded everyone how David helped raise $20,000 for her gorilla fund. She thanked David again and went to another commercial. Just then, someone came back to the dressing room and said we needed to get ready to go out and meet Ellen. I looked at Dad, and he said it should be okay as long as I had my headphones on when we walked out. I wasn’t nervous. I was too excited to finally meet Ellen! She’s my favorite person ever who’s on television! “We’re back with the remarkable David Chase on our last day of giveaways. Now…before we let you go, I understand you have a very special concert coming up in the Spring?” “Yes, Ellen. Our son is a Freshman at Adelphi University, studying Marine Biology, and he’s part of a remarkable program called Bridges to Adelphi.” “Now, it’s my understanding that this is a program that pairs mentors and students that are on the autism spectrum?” “That’s correct. It’s a fantastic way for these remarkable kids to fit into regular university life. Our son has grown in so many remarkable ways, and my team has decided to put on a benefit concert for the program.” “So, if it’s alright with you, I know you brought Charlie and your son with you today. Can we bring them out?” David got a big smile on his face as we walked onto the stage. I had my headphones on and thought I was dreaming when Ellen held out her arms to hug me! I always dreamed that she was hugging me whenever she did that to guests! I sat on the white sofa between David and Dad. I took my headphones off when Ellen put microphones on our shirts. “Charlie, Noah, thanks for being here! Charlie, I understand you’ve had quite a bit of success since you won Project Runway.” “Yes. It was amazing how perfectly everything happened. I’m now the Director of Coutour for Christian Siriano Designs. I’m glad he liked my work well enough to bring me on board.” “Amazing! I would just love to wear one of your designs—if I ever wore gowns—or dresses. Oh well, I guess I’ll just get to enjoy looking at them from a distance!” “And Noah—I understand that when you’re not in school, you work at the Long Island Aquarium?” “Yes, it’s one of my favorite places. I’m friends with some of the penguins and sharks—and Oscar—he’s a sea lion.” “Well, we knew you were going to be here today, and we have someone who would like to say hello to you. Just look at that monitor down there.” That was my first surprise. Mike was on the monitor, smiling like he always does when I walk into his office. “Mike Prescott—welcome to the show. I understand you have a special connection to this special guy sitting here with me?” “That’s right, Ellen—and thanks for having me on the show today! Noah Danner walked into the aquarium one morning and changed all of our lives without any of us realizing it. He has an uncanny ability to communicate with many of our animals. As a result, we made changes to the penguin habitat—and we even discovered that our Tiger Shark had a hidden tumor that we were able to remove before it became something that could have ended her life.” “Noah! So you saved the Tiger Shark’s life?” “Well, not really. She just let me know that she was hurting and wanted me to tell the shark doctor. That’s all I did.” “And so—Mike and Noah. I just wanted to let you know that my friends at Shutterfly love stories like this, and they wanted to give $10,000 to the aquarium’s general fund.” This guy ran out to the stage and handed me a giant check and whispered to me that I should show it to the audience. I smiled real big when I did that—after I thanked Ellen. “Now, David Chase—former sexiest man alive— The audience laughed and cheered when David’s picture went up on the big screen again. “The last time you were here, you donated $20,000 to my gorilla fund. Since it’ the last of our 12 Days of Giveaways, Shutterfly and I are feeling exceptionally generous. We want to give another $10,000 to the Bridges to Adelphi program.” The man came running out with another big check and handed it to David. Everybody was hugging everybody. When I hugged Ellen, I was so happy! She even told me I was a beautiful boy—I bet Dad said to her that’s what he calls me all the time. We were on the plane back to New York when the show aired, but Billy was watching it while we Facetimed. I kind of saw it, but Nana said she was recording it so we could all watch when we got back home. All I wanted to watch when we got home was Billy’s face when he was shooting his cum in my butt. Tonight! I get to be with Billy tonight!
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