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  1. Okay... the decision to write--and basic plot outline has been completed--for The Preacher's Kid: College and Beyond. Why do I do this to myself? LOL

    1. AquariusGuy


      because you love us and want to keep writing :heart::hug:

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Fly!!   :glomp:  Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope the writing goes well.   :D

    3. Wesley8890


      Because you're an awesome person!

  2. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 12 – Just Another Day at the Mall All rise! The United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina is now in session. The Honorable Judith Franks presiding. Case number 21487-44NC.” The judge was different than the one we originally had. The lawyers explained something about the first judge refusing—no—recusing—himself after we let him know what we were going to do. I guess it really doesn’t matter, our decision was made and all of us, including Matty, were on board. “Please be seated.” We sat. Matty was behind us, and he leaned forward, putting his hand on my shoulder. When he gave me a light squeeze, I knew everything was gonna be okay. “There are several items which the court will be addressing that are related to this particular case. The state, as well as the victim, have been informed of the court’s decisions. Mr. Brashear, as the representative of the State in this case, do you and the parties involved agree with and accept the court’s rulings?” “Yes, Your Honor—we accept all rulings.” “Thank you. You may be seated.” “Mr. Donald Harper, please rise.” Damn! Donald must’ve lost twenty-five pounds. He looked like Hell. “Mr. Harper, you have been charged with aggravated third-degree assault with the intent to kill Mr. Clayton Edward Hamilton III. How do you plead?” “Guilty, your honor.” “Thank you, Mr. Harper. Now—before I declare your sentence for this crime, I must inform you that this sentence does require the full and active participation of a parent or guardian. After a complete review and investigation of your family situation, the state has ordered that Mr. Randall Everett Harmon be stripped of all parental rights. Mrs. Caroline Smathers, your mother, has agreed to the terms of your sentence and has been awarded full parental and guardian rights. Mr. Harper, do you understand the familial issues the court has addressed?” “Yes, Your Honor.” “Thank you, Mr. Harper. The court wishes to recognize the unusual circumstances in this sentence. Rarely does the victim and his family show such great compassion when asking the court to accept an alternative sentence for such a violent crime. The court is also aware of Reverend Hamilton’s position and standing in the community, and after spending a great amount of time listening to the reverend and his son—the victim in this case—I have never been so moved and compelled to accept the alternative sentence requested by the Hamilton family—and, consequently the State of North Carolina. “Mr. Donald Isaac Harper, you are hereby sentenced to a minimum of two years in the WinGate Wilderness Therapy Program located in Southern Utah. During this period, you will complete the basic behavioral program and then begin training to become a program counselor. You will finish your time at WinGate after completion of a minimum of one calendar year as a counselor. In the event you are unable to complete this sentence, you shall immediately return to this court for a traditional prison sentence. “In the event that you complete the prescribed sentence at WinGate Wilderness Therapy, you shall be returned to the custody of your mother, Mrs. Caroline Smathers, and you shall receive the additional sentence of five year’s probation. The terms and conditions of your probation shall be determined upon your successful completion of the WinGate program. Mr. Harper, do you have any questions?” “No, Your Honor.” “Excellent. Now then, it is my understanding that you wish to address the court?” “Yes, Your Honor.” “Fine. You may approach the podium.” Wow. Donald walked the best he could. He had chains on his feet and his hands. When he got to the podium, his attorney unfolded a piece of paper and placed it in front of Donald. He took a deep breath and started reading: Your Honor, Matty, Reverend Hamilton, and—most importantly—Eddie: Four weeks ago, I was told by my attorney that Eddie Hamilton had requested a one-on-one meeting with me. I can’t begin to tell you how my emotions went from confused to scared, to angry, and then back to confused. I mean, why would the boy I nearly killed want to see me—let alone talk to me face-to-face? We talked for just fifteen minutes. In that short time, I figured something out that changed my life. Eddie Hamilton, his family, and Matty Jacobs are good people. Plain and simple—good people. After that meeting, I was returned to my cell. Only this time, I was taken to a private cell, and I was given extra protection. My attorney told me that Reverend Hamilton and the Assistant District Attorney arranged for that after they found out that I had repeatedly assaulted in the three weeks I had been in the county jail. For the first time since I had been sent to jail, I felt safe. Donald turned to face me and thanked me. Dammit! I could feel the tears building up in my eyes. I definitely didn’t want to look like a big baby! The thing about being alone in a jail cell is it gives you a lot of time to think. All I could think about was the Hamiltons being good people. I knew that I wanted more than anything to be one of those good people, too. I even started praying to God—this God that I never knew, never spoke to, never had a relationship with. But after hearing what Eddie had said to me in that short conversation, I hoped beyond all hope that his God would listen to me—and help me. Two days ago, my attorney came to me with the news that the court had accepted the alternative sentence suggested by the Hamiltons. Now, don’t get me wrong—I’ve not become this born-again religious fanatic. But I know that there IS a God, and He listens to people—even low-lifes like me. I promise the court, and especially the Hamilton family that I will do more than serve my sentence at WinGate—I will EXCEL and become a contributing member to my community. I promise to become a leader with a positive outlook on life. Most importantly, I promise to become one of those good people. And maybe—someday—I’ll have the chance to show someone the same care and compassion and maybe change his or her life. Donald turned to face me again and smiled at me—even though I was bawling like a fool. Jesus! Donald-fucking-Harper smiled at me. I’ve never seen that before! I don’t know why, but I stood and walked over to Donald. I held out my arms just enough and waited. He nodded yes, and I wrapped him in my arms. We were both sobbing like little girls, but Donald whispered in my ear, “I’ll never be able to thank you enough, Eddie. But I promise to make you and your dad proud.” We were interrupted by the judge banging her gavel. “Please return to your seat, Mr. Hamilton.” I did. “Mr. Harper, your flight to Utah leaves in two hours. You will be escorted to WinGate by a North Carolina State Trooper, and your sentence shall commence upon your arrival to the WinGate campus. Young man, say goodbye to your mother, and you will be on your way. This court is adjourned.” The Bailiff led Donald out of the courtroom, and Mrs. Smathers came up to Dad and me. “I can’t begin to thank the two of you enough. You have quite literally saved my son’s life. Because of the information you gave the court, my ex-husband is no longer a part of Donnie’s life—and I’m going to get my boy back. Please keep him in your prayers so he will succeed. I’ll be praying too—just so you know. And speaking of that, would It be okay if I started to attend your church, Reverend Hamilton?” “The people who attend my church call me Pastor Clay. I guess you should start calling me that, too. I would be honored to have you join us—on one condition.” “What’s that?” “When Donald returns home in two years, you bring him with you.” “Well then, I’ll see you on Sunday. And again, thank you both for saving my boy’s life. You really are good people!” Mrs. Smathers dabbed her eyes and left the courtroom. We weren’t too far behind. I was so happy this whole thing was over—and I was feeling pretty good about things. I truly believe that we did the right thing for Donald Harper. Even Matty told me he was proud of how we handled the whole thing. He even admitted I was good people—and then he told me I was a good lay as he plunged his cock into my happy ass! MATTY Well, I have to say that seeing all the changes in Eddie kinda freaked me out at first. But then, when I actually saw how fucking remarkable he was with the whole Donald Harper thing, I was totally blown away. Like Harper said, my boyfriend is “good people.” How in the fucking world did I end up with such an amazing boyfriend? I mean, I’ve always thought there was something special about Eddie Hamilton, but shit! Having him in my life makes me want more than anything to be one of those “good people,” too. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever come close to the good that Eddie is, but I’m sure going to give it my best shot! I kinda snuck myself into Eddie’s story so I can tell you about my promposal. I had my entire musical theatre class in on it, but even they didn’t know what was going to happen! It was Saturday afternoon after all the court shit, and we told Eddie’s parents that we were going to the mall. Nate wanted to tag along, too. Now usually we would do everything possible to keep Nate away while we went away for some alone time, but this was perfect! Eddie wouldn’t suspect a thing. We decided to head to SouthPark Mall. It’s a little further away than some of the others, but it had the best stores. When we arrived, we had about twenty minutes to kill before the big moment. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited (or nervous) in my entire life. I mean, c’mon—Eddie’s going to the Prom with me. There’s no question there, but it’s the last part that has me feeling all jumpy on the inside. Nate wanted to go to Spencer Gifts so he could get a new Minecraft poster. Man, I wanted to get a couple of the hot Shawn Mendes posters. That boy! Whew! Yeah, his music’s pretty good too—especially the new shit. Finally, it was time to start everything. I’m glad we were on the first floor since that’s where everything was going to happen. You see, Nordstrom’s has a grand piano on the ground floor right next to the escalators. As soon as the pianist saw my getting closer, he stopped what he was playing and played the three-chord introduction to one of our favorite songs—from Dear Evan Hanson. Right on cue, my favorite kid Nate started filming on his phone (yeah, he was in on the whole thing and has been totally cool about it). Nate held Eddie back a bit as I went up to the piano and started singing You Will Be Found. Have you ever felt like nobody was there? Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever felt like you could disappear? Like you could fall, and no one would hear? Well, let that lonely feeling wash away Maybe there's a reason to believe you'll be okay 'Cause when you don't feel strong enough to stand You can reach, reach out your hand And oh, someone will coming running And I know, they'll take you home Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you And when you're broken on the ground You will be found So let the sun come streaming in 'Cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again Lift your head and look around You will be found As I was finishing that verse, the rest of my musical theatre class started coming down the escalator and started singing in awesome harmony! Yeah, we were creating a flash mob for my promposal! And it was going GREAT! You will be found You will be found You will be found You will be found Now this part of the song, there are a bunch of people talking about the Connor Project, which is a huge part of the show, but makes no sense for my purposes—so everyone in the class wrote their own lines and started saying them while the piano kept playing: “Eddie Hamilton is one of those rare people who makes going to school enjoyable.” “Eddie Hamilton? Really?” “Yeah. Since he came back from the hospital, Eddie’s changed.” “He always has a smile for me when we pass each other in the hall.” “No matter what, Eddie always finds something positive in every situation he’s in.” “He has over 900 followers on his Instagram.” “And Eddie takes the time to respond to each and every comment.” “He’s also the reason the baseball team is heading to the playoffs.” “He’s awfully cute, too!” During the lines about Eddie, I watched him turn 100 shades of red. Nate turned the camera to Eddie while I spoke the last line. That’s when the tears started. The rest of the class was standing around me and the piano, and we all sang the rest of the song: There's a place where we don't have to feel unknown And every time that you call out You're a little less alone If you only say the word From across the silence Your voice is heard Even when the dark comes crashing through When you need a friend to carry you When you're broken on the ground You will be found So let the sun come streaming in 'Cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again If you only look around You will be found (You will be found) You will be found (You will be found) You will be found Out of the shadows The morning is breaking And all is new, all is new It's filling up the empty And suddenly I see that All is new, all is new You are not alone You are not alone You are not alone You are not alone You are not alone (You are not alone) You are not alone (You are not alone) You are not You are not alone (You are not alone) Even when the dark comes crashin' through When you need someone to carry you When you're broken on the ground You will be found! So when the sun comes streaming in 'Cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again If you only look around You will be found Even when the dark comes crashin' through You will be found When you need someone to carry you You will be found You will be found So, the last line of the song is nice and soft—repeating one final time the “You will be found” line. Instead, I walked over to Eddie, got down on one knee, and held up a small black box as he was completely shocked and blown away! Yes! It’s working! Go with me to prom? *You Will Be Found from the Broadway musical DEAR EVAN HANSON Music & Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE: https://youtu.be/tognJhGFfAU “Of course I’m going to prom with you!” I opened the box, and Eddies tears wouldn’t stop. The crowd that had gathered was going crazy, too. I took the ring and put it on Eddie’s right hand. “It’s a promise ring. I promise to be yours until the day you marry me, Eddie Hamilton!” I stood up, and Eddie wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. There were at least 100 people standing around, and they were all chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” With our heads close together, we could talk and still hear each other in spite of the crowd noise. “I love you, Matty Jacobs!” “Can you believe that crowd?” “They want us to kiss. You okay with that?” “It’s not like they would be surprised or anything. I just prom-posed you in front of everyone!” “And that was awesome! Fuck it! Let’s give ‘em what they want—no tongue, though—Mom and Dad will probably see this!” “Let’s do it!” Eddie moved his hands to either side of my face and moved my head from his shoulder to right in front of him. He told me he loved me and pulled me in for an awesome no-tongue kiss. The people standing around us let out a cheer that would make someone think someone just scored a winning touchdown. To be honest, I’ve scored winning touchdowns before—and none of then felt anywhere close to how awesome it feels to show the world how much I love Eddie Hamilton! EDDIE Wow! I don’t know how the fuck Matty pulled that off. I really had no idea what was happening. When he went up to the piano and started singing, all I could think about was how ballsy Matty was being. I’m so glad Nate was with us. He filmed the whole thing on his phone. I couldn’t wait to see it—I barely remember what happened after they started talking about me. That shocked the hell out of me and embarrassed the fuck out of me. But damn! When Matty got down on his knee and asked me to go to prom, the first thing I thought of was he didn’t have to go to all this trouble to ask me to prom! I mean, we already started making plans. But the ring! Thank Jesus and Mary! It was a promise ring. At first, I thought he was going to ask me to marry him. Mom and Dad are finally getting used to us being gay and together. I’m 99.9% positive they are in no way ready to think about us getting married. But hey—don’t tell anyone this, k? I think about marrying Eddie a helluva lot! Shhhh! While we were driving home, Nate was punching away at his phone. By the time we pulled into the garage, that little shit had posted the video on YouTube, Matty’s Twitter feed, and to my Instagram. When we walked into the kitchen, Mom turned around from the stove. “Let’s see the ring!” I held my right hand out to her and proudly displayed my new bling. “The right hand? Aren’t you supposed to put the ring on the left hand?” “No, Mrs. H. It’s a promise ring—not an engagement ring. I don’t think any of us are ready for that!” “Matty has one, too. He wanted us to have matching rings, so he got one for himself. I gave it to him before we left the store. “And what does a promise ring mean?” “Mom—it means that Matty and I have promised to be there exclusively for each other until the day we decide to get married. And don’t worry—that’s probably not going to happen until after college!” “Well, that’s a good thing to hear!” Dad walked into the kitchen with his iPad. “You guys are about to break the internet!” “What do you mean dad?” Nate was sitting at the table with a shit-eating grin on his face. “I posted your video on YouTube fifteen minutes ago, and that already has over 800 likes. Matty, it looks like the video will be trending soon. I made the hashtag #justanotherdayatthemall. That’s also the title of the video I posted on YouTube and on Eddie’s Instagram—which is kinda blowing up, too. “Matthew, I have to say that your flash mob was absolutely perfect! I’m so happy my son has you in his life. And that kiss! I guess you boys don’t have very many secrets left!” “Well, Mr. H.—Eddie and I know that we aren’t what a lot of people think of when they think of gay teens. A lot of people are surprised to see a couple of high school jocks as a couple. We want to make a difference. We want to show people that pretty much anyone might just be gay. And then we want to show everyone that it really doesn’t matter.” “Yeah, what matters is who you are—not what you are.” I had to see what Nate had posted on YouTube that was making the video so popular. I pulled it up on my phone and smiled at the title, “Just Another Day at the Mall.” But it was his description of the video that kinda blew me away. Can this kid really be only twelve?? “On its own, this is a pretty awesome Promposal. But when the proposer is the high school’s quarterback, and the proposee is the school’s shortstop (and my brother), it makes the whole thing even cooler. It just goes to show you that you might be surprised by the people you find out are gay. But I was surprised that it didn’t seem to matter to the crowd that watched the whole thing!” Wow! I mean, Nate was tuned in to exactly what Matty and I have been saying for a while now. I watched the video and was feeling all that happy shit again. Matty and I both had shitloads of homework this weekend, so we went upstairs and tried to put a dent in it. That was a hard thing to do since our phones were exploding. It seems everyone was watching and sharing the video. We finally decided to turn our phones off so we could get some work done. A couple of hours later, Mom came up and told us dinner was ready. We headed downstairs to the kitchen when Dad came in with a strange look on his face. “Everyone needs to silence their phones so we can eat in peace. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing for the last hour. Boys—I think you are going viral.” Nate was beaming. “Yep! Last time I checked, there were over 10,000 views on YouTube and it’s trending on Twitter! It’s not even been up for three hours!” Mom put a casserole down in the center of the table and told us to take our phones into the family room so we could at least have a quiet family dinner. Dinner was great as usual. Matty and I helped Mom put every away. We were watching television and chilling when Nate looked at his phone and got excited. “Guys! The video has over 100 thousand views! You’re famous!” “What? How did that happen?” Matty got his phone and pulled up his Instagram. “I think I know. Nate, what hashtags did you use on the video?” “Ummm—I did hashtag promposal and hashtag dearevanhansen. Why?” “I follow Andrew Barth Feldman on Instagram. He’s the kid starring in the show on Broadway now. He saw the video and shared it. Wow! This whole thing is just so freaking surreal!” I never in my life thought I would hear Dad say this, but he did! “Boys, I think it might be best if you didn’t go to church tomorrow morning. I’m afraid you being there will be too much of a distraction.” “Really? Are you sure?” “Yes, son. This whole thing is getting a little crazy, and I want church to be a place where people can get away from the craziness in their lives. Except for you two, I don’t think there’s going to be an escape for a few days.” The next morning, Mom and Dad took Nate to church. Matty fucked me when they left—then I fucked him in the shower. We went back to bed, and within an hour we found ourselves in a sixty-nine and got each other off again before everyone came home. Matty checked YouTube and holy shit!! 1.5 million views! This was insane! We read some of the comments, and it was amazing how positive and supportive they were. Even more insane was the comments were literally from all over the world! Sunday night, we were watching Celebrity Family Feud when Dad got a call from the church answering service. Now that happens all the time, but when I saw how wide his eyes got, I knew this was something different. “That was the answering service. I have to call this number in New York as soon as possible. It’s a producer for Good Morning America. I don’t know what they want, but if it’s what I think it is, I need to know—are you boys willing to go on the show and talk about the video? I’m sure they’ll want to talk about your relationship as well. But—if you’re not comfortable telling your story on national television, I’ll just tell them you aren’t available.” Matty and I looked at each other with wide eyes and started laughing. I mean—what else can you do when a national television show might want to interview you? “Mom? What do you think?” “Well, I’m not going to tell you what to do. If you decide to not be on GMA—or any other show—I will support you 110%. On the other hand, should you decide to share your stories with a national audience, you need to think about the impact you’ll have on thousands of gay teens all over the country. You boys would be a pretty incredible example for so many.” “Wow, Mrs. H., when you put it like that, I think we should do it. What do you think, Eddie?” “Yeah, you’re right. It’s kinda scary, but if we can go on a show like that and show people that’s okay just to be yourself, then I think Mom’s right—we should probably do it. But—we don’t know what they want yet. Let’s see what they tell Dad, okay?” Dad made the call, and we watched his every expression. Before he ended the call, he gave the person everyone’s name. He thanked the person and ended the call. “Well, well, well! It turns out that Good Morning America wants the entire family to be on the show Tuesday morning. We’re flying to New York City tomorrow afternoon!” While we were all excited about the idea of being on national television, Nate was about to explode! “I guess I did a good thing, huh?” Dad looked at Nate with a fake look of seriousness. “Nathan, the next time you do anything with your brother and Matthew, please leave your phone at home? Everyone else—let’s pack our bags! And be sure to pack your Sunday church clothes for the show.” Mom turned off the television, and we all headed to our rooms to begin packing. Holy shit! We’re going to New York!
  3. The reverend's choice to leave the southern Baptist church is based on what actually happened here in Austin with two of the largest Baptist churches in the city. In fact, those two churches have been kicked out of the Texas Baptist Church organization because they both ordained an openly gay deacon. Kinda makes you proud!
  4. Wow! Thank tou for the wonderful compliment! Most of the comments I get are about the number of tissues used in the chapter. If you have the time, I'd love for you to read my four-story series, The Barnstabe Chronicles. That's the story I'm most proud of.
  5. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 11 – The Transformation of Eddie Hamilton There’s this strange thing I’m learning about sex. The more you have it, the better it gets! I mean, Matty and I are fucking, sucking, and napping pretty much the entire time we’re here at the lake house. We’re doing it in the hot tub, in the shower, even in the bed! Tuesday night, Matty took me out to the middle of the lake in the boat, bent over the back of the captain’s chair and begged me to fuck him from behind! Whoah! That was fucking hot! But the thing I learned about having a shitload of sex, was that it stopped being about sex, and more about what we could do to make each other feel good—no, not good—exceptionally good! Like, I learned that if I’m rimming Matty and lightly run my fingers along the back of this thigh, he will literally scream out loud and dump a gallon of pre all over his abs. Oh yeah, I also discovered that if I’m topping my boy, all I have to do is nibble on that place where his neck meets his shoulder and he’ll nut in about five seconds. Matty’s learning shit about me, too. Hell, I never knew I liked having my big toe sucked while he’s pumping his cock in and out of my ass. Let me just say it pretty much causes an instant nut! He also found out that if we’re on our sides and he enters me from behind, the angle of his cock against my sweet spot is perfect. Yeah, I have a new favorite position, but it sure makes a mess out of the sheets! Matty tells me we’re learning how to make love to each other, instead of just having sex for the sake of having sex. I guess he’s right about that. I’ll tell ya something—my mouth has literally explored every square inch of Matty’s body—at least twice! It was Wednesday morning. Matty and I were in each other’s arms after an amazing morning session of making love when my phone rang. Mom. Uh-oh. This can’t be good—She hadn’t called once since we got here Friday night. “Good morning, Eddie! I didn’t wake you, did I?” “No Mom, we’re awake.” “We had talked about coming up to the lake house and fix you boys a nice dinner. Would it be okay if we still did that?” “Hold a sec, k?” I put the phone on mute and told Matty what she had said. He said he thought they should do it since they were so cool about letting us still have a Spring Break together. And since we hadn’t really used much of the house, cleaning and straightening for them would be a breeze. I unmuted the phone and told Mom that it would be cool. She said we needed to make sure the grill had enough gas in the tank since Dad was gonna grill steaks. I told her I would make a salad and iced tea. She said she would make the tea—apparently, mine wasn’t very good. We hopped out of bed, made it into the shower, cleaned each other, and stroked each other off one more time before we made it into the kitchen. Eric and Devyn were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. We each grabbed a cup for ourselves and let the guys know that Mom and Dad were coming up to grill some steaks for us. They were surprisingly cool about it, and Devyn commented that a break in our sex marathons would probably be a good thing. After we finished our coffee, we opened all the windows in the house and let the breeze blow through. We wanted to make sure the tell-tale aroma of boy-sex was cleared from the air. I did a couple of loads of laundry and giggled when I saw how many cum-stained towels there were between the four of us. Fuck me. Even that got me horny, so I did what I had to do—I sat on top of the washing machine and called for Matty. He gave me another of his awesome blow jobs. When I offered to return the favor, Matty declined, saying that he was gonna save up his load so he could fill my ass later tonight. God, I love how my boyfriend thinks! So here we are—sitting around the table with the four boys, Mom, Dad, and the twerp. Oh, wait—I’m trying really hard to change the way I think about my little brother. He’s turning out to be way cooler than I could have even dreamt of being when I was his age. The steaks were fucking amazing—and huge! Dad also roasted corn on the grill, and mom fixed it up like Mexican street corn. That means it was coated with queso fresco and cilantro and didn’t need one drop of butter or anything. After dinner, we all had ice cream sundaes. After we finished those off, I asked Dad if I could talk to him out on the deck. I think I shocked the fuck out of him since I don’t think I’ve ever asked him for a private talk. Hehe. I kinda like throwing them off their game every now and then! “You have something on your mind, Eddie?” “Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this Donald Harper thing.” “I’m glad to hear that, son. It’s been on my mind as well.” “Really? What’s been going through your mind?” “Eddie, I’d rather hear what’s going through your mind before I say anything. I don’t want to influence your thinking.” “Okay. I get that. You see, I agree that we needed to turn down their plea-bargain deal. But, on the other hand, when I think of the possible sentence for the actual charge, I can’t help but think that a possible life sentence is way too harsh.” “I understand, son—and I have to say I’ve been thinking pretty much on the same lines. But now we have a real challenge on our hands.” Dad sighed and then smiled at me in this weird-not-really-parental kind of way. “So let’s say you are the judge in this case. Let’s say you are not restricted by any laws on the books. If you could handle the case in any way you would like, how would you do it?” “Hmmm. Okay, I don’t want you to put anything into what I’m about to say, but it’s been the whole basis for what I’ve been thinking.” “This must be real good!” “Dad!” “Okay. Okay. I’m just listening now. No more comments.” I took a deep breath. Shit! This conversation was almost as hard as coming out to Dad. Okay, here goes nothing! “You see, whenever I did something bad—or wrong—and no, I’m not going to tell you anything about that—you see, I always felt a little better about things because I knew Jesus would have forgiven me. That also meant you would forgive me because you are always preaching about how we should try to exemplify Jesus in the way we live our lives.” “Okay...” Damn it! There’s that weird smile again! “So, I began wondering if Jesus would forgive Donald for the things he did to me. And then I realized that it wasn’t up to Jesus to forgive—it was up to me.” “Where are you going with this, son?” “Hang on, okay? Don’t worry, and I’m not going to forgive Donald and drop the charges. But there has to be something else we can do to actually help him. His hatred of gay people isn’t something that has been with him from birth. That’s something he was taught to believe. It’s something that he had to have heard from someone in his life that had a lot of influence. I’m guessing his father, in case you are wondering.” Dad just nodded, “Go on—I’m with you so far.” “Well, he’s been in jail for three weeks now. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible that is. But without the constant pressure from his dad, I’m pretty sure he’s had a lot of time to actually think about what he’s done.” “You might be right, but then again, this time behind bars could also make him even more resentful and angry.” “I’ve thought about that too. That’s why I want to talk with Donald—privately—one-on-one.” “That could be very dangerous for you, Eddie. Are you sure that’s what you want?” “Yes, Dad. It’s what I need. I need to know why he did what he did. I need to know how he feels now. I need to know if there’s any hope that he can find a new path in his life that doesn’t involve being in a cage for the rest of his life.” “And then?” “I’m still working on that. I’ve been doing a little research on the internet on alternatives to a kid spending the rest of his life behind bars. But before I make any kind of decisions, I need to talk with him—and I need you to help get that set up.” “Whoa! This is not what I expected from you! Don’t get me wrong, I feel the turmoil you are going through, and I completely understand the way you are thinking. But—and please be honest with me—where did all this come from?” “Well, the thing is—and if you laugh at me, I’ll never talk to you about shit again.” “Language?” “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking—but it’s true, okay?” “Gotcha.” “Okay—so while I was doing all that thinking about Jesus, all I could hear in my voice was that What would Jesus do crap. I mean, I get the intention of the whole WWJD thing, but I just couldn’t come up with any kind of answer. “That was when I asked myself, ‘what would Dad do,’ and I started getting all sorts of answers. I guess what I’m saying is that you do a pretty good job of practicing what you preach. You’re closer to living your life like a modern-day Jesus would than anyone I know.” Whoa... Dad’s jaw dropped, and tears started falling down his face. “I didn’t mean to make you all emotional—and don’t worry, I don’t think you’re Jesus. No way—trust me, you have plenty of faults! We all do! But when I get old, I sure hope I’m a lot more like you than Donald Harper’s dad.” Dad wiped the tears from his face and started to talk in this quivery voice I’ve never heard before. “You are an amazing young man, Eddie Hamilton. What you just said is more mature and thoughtful than many of the preachers I know and respect. Hell, you sound like a pastor I could learn from!” “Dad, I’m far from anything like a preacher. But I just can’t help think that there has to be a way we can see that Donald Harper pays for what he did besides rotting away his life in prison. You said you’ve been thinking a lot about it, too. What have you been thinking?” “Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking pretty much the same thing. There has to be a way we can help that boy.” “Right. But before we can make any decisions, I have to talk to Donald. Can you help me make that happen?” “I’ll do everything I can to see that it happens. I’m sure they would insist that any conversation you have with Donald be monitored, either by camera or in some kind of room where the authorities could be watching behind a one-way mirror. But I promise I’ll see what can be arranged and get on with it right away.” “Thanks, Dad. This really means a lot to me.” “It means a lot to me as well, son. You’ve just blown me away. I’m so proud to have you as my son.” “I guess I’m kinda proud to have you as my dad—but if you tell anyone I said that I’ll deny it ‘til the day I die.” Finally, Dad laughed and wrapped me in his arms. When he kissed the top of my head, I realized that no matter how old I was, it still felt great to know that Dad was there to protect me and make my life right. We both sighed and went back into the house, finding everyone around the Monopoly board. Ha! Nathan was beating the crap out of everyone. I love that little shit! Dad announced that the game had fifteen more minutes so they could head back into the city and leave us boys alone! Yes! Matty’s gonna make love to me soon—I’m so fucking horny! As soon as our guests left, the four of loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up what was left of dinner. We walked out into the living room, and Matty stripped off his clothes. “Okay boys, we’re back to the clothes-free zone!” The next thing Matty did was go to the thermostat and turn the temperature down to 65. I told we were gonna freeze our asses off, but he responded by flicking a switch and turning on the large fireplace in the living room. “The heat from the fireplace is gonna be perfect when I make love you, Eddie.” Eric responded with, “What about us? We get to freeze our asses off while you two fuck?” Matty looked at me with a look that only meant one thing, and I nodded and said, “Sure.” “You guys can share the heat with us. I mean, it’s not gonna be an orgy or anything. I mean, if it seems to be the thing to do—maybe a shared kiss or two, but we need to stick to ourselves, okay?” Devyn seemed to like the idea. “Sounds kinda hot to me. I mean, it would be hot as fuck to be pounding into Eric while watching two hot jock boys going at it.” I didn’t have to say anything since my hard cock pretty much said everything I was thinking! Matty went into the hall closet and brought back a couple of comforters, which he laid on the floor in front of the fireplace. He then ran into the bedroom for the lube—hard cock bouncing and leading the way! It didn’t take long for both couples to be completely into a hot sixty-nine. What made it even hotter was hearing the moans and grunts from Eric and Devyn. I’m guessing the enjoyed hearing our noise, too! The next thing I knew, Matty worked his way down to my ass and was rimming and tongue-fucking the hell outta my hole! That made me moan even harder with Matty’s cock in my throat. Matty pulled his cock out of my mouth, saying he was gonna nut way too soon. He flipped me onto my back and threw my legs up to my chest. I looked over to my right, and Eric’s face was right next to mine. We both were in heaven with our boyfriends’ tongues working our asses. I could see from the look in his eyes that Eric was big-time turned on. I’m pretty sure he could see the same thing in my eyes—if not from my moaning. He reached over and grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. Wow! Eric just became the second boy I’ve ever kissed! When he broke away from that kiss, Eric looked up to Devyn and begged him to start fucking. I looked up at Matty and moaned out, “Yeah, what he said!” Matty eased his perfect cock into me, and all I could do was let out a long, low, guttural moan. I looked over at Eric and noticed his eyes were practically rolled into the back of his head. This boy loved getting fucked by that monster dick! Matty reached over to the sofa and grabbed a pillow. He lifted me and placed it under my ass. Yup! It was time for my eyes to roll to the back of my head! Matty found the perfect angle to destroy my sweet spot! I have to admit that it was totally hot looking into my friend’s eyes as we were getting fucked hard by our boyfriends. I looked up at Matty and couldn’t believe how fucking hot he looked. He was holding my legs up, and every muscle rippled with every plunge. At the same time, Matty and Devyn lowered themselves down and began kissing us. What surprised me was the broke away from that kiss and began kissing each other. The next surprise came when Devyn started kissing me while Matty ravaged Eric’s mouth. In no time at all, the entire house was filled with moans and hard breathing. Add to that the sound of bodies slapping against each other and I guess you could say I was in boy sex heaven! Eric reached across my chest and held on. I matched him as we looked at each other with nothing but pure lust in our eyes. Matty and Devyn began to pick up the pace and were soon pounding us faster and harder. Their moans and panting got deeper and faster. They were going to nut soon. Eric let go of my chest and reached down, grabbing hold of my cock and stroking. Hell, I had to return the favor and found myself stroking him. “Fuuuuuck!” Eric was the first to nut—all over his chest, my hair, and my face. That was hot as fuck and sent me over the edge. Matty and Devyn both came at the same time, filling Eric and me with their hot nut. The four of us collapsed on each other, and it seemed to take forever for us to recover. Devyn broke the silence with, “Wow! That was so fucking hot, but I’m gonna take Eric to bed, and he’s gonna fuck me as soon as he recovers.” “Really? You want me to fuck you?” “Hell yeah! Watching Matty fuck Eddie was so hot! I want to watch you fuck me!” Devyn pulled Eric off the floor and dragged him into their bedroom. Matty helped me up. After moving the thermostat back to 76, we took the comforters and threw them in the washing machine. We went into the bathroom and started up the shower. I had to get all that cum outta my hair! We cleaned each other with lots of kissing and rubbing, and by the time we turned off the water, we were both ready to get into bed for some more love-making. I was eating and tonguing Matty’s ass while he wrapped his amazing mouth around my cock. His blowjob was really sloppy, and I was slick and wet from his spit. The next thing I knew, Matty had pulled himself around and lowered himself on my cock! Whoa! No lube! It was totally hot knowing I was inside my boy completely natural. I might have been imagining it, but everything felt so different! Matty was bouncing up and down on my cock, and I was meeting his motions with my hips. He was stroking his own cock in the same fast pace we were fucking, and it didn’t take long at all before he was covering my chest with his hot nut. Of course, his nutting caused Matty’s hot ass to pulse around my cock, and I was soon filling his as with my own nut. The rest of Spring Break was a blast. Hey—it wasn’t all fucking, sucking, sleeping, and eating! We took the boat out a couple of times and tried water skiing. Matty was the only one who was really good at it, but the rest of us finally were able to stay up and go a little bit of a distance. The best part of the skiing adventures was the blowjobs at the end. I’m still amazed at how Eric can swallow all of Devyn’s monster! Shit! That boy has some serious skills! The worst part of Spring break is the end. Sunday afternoon we all cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and cleaned out the fridge. We drove back into the city, dropped Eric and Devyn off and made our way home. When we walked in the door, Mom had the Sunday leftovers on the stove and damn, it sure smelled amazing! Pot roast, carrots, potatoes, brussels sprouts, and homemade biscuits! Yeah, I guess it was good to be home. Nathan had to tell us all about his Spring break—mostly going to movies, playing video games and a couple of sleepovers with Simon. I was glad he wasn’t going to let go of his friendship with the kid, even after the kissing episode. When he asked what we did on our break, Matty handled it perfectly. He told the kid that we spend a lot of time out on the lake water skiing, watched a lot of movies, played a ton of video games, and cooked all our own food—except for Wednesday, of course. “What? No sex stuff?” “Nathan!” Mom tried giving him the dreaded look, but I could see the slightest smile at the corners of her mouth as I blushed twenty shades of red! “That’s personal business, and we don’t talk about that at the dinner table.” I think I might have to kill Matty for laughing! Thank God, Dad to the rescue! “Eddie, I spoke with the attornies, and they have set up a meeting for you. It’s going to be on Wednesday after school at the county jail.” “Eddie, I really don’t think you need to be talking to Harper—especially alone.” “Matty, we’ve talked about this. You know this is something I have to do.” “Boys, Eddie won’t be alone. Donald will be shackled and restrained, and there will be an armed guard outside the door. The attornies and I will be observing in the next room—with another armed guard.” “Dad, will Donald’s father be there?” “No. He won’t be involved in any way.” “That’s good. Mr. H., do you think I could be there?” “I’m almost certain they won’t want you there since you are a minor, but you’re welcome to come with us and be there for Eddie when he’s done talking to Donald.” “I would really like that, Matty. Please come?” “Of course, I’ll come with you. I just don’t see what good this is going to do. Harper is where he belongs—and you’re safe.” “I told you—I have to know why he feels the way he feels. I have to know why he did what he did. I don’t know—there’s just something about this whole thing that doesn’t feel right, and I want to get to the bottom of it.” “Don’t forget—he tried to kill you. That’s all I need to know. He tried to take away the most important thing in my life.” “I know. I’m not forgetting what Donald Harper tried to do. Like I said, I just need to know all the why’s behind what he did. Don’t worry. I’m not going to let him off the hook. There have to be consequences for what he did.” Matty and I cleaned the kitchen for Mom after supper and settled in to watch some Sunday night television. At ten, we made our way upstairs and got ready for bed. Matty was still upset with me as we crawled into bed. I had to fix this. “Matty, we made a promise that we would never go to bed upset with each other, and I can tell you’re still upset with me.” “I’m not upset with you. It’s Harper. I don’t see how you can even think about going easy on him!” “That’s not what I said. You need to get out of your head and hear me. All I want to do is find out why he did what he did. Dad and I talked about it, and he agreed that we can’t just let the courts put him away for the rest of his life without knowing everything we can about things. I mean, he’s a fucking teenager. If there are other ways for him to pay for what he did, it’s only right that we explore those options. Don’t worry—we won’t make any kind of decisions without you. This is about you, too.” “Who are you, Eddie Hamilton? When did you start thinking like your Dad—all compassionate and shit? I know you’re right. I’m still angry about what he did. I’ve never really even thought about why. Don’t worry—you have my support on how you go about this. And I’ll be there waiting for you when you finish talking with Harper. I’m sorry—I just worry too much about shit.” “You don’t have to apologize for worrying. I think that’s the kind of thing that happens when you are in love with someone. I get it. I’ve worried about you plenty over the last year or so.” I leaned forward and kissed Matty. I was the big spoon this time. I held on to the boy I love and let him feel just how much I loved him. It was back to school on Monday, and none of us wanted to be there. We all wanted to still be on break. We got through the day, and by the time Tuesday rolled around, we had all settled back into our routines. Wednesday was one of those days I thought would never end. Lunch was kind of exciting with Eric going on and on about an audition Devyn had for the national tour of Les Misérables. He auditioned for them when the show was in Charlotte back in February, and they just contacted him for a callback in New York. Eric was excited for Devyn, but I could see he was also a little sad at the thought of losing him to the show. For me, it was nice thinking about something other than my trip to the county jail later in the day. But then, lunch ended and my stomach started getting all nervous again—and only got worse as the day wore on. Dad got me excused from baseball practice, so Matty and I headed to the jail as soon as we were done with last period. Dad was going to meet us at the front door. Sure enough, as we were walking from the car, there he was. Matty stayed in the lobby as Dad and I were led down a long hallway. We went through a security checkpoint and had to leave our cell phones with the security dudes. We stopped outside two doors. Dad was taken in one, and I was told I could go in the other when I was ready—Donald was already inside and was in shackles to guarantee my safety. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Holy shit! I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was Donald—in chains, looking down at the table. “Hey.” “Hey. Can I ask you something?” “Sure.” “Why are you here? They said you wanted to talk to me?” “Yeah, I have a few questions.” “Whatever.” Donald humphed and didn’t look up from the table. “So how are you?” “Really? That’s why you came here—to find out how I am?” “That’s not...” “You wanna know how I am? I’m shit! I’m shit, Hamilton. My first night in that Hellhole, I was raped by my cellmate—and then nearly every night after. I couldn’t do a fucking thing about it cuz if I said anything, they were gonna kill me.” “Donald, I had no idea.” “Of course you didn’t. Nobody does. Wanna know the real clincher? Two nights ago, my old man was brought in for DUI. I guess he heard about what was happening because on the way to the yard the next morning, he walked by me and spat in my face. Said he knew I was a faggot all along—and spit in my face again.” “There has to be something you can do.” “No. Nothing. I mean, if I want to die I could tell one of the guards what’s going on—and trust me, there are times I’ve considered doing just that.” “No, Donald. No matter what has happened, you don’t deserve to be killed!” “Funny hearing that from you—since I tried to kill you and all.” “Yeah, well—that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.” “Huh?” “Okay, I guess I’ve been wondering why you were so obsessed with my being gay.” “I wasn’t obsessed with you being gay. I just was raised believing that being gay was pretty much the worst thing anyone could be. And when I saw a couple of jocks—jocks that I played sports with—being gay with each other, I guess it kinda freaked me out. It wasn’t about you or Matty as much as it was the whole gay thing.” “So why did you try to kill me? That had to be more than an obsession with the whole gay thing. I mean, there are a lot of gay guys at the high school, but you decided to go after me.” “After I got expelled, my old man went ballistic. For the next three days, he would beat the shit outta me and tell me I had to get you. He kept saying it was your fault that my life was ruined and there was only one thing I could do—ruin your life.” “So all that came from your own father?” “Yeah, I guess. To be honest, the only thing going through my mind when I hit you was now that bastard will stop beating me. I didn’t even think about anything else. Thank God the guys from the team stopped me—cuz I would have kept going.” Tears started falling from Donald’s face again. “God, I’m so sorry, Eddie. I’m not a killer. I never thought about what would happen to me other than not getting beat anymore. I’ve fucked up my entire life for trying to get him to lay off me. I almost killed you. Jesus Christ! What the fuck was I thinking?” Donald broke down into sobs, and I reached out, placing my hand on his forearm. “Let it out, Donald. I understand so much more now.” For the next few minutes, Donald cried and apologized. Fuck! It was breaking my heart, realizing that I wasn’t the real victim here. It was Donald. My decision was made. Once Donald calmed down, I took another deep breath and spoke. “Donald. Look at me.” He didn’t. “Please? I need you to look at me.” He looked up. Damn, he looked like Hell! “You do realize that there are attornies and my Dad on the other side of the glass behind you?” “Yeah.” “I’m willing to bet they’re on the phone right now to make sure you are going to be safe here. They know about the rape shit that’s been going on, and between them and my Dad, they’ll see that you’re safe.” “It doesn’t matter. Dying wouldn’t be such a bad option now.” “No. Don’t talk like that. That’s not an option.” “Whatever.” “Look, I’m pretty sure you were pissed when we didn’t accept the plea-bargain your attorney brought to us. But, you need to know that when we found out that the only other option could end up with a life sentence, we can’t accept that either.” “I don’t see there’s much of a choice.” “I think there might be. Dad and I are looking into some options and believe me—if there’s any way we can make the price you have to pay more reasonable, we’re going to pursue that.” “Why would you do that? You should hate me and want me in prison forever.” “Yeah—maybe you’re right. But if there’s a way we can get you away from your father and help you find your way back to a good, honest, and productive life, then don’t you think that’s something we should try to do?” “But why would you help me? I mean, after what I did to you?” “It’s funny, but when I was in that coma, I started having all these conversations with God. When I woke up, they didn’t stop. You see, when you come close to dying, it changes your life. The things that are important to you change. I used to live my life in this black and white world. Things were one way or the other—with no grey areas in between. And when I started thinking about what you were facing, the state has only two options. I want to see if there’s something in the middle. Even though you tried to destroy my life, that doesn’t give me the right to stand by while the state destroys yours.” “I don’t know what to say.” “You don’t have to say anything, but can you answer one more question for me?” “Yeah.” “If you could change one thing, what would it be?” “I would’ve gone with my Mom when she left Dad. That would have changed everything else.” “Is she still around?” “I think she’s still in Charlotte, but I haven’t seen or heard from her in years.” The door opened, and the guard said our time was up. I stood up and looked down at Donald one more time. This time he looked up at me. Damn, he looked so fucking sad. “I can’t make any promises, Donald. But I’m going to do everything in my power to make things right—or at least better.” And then I left the room.
  6. Wow...you are way ahead of me DQ! It's strange having you in my head! But I have some big surprises coming up! (One might be the plans for a second book that will go beyond high school...maybe?)
  7. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 10 – SPRING BREAK BEGINS Matty and I were both pretty psyched all day at school. We packed the 4Runner last night and were ready to hit the road as soon as the bell rang for the end of school. Okay, we weren’t going to Pensacola—or Myrtle Beach—but we were going to Matty’s family lakehouse up on Lake Norman (just North of the City). We got into the car, and I swear to God, Just as I was turning the key in the ignition, there’s a text—from Dad! Shit! <<REVCLAYHAM2>> Soooo sorry to do this, you need to stop by the house before you leave for lake. DA needs to talk to us about a plea deal for DHarmon. You can leave right after. <<EDDIENOTTREY>> Nooooooo! <<REVLAYHAM2>> Mom’s making stuffed pork chops for you boys to take to lake. Does that help? <<EDDIENOTTREY>> Be there in ten. Yes it helps. : - ) Eric texted Devyn to let him know we were gonna be delayed because of the legal shit I had to deal with. He was pretty cool about it. I looked over at Matty, and he was lookin’ super-pissed off. “What’s up babe? You look like you’re about to explode.” “There shouldn’t be a plea-bargain. Harmon tried to murder you. There were witnesses all over the place. He needs to be charged with a hate crime on top of attempted murder!” “Hey! I get it. I want him to pay the price for what he did to me—to us, really. But there’s no need to get all worked up until we know what’s going on. I’m sorry we have to do this but try not to let it ruin the start of Spring Break.” I took Matty’s hand in mine and brought it to my lips. I love my boy more than anything in the world. I love how he gets so invested in my well-being. I love how he takes care of me. But I think the thing I love the most is that because of Matty—there’s an us. “Sorry I got carried away, babe. It’s just that when I think of you lying in that bed—in a fucking coma—I want to kill that fucking bastard.” “Calm down, baby. I want him to do his time. And since I’m the one he beat up, I probably get to have more than a little say in the matter. Don’t worry—I’m not going to go soft on Harper.” And with that—we were home. There was this ugly black car in the driveway. Jesus, why do government cars look like—I don’t know—government cars? Fucking ugly cars. The cars on their own are reason enough for me never to want to work for the government! I pulled into the garage, and the three of us went inside. Damn! Mom’s pork chops smell soooo fucking good! Mom told me the dude from the DA’s office was in the study with Dad. They were waiting for me. Matty and Eric sat at the kitchen table and were going to keep Mom company while I was talking with Dad and the DA dude. When I got to Dad’s study, the door was closed. I knocked and heard Dad say to come in. I opened the door and walked in. The DA dude stood up, walked over to me, and shook my hand. “Hello, Eddie. I’m Jonathan Brashear, Assistant District Attorney for Mecklenburg County. It’s nice to meet you finally.” “Nice to meet you as well.” Dad motioned for me to have a seat next to him on the small sofa while Mr. Brashear sat in one of the chairs facing us. “I’m sorry to delay the start of your Spring Break, but I want to fill you in on the criminal charges regarding your case.” “It’s a hate crime, right?” “Well, technically, it most definitely would be considered a hate crime—in most states. Unfortunately, the North Carolina hate crime statutes don’t protect a person based on sexual orientation.” “What? Harmon’s gonna get away with nearly killing me?” “No, Donald Harmon is definitely not getting away with anything. The Grand Jury met and returned with a charge of first degree attempted murder. That is as serious a charge there can be, and it could result in a life sentence with a chance for parole after fifteen or twenty years.” “Okay, but Dad said something about a plea bargain?” “Yes. Mr. Harmon’s attorney has asked that the charges be lowered to first-degree assault. That would probably result in a maximum sentence eight to fourteen months, up to five years parole, and a restraining order keeping Mr. Harmon away from you, your family, and Mr. Jacobs.” “I’m sorry, Mr. Brashear. Donal Harmon threatened my life while we were in the principal’s office. I’m sure you have a statement from the school verifying that. What he did was completely planned and thought out. What’s the phrase you guys use—premeditated? Personally, I think eight to fourteen months isn’t nearly enough time for what he did to me. Dad? What do you think?” “Well, Eddie—that’s a difficult one. As a pastor, I want Donald to learn his lesson, do the appropriate amount of time, and move on with his life. As a father, I want him locked up as long as possible, so no other person ever has to be fearful that what happened to you could happen to them. But I have to agree with you, son. First-degree assault does not seem to be an appropriate charge for what he tried to do to you. Mr. Brashear, is there some kind of happy medium between that ridiculously light sentence and a possible life in prison?” “Eddie, Reverend Hamilton—if we turn down their plea bargain, a court date will be set, and Mr. Harmon will be charged with—and tried for—first degree attempted murder. If the jury finds Mr. Harmon guilty of the charges—which I’m 99% certain they would—I can make sure that the two of you are allowed to meet with the judge regarding the sentencing portion of the trial. You can ask for any type of sentence that you would like to see imposed—and the judge may or may not consider your suggestion.” “So what do we do now, Mr. Brashear?” “I need a definitive answer from you and your father—well, your father—since you are only 17 and considered a minor in this case.” “Dad?” “You may be a minor, but I won’t decide until I hear what you want.” “I’m sorry, Dad. I think we need to go to trial. The lower charge just seems like Harmon would be getting off too easy.” “Okay then, I have to agree with my son 100%. What happens next?” “I let Mr. Harper’s attorney know that we will not accept their offer and that a trial date will be set. I will ask that Mr. Harper not be released on bond as he has already shown that he is a danger to the public. Should he be released on bond, I will get a restraining order keeping him away from the family—and Mr. Jacobs.” “Thank you for coming by, Mr. Brashear. If that’s all you need from us, I know my son is ready to get on the road and start his Spring Break.” “That’s all we need. I’ll be in touch, Rev. Hamilton. As soon as I have dates for the preliminary hearings, I’ll let you know. You’ll need to make arrangements with the school to make sure Eddie will be at the required court dates.” Dad showed the DA dude out the front door while I went into the kitchen. Of course, everyone wanted to know what was going on, and I told them I’d let Dad explain—which he did. Everyone agreed that we made the right decision, and the three of us were soon on our way to pick up Devyn. Of course, by the time we picked up Devyn and were headed out of the city, we were smack dab in the middle of Friday rush hour—which was ten times worse than usual because of all the construction happening on I-77. It took us an hour to get to the Lake Norman exit and about fifteen more minutes to get to the lakehouse. Now, I should tell you that all these years Matty would go away with his parents to their lakehouse, I imagined this small rustic cabin in the woods. Let me tell you now—this is no cabin! We pulled up to this amazing brick home that was larger than the one I was living in with the family! It was this gorgeous red-brick contemporary home that was surrounded by this massive wooden deck. The whole house was surrounded by trees and was set back in a hill. “Damn, baby! This is awesome!” Eric leaned forward and said, “Sure beats the Hell out of a hotel room!” Matty smiled and looked wistfully at the house in front of us. “This was Mom’s favorite place. She wanted a vacation house that was nicer than our regular one so it would always feel special when we came out here. So—let’s go on in!” I opened the hatch of the 4Runner, and we all grabbed our luggage and headed to the front door. Matty opened it and punched in the alarm code. We set our bags in the foyer and headed back out to grab the bags of groceries, along with Mom’s stuffed pork chops dinner. We took the food into the kitchen, and all pitched in putting stuff away. By the way, the kitchen was amazing. It was huge and had all these stainless steel appliances that looked like they came out of a restaurant kitchen. There was a big island in the middle that had a sink in the middle of it. Mom said we should put the hot food in the oven for about fifteen minutes before we ate, so we did that and headed back out to the foyer for our bags. Matty told Eric and Devyn to take the guest suite, which was off one end of the great room. He said that we were going to take the master suite that was off the other end. He winked at me and said we should be able to fuck all night and not be heard by the others in the house. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! I was hard in an instant. No—not because Matty mentioned sex. It was because I knew that tonight was finally going to be the night that Matty was going to fuck me. Shit! I just leaked a little pre from just telling you that! We walked into the master suite, and I couldn’t believe what I saw! One wall was floor-to-ceiling glass that overlooked the lake. You couldn’t see any other houses and that made me smile knowing we wouldn’t be having an audience while we fucked! The bed was this massive king-sized thing just made for sex. There was a huge bathroom off to one side that had a party-sized walk-in shower, a big-assed tub with jacuzzi jets, and double sinks. I couldn’t see a toilet, though! What the fuck? Matty opened a door, and there it was! Nice! A private place to take a dump! “Let’s unpack later, Eddie. C’mere.” Matty opened his arms to me, and our lips soon met in one of the best kisses I could ever remember. Damn, what that boy can do with his tongue!” We were soon moaning and grinding against each other. Matty pulled away and said, “You gotta see this, babe. I think you’re gonna love it better than anything else in the house.” He opened the sliding door that led out to the deck and turned me to face the end. Holy shit! A totally private hot tub! “Matty! That’s awesome!” “Tonight, baby. This is where I’m going to make love to you tonight. I want your first time to be something you won’t forget for the rest of your life!” “You know, even if you fucked me for the first time in the back seat of the 4Runner, it would still be something I’d never forget. But this? Wow! Just wow!” We went back inside the house and heard the oven’s buzzer going off. Yes! Dinner was ready, and I was starving! Well, to be honest, when it comes to Mom’s stuffed pork chops I’m pretty much always starving. Sheesh! We went out to the kitchen, and as I was pulling the dishes from the oven, Matty called out to Eric and Devyn to let them know dinner was ready. Whoa! I wonder what Eric and Devyn had been doing? They came out of their bedroom wearing nothing but board shorts. Eric cock was hard as a rock and sticking straight out. Devyn’s was—holy shit—it was huge! That monster was snaking down the left leg of Devyn’s shorts and nearly reached his fucking knee! All I could do was stare. Idiot! Eric broke my trance with, “Dude—get over it. We’re here for ten days with our boyfriends, and there’s going to be a shitload of sex happening. And yes, we were messing around when you called us. We threw on some shorts and came out of the room—even though I didn’t even want to do that!” Matty had a shit-eating grin on his face. “Eric—the one thing I love about you is that you never beat around the bush. But I’m feeling way over-dressed right now!” I’ll be damned if Matty didn’t strip down to his boxer briefs right there in the kitchen. I put the last dishes on the table, and before I could sit down, my boyfriend started taking off my clothes. I was soon down to my boxer briefs and sat down as fast as I could. Shit! I was already getting hard with three hot boys in front of me! Dinner was amazing, and I had to make sure the guys knew that although I was a pretty decent cook, we wouldn’t be eating this well the rest of the week. They were all cool about it, thank God! Eric—good ol’ Eric—commented that he was guessing that in two days or less, we wouldn’t even bother with shorts or briefs around the house. He figured we should make the house a clothes-free zone. “Damn, Eric! I never thought you were the nudist type of dude!” “Always have been, Eddie. I never wear clothes when I don’t have to. And let’s face it, none of us have anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to our bodies. You and Matty are hot as fuck with your jock bods. And Devyn is a dancer. I work out a lot. We’re all pretty hot—so I say we should be comfortable enough in our own skin to just be in our own skin!” Devyn asked what was next on the agenda. Eric, Matty, and I all said, “Sex!” at the same time. That got all of us laughing our asses off. Devyn asked if Matty and I smoked weed. Matty and I both have in the past, but I had to quit. It turns out weed made me way too horny. At the time it made me way too horny for Matty, but I thought he was straight at the time so I figured it was best just to stop smoking and getting horny for what I thought I would never have. Matty and I looked at each other and smiled, agreeing to give it a try. Matty then told Devyn that we would love to smoke some, but we couldn’t do it in the house. He suggested we all head back to the hot tub and do it back there. Dammit!! Matty is supposed to fuck me back there! I didn’t want an audience! But hey, I guess a little time with friends, getting a buzz on would be fine. So, there it was—the four of us were heading back to the hot tub—after Devyn’s detour to their bedroom. The four of us walked through the master suite and out to the deck. Matty and I took the cover off the hot tub as nudist Eric slid his shorts off. Devyn followed, and the two boys were standing naked in front of us. Well, I guess Devyn is a grower since his soft cock at least looked like a normal size! Matty looked at me and gave me his “why not” look, and we slid out of our boxer briefs. I slipped into the water first since I was already chubbing up. Being a horny teen sometimes sucked. Soon all four of us were in the tub, totally getting into the jets of hot water pounding into our bodies. Devyn had a small, wooden box thing in his hand and he slid off the top. This brass thing popped up. He put one end back into the case and twisted it around. He handed it to Matty and asked if he’d ever used a pinch-hitter before. Neither one of us had so he showed us how to take a hit off it. Pretty simple. It worked like a pipe, but it was a tube. He warned us that the weed was super strong and we probably didn’t want to take too big a hit at first. Damn! That shit was strong! After just my second hit, I was already feeling a buzz. I didn’t take a third, explaining that I didn’t want to pass out before Matty had his way with me! Oh shit! Did I really tell them that?!? I knew I was stoned because in less than three minutes, my cock started to fill out and I was getting horny as fuck for my boy! I looked over and found Matty already looking at me. I couldn’t help it—I took his head into my hands and pulled him to me for a deep and lusty kiss. Ours weren’t the only moans coming from the hot tub! Eric and Devyn were going at it as well. It hit me that I’d never seen two boys kissing—well, in person anyways—and it didn’t take long from me to realize it was hot as fuck! Matty and I leaned back into the jets, and he put his arm around me—pulling me in so that my head was resting on his shoulder. Eric and Devyn finished kissing and leaned back as well when—holy fuck!! The head of Devyn’s cock was sticking up out of the water! “Jesus Devyn! How big is that thing!?!” Eric looked at me and grinned. “It’s 10½ inches, Eddie. 10½ inches of heaven.” Matty was also in shock. “How do you do anything with that much dick?” Devyn grinned at Matty and said, “quite nicely, actually.” What happened next shocked the fuck out of me. I don’t know if it was because of the pot or not, but Devyn stood up—and that telephone pole slapped Eric’s face. “Go ahead E—show ‘em what you can do with this!” Eric got a huge grin on his face before he opened his mouth and began blowing Devyn—right in front of us! Shit! And I thought kissing in front of us was hot! Eric was bobbing his head on Devyn’s cock. After about the sixth time, he took a deep breath, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t go all the way down. Jesus fucking Christ! Eric had over ten inches of hard cock down his throat! He pulled away and looked up at Devyn. “How was that?” Devyn looked over at Matty and me and said, “Sorry guys, that was more than I could handle and not continue. We’re gonna leave you boys alone now and get down to some nasty business in the bedroom!” They each grabbed one of the towels Matty had set out and dried each other off before heading inside. Finally! I was alone with my boyfriend—in a hot tub—at a private lake house—Spring Break was about to get its game on! I immediately shifted so that I was sitting on Matty’s lap. Our cocks were dancing around each other with the movement of the water. I put my arms around Matty’s neck and dove in for a kiss that was nothing but horny. I wanted to show my boy how badly I wanted him—oh yeah, he got the message! “I love you, Eddie. I’ve been waiting for this night—I think for my whole life. You are the first person who’s giving me the greatest personal thing a human can give another. I always knew that someday, I would find the boy to do that—and deep down, I’m pretty sure I always knew it would be you.” “Oh God, Matty! That was beautiful, but right now, if I don’t feel you inside my ass I’m gonna fucking blow up!” Matty pulled me off his lap and sat me on the edge of the hot tub. He pushed me back and told me to spread my legs. Bam! My boy dove right into my hairless pucker and started teasing it with these little flickers. Anytime my whimpering slowed down he’d point his tongue and push it in my hole, tongue-fucking me. Surprise! (Not) Matty’s tongue drove me to nut without touching my cock. So. Fucking. Hot!! “How do you want this baby? Completely up to you.” “Just like this. I want to see your face when you get inside me!” “Awesome! Cuz I wanna see yours as my cock slides into you for the first time!” Matty reached over the side of the hot tub and got a bottle of lube. I’d never seen this kind before. “What’s that?” “Silicon lube. Waterproof. We can use it in the shower when we get back home, too.” “Awesome!” Matty covered three of his fingers with the slick liquid and began rubbing my pucker. I gasped when he pushed in one finger. “You okay?” “Fuck yeah! Feels so good!” “Good—you ready for another finger?” “I’m ready for whatever you want to give me, Matty!” My breathing was getting more and more ragged. Out of nowhere, I started making these whimpering noises. What the fuck? I don’t whimper! “Oooooh FUUUUUUUCK!!” Matty pushed a third finger in, stretching me farther than I’ve ever been stretched before. The whimpers soon turned into moans. “Goddammit, Matty! Fuck me already!” As soon as he pulled his fingers out of my ass, I felt empty—and needed to be filled up again! Matty took the lube and slicked up his cock. His fucking amazing cock. “Okay baby—this is probably going to hurt at first, but just remember that as much as it might be painful in the beginning, it’s gonna feel awesome in no time at all.” Matty rubbed the head of his cock over my hole, and all I could do was moan and beg him to put it in me. He lined up the head with my pucker and smiled as he looked into my eyes. “I love you, Eddie Hamilton! More than anyone has ever loved another person in the history of time.” Well fuck! I didn’t want to start crying before he even started! Why the fuck did Matty have to be so dramatic? Oh, yeah—he does theatre. I guess that’s—WHOAH! I started panting as Matty’s thick head broke through my pucker. He stopped moving and ran his hand across my cheek. “I’ll just wait right here until you’re ready to move on. Don’t forget, My cock is thicker at the top so once I get inside you, it should start to hurt less.” “Dude—I totally know the shape of your cock! Give me a sec, k?” I took a couple of deep breaths and nodded my head. “Okay babe, go slow at first.” Matty began to push in little by little. I kept panting and pushing back. Once he got half his cock in, the stretch eased a bit, and then it happened—he hit my spot! I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him in as far as I could get him. Surprised the fuck outta Matty, going from the look on his face! I looked up at the beautiful boy who just made me his and smiled, “You feel fucking amazing. I feel so full—but it also feels like you filled up something that’s been missing, and I never even knew it!” “Oh my god, Eddie! It feels so hot! I love how you’re wrapped around my cock!” “I love you, Matty Jacobs—but can we cut the chit-chat and start fucking already?” He started slowly, but within minutes, he was pounding my ass. Water was splashing all over the deck, and I was moaning like a whore in an orgy! I looked up at the gorgeous boy fucking me. His head was thrown back. His muscles glistened with a combination of sweat and water, and were flexing with each thrust into my very happy ass! “I’m getting close, Matty! Soooo fucking close!” “Me too, baby! Where do you want me to nut?” “Inside me. Fucking full me up with your nut, babe!” Just saying that got me past the point of no return and I nutted all over the padding around the hot tub, my hair, my face! Jesus-fucking-Christ! I’ve never nutted so hard in my life! I know Matty was feeling the muscles in my ass pulsing around his cock every time I let loose a jet of cum. Whoa! Matty made this noise that was somewhere between a sob and a wolf’s howl. He made one final thrust inside me, and his entire body froze. I could feel his amazing cock expanding inside me with each shot he planted inside me. Wow. Just wow! I think I might have actually blacked out because the next thing I knew, my beautiful boy was licking my nut off my face. He kissed me, and I could taste my cum on his tongue. Jesus! I was still panting like I had just finished running a marathon. “How was it, Eddie? Worth the wait?” “Oh. My. God. I had no idea! I mean—I kinda figured it would be amazing, but Jesus! The things you made me feel were so far beyond my wildest dreams!” “I get it! I’ve never felt anything as amazing as your fucking hot ass working the shit outta my cock! Heh—I guess that finishes off all the virgin shit left for both of us, huh?” “Yeah, but dude—I’m thirsty as fuck!” We got out of the tub, and I had to laugh. Matty’s feel looked like prunes. I guess he was in the hot water for a while. We dried each other off, dropped our towels on the deck, and walked back into the house stark-ass naked. We walked into the kitchen for some bottled water and smiled at each other as we heard Eric and Devyn fucking—with their bedroom door open. “Fuck me harder, Dev! Breed my ass!” Ahhhhh—and it was just the first day of Spring Break!
  8. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 9 – Recovery What the fuck? Why can’t I wake up? And shiiiiiiit! My head hurts! Wait a minute—where the fuck am I? This isn’t my bed. And what are all those little beeping noises? Wake up, dammit! I try like crazy to open my eyes, but they’re not being very cooperative. And now I gotta pee and I can’t move myself to get out of bed, and—oh fuck! I’m gonna pee anyway? In the bed? What the fuck is going on? Where’s Matty? He said he was gonna fuck me tonight! Something’s not right. This is all kinds of fucked-up! “Matty?” “Trey! Are you awake? Open your eyes, bro!” What the fuck is Haley doing here—or wherever here is? “He’s Eddie now. Everybody calls him Eddie now—even Mom and Dad.” And the squirt? What the fuck is going on?? “Matty?” “Nathan, bring me my phone, I need to text everyone to tell them Eddie’s waking up.” I felt someone’s head close to mine. Matty? No, it’s the squirt. What the fuck? “Wake up Eddie. It scares me when you won’t wake up. I want my big brother back. I promise to be good if you just wake up, Eddie. Please?” Oh man! The squirt is crying now? I hate when he does that! C’mon eyes! Get the fuck open! Get. The. Fuck. OPEN! There! Whoa! Lights are bright! I squint, trying to block out some of the light. “Too bright.” “Nathan, can you go over to the door and turn off the lights?” “Okay, Sissy—I got Eddie to wake up!” “Hospital?” “Yeah, you’ve been here since Friday afternoon.” “What happened?” “Hold on a sec. I told the nurse I would let them know when you woke up.” “Mkay.” Damn! My throat is dry, and my mouth feels like it’s full of cotton. “Thirsty” Haley pressed the button that was hanging on the bed rail, then poured some water into a cup. She put a straw in the cup and put it to my lips. I was able to get some of the cool water into my mouth, and it felt awesome. “Hales. How did I end up here? And why are you here?” “You don’t remember anything?” “Well, I remember the baseball game on Friday, and after saying goodbye to Mom, Dad, and Matty, I was heading to the team bus when—Oh! Wait a minute. I heard someone yell something, and then I was knocked down to the ground. That’s all I remember.” Before Haley could fill me in on what happened, a nurse came in, checked the machines that were beeping, took my temperature and blood pressure, and punched stuff into a computer. She lifted a bag that was hanging on the side of the bed, and from I could tell it looked like it was full of piss. “Well, the bladder’s working well! We’ll probably be able to get that catheter out later this afternoon.” “What’s wrong with me? I mean, my head hurts pretty bad, but why am I in the hospital?” “Your doctor will be here in about fifteen minutes, and he can answer all your questions.” She looked at Haley and asked if Mom and Dad knew I was awake. “Yeah, I texted them, and they should be here in about 10 minutes.” “Excellent, the doctor can talk to everyone at the same time, then.” The nurse asked if I needed anything, so I told her I was thirsty and hungry. She said she would be right back with a water bottle filled with ice water and that the doctor would get me set up with some food after he checked me out. Just as Haley was about to fill me in on what the fuck was going on, Matty came running into the room, followed by Mom and Dad. “Eddie! Thank God!” He practically knocked Haley out of her chair as he ran to me and wrapped me in a hug. “Whoa! Matty! Careful! Head hurts.” “Oh, I’m sorry, baby!” I asked Matty to back up cuz Mom wanted to hug me, and well—there’s nothing better than a mom-hug when you feel crappy. By the way, the dad-hug felt pretty damned good, too! Now I had four people in the room who could tell me what was going on but no—that’s not gonna happen since the doc walked into the room and asked everyone to wait in the hall while he looked me over. He started asking me stupid questions like what city I was in, who the president was, where I went to school. When I asked him why all the questions, he smiled and said it was just a standard test for people with concussions. “A concussion? Can you tell me what’s going on? I don’t even remember coming here.” “Sure, son. I will tell you what I know. You were brought into the hospital after the baseball game on Friday. You had been beaten with what appears to have been a baseball bat. You were hit across the back, and that knocked you to the ground where you hit the right side of your head on the pavement. The perpetrator then tried to hit you on the head with the bat, and he did—but thankfully, several of your teammates were able to pull your assailant away before he could hit you hard enough to cause even more severe damage.” “Did they catch the guy who did is?” “Yes, and I’ll let your family fill you in on those details. You were unconscious when you were brought here. You had some fairly severe swelling in your brain, and we had to perform surgery to remove a portion of your skull to help relieve the pressure. We’ll be replacing that piece in a day or two, and you’ll be back to normal in no time at all.” “And I’ve been out since Friday?” “Well, yes—but the main reason for that is we sedated you quite heavily in order for your brain to stabilize and let the swelling go down. We began to lower the amount of sedative last night and had you completely sedative-free this morning. Now if you’ll look at my finger and follow it’s movement for me?” He ran a couple more tests and finally let the family come back in. He explained that he wanted me to remain in the hospital at least three more days, but he was also pleased that there didn’t appear to be any long-term damage from the concussions. “Wait—concussions? There’s more than one?” “Yes, there was impact on your skull in two completely different regions. We’ll call that a double-concussion. The symptoms are really no different than a single concussion; they are just a bit more noticeable.” “Am I gonna be able to play ball again?” “From what I can tell, you seem to be recovering quite nicely from the concussion. We’ll most likely be keeping you from sports until your skull heals when we replace the piece we took out. That should take four to six weeks so it looks like—if all goes well—that you should be back for the playoffs.” “Okay—one more question...” “What’ that, son?” “Can I eat something? I’m soooooo hungry!” I’m glad that doc thought it’s so fucking funny that I’m so fucking hungry! “I’ll get you some soup for now. Dinner tonight will be on the soft side of things, and we should be able to get you on a regular diet beginning with breakfast in the morning. Sound good?” The doc wrote some stuff down on my chart and told me that he was going to get me something for the pain but would ease me off the pain meds beginning tomorrow. He wanted me to get a good night’s sleep tonight. And then he left. Finally! I never thought I would be so happy to be alone with my family as I was at that very moment! Everyone was smiling except for Nathan. He was sitting in a chair by the window, just staring at me—and it looked like he was on the verge of tears. Now, I might bitch and moan about the little twerp, but all-in-all, he’s a great kid. This was breaking my heart. “Hey munchkin—get over here!” Nathan looked at me like I had lost my mind, which may not be too far from the truth from what the doc was saying. Anyways, Nathan got up and walked over to the bed, and I motioned for him to lean in to me. “Hey kiddo,” I whispered to him. “You okay? You look like you lost your best friend.” “I almost did. I thought I was gonna lose you.” “Hey! I could never let you lose me. Besides, who would bug you every day if I wasn’t around?” “I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. It’s like everybody is telling secrets they don’t want me to know. I hate it.” I looked over to Matty and saw that he was leaning in and listening. He smiled at me and nodded. Yeah, it was definitely time to let Nathan know what was going on. Matty looked at Mom and Dad and told them it was probably time that we had our talk with Nathan. Mom and Dad smiled and took Haley out with them. They decided to go and get some coffee from the Starbucks in the lobby. “C’mere, buddy.” I patted the mattress next to me, inviting the twerp to sit up with me. “Are you gonna be okay, Eddie? Please don’t die!” Awww man, the kid started a floodgate of tears but wasn’t crying out loud. “Hey, I’m gonna be okay. I promise I’m gonna be around to drive you crazy for a long, long time.” “You know, you don’t really drive me crazy. I kinda like it when you kid around with me.” “But you drive me crazy sometimes—and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Nathan bent down, gave me a hug, and rested his head on my chest—right on Matty’s spot! “Eddie?” “Munchkin?” “Why did Mom and Dad leave with Sissy? Is she in trouble or something?” “No. You see, Matty and I wanted to have a talk with you alone. There’s something we both wanted to tell you, but we had to wait until I woke up.” “What are you gonna tell me? That Matty’s your boyfriend—and you’re his?” “What?” “Little dude! How did you know? Did Eddie’s sister say something to you?” “No. Last week when Mom and Dad sent me to Simon’s house for a sleepover—on a school night—I knew there was something wrong. I was talking to Simon about it, and he said we should look on Instagram and see if there was anything there.” “You guys are twelve! How did he get an Instagram account.” “Really? We might be twelve, but we’re not stupid! Anybody can get an account. Sheesh!” “So—what did you see? Was there anything about your brother and me?” “Yeah, the first thing we saw was some jerk telling the whole world that you guys were boyfriends. Simon said that was called being outted. And then we saw all these messages from people saying how happy they were for you and being really cool about it.” “How did that make you feel? I mean, you know Matty pretty well, and he’s practically a part of our family anyway, right?” “I’m cool with is. I mean—c’mon, it’s not really any different than before. You guys are always spending time together. I guess there’s just kissing now.” “Wow! How did my little brother get to be so fucking cool?” “Don’t let Mom hear you drop the f-bomb, Eddie. She’ll have a cow.” “Yeah, I know—I’ve been caught before.” “Me too.” “What? You’re just a kid!” “You know something? Being twelve totally sucks. Everybody wants to think I’m this little kid. But let me tell you something. I know about sex. I know about gay stuff. I know about not-gay stuff. And I’ll tell you a secret. I have three hairs—down there—and yesterday morning, I squirted for the first time.” “Whoa! TMI, little bro!” “Well, who else can I talk to about this stuff?” “Simon?” “Well, that would be kinda weird. After we saw all that stuff about you and Matty online, Simon got real quiet and finally said he had those feelings, too—about me.” “How did that go?” “He wanted to kiss me. I’ve never kissed a boy so I figured I’d give it a shot. I told him I like kissing girls better. He cried.” “You still friends?” “We will be. He’s kinda weirded out that he told me all that stuff—and then kissed me. He thinks I hate him—and I don’t, I just don’t want to be his boyfriend.” “Dude—how many girls have you kissed?” “I dunno—three or four, I guess.” “Eddie?” “Just one.” “And you knew when you kissed Matty that was what you wanted?” “More than anything, little bro.” “Kiss Matty now.” “What?” “Go ahead and kiss your boyfriend. I just wanna make sure Simon and I did it right.” What. The. Fuck? I looked at Matty, and he was grinning as he leaned into me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Really? Is that how you guys kiss? Kinda boring, if you ask me. C’mon. Kiss him the way you really kiss him.” “Okay. Here goes nothing!” This time Matty leaned in and kissed me the way he does best. Our tongues did their little tango that I love so much before he pulled away. “Yup. That’s how Simon kissed me. It was okay, but kissing Jessica Weinstein is a helluva lot more fun.” “Are you sure you’re only twelve? Eddie wasn’t anywhere close to this cool when he was twelve!” “Says the nerd with the wicked tongue!” “One more thing, Eddie.” “What’s that?” “Will you stop calling me twerp? That bugs the crap outta me.” “Sure thing. What do you want to be called now?” “Nate. I’ve decided I’m gonna be Nate.” “Then Nate it is. Thanks for being so cool. I love ya, kiddo.” “I love you too, Eddie.” “This is so cool. It’s like I now have the cool little brother I always wanted!” “Don’t be stupid, Matty. I’ve always been like your little brother. You’ve told me that a hundred times. See? Nothing’s really that different—even if you guys are kissing now!” I looked at Matty and gave him a don’t-you-even-think-about-it look, and he just smiled back. Nate—that’s gonna be kinda hard to get used to—gave each of us a hug just as a nurse came into the room with two bowls of soup. Tomato soup that was nothing like Mom’s, but I was hungry as fuck and wasn’t about to complain! After I ate, another nurse came in and gave me a pill for my pain. I was out in less than fifteen minutes. Before I conked out, Dad said he was taking the family out for a decent meal and that he would check to see if he could bring me something back. A couple of hours later, I woke up to the smell of something wonderful—and it turned out to be lasagna from my favorite Italian restaurant. Haley came back with everyone to say goodbye—she had to get back up to Boone since she had a lot of work to do on her sociology project. As she was making her rounds, she looked out the window and gasped. At the same time, Matty got a text from Bella saying we should look out the window. Well fuck! I was stuck in the bed as my entire family—and my boyfriend—was standing at the window and waving. I wanted to see and asked Dad if he could get a nurse to help me get to the window. Dad agreed, and in less than five minutes, I was able to get up and out of bed—even though I was dragging the IV along with me. Holy shit! There must have been 300 people standing in front of the hospital, holding candles. Matty put his arm around my waist and walked me right up to the window. We had our arms around each other and waved to the crowd below. Wow! I can’t even begin to imagine how loud it got out there, but we could hear the crowd cheering even with the window closed up like it was. Dad got a text, and he said it was from his Associate Pastor, Bill Stevens. Apparently, after Mom, Dad, and Matty left church this morning the congregation planned this candlelight vigil thing. Matty got a text from Bella saying she was at church this morning and contacted as many people from school so they would be there as well. Matty texted Bella and told her to come up to the room. He then took me back to my bed so I could finish my Italian feast. It’s weird how tired I got just from walking across the room and standing for a couple of minutes. Jesus! I can’t wait to get better, cuz this totally sucks a big one! Haley came over to the bed, hugged me, and said I needed to ask Matty about the talk they had Saturday night. I looked at him, and he blushed! Ha! I couldn’t wait to hear what they talked about! About thirty seconds after Haley left the room, Bella came in. She had Carrie and Eric with her. God, it was good to see them! Bella was happy to see Dad was there. It turns out that although her parents knew about her relationship with Carrie, things were more than a little strained with the family. After hearing Dad’s sermon this morning, they sat down and had a long and healing talk and things have never been better. “Dad? Was this the sermon you said you were going to give—before I ended up here?” “Yes. A lot of people told me to take the day off, but you know how important this sermon was to me, and with everything that happened, it became even more necessary that I deliver it today.” “I think I want to hear it. You weren’t too hard on Matty and me, were you?” “Matty, was I too hard on you?” “No, not at all. I mean the whole world knows pretty much everything about me—and you—and everyone was so cool about it. Just like in school, all those things we were worried about never happened.” Dad looked over to Eric and asked, “Son, what did your parents have to say about the sermon?” “Well, my parents are all cool about me being gay and all, and all Mom said was how happy she was that Eddie and Matty had parents like you in their lives. Then she got all emotional over all the kids who have to suffer at the hands of their parents—like Matty did.” Mom and Dad decided that they would call it a night and let us kids spend a little more time together. Mom came over and kissed me on the cheek, telling me to sleep with the angels, and that she would see me in the morning. She promised to bring me breakfast so I wouldn’t have to eat that horrible stuff the hospital calls eggs. Ya gotta love my Mom! Eric said he would take Matty home so he could stay on a bit, and as soon as Mom, Dad, and Nate left the room, Carrie pulled the curtain around the bed and told us we had two minutes to get a good kiss in while the three of them stepped out into the hall. Wow! That was the fucking best kiss I’ve ever had! Sadly, my cock was totally feeling the effects of it, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it! By the time we were finished with that kiss, Matty was in the same boat. “Sorry baby, but Eric doesn’t get to help you with that problem inside your pants. You’re gonna have to take care of that when you get home.” “You dork! There’s no way anyone touches this except for you. I love you so much, babe. I can’t wait for you to get home, so I don’t have to sleep along in our bed.” “You know, I’m pretty sure you said that same thing to me while I was out of it—at least I think that was you!” “Yes! You squeezed my hand when I said it, too! That’s when I knew you were gonna be alright.” Our friends came back into the room, and we had another good thirty minutes of laughing and ribbing. I love those guys. When the nurse came in to shoo everyone away, I was in a pretty good mood, considering I was still hurting like a son-of-a-bitch! A couple of days later—Tuesday morning, to be exact—I went back into surgery so they could replace the piece they had taken out of my skull. That meant another day of pain meds and grogginess. On Friday—one week after I was brought to the hospital—I finally got to go home. I was taken off the good shit and was told to take a Tylenol if my head started hurting again. The Doc said I could go back to school as soon as I was able to go a full 24 hours without having to take anything for headaches. That got me back to school on Thursday. We had a home baseball game on Friday against Independence High School. Coach was super cool and let me dress out and sit in the dugout with the team. Matty kinda wanted me to sit with him, but the family was there with him, so he wasn’t totally bored. We didn’t win the game, and the guys on the team said it was because I wasn’t out there with them. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but they’ve lost three of their last four games since I’ve been out. Who knows? That night at dinner, the subject of Spring Break came up. Well—I guess you could say I brought up the subject. Mom and Dad had already said okay to Myrtle Beach instead of us going with the gang to Pensacola. Now—things were a bit different. Mom didn’t want me driving for six hours—or riding since I wasn’t allowed to drive yet. I was getting more and more depressed when out of the blue, Matty came up with the perfect solution. Turns out that his mom and dad had a vacation cabin on Lake Norman that hasn’t been used since his mom got sick. The good news was that Mom and Dad agreed since it wasn’t that far away. The bad news was that they insisted on coming to the cabin on Wednesday night to make us a good dinner and check up on my health and shit. Matty agreed to everything, and I just smiled and nodded. At least I was gonna have several nights alone with my boyfriend! A couple of days later, we found out that Eric and his boyfriend didn’t have any plans for break, so Matty and I invited them to join us at the cabin. Hell, the place had four bedrooms (some cabin, huh?) and it wasn’t like we would be running into each other all that much—especially at night. Mom even liked the idea of Eric and his boyfriend joining us. She felt better that someone else was there in case of an emergency. She said they might rethink coming out there in the middle of the week since we wouldn’t be alone now. Yes! So here we are—three weeks after getting the shit beat out of me—and Eric, his boyfriend Devyn, Matty, and I are in my 4Runner and on the way to nine days of no school, no parents, and no pressure! Spring Break, here we come!
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    Flesco... sometimes you frighten the bejeesus outta me with how accurate your predictions are! Sheesh! ❤️
  10. So I saw these pictures and thought of Charlie! (Not because of the specific style. But because he’s a young man who has a thriving tailoring business.)

    Zack Pinsent is a 25 year old English tailor from Brighton. He has a great love of traditional gentleman’s clothes, especially from the Regency period (around 1800 - 1820). He makes all his own clothes and also makes clothes for others, and has made a thriving business in the world of tailoring.


    1. FlyOnTheWall


      Wow! I totally see it! Now if he had that long, curly hair it would be perfect! But I definitely see how this could be one of Charlie's styles! Thanks!!


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      I’m just glad that I don’t have to deal with all those layers and details! Mandatory ties in discount store dress codes were bad enough. Just jeans and t-shirts for me please.

  11. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 8 – Unconditional CLAY You know, people told me not to bother coming in and preaching today, I had enough on my plate. The irony of that is that the sermon I had planned to share with you today has been in the works for several weeks—and it needs to be delivered today more than anything else I can do right now. You see, when I’m hurt, angry, and especially hurt AND angry—there’s only one way for me to fight back—and that’s with words. Today, I have three stories to share with you—stories of three amazing and courageous young men. All three of these stories are true—sadly true. You know two of these boys. And yes, they are both aware that—in their own words—I’m going to embarrass the heck out of them. It seems that in the last week, I’ve had this same conversation with several people very close to our family and me. The conversation was about unconditional love. It’s a concept we’ve all heard of and are familiar with. It’s a concept that easy to explain to others, but I can also tell you from personal experience, it’s a very difficult concept to apply. So let’s imagine you have a beautiful young daughter. As she begins growing, you notice something different about her. Could it be possible that she’s left-handed? How can that be? Everyone else in the family is nor... I mean, right-handed. You find there’s a special place that will convert a left-handed child to a right-handed child. Would you send your child to such a place? Here’s another scenario. You have a beautiful toddler boy. He’s running all over the place, getting into to all sorts of things he shouldn’t. But wait—are those green eyes? How is that possible? Everyone in your family has brown eyes. This just isn’t right. You know there isn’t any kind of special place where you can send your child that will change the color of his eyes. What do you do? Pray away the green? Let’s say you have a beautiful teenage son. He’s athletic—making his mark in several team sports through the years. His grades are excellent and you, along with your spouse, are both proud parents. That is until you begin to realize that your son appears to be attracted to other boys. What? How can this be? There are no gay people in your family! What do you do? Send your child to a special place that will convert him into a straight lifestyle? No? Will you “pray away the gay?” You see—in all three cases, Jesus has already told us what to do. Love. Pure and simple. Just love. Because, in all three cases, science has proven that these children were born with the exact traits that have made them seem different. If that’s the case, then we must realize that God created each and every one of us—including those three children—just the way we are. God doesn’t make mistakes. We are ALL perfect in the eyes of God. And all those things we tend to judge ourselves for—things like skin tone, height, weight, hair color, and yes—sexuality—those are the things that make us perfect in God’s eye. And Jesus tells us to love each other—in spite of those made-up flaws—love each other as we love ourselves. And then, as a perfect punctuation mark, Jesus tells us that THAT is the greatest commandment of them all. So how does all this relate to what I’m here to tell you? I guess the best place to begin is several months ago when Sue Jacobs—a dear friend of our family and a member of our church passed away after a brief illness. That was a particularly difficult time for my immediate family, our church family, and most difficult for the Jacobs family. It would break my heart whenever I would see Matthew sneak into my son’s room looking for comfort from the only person he felt he could talk to. My son was pretty amazing as he helped his friend through a dark and sometimes hopeless time in his life. But I can tell you that as difficult the times were for our families, Mags and I were so proud of the bond that our sons developed as they learned to deal with something no teenager should ever have to deal with. Sadly, George had a more difficult, and a much darker time when his world was turned upside down. George didn’t feel he had anyone—or anything—he could turn to other than alcohol. Now, before any of you start to judge George—and I’m sure you won’t as I’ve taught you better—but George is now seeking professional help and is well on the way to a full recovery and the productive, wonderful life he once had. But it was Matthew who seems to have taken the full brunt of George’s dark path. You see, about four months ago, George began to have questions and suspicions about his son’s life. He began to wonder why Matthew never talked about girls he might be dating. He began to wonder why Matthew spent so much time with our son. Those questions soon turned into accusations—which turned into heated arguments—which turned into physical abuse. A little over a week ago, my son found Matty outside his bedroom window, bleeding quite heavily from a wound to his head. The next morning, Mags and Eddie—yes, that’s my son’s name now—took Matthew to the emergency room while I went next door to pay a visit to my friend, George. I found a man who was not himself. I found a man who was lost. I also found a man who was willing to do whatever it took to make things right again with his son. Mags and I decided to take Matthew into our home until his father is well again. I am happy to say that Matthew is doing great. He’s handled the entire situation better than most of us could, and I couldn’t be prouder of the boy who has always been a part of our family since he was born. It was Matthew’s second night with us when I suggested we watch a film. I had heard about this movie from a colleague who thought it would make for a good sermon topic. The film is “Boy Erased,” and it tells the true story of Garrard Conley. Garrard is the son of a Southern Baptist minister who was forced to participate in a church-sanctioned gay conversion therapy program AFTER he was forcibly outed to his parents by a spurned boyfriend. Now, as most of you are familiar with my relationship with the Southern Baptists, I found the film fascinating, but more than that, it disturbed me that a parent could force—not suggest—FORCE his own child to participate in something that is widely known as harmful and to many, deadly. Many of you were with me the day I decided I could no longer be a part of a denomination that was brimming with such judgemental people. But it was my family’s discussion of the film that made me take a look at my feelings on the subject. One point brought up was the concern that I’ve never spoken on the subject of sexuality to this church. I didn’t think that would be a problem. I know this congregation is fairly progressive and open-minded. But it was Matthew who asked Mags and me what our thoughts on sexuality were. I told him that if any of my children were to tell me they were gay, I couldn’t love them any less. For me, it’s all about unconditional love. When Jesus tells us to love each other as we love ourselves, that’s it. There are no conditions. There is nothing that says, “Unless that person is…” Well, you can fill in the blank with hundreds of things. Jesus directs us to love. Period. Everyone. Period. And that’s not easy. It’s never easy. I get it! But then, without warning—Oh, and here’s the part where I get to embarrass him—Matthew broke down, sobbing into his best friend’s chest. Mags and I didn’t know what was going on. Eddie looked more than a little terrified. And then, through the sobs, four words. Four. Simple. Words. “He’s right, ya know.” I was still confused, but in hindsight, I see the entire course of events quite clearly. You see, when Matthew asked for our opinions on the topic, he was asking for very personal reasons. He later told me the reason he started crying was due to the deep sadness he had that his own father didn’t feel that way. “He’s right, ya know.” Those four words were Matthew telling me the hardest thing he’s ever told another person. Matthew told me that his father’s suspicions were true, that he indeed was gay. I did what any father—real or surrogate—should do without a moment’s hesitation. I took Matthew in my arms and told him again about unconditional love and how my feelings for him hadn’t changed in the slightest. But then I surprised myself. For you see, my feelings for Matthew did change. I was so proud of that young man. His courage and sincerity brought a new level of respect and admiration for him. He did the bravest thing he had ever done in his young life. He came out to the people who loved him. No matter what. THAT’S unconditional love. But I have to say, Mag’s answer to Matthew’s question left me so extremely proud of the woman I married. She told Matthew that if one of her children told her they were gay, she’d probably make sure to love them a little bit more—just to make up for all the hardship that was bound to come their way. I’m sorry—I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional today. But you see, my wife’s beautiful words have never rung more true. You see, Eddie—my son—my namesake—is lying in a coma because he finally garnered the courage to tell his friends and family that he is also gay. My son is recovering from injuries he received from an angry schoolmate—well, a former schoolmate—wielding a baseball bat. My son found the true meaning of unconditional love from his circle of friends, who came over to our house to show their support for Matthew and Eddie after this angry boy outed them as a couple over social media. My son and Matthew found the true meaning of unconditional love—and support—from the hundreds, if not thousands of fellow students who showed them that they were still thought of as upstanding young student-athletes and friends. I watched those two boys grow up together from the day they were born. I’ve watched their friendship blossom and grow into something that few could understand, but all who knew them appreciated and respected. So when these two boys told me that they were in love with each other, it was just the next step in their relationship. I fiercely love both of those boys—unconditionally. I get that. That’s the easy part. But please forgive me because while I’m your pastor, I’m also a grieving, angry father. I know Jesus gave us this unconditional love thing and meant it for everyone. But right now, I can’t find a way to have an unconditional love for the boy who beat my son—my flesh and blood—into a coma. I pray that someday, I will be able to change that. I ask you of your own prayers so that I may see a kinder and gentler way through this situation. I pray that— Mags and Matthew interrupted my sermon. That has never happened in the twenty years I’ve been a pastor! “He’s awake! Eddie’s awake!” Please pray for my boy! I’m going to turn things over to Pastor Bill. I need to get to the hospital now that Eddie’s coming out of his coma. Thank you. My family and I love you. God Bless us all! MATTY I couldn’t believe it when Mrs. H. and I got the group text from Haley. She was staying with Eddie while Mrs. H. and I went to church. She also had Nathan with her. When Mrs. H. interrupted the sermon, everything kinda went into a whirlwind. Mr. H. stepped down to the front pew where we were sitting, took our hands, and led us out the front of the church. What surprised the Hell out of me was that as we were walking up the center aisle, every damned person in that building was on their feet and applauding. It wasn’t until the three of us were in the car that we finally looked at each other and realized we were all crying. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much love and support in my entire life. “Wow—Mr. H.—that was—” “Yes, darling, I know. But dear—we need to get to the hospital and be with our boy.” We had fifteen minutes to get to the hospital, and I just sat back and thought back to Friday afternoon and all the Hell that broke loose after the game. According to Brandon, he was sitting at the back of the bus when he heard someone yell, “fucking faggot!” Brandon looked out the window and saw Harper swing a baseball bat, landing it squarely on Eddie’s back. Eddie fell forward and landed on the right side of his face down on the pavement. Brandon swung open the emergency exit and jumped down, landing on Harper just as he swung the bat at Eddie’s head. While the bat still made contact with Eddie’s head, it could have been much, much worse had Brandon not been there when he was. In just seconds, five others on the team had Harper on the ground, holding him down until help arrived. Several of the guys had called 9-1-1, and the response was close to immediate since there were cops and an ambulance on-site for the game. The cops took Harper away while two others kept Brandon around for questioning. He got permission to text the Hamilton’s to let them know that there had been an incident and Eddie was on the way to Carolinas Medical Center. After Brandon’s interview with the cops, they were super cool and took him to the hospital to be with Eddie and the family. Fuck! Brandon was a superhero in my book! It seemed like forever from the time we all got to the hospital and the doctors came out to tell us what was going on with Eddie. They told us he had some major contusions across his back, but he was lucky to have a good muscle base as that probably prevented any fractures on his spine. The main problem was that Eddie suffered two serious concussions. The first was from the initial fall to the pavement. The second was from the bat. There was a pretty nasty cut where the bat hit his head, and there was a crack in his skull to deal with as well. The had to take Eddie up to surgery to remove a portion of his skull to relieve the pressure from the swelling. They were also worried that Eddie had not regained consciousness since being brought in. After surgery, they put him in the ICU for twenty-four hours. They told us they were going to keep him heavily sedated to let the brain settle. They would ease up on the sedation after that and hope that Eddie wakes up within the next 24 hours. At first, it didn’t look like I was going to get to see my boyfriend until he was out of the ICU. But somehow, Mr. H. pulled some sort of magic and told the head nurse that I was his foster brother and best friend. Mr. H. felt that knowing I was there for him could only help Eddie recover. That was so fucking ACE! Especially since it worked, and I got my own 5-minute visit with the boy who was my whole world. Before I could go in, they made me put on hospital clothes, a hairnet, and a facemask. I’m glad Eddie was out of it when I walked in, cause I can only guess what my face looked like when I saw him for the first time. Eddie’s head was all wrapped up in white bandages, and he had a mask over his mouth and nose. The right side of his face was all swollen and scratched up from the pavement. He might have looked like shit, but seeing him was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I knew right then and there that I would love Eddie for the rest of my life. I also knew that no matter what, I was going to make it my mission in life to protect him and make sure he was always safe. No one—not even Donald-fucking-Harper—was going to take my Eddie away from me—or the amazing family that loves him more than life. The hospital peeps told us to go home for the evening since there was really nothing we could do until morning. They would be keeping close tabs on the swelling on Eddie’s brain, and if all goes well, they would begin easing him off the meds when he began to stabilize. When we got home, Mrs. H. put some dinner together, and we all tried to eat. I don’t think any of us were hungry, though. While we were picking at our food, it was pretty quiet—that is until Hurricane Haley came bursting into the room. “I left as soon as you called, Mom! How is he? Is Eddie okay?” “Sissy! Some mean guy beat Eddie up pretty bad. He won’t wake up!” “Awwww, Nugget!” Haley went over to Nathan and wrapped him in her arms. That’s all it took for Nathan to start sobbing into his sister’s chest. That was my trigger—I just sat in my chair and totally lost it, sobbing into my plate of food. Mr. H. got up from his chair and took me in his arms, while Mrs. H. wrapped Haley and Nathan in hers. For the next few minutes, all five of us let it all go as we cried out the stress and tension we’ve been keeping in. Thank God Haley lightened the mood with, “I’m glad Eddie can’t see the five of us right now! He’d probably film us, post it on YouTube, and we’d never live this down!” Mrs. H. fixed Haley a plate, and we finally managed to eat some food. I think we all felt better afterward. After dinner, I helped Mrs. H. with the dishes, and Haley commented that Eddie was gonna hate me for doing that since it was going to be expected from him now. Mr. H. had everyone meet in the kitchen after we finished cleaning up and told us he had been thinking long and hard about it, but he was determined to go ahead with his sermon on Sunday. We already knew what he had planned to talk about, but when he said it was probably the most personal and important sermon he will ever deliver, he had to do it—but he wouldn’t if the family felt he shouldn’t. Mrs. H sighed and gave her full support. All I could do was look down at the floor and shake my head. “Well, Mr. H., I know you’re gonna talk about me in this sermon. And if it’s not gonna happen on Sunday, It’ll happen soon enough. So we might as well get it over with.” Haley bumped my shoulder and said, “Dang, Matty! You really are a part of the family now!” I leaned into her and whispered, “I guess we need to talk, huh?” “Yup!” I asked the parents if I could be excused to I could talk to Haley out on the patio, which they agreed to, having a pretty good idea what I was going to say. Mrs. H. poured us a couple of iced teas, and we headed out back. “I’m glad you came down, Haley. That’ll mean a lot to Eddie—I mean when he wakes up. I mean—if he wakes up.” Fuck! I totally lost it. I just started sobbing. Haley scooted her chair right in front of mine, so our knees were touching. He took my hands in hers and said, “You love him, don’t you?” All I could do was nod my head. “Dude—it’s okay, ya know. I think all of us have just been waiting for the inevitable to happen. Two people can’t be as close as you and my brother and not fall in love.” Again, all I could do was nod my head. “And just so you know, I always kinda thought Eddie was probably gay. And now that I know he is, I couldn’t be happier that he has you for a boyfriend. Mom and Dad said the support you guys got was amazing. Gotta love Instagram and Facebook, huh?” Yup—another nod. “Does Nathan know?” “We wanted to tell him together. We planned on doing it this weekend, but then this happened.” “Maybe you guys can tell him when Eddie wakes up—and yes, that punk brother of mine is gonna wake up. He’s a lot stronger than any of us want to realize.” “God, I hope so. I don’t know what I’d do if—well, you know.” “He’s gonna be fine. Don’t you think if there were a problem the hospital would have called by now? He’s resting. He’s stabilizing. And between you and me. He knows he has you waiting for him. Hell, he’s a damned lucky kid, if you ask me.” “I’m the lucky one. Eddie saved my life after Dad—well, do you know about that?” “Yeah, Mom filled me in. I’m really sorry about what your old man did, but he’s gonna get better, too.” I looked at Haley, and for the first time, I realized something. “Hey—what’s with you? You actually look kinda—I don’t know—normal.” “I guess I’ve kinda grown out of my rebellion stage. I don’t need to drive Mom and Dad crazy with purple hair or goth clothes. But—between you and me—I got a tattoo!” “No! What? Where?” “It’s on my hip. I got this beautiful, ornate heart.” Haley pushed the waistband of her shorts down and showed me her art. “Whoah! That’s beautiful! Did it hurt?” “Like a motherfucker! But now I can say I have a 24/7 heart on!” Finally! I was able to laugh. I’ve always like Haley—even when Eddie claimed he didn’t. She has this great energy about her and is just a lot of fun. Haley and I took a sip of our tea, and she leaned into me so our foreheads were touching. “So Matty, have you two fucked yet?” Wow! That shocked the shit outta me! “I can’t believe you just asked me that!” “Oh, get over yourself. Look—one of my roomies is gay, and he is fucking his boyfriend three and four times a week. From the noise they make, it sure must feel awesome. I just wish it felt half that good when my boyfriend bones me!” “Whoah, This is not where I thought this talk was gonna go!” “Well? Have you?” I think I must have blushed 50 shades of red. “I’m not gonna answer that.” “You just did. Was it awesome?” “Yes. I had no idea it could be so—” “Did you fuck Eddie?” “No. He did me.” “Wow! He is one damned lucky kid!” “No. I’m the lucky one. Eddie is the most amazing boyfriend. He has this amazing way he takes care of me without making me feel needy—or submissive—or less a dude. You know what I mean?” “Yeah, I think so—He just treats you like Matty. Not really any different than he’s ever treated you—or you, him.” “Right! Except there’s kissing now.” “And fucking—don’t forget the fucking!” “How could I!?! But—we’ve only done that once.” “That’s all it takes, ya know. I’m so happy for both of you. Maybe Eddie will be a little more bearable now.” We each took another sip of tea as Mrs. H. stuck her head out the back door. “Kids, We’re going to be leaving for the hospital at 8:00 in the morning. You might want to clean up and get to bed. It could be a long day tomorrow.” We went inside and, after saying goodnight to each other, upstairs to our rooms. I stripped down and realized that this was the first time in over a week that I’d taken my clothes off in this room and didn’t see my boyfriend lusting over my body. I smiled and shook my head, then cried as I readied my shower—nice and hot—I needed to make sure all the bullshit of the day was washed down the drain. The shower was great. Sleep? Not so much. It was 6:30 in the morning a lot sooner than I wanted it to be. After breakfast, the Hamilton family and I loaded into the car and made our way to the hospital. When we arrived, a nurse advocate met us and told us that Eddie had an excellent night, and the swelling in his brain had gone down. The doctors were going to start easing Eddie off the sedatives this afternoon, but we shouldn’t expect him to be awake until sometime tomorrow. He was still in the ICU, and the plan was to move him into a private room as soon as one became available. So basically, that made the entire day miserably long and boring—except for the two times I got to go in and hold Eddie’s hand while I had a one-sided conversation with him. I just told him how much I loved him and needed him to get well as soon as he could cuz I wasn’t going to like sleeping alone in our bed. What was that? Did Eddie squeeze my hand when I said our bed? Must have been my imagination. Hospital cafeteria food is some nasty-ass shit! And we had to suffer through lunch and dinner! Once Eddie started eating that crap, I have a feeling he’s going to do whatever he can to get his as home back to his mom’s cooking! By the time we were finishing dinner, they had come into the cafeteria to tell us Eddie had been moved into a private room. He was still out, but we were welcome to say goodnight before we went home for the evening. Mrs. H. said she was planning to stay with Eddie through the night in case he woke up, but the nurse lady said that he wouldn’t be waking up until tomorrow, so we should all get a good night’s sleep. They promised to let us know if there were any changes at all. So that’s what we did. We headed home and picked up a shitload of Bojangle’s fried chicken and sides so Mrs. H. wouldn’t have to cook. Hell, that was okay with me! I love me some Bojangle’s—it’s the best North Carolina restaurant in my book! The next morning—Sunday—Haley drove her car to the hospital with Nathan. Mr. and Mr.s H. decided they didn’t want the kid to find out about his brother and me through a sermon, and I assured them we were going to tell him together as soon as we could. That seemed to satisfy them, and the three of us headed to Rising Hope Church. And now, we are pulling into the parking garage at the hospital. I still can’t believe how cool the people at the church were about my sordid story—and Eddie’s. I guess it’s really more about the person you actually are and not so much about who you are in love with. Speaking of—Eddie’s awake! My beautiful boy is back!
  12. Well, an attack like that comes out of nowhere, doesn't it? I love the squad, too. They're gonna be quite busy in the next chapter!
  13. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 7 – Hatred, Love, and Then… “Gentlemen, thank you for coming. Coach Hicks brought your boys in after a rather serious altercation. I have to say that I’m surprised that three of our top athletes would hold such a blatant disregard for policies regarding fighting on school grounds.” Fuck! Coach Hicks was glaring at the three of us. Mr. Wallace had this stupid principal face going. Mr. Harper was looking at Donald with disgust written all over his face. But the worse look was from Dad. He was in shock. He looked like he couldn’t believe he was called into the school because Matty and I were involved in a fight. “Coach Hicks, would you tell us what you saw that caused this meeting to take place?” “I was leaving the gym, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw Mr. Harper sprawled out on the floor. Mr. Jacobs was moving toward him, looking like he was preparing to throw another punch. Mr. Hamilton was quite literally in the middle of everything.” “So you didn’t see any fighting actually take place?” “No, sir. I stopped whatever was going on and immediately brought the three boys to your office.” “Were there any witnesses to what happened?” “No, sir. I didn’t see anyone in the vicinity.” “Well then, Mr. Jacobs. There was apparently some kind of altercation that took place. Would you like to tell us what caused this disagreement?” “No, sir. I’d rather not say what started things.” “Mr. Hamilton?” “No, sir. It’s a personal matter that doesn’t need to be shared.” “Mr. Harper?” “Yeah! I’ll tell ya what happened—they’re fags! These so-called athletes were gettin’ all lovey-dovey on each other, and it made me sick!” “Mr. Harper! While I may not be able to discipline you for fighting on school grounds, you should know that you’ve just earned a three-day suspension for that hate-speech.” “What? You can’t…” “Harper! Stop talking now!” “But…” “I said, stop talking before you get yourself thrown off the team for the rest of the school year!” “Yes, Coach.” Whoah! Not that I care all that much, but from the look on Mr. Harper’s face right now, it totally sucks to be Donald. Fuck! I can’t even look over at Dad. He must be so fucking ashamed of me right now. “Thank you, Coach Hicks. Now—Mr. Jacobs. Were you and Mr. Hamilton showing any type of physical affection in a public space?” “No, sir! Eddie and I were just talking before class. We pretty much do that every day—talk a bit before last period. Then I go to the theatre and Eddie goes into the gym. Happens all the time.” “Mr. Hamilton, can you tell us what was said that might have offended anyone who could hear you?” “I’d rather not, sir. Matty and I were having a private conversation. Whatever Harper thought he heard was probably heard out of context.” “That’s bull! I heard you tell Jacobs you loved him—disgusting!” “Not a word, Harper. You don’t get to speak unless you are asked to speak. Get it?” “Sorry, Coach.” “Mr. Wallace, may I speak, sir?” Oh great! Dad couldn’t keep quiet—oh nooooo!! “Yes, Reverend Hamilton. Go ahead.” “You may or may not be aware that both Eddie and Matthew missed school on Friday. There was a rather serious family issue that had to be dealt with—along with a trip to the emergency room. That’s really all I can say at this point—at least until we can speak in private.” “Yes, I believe that can be arranged—after I deal with Mr. Harper’s suspension.” Mr. Wallace started typing into his computer and shook his head. Damn! What did he find? “Mr. Harper, I see that today’s suspension will be your second this year. Unfortunately, that means this one will be for a full week.” “What? That’s bull—” ‘Son—shut the hell up! You’re diggin’ yourself into a deeper and deeper hole.” Now, one would think if you had a dad who was as scary-lookin’ as Mr. Harper, you would take his advice and shut the hell up. But no. Donald couldn’t let it go. God! I wish he had! “Mr. Harper, on your way out, you will need to sign the required papers regarding your son’s suspension. You will then wait for him at the entrance to the Senior lot and follow Donald off school property. I’m truly sorry that this is how things have worked out for you and Donald. I must tell you, however—if there is a third offense during the current school year, your son will be expelled from school, and you will need to find another school for him to finish his Senior year.” “Let’s get out of here, son. We have some talking to do when we get home.” And then it happened. Donald-fucking-Harper showed the world that he’s a total and complete idiot. “I’ll get you, Hamilton. You are sooooo dead!” “Mr. Harper! You will now be escorted off of school property by the school’s resource officer. A final decision on your expulsion will be made within 24 hours. You will be hearing from us. Now, I must ask you to leave.” Harper and son left Mr. Wallace’s office, and the idiot slammed the door shut. I have to say—Wallace totally kept his cool and apologized to us for what we just had to witness. “Coach Hicks, I believe we are done with you for now, since we have no witnesses or proof of an actual fight. I will send Mr. Hamilton to the gym after I finish with him.” Mr. Wallace picked up his phone and asked someone to contact Matty’s teacher and let her know that Matty was in the office and would be in class shortly. God, how I wish we could go now! I wasn’t looking forward to the next few minutes. “Now—Reverend Hamilton, can you share with me the information you alluded to regarding Friday?” Dad looked at Matty, and he nodded his head to let him know he could tell Mr. Wallace what happened. So there it was, Dad explained pretty much everything that had been happening to Matty over the last few months and how he came over to the house bleeding from getting beat up by his dad. My dad also explained how Matty would be living with us until his father was released from the hospital. He told Mr. Wallace everything except the gay stuff. Thank God for that! “Well, that explains what happened on Friday. Regarding what happened this afternoon, I must advise you boys to be aware of your surroundings and your behavior. Now, I’m not going to make any assumptions about your relationship. I’ve known both of you for three years, and I’m completely aware that you are as close as any brothers can be. “However—even though our school has a zero-tolerance anti-gay policy, whether you are or aren’t an LGBT student, as you now know that police can’t guarantee your safety. You boys have been excellent students and athletes during your time here, and I want that to continue being the case. “Matthew—you have my full support during this trying time. Do yourself a favor and don’t let the less enlightened students bother you to the point that your temper overrules your common sense. “Eddie—I’m still not completely sure of your involvement in today’s incident. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter. Just be careful out there, okay? “Reverend Hamilton, I’m sorry to have called you in and interrupting your busy schedule. However, I’m glad that you were able to shed some light on Matthew’s situation. Quite frankly, I can’t think of a better solution than the one you’ve come up with. You and your family have my full and unbridled support.” “Thank you, Mr. Wallace. While it saddens me that young Mr. Harper has created a rather unpleasant situation for himself—it pleases me to know that my boys have your support.” And that was it. I didn’t have to come out to Dad in front of everyone, and we all headed back to where we needed to be. Baseball practice went well, and I feel like we are ready for tomorrow’s game. I hit the showers and headed to the parking lot. Matty was in his usual spot playing a game on his phone and looked up at me, smiling as I got close. “Well, that was a shitload of fun, huh?” “Oh yeah! Let’s do it again tomorrow, k? I just dread getting home and hearing what Dad has to say. Hell, he’s probably figured a lot of shit out by now.” We were pretty quiet during the drive home. Matty held my hand the entire way, and that seemed to help me calm down a little bit. Unfortunately, it didn’t keep my heart from jumping up into my throat when we pulled the 4Runner into the garage. “I’m gonna tell him, Matty. Dad needs to hear it all from me—not from anyone else.” “You want me there with you?” “Hell yes! I need you beside me.” “You know he’s gonna be totally chill with you like he was with me the other night.” “God, I hope so.” Matty and I went inside and found Mom in the kitchen fixing dinner. Damn! It sure smelled good! She was making stuffed pork chops, which just so happens to be my all-time favorite meal! Uh-oh—why is she making my all-time favorite meal? I asked where Dad was, and Mom said he was in his office. We told her we were going to have a talk with him. “I think that’s a good idea. Are you going to tell your father about…” “Yeah, he needs to hear it from us…not from who knows where.” Mom pulled me into her arms and told me she was proud of Matty and me. Well fuck, that started the tears. “It’s okay, Eddie. You don’t have a thing to worry about, okay?” I sighed and nodded my head as I pulled away. Matty then took Mom in his arms! “Thanks, Mrs. H—you have been so awesome through all of this. I know my mom is looking down and smiling cuz she knows you have my back.” Mom kissed Matty on the forehead and smiled. “I love you boys. Both of you mean the world to your father and me.” Matty took my hand, and we walked to the other side of the house to Dad’s study. When we got to the door, I took a deep breath and knocked. “Come in!” We walked into the study, and before we sat down, I asked, “Dad? Can we talk?” Dad smiled at both of us and invited us to sit on the small sofa on the other side of his office. He got up and sat in one of the chairs across from the sofa. I don’t know what the fuck happened! Before I could say a word, the tears just started pouring down my face, and my lower lip started to tremble. Matty put his arm around my shoulder, pulling me into his side. “It’s all good, Eddie. I got your back.” “Eddie? You don’t have to cry, son. Whatever you have to say won’t change the simple fact that you are my son. You are and always have been my pride and joy.” I kinda-sorta nodded and started. “Papa?” “Wow! You haven’t called me ‘Papa’ for at least ten years. I kind of like it.” “Dad, I’m sorry…” “What on Earth are you sorry for?” “It’s true. Everything Donald Harper said is true. Matty and I love each other. He’s my boyfriend.” There. I finally said it—and with that, the dam burst and I was sobbing. Dad got out of his chair and squeezed onto the sofa between Matty and me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. “Eddie. You should never apologize to anyone for being who you are. And just in case you need a reminder—you are one of the kindest, happiest, genuine young men I have ever known. The fact that you are my son only makes me that much prouder, knowing that I get to have you in my life for a long, long time.” “But I don’t want to disappoint you. I want you to be proud to have me for your son.” “Clayton Edward Hamilton—the third—I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am at this very moment. What you just told me has to be the most difficult thing you could have told me in your entire life. But you did it! And that makes me so very proud of you. Am I surprised? Not so much. Am I disappointed? Not one bit! “You are my son—period. I love you totally and completely. You know, when we watched Boy Erased the other night, I knew at that very moment that there was absolutely nothing you, your sister, or brother could ever do or say that would make me love you less. “And Matthew—I don’t think I could be happier that my own son has picked such an outstanding young man to stand by him in his life. I’ve always considered you a part of our family, now—it seems you really are! And that makes me so very happy!” I pulled my head up from Dad’s shoulder and looked at him. I must have had a funny look on my face, cuz he looked back at me and asked, “What?” “I have to ask one thing—are you really my father? Or are you some alien being that grabbed my real one and switched places?” Dad tilted his head back a howled with laughter. “Why on Earth would you ask such a silly question?” “Cuz I never expected you to be this cool about my being gay. I mean—who are you?” “Eddie—you’re seventeen years old. Your mother and I are not supposed to seem cool to you. It’s nice to know that you feel that way, though.” Dad looked at Matty and smiled, “Hey! Apparently, I’m cool!” “Yeah, you definitely are, Mr. H.” Right on cue, my stomach growled like I had some kind of wild animal hiding out in there. “Oops! Guess I’m kinda hungry.” “Well, dinner should be about ready. Your mom made your favorite tonight, and we sent Nathan over to Simon’s house for a sleepover. It’s just the four of us tonight.” “Why would you do that? On a school night, even?” “I knew we had a lot to talk about, and I didn’t want Nathan to put a damper on things. Of course, I thought we were going to talk about the incident this afternoon—and we probably will still talk about that some. But in the meantime—let’s have some dinner!” We walked out to the kitchen and found Mom putting mountains of amazing food on the table. “How are my boys?” “I’m good, Mrs. H!” “I’m hungry, Mom!” “And I’m cool, Mags! Who woulda thought?” Dinner was amazing! Of course, Dad had a couple more surprises up his sleeve. He told us that his next sermon was going to be all about unconditional love. He asked Matty if he could talk about him and his situation. At first, Matty wasn’t completely on board, but then Dad said he truly believed that Matty’s story might just save a young person’s life and maybe more than just one. Hell, Matty couldn’t stand in the way of that! “Mr. H.—if I can make one kid stop being afraid, or even save his or her life, then yeah—say whatever you need to.” “Eddie? I will talk about you, too.” “Dad! Please don’t!” “Don’t worry. I won’t let people know who I’m talking about. 99% of the time I talk about you kids, no one has a clue who I’m talking about.” “Okay, I know I can’t stop you. Matty, this is all a part of the torture PK’s have to go through their entire lives. It’s torture, I tell you!” “Well—now that I’m part of this crazy family, I guess I’ll have to be getting my own share of torture, right?” I just smiled when I saw Dad roll his eyes. I told Dad that even though I was cool with the family knowing everything, I just wasn’t quite ready to handle the whole school knowing our business. We finished dinner, and Matty and I helped Mom with the dishes before heading upstairs to work on our homework. I decided to let Matty use the desk, and I settled in on the floor, leaning against the bed. I was just five minutes into my AP History assignment when I heard, “Oh, Fuuuuuuck!” from Matty. “What’s up, Matty?” “Have you looked at your phone yet?” “No. Haven’t had a chance with everything that happened today. Why?” “Get ready, dude.” I opened my phone and couldn’t believe what I saw. My phone was practically exploding with messages! I started reading some of them, and they were mostly shit like, “It’s all cool” or “I gotcher back” and “Happy for ya!” But then I saw one that said, “Fucking faggot!” and my heart sank to my toes. “Matty? What’s happening?” “Oh, fuck. That asshole has crossed the line!” “What are you talking about? Is it Harper?” “Yeah. C’mere and look.” I got off the floor and walked over to the desk. There is was. Donald-fucking-Harper posted on his Instagram, “Yeah, there fags and there boyfriends. Heard it for myself.” He posted a pic of Matty and me on the docks at Lake Norman in our swim trunks and our arms around each other’s shoulders—smiling, of course. “Oh, fuck! Matty, what do we do? The whole school knows.” “There’s nothing we can do, babe. At least 99% of my texts are positive and supportive, including the ones from the football team.” Guess what? I started crying. It was too much. “Can you get Mom and Dad? They need to see this.” Matty kissed me (that helped me feel a little better) and went downstairs. All I could do was stare at Harper’s Instagram. Jesus! What an idiot. There fags? How the fuck did he get to be a Senior? Stupidity. Just plain stupidity. Mom and Dad came into the room with Matty and stepped aside so they could see the post. Mom was the first to say something. “Dear heavens, didn’t anyone teach that boy proper English?” “Matthew told your mother and me that you’ve been receiving a lot of support from other students. I hope that’s helping you through this, son.” “I haven’t looked at more than a few. But what I’ve seen is good—but Dad—what do we do now?” “I think I know what to do, Eddie.” “What?” “I think we go to school and act like everything’s cool. When people come up to us and show us support, we thank them. When people look at us funny, we just move on. If someone says something ugly, we have to ignore it and get on with the day.” “Matthew—I think that’s a very intelligent approach. Mags? What do you think?” “I agree with Matthew, but I would take things one step further. Take a look at your messages from the people who support you boys and when you see them tomorrow, be sure to thank them for their support.” Eddie stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. “What do you think, Eddie? We’re both pretty strong dudes and can rise above this.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right. We really don’t have a choice, do we?” “No—and if you think about it, half the school already thinks we’re some kind of couple, so I don’t think things are going to be too crazy.” My phone rang, and it was Carrie. I told Mom and Dad I needed to get this and answered the phone. “Eddie?” “Carrie! I guess you saw, huh?” “Yep. How are you and Matty doing?” “Okay, I guess—we’re both a little shocked that he did this.” “Well, we sent you a text, but I’m thinking you haven’t seen it yet—but you should know that the rest of the squad is here and walking up to your door. You need us right now.” “What? Oh my God! I’ll be right down to let you in!” I ended the call and told everyone that the squad was at the front door. They got together and decided to come over and be with us! I ran downstairs with Matty right behind me. As soon as I opened the door, we were both smothered with hugs from six of the most remarkable people on the planet. Dad invited everyone in and led us out to the patio while Mom went into the kitchen and made up a pitcher of iced tea. After all the hugs were shared, Dad went back into the house. Mom brought out a tray with glasses and the pitcher of tea. “Oh my! How long has it been since I’ve seen all of you together in the same place? Thank you for coming over. I know my boys are going to need your love and support more than ever now!” Mom turned around and left us alone. Eric—quiet, unassuming Eric was the first to speak, “Okay, I just want to know how that boy got through high school without learning the basics of the English language. I’d offer to tutor him, but the word is already out that he’s been expelled—and that he’s blaming Eddie and Matty.” “Yeah. First, he got suspended for calling Eddie a fag—in front of Mr. Wallace. When he looked it up on his computer, he saw that it was his second offense of the school year and made the suspension a week. When he threatened to hurt Eddie while he was leaving the office, Wallace turned the suspension into an expulsion.” Eric shook his head in disbelief. “And he thinks his Instagram post would be getting even?” Carrie was next to talk—and boy! Did she ever! “Okay. The reason I wanted to get everyone together was so we could present a united front in support of Eddie and Matty. Strength in numbers and all.” Brandon leaned toward me for a fist bump. “Dude, you know we got your back here. I talked to a lot of the guys on the team, and they’re totally cool. Pretty much everyone said as long as we have the best shortstop in the district, who cares who he sleeps with?” Jax got up and walked up to Matty, standing over him with his fists on his hips. “Okay, Matthew Jacobs. You and I are tight. We’re an awesome pair on the football field. But the first time anyone suspects me of playing on your team, I will have to make sure they know the truth. But, I do have to say that having the quarterback diggin’ dudes sure does open the market up for the rest of us!” Finally! Everyone was laughing and telling Jax to sit his ass down. I love these guys! “So guys,” Bella took Carrie’s hand in hers and continued. “Carrie and were talking earlier and we decided that there was no way Matty and Eddie were going to face this alone. We’re coming out to you guys right now, and if anyone says or asks anything at school, we’ll be honest with them about our being a couple.” “Whaaaaaaat?” Lisa had the same reaction I had this morning. “You two are girlfriends?” “Yeah. Bella and I have been together quite a while now. We just didn’t want y’all to think the guys were the only gays in the squad.” “They aren’t.” All eyes went to Eric. “I’m gay, too. And I have a boyfriend who’s in the show I’m doing now—a college boy!” “Whoa! You guys! I don’t know what to say!” Aaaaaaaaand boom! Here come the tears! “Guys, Eddie and I are blown away that you all would stand up for us like this. Y’all rock!” Jax answered with, “Hey—we’ve been together since middle school. We’ve always had each other’s backs no matter what came up. No way we’re going to stop now!” Wow! I was just blown away. Carrie asked if we would read some of the texts that were still pouring into our phones. There was so much fucking support, and a lot of people were trashing Harper for his language skills. I was actually feeling good by the time everyone got up to leave. We had decided that we would all meet in the parking lot and walk into the school together. God, I love these guys! After we climbed into bed, I surprised myself at how calm I was—and how every cell in my body was exploding with love for the amazing boy in my arms. We were laying on our sides, facing each other, with our hard cocks rubbing against each other as we talked. “Eddie, I’m so proud of you. I’m so full of you. I feel you in every inch of my body. When I breathe in, it’s like I’m breathing in you. I know I’m the luckiest boy in the entire world to have you in my arms and my life.” We kissed with a tender, love-filled passion like I’ve never experienced before. Hands were exploring the bodies we were still learning to find our way around. It was like our tongues were doing this hot and sexy dance instead of fighting for control. And our cocks were sticky and wet with precum. “Dear God, Matty! The things you do to me! These feelings—I can’t describe them to you because every time I get them, they’re like nothing I’ve ever experienced! Matty! Damn! Just saying your name overpowers my senses. Every pore—every cell in my body is bursting with you. I can’t believe it took so long for this to happen, but I sure can’t wait to make up for lost time!” Another kiss—even more passionate than the last one. And then, out of nowhere, Matty’s entire body went rigid and felt the powerful jets of teen spunk fill the small spaces between our bodies and slicking my own cock—which exploded just seconds later. I grabbed my boxer briefs from the floor beside the bed and cleaned my boyfriend and me. We fell asleep that night facing each other, our foreheads touching, and our arms wrapped around each other. During the night, I must have rolled over because when the alarm went off, Matty became the big spoon, and he was holding on tight! I loved the feel of his hard cock snuggled in between my ass cheeks. All I could think about was how wonderful it’s gonna be when that big boy slides inside my ass. Damn! I can’t wait for that to happen! We got to school, and everyone was waiting in the parking lot. I was surprised Matty leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before he told me that he loved me. Damn! That boy will never stop surprising me! The squad walked into school together, and I was surprised that no one hardly gave us a second look, let alone say anything to us. We went right to the cafeteria and put our shit down at our table. This time I went to get our coffees. When I got back, about four or five football players were talking to Matty. I started to panic a bit until I saw smiles on their faces and a few of them laughing. When I got to the table, I gave Matty his coffee and Evan Trayner, one of the wide receivers came up to me and slapped me on the shoulder. “Dude, thanks for takin’ this dickwad off the market! All those girls thinkin’ they were gonna have a chance with Jacobs now have to come to us for their needs!” “You’re welcome? I guess?” Even then leaned in to me and softly said, “Ya know, we kinda always thought somethin’ might be goin’ on with you two, so when it became public knowledge it was really no shocker. And just so you know—pretty much everyone is totally cool with it. You got nothin’ to worry about.” I just smiled and looked at him. “Thanks, Evan. That means a lot to me.” “Hey—it’s a new world, and idiot assholes like that Harper dude are the exception. The funny thing is he probably thought he was gonna make a shitload of trouble for you and Jacobs. But the reality is that it forced us to realize that the only thing that matters is how accurate Jacobs’ passes are—and how well you drive that ball into the outfield.” Then it happened. Evan Trayner pulled me into a hug and told me the jocks had our backs. But when he pulled away, he turned around an announced to the entire cafeteria, “Nope! Still straight! Didn’t catch a thing! Look out girls!” The whole place cracked up, and we were soon surrounded by people from all walks of school life—patting us on the back, wishing us well, and generally throwing their support in our direction. A few kids asked if Matty and I would think about joining the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance, and Matty promised that we would think about it, but he didn’t know if we would have enough time. The rest of the day went pretty much the same way, and I was riding high when it came time to head to the gym to get ready for the afternoon game with Davidson High School. They were a pretty good team, but we were much better. When I got into the locker room, I was afraid some of the guys might start acting weird about a gay guy in there with them. Nope! Everyone was just so fucking cool. I couldn’t believe how worried I was about shit that never seemed to happen! The game went great! When I got to the plate for my first at-bat, I saw Mom, Dad, Matty, and the twerp in the stands and cheering. Seeing them there together made me realize just how much Matty was a part of my family, and that brought me this huge rush of joy. Unfortunately for the opposing team’s pitcher, that huge rush of joy translated into a line drive deep over the right-field wall for a two-run homer! Wow! I can’t believe it wasn’t even a week ago that I felt like my whole life was going to cave in because I had feelings for the hot boy next door. Now we’re a bonafide couple, everyone seems to know, and no one seems to give a shit! After the game, Dad took us all out for a celebratory dinner and Matty, and I soon found ourselves upstairs with our homework. I’ve never done my homework so quickly in my entire life! You see, I had to get my hands—and mouth—on Matty’s amazing cock. Apparently, my boyfriend had the same idea going through his gorgeous head—he finished his homework about ninety seconds after I did, and we were both buck-ass naked and making out on the bed. Matty kept telling me how proud he was to sit with my family this afternoon and that he thought his heart was going to explode when I hit that home run. “Now you know how I feel whenever you and Jax connect for a big play.” Matty then pushed me onto my back, holding my arms up above my head. He looked deep into my eyes, and I swear it felt like he was touching my soul. “Matty, it’s time. Please—I want you inside me. Can you make love to me? Please? God! I need you!” “What?? Babe—I’ve never done that before—not with anyone!” “You think I have? All I know is that this was the second most amazing day of my life, and I want to celebrate with you making me yours in the most complete way I can think of.” “Second most? What was the most amazing day?” “The day you kissed me and told me you were in love with me. Nothing will ever top that day as far as I’m concerned.” “Ohhhh, man! You’re gonna make me fucking cry again! I would love to make you mine, babe. I just don’t want to disappoint you and suck at it, ya know.” “Eddie Hamilton, you are the most beautiful boy—inside and out—on this entire planet. I can’t for the life of me think of any way that having your beautiful cock inside me is going to be anything but the best thing I’ve ever felt.” Well, fuck me! How could I refuse my Matty after that? Matty reached over to the nightstand on his side of the bed and pulled a bottle out of the drawer. “What’s that?” “Lube. Silicon lube, to be exact. It’s super slick and doesn’t wear out.” “How do you know about…” “Online. Mine’s not restricted.” Matty poured some of the lube into his hand and began to apply it to my already throbbing cock. Holy shit! That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever-- What the fuck? How did I just nut? Jesus, I’m so bad at this sex thing! “Oh God, Matty! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for that to happen!” “I did. Now you’ll last longer when you’re inside me.” “Do you want me to get a towel or something?” “Hell-the-fuck-no!!” I couldn’t believe what Matty did next! He scooped my nut up with his hand and reached behind him. Holy fuck! He was using my nut to lube and loosen his own ass! Bam! That got me super-hard and throbbing in an instant! So. Fucking. Hot! “You ready to fill me up, Eddie?” “Yeah. But no matter what happens, we hafta keep quiet!” “That’s going to make this whole thing even hotter if you ask me! I don’t get to use words to tell you how much I love you. I can only show you with my eyes.” God, my boyfriend says the most amazing things! The next thing I knew, Matty had wrapped his hand around my cock and lined it up with his ass. He took a deep breath and pressed down. This is where I get to tell you how fucking hot it is to be lying on your back while looking up at the boy you love and watch his face as your cock slowly makes its way inside. Jesus! What a fucking awesome feeling it is, too! The silky-smooth heat that was surrounding my cock was like nothing I’ve ever felt. Apparently, Matty was feeling things like he’d never felt, too! “Jesus, Eddie! This feels amazing! Hurts a little, but feels sooooo much better than it hurts!” Matty was slowly stroking his cock as his abs flexed and released as my cock stretched his amazing ass. He took one more deep breath, and before I knew what was happening, he dropped himself down so that my entire cock was now deep inside him. “Let me just stay here for a second. I feel so full. Soooo fucking full of my beautiful boy! Matty leaned down and deeply kissed me. When he broke the kiss, he asked me if I was ready. I reminded him that we had to be quiet. He smiled at me while he looked into my soul. Fuck! That was one hot look! Matty pulled himself back up and began to move up and down on my cock slowly! Jesus! I was fucking my boyfriend! I’m not a virgin anymore! The feeling was—fuck! There are no words! I looked up and got even more turned on by the look on Matty’s face! My boy was in heaven. He threw his head back as his muscles would tense and release—tense and release—tense and release. My cock has found its new home. It will never want to leave this amazing place known as Matty’s ass! Without even thinking, I found myself lifting my hips and meeting Matty’s movements. After a couple of minutes, Matty leaned back a bit, putting his hands on the bed behind him. His hard cock was bouncing up and down and was pouring a shitload of pre all over my abs. Matty roughly whispered, “Oh fuck! So good! There’s the spot! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!” Matty’s cock literally exploded nut all over me, the bed, and I swear some even his the carpet on the floor! But, I have to tell you, the way his ass flexed as he was shooting was all it took for me to fire some of the most intense shots of nut deep into my boy. Matty totally fell forward and collapsed on top of me. I took his face in my hands and started to shower him with kisses. I think he might have blacked out. Instead of kissing me back, he was whispering “oh fuck” over and over. I was surprised when my cock just popped out of Matty’s ass. That’s what brought him back to earth. “Noooooo! I wanted it in there all night!” “Did you like it, babe? How did it feel?” “Eddie—all I could think was that I was giving you the one thing I could only give someone once in my lifetime. Just knowing that you—Eddie Hamilton—was inside me was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. I’ve jerked off to this dream for way too long. And now, you’ve made my greatest dream come true, and it was a thousand times more than I ever imagined it could be!” “Wow! I’m so glad I didn’t fuck it up! But you have to make me a promise, Matty. Next time—you get to make my dream come true!” How is it possible that you can be totally and completely in love with someone, and every time you turn around, you find yourself even more in love? But, no matter how much we were in love, we were both a sweaty, sticky mess! We decided to hop in the shower and clean ourselves—which led to stroking each other off to yet another amazing nut! When we walked back into the bedroom, we discovered what hot boy sex smelled like! Wow! Not the most pleasant scent in the world. I went back into the bathroom and grabbed the Febreeze and freshened up the room. It was a little after midnight when we fell asleep. I was on my back, and Matty was on my chest with my arms around him. The next two days at school were just like Tuesday. Our big “issue” wasn’t an issue at all, and I was feeling kinda stupid for thinking it was going to be such a big deal. Thursday was another game day. Right after lunch, we got on the bus and headed over to East Mecklenburg to play one of our crosstown rivals. Mom, Dad, Matty and the twerp were all there to cheer us on—okay, to cheer me on—and I had another great game. I had a single, a double, and was walked on purpose for my third at-bat. We handily won the game 7-3. After our showers, we walked out of the fieldhouse, and the family was there waiting for me. There was a hug from Dad, and hug and a kiss from Mom, a sideways bro-hug from the twerp, and hug/message from Matty. What was the message, you ask? Well, if you could’ve seen the boner in my pants, tonight was the night Matty was going to make me his! The family made their way to Dad’s car and told me they would meet me back at the school. I loved my family more than I ever have right then—even the twerp. Okay. Okay. Even Nathan! I don’t remember much after saying goodbye to the family. I remember hearing someone yell, “Fucking faggot!” and then a sharp pain across my back. I remember falling to the ground and then a thud to the back of my head. Blackness—there was just blackness now.
  14. THE PREACHER’S KID: HIGH SCHOOL by Geoff Chassen Chapter 6 – High School Sucks Well, fuck me! It’s now 1:00 in the morning and I still can’t get my stressed ass to sleep! I was driving Matty crazy, so he rolled off me and is sound asleep next to me. I don’t like that at all! I want my boyfriend in my arms! And that’s exactly what has me stressed. As awesome as this weekend ended up being, it could all go down the crapper in the morning. Don’t get me wrong or anything—our friends are totally awesome people. We’ve been close since the first week of our Freshman year, and some of us have been hanging since the beginning of middle school. But—out of the eight of us, Matty and I are the first gay dudes. I know all of us are super chill when it comes to the gay kids at school. I think all of us at one time or another have stepped in and stopped some bullying. I’m proud of that. But shit! I have no fucking idea what they’ll think if the ever found out that Matty and I are officially boyfriends. And the hardest part of the whole thing is going to be acting like nothing’s different when everything’s so fucking different I don’t know what to do! I let out a sigh, and Matty mumbled, “What’s going on? I hate having my boyfriend so stressed out.” “I’m sorry, Matty. I’m just stressed out about going to school and pretending you’re not my boyfriend.” Matty flipped around and smiled. “I love you, Eddie. More than I ever thought someone could love another person. I promise you everything will be chill. But if you’re all stressed tomorrow, people are gonna ask you what’s up—and you totally suck at lying. Just be the awesome, funny, smiling dude you always have been, and nothing bad’ll go down.” He kissed me lightly on the lips and asked me if I needed some help relaxing. I sighed and told him everything was okay. “Bullshit.” I’ll be damned if he crawled under the covers to the bottom part of the bed and discovered I was totally naked. He didn’t say a word, but I gasped when I found my entire soft cock in his hot, wet mouth. It only took seconds for me to get hard, and Matty started blowing me again! “Dude! Ohhhh, fuck! That’s amaaaaaazing!” I was whispering and breathing hard while I grabbed a handful of sheet in each hand. Matty started playing with my smooth, tight balls and reached up with his other hand and started playing my nipple. I guess three feelings is pretty much my limit because it didn’t take me long at all to feel that tightening up feeling I get right before I nut. “Jesus! I’m gonna nut, Matty! Oh God! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” I shot six or seven shots into Matty’s mouth before I finally settled down. I hate like fuck that I nut so fast, but I just can’t help it. All these new feelings happening at once just send me over the edge! Matty pulled himself back up from under the sheets and grinned, “Feel better, baby? You taste so fucking sweet!” “I love you, Matty. That was awesome! You want me to do you?” “Nope! I want you in my arms so you can fall asleep.” Matty laid on his back and pulled me onto his chest. He gently rubbed a hand up and down my back, and I was asleep in seconds. I woke up around 6:30 to find Matty still holding on to me. I really had to pee and needed to figure a way to ease out of his hold without waking him up. It was impossible, and my beautiful boyfriend stirred as I tried to get out of his arms. “You okay, baby?” “Yeah, gotta pee. Be right back.” “K.” Damn! It’s so fucking hard to take your morning piss when you’re fucking hard! It took a while, but I finally got the flow going and felt that relief only a boy knows! Well, I think so, anyways. I mean—do girls have to work so hard to piss in the mornings? I don’t think so! I made it back to bed and eased in since Matty was dead to the world—well, almost! When I pulled the sheet up to crawl in, his dick was hard as a rock and looked yummy as fuck! I glanced at my phone and saw that the alarm was going to go off in twenty minutes. It was my turn to crawl under the covers! I gently took Matty’s stunning cock into my hand and pointed it toward my mouth. Wow! My mouth was even watering, knowing what was ahead! I licked around the head of Matty’s cock and got it good and wet. I started to slowly suck it into my mouth while working my tongue all over that thing. Here comes the pre! Damn, that shit tastes sooooo fucking good! It was a good two or three minutes before I heard Matty’s first moan. His hand moved down to his cock and backed off as soon as he touched my head. “Shit! That’s so fucking awesome, Eddie!” Thank God he was whispering! The last thing we needed was Mom coming into the room to see why strange sounds were making their way into the rest of the house! Matty pulled the sheets off of us and looked down at me with this shit-eating grin. I pulled off his cock long enough to say, “Good morning, boyfriend!” and went right back to the task at hand—or maybe I should say task at mouth? I started to play with his balls with one hand, and he opened his legs to give me better access. Well, shit! As long as Matty was granting better access, my other hand went to his ass, and I just ticked and teased his hole. That pretty much was all he could handle as Matty soon filled my mouth with his amazing nut. God, I love dick! Well—I love Matty’s dick! He settled back into reality, and I let his cock fall out of my mouth. I scooted back up to the top of the bed and pulled Matty into my arms. “Jesus, Eddie! I can’t wait to show you how fucking amazing it is to wake up like that! And just so you know, you give fucking awesome blow jobs! I can’t believe that’s only your second one ever!” “Well, Mr. boyfriend—when you have the finest materials to work with, it can only improve the outcome. Now—we have about ten minutes before the alarm goes off. Let’s just chill a bit before we start getting up.” “Hey, you think we can get away with showering together this morning?” “I don’t know. Mom always checks in on me in the morning, and it might be awkward if she stuck her head in and heard us in the shower together. I don’t know. As much as I’d love to shower with you, it might not be a good idea.” “Yeah, you’re prolly right. And if you think about it, we’d probably be late for school if we took a shower together right now.” “Yeah, that would be a tough one to explain to Mom and Dad!” I kissed my boy, and we relaxed the last few minutes before the alarm went off. I sent Matty into the bathroom to shower first and sure enough—not even two minutes after he had started his shower Mom stuck her head into my room to make sure we were up and about. “Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?” “Eventually. I had some trouble falling asleep.” Mom came in and sat at the foot of the bed and patted my foot. “Care to share?” “Well, I guess all the stuff that came down this weekend. It kinda piled up and had me wondering how things were going to go at school today.” “I’m thinking you are talking about with your new relationship with Matthew? I mean—I’m assuming that you’ve decided to be boyfriends, even though you never specifically said the other night.” “Yeah, that’s it. And wouldn’t that have been a little awkward if we hadn’t become boyfriends? I mean for you—just now. Mom—you always tell me not to make assumptions, and you just made one ginormous one!” “Oh my! I guess I did, didn’t I? I do apologize for that—and at the same time, I couldn’t be happier to see you so happy!” “And that’s the thing. You see. I’m scared people are gonna notice that things are different for Matty and me. I mean, it was hard as all get-out to tell you everything Saturday night. You, Matty, and I are the only ones who know so far. Neither one of us is anywhere near ready to come out to the whole school!” “And that would explain why you had trouble sleeping.” Mom paused and squeezed my leg. “Eddie dear, I promise you won't look any different today than you have any other day of the year. I know you’re happier than you’ve ever been—but you’ve always been a happy boy. You might feel like you’re smiling more than you usually do—but you’ve always been the boy with the smile on his face. You might feel like you are sitting or standing next to Matty more than you should—but the two of you have stood side by side for years. Everyone knows that you two adore each other. If no one has said anything by now, there’s no reason for them to start, is there?” Well, shit! What could I do besides smile and look up at Mom. “Funny, that’s pretty much the same thing Matty said last night. You know how I overthink stuff. I guess everything will be fine.” “Of course it will, darling.” She looked over to the bathroom. “It sounds like your boyfriend just finished in the shower. You need to get your own little butt out of bed and get showered. I’ll have breakfast for you boys when you come down.” Mom kissed me on the forehead and left the room. How the fuck can this be the same woman who was driving me up the fucking wall just a week ago? I swear it’s aliens—there must have been some sort of alien grab-and-switch. Matty gave me a quick kiss as I passed him on the way into the bathroom. After a quick shower and hitting the hairdryer to my head, I walked out into the bedroom to dress, and Matty had already made his way downstairs. Mom had left to take the twerp to school. I love that he has to be there an hour earlier than us. Seems someone finally figured out that high school students do better when they start school at 9:00 instead of 8:00. Of course, we don’t get out until 4:15, but that doesn’t matter to me since I usually have some kind of sports practice after. And to make up for the lost hour, they put all of us on teams in last period P.E. Sometimes adults can even make sense when they stop and think about shit! Matty and I each had a blueberry muffin and a bowl of cereal. We fired up the Keurig, and each grabbed a go-cup of coffee to take with us. It was my turn to drive, so we piled into my 4Runner and headed to what I hoped to God was going to be a normal day at school! We were jamming out to the latest Shawn Mendes song. Now let me tell you something, Matty sings the shit out of just about anything you hear on the radio. Me? I think I could be arrested for my singing in some countries. No—seriously! I totally suck. At least Matty doesn’t bug me about it like just about everybody else does! We parked in the Junior lot, and before I could open my door, Matty reached over and grabbed my leg. “Hey, this’ll be the last time I get to say this to you for a while—but dude, I am so totally and completely in love with the most amazing boy in this entire school. It’s gonna be an amazing day today—and the reason is because I love you! That’s pretty much all it takes for me.” “Dude, are you trying to make me cry before I walk into the building?” I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand and told Matty I loved him, too. Funny thing, we both looked out the window and decided at the same time we probably shouldn’t kiss each other in the parking lot—way too many people around. Now—before we head into school, I should prolly tell you all about our “squad.” I think I mentioned there are eight of us. We’ve been hanging around each other since middle school. We all met at Dad’s church, which makes sense since that’s about the only social life anyone has when you’re in the seventh grade. First, there’s Brandon and Lisa. Brandon’s on the baseball team with me. He plays third base to my shortstop. We totally work great together and are proud of the fact that we’ve ruined a shitload base hits for a lot of our opponents. Lisa’s a Brainiac and will prolly be valedictorian next year. Lisa might be smart as fuck, but she also has a naughty side that none of the teachers ever see because all they see is the smart girl who’s killing all her classes. Brandon and Lisa finally did it over Christmas break, and they can’t stop! At first, I thought they were just pervs—but now, I totally get it! Next is Eric. Eric is kinda quiet, but also an amazing pianist. He plays at the church every now and then, but the thing he’s totally into is playing for theatre. Dude is playing shows all over the city and is rolling in the cash. He’s hoping to go to Carnegie-Mellon for college. Apparently, they have the best musical theatre program in the country, and he wants to be a music director in New York when he finishes. He doesn’t really date. He says it’s cuz he has gigs almost every weekend. Now I’m wondering if he secretly is getting into some of the actors (or actresses) in the different theatres he plays for. Hmmm. Then there’s Carrie and Bella. The others joke that they are the female version of Matty and me. They’re fun, smart, and are always together. Hmmm. I wonder just how much they are like Matty and me? Last, but definitely not least, is Jax. Jaxson is a wide receiver on the football team and runs track in the Spring. When he and Matty are on the field together, you can bet there will be a huge gain in yardage—if not a touchdown. Matty and Jax are pretty close buds, and if I didn’t know that Jax bones just about every girl that wants him, then I might be a little jealous. Okay—so now you know a little about the squad. I guess it’s time to start the day, yeah? So we grabbed our backpacks and made our way into the school, saying “hi” to a few, fist-bumping a few, and ignoring most. Matty and I made our way to our usual pre-homeroom hang-out place, the corner table on the middle level of the cafeteria. We walked in and found Carrie and Bella, the female version of Matty and me already sitting and drinking their coffee. Matty sat his backpack on a chair, and I took the seat next to it. He headed to the line to get our second cup of coffee. See, that’s how it works with us, whoever drives to school get treated to a coffee by the rider. So far, so good—nothing’s changed! “Mornin’, Eddie! You have a good weekend?” “Sure did, Carrie! It was awesome, actually!” I smiled at her as I took my seat across the table from the girls. “Mmhmm. What’s up, Eddie? I recognize that look—and it’s never been on you—and it’s definitely not your Monday morning look.” Fuck! I didn’t do anything! What the hell is she talking about?? “Look? What look? I don’t know what you’re smokin’, but I sure hope you brought enough for everybody.” “Ya know, Bella. I think you might be right. Eddie Hamilton has that fresh sumpin’-sumpin’ look written all over his face!” Thank God! Matty showed up with our coffees. “Mornin’ girls! How’s it goin’?” I really wanted to tell him to not smile, but that’s impossible with Matty. Fuck! Here comes the other shoe! “Oh…my…God, Carrie! Somebody else has the same sumpin’-sumpin’ look on his face!” The girls started to laugh when Matty answered with, “What the hell are you psycho girls talkin’ about—these sumthin’-sumthin’ looks? Are you crazy?” Bella leaned into us and motioned for Matty and me to lean into her. “Look boys—all we’re sayin’ is that you both have the exact same looks on your faces that Carrie and I had on ours after our first weekend together.” “What the fuck?” “Shut the front door!” Carrie looked at us and giggled, “Wait—you didn’t know? You guys hadn’t figured us out?” Fuck me silly! I was in total shock—I guess the girls are more the female version of Matty and me than I thought! “You mean—you’re…” “Gay—dykes—lezbos—carpet munchers—totally in love with each other? Yup!” I don’t think Matty’s eyes have blinked since he came back to the table. “And you think—that Eddie—and I—are—have—” “Matty—Carrie and I have had you two figured out for almost two years. Jesus! We pretty much can tell that this was the weekend we—and especially you guys—have been waiting for.” I started to panic as Carrie took my hand in hers and smiled. “Relax Eddie. This is just between the four of us. Not Brandon and Lisa—not Eric—not Jax—are gonna hear a word from us. And I feel pretty sure that you and Matty will keep what we just told you about us—between just the two of you. Matty was still in shock, but still managed to get out, “but how did you know? Do we really look that obvious?” “No! Not at all! Carrie has this incredibly accurate gaydar—and she’s never been wrong. She’s had you figured out for way more than a year. Jesus! It took you long enough!” “Shhh! We’re so not ready to come out to the school. I haven’t even come out to my dad yet—and my little brother doesn’t have a clue, either.” “Speaking of Brandon and Lisa—where are they? They’re usually here by now.” Bella pulled her phone out of her bag and scrolled through her messages. “Oh Jesus—Lisa is (air quotes) home sick today and Brandon’s on his way over to help her feel better.” Jax and Eddie walked up to the table together just as the air was filled with the sound we hated the most… Beep! Beep! Beep! There goes the first warning bell! We have seven minutes to get to homeroom. It sucks that the twenty-minute homeroom period is the only class that Matty and I have together. And that couldn’t be planned. The H’s and the J’s just happened to fall in the same group. Lunch is the only other time we get to see each other. That wasn’t such a big deal as it is now. Oh well—not much we can do about it. And now that I think about it, it’s probably for the best. If I was making some kind of look that the girls could tell that Matty and I were together, it’s probably a good thing that I won’t be around him too much during the day! We made it to our lockers, which are right next to each other. As I was getting my morning shit together, Matty looked at me and smiled. Of course, I smiled back when he told me not to worry about the girls. I told him I still can’t believe they had us figured out before we had us figured out. And what the fuck is this gaydar thing? “Dude—it’s real. I’ve read all about it. And you and I will probably get ours once everything settles down some. There’s the bell. We have two minutes.” We made it into the room with about thirty seconds to spare and had a seat. I felt a lot better when I glanced around the room and no one looked at either one of funny. That was a total relief! Can I just say homeroom is boring as fuck? Matty has to sit two seats behind me so we can’t talk at all. It’s not like anyone can talk. Ms. Jennings is a total dictator. All we are allowed to do is finish up any homework we might have, listen to the stupid announcements, and stand up for the fucking Pledge of Allegiance. After twenty minutes, Matty and I make our way into the hall, give a “cya later” and head to our morning classes. AP History and Biology are brutal. Both teachers announced a major test before Spring break. That’s gonna cut into my Matty time, that’s for sure! Matty—God, I miss my boy so fucking much, and it’s only been a little over two hours! It’s weird though—I think about him, and my entire body feels warm and pretty damned awesome. At least I haven’t popped wood this morning! But I’m pretty damned sure I’ll have a major boner all during lunch! I mean, c’mon! He’s gonna be sitting right next to me with that smile and confidence that makes me go fucking silly! Finally, the bell for lunch rings, and I make my way to the school’s main hallway. I know I’ll meet up with Matty as he enters the main hallway from the wing he’s been in all morning. Yup! There he is! Damn, my boyfriend is smokin’ hot! We smile as we get nearer to each other and meet up at the main hallway intersection. “Dude!” Matty leans into me so no one walking near us could hear. “So fucking weird how bad I missed you this morning!” “Right!? I was sitting in AP History, and she’s talking about this major test coming up and all I could think about how it was gonna cut into my Matty time. Hell, that made me miss the fuck outta you!” We make it into the cafeteria and drop our backpacks off at the table. Looks like it’s just the six of us today. We go through the line and avoid the mystery meatloaf. Matty and I choose to hit the salad bar since that’s about the only thing those cafeteria ladies haven’t figured out a way to fuck up. It didn’t take long for the six of us to settle in to lunch. The talk was pretty typical for a Monday. Eric spent the weekend at Theatre Charlotte playing for a show called Forever Plaid. He couldn’t shut up about the four boys in the show and their amazing voices. Yup! I’m starting to wonder about our piano-boy! Jax had his typical Monday chat with Matty about some chick from another high school and how they had sex twice over the weekend. What a fucking’ amateur! Matty and I nutted four or five times together over the weekend! Oh shit! I gotta stop thinking about Matty and his dick! I’ve got wood showin’ up now! I’m so fucked! Lunch continued with nothing much exciting happening. The girls were totally chill about Matty and me, so no one suspected a thing. A couple of the guys from the baseball team came by wondering why I missed practice on Friday, and they seemed to be okay with me telling them I had a family emergency. So—maybe everybody was right about me worrying too much. Everything was going pretty well until the end of the day. Donald Harper. Fucking. Donald. Harper. He’s one of the pitchers on the team and a total asshat. We were getting ready for last period. I was about to head into the gym, and Matty was going to go into the theatre for his class. Both departments were in the same part of the building, and we were standing outside the gym doors talking. So you see, it’s the only time during the day that we get to talk one-on-one without anyone around. I was a total idiot. I quietly told Matty I loved him just as the ass walked by. Matty’s eyes got huge when Donald stopped in his tracks and turned around. “I knew it! There was always something weird about the two of you. You’re a couple of faggots!” Matty stood about three inches taller and stood up to Donald. “What the hell are you talking about, Harper?” “I heard him, Jacobs. I heard your faggot boyfriend tell you he loved you.” “You didn’t hear shit. You just thought you heard something.” I started to panic. I wasn’t ready for the whole fucking world to know about me—or us! My eyes started to glisten with tears when Donald started to mimic me in a sissy, sing-song voice. “I love you, Matty Jacobs! I love to suck your dick! I love it when you fuck me! I’m your little faggot boy!” With all his might, Matty reared back and plowed his balled-up fist into Donald’s gut, knocking him on his ass. “Jacobs! Hamilton! Harper! To the office! Now!” Fuck me. This was not going to be good. Coach Hicks practically drug the three of us to the principal’s office. Fuuuuuuck, he’s pissed! I looked over to Matty, and he was fuming. The veins in his neck were bulging, and I swear I saw bolts of lightning coming out of his eyes. But Jesus help me—the look on Donald Harper’s face terrified me. This was a boy who was not going to let things go—no matter what was about to go down in the office. The three of us were sitting in the assistant principal's office for about ten minutes when Dad showed up. He didn’t look too happy at all. Monday is his day off, and this is the last place he wanted to be. About five minutes later, Mr. Harper showed up and he was super-pissed! Damn, talk about your like-father-like-son thing. Donald was a carbon copy of his dad. It seemed like forever, but the five of us just kept looking at each other. Coach Hicks and Mr. Wallace just watched us watching each other. All I could think was how this was totally not the way I wanted Dad to find out about Matty and me. God—high school sucks!
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