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  1. G's dad is totally out of the picture and won't be making an appearance.
  2. GLEASON In the strangest way, getting knocked on my ass with this cancer shit just might be the best thing to have ever happened to me in my life. You see, that shithole town Mazeppa barely had a hospital. People used to joke that the animal clinic outside of town had better shit than the so-called hospital. So, when I started to get sick, Mom brought me to Charlotte without thinking twice about it. I hated that my room was painted up with shit from Disney’s The Sorcerer’s
  3. You know me too well. One of your "new" theories is spot on! I promise not to kill Simon. 😉
  4. Isn't that a little too obvious? Hehe. Don't i normally wait four or five chapters for trouble? Don't worry...I have some MAJOR plans.
  5. Finally! Gleason and I get to start back to school! Six months ago, if anyone had told me I would be so psyched to go to school, I would have told them they were batshit cray cray! If I had to tell the one thing I’m most excited about—well, that’s easy—Gleason Rogers! I get to spend most of the day with this boy I seem to have fallen for big time. I just hope he’s even half into me as I am into him. Mom honked the horn, which brought me out of my thoughts. We were parked in front of Gl
  6. “Mom! I need some help!” Don’t get me wrong—I love Matty Jacobs more than life. You see, I have a life because of him. They transplanted his bone marrow inside my body, and that helped beat the cancer once and for all. But, really? Did he have to give me his damned hair? My old hair was awesome—it was soft, longish, and wavy. Simon loved running his hands through it when we would kiss. Well—that doesn’t happen anymore. Simon and I are a lot better as best friends than we are as boyfrie
  7. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, former Jimmy Awards winner, Mr. Andrew Barth Feldman!” The audience was cheering and they gave Andrew a standing ovation. Hell, they should give him one—Andrew went straight from winning the Jimmys to starring in Dear Evan Hansen. The stage manager told the eight of us to get ready to walk out on stage and to hit our marks like they had shown us in rehearsal. I’m surprised I could hear anything she was saying—my heart was pounding so
  8. I never imagined The Preacher's Kid would turn into a series--but then I never imagined a secondary character would become so well-liked by my readers. The third book in this series is all about Nate Hamilton, the lovable and amazing younger brother of Eddie, the subject of the first two books. In the first two books, we saw the amazing part of Nate beginning with the filming and posting of the promposal and through the creation of his "Cancer Sucks" vlog. We saw Nate's incredible heart during the week-long day-camp with Eddie and Matty.
  9. FlyOnTheWall

    AOC 12

    I've enjoyed your stories since I first found Jay and Miles. I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well...especially the deeply spiritual tone towards the end of the last chapter. Once again, your writing has inspired me to get off my butt and get foing on my next book! Thank you for that. I definitely look forward to your next story! ☺❤❤👌
  10. The concerns have been addressed and fixed in the latest update. My apologies!
  11. I started crying as Jacob took me into his arms. He calmed me down and reminded me that Noah needed me right now. That’s all it took for me to get my shit together. Katie handed me a box of Kleenex as I dabbed my eyes dry. “You know this boy?” “Yes, he’s one of the boys I told you about last month. He’s part of our theatre group, and he sang at our wedding just two days ago. What happened to his mother?” “The medical examiner has her now and will perform an autopsy. We should have
  12. I must have had one helluva terrified look on my face when Jake said he knew Mal and I were getting it on in the massage room. He just laughed out loud and told me to relax. “I’m not saying that I approve of what was going on in there, and I certainly expect that it won’t happen again. But—both you and Mal are two of the finest therapists I’ve ever had in my operation, and I don’t want to lose either of you. And just so you know, I’ll be talking with Mal before he takes you back to the
  13. I'm doing great on the vaccine front. In fact, I've signed up for the Moderna booster test.
  14. Ummm--like a hundred times already! Have you seen the IN THE HEIGHTS trailor? That will be my first move back IN the theatre...one of my top five of all time musicals!
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