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    San Francisco

    I have only been to Davies once and saw the SF Symphony do a concert of the classical music from Looney Tunes. It was amazing! The cool thing was I sat next to Armistead Maupin and his very pretty young companion. My BF had a miserable time and was dozing throughout the concert and the pretty young thing would ask me questions about the cartoons they were showing while they played. It was so cute! Great memory. Oh... that BF is a total ex, btw... although he did splurge for the expensive seats! LOL
  2. FlyOnTheWall

    The Barnstable Chronicles: The Prodigy

    In the fourth book of The Barnstable Chronicles series, we find David Chase enjoying one of the most successful classical music careers in the age of social media. Every time he turns around, he finds more success. However, there is little or no success in his personal life. David threw away the two most important relationships in his young life... Charlie Danner, still the love of his life... and that of his best friend, Parker Miller. All the success in the world can't seem to fill the emptiness in David's heart.
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    San Francisco

    THE PRODIGY By Geoff Chassen Chapter 1 – San Francisco Parker Miller was sitting in his box seats at Davies Symphony Hall listening to Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini." It had been years since he had heard David Chase play in person. The box seats cost him a pretty fortune but watching his former best friend was worth every penny. Parker couldn’t help his mind wander back to their high school years when the competed on the New England piano competition circuit. Yes, they were fairly equal as far as those competitions were concerned, with one of them winning nearly everyone. His mind then went to the many evenings after the competition, when he and David would learn all about the joys of boy-on-boy sex. While they agreed that they would be nothing more than best friends with even better benefits, the truth was that deep down… and very secretly, Parker Miller was totally and completely in love with his best friend. It nearly broke Parker’s heart when David introduced him to Charlie Danner, the love of David’s life. It didn’t take long, however, to see that Charlie was just as amazing as David had told him. Aware of their arrangement, Parker couldn’t help but be happy for David once he saw how truly happy Charlie had made him. When David got to the most beautiful and well-known section of the piece, tears began flowing down his face. It was as if David was able to give the instrument a heart and soul and was all but making love to the Steinway. Making love… that brought Parker’s mind to the last time he and David were together… in a three-way with Charlie. With tears still flowing, Parker sighed as he thought about the most incredible night of sex he had ever experienced. Parker’s cock was hard and dripping as David entered the final movement of the piece. Thank God it had calmed down by the time David took his last bow. As Parker made his way to the lobby of the concert hall, he debated whether or not he should go to the stage door and try to see David. He decided against it. Once he and David went their separate ways for college, David completely cut himself off from his best friend. He never replied to any of the countless emails he sent. When he contacted Charlie to see if there was a problem, he learned that he and David had broken up and that Charlie had begun seeing someone else. It seemed David had decided to let go of everyone in his past. Fucking bastard. But that night, listening to the fucking bastard play like no one he’d ever heard before, Parker Miller fell in love with David again. Talk about inconvenient. Justin Petersen, his music partner and current boyfriend would not be happy about that at all. ***** David Chase’s hands were a blur as he nimbly ran them over the keys of the Steinway, making the instrument sing in perfect sync with the San Francisco Symphony. Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" ended with two soft, staccato notes and the cheering audience rose to their feet. David walked to the conductor and shook his hand and then repeated the gesture with the concertmaster. He then stepped to the front of the piano and began a series of deep bows. His full head of long blond hair fell forward and he pushed it away from his face as he rose from the bow. He walked off the stage of the concert hall and returned three times as the audience showered him with cheers and applause for his flawless performance. After four sets of bows, David went upstairs to his dressing room and began changing out of his standard white tie and tails and into the jeans and t-shirt he wore whenever he was not on stage. His reputation as the bad boy of the classical music scene came partly from his showing up at post-concert receptions in his Levis and black V-neck t-shirt. The music snobs belonging to the symphony societies around the world always seemed shocked at his casual appearance and ironically, that never stopped at least twenty men and women from requesting some "private time" after the reception. As David zipped up the garment bag holding his tails, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Michael Tilson Thomas, the symphony's conductor walked into the dressing room. "Wonderful job, David. It was a joy to have you with us this week. And I'm here to accompany you to the reception at the Fairmont. The limo is waiting at the stage door." David let out a sigh. He hated the receptions as much as he loved playing the music. But he knew that it was all part of the contract that gave him his sizable fee. As Michael led David to the stage door, he quietly admired that the talented pianist had the balls to wear what he wanted to the reception. He wished he could do the same thing but knew that the snobs that ran the symphony would have a cow if he did. As the two men walked outside, the limo driver opened the door and they climbed in and took their seats. They arrived at the Fairmont Hotel and the limo pulled into the VIP entrance around the back. They were met by a small group of people from the symphony organization. After handshakes and pleasantries were exchanged, they entered the private elevator for the trip up to the outdoor terrace where the reception was planned. David and Michael stood in the greeting line shaking hands and gracefully accepting accolades for the evening's concert. David had been through this routine countless times and went through the ritual on auto-pilot. Once he was finished with the line, he made the requisite rounds of the party and then excused himself so he could head up to his suite. As he was riding the elevator to the twelfth floor, David pulled out his cell phone and auto-dialed Tran, his Vietnamese muscle-boy masseur he met up with on every trip to the Bay Area. "Hi Tran. It's David. You available this evening? Great. See you soon. Suite 1220 at the Fairmont. I’ll leave your name at the desk. Later." David put the iPhone back in his pocket and sighed. He loved coming to the Bay area for the simple reason he loved spending time with Tran. What started out as a pure business transaction had turned into one of the only times that David could enjoy the company of another man and not think about the world of classical music and touring. The fact that Tran was incredibly hot was mere icing on the cake. What truly attracted David to his masseur was his wit, his smile, his intelligence, and his sense of adventure... all things he felt he lacked. David often wondered what it would be like to have someone like Tran in his life… and not just on his trips to NoCal. While he has had more than a few regrets in his life, his greatest one was leaving the true love of his life in Barnstable while he went to Russia to study piano. For a long time, it only took mere thoughts of Charlie Danner to bring tears to his eyes and an ache in his heart. By the time his mother had informed him that Charlie had married and had adopted a young son was he able to begin letting go of the emotional baggage he had been carrying with him. Of course, that was only possible when he wasn’t thinking that those were the plans he and Charlie had made before the trip to Russia broke them apart. Yes, his greatest regret. His second greatest regret? Losing touch with Parker Miller, his former best friend. He received a couple of emails from Parker once he arrived in St. Petersburg for his studies. After that nothing. It seemed both he and Parker moved on in very different directions and had no need for each other anymore. Yes, another huge regret. By the time he had finished his studies in Russia and returned to the States, David Chase had thoroughly and completely lost himself in his budding classical music career. His manager encouraged him to create a strong social media presence and he began to develop his image as the sexy “bad boy” of the classical music world. As far as his sexuality, to the public, he was a complete enigma. The public seemed to wonder if this sexy pianist was straight, gay, or bi. Nearly every interviewer asked him the questions about his sexuality. His standard answer was that he wasn’t there to talk about his personal life. The sad truth for David was that he had NO personal life. He spent nearly every waking moment working on his career. After just a year back in the United States, he began to see that his hard work and dedication were beginning to pay off. He was an internet sensation. The top orchestras in the world were clamoring for him to perform in their seasons. It was after three days of concerts with New York Philharmonic that David was taking some much-needed time off at his home in Westhampton when his manager called with the news. “David! Benjamin here. You sitting down?” “I’m out on the deck, watching the waves, and enjoying a cocktail. Of course I’m sitting down. What’s up?” “People Magazine has been in touch and they want to spend some time with you out there and do a photo shoot.” “Really? Benjamin… really? You know how much I hate that shit.” “This just isn’t for your run-of-the-mill photo shoot, kiddo.” “What do you mean?” “It’s for this year’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. The fact they want to do a full shoot with you tells me that you just might be on the cover! That’s gonna blow your career through the stratosphere!” “Fuck! I hate that! Can I think about it?” “No David. You can’t. I’m putting my foot down on this one. You WILL do it and I promise you that it will pay off in spades! If you think your social media presence has helped your career, this is going to see things explode! You have a week to work on your tan and get those abs even more chiseled. They’ll be there next Tuesday morning.” “Benjamin, right now I hate you. And if this pans out, I promise to love you again. I want you here on Monday so we can talk about this before they get here. Plan to stay the night. Bring Sally if you want. Probably leave the boys at home.” What truly pissed David off was knowing that this actually WOULD be great for his career. Deep down, he hated that relatively few people knew that he was only the second American to win Russia’s International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. And since Van Cliburn was the only other American to win that competition, David immediately entered the next Van Cliburn Piano Competition in Texas and easily won that… becoming the only American pianist to win both prestigious events. He would make sure that the interviewer was made aware of that rare achievement. ***** Tran Huang was already crossing the bridge to Alameda Island and home after the concert when David called. When he saw David's name on the screen, his heart skipped a beat or two. He collected himself before he answered so he would sound as professional as he possibly could. Once arrangements were made, his already hard cock twitched when he heard David say "later." Tran ended the call on his end and smiled. He had known David was in town and had scored a seat in the mezzanine to watch his favorite musician perform. When David and the orchestra got to the section that everyone knows from the film "Somewhere in Time," tears came to Tran's eyes. It was at that moment he let the walls around his heart fall. It was at that moment he realized that he was falling for the man on the stage. Tran had always been criticized by his closest friends that he never had a steady or long-term guy in his life. He had always blamed his profession. He felt that as a first-class masseur, his clients knew that he could be quite intimate and never let his emotions get in the way. He told that story for so many years, that he actually believed it himself. However, something was different now. Tran understood David. He got that this amazing pianist had one lover… his career. He understood that somewhere in David’s heart, he was haunted by a long-lost love… or loves… and he was lacking one thing… closure. He was aware that David had built walls around his heart to prevent anyone from getting into it as that former love had. Tran also knew that someday… somehow… he would figure a way to penetrate that wall and fill all the emptiness that David tried so hard to hide. It was about 11:15 when Tran walked into the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel, massage table in its case and slung over his broad shoulders. He knew the routine... a key card would be waiting for him at the desk. He would then ride up to the room, quietly walk in and set up his table. Only this time, Tran walked into the suite and was surprised to see David sitting on the sofa in his plush, white bathrobe. David looked up at Tran and smiled. He stood and opened his arms to his guest as he set the portable table down in the foyer. "Tran! God, it's good to see you!" Tran gave David a full deep-tissue massage and by the time David flipped over for the second part, Tran had stripped completely out of his clothes. As Tran was finishing the massage, David took the oil from Tran and stroked the hard, thick cock he wanted inside him. Tran made love to David right there on the massage table and screamed in ecstasy as he fired shot after shot of scalding cum deep inside the pianist’s powerful ass. He wouldn’t let David touch himself the entire time they were making love. He had his own plans for that huge cock and saw those plans through as the two men moved to the bedroom. Tran rode David’s cock to an earth-shattering climax as he came a second time all over the musician’s amazing abs and chest. By the time they cleaned up and took a quick shower, it was 3:30 in the morning and both men fell asleep in each other’s arms. Tran sighed with the wonderful feelings that washed over him as David held him. On the other hand, David tried hard to find even a tiny bit of the feelings he used to have when he would hold Charlie Danner in his arms. ***** Why the fuck do hotel phones ring so damned loud? David cursed under his breath at both the piercing noise and the empty space next to him. The ringing phone was relentless and David finally answered it. “This better be good!” “And good morning to you, Sunshine!” “Aww fuck, Ben! You do realize there’s a four-hour time difference between New York and here, don’t you?” “Yes, and it’s two in the afternoon here. Were you planning on spending the entire day in bed?” “Yes! No! I don’t know. I don’t care. Why are you waking me up?” “I’ve changed your flight. We got you a last-minute booking on Ellen in three days. She’s been wanting to get you on her show since the People Magazine thing. Keanu Reeves had to cancel and her people contacted me about your availability.” “Okay. That’s actually great news. I’ve been wanting to be on her show for a while now.” “Excellent. Glad I finally did something right for you!” “Whatever. I might bitch a little…” “A lot…” “Yeah. Whatever. So what are the plans?” “You’ll fly to Los Angeles tomorrow morning and her people will pick you up at the airport. You’ll have a pre-interview thing over lunch. Then you’ll have a free day and film the next. I have you booked on a flight back to New York.” “Okay, sounds good. No, great actually. Thanks for letting me know.” “I’ll email you all the details later this afternoon once Chandra gets all the flight info finalized. Oh… and great reviews on the concert last night. You always make me proud, David.” “I’ll be sure to check them out… not!” “I know, I know… you never read your reviews. But you’ll get a kick out of your Instagram and Twitter feeds!” “Cool. Look, I need to get some food in me and get cleaned up. I’ll talk to you later, Ben.” “Ciao” “Later.” David hung up the phone and found himself smiling at the thought of being on Ellen. Of course, the smile vanished when he saw that his bed was empty. What the hell happened? He walked out into the sitting area and found a note on the coffee table. Sorry I couldn’t stay. Had a client this morning. Thanks for a wonderful night. Can’t wait to see you again, David. I love our time together… just so you know. Best, T. David sighed with disappointment. It seems Tran always leaves before he wakes up and leaves a similar note. Just when he thought there might be something… anything… it seems some things never change. David hopped in the shower for a quick cleaning and after drying his hair and brushing his teeth, he stepped back into the suite. He was bombarded with the combined smells of massage oil and hot man-on-man sex. Nope. There won’t be room service this morning! David grabbed his iPad and headed down the elevator to the lobby coffee shop. While the restaurant was rather busy, he was happy to be seated in a short amount of time. As soon as he sat down, he ordered a coffee and opened the menu. He decided that he was too hungry for the menu and decided to hit up the buffet line. Once he filled his plate with scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, and an English muffin, he sat down to check out his social media feeds and stuff his face. “David?” Great. David wasn’t in the mood to face fans this early in the day. He decided to ignore whoever it was and kept looking at his Twitter account. “David Chase?” Dammit! He really didn’t want to look up, but he did… and couldn’t believe his eyes. “Parker? Parker Miller?” “David!” “Oh my God!”
  4. FlyOnTheWall

    Ch-ch-changes (and Epilogue)

    It's funny, this is not how I had planned for the story to end. But just like in life, things change and I began to believe that Nick and Noah had to end up together. When I learned about the conservatorship option, everything kind of fell into place.
  5. FlyOnTheWall

    Ch-ch-changes (and Epilogue)

    Thanks Jeffrey! If you think about it, Nick and Noah are the second generation version of the dads... lawyer and theatre teacher. There HAS to be a good story there!
  6. FlyOnTheWall

    Ch-ch-changes (and Epilogue)

    ALWAYS by Geoff Chassen Chapter 13 – CH-CH-CH-CHANGES! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe or slept so peacefully in my entire life! I was the center of a hot boy sandwich all night. The three of us held on to each other and I know I got a shitload of comfort feeling Billy and Noah all night. Sadly, the alarms on all of the phones went off at the same time, making us scramble to find them and turn them off. It must have been a sight, three naked boys with hard-ons running around the bedroom trying to find our phones so we could silence them. Once the noise was stopped, we all stood in the middle of the room facing each other. This was the part I was afraid was going to be awkward and cause problems. Nope! Noah was the one who spoke up first. “Thanks again for the most amazing night of my life. I love you both more than life itself, but I also know that you two are the main couple. If you two ever want me to join in with you again, I would love that. But, please know that the last thing I want to do is mess up what you guys already have.” Billy smiled his goofy grin and said, “I have a feeling last night was more than a one-time thing. I know Nick and I both love you, too. I appreciate more than you’ll ever know what you just said, and that makes my relationship with the two of you even more special.” It was getting way too sentimental so I chimed in with, “I love you both more than anything in the world, but we smell like sex and need showers. Should we conserve water?” And we did. Now, I love showering with Billy, but with the three of us, it was a blast… both figuratively AND literally. We all soaped and cleaned each other. There was a lot of kissing and of course, that led to three loads splashing the shower walls. So we soaped each other up again! We got dressed and I wore a blue polo, jeans and my white sneakers. It was the closest thing I had to looking like Evan Hansen. Billy and Noah dressed as close to their characters as well and we all headed out to the kitchen for breakfast. As we sat down, Maddie texted Billy and asked if he could pick her up on the way to school. It wasn’t that far out of the way and Noah suggested that we all go in his car. But I have to say, the closer we got to leaving the house, the more nervous I was getting! I was a mess by the time Billy and I piled into the back seat of Noah’s car. Noah, of course, helped with another of his bits of wisdom. “Nick, you need to chill, dude. Think of it this way… when you’re totally excited about something… or when you think you're nervous about something… physically, it’s the exact same feeling. You just override your tiny little brain and go to the excited place!” “He’s right, Nick… and you know that brain of his HAS to be tinier than yours!” And so we laughed and kidded each other all the way to pick up Maddie. When we got to the McCallister’s she was standing at the edge of the driveway so she could hop right in and we could get on our way. “Guys! I can’t wait to hear your songs in class today! You are just gonna kill it!” I was finally in that excited place as we parked the car and headed into the school. That’s when it started. Shouts of “Nick!” “Welcome back, dude!” and “Glad you’re okay, man!” were coming from the other students. I remember Mrs. Rodriguez’s advice and smiled or waved back. If they need a hero, then so be it… they’ll forget about me in a week or two. But the strangest thing I got out of the whole thing was that I wasn’t “the new kid” anymore. Pretty much everyone knew who I was and they all made me feel like I was part of them. Cool! Very cool! We went to the cafeteria right away and met up with the other musical theatre kids. When I got to the table everyone was getting a little over-excited to see me but Noah put an end to it. “Guys! Guys! Sit down. This is going to be hard enough for Nick. He really doesn’t want a big fuss made. Let the boy enjoy his first day back, k?” That was nice of Noah to stick up for me, but I felt like I should put in my own two cents’ worth. “I appreciate the ‘welcome back.’ I really do. But I have to perform in about twenty minutes and I’m kind of a nervous, hot mess about that.” A cute Hispanic boy looked up at me and asked, “Whatcha gonna sing?” “Billy, Noah, and I are doing “Sincerely, Me” and then I’m gonna sing “Waving Through a Window.” Billy put his hand on my shoulder and beamed, “Wait ‘til you hear him sing. Y’all are gonna be sooooo fucking impressed.” “Language, McCallister!” A teacher was walking by just as Billy spoke. Ha! “Sorry, Mr. Franks. It won’t happen again!” “Right!?!” The teacher just walked on without missing a beat and everyone at the table started cracking up. Maddie had gone through the line and came back with a tray of donuts and four café mochas. She’s pretty much perfect for a girl! “Did I miss anything?” Noah took a swallow of his dring and said, “Not much, other than your brother dropping an f-bomb in front of Franks!” “I guess it’s good that it was in front of Franks and not some other teacher!” Everyone seemed to agree with her and we finished up our before-school snacks. The bell rang and Noah looked at me. “You ready for this, Jacobs?” “Yeah. I’ll be glad when it’s over, though.” Billy put his arm over my shoulder and squeezed it. “You have nothing to worry about. Miss Garner is going to flip out when she hears you sing!” We all walked into the classroom and took a seat. Miss Garner came over and welcomed me back. She asked if I needed anything and I just asked her to keep this hero stuff on the down-low. I told her I understood where it was coming from, but I just wasn’t all that comfortable with is. She just smiled at me and said, “Whatever you want.” The bell rang, the roll was taken, and Miss Garner said that we had a couple of performances to start off the class. But first, the pianist took us through some vocal warmups. Then the three of us stood up and started doing “Sincerely, Me.” Wow! That was a mind-blowing experience. The class went crazy when we finished. Even Miss Garner was standing with the rest of the class. Billy and Noah took their seats and left me standing alone in front of the class. Miss Garner asked me to introduce my solo and wanted me to tell the class why I chose this particular song. “So, I’m going to sing “Waving Through a Window” from Dear Evan Hansen. The first time I heard this song, I was kind of blown away. It was like they wrote it with me in mind. Evan is this kind of social misfit that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. That was me. I never really felt like I had a place in my old school. Part of it was that I was a foster kid. Part of it was my sexuality. Part of it was my own feelings about myself.” Well look at that, I just came out to my entire class and no one batted an eye! I looked over to the pianist and nodded. She smiled at me and began the familiar (to me, anyway) introduction. I sang my heart out! I think the words meant even more to me since I didn’t have those self-doubts or negative self-images any more. For a singer, there is a special reaction to your performance that is the best in the world. It’s that 3-5 seconds of silence between the end of the song and the beginning of the applause. And that’s exactly what happened. Of course, I smiled, then blushed, then looked down to the floor. I kinda let my eyes sneak a look at Billy and Noah and they were beaming. THAT made me feel better than anything in the world! Just then, I felt someone move up to me. It was the principal, Mr. Jeffers. “Son, that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Miss Garner, could I please speak with Mr. Jacobs out in the hall?” Of course, she agreed and I followed Mr. Jeffers. When we got outside the classroom, Mr. Jeffers assured me that I wasn’t in trouble. Apparently, he wanted to schedule a school-wide assembly to talk about the incident last week. When he asked if I would be willing to speak to the student body. “Mr. Jeffers, please understand that the last thing I want to do is anything that is going to make this “hero” stuff go on any longer than it already has been. What you just heard… my singing… that’s what I want to be known and remembered for. I really just want to go on with my life and my musical theatre. Please don’t make this any harder for me than it already is.” “Son, I might be a little disappointed but I understand and will grant your request. But since we already had an assembly the day everyone returned to school, I won’t bother with another one. I really wanted to introduce you to the student body, but we’ll definitely do it your way.” He sent me back into class and the rest of the day was pretty quiet. I guess mostly because no one really knew me. Every now and then I’d hear a “Go Jacobs!” or get a pat on the shoulder with a “thank you.” Either way, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid it was going to be. At lunch, Billy got a text from his mom saying he and Maddie needed to get home right after school. Apparently, his father returned from some project in London he’d been working on for several weeks. Well shit! I wanted to get naked with my hot boy and do new and unspeakable things with him, his dick, and his ass! After school was done I was relieved that I had stayed caught up in everything with my homework while at the same time, I was disappointed that we had to drop Billy and Maddie off at their house. They were both curious and a little nervous about why their dad had come home unexpectedly. Billy promised to text me later before Noah and I headed home. It actually worked out for the best. Noah spent the afternoon with me working on the Lord Farquaad music. Damn! This was going to be fun as fuck! Just as Noah and I were finishing up the dinner dishes, I got a text from Billy BILLYMAC: can u and noah come over? shit has hit the fan. PLEASE!! NICKOJACO: sure baby. i’ll check w/ the dads and get back to you. everything ok? BILLYMAC: nooooooooooo! i need you guys bad! NICKOJACO: brb I showed the text to Noah and we went to make sure the dads would let us go over. I showed them the text and they agreed that this wasn’t like Billy at all. They said we could go over but needed to back by 9:00 so we could finish up our homework. Noah grabbed his keys and as soon as we pulled out of the driveway I texted Billy back to let him know we were on our way. “Shit, Noah! I’m really worried. I’ve never seen Billy like this!” “Me neither, bro. Surely it can’t be as bad as he’s making it sound. But whatever it is, we just need to let him know that we are there for him.” We pulled up in front of the McCallister’s house about ten minutes later. We rang the doorbell and Mrs. McCallister answered the door. She had the strangest look on her face, too! “Billy’s out back. He’s been waiting for you.” I had to ask, “Is everything okay?” “Billy will explain everything. I’m sorry, boys. I truly am.” Noah and I just gave each other a worried look and then headed to the back of the house, through the kitchen and great room, and through the patio doors. We saw Billy sitting on the end of a lounger with his head in his hands. Fuck! It looked like he was crying! We both moved quickly to Billy’s side and put our arms around him. “Billy, Noah and I got here as fast as we could… but what’s wrong?” “What’s going on?” Billy sniffed and wiped his face on his sleeve. “Guys, it’s terrible. I don’t know what to do! Dad came back to tell us that he was offered a permanent position in the London office. And they made it so he couldn’t turn it down… like triple the salary.” “What the fuck?” “When?” “Dad has to go back tomorrow. But Mom, Maddie and I are going over the week after school’s out.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! This had to be a bad dream or something. You know, like the bad dreams I used to have all the time. I looked at Noah and he had tears falling out of his eyes, too. The three of us just held each other and cried for what seemed forever. What the fuck? I found the perfect boy, I was happier than I’d ever been in my life, and it was all blowing up in our faces! “Maybe you could stay and finish school here! I mean, the dads and Noah took me in without much trouble, surely they could take you in?” “Yeah… Nick and I will talk to them as soon as we get home.” “No. Dad called your dads as soon as you texted you were on the way. He told them what was happening and that if the idea of me staying behind with you guys came up, it wasn’t going to be a possibility. Dad hates being in London without his family. He wants all of us there as soon as we can get there.” “Fuck, Billy! What are we going to do? I love you!” “I love you, too, Nicky! You’re my whole reason for having this amazing life I’ve found. Noah… you’ve always been my best friend! I don’t know what to do!” “Billy… Nick… one thing will never change. No matter how far apart we find ourselves in our lives… we’ll always be best friends. And there’s still a few months before anything happens. We just have to make the best of the time we have together.” “Is there any way your dad will let you go a little later so we three can still go to Disney World together?” “I asked him, and he said that wasn’t a good idea. All it would be doing was putting off the inevitable.” Billy got a chorus of “fucks” in each ear. For the next hour, the three of us just sat… every now and then someone would come up with an idea to change things, but they just got more far-fetched than the ones before. Soon enough, there was a text from Dad telling us we needed to get home since it was a school night and he knew that neither of us had finished our homework. So there it was. After a long, tearful, and sniffly hug with Billy, Noah and I headed home. We didn’t say a word the entire time… we didn’t have to. As we were pulling through the gate to our street, Noah took my hand. “Nick, I know there isn’t anything I… or anyone… can say to make you feel better. But don’t forget, you have me to be there for you. And I’m talking about anything other than someone to talk with, someone to listen… you know, someone to lean on.” “I know… and if there’s anyone who can even come close to understanding how this hurts, it’s you. You’ve known Billy so much longer than I have so I know it’s hurting you, too. Will you let me be there for you, too?” After what turned out to be a wonderful front-seat-of-the-car hug, we got out and made our way into the house. We made our way into the kitchen and both dads were sitting at the island with strange looks on their faces… kind of a cross between worry and concern and caring. Well, that was all it took for me to finally let go of all the emotions I had been holding in since we got the news. It was Dad who got up and wrapped me in his strong arms. He ran his fingers through my hair, whispering to me that we were all going to help each other get through this, that it will eventually get better. That was the moment in my life when I realized how important a dad was in your life. They let you know that it was okay to hurt and with their strong arms wrapped around you, they also let you know that they were there to make you feel safe and protected. Eventually, I was able to open my eyes and saw Noah having the exact same experience with Pop. That helped me stop crying… I mean, now I was worried about Noah. But I looked up at Dad and said, “Thank you. I’m sorry I’m such a baby. I know that’s not what you signed up for when you brought me into your family.” Dad put his arms on my shoulders and pulled me away from his just long enough so he could look me in the eyes… my big, red, cry-baby eyes. “Are you kidding? This is exactly why we wanted you to be a part of this family. Nick… listen very carefully… someday, I hope that you will get to experience the unconditional love and compassion that happens when a child of yours falls into your arms, wanting nothing more than your strength and your love to help him deal with a tough situation. I know for me, that’s the greatest thrill of being a dad. Knowing that there is another human being that needs you as much as life itself. Your Pop and I are here for you 24/7. For both you and Noah.” Well, fuck! That was one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever told me and you might find it hard to believe, but that started the floodgates flowing again and I got another ten minutes or so of Dad’s fucking amazing love and strength. After a while, Noah and I both calmed down enough to sit out on the patio with the dads and talk about what happened, and what will probably happen over the next couple of months. Pop decided to head into the kitchen to whip of a batch (from scratch, of course) of hot chocolate and when he returned we all sat down again. Okay, now let me tell you something about hot chocolate made from scratch. I mean, c’mon… it’s milk, cocoa, and real marshmallows floating on top. But if you wanna know the truth… I hope I never have to deal with fucking Swiss Miss ever again! Funny thing though… the hot chocolate actually was helping me and Noah feel better. Then Pop dropped another bombshell. Jesus! What a night! Only this was a fucking awesome bombshell. “Nick, we were going to wait a few weeks for your birthday, but after the tough night you’ve had, Dad and I decided to go ahead and share this with you now. You see, a colleague of mine restores classic cars and he’s running out of room at his house. He told me his wife demanded he get rid of some of the cars.” Pop pulled out his phone and scrolled through his photo album. Then he looked at me and smiled, “Son… God, do I love the sound of that!... Your Dad and I are giving you a special birthday present.” Holy. Fucking. Shit! He showed me a pic of a fully restored dark blue Mustang! What the fuck??? “Between the two of us, we will be teaching you to drive once you get your learner’s permit. Noah can show you online where you can study for the exam. Once you feel like you’re ready, we’ll drive you down to the DMV and get you your permit, and we can start teaching you to drive.” Noah came around to look at the pic on Pop’s phone. “Whoah! Whoah! Nick, you are so gonna be the envy of everyone at school… and the theatre… and the city… probably the entire state! You’re gonna be driving the ultimate chick magnet.” “Right!?! What a waste, huh?” Just then I realized that for the first time in hours I had this shit-eating grin on my face and I wasn’t crying! Hey… Nick Jacobs might just be growing up! I don’t know how many times I hugged Pop and Dad. Noah even got a few… it wasn’t fair to share my love with just two out of three! Finally, about 10:00, Noah got up from the table and picked up the mugs. “Nick, we should probably get ready for bed. No matter what happened tonight, we still have school in the morning and I have a bit more reading to do for English.” “Yeah, I have a few more Algebra problems to deal with, too.” I gave each of the dads a huge hug. “Thanks again for everything you are to me… and do for me. Like I’ve said at least a hundred times, I don’t know what the Hell… um, heck… I’ve done to deserve all that you’ve done for me, but I sure hope I keep doing it. I love you both more than you will ever know!” Noah and I went into the bedroom and shut the door. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me one of his signature hugs. “I’m so fucking glad we have each other. I think we’ll be able to get through all this as long as we do. I need you, Nick… and I hope you need me too.” “More than I ever thought I would, Noah. You’ve always been there to help me through all kinds of shit… but I think this is gonna be one of those situations where I’m gonna need you more than ever.” We kept holding each other with our faces next to each other, whispering in each other’s ear. “Noah, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need you to hold me tonight.” “Of course, I’m gonna need you for that too.” “But don’t take this the wrong way. As much fun as we had last night, I don’t want it to be about any kind of sex. I need my brother tonight… nothing else.” “I’m glad you said that. We did have a blast last night, but things have changed a lot since then. I don’t think we need to use each other for some kind of rebound sex. I’m pretty sure that kind of thing never works out and one… or probably both of us will end up getting hurt pretty bad.” “Yeah, I get it. I love you, Noah… but I need my brother more than I need his body.” “And by the way, Nick, am I allowed to be jealous as fuck of your new car?” “It’s not new… it’s a rebuilt old-as-fuck car So that’s how this fucking weird day ended. We finished studying, got ready for bed, and we both climbed into my bed and held each other. Throughout the night, one of us would wake up to find the other crying and we would just hold each other tighter for reassurance. I knew we would both be walking zombies at school tomorrow. ***** The next several weeks were just weird as shit. Billy and I tried to carry on like nothing was happening, but that turned out to be a total waste of time. Sure, we’d have sex, but it just wasn’t the same. It was like we were both afraid to let our hearts into it, they were already broken, what else could we do? For my birthday, Dad drove Pop, Noah and Me to the dude who had the Mustang. On the way over, it hit me that those old cars didn’t have air conditioning… and we were getting ready for another hot-as-fuck Texas summer. I didn’t dare say anything to anyone about that, though. The last thing I wanted anyone to think was that I was in the least bit ungrateful! Well, was I in for a surprise! Mr. Hampton (Pop’s friend) found a company that had air conditioning kits for classic cars! Yes!! It was so cool! Even the controls were designed to look like all the other buttons and shit on the original dashboard. I was officially now dead and in heaven! Billy got some good news about the same time as well. Turns out that his dad’s assistant was married to one of the admissions directors of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMBDA), which apparently is one of the world’s top theatre schools. Mr.McCallister’s company wanted him there so badly, they apparently offered whatever it would take to get him to stay. Billy said that his dad had several conditions. One condition was that his son would need to finish his high school (they call is secondary over there) at a good theatre and performing arts school. While they couldn’t guarantee anything for sure, they made sure to put some pressure on the right people and Billy was accepted to LAMBDA pending their viewing of his audition…… Once Billy got that letter, we had just two weeks to help him get his audition together. Miss Garner and the class pianist helped us get his audition pieces together. I was glad Billy wanted to include “Sincerely, Me” on his reel. I guess I had this deep-down, hidden fantasy that they would see me and Noah and insist that we come to London and be a part of the program. Of course, that meant several nights at the house practicing… and bed fun later… usually, just Billy and me, sometimes with Noah joining in. But things were just not the same. I mean, c’mon… we’re teenagers and there really isn’t such a thing as bad sex. But it was like our hearts just weren’t into it like before. About two weeks before the end of the school year (and finals… ugh) the musical theatre class was totally pumped. It was showcase weekend! I was going to sing “Waving Through a Window” and the three of us were also going to do “Sincerely, Me” to open the second act. Our opening number was funny as shit and hard as hell! It was the song “A Musical” from Something Rotten. There was just about every style of music and dance (including tap). Billy’s dad flew in for the program. I thought that was totally cool… especially since it was a showcase for a class! Mrs. C and Ms. Rodriguez were there and so were about seven or eight of the boys from the home. THAT was a total shock to me! Everything was going great. The audience was giving standing ovations throughout the program and I can’t remember ever feeling so proud AND happy! The last song was “Seasons of Love” from Rent. But the weird thing was while we were all standing across the front of the stage… all ready to go… Miss Garner walked out and stood in front of the microphone. What the fuck? We didn’t rehearse the show this way! Oh well… she’s the teacher and can pretty do whatever the fuck she wants. Then she started talking… “Ladies and Gentlemen, students, faculty, and friends… the class is wondering what the heck I’m doing right now, but I wanted to recognize someone very special before we finish our program. Several weeks ago, we found out that one of our students will not be returning to Westlake next year. I think I can speak for the entire class… and a good portion of the school… when I say that Billy McCallister, along with his sister Maddie, is going to be terribly missed. “However, this afternoon I received a letter that I would like to share with you. Billy… won’t you come up here with me?” Billy was so damned cute! He looked totally confused and tried to see what the letter was that she was going to read. “Oh, no you don’t! You get to find out along with the rest of the class!” She cleared her throat and began reading. “Dear Miss Garner, It is with great pleasure to inform you that your student, William McCallister has been accepted into the musical theatre secondary program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. We would like to congratulate you and your program for preparing him so well for what we hope will be a long and successful career in the theatre arts. Sincerely, Rodney Cottier, Drama School Head, LAMBDA.” The entire auditorium leaped to their feet and cheered for Billy, who was just standing there in total shock. I looked over at Noah and he had tears in his eyes and a huge smile on his face. Well, so did I… But Billy was sobbing as he clutched the letter to his chest. Miss Garner introduced the last number and we all got through it. Everyone was so happy for Billy. Hell, we totally screwed up the staging. Instead of standing evenly spaced across the front of the stage (like we were supposed to!), everyone just put their arms around the waists of the people next to them and the song turned into a true anthem of love. We all had tears, and smiles, and sniffles. For the first time in my life, I was totally a part of a group of people that totally loved each other and cared about each other. They say high school cliques are some of the worst things in the world, but I have to say that this is one clique I’m so fucking happy to be a part of! The three of us had already made plans to spend the night at our house. It was a kind of last big fling before finals and the dreaded parting of the ways. Before we got home, the dads insisted on treating us to a late-night snack at the Magnolia Café. Of course, it was Friday night and the place was rockin’. Dinner was great. Billy and I shared a chicken fajita platter while the dads had some pretty impressive omelets. Noah had a patty melt and fries (which the three of us shared, of course). After dinner, we headed back to the house. Billy was especially quiet and I could tell something was on his mind. When I asked him what was wrong, he denied that he was upset. He just said he has a lot on his mind. Of course, Noah said that we all needed some quality “deck time” now that the showcase was done and some major mind-clearing was on tap. I reminded him that we couldn’t get too wasted since tomorrow night was opening night for Shrek. “Dude. You have nothing to worry about. You’re killing it! I still can’t believe how fast you picked everything up. Man, you’re making me look bad!” “Bullshit! You are so much funnier than I am. Your timing is just spot on and perfect. I have to work my ass off to hopefully get a few laughs.” Noah looked in the mirror back to Billy. “Dude, I still hate that you decided not to do this show. That’s the only thing that keeps the whole thing from being perfect.” “I know. I know… I just didn’t like the movie at all so I didn’t think I would enjoy doing the musical. But hey… the dad dudes got me a ticket to sit with them for all four shows so I’ll get to watch both of you being funny as shit. It’s nice to actually WATCH theatre every now and then, you know!” In no time we pulled into the garage and got out of the car. The dads weren’t there yet so we left the door open for them. We walked into the kitchen and got a soda from the fridge just as they walked in. “Don’t stay up too late boys, you have another opening night tomorrow and you can’t do good comedy if you’re dragging your sorry butts!” “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pop!” I tilted my head towards Noah with a, “Yeah… what he said!” Then Dad tilted his head towards Pop and gave his own, “Yeah… what he said!” We all had a good laugh and Pop looked at his watch and said, “I’m kinda beat, I think I’m gonna head on in for the night.” “I’ll be right in, David.” Noah, Billy, and I just looked at each other and made a kind of “eww” face. Dad looked at us and said, “Boys… we’re not dead, you know. And for the record, we don’t even begin to think what goes on behind your bedroom door, so you can stop trying to figure out what goes on behind ours… especially since it’s way more than you ‘younguns’ could even begin to imagine!” Did Dad actually hold his hand out like he was dropping a microphone before he walked out of the kitchen? Whoah! I have to admit, that was funny as shit and I’m just glad we hadn’t smoked anything yet or I would have totally lost my shit! Billy’s eyes got big and he looked at Noah. “Mic drop? Really? About old man sex?” The three of us laughed our way into the bedroom and Noah shut the door behind us. He grabbed the bong and we headed out to the deck. We decided to just get a nice buzz going and avoid getting shit-faced. When we finished outside, Noah put everything away and we all sat on Noah’s bed, side-by-side with me in the middle. Billy leaned over and gave me a nice, deep kiss. Damn! I felt that all the way to my toes! He hasn’t kissed me like that in a long time. “Nick, kiss Noah… just like that.” Okay. It’s definitely not the first time Noah and I have kissed in front of Billy, so I was cool with that. But damn! While I did my best to give Noah a toe-curling kiss, he definitely returned the favor! As our tongues teased each other we were both moaning into each other’s mouths. Billy moved across to my bed and sat watching me and Noah. “Nicky, Noah… take off each other’s shirts.” We did and rose up to our knees, facing each other, kissing and moaning. As our breathing was getting more and more ragged, Billy ordered us to lay down next to each other and he came over and began undoing the buttons and zippers on our pants. As he exposed each of our hard cocks, he took each one of us into his mouth for a quick, deep suck, causing us to moan even harder as we kissed each other. Billy then stood in front of us and took off his clothes. Damn! For the rest of my life, I will never cease to be amazed by that boy’s smokin’ hot body! Billy then crawled up onto the bed and kissed me deeply. “I love you, Nicky. I’m so glad to have had you in my life! You have no idea.” Well fuck! My lower lip started to tremble and the tears started to flow. “Shhhh. This isn’t a night to be sad, baby. This is a night about possibilities.” He then moved over to Noah, who, while watching Billy and me, had started to tear up himself. Billy kissed Noah and then propped his head up on his elbow while he softly spoke to him. “Noah, have you ever been fucked? Have you ever fucked a boy?” Noah just shook his head and sighed while Billy smiled. “I thought so. If you could choose, which would you like to do first? Fuck or be fucked?” “Don’t laugh at me, okay? But neither. I want my first time with a boy to be all about making love. I fucked Hanna just to shut her up. There wasn’t any love involved. I’ve seen you and Nicky and that’s all about love. That’s what I want.” “Okay then, tonight… I want Nicky to make love to you, Noah. I want to see what you’ve seen. Are you okay with that, Nicky? Will the boy I love more than anything in the world make love to the other boy I love more than anything in the world?” Whoah. I couldn’t believe what was happening. But I have to admit, the idea of being Noah’s first definitely made my cock jump and leak a little! So… I looked into Billy’s eyes and slowly nodded my head. Billy got up and moved across to my bed. He propped himself up with my pillows and slowly started to stroke his beautiful cock. “Nicky, climb on top of Noah and kiss him.” So I did. Apparently, Billy has decided to be the director of tonight’s live porn scene! As I was kissing Noah, he wrapped his legs around my waist. “Oh God, Nick. I’m so glad it’s going to be you! I was afraid it would never happen at all.” “I love you, Noah. I promise not to hurt you. If you don’t like it or if it’s too much for you, tell me and I’ll stop.” “I trust you, Nick. More than you could ever know.” And with that, Billy literally directed me as I got Noah ready for my throbbing cock. At first, it was kinda weird, but the further along we got, the hotter it became. The only time Billy joined us was when I began to push the head of my cock into Noah’s tightness. He leaned down and kissed Noah deeply after telling him to keep breathing and relax. Oh my God! I was so careful as I eased into Noah. I would ease in a little, wait, and then pull out a bit before I pushed in some more. Billy kept telling Noah to relax and breath, occasionally telling him to push out as I pushed in. When Noah felt me all the way in, he moaned, “Oh fuck! It’s so big!” I looked into his eyes and told him I wasn’t going to move until he was ready. Billy moved back to my bed and I leaned down and kissed Noah deeply. During the kiss, he began to rock his hips slightly, letting me know that he was definitely ready. I began my slow movements, making sure my cock hit his magic spot on each pass. That caused Noah’s moans to get louder as his body trembled under me. “So good! Feels so good!” Noah was panting and I was getting faster and closer. Through the entire thing, Billy would comment on how hot it was. I would occasionally glance over and watch him stroke his own cock while he watched me making love to Noah. Noah’s breathing got hotter and more ragged as he let me know he was getting close. “Harder, Nicky! Faster!” Since he asked for it, I gave Noah all I had and was pounding him so hard I was sure one of us was going to be bruised in the morning. “Kiss me! Now!” I leaned over and kissed Noah while I pounded him. Just seconds into that kiss, his entire body tensed and I felt the scalding heat of his cum spray between us. Of course that caused him to tighten even more around my cock and that set me off as I planted what felt like gallons of cum deep inside him. I was still buried deep inside Noah when Billy came over to us, stroking his hard cock. “That was so fucking hot, dudes. Now I’m gonna….” Billy shot his hot load all over our faces, which we happily cleaned off of each other. The three of us headed into the shower to clean up but Billy allowed no more playing. He said he wanted to talk to us and wanted us to hurry. Once we finished showering and drying off, we all fell into my bed, this time with Billy in the middle. We talked about how the night’s activities were a surprise but still hot as fuck. While we were talking, Noah and I held each other’s hands across Billy’s chest. “Nick. Noah. So, I know that there’s a 99% chance that the two of you will end up together after I leave. And I had tonight all planned out so I could show you that I was so much more than okay with it. Nothing will make me happier than knowing that the two boys I love more than anything will be there for each other… loving each other with all their hearts.” I couldn’t believe my boyfriend was setting me up with my next boyfriend. But then, I realized that it wouldn’t work out at all. “Billy, I’m pretty sure that dads are going to want to start the adoption process sometime this summer. That would make Noah my real brother. We couldn’t be boyfriends. That would just be… too weird, and probably illegal in this state.” “Wait a minute, Nicky. Didn’t Mrs. Rodriguez say there was another option? Something that wasn’t an adoption, but legally made you the total responsibility of the dads?” “Yeah, you’re right. But if we decide that we want that, we would have to tell the dads about us. Do you think they would accept it?” Billy was the one to set us straight. “Look. Your dads love the two of you more than anything in the world. If you decide to be together, it would thrill me and I’m pretty sure they would be happy with it if it’s truly what you both want.” “He’s right, Nick. And for the record, I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than to know that I have you by my side for the rest of my life.” “Does this mean I have two boyfriends now?” Billy leaned to me and kissed me on the forehead. “No Nicky. It means that I can move to London and be happy knowing that you and the boy who I love just as much can be together. 100 percent. I’m stepping out of the picture now. But know that I will always love you both for the rest of my life. No matter where life takes me, I will always have a special place in my heart for you and Noah. “But I want you two to be together now. Love each other. Take care of each other like no one else can. And you better damned well ask me to be your best man when the two of you get married!” Billy leaned over and kissed Noah and told him he loved him. Then he leaned over to me and did the same. “Guys, thank you for tonight. Watching you two make love has really put my heart at ease, knowing how good you are for each other.” Billy then moved over to the other bed, telling us that he wanted this to be our first night together. I tried to convince Billy to stay with us, but he insisted that nothing made him happier now than seeing me and Noah together. Always. EPILOGUE We got through finals and the school year came to an end. We had just come home from seeing Billy, Maddie, and their mom off at the airport. Damn! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! As Billy said his goodbyes to us, He said, “Be good to each other. I love you guys.” They went to the TSA line and we turned around to leave the airport. On the way home, Noah and I were sitting in the back seat of the SUV, heads resting against each other as we softly cried. “Hey dads?” Pop turned around and smiled at his two sniffling boys. “What’s up Nick?” “I just want to thank you for giving me the chance to have Billy in my life. He was just as much a part of me finding myself as you all were. And none of that would have happened if you hadn’t picked me as your foster kid.” Apparently, Noah decided to let all common sense go out the window and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I noticed Dad’s eyes widen a bit, but he turned around. Noah realized what he had done right away. He whispered to me, “Oh shit, you know we’re gonna have to tell them what’s going on when we get home.” “Yeah,” I whispered back. “But we need to start the conversation so it doesn’t feel like we’re in trouble or anything.” Noah nodded his head and we both rode the rest of the way home thinking about what we were going to say. When we got to the house, I asked the dads to join me and Noah out on the patio. We all sat around the table and Dad asked me what was on my mind. I explained (without the sexy parts) that Billy wanted more than anything that Noah and I should end up together. I told them that we agreed that this was the next logical step and that I was totally and completely in love with their son. I then told them that because of our feelings for each other, that I didn’t feel right with an adoption since that would make us legally brothers. Noah then mentioned the alternative that Mrs. Rodriguez had mentioned. Dad nodded his head and said, “That would be the Permanent Managing Conservatorship. Is that what you are talking about?” “Yes,” I said. “If that’s okay with you. Of course, we would want your blessing on our relationship first.” Pop looked at Dad and smiled. “Nick… Noah… I would be lying if I would say that we are totally surprised by this. I do have to say that I am surprised that this was Billy’s idea. That was an extremely mature move on his part.” “But then again,” Dad continued, “Billy was making sure that the two most important boys in his life would be happy.” He then looked at us and asked, “Are you sure about this? It’s a huge step and in this case, it will have a life-long impact on your lives.” Noah smiled at me and took my hand. “Dad… Pop… when Noah joined our family, I was beyond happy that I was finally going to have a brother. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that he was so much more than a brother. Now, don’t get me wrong… I was so happy for Nick when he and Billy ended up together. “But when Billy said he wanted us together after he left, it only made sense. I love Nick with all my heart. We’re so good together. I mean, the few times we’ve had a disagreement, it was so easy to just talk it out and get things on the right track. I mean, that’s how you two handle things, right?” “Yeah,” I agreed. “We definitely have the perfect role models for how to make a relationship work.” Pop looked at us and very seriously asked, “Do you love each other?” We both smiled and nodded our heads yes. Dad went one step further. “Are you in love WITH each other?” Fuck. Here come the tears again, only this time with a smile as wide as Dallas. “Yeah, more than I ever thought possible.” “Then as far as I’m concerned,” Dad spoke next. “We can’t stand in the way of something that is going to happen with or without our blessing.” Pop smiled, “And you definitely have our blessing.” “I’ll start working on the conservatorship paperwork next week and we should have that taken care of before the end of summer.” That night was a beautiful night of making love with Noah White. MY Noah White! The next morning we were back at the airport as the dads saw us off to our trip to Florida. What an amazing week! It was like our unofficial honeymoon. There was so much sex! But most importantly, we were able to love each other without a single bit of hesitation. ***** The last two years of high school were amazing, too. Noah became another in a long line of Westlake quarterbacks to make a mark (Drew Brees, Nick Foles, and Sam Ellinger). He was heavily recruited by many schools but the number of schools that wanted him was cut in half when he told them he was gay and he had no intention of pretending to be someone he wasn’t. I was so proud of Noah and even prouder to be his boyfriend! In the end, he accepted a full scholarship to the University of Texas where he made a huge impact and led the team to the National Finals twice (We won once)! I also attended UT in the school’s musical theatre program. It was both weird and cool when I would take one of Pop’s classes, but it wasn’t a problem at all since I kept my last name when the conservatorship went through. When the press discovered that the star quarterback at Texas was gay, it was a newsworthy story for about a year. After that, no one seemed to care. After graduation, Nick was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was one of those rare rookies to start for his team. Unfortunately, his career ended rather abruptly when they were playing the Dallas Cowboys and he was tackled quite hard and broke his leg. He could have gone through some agonizing rehab to play again, but the more we talked about it, the more he wanted to return to Austin and get into grad school so he could get his law degree. We returned to Austin and I became the new drama teacher at my old school, Crockett High School and Noah entered Law School at UT. We moved into our own house in one of the older sections of Austin and life was great! We still see Billy on occasion. We try to make it to London at least once a year and he and Maddie come visit at least once. Billy ended up liking London quite a lot! Of course, Trevor Banks helped a lot. Billy met Trev at LAMBDA and they hit it off immediately. They started out as friends, soon became best friends, and that moved into the boyfriend stage before the end of the school year. I tell you, that’s definitely the way to make things work! As soon as Noah graduated from law school, he joined Dad’s firm and became another fierce advocate for foster kids in Central Texas. Of course, you’d probably not be surprised that Noah asked me to marry him right after he graduated. Of course I said yes! And the dads moved into full-on wedding planner mode. So yeah, after growing up not knowing what I was going to do with my totally fucked-up childhood, three amazing men, the White family, took me in. It’s been an amazing ride that I wouldn’t change (except for the school shooting thing) for anything in the world. In the end, I found my worth. I found myself. I found my Noah… always.
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    More Than I Could Have Wished For...

    I'm not sure if there will be a sequel to this story. My next story will be the final book in The Barnstable Chronicles. Remember the pianist that went to Russia??? He has quite a story!
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    More Than I Could Have Wished For...

    Believe it or not, it's going to be difficult writing the last chapter! I love these boys!
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    More Than I Could Have Wished For...

    ALWAYS by Geoff Chassen Chapter 12 – MORE THAN I COULD HAVE WISHED FOR… After Mrs. Rodriguez left the house, the four of us just moved into the coolest, most incredible group hug I have ever experienced in my life! Shit! Everyone was crying like little girls while at the same time laughing like total idiots. Who knew that was even possible? After a while, Dad stepped back and told Noah and me that we needed to come home right after rehearsal, that we were going out for a celebration dinner to beat all celebration dinners. Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow. I can honestly say that there haven’t been that many times in my life where I actually had something to celebrate. This was one for the ages! Noah and I went back to our room to get our stuff for rehearsal and as soon as we got in, he pulled me into a hug for the ages. Dude gives awesome hugs. “You do realize that you’ve made the greatest dream of my life come true. I love you, Nick. But it’s more than a brother. You really ARE my best friend.” He pulled me in even tighter (if that was even possible!) and I totally lost it again. With my shoulders shaking and my tears pouring, my brother just held me and let me know that everything was alright… better than alright, actually. After calming down, we said goodbye to our dads, who were also crying. Jesus! This is the cryingest bunch of men ever in the entire history of the world. I would hate to see what happens when something sad happens! We got to the theatre just as all the other kids were arriving. Damn! There must be 50 or 60 there! I commented to Noah on the number of people and he told me that was why they double cast the leads so more people would have a chance to perform. That was pretty cool, actually. We all moved into the theatre and sat in the seats as Patty took to the stage. She announced that cast “B” would do the first act run through and then we would switch to cast “A” for the second. Noah raised his hand and when Patty called on him, he told her that Liam wasn’t there. Turns out Liam was the other guy playing Lord Farquaad, with Noah being the cast “A” Faquaad. “Does anyone know what’s going on with Liam?” Noah answered her with, “There’s been some family stuff going on. I can text him to see what’s going on.” He did just that and his eyes got big as he read Liam’s text. “Patty, he says he needs you to call him right away. That it’s an emergency.” Patty asked everyone to work on “Freak Flag” while she went into the office. I have to admit the cast sounded great on the song. The harmonies were spot on and everyone was having a blast. Hell, I was having a blast just watching! A very concerned Patty broke the spell by nudging my shoulder and asking me to come into the office with her. I followed her in and she closed the door behind us. “Before I bring Noah in, I need to ask you how quickly you think you could learn one of the parts in the show.” “I’ve always been a quick learner, but what’s going on? Is something wrong with Liam? I mean we just saw him yesterday and everything was great.” “Liam told me that I could share his situation with both Noah and you, but I’ll wait until I bring him in. I think you’ll be wonderful playing the other Farquaad, especially since Noah can help you with learning everything.” “I.. I… I guess. Thank you for the chance, Patty. I promise not to let you down. But I’m really worried about this. I mean, Noah and Liam have kinda started seeing each other and I’m afraid for my brother if something bad has happened.” “Let me go get Noah, and then we can talk. I’ll have Jason run group numbers while we get this situation settled.” For the life of me, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what was wrong. But from the look on Patty’s face, I had the feeling she was more concerned about Liam’s well-being than she was about the show. She went out to the theatre to get Noah and returned with him in no time. “Hey, Nick. You okay? What’s going on?” “Noah. Nick. Have a seat.” We sat on the small sofa in Patty’s office. Noah was a nervous wreck so I took his hand in mine to calm him down a bit. That’s what brothers do, right? “Boys, I just got off the phone with Liam. Sadly, he won’t be able to continue with the show as there has been a family emergency. He told me that I could tell you what happened and that he will call Noah as soon as he is able.” Fuck. This wasn’t sounding good at all. “First, and most importantly, Liam and his mother are fine. Apparently, Mr. Webster discovered where they were staying and he broke through security and got up to their room this morning. He was making quite a scene in the hall but Liam and his mother were safe in their hotel room. “Liam told me that Mr. Webster was angry because his mother cut him off from her family’s money. Security and the police arrived in just a few minutes and they apparently had to Taize Mr. Webster and then arrested him on several charges.” “But if they’re okay, why did Liam have to leave the show?” Tears were welling up in Noah’s eyes. “Mrs. Webster made the decision that for her and Liam’s safety, they were going to have to move to Oregon and live with her family. Liam tells me that both of you would understand the situation.” I can’t believe this! That asshole Mr. Webster has ruined so many lives. And now my brother finally had a chance at love and it’s ripped away from him. Fucking. Asshole! “Now… Noah, I’m going to need your help with something.” “Okay?” “I’ve decided to let Nick take over the part for Liam. But I’m going to need you to do everything possible to help him get ready. Can you do that?” “Oh my God, Patty! That’s amazing! Of course I’ll help him. He’ll probably show me up, though!” Noah laughed and elbowed me in the ribs. Hell, at least he was laughing. I still couldn’t help feeling bad for both him and Liam. This so totally sucked. “Patty, can I try to call Liam? I really need to talk with him.” “Sure. But make it quick. I’m going to need you onstage as soon as possible so Nick can watch you and get a handle on what he needs to learn, okay?” “Of course, Patty. I… no, WE… won’t let you down. I promise.” “Me too, Patty. And thanks for the chance!” Patty reached into a large box behind her desk and pulled out a script. “Here you go, Nick. Please make any markings in pencil and know that you’ll have to erase everything and turn the book back in at the end of the run. Now, let’s go into the theatre and I’ll introduce you to the rest of the group.” NOAH Yeah, the news came as a shock to me. And yes, I’m terribly disappointed. I really thought Liam might have been the one. But, I think I’m more pissed at that piss-poor excuse of a father for causing even more trouble. On the other hand, karma's a bitch. He doesn’t get to live off his wife’s money anymore. As soon as Patty and Nick left the office, she turned around and told me to just lock the door behind me when I finished and reminded me to make it quick. I dialed Liam and just prayed he would answer. And he did. “Noah?” “Liam! What happened? Are you okay?” “Yeah, we’re fine. It was pretty scary there for a while with Dad screaming and yelling out in the hall. Banging on the door and all. We were kinda freaking out.” “How did he find you?” “One of my brothers found out where we were by tracking my phone. He came to the hotel and sweet-talked someone at the front desk. They were new and when he said he was there to see his wife and son, she gave him the room number after he showed his ID. I think she got fired. She was leaving in tears while we were checking out.” “And you’re going to Oregon?” “Yeah, it’s just not safe for either of us in Austin. Dad’s gonna eventually get out of jail and God only knows what he will try next.” “I hate that this happened when you and I were just…” “Yeah, I know. And I wasn’t happy about that part either. But Mom told me that staying in Austin just wasn’t an option. When I told her about you and how happy I finally was, she totally understood. But then she said that at least I now know what’s possible for me and that I should be grateful to you for that.” “I guess. It still sucks.” “Yeah, it totally does. But please don’t be sad. At least all this is happening before we got too deep into a relationship. If this happened months from now, it would be so much worse.” “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that. You’re really a great guy, Liam. I’m gonna miss the fuck outta you.” “Yeah, me too. But we’ll stay in touch at the very least, right? And hey… Patty says your gonna be busy as Hell teaching the part to Nick. I feel bad about having to leave the show but knowing Nick is gonna step in makes it better. He’ll be great.” “Yeah, I’m really happy for him on that part. At least he’s not going to have to learn something as large as Shrek. That would be awful for him.” Then it just got quiet. After a pause, I let Liam know that I had to get back to rehearsal and that I would call him when we were done. “I don’t think that’s gonna work. We’re gonna change our phones and get new numbers once we’re out of town. I’ll be sure to call you once we get settled, okay.” “Wow. Okay. I understand. Be safe, okay?” “Yeah. We will. And Noah?” “Yeah?” “Thank you for everything. I’ll never forget you.” It’s weird. I really thought I would be sadder than I was. I mean, yeah… I thought Liam might have been “the one” but then I guess the fact that he wasn’t yet made things a little easier. I’m just glad that he and his mom have a safe place to go. On the other hand, the one thing that I kept thinking about was I really have a brother now. That trumps everything! And the fact that he and I get to work together on the part is just sweet icing on an awesome cake! I locked up the office and headed back into the theatre. NICK Noah came back into the theatre and actually looked pretty good. He walked over to where I was sitting and sat next to me. I whispered to him, “You okay?” “Yeah. I’ll tell you everything on the way home. You ready for this new brother of mine?” Well fuck! That just brought the biggest smile to my face. “I love you, Noah. You and the dads have totally rocked my world!” The run through had already started and we sat back for the opening scenes. I love how they make Farquaad out to be this big old badass ruler who makes life hell for everyone that doesn’t fit in. As things were getting close to Noah’s first scene, he reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of knee pads. “You’re gonna need a pair of these, too.” “What for?” “You’ll see!” Noah just had this shit-eating grin on his face. And that he made his way backstage and I waited for his entrance. What can I say? Noah had me laughing my ass off! His timing with the comedy was pretty perfect and I totally loved how he did a damned good impression of Idina Menzel in Wicked at the end of one of his songs. I also loved how the character is a total asshole while funny as shit all at the same time. Oh… and the kneepads? He is on his knees every time he’s onstage! Lord Farquaad is the shortest man in the land! This is gonna be so much fun! I think the thing that impressed me the most was although he and his new boyfriend had just ended things, you’d never know it from the performance he gave. I wish I was that strong! Hell, just another thing that makes me love my new brother even more! On the way home, I was expecting him to have some kind of emotional crash-and-burn, but he was calm like nothing had happened. I asked him how he was doing and he said he was fine. I just looked at him with this incredulous look and he explained. “Look. I’m bummed that things didn’t work out with Liam. And yeah, I’m gonna miss him. But with the way things ended with Hannah, this is nothing. It also helps that we were just starting out. We were just getting to know each other on that level and it hadn’t progressed very far. So, I don’t think I need to be all dramatic about it. I’m just glad that he and his mom have someplace safe to go.” By the time we got home, Noah and I were starving! The dads told us to take quick showers and dress up in our suits. It was going to be THAT special! Noah let me go first, which was probably a good idea since I had zero experience wearing a suit and would probably need help from one of the dads getting everything right. I totally loved the suit Dad and I got. It was this deep midnight blue color and was designed by this dude named Julian Alexander. The pants, coat, and vest were all the same color and I had a choice of a white or dark blue dress shirt and a really cool Jerry Garcia tie. Dad told me that the Garcia guy was part of the Grateful Dead and that the ties were actually from small parts of his paintings. Hell, I thought that was fucking cool. For dinner, we went to the formal dining room at the Omni Hotel, which was where we had our first lunch. Pop explained that this was originally a country club that was only open to members and residents. The Omni bought the building and hotel a few years back, which was a great thing since you only had to get a membership if you wanted to play golf. Oh my God! Dinner was fucking amazing! The dads shared a chateaubriand steak thing which the chef came out and carved at the table. Noah had lobster and I had a gigantic prime rib. It was so amazing… especially when Noah let me taste lobster for the first time. Wow! I’m definitely ordering that the next time I have a chance! The dads then ordered bananas foster for dessert. Pop said the pun was totally intended, too. He can be totally corny, ya know? What I didn’t expect was the chef to come out to the table again and freaking cook dessert right there at the table… fire and all! Damn! It was fucking amazing, too! I thought I was gonna explode after we finished eating. After the server cleared away the tables, Dad signed the check and spoke up. “Nick, thank you from all of us for becoming such a perfect part of our family. We all had a feeling things would work out, but I don’t think any of us dreamed things would have turned out as perfectly as they did.” “Dad, Pop, Noah… for the rest of my life, I will always thank God for bringing us together. I was heading down a dead-end road until you walked into Mrs. C’s home. I love you all so…” Shit! I just started to cry and couldn’t finish. I’m such a fucking baby sometimes! Noah put his arm around me and squeezed. He was teary, too! I didn’t feel so bad! Pop was the next to speak. “Boys, we wanted to do something special for your boys as a bit of a celebration gift. While you were at rehearsal this afternoon, Dad and I hit the computer and booked you a two-room suite for the week after you finish school. You’re going to Disneyworld and each of you can take someone with you.” Dad started to laugh and said, “I wonder who you’ll be taking?” “Dad, Pop… there’s something you should know. You probably think I’d be taking Liam, but something happened today.” Noah explained everything to the dads and they were both surprised and not surprised. Pop said he would love to go to the jail and visit Mr. Webster and just stare at him through the glass partition, slowly shaking his head. That got a laugh out of the rest of us and we finally got up to go home. Noah told the dads that even if he didn’t have anyone to take, the three of us would still have a blast. After all, Billy was his best friend as well as my boyfriend. Of course, all I could think about was a full week of fun and sex with my hot-as-fuck boyfriend! Yeah… I’m a total perv now! We got home and the dads told us that we were going to church in the morning. I hope I didn’t look TOO unhappy about that, but Noah told me not to worry, that this was a pretty cool church. Probably nothing like I was used to. Well, I wasn’t really used anything. My shit excuse of a mom never took me. And my two short foster family stays had one or two church visits… one Catholic and one Baptist. Neither was really a place that would have welcomed me if they knew I like boys and their dicks. Later that evening, I was texting Billy to tell him that I was permanent now, and while he thought that was totally amazing, he also thought that we should get together Sunday afternoon to run over “Sincerely, Me” since we were going to have to do it Monday morning in class. I told him we were going to church and then out to lunch but we could definitely get together after. I would check with Noah and see what he’s feeling. I closed out the chat and went into the bedroom to look for Noah and didn’t see him right away. I noticed the blinds at the sliding door were open and I looked out to see Noah sitting in the dark. I tapped on the door and asked him if he wanted company. “Yeah. Sure, I guess.” I sat down in the other chair. “Dude, what’s up?” He looked over to me and I could see that he had been crying. Fuck. “Dude. Noah. What’s up? Is this about Liam?” “Yeah. No. I don’t know. It’s more about me, I guess. It’s just so fucked up. Liam’s dad threatened he would get me back… and he did. He had to try and get back at Liam’s mom and forced them to leave town. I don’t know Nick. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna find someone.” Noah lowered his head and started crying again. I went over to him and moved his legs off the lounger and sat with him, taking my brother into my arms and holding him. “Ya know, I’m probably not the best person to dish out advice on this kind of thing… but hey, you need to understand how fucking awesome you are. You’re hot, you’re smart, funny, you got a killer smile, you got a shitload of talent. There’s gonna be someone, I’m sure of that. “But in my limited experience… and I mean VERY limited… it just seems that if you don’t go looking for someone, that’s when the perfect person shows up. I’m willing to bet the perfect person for you is right under your nose and you don’t even realize it yet. That’s how it happened with Billy and me.” “I want that, Nick. I want what you and Billy have.” “And you’ll get it. Fuck. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. You are the most amazing boy I’ve ever met.” “Except Billy McCallister.” “Nope. I have to say when it all comes down to it, you even have Billy beat on the amazing thing… but if you EVER tell him I just said that I will call you a lying shit! Just sayin’, dude.” Finally, Noah started to laugh. “Nick, just so you know, you’re right up there as far as amazing boys go. Just sayin’, dude.” That called for another hug. I have to say, Noah White still gives the best hugs. “Nick, what were the dads doing when you came in here?” “Oh, they were just heading into the bedroom.” “They’re having old-man sex then. They’re gone for the night. Let’s get a buzz on, ‘kay?” “Yeah. But before we do that, Billy wants to come over tomorrow so we can run over our song for Monday. What’s good for you?” “We’ll get out of church around 12:30 and then we’ll have brunch… probably downtown. That means we’ll get home around 3:00 so he can come over at 4:00 and he can have dinner with us. It’ll just be something light and the dads won’t mind at all.” “Should we ask them?” “Do YOU want to interrupt the nasty stuff they’re doing?” “Ewww, no! I’ll text Billy and tell him 4:00 then.” And I did just that. I told him that as much as I wanted to stay up and text with him all night, I needed to get ready for bed since we were going to church in the morning. We still ended up going back and forth for a half-hour before I finally let him go! Before walking out to the deck again, I grabbed the necessary supplies and took them out to Noah. “You feelin’ better? Sorry, it took a while with Billy. I should have gotten back out here sooner.” “Nah, it’s okay. I know none of what happened was my fault. It just wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t in our destiny. It just sucks.” “Yeah. I get it.” I handed the bong and the bag of pot to Noah and he filled the bowl. “This’ll help, though.” “Yeah, at the very least it will help me sleep through the night.” So we got high and with a good buzz on, we walked back into the bedroom. I decided to take my shower before going to sleep so things wouldn’t be as crazy in the morning. Sweet! There can’t be many things that are better than a nice, hot shower when you’re high! When I finished the best. Shower. Ever., I walked back into the room and Noah was sound asleep and gently snoring. I was happy to see him sleeping and I’ve actually gotten used to that cute little snore of his… the one he totally denies having! It’s weird, hearing him snore helps me sleep better. Go figure! At least I’ll be able to get some sleep tonight! It was about 3:00 a.m. when I woke up to something I’d never heard before. Noah was sobbing into his pillow, trying to muffle the sounds. Well, I did what anyone with half a heart would do. I crawled into bed with him and held him close to my chest. I scared the shit out of him, too! “Shit! You scared the crap outta me, Nick!” “I’m sorry. But Noah, it kills me to see you like this, I had to do what I could to help you. I’ll just go and…” “No, can you stay here for a while? It really does help.” “Whatever you want, Noah. I’m here for you.” “You’re the best. I love you, Nick.” So I held Noah close to me with my making small circles on his shoulder. I listened closely to his breathing and as soon as it had settled into a nice sleeping rhythm, I gently pulled my arm away so I could get back into my bed. Noah wasn’t going to have anything to do with that as he grabbed my arm and pulled it back into him. Oh well, guess I’m not sleeping alone tonight! The next morning, before the alarm went off, I was having an awesome dream of Billy fucking me from behind. God, it felt fucking amazing. I was… FUCK! I woke up and found that I was still in bed with Noah. He was still asleep and was humping his morning wood against my ass. I pulled away from him the best I could. “Dude! Wake up! You’re humping me in your sleep!” “Wha…? Huh?... Oh FUCK! I’m so sorry Nick! I didn’t realize what I was doing!” “Dude, if we hadn’t shifted in our sleep I probably would have been doing the same thing to you… thinking you were Billy, of course!” “Oh man, I feel terrible!” “Don’t, Noah. You didn’t realize and when you’re this close to such a spectacular ass, even in your sleep you can’t resist it! Now, I’m hopping in the shower and finishing what I THOUGHT Billy had started. I’ll give you time to finish your business, too!” I leaned over and gave Noah a quick kiss on the nose. “Don’t think anything more about it. I love you, bro!” “Shit, Nick! When did you get to be the strong one? I kinda love it! Now… go spray your load all over the shower. Just don’t forget to rinse everything down the drain. I don’t want to slip on your spooge!” So I got out of bed with a massive tent in my boxer briefs and headed to the shower, where I came harder than I ever have before with a morning jerk-off. Damn! I need a night with my boy! Maybe he can sleep over and go to school with us in the morning. I’ll have to text him later. When I finished my shower and dried my hair, I walked out into the bedroom and found a sleeping Noah, totally naked and covered in his own cum. I have to admit, he looked hot as fuck. But before I started popping wood at the nice view, I walked over and shook his arm to tell him the shower was all his. He woke up, glanced at the mess on his stomach and chest (nice load, by the way) and then up to me. “I’m such a fucking dork!” He got up and headed into the shower while I went into my closet to pick out something to wear to church. I decided on a pair of khakis, my deck shoes (no socks) and my white Polo shirt. By the time I was dressed, Noah came out into the bedroom drying his hair… totally naked. “Dude, I’m sorry I’ve embarrassed myself with you so many times in the last twelve hours. That shit’s gonna stop now… I promise!” “Noah, you don’t have a thing to apologize for. We both have made it clear that we’re here for each other… and when you promise to be there for someone, you gotta know it’s not always gonna be pretty… comes with the territory.” Noah just looked at me with this sort of half-smile and shrugged his shoulders. But I have to say, just between you and me, feeling Noah’s hard cock and seeing his naked, cum-covered body wasn’t exactly a hardship if you know what I mean! I went out to the kitchen and found Everything Bagels from Einstein’s along with my favorite, garlic-cream cheese spread. There was also a pitcher of orange juice and a pot of coffee. Perfect! I got my breakfast together and went to join the dads out by the pool. I set my breakfast on the table and walked behind each of them, kissed them on the cheek, and told each of them how I felt. “I love you, Pop!” “I love you, Dad!” “We love you, too!” “You’re an amazing son, Nick!” “I know, I know. Can you handle it?” Everyone started to laugh and Pop playfully smacked me on the back of my head. We settled down for our breakfast and Noah soon joined us with his breakfast in hand. “Mornin’ guys!” He was smiling and acting his old self again. I was glad of that since there were plenty of reasons to be awkward… and that’s the last thing I wanted! I asked the dads if it was okay for Billy to rehearse with us this afternoon and then spend the night so we could all go to school together and get ready for our performance. They agreed to it and Dad jokingly asked if there was going to be sex. “Dad! I can’t share that kind of thing with you… even if there WAS going to be sex!” “Well, we wouldn’t want our new son to place his virginal virtue in jeopardy or anything!” Noah about choked on his coffee and then laughed, “Right! And we wouldn’t even want to begin to think what goes on when you and Pop sneak into your room and close the door!” “Well, if you really want to know…” “David, you need to stop right now. Let’s just say what goes on behind closed doors in this house stays behind those closed doors. Okay?” I’m pretty sure I was turning twenty-five shades of red. But while I was a little embarrassed, I was also never happier. I love my family. I love that we can kid around and tease each other without hurting anyone’s feelings. I just hope that I can get my own comebacks in as fast as Noah can! Someday, maybe? I cleaned up the kitchen and the dishes while the others finished getting ready for church. At about 10:00 we were on the road and arrived at the Metropolitan Community Church. Wow! The place looked like a beautiful park. The church itself looked like some kind of tent, but when you got inside, it was huge! Everyone was happy to the Whites… and they all seemed to know who I was, too. It was weird but then again, it was kinda nice. Everyone seemed happy to “finally” meet me… and almost everyone hugged me as they welcomed me. I’m kinda liking this hugging thing, by the way! We went into the church and took a seat in the middle of the middle section. One thing I noticed was everyone was greeting each other, hugging and talking. Not long after we were settled, the pastor came up to us. Everyone stood and hugged her and when she got to me she took my hands in hers and smiled. “You must be Nick. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you. I’m glad your dads finally decided to bring you in to see us!” I just blushed. I tend to do that a lot, I guess. And then I just said the first thing that came to my mind. “I guess I have you to thank for the White’s bringing me into the family. Something about a challenge during Lent?” “That’s right! But from what I’ve been hearing it’s these three who should be thanking me. I’ve heard such wonderful things about you from your dads… even from Noah. And I hear you have a beautiful voice. I need to introduce you to our music director and see about having you sing for us sometime.” “Oh wow! That would be awesome. But you know, Noah has a pretty amazing voice, too. Maybe we could do a duet or something?” “We’ll talk about that later. But first, do you mind if I mention you during my announcements? So many in our congregation would love to know who you are.” “I guess so, but there’s really not that much to talk about.” “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you… too much!” She winked at me and then hugged me. “I’m so happy you are here, Nick. Welcome.” And then she left to go greet some other people. “Oh God, why did I agree to that?” Noah put his arm around my shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry. She won’t say much. Probably just point you out so more people can hug you at the end of the service!” As the service was getting close to starting, the musicians walked up to the stage thing in the front. Shit! The pianist was Jason, the music director from the theatre. The choreographer and the vocal coach were also a part of the group! Small world! Before everything started, the pastor walked up to the front and started her announcements. She announced anniversaries and there were three or four. The one that impressed me, and everyone else, was the anniversary of this sweet older couple. Two women who were celebrating 53 years together! Wow! Just Wow! I want that! I want to grow old with Billy like that! And then it happened… “Before we start the service, I have a very special announcement. Many of you may remember a little over a year ago, I challenged you to not give up the usual things for Lent. Instead, I asked you to give up your comfort zones… to think outside the box you safely lived in. “Andrew and David White did just that. Many of you attended their wedding last year… one of the first legal marriages in our church.” The whole place burst into applause. That was kinda cool! “What many of you didn’t know was that David and Andrew finally listened to their son Noah, and began working on finding him a brother. Several weeks ago, they brought Nick Jacobs into their family as a foster son. Just yesterday, that arrangement became permanent and I would like to, on behalf of MCC Austin, welcome Nick to his new family and, just as importantly, to our wonderful church family!” What the fuck? Not just more applause, but a freaking standing ovation? In church? I like this place! “Now, before we greet each other, please… don’t everyone try to welcome Nick. I’m sure there will be plenty of time after the service as well. Now, please greet those… near you… as we prepare to worship!” Well, everyone around us, and even more not so close, came by to give me a hug and welcome me. Dammit! I was getting close to tears again. But Noah saved the day and pulled me away from the crowds and sat me down next to him. “You okay, Nick?” “Yeah, it’s just a little overwhelming, I guess.” Finally, things calmed down and the service started. The music was awesome! I mean, I already knew Jason played a mean piano, but the five singers were amazing. For their anthem, they sang “I Know Where I’ve Been” from Hairspray. Broadway showtunes in church! Yes!! Oh, and they killed it! The sermon was nothing like anything I had ever heard in the other churches I was forced to go to. It was all about “God doesn’t make mistakes,” that we all were created by God and he got it right. Wow again! I think my favorite part of the whole service was communion. When it was our turn, we got up and as a family, we stood in front of the pastor and she gave each of us wafers that were dipped in a cup of wine, well… grape juice. But then the most amazing thing happened. All four of us had our arms around each other and the pastor wrapped hers around us and blessed our new family. Shit. I started crying again. Only this time, Noah leaned in and whispered, “It’s okay, Nick. People cry here all the time. Don’t be embarrassed.” After the service ended, it took us about a half-hour to get away. Everyone was hugging and smiling and welcoming me. Finally, by the time we walked out the doors my face was literally hurting from all the smiling I had done. We went downtown for brunch to this old-as-shit hotel. It’s called the Driskell and Noah told me it was haunted… mostly in the rooms though. Not much happens in the restaurant. Thank God for that, right?!?! Brunch was great. Another first for me… eggs benedict. Damn! That shit was gooooood! We also had mimosas. Well, the dads had mimosas while Noah and I had them made with sparkling apple juice. If what we had was anything close to the real thing, I’m looking forward to turning 21! We got home a little before 3:00 and Noah and I went into the bedroom to get ourselves ready for Billy to come over. We reviewed our parts of the song and watched it on YouTube (watch it HERE) so we could work on the choreo. Billy got to the house about ten minutes before four and we went up to the media room and worked on “Sincerely Me” and then I ran through “Waving Through a Window” a couple of times. I think we’re ready. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about returning to school in the morning. I think that’s why the dads and Billy’s parents were okay with him staying over tonight. That, and there obviously won’t be any sex stuff happening with Noah in the room with us! Dad made meatloaf sandwiches from Thursday’s leftovers. I don’t totally understand why, but damn, it tasted even better. How is that even possible? After cleaning the kitchen, the three of us went upstairs and watched Shelter. It was Billy’s favorite gay film. I liked the struggling artist storyline as much as the gay storyline. Noah fell in love with the little kid, who, I have to confess made me happy every time he was on the screen. About fifteen minutes before the film ended, the dads came up to say goodnight and suggested that we not stay up too late since tomorrow was our big performance and it was going to be an even bigger day for me, coming back to school and all. After the movie finished, we took the popcorn bowls down and put them in the dishwasher. It was about 10:30 and we headed into the bedroom. Noah grabbed the bag and bong and we headed out to the deck. Billy had a huge grin on his face. “Wow, it’s been months since I’ve been able to spend some quality deck time with you, Noah! I’ve kinda missed it!” For the next half-hour, we talked, laughed and just had a great time. I couldn’t stop smiling… not just because of my buzz, but I was with the two most important boys in my life. “Guys, this is probably one of the best parts of my life now. I mean, I’m sitting here with the two most important boys in my life… my boyfriend and my brother. And both of you are my best friends! I love you guys!” Noah looked at Billy and me, smiling. “You know, even after all the bullshit with Hannah and the drama with Liam. The two of you are the constant. But when you think about it, despite our personal relationships with each other, the three of us together are fucking invincible!” Billy was grinning from ear to ear. “You guys are stoned! But I love you both! I’m going to brush my teeth and get ready for bed.” We all agreed it was a good idea and headed back inside. Billy and I brushed our teeth while Noah put the stuff away. We headed into the bedroom just as Noah made his way into the bathroom. We both stripped down to nothing and crawled into bed, facing each other with our arms around each other. Noah came into the bedroom and totally stripped down and crawled into his bed. I thought that was strange since he usually sleeps in his boxer briefs. “Hey, if you two are gonna sleep in the raw, I’m going to do the same thing! Nite boys!” Of course, Billy and I both were hard as a rock. I guess that’s gonna happen when you’re naked in bed together, kissing and whispering sweet things to each other! Billy pulled himself closer to me and kissed me deeply as he started dry-humping against my cock. Well, I couldn’t help the moan that came out. What was I supposed to do? Billy quietly shushed me and then we both started to giggle. “Boys, just do it already. I don’t mind.” I couldn’t believe Noah just said that. I had never even thought of having sex with someone watching, let alone my brother! Billy leaned down to me and whispered, “You okay with that?” “Yeah, I’m a little surprised, but… it could be hot, ya know?” “Then let’s give our boy a show!” Billy threw the blankets back to the foot of the bed and lay on top of me, kissing me deep and hard this time, so much that there was no way I was able to hide my moan. “Hot,” Noah commented as he pulled his blankets down. As Billy started kissing his way down my chest, I glanced over and saw Noah looking back and smiling. He was running his hands all over his body and his cock was standing straight up. Shit! Talk about hot! Billy reached my cock and started licking it from my balls to the head. My whole body started to tremble and I arched my back, trying to get my cock in his hot-as-fuck mouth. After about five minutes of his amazing cock-sucking ability, he had me moaning like the cock-slut I had gladly turned into. That’s when he pulled my legs up and began rimming my hairless pink hole. It didn’t take long before I was quietly moaning, “Please fuck me, Billy! I need you inside me now!” And that’s when it happened. Billy leaned down to my ear and whispered something I never thought I would hear. I just nodded my head, but by the way my cock throbbed before I could say a word, Billy knew my answer. He looked over to Noah and said, “Get over here, Noah. Nick and I want you to join us!” “Oh fuuuuuck!” Noah hopped out of his bed with a trail of precum dripping down towards the floor. Billy took control of the situation and pulled Noah in for a deep, moan-filled kiss. Fuuuuck! That was hot as shit watching that action above me. Billy then pushed him down to me. “Kiss him, Nick. Kiss Noah.” So I did. It was a bit hesitant at first, but then when Billy started lubing up my ass my mouth opened nice and wide and Noah… fucking Noah… filled it with his tongue. Holy shit! That boy could kiss! “You ready baby? You ready for my cock?” “God YES, Billy. Fuck me!” Both Noah and Billy shushed me. They were afraid the neighbors were gonna hear, let alone the dads on the other side of the house! Noah broke the kiss and moved down toward the action at my ass. “Do it, Billy. I want to see that hot cock slide into Nick!” Billy slowly pushed his thick cock into my waiting ass and Noah groaned right along with me. He then took my throbbing cock into his mouth and began sucking me in the same rhythm Billy was fucking me. Now, I’d never done anything like a three-way before, but DAMN! Getting fucked and sucked at the same time was something unlike anything I’ve ever dreamed of! I knew I wasn’t going to last long so I pulled Noah off my cock. “Not yet, Noah. I don’t want to cum too fast!” Noah moved up to me and started kissing me. “You okay with this, Nick?” “God yes! Give me your cock, Noah!” Noah crawled up next to my head and moved his dripping cock to my mouth, which I eagerly took in. He apparently liked what I was doing from the moan that came from his mouth. He threw his head back and started to fuck my face. “Guys! That is so fucking hot! I’m getting close!” “Mmmmmph, mmmph!” Hell, that’s all I could say with my mouth filled with Noah’s cock! Billy pushed hard and deep one last time and his hot body froze as he began pumping jet after jet of his scalding cum deep inside me. All I could do was moan around Noah’s cock and that was enough to send him over the top as he filled my mouth and throat with his hot load. When things calmed down a bit, Billy told Noah to come down and join him and the two of them began working my cock over at the same time. Oh. My. Fucking. God. It was too much when I looked down and saw them kissing with my cock between their lips. “Cumming! Cumming now!” Noah was the one to take my cock into his mouth as I began shooting. Shit! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much and so hard as I did then! Billy and Noah then moved up to my face and we all had a hot-as-fuck three-way kiss. Billy could taste both Noah and me on our tongues. Way too soon, the three of us had all calmed down and we all relaxed with me being the center of a sexy boy sandwich. “Wow!” That’s all I could get out. Billy was the first to comment on what had just happened. “Nobody gets to freak out over this, okay? You are the two boys I love more than anything in the world… and I’m pretty sure you both could say the same thing.” “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Billy, I love you more than ever. Noah… ditto… I love you more than ever, too.” Billy and I looked over to Noah. He couldn’t really talk as he was starting to cry. Billy put his hand on Noah’s face and wiped some tears away. “Noah. It’s okay. I’m so fucking sorry if this upset you or…” “Upset me? <sniff> I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to two people in my entire life. I love you both so fucking much!” I leaned over and kissed Noah. “I love you, too. You’ve always been so much more than a brother to me. I guess this is what that means now.” I then kissed Billy. “God, I love you! You always seem to know what everyone needs and this was definitely what Noah needed… and it was even more special because of you. I love you both… always!”
  10. FlyOnTheWall

    Chapter 11 - Moving Forward

    Flesco, Flesco, Flesco... torture is such a harsh word! Yes, there are some twists and turns that create some hurt and sadness... but as we all know, it's those type of events in our lives that can lead to the ultimate happiness... if we could just learn to get out of our own way!
  11. FlyOnTheWall

    Chapter 11 - Moving Forward

    Ahhh DQ, there are a few major things that need to happen before I can wrap things up... and set up the next book. Not necessarily good things, but if there's one thing I've learned over the last months, those so-called bad things that pop up in life can definitely lead to some pretty amazing things if you get out of your own way! 😉
  12. FlyOnTheWall

    Chapter 11 - Moving Forward

    ALWAYS by Geoff Chassen Chapter 11 – MOVING FORWARD “Good morning, boyfriend!” Now, THIS is the way to wake up! The incredibly handsome boy with his arms around me with his beautiful, hard cock pressing into my back. Damn! I wish we were naked and he could just slip right inside me! I roll over and look into Billy’s eyes. “Morning, Billy! I love you!” “I love you, too. I wish we could play right now but I get that you can’t for a few more days.” “And when that time comes, we need to find a way to fuck each other all night long!” Billy’s phone started beeping with his alarm. “Damn. I need to get ready for school. Mom said she would drive you home after breakfast. You wanna shower with me?” “Only if you let me get you off.” “That’s not fair, you can’t. Don’t worry about me! I’ve had more than enough experience of having to hold off. That happens a lot when you live in a house full of boys.” “Seriously? You guys didn’t help each other out at all?” “Oh God no! That would have been just way too weird! Now, let’s get up and start that shower.” We got out of bed after a nice morning breath-filled kiss and giggled at the bulging hard-ons stretching the fabric of our boxer briefs. Billy took my hand and led me into his bathroom. He grabbed his toothbrush and I took the cue and pulled mine out of my bag. “Nick, I love you more than life itself, but morning-breath kisses are not my favorite thing… just sayin’.” I smiled and went for another kiss before we brushed our teeth and that started a hilarious chase around the bedroom. I finally gave in and we both brushed our teeth while the water in the shower warmed up. After we brushed our teeth Billy helped me with the plastic wrap to cover my stitches. Then we slipped off our boxer briefs and just stared at each others morning wood. Damn! My boy is fucking hot! We got into the shower and Billy poured some shampoo into his hands. He then began washing my hair. Wow! That feels so fucking good! After running the shampoo through my hair he put some liquid soap into his hands and began cleaning my body. I’m so fucking horny for my boy! I can’t stand it! The touch of Billy’s hands was totally getting me way too hot. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed every sensation. It happened when he pressed his body to mine and ran a soapy hand up and down the crack of my ass. It just happened. I fired shot after shot of horny-teen-boy-cum all over my boyfriend! Well, there goes the “no stressful activity” directions from the doc! Hehe. “You okay, baby? You didn’t hurt yourself did you?” I was breathless and took a deep breath and answered that I was fine… but not as fine as Billy Fucking MacCallister was going to be feeling in a couple of minutes! Billy was still holding on to me as I began to slowly slide down his tight body and onto my knees. I looked up into his eyes and smiled, just before opening my mouth and taking his throbbing cock into it. Damn! It felt so good to have one of my favorite boyfriend parts inside me… even if it was just my mouth. As I was working my magic on Billy’s cock, he began kind of half-moaning, half-whimpering as he ran his fingers through my hair. I was soon able to relax enough to take him down my throat and immediately began humming, knowing that it wouldn’t take long for my boy to start shooting his load down my throat. Okay… I over-estimated his endurance. It only took a few seconds after I started the hum-job that I felt Billy tense up. I pulled back just enough for him to send his sweet juice over my tongue. Damn! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him cum this much! He’s definitely been saving up! After relaxing a bit after his massive orgasm, Billy pulled me up to my feet and we shared a kiss… a Billy-flavored kiss that caused both of us to moan! I then turned him around and washed his hair and body, much the same way he had done to me. By the time I was finished we were of course hard as a rock again, but this time better judgment prevailed and we got out of the shower and dried each other off. I was getting into my basketball shorts and a t-shirt as I watched my beautiful boy get dressed for school. He put on a funky pair of socks with watermelons pictures. Too damned funny! He slipped on his black skinny jeans and a watermelon-colored polo shirt. Ha! I smiled as thought about how only a gay boy would match his shirt to the color of the pictures in his socks! We threw on our sneakers and headed down to the kitchen, where Billy’s mom was already cooking up a storm. Billy looked astonished as he commented, “What’s up with breakfast, Mom? We always have dry cereal on school days.” “Well, it’s especially for my favorite son and my favorite son’s boyfriend. It’s a special morning!” “Uh, Mom? I’m your only son. And Nick is my only boyfriend.” “And I don’t think there are enough ways to show Nick how grateful I am that he is a part of this family. So I figured I would start with a nice, hot breakfast and see how that goes!” Billy looked at me and said with a grin, “That’s it, boyfriend. You get to spend many, many nights with me. I could definitely get used to this kind of breakfast!” I looked at Billy and shook my head while grinning, “Billy, Mrs. MacCallister… please don’t go out of your way, or do anything special because of me. Just having Billy in my life is way more reward than I could have ever hoped for!” But, I will admit that breakfast was amazeballs! Eggs over-easy, thick-cut applewood bacon, grits (you have to be from the South to truly appreciate those), and the flakiest homemade biscuits I’ve ever tasted! It was awesome! After breakfast, Billy was soon out the door and on his way to school… but not after enough kisses to help him get through the day… or at least first period! As Billy was driving away, I went into the kitchen and helped Billy’s mom with the rest of the dishes. She really didn’t want me to do anything and I just did anyway. I knew right then that I was going to have to sit her down and have a little chat with her. I knew where she was coming from, especially after my talk with Mrs. Rodriguez yesterday. And about ten minutes later she asked if I would like a cup of coffee before she took me home. She said she wanted to talk to me. Little did she know, I wanted to talk to her as well! Soon we were sitting at the breakfast bar, kind of turned into each other as we sipped on our coffees. “Nick, I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough for saving my boy’s life. Every time I think about what happened at that school, it scares the Hell out of me.” “Mrs. Mac… I know it was a scary thing. And I understand why you want to go out of your way to thank me. But I really didn’t do anything that was that special. All I did was tell my friends that I saw a gun and started to push them out of the way. It all happened so fast, nobody had any time to think about anything.” “I know, dear boy, but please, you have to understand how a mother…” “Wait a minute. I’m sorry for interrupting. And believe me, I’m pretty sure I really do understand how you feel and where you’re coming from. But can I ask you for something that I’ve not asked anyone else before?” “Of course, Nick. Whatever you want!” “Careful! I might be asking for ten grand!” I gave her a goofy grin, hoping that would break the ice… and it did. “Wait… you aren’t really going to, are you?” “No. No. No. Seriously, what I’m going to ask is really pretty simple. There has been a lot of ‘hero’ talk… especially on the news and in the papers. But I had a good talk with my CPS social worker yesterday. She said that especially with everything going on in the world right now, people kinda need a hero… and I’m apparently the guy of the moment.” “She seems like a very wise lady.” “Yeah, she kinda surprised me yesterday. But after we talked, I felt a lot better about the whole thing. I’ll let people see me the way they’re going to see me and do everything I can to not make a big deal about it.” “Okay, but you still haven’t told me what you want from me.” “Well, since you are family… more or less… I just have one request… And this is the same thing my dads and Noah are doing. Please… just treat me the same way you always have before this whole thing started. And just so you know, I’m totally good with dry cereal for breakfast!” Billy’s mom swallowed the rest of her coffee and smiled at me. “Of course, Nick. I’m sorry I went a little overboard this morning. And you’re right. You are the same person you’ve always been. You are the boy that has made my son happier than I’ve ever seen him. He treats me and the rest of the family so much better than before… not that he was awful or anything… it’s just that he’s more engaged than he used to be. That means a lot to a mom!” “It means a lot to me, too. Thanks for understanding.” She leaned forward and gave me hug, which I happily returned with a “thank you.” “You know, Billy’s gonna be pissed at me for taking away his special breakfasts.” Mrs. Mac lightly smacked me on the back of my head and said, “Let’s go kiddo, I promised your dads that I would get you home in time for your acupuncture appointment.” And in no time we were pulling into the driveway and I was walking into the front door. “Dad! Pop! I’m home!” “There you are, Nick!” Pop met me at the door and told me that we were going to leave in about twenty minutes for my appointment. I went into my room and fired up the laptop and Googled “acupuncture after surgery.” Can I just say that Googling medical things is NOT a good idea if you have no idea what to expect! All I saw was picture after picture of people looking like porcupines with scads of needles stuck into their bodies! Scared the shit out of me! But in all honesty… it was nothing like that at all. Randall, the acupuncturist talked to Pop and me before he started working on me and explained how the whole thing worked and what he would be doing for me. I think what surprised me the most was that I could barely feel a thing when the needles went in. In fact, I’m pretty sure I missed most of them! It also surprised me how much better I felt after each treatment! I had three treatments over the course of the five days I was out of school and they really seemed to help me heal a bit faster! The doc came by on Saturday and looked me over and said the same thing. He said he would take the stitches out Sunday afternoon and that I could get back to school on Monday! But I’m moving ahead a bit. Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting out by the pool when Noah came home with Liam. Yup! From the looks on their faces and the fact that they were holding hands, it looks like this is going to happen. But then, I should let Noah tell you about it. NOAH Hey! Noah here! First, let me just say that it’s totally awesome that Nick is letting me tell my shit as a part of his story. But then when you think about it, we’re completely turning into a family of four here… and I guess that makes my story a part of his… and like he said…. “especially the sexy parts!” He’s such a nerd! It was Tuesday when I came home from school, carrying an armload of work from our teachers… with my other arm filled with Liam Webster, apparently who is going to become my new boyfriend… well, at least I hope so! Nick was out on the patio and we went out to give him something to do (homework) and to hint that he needed to stay out of the bedroom for a while. I had plans that included a LOT of kissing, a lot of touching, and even more if that’s what Liam wanted… but I decided that he gets to take the lead on that part. When I got Liam into the bedroom, I shut the door and pressed him against it with my body, kissing him with more passion I’ve ever felt. “Jesus Liam, I’ve been waiting all day for this!” “Oh God!” We kissed more, our tongues dancing over each other’s and our hands running up and down each other’s bodies. Damn, this boy has one of the tightest, leanest bodies I’ve ever touched! I didn’t want to, but I pulled my face away from Liam’s and asked him if he wanted to lay down on the bed. “Hell yeah! But first…” He pushed me away just enough so he could pull my t-shirt up and over my head. When he began to undo my belt, I put my hand over his. “Liam, are you sure you want to do this much?” “Noah.” He began lightly running his fingers over my chests and abs. “Noah, I fell in love with you over a year ago. When you and my sister started up, it was the worst six months of my life. I knew you two wouldn’t last and that’s the only thing that kept me going. I’ve wanted to be with no one but you. I’ve saved everything I have for you. I love you.” “But it’s so soon. I don’t think…” “Good, don’t think. It just like we’re picking up where we were at the end of the school year… last year. I was so ready for you to take me… to be my first for everything.” “You haven’t done any—” “Nope. You’re the only boy I’ve ever kissed… and you’re the only boy who will do whatever we do.” Wow. Just wow! I couldn’t believe anyone had felt that way about me… us… wow! I don’t know for sure if I really love Liam right now, but I DO know that what I’m feeling is about ten times more than I ever felt with his sister. So… we undressed each other. I have to admit it didn’t take long for us to be completely naked in front of each other. Holy fuck! Liam has been working hard on his body. Totally lean. I don’t think there was an ounce of fat on him! His hard cock was pointing up at the ceiling and the head was shiny and slick with an enormous amount of precum. His trimmed, blonde bush was cut back to nothing would show through the top of his speedos. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him again. “My God, Liam… you look fucking amazing! I wasted way too much time on those bad relationships. I think I should have been with you all along.” “Shut up and take me to your bed!” I scooped Liam up in my arms and carried him over to my bed, laying him down gently before I crawled in and got on my hands and knees over him. My cock was bouncing and dropping a stream of precum on his own. Wow! I was just over him. Not even touching him. Liam was squirming and writhing all over the bed. I was afraid that if I touched him, he would cum in about three seconds. I moved over and laid on my side, facing Liam. He did the same and took my free hand in his and held it. Shit! It was like there was an electric shock passing between us! I’ve never felt anything like this since… well, yesterday when we kissed, but this was the moment that I knew Liam was the one I’ve been waiting for. “Lay on top of me. I need to feel you… all of you.” So I did. Damn, that felt nice, too! I leaned down to kiss Liam again and as we were kissing, he began thrusting his cock against mine. Damn! That felt even better! I knew as soon as soon as he started grinding, Liam was going to shoot really fast. Hell, I was awfully close myself! I loved feeling Liam's arms around me and his hands rubbing up and down my back. It took less than two minutes, but as soon as I felt the tension in his arms and heard his moaning get louder and louder… well, he shot a terrific hot load of boy spunk between us. And that was all it took for me as I shot my own load, mixing with his. After calming down and getting our shit back together, we held each other and I noticed Liam had silent tears running down his face. “Hey… you okay? Was all that too much too soon?” “No. No. No… I’ve never been so happy and complete and connected in my life. You are perfect Noah. Everything I thought it would be and then soooo much more!” Well, there you go. I’ve never felt so happy or content. We just held each other and started to doze off when there was a knock on the door. “Just a minute!” Shit! We hopped out of the bed and pulled the covers back so we could get under them. I think Liam was twenty shades of red when I yelled out, “Come in!” I thought Liam was going to die when Nick said he hated interrupting us but he needed his laptop. “Oh… and next time you guys might want to turn on some music to cover up the moaning!” Nick had a shit-eating grin on his face as he turned around and left with his laptop. “Shit Noah, is he gonna tell everyone at school that he heard us?” “Noooo. Don’t worry about it. I promise you Nick is totally cool.” NICK Damn! Liam Webster is one helluva moaner! I know I could’ve given them a LOT more grief than I did, but that wouldn’t be right. I know Noah would never do that to me. I’m just glad he seems to have found someone that’s gonna treat him well, and be the boyfriend he deserves. I have to tell you, I will never forget the look on Liam’s face when I walked into the room. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, except for Thursday night. I got to spend the night with my Billy once again. And this time we swapped amazing blowjobs. It was awesome! Friday evening, I got the stitches removed. It’s nice having the doctor living next door. He just came over after dinner and took care of things in the comfort of our home. Hehe… our home. I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been! The next morning, Noah and I both woke up later than usual. I guess that happens when you stay up all night talking and getting a buzz on out on the deck! I’m glad that dads’ room is on the other side of the house, we couldn’t stop laughing when I was telling Noah about the look on Liam’s face when I walked into the room. While we were eating our breakfast, my phone buzzed with a text from Billy. BILLYMAC: you up? NICKOJACO: hehe… now that i’m thinking about you i am 😉 BILLYMAC: ur such a nerd. but ur my nerd! whatcha doin’ today? NICKOJACO: lemme ask noah. “Hey Noah, what’s happening today?” “Got Shrek rehearsal this afternoon. You should probably come and see what’s going on.” NICKOJACO: going to shrek rehearsal with noah this afternoon. you gonna b there? BILLYMAC: yup. maybe we can do something after? NICKOJACO: hold. gotta ask the dads. “Hey Pop, can I hang with Billy after rehearsal?” “As long as you’re in by midnight. We’re going to church tomorrow.” NICKOJACO: it’s cool. midnite curfew. going to church in the morning. BILLYMAC: cool. the rents are out tonite at a work thing. sex with no limits? NICKOJACO: fuck yes! 🙂 BILLYMAC: sweet. one or both of us is getting fucked tonight! NICKOJACO: you know i’m gonna have to make this toast last twenty minutes til this boner goes down! BILLYMAC: haha! i love you nicky. NICKOJACO: love u2, billy. more than i thought was even possible. Pop got up from the breakfast bar and finished his coffee, telling us that he was going to head to the grocery store. Just as he started to head towards the garage, the doorbell rang. It was Mrs. Rodriguez. “Good morning, Dr. White. I’m hoping the whole family is in.” “Yes, the boys are eating breakfast and Andrew should be finishing up in the shower. Why don’t you have a seat in the living room and I’ll gather the troops.” I looked over at Noah with wide eyes, whispering, “This is it, isn’t it? The final interview?” “Think so. You okay?” “Think so.” “You have to know everything’s cool, bro. This is gonna be a piece of cake.” “Hope so.” Yeah, for whatever reason, my stomach began to do flip-flops and I started doubting everything that had been happening over the last several weeks. I mean, c’mon… life shit has never worked out for Nick Jacobs. You know what I mean? Dad called us into the living room. Noah got up and held out his arms to me, pulling me into one of his famous hugs. “I love you, Nick. We all do. That’s all that matters.” “Thanks. I love you and the dads, too.” Noah hugged me tighter and told me to just breathe. I took a deep breath and after a shaky exhaled, I whispered to him, “Well… here goes nothing… no… everything.” The dads were sitting on the sofa across from Mrs. Rodriguez, leaving the two side chairs for Noah and me. Mrs. Rodriguez started. “Gentlemen, I have to say that I have never had such a privilege to work with such a wonderful family. This has been one of the easiest foster cases I’ve ever had, and I want to thank all four of you for making it so.” We all thanked her for her kind words and then sat and waited as she opened her briefcase and pulled out a folder. “Andrew, I would like to start with you. Do you have any thoughts about this fostering experience?” “Well, Mrs. Rodriguez, I would have to say from the very beginning, we felt that Nick was a perfect fit for our family. We all love and respect him just as if he were one of our own. He has shown nothing but the same to us. I won’t speak for the entire family, but I will say that there is nothing that would make me happier than to have Nick become a permanent part of our family.” Dammit! I could feel my throat tighten up… especially when Dad was finishing up and smiling at me. Dammit! I’m NOT gonna cry! No! “Thank you, Andrew. David?” Mrs. Rodriguez didn’t smile, and she barely looked up from her paper as she took notes. I couldn’t tell a thing about what she was thinking! AGH! At least Pop looked at me and smiled before he started talking. I just blushed. Great! “I have to confess that I was probably the last to be on board with the whole fostering thing. And that’s actually ironic since I think I was the first to completely fall in love with this remarkable boy. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was against bringing another boy into the family, I just didn’t know how we could manage to actually do it. “But the funny thing was, I don’t think any of us had to try to make things work. Nick was an immediate fit. He felt like a complete part of the family by the time we had finished our first meal. When I saw the love and the joy on Andrew and Noah’s faces, I was pretty sure I had the same look on mine. “Nick is smart, funny, talented, and loving. Who wouldn’t want him to be a part of their family? I’m just thanking God every day that we get to be that family.” Yep. The tears started to fill up my eyes after that. I could feel Noah’s eyes on me, too. I just couldn’t look at him ‘cause I would definitely lose my shit completely. “Thank you, David.” Damn! She was writing like a speed demon now! I wish I could see what that paper said! No, now that I think about it, I don’t think I really want to know… I just hope it isn’t “bullshit bullshit bullshit” filling up the page. “Noah, would you like to add anything?” “Oh yeah! I definitely have something to say about this!” The dads started to laugh and Mrs. Rodriguez cracked her first smile. “You see, I’ve been wanting a brother for almost as long as I can remember. But I never… not even in my wildest dream… thought that I would have a brother more perfect than Nick. When he first got here, he was pretty scared. I don’t think he knew what hit him. And when it did hit him, I think he kinda freaked out ‘cause he didn’t think he deserved us. “But I have to say, there are times I think I don’t deserve Nick as a brother. We have so much in common. We both swim, we love movies, we both do theatre… Oh! And you should hear him sing! I am in total awe of his voice! “But there’s one thing even better than all that. For the first time in my entire life, I know what it means to have a best friend. I didn’t know what that meant before Nick. I mean, I’ve always had good, even great, friends. But there’s something about a best friend that sets him so far above all the rest. Just having him in my life has made me a better, stronger, wiser person than I even though was possible. “Having Nick as a brother is better than I had ever hoped. But having Nick as a best friend is something indescribable. Of all the kids I go to school with or do theatre with, Nick is far and above the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” That did it! I started sobbing. Right there in front of everyone. I mean, shoulders-shaking-ugly-crying-sobs! Mrs. Rodriguez is gonna think I’m insane! She’ll never let me stay here. She’s gonna have me checked into… Noah wrapped his arms around me. “Dude, sorry to make you cry but I had to tell her the truth. I love you, Nick. We all do. You get to own that now!” Of course, that didn’t do much at all to stop the tears. Andrew walked to me and handed me a box of tissues. I didn’t even see him get up and leave the room to get them! After wiping the snot from my face, I looked over to Mrs. Rodriguez and apologized. “At least you heard from everyone before I totally lost it!” “Oh, I don’t think I’ve heard from everyone yet. I still need to hear YOUR thoughts on your life with the White family before I can proceed and wrap this up.” “But I’m just the foster kid. It doesn’t matter what I think. I’m pretty much at the mercy of the system. That’s how it works, isn’t it?” “Oh my, Nick. Sadly, most children in the program happen to feel that way. I guess that’s inevitable when kids get moved from family to family, from home to home, and so many times with foster parents that care more about the check than they do the child. But let me assure you, your thoughts are just as important this afternoon as the White’s.” I looked around the room and everyone was just looking at me like I was supposed to do something. So I started talking. “You know something, Mrs. Rodriguez? You always call ‘the program.' Me and the rest of the kids I know have always called it ‘the system.” A broken-down system that chews up kids, spits them out and makes them into people they never wanted to be. “When I left Mrs. C’s house, one of my roommates said he’d see me later, that these visitations never work out. I have to admit, I totally believed him. I mean, it never really does work out… especially the way we want it to. “But something happened when I got into the car and the dads drove us to the club for our first meal. We listened to Broadway showtunes on the radio. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like anything special, but I can promise you that has NEVER happened to me in my entire life! I knew there was something special… at least different… about this family. “After lunch, we all came to the house to relax and get to know each other. I kept waiting for the rules. And then I was waiting for the list of shi… sorry… stuff that I was going to be doing to earn my keep. I mean, that’s what happens in the system, right? “But the longer I stayed, the more they kept doing things for me. The more they kept buying things for me. When I would try to refuse stuff or wonder why they were doing all this nice stuff, they would just say that they did it for Noah, it’s only fair that they do it for me. “So you see? The dads and Noah completely blew up the system I thought I was going to be stuck in forever. There’s no system in this house. There’s just a family. A family that includes me a hundred percent. I love my dads as if they were mine since I was born. And even better than that, I love Noah… who is also the best friend I have ever known in my entire life. “All I can add is, please don’t take me away from the White’s. They are MY family now and not being here would literally kill me.” I looked up and the dads were bawling now. Nick pulled some tissues out of the box and then tossed it to them. Mrs. Rodriguez must think we’re ALL batshit crazy! “May I have one of those, too please?” What the fuck? Mrs. Rodriguez was crying too! After a few minutes, everyone got their shit together. Mrs. Rodriguez was the next one to speak. “I have to be honest with you all here. I have never seen a child and family get along so well in my entire thirty years with CPS.” She pulled a form out of her briefcase and smiled at the dads. “This is the permanent foster care form. I would say that this experimental program has far exceeded all of our expectations. I will need you gentlemen to sign this. After thirty days, you can petition the courts for either a Permanent Managing Conservatorship or, if you prefer, a complete adoption. That is a decision that we will leave up to the family.” Before I started crying again, I had to ask, “So that means I get to stay?” Pop signed the paper and looked at me, “Yes Nicky. You are now a complete part of the White family… and you always will be.” Wow. Always.
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    Chapter Four

    I remember reading this a while back. I have to say I really like the updated version. I think I'm in for a binge-read! Great work!
  14. Remember when I thought I was feeling better? HA! It wasn't but a few weeks after that when I ended up in the hospital for a 5-week stay. Turns out I've been diabetic for the last two years and it really never even crossed my mind since diabetes has never been in my family. I had a pretty severe bone infection on two vertebrae and the disc in between them.

    It took nearly four weeks for that infection to finally drain and then they found another one that was hiding behind it. That took another week to drain. After I was released from the hospital, it took another six weeks to finally get rid of the infection. So on top of learning how to be a diabetic, I had this tube (PICC line) sticking out of my arm and had to do a series of four injections three times a day.

    Good news... I'm infection free, pain-free, and it's entirely possible that if my glucose numbers and other numbers keep improving at the rate they are improving, i might just be diabetes-free!

    I'm writing again, but many of you know I'm also a musician, and Holiday time is CRRRRRRAZY time. I'm rehearsing FOUR musicals and two Christmas concerts right now!

    I've missed my interactions with you all... and will have some new chapters soon!

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      keep on the mend and good luck the with the holidays shows and enjoy.. 

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      Hope you get better. Because of you I have a new favorite musical! Seize the day is basically in all my playlists now

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      Hay, hope your doing better! Have a wonderful and happy Christmas and a joyful New Years.

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    We Need a Hero

    ALWAYS by Geoff Chassen Chapter 10 – WE NEED A HERO The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was take a shower. I wanted to wash off the hospital and all the bullshit from Monday. Pop gave me a wrap that would keep my stitches dry and asked if I needed any help. I grinned and looked at Billy and Pop just shook his head, “No, not that kind of help, nothing strenuous until the end of the week.” “Awwwww, man… okay, I’ll be good… and I’ll be fine. I’ll holler if I need anything.” Wow! I think that was the best shower ever, even with that plastic thing covering my stitches. I washed my hair twice and the minty soap just felt better than ever. I dried off and hit my hair with the dryer. Damn. I felt a million times better now that I was clean. I walked out to the kitchen and Billy was helping Pop with lunch. Pop was making tomato soup from scratch. Sorry, I thought you just opened a can! Billy was making grilled cheese sandwiches with ham-stuffed between the slices of cheese. Things were smelling good when Noah came in from the pool. The text from the school had come in and they could get their cars anytime in the afternoon. Billy was totally excited about getting his car back. Noah? He just shrugged his shoulders and sat down on the stool next to me. Something wasn’t right. “Dude. Are you okay?” “Yeah… no… I don’t know… maybe?” “Noah, what’s going on?” “I got a text from Liam Webster, Hannah’s brother. He’s on the swim team. He wants to come over and talk… I haven’t answered him yet.” “Is he bat-shit crazy like his dad and sister?” “Language, Nick.” “Sorry, Pop.” “No, Nick. Liam’s actually the only sane one in the bunch. You’ll meet him when you get to swim team. He’s a Junior… a year older than us.” Pop turned away from the stove and asked, “Maybe he’s trying to reach out to you… maybe let you know that he understands how things happened.” “I think that’s what he was getting at. He said his family exploded… He and his Mom have moved into a hotel. When I asked what happened, he said he would rather tell me in person.” I looked my brother in the eyes and asked him what his gut was telling him. “That Liam is kinda freaking out and needs someone to talk to… someone he can trust.” “Oh, and you think he can trust you?” “Yeah. Before Hannah, he and I used to hang out a lot. He kinda faded away after I started dating his sister.” Pop placed bowls of soup in front of us and at the other two places at the breakfast bar. “It’s okay with me if he comes over. I’ve actually missed having him around the house.” “Yeah, I miss him too, now that you mention it.” Noah grabbed his phone and started texting again as Billy brought a mountain of sandwiches to the counter. We all grabbed a couple of sandwiches and dug into lunch. Damn! That was the best-ever soup I’ve ever had! No more canned shit for me! Well, hopefully! “Hey Pop, Liam wants to know if we could pick him up at the hotel when we go get our cars. His mom is out for the afternoon.” “That shouldn’t be a problem. Where is he?” Noah tapped into his phone and his eyes widened. “They’re at the Guild. Whoa! Nice digs!” “It’s a bit out of our way, but it looks like we’re one of his only options. Tell him we’ll pick him up and he can come over after he gets his car.” “Thanks, Pop! You’re the best!” Noah leaned in and gave Pop a kiss on the cheek and he texted a bit more and then settled in to his lunch along with the rest of us.” Billy looked over at me with those gorgeous eyes and mouthed, “I love you” and just totally melted my heart. Pop asked me how I did with the shower. “The plastic thing was a little weird and reaching up with my left arm pulled a bit on the stitches, but it was the best shower I’ve had in my life!” We kept eating lunch and just as we were finishing, the doorbell rang. Pop got up to answer the door and returned with Mrs. Rodriguez. Looks like our second surprise visit! “Good afternoon, Nicholas, Noah… and this is…” “Hi, Ms. Rodriguez. This is Billy McCallister. I told you about him last time.” “Oh, yes! The boyfriend! It’s so nice to meet you, Billy!” Billy looked at me, blushing while I just smiled at him. Pop told Noah to let Liam know that something had come up at home and we’d be there an hour or so from now. Billy offered Mrs. Rodriguez some lunch. She declined but told me to bring the rest of mine out to the patio so we could talk. I only had half a sandwich left and decided I could finish it when I was finished talking with her. Pop said he would put it in the warmer. We sat down at the patio table and Mrs. Rodriguez started right in with the hero crap. “Well that was some first day of school, wasn’t it? How are you feeling?” “I’m a little sore and the stitches bug the heck outta me. But this ‘hero’ thing has gone way too far.” “But you DID save a couple of lives at the minimum… almost thirty lives if you think about it.” “But all I did was push my friends out of the way. Anyone would do that, wouldn’t they?” “One would hope so, Nick. But I’ve been thinking a lot about your situation. There have been so many tragic incidents at so many schools around the country, but what happened yesterday is so different. You are the first positive thing that has come out of all this tragedy. It’s the people who really do need you to be their hero right now. You’ve given a glimmer of hope. I think it might be more about the people who need… or want… a hero than it is about you.” “Yeah, I can see that, I guess.” “So, be the hero for those who need you to be. That doesn’t mean you have to strut around like someone all full of themselves. All you have to do is thank the people who say something to you. Acknowledge the praise and then just move on. And I promise you this will all blow over in a week or so and you can move on with your life.” “I never really thought about it that way. I guess I see what you’re saying and I’ll just deal with it and let it become old news.” “Now… about your life… how are things going with you and the White’s?” “It still kind of blows my mind. Every day I feel less like a foster kid and more like a part of a family… a pretty awesome family, if you ask me. But yesterday, I completely felt like a full-on family member. Noah and the dads stayed with me pretty much the whole day. I mean, even when we weren’t talking and they were just sitting in the room with me… we were there together… just like a real family.” “You called them ‘the dads.’ Is there something I should read into that?” “You know I never had a dad. Until now, the closest thing I ever had was one who treated me like his live-in slave and one who beat the crap out of me when his son kissed me. Things are so different with David and Andrew. They treat me the same way they treat Noah. They really care about what’s happening with me. A while back, it just slipped out. I called David ‘Pop’ without even thinking about it.” “How did they take that?” “They kinda cried a little. It made them really happy.” “That’s wonderful, Nick. They love you. There are a lot of people who love you. I’m so happy to see how you’ve grown into a special young man… the young man Mrs. Cranston has always said you were.” “Well, I’ve not said it to all of them, but I love them, too. It’s kind of easy to love people who care about you… and love you… back.” “And Billy… is there anything you want to tell me about him? He seems to be a very special young man.” “I still find it hard to believe that someone like Billy McCallister would even give me a second look, let alone want to be my boyfriend. I mean, he’s a jock on the wrestling team. Incredibly handsome, so smart… pretty much everything I’m not. But then he tells me that what he loves the most about us is the differences. He says it makes the everyday things in our life together so much more interesting.” “And the things you listed about Billy… my guess is that those are the things you might love about him?” “Wow. This is kinda embarrassing, but yeah… I guess you’re right. But it’s more than that. It’s like when we’re together everything is so different. It’s calm, it’s so comfortable, it’s complete… it’s so different from anything I’ve ever felt before.” “Well Nick, I don’t think I’ve seen a young man adjust so well, so quickly. It makes me extremely happy that this experimental program seems to be working so well.” “Are you ready for a tour?” “Oh, I don’t think that’s necessary today. I do need to have a quick chat with your brother and dad, and then I’ll be out of here. Again, Nick… I’m so pleased and proud of you. Especially after all you went through yesterday. You are a remarkable young man.” “Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez. Do you want them one at a time?” “You can send them out together today.” I went back into the house and told Pop and Noah that Mrs. Rodriguez wanted to see them together. As soon as I sat down, Billy had the rest of my lunch in front of me and was sitting on the stool next to me. “How’d it go, babe?” “It was good. She helped put this hero stuff into a place where I think I can deal with it. And we talked about you… and us… quite a bit.” “Oh?” “Yeah. It turns out the things we BOTH love about each other are the things that are different about us. She thinks that we have the base of a really good relationship going.” “She’s a smart lady.” Billy leaned in and gave me a kiss. I finished my lunch and helped Billy clean the kitchen and load the dishwasher. Well, as much as I could with those damned stitches. By the time we finished the kitchen Pop and Noah came back into the house with Ms. Rodriguez. She thanked us for our time and Pop showed her out the door. When Pop came back into the kitchen he told Noah to let Liam know they were leaving the house. I decided I would stay home and take a much-needed nap. So… what happened over the next couple of hours seems to be pretty important, but I wasn’t there so I’m going to let Noah take over and let you in on everything. ********** Hey y’all. Noah here. Nick decided to take a nap. Damn, he definitely has earned it over the last couple of days! He asked me to tell you about the next hour or so. A lot of shit… mostly good shit… came down that he wanted me to tell you about it. Maybe I’ll have to write my own story someday. Liam Webster. Where should I start? The beginning? I guess that’s a good place. I met Liam last year at swim team. Fate just kinda threw us together. We ended up sitting next to each other on the bleachers that first day of practice… listening to the coach ramble on and on. That first day we learned each other’s names and discovered we were both new to the team and at the bottom of the team totem pole. We didn’t get as much pool time as the upperclassmen and it seemed whenever we were sitting on the bench, Liam was always sitting next to me. I guess it was nice since we got to know each other. A few weeks into swim practice it hit me that when we would hit the showers, Liam would either be next to me or across from me. You know how you can “feel” someone’s eyes when they are looking at you? I began to get that feeling from Liam just about every time. I would turn and catch his eye, but the strange thing was he wouldn’t turn away. He would smile at me. I would smile at him and we would just continue with our shower business. A couple weeks later, we had just finished a pool workout and we moved to the benches. He kinda surprised me when he asked if I was seeing anyone. Unfortunately, I was. I was seeing another dude… an asshole of a dude… but I was trying really hard to make things work. I told Liam that I was seeing someone and it broke my heart when I saw the dejected look on his face… especially since I knew that Liam would be a MUCH better boyfriend than the one I had. Of course, I told him I really did want to stay friends and he half-heartedly agreed. So, not long after that exchange, I got dumped by the so-called boyfriend. Why? Because I wouldn’t let him fuck me… or fuck him. About six weeks before the end of the school year, our History teacher paired people up for an end-of-the-year project. Enter Hannah Webster. At first, I thought that this might be a good way to see Liam again and maybe rebuild our friendship. What I didn’t realize until a couple of weeks later was that Liam and Hannah totally hated each other and were never in the same room together except at meals. I will have to admit that Hannah was an excellent partner and we had our powerpoint presentation nearly finished way ahead of the others in the class. But one afternoon, we were watching our presentation and we got to a part that was really cool. She hugged me, I looked at her, she kissed me… and the saga began… As you have probably figured out from Nick’s writing, Hannah Webster can be pretty aggressive. Should I have stopped her when things began to get intense? Probably. But keep in mind… I was a horny, hormonal fifteen-year-old with a dick that had a mind of its own. By the end of the school year, we were fucking on a pretty regular basis and she made sure the entire school knew that we were together. The only thing was, I didn’t feel like we were together. My heart wasn’t into it and soon I was fucking Hannah just to keep her from bitching. Well, you know how that all ended, and while I really hated that she had to die, I’ve been having this liberating feeling of relief… until Liam texted me. As we’re driving to his hotel, I’m having this mixed feelings of excitement and confusion. We pulled up to the front of the hotel and Liam was out front waiting for us. He hopped into the back seat with me and flashed that familiar smile and I was pretty sure the direction things were going. Billy, who was in the front seat with Pop, introduced himself to Liam and Pop asked him if everything was okay. Duh! Liam and his mom have moved into a hotel. Doesn’t sound like everything is okay to me! Liam explained that this morning, his dad and two older brothers were going off about all this was the fault of the “country club fags.” He said they just wouldn’t stop and the discussion then turned to what they would do to ANY fag that crossed their path. Liam said he reached a boiling point and blurted out that they could start with him. He then stood up and announced that he was packing his bags, that he could no longer be a part of this family. One of his brothers got up and started to follow Liam upstairs and his mother let out a sound he had never heard before. At least the brother had enough respect for his mother to stop. She then went into her bedroom as his dad and brothers finished their breakfast. Liam couldn’t hear what was being said since the yelling had stopped. About twenty minutes later, he took the other stairs down to the front door and found his mother there. She had been crying and told him to put his bags into her car. She said her bags were already there. She followed him out the door and they made their way downtown to the hotel. His mom didn’t even tell anyone that she was also leaving. She decided to let them figure it out on their own. Pop asked if they were going to be okay on their own. Liam told him that money was not an issue at all since most of their money came from a family trust and she was the only one who had access to the share left to her by her grandmother. By the time Liam had finished his story, we had arrived at the high school. We directed Pop to the Underclassmen parking lot, which was WAY behind the main building. Liam and I were parked pretty close to each other so Pop dropped us off first. Before we split off to our cars, Liam asked, “Hey, can we talk for a minute?” “Sure. My car or yours?” “How ‘bout yours? My AC isn’t very reliable lately.” We got into my car and had it cooled down in just a few minutes. Liam twisted his body around so he was facing me directly. “I think the first thing I need to do is seriously apologize to you.” “What are you talking about, Liam? You don’t have anything to apologize for.” “Yeah, I do. I should never have pulled away after you told me you were seeing someone. And then, when you started dating Hannah, that was the hardest thing for me to see and I pulled completely away. And speaking of Hannah, I want you to know that… from the bottom of my heart… I’m so sorry for all the trouble she caused you and your family. You won’t hear that from anyone else except maybe my mother.” “Like I said, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for, Liam… but I totally appreciate your honesty.” “Thanks, Noah… but I want us to start up our friendship again so I need to be 100% honest with you. When I asked you if you were seeing someone, it was because I was hoping you weren’t and that I was hoping you were gay. I had no idea you were straight, or I would have ever gone there.” “Um, Liam… I was with Julian Decker back then. I’m not straight.” “But… Hannah. What…?” “I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you to know that Hannah was in control of that relationship… and most of the time I would do stuff with her to shut her up. I didn’t really love either Julian or Hannah. They were both bad decisions on my part.” “So… could that mean… you know… maybe… do I have a chance with you?” I leaned over to Liam and kissed him lightly on the lips. I pulled away after a few seconds and told him, “Yeah.” I started to move back to my seat but Liam pulled me back and kissed me… and there was nothing light or chaste about it. In fact, it was one of the nicest kisses I’ve ever had. Looking back, I think it was because I didn’t feel any pressure to give more than I was ready to give. It was a kiss where Liam just shared himself with me. Oh, and while we were kissing he made these cute-as-fuck whimper noises. We finished the kiss and Liam thanked me for making his day more perfect than he could have wished for. He promised not to push me into something I wasn’t ready for and then he went to his car and pulled out of the parking lot. When he drove by me, he had the cutest grin on his face. So yeah, it looks like Liam and I are going to do some exploring and see where things take us. And for the first time, I’m not nervous or apprehensive at all. Already off to a good start! ********** I had started to wake up from my nap when Noah literally came bouncing into the room. “Dude! You awake?” “I am now! What’s got you so keyed up?” “I need to ask you a question. Just between you and me, k?” “Sure, what’s up?” “Do you remember the first kiss you and Billy had?” “Of course I do. You can’t forget something like that!” “Can you tell me what it was like? Why you’ll never forget it?” “Did you and Liam….” “No. No. No. I really need to know, Nick!” “Okay. I guess the main thing I remember was that it was an amazing kiss. Like none I’ve ever experienced. It was like I could feel Billy filling up my entire soul, and I could feel Billy letting me in. Oh… and as amazing as that kiss was, I didn’t feel any pressure or expectations… we were just in this amazing moment.” “Yeah… that’s exactly what it felt like! Oh man, this is so cool!” “Liam?” “Yeah.” Noah actually blushed as he threw himself down on his bed. “You know, I’ve never seen you like this. It’s kinda cool... weird, but cool! But then, I totally get it.” “You know, I’ve really only kissed two other people in my life. Those kissed were NOTHING like this. It was like it was just about the act of kissing... the physical stuff. And with Hanna, Hell... that was more for my own survival.” Noah laughed a bit and then looked at me with a serious face. “How do I know it’s real, Nick?” “Not that I have that much experience with this kinda shit, but I remember that pretty all I could think about was Billy until I got to see him again. I think we texted each other a hundred times that night.” Right on cue, Noah’s phone buzzed and he got that goofy grin that I remembered quite well. I decided to head out to the kitchen for some iced tea and text Billy... giving Noah some privacy. I didn’t have to text Billy. While I was pouring my tea, my phone vibrated on the breakfast bar. When I sat down, I saw a text had come in from Billy. BILLYMAC: hi baby. how ya feelin ❤️ NICKSWIM03: good nap. just having some iced tea ❤️ ❤️ BILLYMAC: did noah come home NICKSWIM03: yeah. he got his car but came home alone BILLYMAC: how was he NICKSWIM03: why would u ask that BILLYMAC: cuz when I drove by noah’s car is saw him and liam kissing... REALLY kissing NICKSWIM03: yup. he told me and asked what our first kiss was like BILLYMAC: what did u tell him NICKSWIM03: that it was ok BILLYMAC: WTF?!?! NICKSWIM03: haha! told him it was the most amazing thing ever. told him it was like I could feel your soul inside me BILLYMAC: nice. i felt the same thing u know NICKSWIM03: sweet BILLYMAC: mom wanted me to ask if you could go out to dinner with us tonite. maybe do a sleepover. she’ll take u home in the morning after we go to school NICKSWIM03: 2 things... gotta ask pop first and... we can’t have sex BILLYMAC: I know that. but being with u is what I need NICKSWIM03: lemme ask pop brb I walked out to the patio where Pop was reading his book and asked him. He was concerned about the sleepover part since it was a school night. “Pop. It’s not like we can do anything that will keep us up late. We just want some time together.” “Have Billy’s mom give me a call and then I’ll let you know.” I texted Billy the message from Pop and I swear, in less than fifteen seconds his phone was ringing. My boy works fast! I think I love Billy’s mom! She had convinced Pop in just minutes and in no time Billy came by and took me over to his house. We had dinner at P.F. Chang’s downtown. Okay... another first. You see, the only Chinese food I’ve ever had was that fast-food place Panda Express. I liked that well enough but wow! Can I just say lettuce wraps might just be my new favorite food. I’ll have to ask Pop if he knows how to make those! I ordered the Beef and Broccoli and then had a chopstick lesson from our cute waiter. Billy kept giggling as the waiter had his hands all over my fingers. It was too cute. But, believe it or not, this zero-experienced foster kid got the hang of it pretty quick and I was chowing down with the whole family. That night, Billy tried to strip down to nothing, but I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea for either of us. We both wore sleep pants and with me on my back, Billy snuggled up on my right side. I guess we were both more tired than we thought. We were asleep in just minutes and had the most wonderful sleep...straight through the night. I guess just being with the boy you love more than life itself is all you need to feel safe, calm, and completely at ease. Damn! I sure do love this new life! I think I always will… Always.

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