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  1. LHSJ

    Chapter 49

    That cliff hanger!!! Damn. I need more!
  2. LHSJ

    Chapter 39

    This is making me anxious. I have a bad feeling about this this place
  3. LHSJ

    Chapter 27

    It's not fair... I was really hoping for a cure... I guess this is necessary though. The tears just won't stop right now
  4. LHSJ

    Chapter 15

    I can't handle this.... I don't think I'll be ready for Taryn to go
  5. LHSJ

    Chapter 4

    That was intense. I held my breath through the entire fight!
  6. LHSJ

    Chapter 50

    THANK YOU!!!!
  7. LHSJ

    Chapter 50

    This is one of the best series I've read in a long time. Its not often I get emotionally attached to a story. I felt like I became invested in all these characters. If this is the end I'm glad it has some closure. I do hope there is more eventually though, but even if there won't be more I'm satisfied with this. Out of all the authors I've been reading I think you are one of my favourites. In fact top of my list. I'm attached to everything I've read so far.
  8. LHSJ

    Chapter 30

  9. LHSJ

    Chapter 21

    I'm crying right now. This is really good writing. The emotions are just too real and relatable.
  10. LHSJ

    Chapter 50

    F I N A L L Y ! ! !
  11. LHSJ

    Chapter 14

    I got the same feeling!!
  12. LHSJ

    Chapter 12

    This is by far my favourite chapter! Got my tears flowing. He finally told Sam! 😭😭
  13. LHSJ

    Chapter 44

    I KNEW IT!!!! 😤😞😭
  14. LHSJ

    Chapter 21

    Why!?!?! 😭😭
  15. Please tell me it's not over ! I just started reading this series and it's spin offs last week and I'm hooked. I also love the Savage Moon series as well!
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