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  1. This is great. This chapter came right on time as I was re-reading this series. I'm excited to see how dinner will turn out.
  2. LHSJ

    Chapter 32

    3rd time re-reading this. Still good enough to re-read again and again. Cant wait to see how this plays out.
  3. LHSJ

    Chapter 8

    Great chapter. That whispered fantasy was amazingly seductive lol.
  4. LHSJ

    Chapter 29

    This is a great chapter. I'm so glad Brody came back after what happened. I honestly felt like he was defeated after all that. Can't wait to see what's next!
  5. LHSJ

    Chapter 6

    What story is the red hair little boy from? I've seen him referenced in a lot of your stories.
  6. LHSJ

    Double Take

    Excellent story. I like reading from perspective of the father.
  7. LHSJ

    Chapter 6

    Another great story! Another one to add to my list of stories I'll be keeping an eye out for updates. All so very much worth the wait!
  8. LHSJ

    Chapter 4

    Great story! Can't believe I almost overlooked this one.
  9. LHSJ

    Chapter 1

    This is a really good story. I can honestly say that I still feel this way with my main group of friends. Hope there's more for this story.
  10. I think I'm caught up in all of your major series now. This was great. Can't wait for the updates for them all. I'm gonna go through your stuff and see if I missed anything from the short stories too.
  11. LHSJ

    Chapter 28

    I've lost friends listening to that voice in my head. This chapter really pulls on my emotions. You're storytelling is as great as always. Can't wait for the next chapter. I really hope it gets better for Zack soon.
  12. LHSJ

    Chapter 3

    Hahaha JUSTICE!!!!
  13. LHSJ

    Chapter 14

    What happens next??!?!
  14. LHSJ

    Chapter 30

    Excellent story so far. Hope there's more soon. Hooked on every story you've written so far.
  15. LHSJ

    Chapter 21

    Awesome chapter. Emotionally captivating.
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