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  1. Hawgdad


    WOW! What a totally surprising and incredible ending to a wonderful chapter. Not the first knotted gut, but there were more "loops" than a macrame. And they all had "possibility" tails. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.
  2. Hawgdad


    Thank you Wayne, what an incredible chapter. Some things fixed and settled, some things nearly, and we've ended up at another cliff. Then there was the apron. That one object nearly undid me. Life experience has taught me that in times of trouble seemingly small material objects can have overwhelming emotional significance. In an incredible chapter working in that one object was an absolute emotional blockbuster. Thank you so very much for allowing us to join in experiencing your stories and the insightful readers' discussions.
  3. Hawgdad


    WOW.... what a chapter. Things go to crap, then sideways headed straight for hell. My guts tied up in knots... but on closer inspection all those knots have a little tail of hope hanging out. Hope and faith are what Camp Refuge is all about. Then there's also the faith we can make it through the week to resolution.
  4. Hawgdad


    Kids do stupid things... and crap goes sideways. Glad I've been around long enough to trust and hang around for what follows.
  5. Hawgdad


    It Feels So Right... being back at Camp Refuge is like being back in a home where you know you fit in and belong. Happy New Year!
  6. Hawgdad


    WOW... My memory ain't what it used to be, but I don't remember that we've discussed a "classification" for chapters like this.... Crescendo maybe? What a read, loved it, and shouldn't there be more than one more??? Tom '
  7. Hawgdad


    Great hospitality, great food, and great friends those make for something to be thankful for. Great chapter!! Tom
  8. Hawgdad


    Trust... for so many gay people and their families it would seem to be the unreachable dream, but at Camp Refuge it can be doable. Thanks to Wayne for believing in the refuge concept and putting it all together for us to experience. Tom
  9. Hawgdad


    Great chapter, thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. Tom
  10. Hawgdad


    Great chapter! It is great fun sharing as life moves forward at the refuge. Tom
  11. Hawgdad


    Good folks, doing good things, and getting good results. That's a combination that's hard to beat. It gives me great joy being able to participate. Tom
  12. Hawgdad


    Incredible, connections driven chapter... connections cut off, connections re-kindled, connections solidified. Then there's the fact that "sometimes, a broken piece is the only one that will fit." That feels so right! Tom
  13. Hawgdad


    This chapter was great fun to read, another great building chapter. And oh by the way... I can't wait for the "delicious" chapter! Tom
  14. Hawgdad

    The Word of Man

    This is certainly among my favorite building chapters... absolutely no "hate mail" from here!!! March on brother!!! Tom
  15. Hawgdad

    A Torrent

    Well that was certainly an action packed building chapter. To say it was engaging would be an under statement. Love the chapter, the story, and being able to participate in general. Tom
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