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  1. Wayne Gray


    You should read the last part of chapter three. 🙂 Then tell me how you feel.
  2. Sign of a good party.

    I had to go back for my shoes.

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    2. Brayon


      Must be some damn good cider.

    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      I'm home at finally.

    4. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      Well, this status was a train wreck!

  3. Wayne Gray


    “Dreck?” Did you play Shadowrun, chummer? 😜 I’m glad you liked it. There are definitely a few little plot points to note. I’m really drunk, so I am going to stop here. wait. Thanks for reading. Yes. That’s what I should say here.
  4. Wayne Gray


    Thank you, Mike. I keep getting encouraged to write it. So here we are. 😊
  5. I really like this story. It shows the angst of Andi, the questions he has, and his fear that Ronan will not find him attractive, or desirable. Or even worse - that Ronan will not see him as a man. In the end, Andi is what he is. Ronan can see it, and in the process of proving that, he helps Andi come to a place of greater acceptance of himself. Nice work, Thorn.
  6. Wayne Gray


    I thought I reviewed this already, but I suppose not. This was my introduction to tim's writing. After MacGreg's lessons, this was the first thing I read on GA. To put it bluntly, this made me realize how terrible I was (am, really) with the basic mechanics of writing. Levko's life is filled with hurt, abuse, and pain. But with help he overcomes it. It took a single hand reaching out to help. It's an example of what one person can do, to make a difference in the life of another. Stories like these give me hope. It also raised the bar for me. I knew after reading this that I had to be a better writer. Thanks for writing, tim. You're a great talent.
  7. ...But look at the way the faces turn
    Eyes burn why (eyes burn why)
    If you be the sky then I'll be the bird
    But look at the way the faces turn
    Eyes burn why (eyes burn why)
    If you be the sky then I'll be the bird...



  8. Wayne Gray


    A thrumming under my hand, A living, beating heart. Mind trying to understand, How such a thing could start. "What have you done to me, dear?" The words I barely find. You only smile, draw me near, You let me make you mine. I smile against your warm face, You're all I want and need... I wake. A dream. Finished. Like me.
  9. Wayne Gray


    😉 That's not a bad thought.
  10. Wayne Gray


    Right? Additionally, Wolfgang would never have a doubt how someone felt about him. Ever. Out of all of the characters I've written, his ability is the one I want the most. Though... where it came from... not sure I'd want that.
  11. Wayne Gray


    I'm happy you enjoyed it. And... happy Paul did too. lol
  12. Wayne Gray


    Yes... Wolfgang and Jed were both appalled at Franklin's state. Wolfgang could feel the depth of... ah, ownership Jed had over Franklin, thanks to the power of the beast, and Jed could tell just from how Wolfgang acted how bad it was. I'm trying to imagine it - the moment after Jed "fixed" Franklin. Wolfgang, sharing Franklin's emotions. Staring into his eyes, and knowing how much Franklin felt for him. It's why Wolfgang couldn't help but smile. He saw himself in the most positive light imaginable - that of someone who had just fallen in love.
  13. Wayne Gray


    The voice rolled over Wolfgang, and he reeled under it. "Oh." His tired eyes blinked slowly. "Yeah. Sleep." Wolfgang let Jed lead him into the bedroom. Jed knew he needed rest, and the voice was particularly effective when whatever he suggested was something the person wanted in the first place. That bit, about if it was something someone wanted anyway... it might apply here. 😉 Franklin has been smitten with Jed for months. So, you might be onto something.
  14. I have friends who are proud makers of cider.  I love the stuff but didn't think too much about it.  I mean, maybe they make crappy cider, right?  So I just didn't think much about it.

    Then they went and won local awards for their brew.  Now the husband and I are invited over to their house for award-winning cider tomorrow.

    Silverwolf was born of a fermented-apple fueled drunken night (and @Mikiesboy's corrupting influence).  I literally woke up the next day and had fairly detailed notes on the story that I don't really remember taking.

    I have gone weeks without drinking, so this means that I'm a cheap drunk.

    I think as long as I stay away from a way to write, and take notes, I will probably be fine.

    I really don't need another project!  🥃

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    2. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      @Brayon you like that chapter, eh?  What about it?  The clever plotting, I bet.  😄

      @MacGreg I don't know if I can handle any big, bright ideas.  I think as long as I stay away from an electronic device I'll be all right!
      @Mikiesboy I'm glad you own it, at least!

      @chris191070 No!  lol.  No mixing our poor campers with werewolves!

    3. Brayon


      @Wayne Gray I wonder how one makes a Werewolf? I mean can they love "bite" someone, and turn them into one?

    4. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      @Brayonin my little universe, they are born to other wolves.  A bite doesn't do it.

  15. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Timothy. Yeah... just because Wolfgang can shake off the voice doesn't mean others can. He had no idea it would impact Franklin so dramatically. And yes - Franklin wanted sex with the guys. He didn't plan on falling in love with anybody, but at least he's not a drooling sex slave now. 😳
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