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  1. Beautiful picture. Looks like something I'd find on Pexels.
  2. Thank you, chris. It was a great time writing, and then seeing the reactions to this weird story. πŸ˜„
  3. Wayne Gray

    Coming to Grips

    Hehehe. And where, exactly is that line? The wild thing really is that everyone sees it differently. Though, I will agree that the friends likely crossed into meddlesome! Thanks for the comment, KayDeeMac!
  4. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, KayDeeMac! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Grant's just IN it now, right? He's 27-28, so yeah ... he's right there where you were. It's hard getting past this bit ... and I remember it so vividly.
  5. Wayne Gray


    Again, not sure how I missed this comment! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jeffrey!
  6. Wayne Gray


    How'd I miss this? Thanks for the comment, Tom. By now you've read the next couple of chapters so I'll just say thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate that greatly.
  7. Actually, I wrote a story that had no dialogue at all for almost a full chapter. Readers don't notice, because there are thoughts of characters shown ... but there's no dialogue for a significant chunk of the first chapter.
  8. I look forward to your upcoming story, droughtquake!
  9. Thanks, Jeffrey! tim and I worked hard to write in one voice. That got easier as we began to trust one another, and gave one another permission to just write, tinker, and put our own mark on what the other did. Important too is knowing when to leave something alone, and that just takes communication. And the HEA. πŸ˜„ I like it too!
  10. Thanks so much, Thorn! I loved reading your comments from your editing ... some of those made me laugh, just seeing your reactions to some of the lines we wrote. Thanks for taking this ride with us!
  11. Thanks, rick! It's so awesome that you enjoyed it. I know it's a weird, different sort of story, but it was our goal to make it fun, silly, dramatic, and then serious too. I think we achieved those things, and did so in a way that really challenged us both. It was a lot of fun to write this with tim. πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks, chris! Good news all around for our couples, and the soap continues to gather steam. At this point it has a cult-like following among a big demographic. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show, but happening weekly. πŸ˜„
  13. Thanks, Butcher! Yeah, the story ended happily for those folks we were following. And it probably didn't look like that was going to happen for some time. Then we've got good news for Ike and Devin, and the pending marriage of Frank and Ben. Lots of happiness in the end. I know ... very unlike a soap. πŸ˜›
  14. He's felt inadequate for a long time. It wasn't that Devin gave him a hard time over it, but a man can sense when he's not what his partner needs. He's had a lot to get over.
  15. Wayne Gray


    I did take it! No, these are tic-tacs!
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