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  1. btaoc1963


    Hope you enjoy it, Will! Thanks for taking a chance on it :-)
  2. btaoc1963

    Chapter 15

    One thing I hope comes across, if not as much now, then at least by the end of the story, is how much things like what happened effect Loy. I love his connection to animals... and it evolves later on, which makes it even more special. Each of the guys has a downside to their Avatar's and even though Lane and Bill seem to have it bad, sometimes I think Loy's can be just as severe. But on the other hand, he can be in all the animals on the planet too, and I think that would be indescribable :-)
  3. btaoc1963

    Chapter 12

    Who knows? You might even see Ely again! There's one other dog related scene but I can't remember which chapter off the top of my head. It's sort of an epilogue type scene with Loy that I wanted to put in. Totally different than the Ely situation but it made me cry when I wrote it haha. Thanks for the comment, kbois, it's great you are enjoying the story so far. 🙂
  4. (This is a reference for after you’ve read the entire story! If you look here too soon, you will see spoiler information!) A Note from the author: The Order, as you know by now (at least I hope!) is a long story with a fairly complex cast of characters. The story has many twists and turns and it’s easy to get confused on who is who, and who goes with who. I put together some references to try and help make things easier. I hope it’s helpful. If you have any questions or wish
  5. btaoc1963

    Chapter 24

    That's one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I wore out two CD's of it, so now I just stream it lol. It's also an incredible movie with some amazingly intense emotional scenes. Good luck on learning it! 🙂
  6. btaoc1963

    Chapter 30

    (** Prologue **) Forces set in motion before the beginning of Time and Creation were in play. Allenor, the sole survivor of the previous Creation, freed from his imprisonment over billions of years, sought the one he called Origin. He asked to be unmade but Origin was silent, and so Allenor continued his unintentional influence on Creation. The Dragon, named Leroy by Bryan, whose Purpose was initially thought to be an instrument of destruction, created by God to one day anni
  7. btaoc1963

    Chapter 29

    (** Prologue **) 80,000 Years Ago Creation sang with the first human Soul born into the Physical Realm. The Hall of Wings in Heaven, full of unborn Souls since the beginning of Time, was one less. A male child, the first of his kind, bridged the gap from having an Animal Spirit to a human Soul. He was the first Original Man, in harmony with Creation and animals did not fear him, would not attack him and would obey his Will. The second human Soul was born soon after, an
  8. btaoc1963

    Chapter 28

    (** Prologue **) Creation felt it… the Confrontation was near. Building for ages between the Light and the Dark, supernatural powers and Principalities in all the Realms were aware of it. It wasn’t the Final Confrontation with The Dark One, but with his Underling, The Master; the first of two Battles. Darkness held sway for many years in the Physical Realm, nearly obliterating The Order, the last bastion of Light on Earth. However, Hope came in the form of a little boy named Drew R
  9. btaoc1963

    Chapter 27

    (** Prologue **) A.D. 509 Tears dripped down Taliesin’s face as his fingers plucked the harp strings. He sang in perfect pitch, too proud of his voice and talent to let emotions prevent him from performing the Lay in honor of the man who lay dying… Áedán, the man he loved dearly. Taliesin’s grief over Áedán was powerful, but his guilt overpowered even that. His heart ached with conflicted emotions over events that led to that moment. His actions, uncharacteristically sporadic, were d
  10. btaoc1963

    Chapter 26

    (** Prologue **) A.D. 1200 The peaceful quiet of the Monastery shattered with the sunrise. Sounds of war filled the morning and continued until all that remained of the stone structure was rubble. The nearby village of Assisi saw the smoke and heard the screams but did not come to the aid of the Monks. The villagers were terrified of the Darkness that descended upon their town the evening before and huddled in their homes, terrified, praying it would not visit them. They felt the pre
  11. btaoc1963

    Chapter 25

    (** Prologue **) Two Months Prior The October night was cold, and a heavy mist soaked everything while a biting wind blew leaves around the tombstones and grave markers. It was just after 0230 and the only sounds in the Oakland Cemetery other than the steady pattering of water dripping off the trees and gusting winds, were shovels striking the hard, red clay of Georgia soil. Two Protectors, stripped to the waist even in the chill of the night, sweated heavily as they excavated
  12. btaoc1963

    Chapter 24

    (** Prologue **) Luke’s fury mirrored itself in the Physical Realm. Stars exploded and asteroids that had traveled unhindered for millions of years changed course, colliding with other astral bodies. Tears in the fabric of Reality appeared, and Strings of Dark Matter sliced through solar systems. The ripples of his anger stretched across Creation. What appeared as random events initiated disasters throughout Earth, all results of his ire… A bird hit a windshield, startling an elde
  13. btaoc1963

    Chapter 23

    I want you to know how much I appreciate your comment yarameb 🙂 As an author it's incredibly gratifying to hear such things. When I was writing the story I often cried or laughed at certain points, and it's nice to know I'm not alone! haha As Bryan would say, "I should buy stock in Kleenex!" 😉
  14. btaoc1963

    Chapter 23

    (** Prologue **) Beyond the Pale Orophir sat alone in his cave, replaying the memory Brad shared with him from the alternate reality; the memory of his death by his father’s hand. The pain and anguish on his own face, the tears in his eyes, brought home the knowledge he was merely a tool for his father, to be discarded once his usefulness was complete. Orophir watched the Black Talon atomize his other self, and it was a harsh realization that he meant so little to his father.
  15. btaoc1963

    Chapter 22

    (** Prologue **) The Mantle weighed heavy on Charisa. The Order, her Order as she saw it, was doomed. The Mantle was a Deep Magic, bestowing certain Powers on her, and through them she watched the fight between Azaziel and Aaron’s new Warriors. Her death, as well as the death of dear friends, the Circle of Elders and all that remained of the once-powerful Brotherhood, rested in their victory. Charisa was a proud woman. She and Aaron had never seen eye to eye, and it was she w
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