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  1. nexthium


    sequel perhaps in the future??? :))))
  2. nexthium

    Kiss Of An Angel

    wait a damn minute I didn’t even know this existed
  3. nexthium

    Fort McHenry

    yeah I meant it as “when is the next chapter” in an excited way but I’m also extremely lazy lmao
  4. nexthium

    Chapter 33

    okay now this story is addictive I read this thing in a friggin day comicality, shits ridiculous stop being so good at writing smh
  5. nexthium

    Fort McHenry

    when next xd
  6. bro @Comicality you and ur bullshit cliff hangers are making me sad stop making so many u absolute walnut and focus!!
  7. nexthium

    My Only Escape

    if only comicality would stop spreading himself thin and focused on stories that have taken years to make like this one
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