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  1. jkwsquirrel


    Thanks! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!
  2. Where does Jeff end and Billy begin? I've got to say thanks, Noah! I've enjoyed reliving the story with you! You're the kind of person I wrote the story for, someone who can relate to my characters in such a strong way. I'm glad you've been inspired by my writing. I've enjoyed your comments a great deal! The great thing about creating something is sharing it with others, which is something I really like about this site. Once it's out of my head and on to the page, it's really no longer mine, it's ours. I didn't realize at the time I was writing it how important Dustin's World was to the WAR story. Billy was such an overwhelming character, it was nice to let him take a back seat and let Dustin and Brett shine. Their stories were always intertwined, more similar to each other than either of them would ever want to admit. It was fun to watch them grow up into the men they became, and it was fun to share their journey with you, my friend.
  3. If there's one thing I am, it's simple! No wait... lol It's true though. You can do a lot with just a simple scene, especially in a character-driven story. This was certainly a cathartic chapter, Dustin finally breaking free from his father's evil influence, finally finding himself able of love, and worthy to receive it.
  4. Thanks Noah! It took a long time to get Dustin his happy ending!
  5. He deserved it, for sure!
  6. Is it any wonder that he became a music teacher? DW is where Brett became the Mr. Reilly you first met in String. Like I've said, it's as much Brett's story as it is Dustin's. Brett's speech is probably his defining moment. "Brat Reilly" is truly gone. (As for his vocal range, well, not everyone can play both Raoul and the Phantom!)
  7. You sound like Billy! "Don't fucking touch me!" lol Billy was always justified in his mind whenever he disliked someone, so seeing him act like a dick to someone we've grown to like can be irritating. I'm glad you enjoyed the Erie reference. I'm sure he never forgot that day, or sleeping in a bus station! As for Nate, yes, we really kicked the poor guy in the face in this chapter.
  8. This was one of my favorite chapters too. The way these two let their guard down and let the other see them without the mask was very satisfying. And now they can begin to form a new bond without their relationship being about Billy. The war between the two is finally over.
  9. Joey always meant more to Brett than Billy realized, and that relationship only got closer after what happened to them. Paula has come a long way from who she was earlier in the story. I enjoyed the detail about the parades. Billy, yes, he has grown up a bit!
  10. It will all come together in the next chapter! Yes, I didn't want to get into the politics of abortion, and I think we threaded that needle as best we could. It was painful to Dustin because he saw the potential of having a child, and I found exploring that glimmer of hope being extinguished intriguing.
  11. Mr. Johnston was fun to write. He clearly cares a lot for the kid who lives next door. I think he's more like a grandfather figure than a father.
  12. Sarah's pregnancy will stir the pot, for sure. The Nate-Dustin-Luke triangle just got much more complex! Hopefully Nate and Dustin will lift each other up. We all hate Frank! lol The Brett-Joey stuff will come crashing into the Dustin story soon! (DW might just secretly be a Brett story too. Shhh...)
  13. Glad to hear your thoughts again, Noah! I wouldn't say Nate had no help, and we'll find out where that help came from soon enough. Oh yeah. Version one was years ago. I was never really happy with it, which is why this one came along!
  14. War has been the most prolific tome i have ever read. I am one of the characters almost verbatim, and never knew how to articulate myself - thank you so much for this story.

    1. jkwsquirrel


      That's very kind of you to say! Thank you!

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