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  1. jkwsquirrel

    Authors, how do you reply to comments by readers?

    I usually waited a day or two before I began responding. I wanted the readers to have the opportunity to discuss the story without my interference. It also gave me a chance to relax and enjoy the experience without having to respond to everything. After a day or so, I'd reply to each of the comments. Sometimes, comments of multiple readers could be grouped together and addressed with one reply if they touched on the same theme, or a group of comments from the same reader could be responded to with one reply. It wasn't so much "I have to reply to every single comment" as much as it was "I want to make sure every reader knows how much I appreciate their response."
  2. jkwsquirrel

    Brett Gets a New Boyfriend

    It is fun, knowing the way it all went, to read them again! My favorites are the really controversial chapters!
  3. jkwsquirrel

    Brett Gets a New Boyfriend

    I prefer to think of Mike as a young man who got sucked in to a situation he wasn't prepared for. Though medically and psychologically Mike's actions aren't pedophilia, culturally and legally a man in his twenties engaging in certain activities with teenage boys could get him into serious trouble. And culturally, people tend to mistakenly call that activity pedophilia, even though a few years ago that activity was not only considered normal but was encouraged by societies.
  4. jkwsquirrel


    Hey thanks, dude! At this point, I can let you in behind the scenes and explain the long wait from a story-editing perspective. Simply, I f'd up. lol! See, I originally had Cold Winter and Broken Boy much closer together, making this part take place four months after Cold Winter. However, I wasn't satisfied with the ages of the boys, so I bumped this story back a year, aging the boys to 15 rather than 14 year olds. The only drawback was that long gap between the park kiss and anything else happening. It did reveal some important characteristics of the boys though, Billy is much more stubborn than he appears and Brett is more patient than Billy gives him credit for, at least when it comes to Billy. These characteristics, particularly Billy's inability to read Brett very well, will become important later. Glad you like the story!
  5. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you! As I write this, the boys would all be around thirty-one years old or so. What will they do with the time they have? Well, that's in your hands now. "Then what happened" is up to you. That's one of the best things about writing, I can give you the gift of imagining together what the future might hold. Would they have children? I don't know, but it's fun to explore that together. Would they make the same mistakes? Would they have learned from their own parents' mistakes and do things differently? It's fun to think about what impact an George had in the boys' lives. He was such an important part of the story. He got involved and he cared, and that left an imprint that you could see in the boys in this story. One of the subtexts in DW is that Brett is becoming the next generation's George. He had a troubled past but he's learned from his mistakes, he grew up in a single parent household and had a messy break-up with that parent, he knows everybody, he's dependable, and he's always in the background helping people because he gets involved and he cares. So in a way, Nate has experienced life with George, only he's experienced it through the boys who learned from George directly. I could go on, but I'll just say thanks again! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!
  6. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you! I appreciate the love!
  7. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
  8. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you! Yes, this one was almost not meant to be, but it wouldn't leave me alone. I think it showed the positive trajectory of the boys' lives. Commencement ended with the bad guys winning for the most part, DW revealed the real winners.
  9. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!
  10. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thanks! I appreciate the review! I've enjoyed our time together through this story.
  11. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you so much! I think they'll be good for each other!
  12. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Thank you DQ! You've been so supportive right from the beginning and I've so appreciated your passion and dedication! Thank you for being such an active and involved participant in this thing! And now the story is yours, so wherever it is you want the boys to go, I can't stop you. Imagination is the realm in which we do some of our best living!
  13. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Oh, I definitely encourage a re-read now that it's all finished! You get to see all the foreshadowy stuff I threw in there. And when you understand why Billy is the way he is, he's not so obnoxious (well, maybe a little...). Thank you so much for the support!
  14. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Don't think of it as losing them, think of it as them going on to do whatever it is that life has prepared them to do! And since the story's told, whatever they decide to do now is up to you! Thank you for the support. It's been my pleasure to share the time with you.
  15. jkwsquirrel

    The Light in the Darkness

    Me too, my friend! Thank you for reading it!

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