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  1. !!!Minor Spoilers ahead!!! I first started reading this on Nifty years ago, but for some reason dropped it around chapter 7, yet the story always stayed in my memory. I recently remembered this and actually found that you've updated it and posted it on here so I took it as a sign that I need to finish reading it. Boy am I happy I did. Honestly the story is so well written! I was ugly crying all the way from when Noah & Jordan started cooking until Jordan said he chose Noah. Also I love the fact that you've included very realistic struggles most of us have to go through in our lives, like coming out, hemophobia and money. One of the biggest highlights for me personally was the never ending sarcasm everywhere. The interactions between Noah and Jenn, Jenn and Jordan and Jordan and Noah. All of that was pure gold. I genuinely didn't not want the book to finish and was pretty sad when it did. Overall a massive thank for a beautiful experience!
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