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  1. Ethan

    Chapter 9

    You're right, there is definitely cross-over. Maybe I only know how to write 2 types of people 😆
  2. Ethan

    Chapter 8

    Thanks! I would love to write more just finding a good chunk of time can be tough. Also need to actually think of creative storylines!
  3. Ethan

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    Welcome to the site @SkagenKrauss! I'm really moved that you would sign up to leave a comment. Thank you, so much. I have one other story on this site, but it is different. I've been slowly working on another idea for months -- but it is far from finished.
  4. Ethan

    Chapter 11

    @Lisa!!! So good to see your name. I'm well - and hope you and your family are too during these crazy times! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I'm a half-decent writer now because of all of your help editing my first story! Will send you that message!
  5. Thanks @aditus for taking the time to write this review -- I really appreciate it! I think I'm probably the only person who feels the ending works. Perhaps one day I'll go back and add more ... I just need to find that spark of inspiration again.
  6. His face lights up when he sees me. “You came.” “Of course, I said I would,” I reply. I faced a stark choice tonight, one that I debated in my head for what felt like hours. I thought I could either try to let go of the past, think about my future, and go to Oliver, or confront my past again, maybe get some real answers, and meet Ali. Weighing heavy on my mind through all of it, the letter. The emotion, the raw pain was clear in every word. I know the turmoil and angst one feels inside when confronting your sexuality. A gay guy wrote that letter, I’m sure of it. And as I read it
  7. Ethan


    That was quick! But a lot better than waiting the 6 years it took me the first time to complete this story 😕. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! It really motivates me to write again. Still on hiatus for now (and clearly I'm not the fastest writer), but you never know what this crazy year will bring next. Cheers. 🤠
  8. Ethan

    Chapter Twenty-Three

    Thank you! At times when writing this it felt like I was having a conversation with myself in my head (I know I'm totally crazy, it's fine 🤓)
  9. Ethan

    Chapter Thirteen

    I thought it was a pretty good list too 😏
  10. Ethan

    Chapter 11

    You shouldn't doubt yourself. We are all creative in our own ways and have our own stories to tell. What helped me get started was finding an idea, then characters I was passionate about. I just started putting thoughts down, and then kept re-writing.
  11. Ethan

    Chapter 11

    Clearly part of the minority. Thanks, CK!
  12. Ethan

    Chapter 11

    I put that part in on purpose because Jamie needed to be honest with Ali. He didn't say they were dating - only that he was seeing someone else, which is true. Their relationship was ruined by lies - so I think Jamie needed to be super honest. Also, sorry @crystalline @Bft @FanLit ... at the moment I am not at all motivated to pick up my pen again. After my first story, I was uncertain whether to post anything here again. And this experience didn't exactly help (see end of comment above) So who knows. That may change one day. I half wrote another story - but it is way
  13. Ethan

    Chapter 11

    Okay, wow. I thought I might get a bit of push back, but not to this level. At the end of every chapter, I always welcomed comments, feedback and criticism. If you don’t like something, or feel a part of the story could have been better, I’ll never take offence. I may push back, but I know it is not personal. If you hated the story that’s fine too. However, there is also a level of decorum one assumes and expects, which I don’t think was the case with some comments. At the end of the day, as the author I can tell the story however I see fit. I do not feel I have to defend my work, b
  14. Ethan

    Chapter 10

    Sorry to keep you all waiting -- I ended up redoing two really important sections in the next chapter. I wasn't fully satisfied before, but I think I'm happy now. I just sent it off to my editor to take a look. He's usually pretty quick. As long as he's happy too, I'm hoping I have it up in the next few days. Again, sorry! But I think the wait will be worth it. Plus, it's the longest chapter yet in the series.
  15. Ethan

    Chapter 10

    Ali's last letter was taken from the shed before Jamie could retrieve it. What we know is that it was seen by whoever took it, by Ali's father, and now Jamie. We don't know if anyone else ever saw it.
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