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  1. 15 Months Earlier Dema, The Second Sanctuary The girl cowered before him, her frail body trembling as she kept her eyes downcast. A filthy dress draped off her bony frame, stained from the black asphalt and dried blood, along with other fluids he didn't want to know about. A knife was clutched in her shriveled hands, shaking dangerously in her grasp as tears fell from her muddy brown eyes. "I-I-I'm n-not a p-prostitute, I d-d-didn't do anything wrong. L-leave m-m-me alone!
  2. gay dorito


    “Do you know who I am? Do you?” The condescending words grated upon Rayden’s ears, and he flinched as a stabbing pain lanced through his stomach. At least one of his ribs was cracked, if not broken, and it hurt to breathe. The shadow standing over him crouched down, leaning his head down to eye level. The man’s eyes were a clouded grey, soulless and empty like his heart. His hair shone white in the faded moonlight piercing down through the fog drifting along the streets. “You s
  3. gay dorito


    A ex-gang member who hides behind a gas mask An escaped prisoner with a taste for blood A kind delinquent from hell A stray child who holds a wicked blade A delusional wanderer with strange motives RTVXS is one of the newest gangs to rise in the wasted city of Algor, one of the last sanctuaries still standing after The End. Formed by a teen named Rayden, five individuals band together with the hope of bringing order to the crime infested dump. But some kids prefer the dark, and it seems there is more to the city than the corpses littering the streets can tell.
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